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  • TMemories From Monday
    Rainbow Dash wakes up in a strange abyss with no memory of how she got there other than waking up and falling to her death. But there is one other being there who may be able to explain.... Discord, the self-proclaimed "God of the Afterlife&quot
    Fire-Dash · 4.4k words · 519 views
  • TWhispers
    The whispers come during times of weakness. They penetrate my mind with promises of friendship. I'm dreaming but I'm wide awake. I feel hollow. Empty. And there's this terrifying coldness welling up deep in my heart. Growing stronger e
    Fire-Dash · 6.5k words  ·  17  2 · 792 views
  • TThe Art Of Falling
    Derpy has wanted nothing more all her life than to be normal. When news of a new spell designed to increase intelligence begins to spread, Derpy is chosen for the experiment. With the support of her new friend Rainbow, she undergoes the procedure.
    Fire-Dash · 8k words  ·  34  1 · 850 views
  • TOne More Day
    When Twilight awakes in a strange, unknown and terrifying place she struggles to find answers nopony seems to be able to give. She is told she has been chosen but for what, she cannot say.
    Fire-Dash · 18k words · 560 views
  • TJust Smile
    A beast is seen over Ponyville, mares are going missing, could rainbow's fillyhood story be true?
    Fire-Dash · 11k words  ·  14  3 · 1k views