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Redemption, Damnation and FIM - ShadowWalking18

A HIE fic. More info? Look inside. First Fic here so please comment. Title sucks will edit it later.

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Chapter 20

Another chapter :D it is simly beautiful don't you agree. Looked at some of the songs people already sent in. Got to say some of them were good. The one Ding-ding-dong song was good, really matched up with Tez's lusty side, that one certanly gave me an idea.

For a slight recap, we last left Twilight when she was going to be trained in magic by Tez. And if you remember Tez's smile...was a very evil smile. Oh Twilight...will she get out of her first day of training unscared? Will she be able to keep her sanity? Or more importently....her virginity? Let's find out.

Tez placed his hand on Twilight's head and smiled. That same....evil... scary smile.

Twilight felt herself shaking, the feeling of those eyes on her along with that smile....were not making her looking forward to this training. She gulped, and prayed silently that she would live to see tomorrow.

"Well then....lets go." Tez said as he snapped his fingers.

"Go.." Twilight started as they were engulfed in a magical flash, and now stood in a large barren open field, "...where..." Twilight looked around, the field was not the field in Ponyville Park. In fact....she was not even sure where they were.

"Where are we?" She asked.

Tez looked around and nodded, "Our training ground. We're about...three hundred miles west of Ponyville, well away from any form of civilization.

"Why? Wouldn't it be better to go to the library to teach magic?" Twilight asked.

"No, here will do." Tez said as he waved his hand once and several ball size rocks shot from the ground and rushed towards him, stopping infront of him and hovering before him.

Tez turned and regarded Twilight, "Your mind has been tainted by inferior knowledge, so we will have to break that and wipe it clean from you. To do that we will start at the basics. You know what levitation is correct?"

Twilight wanted to say something about what Tez called, inferior knowledge, but sighed. She knew it would not change anything, so she looked to Tez and nodded, "Yes. Every unicorn is capable of a levitation spell."

Tez nodded, "Good. Yes levitation is a very generic spell. Now, show me how well you can levitate this rock." Tez picked one of the rocks from the hovering collection and tossed it over to Twilight.

Twilights horn glowed, and soon the rock was floating in mid-air before her. She smirked, "Easy."

Tez smirked, "Good. Now...hold two up." Tez tossed another and Twilight caught it and kept it levitated alongside the first.

Tez nodded and tossed a third. Than a fourth, fifth, sixth, seventh, and now an eighth. Twilight was starting to breath alot faster, like one does when they are working their muscles exceptional hard.

"Something wrong Twilight?" Tez asked as he tossed several more rocks for her to catch and hold. These were slightly larger and thus a bit heavier.

Twilight was starting to sweat, "No....nothing wrong. Could we....maybe take a break?"

Tez smirked, "Why should we do that? This is just a warm up. Surely you're not tired from this?" Tez had run out of rocks, which made Twilight sigh in relief....untill she saw Tez stomp the ground and three rather large bundles of earth shot up from the ground.

"Catch." Tez said and tossed the earth boulder into the air. It went up for a moment, before finally plummenting down directly ontop of Twilight.

"Ahhhh!" Twilight screamed and she dropped all of the rocks and focused her magic on the boulder before it crushed her. It stopped just a few inches above her head and hovered there. Twilight released a breath she had held in and wiped her brow.

"Failure." Tez said.

"What?" Twilight said as she moved the boulder away from her and dropped it, "You almost killed me! And you say I fail!?!"

Tez simply sighed, "I would not let such a rock kill you Twilight. If you had not stopped it I would have. So you were in no immediate danger at the moment."

"But still, that was dangerous." Twilight said, angry that Tez would do such a thing.

"Get over it." Tez said simply, "You still failed this warm up."

Twilight felt her eye twitch, "How did I fail? I caught it just like you said."

Tez waved his hand and the earth boulders returned into the ground, "You dropped the other rocks."

Twilight's mouth hung open, "But I had to. They were too heavy, and that boulder was even heavier. I had to drop the rocks."

"No you didn't, or you wouldn't have had to if you knew how to properly levitate an object." Tez said with slight disappointment.

Twilight growled, 'What is up with Tez? One moment he is nice, now he is coming off like a complete jerk. What does he mean I don't know the proper way to levitate things?'

"Look Tez, I don't know whats come over you now, but frankly if you're going to be like this I don't think I want to learn magic from..." Twilight stopped when she noticed that Tez was no longer infront of her. She looked around but could not find him.

"No Twilight, I will continue to be like this because it is the only way for you to quickly grasp the proper basics and once you have that I will get harder and harder on you till you feel as if you are going to break. Because if I don't you will never learn properly." Tez said from behind her.

Twilight turned sharply with an 'eep' in surprise, "How did you do that?"

Tez smirked, "Magic. And believe me Twilight, you will learn under me. Otherwise you will be branded a quiter just because something is hard? Is the great student of Princess Celestia a quiter when things get rough? If so then you are a pathetic student, and Celestia should not bother with you because you will only make her look bad."

Twilight cringed and felt her heart go to stone for a moment, the way Tez had said that....it hurt her. She looked at Tez, "I...fine...I won't give up. But you do not have a right to say that Tez."

"Actually I do Twilight, because the actions of the student reflect the master. If you quit on something simply because you can't take it it makes Celestia look less. Do you want to do that?" Tez said sharply giving Twilight a critical look.

Twilight gulped and looked at the ground, unable to meet that gaze, "....when you put it that way.....no."

Tez smiled, "Good," the smile vanished and the rocks returned into the air beside Tez, "Now...you were struggling with holding ten stones. Why?"

Twilight straightened up and did what she was good at, lecturing. She went on for a good several minutes about the principals of levitation and how an object still retains its physical weight even when levitated, only that the weight is converted into magical weight and such takes a toll on a unicorns magical strength.

Tez nodded for a moment than said, "All wrong. Down to the very last portion."

Twilight looked at Tez in irritation, she just would never get used to somepony saying that thousands of years of unicorn magical theory was wrong. She felt a slight stab of pain as she thought, 'Even if there is the....slight possibility they are right.'

Taking a deep breath, Twilight asked, "Well...what do you do when you levitate something?"

"Make it levitate itself." Tez said as if it was simple logic.

Twilight gave Tez a look of irritance, "Uh....mind explaining what you mean?"

"It is simple. Do you understand the concept of gravity?" Tez asked.

Twilight nodded, "Yeah, it is the magnetical force between one object and another, the object being say me and the other being the earth. The stronger force would thus pull the other towards it."

"Correct Twilight." Tez said with a smile.

Twilight smiled, she felt proud of herself for her knowledge of the world.

Tez smirked, "So then, if the force of the earth is a stronger pull on the rock, what do you think you need to do to cause the rock to levitate?"

Twilight thought for a moment, 'That question doesn't make any sense. How does one create a force that has a stronger pull than the earth, its not scientifically possible.'

Finally Twilight said, "Its not scientifically possible Tez, nopony can create something that has more pull force than the earth. And even if it was it would take alot more energy then a unicorn could produce."

"Actually Twilight you are wrong. While yes it would take alot of energy to create a force greater than that of the earths gravitational pull, it is possible to reverse an objects magnetical force just lightly so that instead of a pull force you create a push force."

Twilight blinked, "But....how? That doesn't make any scientifical sense."

Tez smirked, "Magic remember."

Twilight frowned, "Well...show me then."

"I am," Tez said with a smirk as he pointed to the rocks he was levitating.

Twilight facehoofed, "Oh yeah. Well then...explain how this works."

"It is really simple, you simply need to surround the object in question with a slight field of magic that gives off the opposite magnetic force to that of the earth. This will create a slight push force that pushes the object upwards, while the objects own magnetic force will be working trying to pull it down to the ground. This will create a push pull force, the very same force that keeps this planet in its current location from the sun and from the rest of open space. This sort of levitation requires very little magical energy and will keep the object in levitation. The more energy you put in the field the higher the object will go."

Twilight blinked as she took in the information and tried to wrap her mind around it. It did not seem to make sense, but she could hear Tez saying magic in her head. Was it really that simple?

"Well...alright...I'll try." Twilight said.

Tez frowned, "Don't try. Do," he said simply, "now I will show you how to work the spell once, so pay attention."

Tez went slowly as he showed Twilight how the workings of the spell and the flow of energy worked. Twilight focused with all her concentration, once Tez had finished she felt confident that she could duplicate the spell exactly.

"Alright I think I got it." Twilight said as she made a last minute mental recap of the spell.

"Alright. Now...let us start again." Tez said and began to toss the rocks one by one. (I have picked a song for the training montage :P I have chosen "Best Around by Joe Esposito, though I am making a slight change in the lyrics, see if you can see it :P. I want to thank Thule for suggesting this.Good song and suits a training montage. So start playing it as you read what comes next. Montage)

Try to be best
‘Cause you’re only a mare
And a mare’s gotta learn to take it

Twilight fell flat on the ground, her breathing coming in ragged gasps. Rocks fell all about her, as did one boulder. She had managed to hold the boulder along with the rocks, but when Tez added a second she had lost her grip on her magic and fell in a heap of exhaustion. But why, she had been doing the spell exactly as Tez showed her.

"You did alright, but you were holding the small ones, not creating a push pull field. Adding that and the fact that you had to use a little bit more magic to hold the larger rocks you over extended your magical muscles." Tez said as he lifted the rocks again.

Twilight looked at Tez, mouth hanging open, "But...but...I thought...." She growled, "lets try it again."

"Are you sure?" Tez asked.

"Definitely." Twilight might not like how tough Tez was going on her, but one thing was for certain. She was going to get this spell right if it killed her.

Try to believe
Though the going gets rough
That you gotta hang tough to make it

Twilight was sweating, her limbs shaking. She was now holding the ten small rocks and two boulders. It was a difficult job to do, she had to keep herself from slipping into old habits. Especially since now Tez told her to levitate the rocks OVER her body.

'I said I would do this if it killed me. But I didn't mean literally!' Twilight thought in fear as she looked to Tez, pleading for this to stop now.

Tez just stood there for a moment than began to walk around her. Twilight watched him for as much as she could. She dare not move least she lose her concentration.

"Nice ass." Tez said.

Twilight blushed and turn sharply, "What!?!" thats when she lost her concentration and as expected the rocks began to fall ontop of her. Twilight covered her head, ready to feel the weight of the huge boulders crushing her. But instead she only felt the weight of smaller rocks hitting her. Still painful, but at least not lethal.

"Ouch." Twilight rubbed her headed where she got hit by one rock. She looked up and noticed the boulders were being held. By Tez.

"Concentration is important Twilight. No matter what is said or done you must always be able to keep your mind focused on the workings of your spell as well as the world around you. In essence you must be able to multi task, to do everything and anything at any given point in time even at the same time as something else." Tez said as he picked up the rocks.

Twilight blushed, partly because she could still hear Tez saying she had a nice rump. 'Did..he just do that to test me?' She asked herself.

"Twilight...are you ready? Cause im going to start throwing even if you are not." Tez said as he prepared to toss the first rock.

Twilight snapped back to reality and got up, "Uh...ready."

Tez smirked as he tossed the rock, "You know I was being honest. You got a nice rear."

Twilight blushed immensly and got hit in the head with a rock. Again.

History repeats itself
Try and you’ll succeed

Twilight took slow breathes, she could feel sweat on her forhead but she ignored it. She placed her focus on the spell. She felt it easier and easier to use over time and she hardly ever went back into the old way she used to levitate objects. Frankly she did not miss it, this way was much much easier. All that it took was concentration.

Tez smiled as he walked around Twilight, she turned her head and watched him. She still kept still, not fully sure she could move her body while keeping this much weight over her. She was not going to be hit by rocks for a thirtenth time today. She could tell it was getting late, and she had hoped Tez would move on from this, but he had said untill she was able to do this spell with ease and without mistakes she would not be ready to move on to the next phase of training.

"As I said, very nice ass." Tez said.

Twilight blushed, he had said that many times today and still it made her flusttered, but at least she did not lose her concentration. She was sure that he was just using it as a way to test her concentration. Yet...that thought made her sad slightly, though she was not sure why. Her thoughts were disturbed when she felt a slap against her rump. She went really red in the face and she glared at Tez.

Tez just winked and continued to walk around her. Twilight felt furious, flusttered, and strangly...a bit....excited?... when he had done that. She was not sure why and it was irritating her. Still she strove to keep her concentration. She would prove to Tez she was ready for more.

"Alright, catch." Tez said and brought up from the ground an even bigger boulder of earth and tossed it to Twilight.

Twilight gulped and worked the spell again to catch the boulder.

Never doubt that you’re the one
And you can have your dreams!

Twilight was happy. She was hopping around going, "Yes. Yes, yes,yes,yes,yes,yes!" She had finally managed it. After almost thirty attempts, of pounding headaches, bruises and scraps from rocks and almost being flattened by a boulder or four she had finally managed to hold her concentration on the spell, without falling back to old habits or losing her concentration when Tez....did what he did to her rump. She was going to give him a stern lecture about that when they got home.

Tez nodded, "Not bad. Not bad."

Twilight smiled, "I told you I would get it down. You were right this spell is alot easier, I should put this in my notes to the princess." Twilight bllinked though when she realized something. It was night, though there was light. When she looked to the source of light she saw seven balls of white light hovering in mid air in a circle around her and Tez.

"What are those?" Twilight asked as she lowered the rocks and boulders. She saw Tez wave a hand and the boulders of earth returned into the very ground that spawned them.

"Mage Lights. It is similar to that one light spell you have, only these offer more light, can be held by anyone and best of all," Tez waved a hand and one light changed into green color, "They can be any color one wishes. They make great light show props."

"I guess that is what you will teach me next." Twilight said, a bit disappointed that it was still basics, if relativly new ones, "Oh well, at least its something for tomorrow."

Tez blinked, "Tomorrow? We start now."

Twilight blinked, "But....its night...."

Tez smirked, "And?"

Twilight's eyes widened and she felt slightly sick. She sighed in defeat when she saw where this was going.

'Will I ever get a normal nights sleep again?" She asked herself as she listened to Tez explain the workings of Mage Lights.

You’re the best!
Nothing’s gonna ever keep you down
You’re the Best!
Nothing’s gonna ever keep you down
You’re the Best!
Nothing’s gonna ever keep you dow-ow-ow-ow-own

Fight ‘til the end
Cause your life will depend
On the strength that you have inside you

Twilight collapsed to the ground exhausted. She was not sure she could keep this up, she was tired beyond belief.

"Come on Twilight, one more time and we'll move on to a few minor spells and then you can sleep." Tez said with a smile.

Twilight planted her face into the ground and groaned. She had gotten the Mage Light spell down with ease. But after that Tez had continued to deny her acess to sleep. He then had her practice a spell of teleportation, one that was far different to her own. One that allowed for mass teleportation, unlike her current teleportation spell which had on that one occasion burnt Spike up a bit. She still felt bad about that, but it had been an emergency.

She sighed and got up, "One more time." She yawned, but gathered her focus and cast the spell.

Fight ‘til the end
Cause your life will depend
On the strength that you have inside you

Ah you gotta be proud
starin’ out in the cloud
When the odds in the game defy you

Try your best to win them all
and one day time will tell
when you’re the one that’s standing there
you’ll reach the final bell!

You’re the best!
Nothing’s gonna ever keep you down
You’re the Best!
Nothing’s gonna ever keep you down
You’re the Best!
Nothing’s gonna ever keep you dow-ow-ow-ho-how-ho-own


You’re the best!
Nothing’s gonna ever keep you down
You’re the Best!
Nothing’s gonna ever keep you down
You’re the Best!
Nothing’s gonna ever keep you dow-ow-ow-ow-own

Twilight panted in exhaustion, her entire body sore from the massive use of magic. Considering that this was what Tez called a 'warm up' she felt both afraid and disappointed. Afraid because she did not want to know what Tez found difficult, and disappointed that her strength in magic did not even stand up for a warm up.

"Well Twilight, I must say I'm impressed. You lasted alot longer than I had thought, most would have passd out by now." Tez said.

Twilight smiled lightly, though her legs were starting to shake, "Th-thanks....Tez..." If she could last longer than most that had to be something. Right?

Tez smiled, "Well I think you are up for one more spell. Don't you?"

Twilight gulped, "Uh....."

Fight ‘til you drop
never stop
can’t give up
Til you reach the top (FIGHT!)
you’re the best in town (FIGHT!)
Listen to that sound
A little bit of all you got
Can never bring you down

Twilight collapsed onto the ground, she could not even bring herself to stand. She could feel her body rebelling against itself as it tried to force her into sleep. She looked up into the sky and gasped when she saw that the sun was now starting to rise.

"I...spent the whole night....training...." Twilight groaned, sure she would usually stay up late reading but even she had managed to find time to sleep.

Tez walked over and kneeled down next to her and gently ran over her body, pressing against the tight muscles. Twilight hissed slightly, before moaning slightly as she felt all the tension leave her muscles.

"Ohh...that feels good." She moaned.

Tez licked his lips, 'By all the forces of magic I love hearing these girls moan. It really turns me on.' Tez lifted Twilights head a bit so she was looking at him. Her eyes hung half way open, partly from exhaustion and partly due to his continued massaging.

"I think you've earned your rest now Twilight." Tez said softly.

Twilight smiled and sighed in relief, "Thank goodness."

Tez chuckled, "Sleep well then Twilight."

With that Twilight's eyes closed and she fell swiftly into sleep. Tez looked down at the sleeping unicorn, she looked so beautiful when she was sleeping. He gently picked her up and teleported them back to the library. He would let her rest...but afterwards it would be right back to training.

Tez looked around as he opened the door to the library and carried Twilight in. It was still early, so nopony or dragon was awake yet. He slowly carried Twilight up to her room and carefully laid her into bed, as he did he could not help but see that Twilight's lips were slightly opened as she slept, how could he resist. Gently he kissed her lips for a moment, before returning to his own room.

He licked his lips, still being able to feel Twilights own against his. Interestingly enough he was not tired like Twilight was, though he did not really mind, he was not really up for sleeping today. Instead he simply looked out to the horizon and watched the sun rise.

You’re the best!
Nothing’s gonna ever keep you down
You’re the Best!

There we go :P a Twilight training montage chapter. The first one I ever wrote so its probably not the best, but I did the best I could. Hope you all liked it :)