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Redemption, Damnation and FIM - ShadowWalking18

A HIE fic. More info? Look inside. First Fic here so please comment. Title sucks will edit it later.

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Chapter 14

Okay another chapter :) arnt you all happy. Sorry if updates come slow, sometimes I just have those days where my brain can't focus on alot. I think its cause im becoming sleep deprieved or something. Anyway I hope you enjoy this chapter :) Im using an episode so I should be able to flow through it better. Odds are it will be short but we will see.

Tez lounged on his bed, curled up as he slept. He was having the most wonderful dream, or he was until Twilight came into his room and woke him up.

"Tez, the princess sent you a letter." She used her magic to hover the message before him.

Tez grumbled and took the offered paper and read it over once. He groaned as he tossed it aside. Twilight scowled and picked up the letter and hovered it infront of his face again.

"Tez. This is important, the princess sent you a letter. And not just any letter, it has an invitation to the Grand Galloping Gala." She brought out the golden ticket and showed it to him.

"Great....what is it?" Tez rolled over to look at Twilight with sleepy eyes as he thought, 'She is worse then a wife at times.'

"It is the royal ball held at the castle. It is a once a year event and it is almost impossible to get an invitation, especially when it is in two weeks." Twilight said.

"Great. Who is going?" Tez yawned.

"Well mostly high class ponies attend, but Me and the girls will be attending as will Spike." Twilight said with excitment.

Tez yawned, "Great. Have fun, I'll be napping."

"What!? How can you just ignore an invite from the princess!? That would be rude, more than rude." Twilight said, shocked that Tez would even say such a thing.

Tez yawned as he curled up again to go back to sleep, "Simple. I sit right here and nap. Besides I don't have any formal clothing, find a way that I can get some and I'll go."

Twilight smirked and used her magic to lift him and placed him on her back. Surprisingly he was not that heavy. Tez just grumbled as he was carried out of his room. Twilight stopped and gave Tez her saddlebag, "Hold that please."

"Where are we going?" Tez asked.

"To Rarity's I need her to fix a button on a dress, and we can ask if she can make you something for the Gala." Twilight said as she, with Tez in tow, walked out the door to the boutique.

Tez sighed and held onto the bag, which he guessed had Twilight's dress inside. He tried to make himself comfy and catch a few more zzz's. He had to admit that Twilight's fur was very soft, and a small part of him in his mind wondered how sweet her blood might taste. He could still remember how sweet Fluttershy tasted; thinking of the pegasus reminded Tez of a little conversation he had with her a few days ago.

Fluttershy fidgeted as she sat across from Tez. He had stopped in for a visit and after...recent events, she was a bit unsure how to act around him. Her mind went to when he licked her and she blushed.

Tez simply stared at the meek pegasus. He had come here to talk, to remove some of her fears. But, he just seemed to be making things worse for her. He sighed and said, "I'm sorry I'm making you lie to your friends."

Fluttershy eeped and said softly, "It...it just doesn't seem right."

Tez nodded, "I know, but it is for the best at the time. I wish you did not have to see that, in fact I wish I did not have to do it. But I have to or I will die, life is never easy it seems."

Fluttershy just curled up more a bit as she remembered the horrible scene that had she witnessed, "Why do you have to do that?"

Tez shrugged, "I wish I knew."

The two were silent, but Tez could not help but stare at Fluttershy some more. The taste of her blood was like a drug...and he wanted more. he fought down the urge though, knowing that it would not end well for both of them.

"Um...how much longer do you have...until you have to...feed again?" Fluttershy asked.

Tez thought for a moment, "Another two weeks I think."

Fluttershy nodded, she still seemed upset over all the secrecy and such. Tez frowned as well, he did not like having Fluttershy do this... but he did not want the others to know...just yet.

"i'm really sorry Fluttershy." Tez said as he moved and hugged the timid pegasus. She did not panic, but she did feel a bit uncomfortable being so close to him...especially after... the simple thought of it made her blush.

Tez could not help but lick his lips slightly. Being so close to her...the smell of her blood beneath her delicate skin, the simple thought was filling him with a strong desire for more of her.

"You know, you really taste good." Tez said absently, as he gingerly licked up her neck a bit.

Fluttershy eeped and felt her heart racing. Her mind went blank and she passed out. Tez blinked as he held the unconcious pegasus.

"I have got to be more careful with my words." He said to himself as he laid Fluttershy on her couch and turned to leave. As he left he saw Angel, Fluttershy's pet bunny, glaring at him. Tez smirked and got the message, he left waving goodbye.

Tez chuckled, which caused Twilight to look at him curiously. "Something funny Tez?" She asked.

"Just remembering something." Tez said.

"Anything from your past?" Twilight asked.

Tez shook his head, "No. Are we there yet?"

"Almost." Twilight said, as she walked she spotted Applejack and stopped to wave hello.

Applejack saw her and walked over saying, "Howdy Twilight. Tez, why you lounging on her back like Spike does?"

Tez yawned, "Cause she put me here."

Twilight giggled, "He really isn't all that heavy interestingly enough."

Applejack smirked as she looked at Tez, "Hard to see beleive that he can be a hard worker and such a lazy one."

"It is just how great I am." Tez said with a smirk. Everyone chuckled.

"So where ya' heading Twilight." Applejack asked.

"I'm heading to Rarity's to get a dress fixed, and for Tez to get something to wear for the Grand Galloping Gala."

"You got invited to the Gala?" AJ asked surprised.

Tez nodded, "So it seems."

"Well mind if I come with ya' I want ta talk ta Tez about something." Applejack asked Twilight.

"Sure. The more the merrier." Twilight smiled and continued on. Tez and AJ conversing along the way.

When they arrived at the boutique, they noticed that it was very quite inside. Tez got off of Twilights back and the three looked around for the seamstress. When they came to her room door, Applejack knocked and opened the door.

"Howdy Rarity."

"Shhh," Twilight motioned to Rarity, who was busy sewing a dress, "can't you see Rarity is trying to concentrate."

The two moved over to stand behind their friend, while Tez looked at a design on the wall. The design caught his eye and the widened at the magesty of it. If this was merely a drawing of what Rarity was working on...

'No mortal eyes are fit to gaze upon the beauty of artistic creation such as this. If we are allowed to we should bow down to Rarity and thank her.' He thought immediatly, and did not bother to question why he did.

"What do ya think she's making?" Applejack whispered to Twilight.

Twilight whispered, "Looks like a dress."

"Well that makes sense, this is a dress maker shop and all."

Rarity turned with a smile to her friends and asked, "Is there something I can help you with?"

"So very sorry to trouble you Rarity, but I need favor." Twilight opened her saddlebag and pulled out a dress with a broken button, "Could you please fix button for me. It's my dress for the Grand Galloping Gala."

Rarity looked at the dress and gasped, "Oh nonononono. You can't wear this old thing. You need a glamorous new outfit for the Gala, and I'll make it no trouble at all, it will be my pleasure."

Tez immediatly began thinking, 'Take the offer! Take the offer!' Such an offer from a goddess of cloth and silk should never be denied.

Twilight said, "That is really sweet of you to offer Rarity, but I can't let you do that. It would be so much work, this dress is fine." She was touched by her friends offer, but couldn't ask her to do such a thing just for her.

Tez's jaw dropped and his eyes widened, Applejack looked at him funny. Of course he ignored it as he was to busy thinking, 'Blasphemy! Heathen! Heretic! Damn it Twilight just say thanks and accept the offer!'

"Twilight Sparkle," Rarity said, "I insist on making you a new dress."

Twilight began, "But-" But was cut off by Rarity as she waved a hoof.

"Not another word, I won't take no for an answer." Rarity seemed intent on this, and Tez cheered inside. He would see the work of beauty from a goddess, his life was complete.

Twilight seemed a bit unsure still but said, "Well in that case, thank you for your generosity Rarity. Knowing your handiwork I'm sure it will be absolutly beautiful."

Rarity looked to Applejack and said, "Let me guess Applejack; you don't want a new gown either."

Applejack blinked and said, "Gown? Shoot I was just gonna wear my old work duds."

Rarity seemd appalled, "You can't be serious Applejack, you absolutly must wear formal attire."

Applejack thought on that for a minute and said, "Nah."

"What if I just spruced up your...uh duds, for you a little bit?" Rarity asked, hoping Applejack would say yes.

"Well," Applejack thought, "Okay, why not, since your offering and all. Just don't make them too frou-frou."

"Deal." Rarity said happily.

"Look out below!" Everypony looked up as they heard Rainbow Dash's voice. Dash crashed through the roof, hit the ground and bounced up falling back into a set of maniquins causing them to collapse all over her.

Dash got up, covered in various fabrics and a bucket on her head, "Sorry. New trick, didn't quite work."

Rarity seemed deep in thought for a moment before saying with a smile, "Idea. I'll make you an outfit for the Gala too Rainbow Dash."

Rainbow Dash looked left and right and said, "Outfit for the what now?"

Rarity continued on, "I'll make one for you, and you and all of you. Oh and of course Pinkie and Fluttershy too. Oh and when I'm done we can host our own fashion show!"

"What a great idea," Twilight said, "If you're sure you can handle it."

Rarity began getting out all the fabrics she would need, "Oh it would be a little bit of work, but it would be a wonderful boost for my business. Plus fun."

"Oh I love fun things." Dash said.

Tez held up a hand, "If I might make a request. I seem to have been invited as well, do you think you could make me something? I can pay for it."

Everypony, save Twilight, looked at Tez with surprise and Rarity said, "You were invited too?"

Tez nodded, "So it seems. Twilight is intent on making sure I go, so I need something to wear."

Rarity squealed with glee, she wanted to work more on something for him to wear, something truely magnificant. But, Tez always told her to not make anything designed for his body untill he could pay. She could understand why he did it, but it ate away at her cause with him she saw a challange.

"Of course dear, and don't worry about payment for this one." Rarity said.

Tez tossed a small bag of bits, which Rarity caught with her magic, "I insist, and see the rest as payment for the first you made me."

Rarity frowned, but put the bag of money away, "If you insist dear."

Tez nodded, then suddenly an image flashed in his mind. An image of something royalty of Tenotitchlan wore, something he wore once. He said, "If I might request...I have a design that I would like."

The girls blinked, and Rarity said, "You do. Do you want to draw it?"

"Yes," Tez said as he took some paper and pencils and began to draw the design he wanted, using his body as the model for it. The design itself was strange to the ponies, A cloak or cape served as the top, with most of the cape draping down his back, leaving only a small portion going down his chest. The bottom looked like a skirt to them, though the front part only went down half way stopping at the knee, while the back went all the way down to his ankles. There were two slits on both sides allowing freedom for the legs should he seek to run. A sash was wrapped about his head like a headband.

The ponies looked at the strange design and then at Tez, who simply said, "It is cultural to me. If I am going to be forced to this event I will wear something of my culture."

Rarity frowned a moment but then nodded, "Alright dear, if that is what you want. I will make it."

Tez smiled and bowed, which caugh Rarity by surprise, "Thank you Rarity. I know it will truly be a work only fitting for the eyes of the gods to see."

Rarity chuckled, "Well I am glad you have such high praise for me. I'll get started now, if you would be willing to stay Tez so I can use you as a model for your outfit that would be lovely."

Tez nodded, "It would be my pleasure."

Rarity smilend and got to work immediatly as she started cutting some fabric with scissors. Applejack stepped next to her and said, "So, all you have to do is make a different, stunning, original, amazing outfit for: one, two, three, four, five, plus yourself, six ponies in lickety-split."

Rarity chuckled, "oh ho, Applejack. You make it seem as if it's going to be hard."

Everypony left to give Rarity her space, and plus she wanted the dresses to be a surprise so she shooed them all out. Only Tez remained to act as a model for his outfit later, until then he kept to himself.

When the dresses were complete, Rarity called all her friends over and to close their eyes when they entered her room. Tez meanwhile gazed the dresses that were made for the five mares, and frankly all he could do was stare with wide eyed admiration.

'Rarity does not make dresses...she makes etheral beauty. She allows us to see such artistic skill and everyday that she does we should bow down and worship her!' Tez thought, fighting his desire to just hug the unicorn seamstress and tell her what he thought of her skills. If he did that now, he would probably get wierd stares.

"Okay you can look now." Rarity said with glee.

The girls opened their eyes and all of them gasped.

"These are your new outfits." Rarity said, while Opalesence purred rubbing against the hem of Dash's dress.

Rarity began talking about each dress and how she designed each one to reflect its owners personality. Tez felt his heart racing, these were fantastic creations. He could not wait to get his, but right now he just wanted to fall to the ground and kiss the very dirt that Rarity walked upon.

"Are they not all amazing?" Rarity said with joy, she felt that these were her best works yet.

Twilight and the others were all silent for a moment, then Twilight said, "Wow, they're..."

"Yeah they're..." Dash said.

"They sure are...uh somethin." Applejack said.

"Yes something..." Twilight said smiling, perhaps a bit too uneasily.

"I really love something, something is my favorite."

"Its...nice." Fluttershy said as her ears flattened.

Rarity frowned, "Well whats the matter? Don't you like them?"

"There very nice." Twilight said still smiling.

Tez could tell they were all lying or at least acting nice, he wanted to slap them all. How dare they not fall to their knees in the presence of artistic beauty.

"and we're plum grateful you worked so hard on them." Applejack said.

"Mine's just not as cool as I imagined." Dash said simply, getting a glare from Applejack and Twilight, "She asked."

Tez bit his lip, drawing blood. 'Okay...Dash goes down first.' He thought, maybe he would drink some of her blood till she passed out, he wondered how she tasted...damn it now he wanted to know.

"I guess what we're all saying, they're just not what we had in mind." Twilight said as gently as she could. Everypony agreed.

Rarity frowned and seemed a bit crushed, now Tez wanted blood. He wanted fire, He wanted death. 'Blasphemy! I'll hurt them! I crush them! I make them not there!'

"That's okay. Not a problem, there's plenty more where that came from. They were only a first pass, you're my friends and I want you to be one hundred and ten percent satisfied. No need to worry, I'll redo them." Rarity said with a smile, though Tez could tell she still felt hurt inside.

'NO! They are perfect! Tell her girls!' Tez thought, he as clenching his firsts till his nails dug into his skin to draw blood.

"You okay Tez? You've been awfully silent just staring." Twilight asked.

Tez smiled, though it looked a bit...menacing. All the girls gulped as he said, "I'm....perfectly fine. If you will excuse me... I'm going to get a drink. Is that alright Rarity?"

Rarity nodded and Tez left, he did not want to be in that room. To see such beauty rejected like that, he felt like he was going to vomit. He did not hate the girls...though he was certainly angry with them slightly. He entered the kitchen and got himself some water and tried to calm his nerves down before he tore someponies head off. He could not explain why he was feeling this way, it scared him slightly.

Back in Rarity's room, Rarity was busy taking the gowns she had made down as she said, "I want them to be better than fine. I want you too think their absolutly perfect."

Applejack seemd a bit unsure and said, "Are ya' sure? I mean we wouldn't want to impose."

"Oh it's no imposition; really I insist." Rarity said.

Everypony began to leave, seeing that Rarity was set on this course. Twilight said, "Well, in that case thank you again Rarity." With that she left with the other girls.

Rarity watched them go, laughing lightly to herself. Once her friends had gone, her ears flattened and she frowned, "What have I gotten myself into?"

Rarity spent the next several hours working on the dresses. Her mane started to become messy and unkept as she worked to make the dresses perfect. Though to Tez, the first ones had been perfect, and it was killing him inside to see Rarity running her self ragged like this.

'Oh....If I ever get my hands on...NO! Just...keep it all in Tez....pent up the anger.' He thought as he watched Rarity sewed one of the dresses. As he headed downstairs he spotted Fluttershy come up. Their eyes meet and Fluttershy seemed a bit fearful around him. Tez smiled, forgetting his rage for a time, and winked at the yellow pegasus. She blushed and headed upstairs immediatly, only looking back once to say lightly, "Hello Tez."

Watching her go, Tez licked his lips. Oh how he wanted to taste her again. But, his desire was again replaced by anger and he went and got himself more water.

Back upstairs Rarity was showing Fluttershy her new new outfit. The yellow pegasus stared at herself in the mirror.

"I...love it." She said.

Rarity looked away saying, "Oh you're just saying that."

"Oh no no I do. It's...nice." Fluttershy said trying to reassure her friend.

"Eh, nice?" Rarity said.

"Nice." Fluttershy said again.

Rarity said, "If you don't like it you can just tell me."

"Oh, but I do like it." Fluttershy said smiling lightly.

Rarity looked right into her friends eyes, "Like it, or love it?"

Fluttershy's ears flattened and she said meekly, "Um...both."

"Which is it?" Rarity said as she began advancing on her nervous friend.

"Um...please stop asking me that."

Rarity looked closer into Fluttershy's eyes as she slowly put the scared pegasus against the wall, "Oh just tell me what you really think."

"Uh no that's okay." Fluttershy said, her hear beating as she looked up at Rarity slightly afraid.

"Tell me." Rarity demanded.

"No...it's-" Fluttershy started, but was cut off by Rarity.

"Tell me!"

Fluttershy started to sweat, "I-I like it." She was starting to shake.

"Tell me. Tell me. Tell me. Tell me. Tell me!" Rarity whined, demanding an answer.

Fluttershy stood up straight and said, "Alright, since you really want to know." She took a deep breath and began:

"The arm's size is tight, the middy collar doesn't go with the shawl lapel, the hems are clearly machine stitched, the pleats are uneven, the fabric looks like toile. You used a backstitch here when it clearly calls for a topstich or maybe a traditional blanket stitch, and the overall design is reminiscent of pret-a-porter and not true French haute courture."

With that she then said simply, "But uh you know, whatever you want to do is fine."

Rarity was speechless, her mouth hung open. Tez, standing outside the door on the side also had his mouth hanging open, having heard all that Fluttershy just said.

When all the new new gowns were done, Rarity called all her friends over to see. Rarity felt slightly sick inside, they were the ugliest dresses she had ever made. Opalesence hissed and clawed at the dresses or looked ready to vomit by looking at them. Tez had to agree with the feline, the mere sight of these dresses made his eyes bleed. He looked away and tried to find a bucket to vomit in.

However all the girls thought they were perfect, Tez made a mental note to have all of them get a brain scan or their eyes checked. 'How can they like those....ugh...even thinking about those....things makes my skin crawl. Do they actually have to wear those?' He thought.

"It's exactly what I asked for." All five said at once. Rarity sighed with relief, glad that her friends were happy at last.

Of course...the nightmare really began when Spike bust through the door huffing and said, "You are never gonna believe this; you heard of Hoity Toity?"

"The bigwig fashion hotshot in Canterlot." Twilight answered.

Spike nodded, "He heard about your fashion show, well maybe I happened to mention it to him. He is coming here, all the way from Canterlot to see your work Rarity."

Applejack was surprised, "whoa nelly! You could sell a ton of dresses to this guy, and you business would be booming."

All the girls began to congratuate her, but Rarity merely smiled as nervousness began to wash over her. "Hoity Toity, is coming here. To see these dresses?" She looked ready to panic.

Tez felt the same way. A big time fashion hotshot...coming here....to see dresses....those dresses!?! Tez looked at the monstrocities that would be viewed, 'Oh Rarity is doomed.'

The show went as expected. Tez was chewing on the curtain, tearing it to shreds as he fought back violent urges to jump at Hoity Toity and make him Deady Toity. Then from there proceed to break things till his anger was satisfied. But he kept himself under control....for now. Once the show was over, Tez went back to the library with Twilight. She asked him what was bothering him, because his eye kept twitching but all he did was smile and say, "Nothing is wrong....yet."

The "yet" made Twilight shiver a bit, but they both went to sleep that night. Though Twilight did not sleep easily, her mind haunted by the show and all that happened. The next day all the girls went over to Rarity's and tried to get her out of her room, but she refused to leave.

Meanwhile Tez went about fixing this problem once and for all. If Hoity Toity wanted to see real beautiful dresses he was going to, even if Tez had to drag the pony back to the boutique, screaming and kicking what legs he did not break. Finally he found the pony and began to get to work.

"Hey! Asshole!" He yelled as he advanced on the fashion hotshot, who looked at Tez as if he just broke a forbidden law.

"Can I help you?" He said in a pompous self superior air. Tez fought back desires to snap his neck.

"You can help me by coming with me and seeing true artistic beauty by the very designer you said stunk." Tez said.

Toity huffed, "If you think I will go and see more of such horrid works you are insane." Toity turned to leave, but Tez appeared infront of him. Toity and a few ponies that passed by blinked, how did he move so fast?

Tez smiled, a smile that did speak of insanity and more importantly...danger, "Oh yes...I am mad. Mad enough to....to...to do something I would regret. Now we can do this one of two ways. You go willingly or go screaming and kicking while being dragged by whatever legs I don't break."

Toity usually would ignore such a brute, but...those eyes. They shook him to his core and felt himself cowering in fear of this strange beast now before him. He did not know what to say except what would probably keep him from bodily harm, "When does the show start?"

Tez smiled and lead the way, making sure Toity followed. The fashion hotshot prayed to Celestia that he would live to see tomorrow.

When Tez and Toity had arrived, Tez had been glad to see Rarity out of her room. Seems the girls were doing the right thing now. 'Guess I won't have to break their legs then.' He thought with a smile.

Once the next show was beginning to start Tez sat as close to the stage as he could, though it was smaller then the last one being inside the boutique, but he did not care. Now....now this pompous fashion pony would see the true work of a goddess of beauty. Not that he was worthy of such a thing, but if it would help redeem and show the world the true wonder of Rarity he would allow it.

"Prepare to see true beatuy, the likes of which no mortal eye is worthy to see." He said as he watched with wide eyes. Toity simply looked at the brute that had not threatened him moments ago acting like a love struck pony. It was...rather strange.

By the time the show ended, Toity was cheering. This...Tez fellow had been right, these outfits were marvolous. Perhaps he was not such a brute if he had such a good eye for beauty. Tez meanwhile just stared at the girls, all in their own special designed dress. They were all so...beautiful, each one of them.

"Well sir, you were quite right in saying that I would see true artistic beauty." Toity told Tez, after the fashion hotshot had talked with Rarity, who seemed in deep shock after Toity asked for several copies of the dresses she had made.

"I have an eye for beauty sir." Tez said simply, his eyes never leaving the girls. He scanned them over taking in every detail. He licked his lips lightly.

Once Toity had left Tez leaned against the wall and simply watched the girls as they talked amongst themselves. Twilight was busy having spike write down a report on friendship for the princess. Tez saw Rarity approach him and he bowed low.

"Tis a pleasure to be graced by the pressence of one who's skill breachs the etheral beauty of the divine." He said.

Rarity blushed and giggled, "Oh your just saying that. But, thank you Tez."

"Oh no I truly mean it Rarity. You are to me a goddess of the cloth. Your works, your real works, are things unworthy to be seen by mortal eyes. Every time you allow us to view something you create we should bow down and thank you." Tez smiled and bowed again.

Rarity blushed even more, "Oh my...thank you dear. I did not know you felt that way."

"I have a good eye for beauty Rarity." Tez said simply.

Rarity nodded, "So I see. I have to thank you. I was told by Toity that you were the one that...convinced him to come and see my real dresses." Rarity smirked when she saw Tez blush.

"Um well...yes...I guess I could have been less..." Tez tried to think of a word.

"Barbaric?" Rarity said.

Tez laughed, "Yeah...guess I was a bit too barbaric. But, seeing that man judge you simply because of works that, while hideous, were made because you wanted your friends to be happy, and then never see any of your other works....sort of made me go a bit....crazy."

Rarity smiled, "Well I certainly hope you never have to act like that again for me."

Tez smiled, "I doubt I will. Your works will be known for what they really are from now on. Fit for only the gods."

Rarity blushed again, "You are really too kind Tez. Thank you...so very much." With that she kissed his cheek once and turned and walked back to her friends.

Tez blinked and placed a hand where he got kissed. He hoped Spike did not see that, though the little dragon seemed busy so odds were he did not. Tez looked back to Rarity and then to all the girls, he felt his heart beat racing and he left early promising to return tomorrow to help Rarity with his outfit. When he got back to the library he immediatly went into his room and went to sleep, or so he tried.

Later that night Tez tossed and turned in his bed. Though it was not of memories this time, but of images of six mares in beautiful gowns that made them appear as etheral divinties. Goddesses among mortal creatures. His heart pounded as he thought of them and he growled and pulled at his hair.

"What is wrong with me?" He asked himself. He tried to sleep but all he could think of was the girls and now that kiss on his cheek. It was driving him mad. He layed there on his bed staring out to the night sky. What was going on with him?

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