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Day 10.

It's dark and cold. The sky is dead. I'm okay.

Day 50.

It's deep, stretches on forever. The craters eat me up. Life goes on.

Day 100.

The sky is closing in on us. We're fighting but we're losing. The whispering won't stop. The chains rattle on.
I want to go home.

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This is about what I would expect of this premise.

It didn't disappoint. ^^ Good job, you should write something happy to balance out the sad. :twilightoops:

2494198 Heh, well, I only recently noticed that all my stories on this site so far fall under "Sad", "Dark", or both (I don't always write those, but they just happen to be the ones I put on here). Well, you write what comes to you. Perhaps the idea for a happy story will come to me some time. For now, though, my muse is high for this story and when your muse is high you don't question it. :derpytongue2:

Anyway, thanks! This one's in a style I'm a bit more comfortable with.


Minimalist can tell quite a good story, I should try writing it sometime.

An excellent start

i like it ! :) keep on

Very good so far :pinkiesmile: As always, you've done a great job portraying the point of view of the character, the narration is very engrossing.

Hey, I've noticed someone recently disliked all my stories in one go. I'm afraid it's hard to take it seriously when they don't comment with the criticism they have that caused them to dislike everything I've written so far. Of course, you can't like everything, but still. when I notice one extra dislike on everything, it's hard to take it seriously. So if you don't like something, I would greatly appreciate your constructive criticism in a comment to back up your claim. Otherwise, your dislike really isn't all that helpful.

Comment posted by ThyPrincessOfTheNight deleted May 5th, 2013

We very much approve. Thy has good writing talent hoof servant and a good grasp of characters.
We look forward to the rest of thy story.

I dont know I mean I am by no mean a professional writer, but I can usually give some feed back. I just can't find anything I dislike about it. The way you break up the words is great the 1st person is beautiful and the decent of madness is arched well. I just have one question and it is that I don't understand who is talking NMM or Luna or maybe it will become more apparent later in the story I just finished chapter 2.

2556949 I tried to distinguish the two by putting NMM's comments in italics. Luna is suppressing her but she still has an influence.

2557939 Thank you for clearing that up

Wait...wait! WAIT! Where's the rest?! NOT NOW! DON"T STOP! :raritycry:

2926753 Don't worry, I'm actually working on the next chapter right now. Just lost my muse for a bit, but I'm back!

DAYUM. I'm glad you told me about this one, dearie. What a doozy! Clever and well-written and introspective all at once, with hints of much more to come. I can't wait. :raritystarry:

3246028 Thank you! :D I'll be working on the next chapter soon. And to anyone else who might be watching, yes this is still in the works. Not stopping yet!

Still in the works?

i will enjoy reading more!

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