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Redemption, Damnation and FIM - ShadowWalking18

A HIE fic. More info? Look inside. First Fic here so please comment. Title sucks will edit it later.

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Chapter 11

Another chapter :) This one revolves around fluttershy and tez :) Oh I wonder how this will turn out. What is wrong with Tez? Will he survive? What must he do to live? Lets find out. Enjoy

Twilight burst through the doors, followed by Fluttershy, Rainbow Dash, Rarity, Pinkie Pie and the Cutie Mark Crusaders. Twilight ran to the desk worried, "Is he okay? Where is he?" She asked Nurse Redheart.

Nurse Redheart placed her front hooves on Twilights shoulders, "Calm down Twilight. Take a deep breath."

Twilight did as instructed and the nurse then said, "Good. He is in room 538. He is alright, for now."

"For now? What do you mean for now?" Dash asked as she walked over to the desk.

Nurse Redheart frowned, this was always the hardest part of the job, "His heart is starting to not function properly. When he got here it had already stopped. We managed to restart it but... its just not beating right. I'm sorry....he..."

"Don't say it! Your wrong!" Applebloom shouted.

Everyone looked at the filly, tears were in her eyes, "Ya' all are wrong! Tez isn't...he isn't gonna." She wiped her eyes sniffling. Sweete Belle and Scootaloo hugged their friend and moved her to the chairs where they sat down.

"I'm sorry. If you want to go see him you can. Im really sorry." Nurse Redheart wiped her eyes. She knew what the job would entitle her to do on occasion, but still... it always felt wrong.

"Thank you nurse." Twilight walked to the room, Rarity, Pinkie and Dash followed. Fluttershy stayed behind with the fillies.
Though the other two only meet Tez today they all felt sad that he was.... not going to be around anymore.

"It's not fair....its not fair." Applebloom wimpered.

"I know. shhh. I know." Fluttershy said trying to calm Applebloom down. Though tears were flowing from her eyes, it was never fair that something had to die. Especially somepony that did not deserve it.

Tez screamed in his mind. The pain....THE PAIN. He floated in the darkness of his subconcious. His body outside could not move, but the body inside could, and it felt like it was being torn apart piece by piece.

'Make it stop! Make it stop! AGHHHHH!' Again the images of blood came to mind and again the burning hunger to drink the essence of life fell upon him. There was a connection, a dark one, a connection between blood and his llife. But why?

'Why....why do these images keep coming to mind!?! What are they suppose to mean!?! TELL ME DAMN IT!!!' He screamed out to anything, anyone that would give him an answer.

'Feed.' He felt a part of his mind say.

'What?' He looked around and saw images before his mind. He saw... himself. He saw himself suffering in pain as he was now. Then another image came, an image he did not like. He sat in a chair of stone, he could hear the priests making their offerings as the heart was offered to the four directions and finally placed in the offering bowl.

At last, the pain was unbearable. The heart floated from the bowl to him and he gripped the still warm organ in his hands. He licked his lips... and devoured it. The pain vanished... life...for a time. Was this... what he had to do.

Tez shook in fear, 'No....no not that...I can't...I REFUSE AGHHHH!' Again the pain in his heart. He couldn't take it.

'If I don't I will die.' A part of his mind said.

'If I do, it makes me a monster.' The other part said.

'I have to. I don't want to die. I want to live.'

Both halves were right in their arguments. If he did this, he could never go back. He would have to accept that it was the only way for him to live. By devouring the blood and hearts of another living creature. If he did... if the girls found out....

Tez sobbed, 'I don't want to die.... but I won't hurt anypony. The forest.... I will go there....and I will.....I WILL SURVIVE!'

Tez felt his body begin to awake and as he became one with the concious world again his eyes shot open.

The girls stood at Tez's bed side. Big Macintosh had left to go take Applebloom home. Applejack stayed, she felt horrible.
'If I hadn't gotten sick...maybe this would never have happened.' She wiped the tears in her eyes away.

"It wasn't your fault Applejack." Twilight said, "I should have kept a closer eye on him."

"No Twilight, If I hadn't gotten sick, Tez would not have had to work as hard. If I hadn't been so hard on him he wouldn't be like this. This is all my fault."

"It's not your fault Applejack," Rarity said.

"Yeah, these... these things just happen." Dash said as she tried to hide her own tears. It was not cool seeing someone she knew die.

"I knew it was going to be a bad day when my knee got pinchy. But I didn't think it be this bad." Pike Pie said as she wiped her eyes, her usually hyperactiveness had just seem to vanish.

The five remained silent looking at Tez. He seemed so peaceful as he slept. It was hard to accept that he was..they all screamed as Tez shot up from bed and looked around. Then he jumped out of the bed and landed at the door, startling a nurse.

"TEZ!" Pinkie Pie shouted.

Tez looked back, his mouth was pulled back in a snarl. His eyes glowed brighter then normal, and his cainines were sharp....very sharp.

The girls felt a wave of fear at the sight and backed away. Tez frowned, but his eyes continued to glow with a hunger. He looked at them for a moment and said, "I'm sorry." Then he ran out the door.

The girls took a moment to register what happened before Twilight shouted, "Stop him. He-he isn't himself. Something is wrong." She took off to try and catch up with him, the rest followed.

Tez ran down the halls, shovin doctors and nurses out of the way. He had to run, he had to get to the forest. If he did not he would die....or worse, kill a pony in a final act to save himself. He was not going to do that, but he had no intentions of dying. If he did....he...he...he would never....never what?

Tez could not figure out why he had to live. Surely it was that instinct of all animals to survive, but when he thought on it... Tez could not feel anything like that, in fact all he felt was...anger. He was angry? Angry at what? Who....who...

'Cortés.' He thought. The name made him snarl and several nurses jumped out of his way as he ran past them and out the main hall. He thought he saw the fillies and Fluttershy as he passed, but he gave them no consideration. He had to live, he had to feed to live. He was going to live...so that if he ever got home he would find Cortés. He would find him....and kill him.

'I'll live...so that I can kill him. I'LL KILL HIM!' He told himself as he jumped through the door and ran as fast as he could go through town to the forest. Ponies everywhere got out of his way and watched him with wide eyes as he passed.

Yes... killing Cortés was a good enough reason to live. What other reason was there to live, then revenge?

The entire clinic was in an uproar. Twilight and her friends had gone past nurses and doctors that had been shoved or tossed aside, at least the ones that did not move out of the way when Tez passed through. Ponies were trying to figure out what happened, others tried to calm the other patients, who had heard the terrifying snarls and screams.

'What is happening to Tez?' Twilight thought, she saw Fluttershy, Big Mac, and the crusaders.

"Fluttershy. Girls. Are you guys okay?"

"We are okay Twilight. Was that...Tez?" Fluttershy asked, she was shaking a bit. The sight of Tez as he was must have really scared the poor pegasus, Twilight had to agree with her.

"I think it was, but he did not seem himself. He looked...not himself."

"But he is okay right?" Applebloom asked.

Twilight looked at the filly, "I don't know Applebloom. But I hope so."

"What are we doing sticking around here for? We got to find Tez, who knows whats wrong with him." Dash said as she headed for the door.

"I agree with Dashie. If we don't find him he might get worse, if thats possible." Applejack said.

"Right," Twilight said, "Fluttershy, Rainbow Dashe. You two can fly so fly as high as you can and see if you can spot Tez from above and where he is. Applejack, Rarity, Pinkie Pie and I will look on the ground. If you spot him go to whoever is closer to his location and let the know before you tell the rest of us."

Rainbow Dash saluted and flew off, Fluttershy following behind. Twilight looked to the others and said, "Alright girls. Lets go."

"What about us?" Sweetie Belle asked.

"You three head home, you have had enough drama for today." Twiligh said.

"But-" Applebloom started, but her sister cut her off.

"No but's little missy. You head home now." With that the four ponies ran out the door.

The CMC watched the girls. They wanted to help, but somewhere inside they knew they would not be of much help in this. They said their goodbyes and Applebloom went home with Big Mac. She prayed that Tez would be alright.

Tez ran as fast as he could, but again he collapsed to the ground as he clutched his heart. At least he was out on the green fields away from town. He was sure he was starting to scare everypony. Right now he was the one scared, the pain was happening more often. He was running out of time.

'Got to keep going.' Tez got up and started running, he clutched his hand over his heart, willing it to keep beating for just a bit longer.

He could see the border of Everfree forest now. He ran faster, his breathing becoming uncontrolled gasps. Just a bit more... then he would find something to feed off of.

As he ran he heard somepony say, "Over there!" When Tez turned around to see who spoke he saw RainbowDash, followed by Fluttershy and Rarity coming up behind him.

'What are they doing here? They can't be here!' Tez ran harder, he had to get away from here fast.

"TEZ STOP!" Dash shouted as she flew as hard as she could to tackle him, the pegasus caught up with him after some time and wrapped her legs around his body to try and bring him down with her weight. Tez ran on, struggling to get her off.

"Get off!" He snarled as he growled, his golden eyes glared at Dash. Dash felt a grip of terror come over her and she immediatly let go. With the lose of extra weight Tez ran off and into the forest.

When Rarity and Fluttershy caught up, the unicorn said, "Why did you let go? You had him."

Dash was shivering, "I...I don't know. But the way he looked at me, I thought he was going to hurt me if I didn't. I've never been so scared in my life."

Rarity and Fluttershy looked at each other worried. What was happening to Tez?

"But forget that," Rainbow Dash said, "We got to catch him. He went into the forest so lets go." With that she took off for the forest, only to be stopped by Rarity grabbing her tail.

"Rainbow Dash, we can't just go running into the Everfree Forest without any sort of tact. If Tez is acting strange who knows what he might do. He could actually try to hurt one of us." Rarity said.

Fluttershy frowned and said, "You don't think he would do you? He isn't like that. Is he?"

"AAAAGGGGGGHHHHH!" A scream of agony came from the forest. The three ponies looked towards scream, their eyes filled with worry and fear. What was happening to Tez?

"Alright that's it. Rarity you go and get the others. Me and Fluttershy will go and try to find Tez. If we do one of us will come and get you guys."

Rarity nodded, "Alright dear, but becareful."

"Don't worry, now go." Rainbow Dash turned to Fluttershy as Rarity ran off to get the others, "Ready?"

Fluttershy was nervous, she did not like going into the Everfree Forest. But a friend was in need so she nodded and said, "Y-yes."

With that the two took off to the forest, hoping to find Tez. Before something else found him first.

Tez clutched his heart. Was it still beating? He waited for a long moment. One pulse...one pulse between longer intervals, inbetween pulses his body was in agony, he was nearing his end. Where was a little furry animal when you needed one?

Tez got to his feet wobbling as he took steps forward, he did his best to attract attention of a predator. A predator would make him feel less guilty when he killed it, self defense was better then simple murder. Even if the distinction would be just a word and intention.

Tez leaned against a tree as he slowly slumped to the ground. He was getting weaker...he snarled and hit his firsts against his chest, trying to keep his heart beating.

"Come on you stupid piece of muscle! Work!" He was not going to die here. Not until he had his revenge. He was NOT going to die.

A sound from the far bushes caught his attention. He heard a growl and saw movement of some creature... going towards him. He smiled, his cainines showing, they appeared more like fangs now. 'Finally.'

His eyes offered him, strangly, superior vision. He saw approaching him a very strange creature. It looked like a lion, but with wings and a scorpions tail. Its ears reminded him of bat ears. Whatever it was it was ugly, but alive. Alive with blood and a heart.

Tez smirked and looked at the animal as it approached him slowly, crouching low. It probably saw him as an easy meal, and when Tez thought on it. He probably was, that took his smirk away and he started to mentally beat himself.

'Smooth Tez. You come here to get something to save your own life, but don't have a plan of how. Really smart.' He told himself, he was weak and without any sort of weapon. He was dead meat.

The animal growled and pounced towards him, claws extended ready to tear flesh. Tez closed his eyes, he could not beleive that it was going to end like this, life certainly knew how to hit one in the stomach at times. Time seemed to slow down and as the animal got closer Tez felt something, a strange sense of change, of killing.

The sensation filled his body and by instinct he brought his hands up to grab the jaws of the attacking animal. Then time returned to its normal flow as he sat there in surprise. His hands gripped the upper and lower parts of the animals jaw wide open. The fangs dug into his palms, but the pain was more of an annoyance then anything else.

The animal tried to close its jaws, to swipe at him with its claws. Tez smirked and felt a sudden strength come over him. Memories of knowing what to do next. Memories of how to kill. With a snarl he pushed the creature backwards, stipp gripping its jaw as he got to his feet. The animal tried to push back, and release its jaw from Tez's grip.

Tez felt the sensation flow through his body. He felt a strange stinging pain as he snarled. He lifted leg and placed his foot on the lower jaw of the creatures mouth and with a sudden display of great strength he pushed his leg down with all his strength.

The sound of breaking bone and tearing flesh filled his ears as the animals lower jaw was broken and torn off by Tez's strength. It reared back making gargled roars. Blood sprayed from the place where the lower jaw had originally been connected to it. The blood splattered on Tez, who licked it away with a long tongue.

"I know it hurts. But it will be over soon." He said as he tossed the jaw piece aside and pounced at the creature. His hands seemed to resemble claws now and he used them with skill as he sank them into the creatures stomach and with all the force he could muster, tear his claws to the side slicing the creatures stomach open. Blood and gore splattered against him as the creature fell backwards dying. Tez took the oppertunity to lunge for the throat and sank his teeth into the creatures wind pipe.

Tez seemed to fade from reality as a sudden sense of rage and bloodlust came over him. He tore the creatures throat out and with hungry eyes began to drink the blood that pooled from the wound. As he did he felt...alive. He drank for several moments before he turned his attention to the chest and began tearing into the body of the creature, looking for where its heart was. He eventually found the organ and held it in his blood covered hands. He was hyperventilating as he licked his lips and with a scream he bit into the organ, and began to eat it.

When he was finished, Tez became connected with reality again and he looked at the carnage he just commited. The animals body was now a mangled mess of bloody muscle and body parts. What blood he had not drank pooled on the ground, the rest covered his body. Tez licked away the blood on his fingers.

He should be feeling something...anything. Regret perhaps? He did have to kill another living creature to survive, and he did it in a rather barbarous way. Yet... he did not care, in fact he felt....alive. More alive then he ever felt before. Killing was a rush that he...enjoyed. It was like sex only there was a winner.

'Why do I feel this way?' He thought as he looked at his hands. They had been claws before, but now they had returned to normal.

"What am I?" He said softly to himself. Suddenly he felt that he was being watched. He sniffed the air and caught the scent of blood only. But a new type of blood scent was here, from the bushes. Tez licked his lips as he slowly approached the new scent. He slowly made his way towards the bushes. Slowly he grew closer and closer to the scent.

Fluttershy shivered with terror. Her mind told her to run, but the sight before her kept her frozen. All she could do was shake in fear as...as...whatever this was now grew closer and closer to her. The events that lead to this flashed in her mind.

She and Dash had split up to cover more ground. She was scared of the thought of being alone in the forest, but she steeled herself and went ahead. She would do this for a friend, she had to.

She had heard a voice that sounded like Tez's coming and she instantly made her way to the location. Sadly she did not count on running into a thorn bush and had gotten cut across the side of her face. It hurt, but she had to ignore it. She had to find Tez.

When she did find him, gasped when she saw the manticore pounce at him. She watched in horror as the manticore closed in to kill Tez, who sat there weak and defenseless. However her horror of Tez's death was soon replaced by surprise when she saw him lift his arms and grab the manticore's jaw before it snapped shut on him. But she noticed something was different.

She rubbed her eyes to make sure she was not seeing things. She wasn't, Tez slowly stood up, still holding the manticores jaw open. But his entire body was different, his arms and legs seemed to be equal length, as well they looked more like a cats limbs. Claws and all. His skin was covered in yellow spotted fur, though his black and white streaked hair still covered his head. Though his head was looking more like a cats as well, though it was not a cat she had ever seen before. He even had a tail.

'Tez?' She thought, as she crouched low in the bushes. She did not know what was happening, but she felt scared. Her heart raced and again she felt terror as Tez tore the lower jaw of the manticore off. Seeing the blood she looked away, covering her eyes. She could hear the sound of tearing and ripping of flesh. She felt sick, when the sounds stopped she slowly took a peek of what had happened, the manticore was a bloody mess, but what made her shake the most was Tez...eating its heart.

Fluttershy couldn't take it anymore, she turned and threw up. What was happening? Was this Tez?

'No it couldn't be...it can't be. Tez isn't like this.' She felt scared, sad and sick all at once as she tried to keep herself from crying. This was just horrible...horrible.

She looked again, Tez stood there. He looked as he had before, not as a cat. But his body was covered with blood. His hair was all black now, the white streak gone.

He was getting closer, and closer. Finally he was right next to her.

Tez glared at the bushes. Whatever was hiding was in here, he was going to find out what or who it was. He pounced into the bushes and tackled whatever was inside to the ground. Tez looked at what he caught, and his eyes widened with terror. Under him was Fluttershy, she was shaking with fear as she looked up at him with wide eyes.

He could smell the blood from the cut on her face. Oh the scent was like ecstacy, he just wanted to taste it. Fluttershy eeped, Tez realized that he was smiling in a rather scarey way. He pushed such thoughts away from his mind and focused on the situation at hand as he got off Fluttershy. She had seen him feed, what was he suppose to do now.

"Tez.." Fluttershy whispered as she looked up at him.

Tez frowned as he turned away from her and walked off, deeper into the forest. "I'm sorry. I will be leaving now."

Fluttershy's eyes widened when he said that and she immediatly got up, "Wait...what do you mean leaving?"

Tez stopped and looked at her as if she was stupid, "You saw what I did."

Fluttershy looked away; not from Tez but the manticores remains. She hated being reminded of that, as if the smell of blood was not enough, "Y-yes."

"Then it is obvious why I have to leave. If you report this to the princess I will not hold it against you, after this frankly I don't think I am safe to be around."

Fluttershy looked at him, "B...but we were all looking for you. We were worried, now your just going to leave?"

Tez nodded, "Yes." Tez turned to move on, but was stopped as Fluttershy flew over him and landed in front of him. She did not meet his eyes.

"Why? Why are you doing this?" Fluttershy asked, "What you did... it was...brutal, but I don't understand why you are just leaving all of us."

Te sighed and sat on a log, "You want answers I guess."

"Yes. If that is okay with you." Fluttershy said as she moved a bit closer to him.

"If I tell you this, you will hate me. Think me a monster." Tez said.

Fluttershy looked at him, he saw...sympathy in her eyes. She said, "I will be the judge of that."

Tez looked at her, "Alright...I will skip the unnecessary details and get to the point. I need to eat and drink the heart and blood of a living thing in order to sustain my own life."

Fluttershy looked at him, shocked. What sort of creature had to do that? It seemed to go against the natural world. Then again with Tez, who knew what was natural.

"I don't know why I have to. But I know that I have to, I don't want to die. But I did not want to hurt any of you or anypony, so I came here. I was hoping to find somethin to feed off of without any of you seeing me. That was why I tried so hard to keep you away from me."

"S...so, all that pain you were in. Your heart failing. It was all because you..." She did not finish the rest, it was just...too grusome.

Tez simply nodded, Fluttershy then asked, "How...how many times do you have to do this?"

"once." Tez said.

Fluttershy opened her mouth to say something, but Tez then said, "A month."

"What?" Fluttershy asked.

"I must feed on a single heart and drink a good deal of a creatures blood only once every month. Otherwise my life will slowly start to fade away till I die."

Fluttershy looked at him. What was he? She took a slow breath to calm her nerves, "How do you know all this?"

"I have been slowly remembering certain things of my past. I did not tell any of you girls cause...some of them are a bit... sensitive. After the incident with Twilight, I did not want to risk another.

Flutthershy wanted to ask what he meant by incident with Twilight, but she had to focus on the matter at hand. That with a friend, a friend in obvious distress, in need. True she was terrified of what he had done, she still was not sure if she should be this close to him now. But, something inside her told her that Tez needed her here. He needed help and being left alone would nto help him, no matter what she did she had to keep him here where he could be helped.

"Well. I have told you why I need to go. I await your judgment. As I said I'm a monster."

"No." Fluttershy said.

Tez blinked, "No?"

Fluttershy nodded, "No. Your not a monster. I know who you really are Tez. You are a caring person who strives to help others when he can. Though what you have to do is wrong, I...I can't hate you for it. You did not ask for it...did you?"

Tez shook his head, "No. I wish I did not have to do it though."

"Then your not a monster. A monster would take enjoyment with what he did..."

Tez looked away, "I didn't enjoy it. But I don't hold any regrets to it either."

Fluttershy frowned. She slowly approached Tez and placed a hoof on his shoulder, "I-I don't agree with what you did. But if you did not enjoy it, then you're not a monster. Please...don't leave."

Tez looked at the ground, he placed one of his hands on her hoof, 'Why....why is she doing this,' He thought, 'What if...one day...I go after them with these...claws.'

"Tez?" Fluttershy said.

"Alright...i'll stay. But... lets not tell anypony else of... what happened here. At least...not untill I'm ready to talk about it."

Fluttershy did not feel good about keeping...something like this from her friends. But...looking at Tez, how much he was troubled by all of this, "Alright."

"Thank you Fluttershy." Tez hugged the pegasus, he could smell her blood again.

Fluttershy blushed, "Y-you're welcome."

Tez gave her a smile, then looked at the cut again. Just one taste? He slowly leaned in closer and slowly licked the blood of the cut.

"T-Tez!?!" Fluttershy stammered, her face red, "W-w-w-w-what are you!?!"

Tez pulled back and licked his lips, "You taste good you know." He smirked.

Fluttershy eeped and fainted. Tez blinked and chuckled, "Guess I should have rephrased that better." He picked her up and looked towards the sky. Rainbow Dash was closing in now. Three...Two....One...

"Tez! Fluttershy!" Dash screamed as she came in for a landing.

"Hello Rainbow Dash." Tez said.

"Tez, are you okay!?! What happened to Fluttershy?" Dash asked, When she looked at the blood that covered Tez she began to panic.

"I am fine. Fluttershy just fainted, from...well that." Tez motioned over to the area of forest where the mangled body of the animal he had killed was.

Rainbow Dash went over to see what would cause her friend to faint. She quickly looked away, a hoof to her mouth, "Oh sweet Celestia. What did that!? And what about the blood on you?"

"An animal I guess. I was running and tripped into the body, got a bit messy. I think we should leave here. Now." Tez said.

Dash nodded, "I can fly you out if you want, but I can't carry you and Fluttershy at the same time."

"I'll walk out. I know my way." Tez said as he placed the unconcious Fluttershy on Dash's back.

"Just be careful. Whatever did," Dash shivered, "That to that manticore might still be around."

'You have no idea.' Tez thought, "I'll becareful."

Dash nodded, but stopped before taking off and said, "Tez... what happened to that white streak that was in your hair?"

Tez thought on that, it was a good question. He closed his eyes and tried to see if any memories would pop up to give him an explanation. They did, but most was incoherent. The only thing he could think of to describe it was... a warning.

"It's gone." He simply said.

Dash blinked, "Okay...thats kinda wierd. Why and how?"

"Can we save the questions for later? Like when we are not in this forest anymore." Tez said.

"Right. See you at the edge of the forest." With that she took off.

Tez watched her go, "Glad that is over with." He said as he followed slowly.

Tez thought on everything that had happened. It was going to be difficult in the coming months, if he had to feed every month just to stay alive. He would have to plan his feeding times very carefully, or try to find a way to cure his...hunger.

"It is never easy is it," He said to himself, "Well... I'll figure this all out. I hope."

As Tez reached the edge of the forest he could see the girls waiting for him, they all looked worried and glad to see him okay. A bit surprised at his now all black hair. But, they did not seem to know anything of what happened between him and Fluttershy.

Tez rubbed the back of his head, "Guess I got some questions to answer don't I?"

All the girls nodded. Tez sighed, this was going to be a long day.

There we go another chapter done :) and I will say, because I am an evil dark god, that I enjoy messing with everyones heads as they try to figure out the shipping here :P but dont worry all will be made clear in time. Again hope you all enjoyed this. This chapter will be revised more once my friend sends me the revised version, he got sick so he couldn't get to it right away so I did what I could. Anyway hope you enjoy this.