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Two years after the defeat of Nightmare Moon, and the return of Princess Luna, Rainbow Dash has become a Wonderbolt, and has found love with one of her own teammates., a new recruit by the name of Sky Rocket. After dating for four years, the two lovers decide to become life mates and have a foal, This is the story of the greatest adventure they will ever have, the story of becoming a parent. Warning: sex scene at end of first chapter. I was told on FF.net that it was more of an M, and so edited it to be more of a T. It will be the only chapter with any directly mature elements, the rest will remain T. There will be the occasional swear, but they will be very rare and nothing too vulgar, I did NOT write a clopfic. This is meant to be something special, that I could not find anywhere, though I am sure that there's one of these happy time pregnancy stories on here somewhere. Set six years after the events of the show.

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waiiiit, you've got a typo on maternity there, you spelled it as mare....


you magnificent bastard.

i liked it so far, i'll keep reading.

In b4 somepony complains about Rainbow being in a heterosexual shipping fic. :trollestia:

"With this, Sky slowly began. Neither of the two had to worry about breaking Rainbows' virginity, she had lost it crashing into a tree as a filly, a story that Sky had laughed at for hours upon hearing."


This story is coming along really nicely. and what happened with fluttershy/bigmac? *Tracking

""Well, Sky here grounded me from tricks" said Rainbow as she shot her mate a dirty look. This caused Sky to slink back and blush slightly while somewhere in the background, a sheep bleated."
hahaha! Why does this part make me laugh so much?! :rainbowlaugh:

@Dash is best pony> Let them rave. I 'm sick of that RD lesbo stuff. I'm not at all against, but it's so common its boring to read
@Monster_under_the_bed> perhaps. I'll think on it...
@ApppleDash69> you'll see...

"...Dasiy, Lilly, Junebug, Carrot Top, Berry Punch, Lotus and Aloe..."
I saw the bit about carrot top and pictured bad prop comedy,
oh pinkie, youre so random:twilightsmile:

lots of lolz and da'wwws in this chapter, making it my fave so far :yay: Keep up the good work!

"Sunny Dee" ... I lol'd

Great story, 5-star material.

Keep up the awesome work! :scootangel:

a petty, the sequal would of been kick ass, i look forward to your future work dude

a very fun story to get through the night as im not in the mood for sleeping!
(Holy crap that came out wrong! please dont think strange things now! :P)

215321 Actually, I didn't take it the wrong way at all. I do the same thing. I will literally "read myself to sleep.":derpytongue2:


spirit? i see what yeah did there >.>

It's extraordinarily difficult to succesfully ship Dash with an OC Wonderbolt; lotta respect for trying.

I like this, it's cute ;D.

It is a really weird and cool chapter can't wait to get started on chapter 2! :pinkiehappy:

DashieFan1 is out,PEACE!!!! :rainbowwild: :twilightsmile:

DashieFan1 Again! Man I love this story so far!You ROCK DUDE! :heart: They perfect together!!!!:scootangel:

DashieFan1 is out again,PEACE!:rainbowlaugh:

Why is Ditzy dating The Doctor?:derpyderp1: And AppleBloom shouldn't know that curse word! CURSE YOU CURSE WORDS!!!! :rainbowlaugh:

DashieFan1 is out once again,PEACE!!

I think it's great so far I just thought the whole I need to tell you all the good news and the congratulations would last longer then it did

So adorable this is so..... No other words just adorable
All. The. Feels. Best chapter yet

I understand your descision for no sequel but I think it could have a very good one
Sadly every good thing must come to an end.

Lovin the story so far

:rainbowderp:Um... You kind of rushed it... Anyway, I like where this is going

3499297 Thanks. Yeah, this was among some of the first major fanfiction I've written. I've improved a lot since this. I really should get back into writing another story I have for another fandom, but life has been so busy. Maybe I can find time to get writing again once life settles down (looking at colleges, ATM, planning journalist future, all that fun jazz).

very well done as a critic towards romance i must say that so far u have done well though i like the juicy parts in a story u have done very well i look forward to finishing your book good work.

6510433 Thanks!

Although, my writing has improved so much since I wrote this, it's a little awkward going back and reading this for me. I look back and think about how I much better I couod have done with this fic. Though, I suppose all writers are like this in some way or another. I've actually been thinking about finishing the sequel I wrote for this, but it's been so long. I'd have to carefully study some of the story notes I first wrote for it. I never got past the first chapter before Darth RealLife got in the way, and I simply never got back to it. I have story note up to at least the 5th chapter, but working on my bachelor's now, I have almost no time.

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