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Redemption, Damnation and FIM - ShadowWalking18

A HIE fic. More info? Look inside. First Fic here so please comment. Title sucks will edit it later.

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Chapter 15 Part 1

Another chapter. :) this one will be in the Gala. We will see some funny stuff, mostly to do with Tez cause we all know what happens in the episode :P though there will be a few twists. But, it will follow the basic premise of the episode. There will be comedy, golf and blood :) always the blood *eye twitches* Enjoy.

"I. Can't. Believe. The Grand. Galloping. Gala. is. tonight!" Pinkie Pie cheered as she jumped up and down on her trampoline.

Twilight looked up from her book, to her hyperactive friend with slight annoyance, "Pinkie, please stop shouting I'm trying to concentrate."

Rarity emerged from her boutique and when she saw Pinkie Pie jumping she gasped, "Pinkie Pie, stop that right now, it's time to prepare for the Gala and I refuse for you to put on your new dress while your all sweaty."

Pinkie Pie stopped and got off the trampoline and stood next to Spike, who watched Twilight reading something and then whispered to Spike, "Whats Twilight doing?"

Spike whispered back, "Shes got an awsome magic spell she's been working on for the Gala."

"Where are the others it's getting late." Rarity said.

Applejack, Fluttershy, and Dash soon approached, Applejack saying, "Hold your horses girl we're here."

Twilight read a bit more then closed her book and smiled saying, "Perfect, I'm ready. Spike."

Spike walked over and put down an apple. Pinkie said, "An apple. Are we having pie?"

"Shh." Spike hushed them all.

Twilight concentrated and the apple soon transfigured into that of a carriage. The girls were in awe and made it known, Twilight felt proud of her self and said, "Thanks, but that's just the start. Fluttershy did you bring you friends?"

"Yes." Fluttershy said as four mice popped out of her mane, she lowered her head to the ground so they could get off, "Will they be safe Twilight?"

"You have my word." Twilight reassured her friend. She concentrated, her horn glowing and the mice soon changed into....horses....somewhat.

Everypony was surprised...just not in an awe like way. More like a...wierd sort of surprise as they looked at the mice horses. Twilight just looked proud of her acomplishment and said, "Neat huh, and don't worry they'll be mice again at midnight."

Unfortunatly Opalesence came out of the bushes and saw the horses. Perhaps it was basic cat instinct that told her those horses were not horses, but really mice and she pounced at one.

Fluttershy saw this and said, "Opalesence now." But sadly her words did not stop the cat as she sank her claws into one of the mice horses flanks.

The mice horses neighed and ran off, causing Opal to lose her grip on the one she caught and fall to the ground. The mice horses ran off without stopping into the distance, and soon they were long gone.

"Wait! Come back!" Twilight called, but to no avail, "Those horses were suppose to pull our carriage, how will we get to the Gala?"

Rarity feigned distress and she said, "Whatever shall we do." Then looked at Twilight as if the answer was obvious.

Spotting two stallions Rarity made her way over to them, and used her feminine charms. A few fluttering eyelashes and soon the two stallions were hitched up and pulling the carriage.

"Oh..yeah. Right." Twilight said slightly embaressed.

"So shall we get dressed then." Rarity said, and all the girls headed into the boutique.

"Say where's Tez?" Applejack asked.

Rarity thought for a moment, "Probably inside, he came over earlier to see his outfit. I am so glad I got it done, it was alot of work, but it came out marvelously."

"Did ya notice that his hair is partly white again. It is kinda wierd that it does that." Dash said, which caused Fluttershy to eep a bit. Everyone looked at her slightly and asked if anything was wrong.

"No...nothing wrong." Fluttershy said, if Tez's hair was white again. 'Oh no...'

Tez looked at the outfit that Rarity had made him. It was perfect. Exactly as he saw it in his head, even the obsidian mirror. Though he had helped with that part, insisted he helped with it. The mirror was about the size of a small hand mirror, only without a handle, just a small clip area for him to clip it to the headband and not worry about it falling off and breaking. The black glass, so well polished it showed a relfection, immediatly brought back a dozen various memories for Tez and he was slowly starting to piece together a few things of his past.

'Okay....I'm something called an...Aztec...or is that just the name of my culture? I think its the culture. I am from the city of Tenotitchlan and appearently I am on equal ground of royalty...if not above them.' He thought, other memories became more clear. How his civilization, a great empire and his beautiful city of Tenotitchlan was destroyed by...just the thought of the mans name made him want to rip somethings throat out.

Tez felt sad...was he the last of his kind and culture? How did he get to Equestria, because what he could tell that the technology of the Aztec's did not include space worthy pod things. In fact he doubt they had any knowlede of most of the things he seemed to know about....but why? Was he different?

Tez sighed and looked into the mirror, he stood in only his undershorts, having been given the room to change into, and looked at his now partly white hair. Just his luck, that the night of a big social event he would have to feed....soon.

'To make matters worse I can't know if the attacks will happen now or later. None of my memories gave a specific timeline between the warning sign and them...odds are good that they could happen at anytime.' He growled and rubbed his head. This was bad...very bad.

"Come on Tez. Relax... haven't had an attack yet...you should be fine for the night...right?" He asked himself, "Yeah yeah I'll be fine. After the party I'll just...take care of business once everypony is asleep."

A knock at the door startled him and Tez heard Spike say, "Hey Tez you ready? The girls are almost done."

"Just one moment." Tez called, his ears picking up Spike muttering who was slower in getting dressed Tez or girls.

'Got to focus for now...and pray nothing bad happens.' Tez thought as he began to get into his outfit. It fit like a glove and it was tailored to the exact design and color that he wanted, oh he could just kiss Rarity.

'In fact...I'd kinda like to...and,' He licked his lips but then slapped himself, 'Focus Tez...stay focused.'

Once he was fully dressed he looked at himself in the stand up mirror. The headband was wrapped around his head so that it was over the hair and not hidden. The mirror cliped securly to the band, even if he stood upside down he knew it would not fall, the cloak currently was worn to cover his shoulders as well and thus hide his arms, while still leaving his muscular chest bare, acting as a clasp to hold the cloak was a small golden circle that was shaped like the sun. Tez felt that such an addition was necessary. His feet were bare, which he prefered anyway; though he took the liberty to wash them. In fact before he came here he made sure he was well washed. Still...he felt something was missing.

An image of himself in a similar outfit flashed in his mind, only this time his eyes were surrounded by what seemed to be black make-up and a black line went across his face from his left ear, over his nose, to his right ear.

'How do I copy that look...' He thought, then as if his thought made it happen the desired markings appeared.

Tez blinked, "Okay...strange...and yet...efficent." At this point in his life Tez was not surprised by anything strange he did now.

"Are you ready now?" Spike called.

"Ready, are the girls?" Tez asked as he exited the room.

"Not-AHH!" Spike screamed and jumped back, "Whoa bro you look good, but dang also scary."

Tez smirked, "Your surprised? I am just naturally scary."

Spike chuckled nervously, "Sorry, you do look good though. I wish I had muscles like you do."

"Heh, just work out and I'm sure you will get buff. So the girls aren't done yet? Guess we wait."

The two began to wait, during the wait they managed to gain entry into the room the girls were in. They were all surprised by Tez's look. Mostly though they wanted to know how he got the blackness on the skin around his eyes and the line across his face.

"Make-up." Tez shrugged.

The girls looked at him funny but shrugged it off and got back to their preperations. Rarity found her eyes sometimes wandering over to Tez, she had to admit he looked rather handsome if slightly scary. She felt a blush come to her face and got back to her work, she was going to the Gala and she was going to look her best.

All the girls were thinking it, Tez looked good. Though they kept it to themselves and tried not to focus on it. Yet, strangely those gold eyes always seem to come to mind and they could feel their gaze on them. It made them shiver slightly.

Finally when night was beginning to fall, they were all loaded into the carriage and on their way to Canterlot. Spike drove and went on about what he wanted to show the girls and Tez. The girls however talked of their plans and dreams for this night, the ones they had when Twilight first got the tickets that started a full blown battle for the ticket. Tez however looked out at the night sky, a soft nightly wind blowing against his hair. Which surprised everypony considering the wind was so gently tonight a breeze should not be noticable.

'I hope this night doesn't end badly.' Tez thought. All the while his mind was filled with images of his past, the girls, desires for blood and feeding, and now strangly...the desire of temptation. Though why he could not explain, he found himself gazing at the girls from time to time.

'What are these...strange thoughts?' He asked himself. At times he wanted to taste their blood, and now at others he wanted to taste them and...to tempt them all one by one into sinful excitments. It was a strange and bothering thought, yet at the same time he did not seem to care.

When they finally arrived to the castle spike opened the door for the girls to exit the carriage. Tez watched them leave before exiting himself. Strangely, he knew exactly how to act, stand, and walk as well as a bunch of other things to do; that would not only make him appear to be of the upper class, but to make himself appear important. If it would work on these ponies was unknown, but nobility all thought alike right? Well, he was going to find out. He exited the carriage and walked with the girls to the entrance to the castle.

"Tez, have you been to these types of gatherings before?" Rarity whispered to him. She could not take her eyes off of Tez, he seemed to radiate an aura of confidence, and authority.

"I think so." Tez said. As he walked he could hear ponies whisper and mutter. Some of the things he manged to pick up were"

"Who is that? A diplomat?"

"Is he a prince or king of some strange kingdom? He certainly doesn't look like anything I have ever seen."

"What strange clothes. Is it the fashion where he is from?"

"Never seen anything like him before. What is he?"

"He has to be a noble, perhaps we should introduce ourselves to him inside."

'Yep...seems nobility thinks alike.' Tez thought. He walked up the steps to enter the castle hall keeping his back straight. When one walked up giant pyramids one picked up a few things.

'Could he be a king or prince from where he came from?' Rarity though to herself.

'How can he act like this now and not when he was around the princess?' Twilight asked herself, both surprised and slightly peeved at Tez.

'I hope nothing bad happens...but Tez seems okay...maybe he doesn't need to eat yet,' Fluttershy thought as she blushed a bit, 'He does look handsome.'

'He knows how to act fancy? Never thought I'd see that. He is just a regular jack-of-all trades.' Applejack thought, she could not help but look at Tez and feel her face heat up a bit, 'Get your mind together girl, whats wrong with you?'

'I'm going to meet the Wonderbolts. Maybe I can bring Tez along too, I know he'd love to meet them.' Dash thought, her heart racing with excitment.

'The Grand Galloping Gala! Yeah! Oh I can't wait to party, maybe Tez and I can do the pony pokie together.' Pinkie Pie thought with excitment.

Various thoughts and plans were alight this night, but one thing was for sure...it was going to be a rather interesting night.

Immediatly, despite Spike's hopes, all the girls ran off in seperate directions. Even Tez himself found himself dragged along with Twilight to see Princess Celestia.

"Why do I have to see the princess with you?" He asked as they made their way to where the princess was, greeting the visitors.

"Because she asked to see you when you arrived, and you should never ignore an invitation from the princess." Twilight said. She was smiling, she was going to spend all the night with her teacher and catch up on everything, just as she dreamed.

Tez sighed, but went along anyway. The sooner this was done, the sooner he could go....do something that didn't involve him being around ponies. 'I think Fluttershy said there were animals here...mabye I can feed on one of them.' He thought.

The two eventually reached the centeral hall, there standing at the top of several stairs was Princess Celestia. She was greeting one of her guests as Twilight and Tez neared her. When she was done she greeted them, "Twilight, it is so lovely to see my star student. And I see you brought Tez with you." Celestia looked at Tez and felt her heart stop a moment, those eyes and now the blackness that surrounded them only added to his terrifying apperance. She did not show it on the outside, but inside she was shaking ever so slightly as those gold eyes seem to look right into the depths of her soul.

"A pleasure to meet you Princess Celestia." Tez said as he gave a formal bow.

Celestia blinked, surprised by the sudden formality and air of authority Tez seemed to radiate, "Why the formalities Tez? You did not strike me as one to use them at all."

Tez smirked, "Well Celestia even I must act appropriate for an occasion such as this. Besides I figured I'd have a little fun with the nobilty here." The last part Tez whispered so that only Twilight and Celestia could hear him. This caused both mares to look at him curiously.

"What do you mean by that?" Celestia asked.

"By speaking to you in a less formal way, mostly by not adding princess before your name I am displaying a sense of familarity between us. Those who do not know our exact relationship will assume that you and I are close friends and will then attempt to get close to me so that they can get closer to you. It is very simple ways of upper class intrigue."

Twilight blinked and looked at Tez with slight confusion, while Celestia looked at him with surprise. 'Who is he?' Celestia thought.

"If you want me to demonstrate I shall. Wait a few moments, when you see me in conversation with several upper class ponies count to thirty then call for me to come over. Try to act causal though." With that Tez gave a final bow and left Twilight and Celestia alone. The two watched him go for a moment before talking, Twilight moved to stand next to Celestia with a smile on her face. Celestia went back to greeting guests, but she and Twilight kept an eye on Tez who did not wander far before he was meet by several ponies of high rank.

They conversed for a time, and Tez seemed to be at home communicating with them. Celesta began the count and when she reached thirty she sent one of her royal guards to ask for Tez to return to her. The royal guard approached Tez and whispered the princesses request into his ear.

"So sorry to end this lovely discussion, but it seems the princess would like to discuss something with me. It was a pleasure to meet you all." He said giving a slight bow before turning to walk back to the princess.

The nobles he had talked to immediatly began to whisper to each other as they tried to look as if they were busy with one thing or another. When Tez stood before Celestia again he had a smirk on his face.

"I am glad you called me when you did, I was running real close to being invited to social events I had no interest in." Tez said.

Celestia blinked with surprise, "How did you know that all of that would happen?"

"Have you done this before Tez?" Twilight asked also curious.

Tez said, "To answer both questions, I know how nobility works. Don't ask me how I do, because I can't remember yet. And no Twilight, at least nothing that I can remember. So far as I know I have never been to a social event such as this."

Celestia blinked and could tell that her student was also as shocked as she was, "Well...I am glad you came Tez, and I hope you have an enjoyable night."

Tez nodded, "If that is all then Celestia I would love to be on my way and find some refreshments. The ride was very long."

Celestia nodded, "Of course...I hope you enjoy your stay." With that Tez bid a good night to her and Twilight and he left them walking away, avoiding crowds of ponies should he attract more nobles that wanted to talk to him.

"I'm sorry if he upset you at all Princess...Tez is...well.." Twilight tried to think of something to forgive anything that her friend might have offended the her.

"Oh do not worry Twilight. I find his attitude to be refreshing. He is...a rather interesting being." Celestia said.

Twilight sighed in relief, and Celestia had to smirk a bit at her student. 'She always worries over everything.' the princess focused again on greeting guests, while trying to talk with Twilight, but every so often she found herself feeling the gaze of those gold eyes on her. The thought made her shiver slightly, both in fear and strangly interest.

As Tez made his way through the hall, he still kept up his apperance as someone of important status. Already he was sure little rumors of who he was were starting to spread. One would say this another that and eventually the two would colide and one would over power the other or they would merge into one and greatly increase his supposed social status.

'Should be fun to hear what will be said of me. I could use the laugh.' He thought, 'Now to find a small helpless rabbit or something and feed, before anything bad happens. Also avoid contact with any large group of nobles, don't need invitations to other parties.'

As he went down a hall he spotted Rarity, who seemed to be following a male unicorn. He could tell by looking that the guy was of upper class status, and yet....there was something about him. 'I don't like that guy.' Tez thought, 'Though if Rarity is going after him I guess he is okay. Still....he better act like a gentleman or I will break that horn off and shove it far down his throat.'

He continued on leaving Rarity to persue her prince charming. He eventually stepped out into outside among the gardens. He noticed Applejack, who had set up her stand and was selling a pie to a pegasus in a strange uniform. A night breeze blew over him which made him smile and as he gazed up at the night sky Tez actually started to enjoy himself here.

'Hmm...could use a drink.' Tez thought as he walked over to AJ's stand, he would rather have something made by her, then some frue-frue chef.

"Howdy Tez. How you doin'?" Applejack asked when she saw him approach.

"Oh as well as can be Applejack," Tez could tell that a few ponies were looking at him and AJ, "I'd like some of that cider please, hell just give me a whole lot."

Applejack got Tez several bottles of cider, which he took glady, and was surprised by the amount he paid, "Uh Tez, this is a bit more then what was necessary."

"Nonsense I know that this is high quality and would not think to dishonor it by paying the minimal price. Keep it." Tez said as he began to drink one of the cider bottles.

Applejack was surprised, "Well...if ya' say so." It was then she noticed that some of the other guests were whispering to each other while looking at them. She whispered to Tez, "What are these fancy ponies whispering about?"

Tez smirked and whispered back, "Some of them probably saw me talking to the Princess in a way that probably makes them think I am close to her in someway. Now I think they are trying to figure out the relationship between her and me and now trying to fit you into th equation. Odds are some might purchase some items from you because they beleive that since I must be someone of such high standing that such food must be worth their attention as well."

AJ blinked, "Whoa...thats a bit confusing for me."

Tez chuckled, "Well its not important, I hope your selling goes well Applejack. Though knowing you I have no doubts it will, anyone who looks down on something you made has not tasted the elixer of heaven."

Applejack rubbed the back of her head and smiled a bit as she blushed lightly, "Aww shucks, I'm not that good."

"I disagree, your a good cook and your strong and hard working. As well as honest and faithful to your friends always ready to help them. As well you look very beautiful in that dress." Tez said with a smile.

AJ blushed, "Th-thanks. Uh...you look handsome yourself."

Tez smirked, "I try my best, well I should be going. Find a nice place to relax and enjoy my drinks. A good night to you AJ." With that Tez began to walk off, he hoped that his pressence aided Applejacks selling. He knew for a fact that many of these stick up their asses ponies would not buy her stuff, but maybe now they would. He drained another glass and kept on walking.

Tez sat on a marble bench that over looked the royal gardens. He was alone, and had finished all but two of his ciders, which he saved for later. He did not mind the solitude, it was probably better this way. He had still not fed, and since Fluttershy was in the gardens where all the animals were...well that was one idea of feeding out the window. Now he just had to hope he did not suffer any attacks till he was back at ponville and near the Everfree Forest.

As he sat there, feeling the nightly wind blow against his skin, he caught a scent in the air. It was similar to that of Celestia...yet it was different. His curiosity ignited Tez stood up and followed the scent. As he got closer he began to hear light humming.

Around the corner he stumbled upon a pony, similar in body shape to Celestia only smaller in size. Her fur was black as a moonless night and her mane and tail were dark sapphire blue and translucent and flowing. On her flank was of a moon surround by a black background to simulate a night sky. This was no doubt princess Luna.

"Hello." Tez said, which caught the moon princess by surprised as she looked over to who spoke to her.

Luna's eyes widened when they saw him, but she quickly regained her composure and said, "Thou are Tez yes? Our sister- I mean my siter told me about you."

Tez nodded, "I hope all of it was good. You are Princess Luna, it is a pleasure to meet you." Tez gave a polite bow.

Luna blinked, "My sister said you were not one for fomalities, why the change?"

Tez smirked, "I feel that if I am at such a formal event I should at least act formal. At least in greetings Luna."

Luna smiled, "Well call us-I mean me Luna."

Tez returned the smile, "My full name is Tezcatlipca, but just call me Tez."

"A strange name, and strange clothes that you wear." Luna said, she was going to mention the black line across his face and his eyes but she worried that he would take offense. Though she could see now why her sister shivered when she talked about him, he seemed to carry with him an air of authority and power.

"The name is strange yes, but I like it. The clothes are cultural, worn by the nobility of my homeworld." Tez said.

Luna apoligized quickly, "I am sorry if I offended. Did you say homeworld?"

"No offense taken, its natural when one culture meets another. And yes I said homeworld, as you know I am sure I lost my memories when I was first found."

Luna nodded, "Yes my sister told me that. Have you regained them?"

Tez nodded, "Some. Enough to know I am not from this world, though it was no doubt obvious from the beginning."

Luna was surprised and looked up at the night sky, "There are other worlds out there with life?" She was surprised and in awe of the notion.

"Oh yes, hundreds of worlds exist out there in the universe." Tez said as he moved over to stand next to Luna.

Luna looked at him with surprise, "Hundreds? How do you know that?"

Tez remained silent, "I do not know. It is just one of those things I have retained when other things were clouded. It is a rather strange thing."

Luna looked at Tez and then back up at the sky, the world she thought felt alot bigger now. 'He is not as scary as he seems. I do not know why Celestia worries so much about him.'

The two of them were silent for a time then Tez said, "The night sky is beautiful tonight. The moon shining its light upon the world and casts its own etheral beauty onto the land."

Luna looked at Tez with surprise, "You like the night?" Nopony she had never meet had much to say on the night, since mostly everypony slept through it.

Tez looked at Luna and smiled, Luna felt herself shiver slightly as those gold eyes gazed upon her; as if they looked into her soul. Tez said, "Yes, I love the night, it is when I am most active, I cannot explain why....only that it is."

A nightly breeze blew against them, which surprised Luna cause tonight there was no wind blowing. The soft breeze felt lovely and refreshing though. Luna looked at Tez for a time, she had never meet anypony that had such praise for the night, it made her...happy. She smiled, "Thank you. Not many see the night as you do. Though I doubt they would have even if I had made the night eternal." She frowned as she remembered those times.

Tez looked at the lunar princess, she was frowning no doubt remembering her time as Nightmare Moon. As if on instinct Tez placed a finger under her chin and turned her head to look at him. Luna was surprised at the action, but they meet each others eyes and Tez said, "Do not dwell on the actions of the past, look more to the present and the future and look to the past only to not make the mistakes of the past."

Luna looked away and felt tears in her eyes, "You are right....but...it is hard to forget it. The years I spent trapped and angry." Luna shivered and rubbed at her eyes. She gasped and looked at Tez's hand, which rested comfortingly on her shoulder.

"Do not cry princess...it takes from your beauty to see tears in your eyes. I am sorry if I brought up unpleasant memories." Tez said softly.

Luna blushed at the compliment and shook her head, "No...it is alright....thank you. You are very kind."

Tez smiled and wiped away the tears in Luna's eyes, "I try. If I might ask why are you here alone and not with your sister?"

Luna looked down at the guests all enjoying themselves at the Gala and frowned, "I...I don't really think I should. It has been only two years since I returned...what if ponies still only see me as Nightmare Moon." She frowned as she thought of that.

"They won't know you are not...if you do not walk among them." Tez said.

Luna was silent, and looked down at the party, "Perhaps thou are right. But...how do we-I mean I go about it?"

Tez smiled, "Well first we can head down and converse with the guests. And if I may ask I would be honored to be your escort for the rest of the Gala this night." Tez offered a bow.

Luna blinked and smiled, "Yes. We-I would like that." With that the two began to walk to the party. Tez walked next to Luna, he would offer her his arm, though he was sure it would be difficult to walk with three hooves.

Luna looked at the strange creature that, while looked frieghtening, held a noble and carrying heart. She smiled when she looked at him, and felt her heartbeat quicken ever so slightly. She could not explain why...but she liked him and she felt happy when near him. Perhaps tonight would be a happy one after all.

And that is where I am cutting it for now. If I put the whole Gala thing on one chapter it would be VERY long. So i will break it up into two or three parts depending on things. I hope you all enjoyed this chapter. Do expect more to come soon.