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Redemption, Damnation and FIM - ShadowWalking18

A HIE fic. More info? Look inside. First Fic here so please comment. Title sucks will edit it later.

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Chapter 8

Another chapter. Another batch of fun and blood :D Doesn't that sound like fun? Here we will finish up the more crucial plot starting moments and then get into some funny moments to develop the characters and thicken the plot and then finally we will reach our head spinning, heart tearing and ripping big battle and the climax. Thats pretty much a very basic outline of how this goes :P Now before we begin I want you all to remember one simple rule of life. DERPY ROCKS! :D enjoy.

Twilight was disturbed from her sleep by a loud burp. She looked over to Spike, who held a scroll in his claws.

"A.." Spike yawned, "Message from the Princess? This late?"

Twilight rubbed her eyes and used her magic to take the scroll from Spike, who went immediatly back to sleep. Twilight unrolled the scroll, using her magic to illuminate give her some light to read. She read it, reread it and then....she screamed.

"AHHHHHHHHHHH!" Twilight shot out of bed and began to run wildly down the stairs. Spike, awoken again watched her go a bit confused, he took the scroll and read it himself and his eyes widened and he followed Twilight downstairs.

"TEZ!" Twilight shouted and then stopped her eyes wide as she looked around. Books sat in organized piles all over the floor, in the center finishing a book and reaching for another on the shelf, was Tez. The darkness made it hard to see him fully, even with the illumination spell, but his eyes glowed in the darkness.

"Hi Twilight. I was just doing a little light reading and I...guess I lost track of what I was read. I'll put all of these away before I leave for the Acres." Tez said as he started putting books away.

Twilight just stared, "You read all of these?"

"Yeah." Tez said lazily.

"Twilight, is Princess Celestia actually coming tomorrow!?!" Spike said as he caught up with the pony, he then noticed all the books, "Whats happening here?"

'The Princess!' Twilight paniced again and rushed forward as she began putting books away.

"Whats got your tail in a knot Twilight?" Tez asked, watching the pony running here and there in a panic.

"I just got a message from Princess Celestia and she said she is coming here; at noon!" Twilight began running around making sure everything was neat and orderly as the last of the books were put away.

"So?" Tez shrugged.

"SO!?!," Twilight shouted in disbelief at Tez, "So!?! So she said it was a matter of great urgency! Who knows what it could be about."

"Probably about me. I mean you did send her a message regarding me."

Twilight stopped and looked at Tez, "How did you know that?" Twilight blinked and covered her mouth before looking down at the floor guilty.

Tez simply smirked, "Spike told me after I took the scroll from him. Don't blame him, I did sort of force him to tell me."

Twilight was just shocked. She felt a bit mad at spike for not telling her this as soon as possible, but there were more important things to worry about now.

"Well no matter. We have to prepare, oh dear oh dear." Twilight felt sick, she usually had time to prepare for a meeting with the Princess, but now she did not and she was starting to lose it.

Tez grabbed her tail and forced her to stop her running and said, "Calm down Twilight. Panicing won't solve anything. Now when will the princess be here?"

Twilight took a deep breath, "At noon today. Oh what am I going to do?"

Tez shook her, "Calm down. Thats still a good time away, go back upstairs and try to sleep a bit more, then we can focus on what we will do when Princess Celestia arrives."

"How am I suppose to sleep at a time like this?" Twilight said looking right into his eyes.

Tez sighed, "Twilight, you are going to run yourself ragged. Now if you can't sleep then try to relax. Let's go upstairs and have something to drink. That might help."

Twilight simply nodded, her mind was a whirlwind of incoherent thoughts. What was the princess coming here for? Does she want to see Tez? Is Tez dangerous and Princess Celestia is coming to capture him? If he is will he resist? So many questions.

Tez walked Twilght up stairs and sat her down in a chair at the table and made his way to the kitchen. He reached a pot and filled it with water before setting it on the stove to boil. He then took two tea cups, tea stainers and tea leaves and set them on the counter. Tez walked back to the table and set across from Twilight, who still was a nervous wreck.

"While the water boils, why don't we talk. Talking helps when one is stressed."

"I'm not stressed, the princess is just coming suddenly and I have no idea of the exact reason why. In fact you should be just as worried as I am, what if she is coming to see for herself if you are dangerous, she could have you banished, locked up, or who knows what else." Twilight leaned forward her face inches from Tez, looking right in his eyes.

Tez simply smiled, "From what you have told me of the princess Twilight, she is a rather friendly and good meaning ruler. But she is a ruler of an entire kingdom, and rulers have to make some choices that might be very difficult. If she does decide to lock me up or even execute me I would not resist. What Princess Celestia does is for the good of her ponies, if my death is the only way to keep you and everyone else safe I will accept that."

Twilight just stared at him, "How....how can you be so.... mellow about this? It's like you don't care about things that would bother any ordinary pony."

"Well...I'm not a pony nor do I consider myself ordinary."

Twilight nodded at that, "Thats true. But still, don't you care at all that the next few hours will affect your life greatly?"

Tez nodded as he went back to the stove and turned it off. The water was now boiling and he quickly made himself and Twilight a cup of tea. he returned to the table and set Twilights cup infront of her. He did not know if hooves offered good gripping power.

Tez sat down and sipped his tea, "Of course I care, but I am not panicing over it. What happens happens. I can't change it, but I can choose to either control how I react to the situation or let my emotions rule me and cause me to make a mistake."

Twilight took a deep breath and let it out slowly before using her magic to bring her cup to her lips and sipped her tea, "I guess you are right. Thank you." She smiled as she set her cup down.

Tez smiled back, "Anything for a friend Twilight. So... Did the princess say why she was coming her so soon after she raises the sun?"

Twilight took a deep breathe, "She said that it was a matter of great importance and that you should be there when she arrives. I don't know of anything else. The message seemed a bit rushed in its writing."

Tez scratched his chin, "Hmm. Interesting. Well I think you should get some more sleep." Tez got up and washed his cup.

Twilight did the same and said, "I'll try. What are you going to do?"

"Get back to my reading, then head over to Sweet Apple Acres and see what work they have for me."

That caught Twilights attention immediatly, she did not want Tez anywhere else but the Library if the princess would arrive at noon, "What? You can't do that, what if the princess arrives before you get back!"

Tez shrugged, "Well I guess I will arrive late for this meeting, unless she wants to come find me."

"You can't make the princess wait! It's rude, and completly disrespectful to her!" Twilight was now pressing her forehead against Tez's, which was making him a bit nervous. Obviously the princess was a subject that could cause Twilight to act in numerous ways.

"Alright alright. How does this sound, I'll go down to Aj's, work for a bit and be right back before noon. Does that sound reasonable?"

Twilight hesitated a moment but finally nodded, "Alright. Deal."

Tez smiled, "Alright then. Good night then Twilight." Tez walked over to the stairs and saw spike asleep on them. He smiled and picked the baby dragon up and carried him to his bed and tucked him in.

"Good night Spike." He said and made his way downstairs.

Twilight watched him go and then sighed as she went back to bed, 'I really hope nothing happens to make this day go bad.'

Tez read for a while more before he quietly left the house and made his way to Sweet Apple Acres. He was not sure when the Apple family got up, but he guessed it would have to be very early in order to use as much time in harvesting their crops for the market and other things.

'Hmm...crops.' The thought pulled images of different vegetables to his mind. Maize was the most prominent one and the thought of it made his stomach growl and he drooled slightly. He wiped his mouth, 'Got to focus...and yet... these images make me hungry. Oh....maize..' Tez licked his lips.

Tez was glad to arrive at the farm, perhaps work would distract his growing appetite for foods he could not remember ever eating; yet at the same time craved like a warthog craved a mud pool. 'Focus Tez. Got alot to do today, need to focus.... oh... Tlaxcalli' Tez rubbed his stomach feeling an instant shot of cravings in his stomach. He licked his lips drooling again.

"What in tarnation are ya' doing?"

Tez snapped back to reality and looked to his right, Applejack was leaning against the rail with a confused look.

"Oh sorry Applejack, I was...thinking of something that made me hungry. You are up early."

AJ smirked, "And so are you. I guess you are here to work, well ya' all can help me bucking the apples off a section of trees." She turned and walked off into the orchard. Tez jumped the fence and followed.

When they arrived at the section of forest, Tez saw buckets surrounding the trees. Some of them were already full, but the rest were empty.

"Apple bucking is simple. All ya' got to do is kick the trees and the apples fall into the buckets." Applejack said as she demonstrated by giving a tree a good kick and all the apples fell from their branches into the buckets.

"Hmm. seems easy enough," Tez walked over to a tree and gave it a good kick. He knocked all the apples off, but he also knocked tons of leaves off, "Oops."

Applejack giggled, "Try not to hit them so hard next time."

Tez rubbed the back of his head and looked down embarressed, but he could not hide a smirk, "Will do. So where are the rest of your family."

AJ bucked another tree and said, "Applebloom and Granny Smith are still asleep. Big Macintosh is covering another section of trees. And we are doing this here section."

"I see," Tez kicked another tree, less forecful this time, "Oh, I have to leave near noon."

Applejack looked at him, "Why is that?"

"Well apperently Princess Celestia is coming at noon. I guess to discuss something with Twilight."

This caused Aj's eyes to widen, "Princess Celestia's coming? Here? Today?"

Tez sighed, "Your not going to panic as well are you? It was bad enough dealing with Twilight."

Applejack blinked then shook her head, "No no. Nothing like that. Just surprised is all, she doesn't usually come here unexpectedly."

"Good. I was afraid I would have to deal with another panicing pony." Tez said.

Applejack chuckled, "Well sorry to disappoint."

Tez smirked, "I'll bounce back."

The two were silent as they contiued to buck apples into the buckets. Applejack was surprised at how efficient Tez was at this sort of work. He just kicked a tree and moved onto the next as the fruit fell. In no time all the buckets were full.

Applejack looked around amazed, "Well I'll be. We got done alot faster then I thought we would."

"Now that all the buckets are full what now?" Tez asked.

"We take them to the barn and then sort through them and seperate the good apples from the bad ones. Then load the ones we sell onto the cart and the rest we put in my apple cellar."

"Alright. Lead the way then." Tez walked over and picked up two buckets in each hand. Then one more on his head, amazingly he kept perfect balance to prevent it from spilling out.

Applejack was impressed by this as she got a bucket onto her back and walked to the barn, Tez following behind.
Arriving at the barn the two began to sort through the apples. Bad apples were placed into a seperate buckets and good ones placed in others. The bad ones would be fed to the pigs, while the good ones would be divided between storage and produce to sell.

The process took a bit longer then gathering them. Each apple required careful insection to make sure they were just right. Tez was surprised really, he did not think that apples would be such heavy maintenance items.

'Shows what I know.' He thought as he added another apple to the good buckets.

Later in the day Big Macintosh arrived. The stallion had be surprised to see AJ and Tez here, and even more when he learned how long they had been there. But he simply shrugged and took it as it was and did his part of the sorting. Applebloom even showed up for a moment to say hello before heading to school.

Once all the sorting had been done Tez made a quick check of the time. For some reason he could guess the time by the placing of the sun, he never questioned it. Saved him the trouble of needing a clock. The sun was....two hours past noon.

Tez blinked, then jumped screaming, "AHH I'm late!"

"Late for what?" Applejack asked as she exited the cellar.

"Late! Late! For a very important date!" Tez turned quickly, "I'm late for that meeting with the..."

Rainbow Dash flew in fast, "Tez! The...the princess is in town. Right now." She said as she gasped for air.

"Crap crap crap." Tez said.

"Tez. Twilight sent me to get you. You better hurry fast, the princess is waiting for you."

"Well then partner ya' all better get moving." Applejack said shooing him away, "Go!"

"Right." Tez turned and ran as fast as he could back to town. Today was not going so according to plan.

Once Tez was gone Applejack turned to Dash, "Do you know why the princess is in town Rainbow Dash?"

Rainbow Dash nodded, "Somewhat. She said she wanted to speak with Tez, immediatly, then had her guards pretty much kept anyone from going into the library. When he didn't show up Twilight started to panic and sent me to find him. Figured he lost track of time."

"The princess wants to talk with him?" Applejack said.

"Don't ask me, cause I really don't know. Not even Twilight knows, but I got a feeling..." Dash said as she looked towards town.

"What kind of feeling?" AJ asked.

"Well... I don't really know but... Whatever the princess wants to see Tez about I don't think its good."

Applejack was silent, then said, "I hope your wrong Dash. I really hope so."

Rainbow Dash nodded, "Yeah. Me too."

Tez ran as fast as he could, which to the observer would be very fast. He was late, not massivly but still late and he had said he would be there on time.

'Twilights gonna kill me.' He thought as he ran, ponies had to jump out of his way. Eventually he saw the library up ahead, and saw that what Rainbow Dash had said was true. two ponies, royal guards he guessed by the armor they wore, stood at silent attention. Tez wasted no time and ran for the door.

The guards saw him approaching fast, and years of reflexive action kicked in and they lifted their wings to bar the passage to the door, "Halt, state your-AHHHH!"

Tez had grabbed both guards by their armors chest piece and flung them to the side, "Move!" He then burst through the door holding a hand over his heart as he took deep breathes.

"Tea?" Someone said as a cup hovered in front of him.

Tez took it and gulped the drink down, "Thank you...."

Tez blinked, and looked right at the tall unicorn before him. Her fur was a pinkish white, and her mane colors were cyan, azure, turquiose and purple. She was thinner then most ponies and unlike a normal unicorn she had wings. She had a sun on her flanks, strangly the symbol caused images to flash in his mind.

She wore a crown and a sort of necklace, she gave a friendly smile and Tez had to admit, 'She is cute, so this is the princess.'

Tez straighted himself and sipped his tea, "So you are Princess Celestia? I have to say you are much more prettier in person."

Celestia smiled, "That is very flattering of you to say. You must be Tez, Twilight Sparkle has told me a bit of you."

"I'm sure she has. Where is she anyway?"

"I'm sorry princesshe-" Twilight came down the stairs and stopped and looked right at Tez. Her eyes went from surprised to anger, "You. You ...you you...Gah... Where were you! You should have been here an two hour ago."

Tez backed away from the approaching pony, "Uh...yeah sorry about that. Guess I lost track of time. heheheh"

"It is alright, what matters is that he is here now." Celestia said, hoping to calm her student.

Twillight looked to the princess and frowned embaressed by her little outburst and moved away from Tez. But she gave him a look that said, "We will discuss this later."

Tez chuckled to himself, 'I'm....so dead.'

"So Tez, I understand that you fell from the sky, appereantly in a strange device." Celestia said as she sipped her tea.

"That is what I am told. Though as to why I was in there or why I crashed here is unknown to me. I seemed to have suffered some head trauma and my memories are a bundle and jumble of incoherent images."

Celestia frowned, 'Hmmm, if he came in the device that fell from the sky he must be similar to whatever killed my guardponies, does that mean he is dangerous? Or could there be different things in each device?' She focused again on what was happening now, those questions would have to wait for a bit.

"So princess... what do you want from me? If it is my execution I will not resist, though I will ask why such a thing would need to be done."

That caught her off guard, "What?"

Tez smirked, "Well I guess I am not being executed then?"

Celestia blinkend, "No. Why would you think that?"

Twilight sighed in relief, she was worried something bad was going to happen, still best to wait and see what the princess wants before making assumptions.

Tez finished his tea, "I guess assumed really, the fact that your pressence here was a last minute piece of information has me curious that you might know something about me."

Celestia looked critically at Tez, 'He is a sharp one. If a bit wrong in his assumptions.'

"Sadly, I know little of you as Twilight does, I am here to make sure that you not a threat to her and everypony in ponyville."

"He has not done anything to harm anyone princess." Twilight said.

"I know that, but I have to be sure Twilight. The safety of everypony in Equestria is my responsibility."

Twilight nodded, though she did feel a bit bad for Tez. He just seemed to be met with suspicion. Still she understood why, she was suspicious of him from time to time herself.

"It is understandable Celestia." Tez said.

Twilight was shocked, 'He just called her by her name? Without saying princess... what will she think of that?" Twilight worried that the princess might take offense to that, but instead Princess Celestia just smiled.

"Hmm, you are the only one that ever just said my name without putting princess before it."

Tez smirked, "I hope I did not offend, but I don't think we have to use formalities for this little get together."

Celestia giggled, "No, I don't think we have to."

Twilight felt relieved, 'Thank goodness.'

"So, having seen me Celestia, do you feel assured that I am not a threat?" Tez asked.

Celestia was silent, 'He does not seem to be a threat. In fact he seems to be a pleasant one to be around.' Celestia thought for a moment before saying, "I do not think you are of any threat to anyone here, though I don't think my guards could say the same." She could not help but chuckle a bit.

Tez blushed and rubbed the back of his head embarressed, "Heh...yeah sorry about that."

"It is alright, as long as no one was hurt." Celestia looked at him, it was obvious she was silently asking if either guard was hurt.

"No pony is hurt, at least not physically. Their pride however might be bruised." Tez smirked.

"Well such things heal in time," Celestia made her way to the door, Twilight followed her out. Tez followed as well, at least just to the door.

"Well Tez, you do not seem dangerous. But remember if you should do anything to hurt anypony here, I will hunt you down." Celestia said grimly.

Tez nodded, "I will not hurt anypony here. But if I should I await your wrath."

Celestia nodded before summoning her guards, who looked at the ground ashamed that they had been so easily moved aside by Tez. They lifted the chariot that Celestia stood on and flew off to Canterlot.

Once the chariot had vanished from sight Twilight turned and looked at Tez, Tez looked back grinning.

"Well... that wasn't as bad as you thought it would be." He said before laughing.

Twilight blushed embarressed, but joined in the laughter, "I guess I did overreact just a bit."

"It is alright Twilight. We all do it. You just do it more often." Tez smirked.

"What's that suppose to mean?" Twilight said as she walked over to him glaring.

Tez laughed as he walked inside, ignoring Twilight's lecture. Today had been an intresting day, and it was not even over yet.

'I can only wonder what will happen now.' He thought.

SO what do you think. Im trying real hard to do the proofreading, but my schedule gets in the way sometimes. Still hope everyone is enjoying the fic. Now that all of that is done we can begin the more entertaining portions for a bit :) hope you all enjoy that. I know I will.