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Redemption, Damnation and FIM - ShadowWalking18

A HIE fic. More info? Look inside. First Fic here so please comment. Title sucks will edit it later.

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Chapter 29*or 28 continued*

Another chapter :)

Rarity ducked as Tez pounced forward and rolled. Turning she saw him look around wildly, running to every corner. Once he was sure nothing was anywhere, he turned to Rarity with an angry glare.

"What the hell! I thought I told you girls that you can't be outside Canterlot when I'm not around!" Tez growled as he walked over to Rarity, towering over her with his height.

Rarity felt herself shake, the feel of those eyes now only bringing terror.

"Tez...I don't see what the problem is...me and the girls are fine. Don't you think you're worrying a bit too much?" Rarity said, trying to calm him down.

"No I worry exactly the right amount," Tez said as he leaned down and stepped closer to Rarity till she was pressed against the door, "you can never worry too much."

"Tez...there is no need to start acting like a brute." Rarity said, pushing him out of her personal space.

Tez blinked then growled, "I will act as I damn well please!"

Rarity winced at the anger in his voice.

Tez continued, "Rarity. I gave you and the girls an order. Never leave Canterlot unless I am in the vacinity of the castle. Even if I am there while you are here I can sense if my brothers are in the area and can react sooner to keep you safe."

"But..." Rarity began.

"No buts! You girls disobeyed me. Who knows what could have happened if Mex or Acol came here while I was away conscripting! I gave an order and when I give an order I EXPECT obedience!" Tez growled.

Rarity bit her lip, and suddenly felt something inside her snap. She glared right back at Tez and began to walk towards him, causing the surprised sorcerer to start walking backwards.

"Now look here mister! My sister is in an emotional torment, and I have been unable to do a thing to help her or comfort her due to your paranoid worry!" Rarity said as she began to poke Tez in the chest as she pushed him back.

Tez's eyes widened and he opened his mouth to retort, but feel silent as Rarity gave another angry glare.

"I won't be shouted at or treated like a foal! I am my own mare and I will do what is best for my sister! She needs me right now and there is not a damned thing you are going to do about it!" Rarity shouted with a final poke on Tez's chest, which causes him to fall down on his rear, looking at Rarity with wide eyes and mouth hanging open.

Rarity's glare softened and she placed a hoof on Tez's cheek, "Tez. It is sweet that you want to protect us all...but...you have to understand that we can't always listen to what you say. We have our own lives, and families that need us as well. Now I'm going to spend the rest of the day with my sister."

With that she leaned in and gave him a kiss on the cheek before turning and walking out the door, leaving Tez silent and still in shock.

After awhile of just sitting there, mouth hanging open Tez finally said, "What just happened?"

Tez walked down the streets, no destination in mind. He was just trying to figure out what had just happened. All other things were now pushed aside.

'Was I just stood up to?' Tez thought, unsure of how to take such an event.

As he walked down the streets, ponies waved hello to him. Some even greeting him with smiles, though a few others looked at him with uncertainty. It was a different reception he was use to getting, but then again this town knew him more then the others. Though Tez could still catch the slight smell of fear in the residents.

Tez snarled and shook his head, 'Bah I'll figure it out later. Now to find Twilight. How dare she disobey my orders!'

As he made his way to the library, he suddenly felt a stabbing pain in his heart. The pain soon spread to all over his body, overpowering his ability to ignore it and sending him to his knees.

"Agrh." Tez snarled, as he gripped his chest. His body twisting in agony.

After awhile the pain subsided and Tez gasped for air, sweating. He slowly got back to his feet, thankful that nopony had been around to see that.

'What.....what just happened?' Tez thought.

Tez felt his pulse for a few moments, before pulling off his mirror and gazing at his relfection. His eyes widened in horror. His hair had a white streak once more.

'What....how....but....' Tez thought in horror, quickly putting his mirror away, 'it hasn't been a month yet!'

Tez began to feel himself panic as he ran, forgetting his anger and only concentrating on his fear. He ran till he reached the library, opening and slamming the door shut. He leaned against the door breathing heavily as he slid to the ground.

"Tez? What are you doing here? What's wrong, you look pale."

Tez looked up and saw Twilight, who looked at him with worried eyes. He immediatly covered his head, hoping to hide his white streak, he didn't want anyone bringing it up.

"Nothing. I'm fine." Tez said.

Twilight blinked, "No you're not. Why are you hiding your head like that?"

Tez growled, "I'm not hiding anything."

Twilight could tell from the tone of Tez's voice that he was getting angry, and would not talk about what was bugging him. Normally she would have just left him alone till he cooled off, but whatever was irritating him must be something big. Very little got Tez mad unless it was important.

"Tez...please, if something is wrong you can tell me. I'm your friend." Twilight said, gently placing a hoof on Tez's shoulder.

"I said...there's nothing wrong!" Tez shouted as he stood up suddenly, magic surging everywhere. Twilight found herself blown back from the force of the energy. She watched with awe and fear as raw magic surge about Tez, the wind blowing books and objects here and there.

"There is nothing wrong with me," Tez shouted, "I'm the perfect warrior! Cold and ruthless! I live by my strength alone, unhibited by foolish emotions such as fear! Nothing can best my will not even a damned curse!"

Outside ponies ran away from the library, unsure of what the shouting or lights coming from within were, but sensing it would probably be best to vacate the area. Fast.

Tez took deep breathes of air as he calmed down. The energy surrounding him fading away. When he looked around, he found books all over the places, blown by the gust the torrent of energy created moments ago. He then looked to Twilight, he sat huddled on the ground looking up at him with fear.

Tez bit his lip before rubbing his temples. Why now? Why did things have to get nutty again.

"Just....whatever. I have to go check on the others." Tez said as turned and opened the door.

"Tez wait..." Twilight said.

Tez stopped and looked back.

"Tez...what do you mean curse?" Twilight asked, curious. Worried.

Tez was silent, then said, "It's what it sounds like." And with that he walked out, and closed the door. Leaving a confused and sad Twilight behind.

Twilight's ears hung low as she tried to figure out what Tez meant, 'Why can't he just tell me what's wrong...doesn't he trust me?'

Looking around, seeing the mess of books, Twilight sighed and proceeded to put them away. All the while thinking, 'He said curse...but curses aren't real....right?'

Tez ran as swiftly as he could. He had no destination, he just had to run. To ponies he would have been a passing blur as he ran and jumped here and there around Ponyville, hoping to clear his head of the anger and fear that he felt. Fear for the possibility that his hunger was growing stronger again. Anger for allowing himself to feel fear, and letting his anger show itself infront of Twilight.

'Come on Tez. You're the perfect warrior. A ruthless killing machine. The blood of hundreds of planets are on your hands and you never once batted an eyelash. You should have better control on yourself by now!' Tez mentally lectured himself.

As he made his way down the street, always his mind would worry, always on the look out for another attack from his curse.

'If my hair is white again...does that mean that it's getting stronger?' He thought with worry. As if things were not bad enough.

Tez kept walking, taking the path to Sweet Apple Acres, towards the CMC's clubhouse. Seeing those three might brighten his mood.

Tez soon arrived at the treehouse where the CMC always spent their free time, when they were not causing havoc trying to get their cutie marks.

"It's nothing." Tez could hear Scoots from inside.

"But Scoots-" Applebloom began.

"Hey, how are my three favorite fillies?" Tez said as he hopped up and peeked inside.

There inside was Applebloom and Scootaloo, both fully recovered.

"Tez!" Applebloom said in surprise and ran over.

Tez lowered himself and hugged the filly, who rubbed her head against his cheek.

"Hey there Applebloom. I see your all better." Tez said with a smile.

"I sure am. Where have ya been, the last time I saw ya' was when ya' came down to say that Applejack had to stay in Canterlot for awhile, but would be around to help with harvest."

"Oh here and there. By the way where is Applejack?"

"She's helpin' Big Mac with the southwest field." Applebloom said, as the two seperated.

Tez nodded then looked to Scoots, who was strangly silent.

"Hey Scoots. Don't I get a hug?" Tez asked.

Scootaloo fidgeted a bit, as did Applebloom.

Tez blinked, and noticed that Scootaloot was wearing her mane differently. It was covering half her face, which was odd.

"Scoots?" Tez said.

"Oh um sorry. Um yeah." She said as she slowly walked over to Tez and nuzzled his hand for a moment.

Now Tez was really confused. Sure he knew that Scootaloo wasn't one for hugs. But this was different, she was hiding something.

"Um...Scoots. Why is your mane down over half your face like that?" Tez asked.

Scoots bit her lip and moved away from Tez, "Uh...no reason. Just...felt like having it that way."

Tez frowned, 'That just screamed hiding.' Slowly he reached out and lifted Scoots mane. Scootaloo remained still, looking down trembling.

"Well it looks nice Scoots, but I prefer your mane....the...way...it...." Tez stopped as he saw what exactly the mane was hiding.

A black eye, and it was a real shiner.

Tez had to fight to keep his composure, still he could not help but gasp.

"Scootaloo!" Tez gasped as he moved closer to the filly.

"It's nothing." Scoots said.

"Scootaloo, that has ta' be the blackest black eye I've ever seen! You need to put some ice on it." Applebloom said, worried about her friend.

"She is right." Tez said and immediatly cast a spell to gather some of the moisture in the air into a decent amount of water and freezing it. He then removed his headband and wrapped the ice in it and placed it gently against Scoots eye, "now just hold that there."

Scoots nodded once and held the ice to her eye.

"Scootaloo, how did that happen?" Tez asked.

Scootaloo bit her lip, "I...I just..fell of my scooter. That's all."

"Now Scootaloo that there's a right lie. I've seen ya on that scooter and never seen ya crash. At least not in anyway that would do that ta ya." Applebloom said.

"Scootaloo. Don't lie now, how did it happen?" Tez asked, with a slight stern tone in his voice.

Scootaloo's good eye began to water, "I...somepony hit me."

'KILL!' Tez thought, already contemplating all sorts of horrible, painful, agonizing, and deathly slow tortures he would inflict on the culprit. Perhaps start with a good old rock smashed against extended limbs kneecap, followed by a savage dunking of the face into scalding hot water. The choices were endless and Tez intended to use every single one in every single combination he could think of.

"Who did it Scootaloo?" Tez asked.

Scootaloo was silent.

"Scoots. Who did it?" Tez asked again.

Scootaloo mumbled something.

"What was that?" Tez asked.

"My dad...." Scootaloo whispered.

Tez felt something in his mind snap, and he was soon seeing red all over. Or he would once he finished painting Ponyville with Scootaloo's fathers blood.

Tez growled and sniffed Scootaloo, which confused the filly, once he had her scent it would be easy to follow a trail back to her house, and hopefully to his victim. If not he could go with plan B, tear everything apart till he found the target.

Tez got up and headed out, following Scoot's scent back to Ponyville.

"Tez wait! Where are ya' going?" Applebloom called.

"Tez wait!" Scootaloo called. The two fillies looked at each other worried and took off after him.

"Well Sweetie Belle, how do you feel?" Rarity asked.

"Umm...I feel okay..." Sweetie Belle mumbled.

Rarity bit her lip, saddened that her sister was still feeling down.

Rarity had arrived at Sweet Apple Acres and immediatly adbucted her sister from there, and had immediatly set the entire day for them. They had just gotten done with a relaxing time at the spa, though Rarity felt that it did not do as much as she had hoped.

'Perhaps tea will help. I hope it does.' She thought.

"Umm...where are we going now?" Sweetie Belle asked.

"Oh well it is time for lunch, so let's head over to the resturant and get something to eat. You can have whatever you want." Rarity said with a smile.

That brought a slight smile to Sweetie Belles face, "Anything?"

Rarity was probably going to regret this, "Yes. Anything."

Sweetie Belle practically ran now, eager to take advantage of this once in a life time oppertunity. If she could have anything she wanted she intended to get as many sweets as she could, especially a giant ice crea sundae.

Rarity felt a wave of dread blow past her, but she smiled slightly and followed after her sister. Whatever the price, it would be worth it to see her sister happy and lively again.

When the two arrived Sweetie Belle immediately began looking at the desert menu after they had been seated. They had a lovely table outside to enjoy the sunny day.

"Oh I want this....and that....and.......Tez?" Sweetie Belle said.

Rarity blinked, "Tez? Now Sweetie where on earth do you see Tez on that menu?"

"No. Over there. It's Tez." Sweetie Belle said, pointing past her sister.

Rarity turned, and sure enough there was Tez.....sniffing the ground and walking in a circle on all fours.

'What on earth?' Rarity thought.

"Oh can he eat with us?" Sweetie asked.

Rarity watched Tez, something seemed off. Not that sniffing around like a dog wasn't odd enough, but still.

"Ummm....hold on a moment Sweetie Belle." Rarity said, as she got out of her seat.

"But why?" Sweetie asked.

"Just stay here Sweetie." Rarity said as she walked over to Tez.

Sweetie Belle huffed and crossed her hooves, but did as her sister said.

"Tez...how...surprising to see you...umm...I hope that I did not leave you upset at all previously." Rarity said.

Tez stopped his sniffing and looked up at the unicorn, "No problem. Busy now can't talk."

Rarity blinked, "Busy? Busy doing what? Sniffing the ground?"

"Hunting." Tez said simply as he got back on two legs, his eyes focusing on a house.

"Hunting?" Rarity said confused.

Tez nodded and leaped forward. His mucles propelled him far, sending him right towards his destination. He landed right by the door of a small house, not far from the resturaunt Rarity and Sweetie Belle were at. Rarity watched with curiosity, and slight worry.

'When he said hunting....He didn't mean...' Rarity thought, hoping that she was just assuming.

Of course this was all dashed when she saw Tez punch the door to the house, blasting it into a million splinters.

"Knock knock!" Tez shouted as he walked in.

Tez stepped into the house, looking around as a predator did as it looked for its pray. He managed to catch a scent, a male scent. Along with a slight heavy smell of alcohol.

He followed the scent to the living room, where he found a very irate looking pegasi.

"Who the hell are you!?!" The pegasi said, his breath had the strong lingering smell of alcohol. The type that only came from prolonged drinking over the course of years. A regular alcoholic.

"Your judge!" Tez said as he grabbed the pegasi around the neck with swift speed and lifted him off his hooves.

"Jury!" Tez shouted again as turned and threw the pony out the door and to the ground hard. The pegasi hit the dirt and skidded a few feet, the wind blown out of him.

Tez jumped and landed next to Scoots father, ponies everywhere watching in shock and confusion. Tez growled and lifted back a fist, "And most pleasantly, your executioner!"

"Tez stop!" Tez could hear Rarity shout, but he didn't care. All he could see was red.

His fist came down and striked the now afraid pegasi across the cheek. Hard. His face went flying to the ground, but Tez brought his other fist up against the other side sending it upward. And so it went, that Tez sent down a barrage of fists against the unfortunate, but totally guilty of the most evil, sinful, unforgivable crimes of hurting Scootaloo, and Tez intended to make him feel every bit of pain that he could.

All around ponies watched in horror as Tez continued to savagly beat the pegasi. But what scared them the most, was the look in his eyes as he did, it was one of enjoyment and thrill.

Rarity could only watch in horror as Tez continued to assult the pegasi he had accosted from the house he had broken into.

"Tez stop!" She shouted, hoping against all odds that he would listen.

Sadly, it seemed that Tez was too lost in whatever bloodlust had overtaken him.

"Rarity! Why is Tez doing that!?!"

Rarity turned and quickly wrapped her sister into her hooves and covered her eyes.

"I...don't look Sweetie...just don't look." She said, crying silently.

Rarity turned slightly and now saw Tez standing over the twitching body of his victim. His eyes glowed with an intensity that would destroy a ponys soul if such a thing were possible.

"I won't let you die...not untill I know the truth of things....and then after that...you won't die till I've decided you've suffered enough." Tez said as he removed his mirror and aimed the black gleaming glass at the no doubt unconcious pegasi.

Slowly the mirror began to glow a dark purple light for a moment before Tez turned it back to him. He stared into the purple hue for a time, anger growing more and more on his face.

"You just made your tomb." Tez said as he put his mirror back on his headband and lifted a hand up into the air. Lightning crackled between his fingers.

"What the hay is going on?"

Rarity turned and saw Twilight and Spike looking over at Tez with wide eyes.

"Twilight! You have to stop Tez, he's...I don't know what he's going to do but it can't be good." Rarity said to her friend.

Twilight looked to Rarity then back to Tez, her heart beating with fear.

'Stop him? Stop him doing what? And how?' She thought, this wasn't like Discord or Nightmare Moon. Tez was worse, when he was mad...he was a natural disaster. An unstopable force of destruction.

"Twilight! What in tarntion is going on? My sister came running with her friend Scootaloo, who had one heck of a black eye, and was going on about that Tez was gonna hurt somepony."

Twilight looked over and saw Applejack, along with Applebloom and Scootaloo. The two fillies were looking at Tez with horror, and Scoots eye was indeed black. The orange pegasi filly looked between Tez and the pegasus on the ground, tears welling up in her eyes.

"Now die...but lets make it slow!" Tez shouted as he brought his hand down and lightning zapped at the pegasus before him, causing the body to spasm in pain, his screams piercing the air.

"Tez stop!" Twilight shouted, covering Spikes eyes. She didn't want him to see Tez like this. She didn't even want to.

Tez looked over at Twilight and stopped his attack. he growled low and approached the spasming body. He wove weaves of magic, making sure to keep the vital systems going, even after all the abuse he had put on the body. He was not as good at healing as Acol was...but he knew enough to keep something alive when he wanted it to experience unending pain.

He extended his claws as he stood over the pegasus, "You're all just afraid of justice!" He lifted his claw back and down, aimed for the pegasus' throat.

"STOP!" Somepony shouted, and the sound of somepony moving was heard for a moment, before everything went silent.

Sorry for the long wait. Work and all, and I had some writers block :( oh and my family picked up a new kitten we found abandoned at a store. 4 weeks old, though she probably older now by a few weeks, she is cute but she keeps me up till 4 am at times and that sort of makes it hard for me to focus on writing due to being tired.