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Redemption, Damnation and FIM - ShadowWalking18

A HIE fic. More info? Look inside. First Fic here so please comment. Title sucks will edit it later.

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Chapter 10

Okay another chapter :). Glad everyone is loving my story :). Now its another chapter, this one will star Applejack :) oh what exciting, and painful to him, moments will Tez have with her? Lets find out. Enjoy.

High up in the far mountains, that served as the border of Equestria and the Griffon Empire, a creature from the sky sat in a cave as he licked his bloody fingers. The smell of decay from all the horses, that he and his brother had killed, was beginning to be more noticeable.

'When will he be back? Acol always takes so long.' He thought, how he hated waiting.

Soon a voice called from the mouth of the cave, "Mextli my brother, come here I have much to tell."

"Finally." Mextli said as he got to his feet and walked out to meet his brother.

Acolnahuacatl stood there, his face held a smirk, "Glad to see you waited for me brother, I know that you have little patience."

"Just be silent Acol and tell me what you learned from your little sojurn into the lower mountains."

"As you wish, I found no settlements of those sentient horses. They would not make good slaves anyway, but I did find something else."

Mextli tilted his head, "Oh? What did you find?"

"Dogs." Acol said smirking.

"Dogs? Mutts? Splendid, oh now all my dreams are coming true." Mextli said sarcastically.

"These are not ordinary dogs."

Mextli snarled and rushed over grabbing Acol by the throat and lifting him off his feet, "ENOUGH OF YOUR GAMES! TELL ME WHAT YOU HAVE LEARNED NOW!"

Acol smirked, "These dogs are.... humanoid in shape, like our former slaves."

Mextli blinked and dropped his brother, "Is that so?"

Acol rubbed his throat, "Yes. They appear to be strong. They spend a lot of time underground digging up gems."

Mextli smirked, "Gems eh? I thought dogs only dug up bones."

The two laughed, then Acol said, "They also possess weaponry, unlike the horses. They have basic armor and other weapons. Nothing compared to the conquistadors, but they will serve our purpose here."

Mextli nodded as he took in the information. For days now he and his brother had been trying to find a group of people to subdue and make their slaves. They would be needed for the plans ahead, only one more question needed to be answered.

"Are they intelligent? What of organization?"

Acol frowned, "Intelligent wise... nothing excessive, they are only just smarter from normal dogs. As for organization, they seem to be separated into different tribes or packs. I have gathered information on two that reside on two different parts of this mountain range. Each pack is ruled by an alpha or chieftain."

Mextli smiled, his canniness revealing, "Perfect. What do you say we go.... visit these two tribes and... show them who is top dog?"

Acol smirked, "Why not, it should be easy to bind them to use... just like we did with the humans."

Mextli chuckled as they walked to their destination, "Only difference is that humans are more pleasant to look at, and less smelly."

The two laughed, this would be just the beginning. The storm was coming.

Tez placed another barrel of apples in the cellar, that made twenty. Applebuck season was definitely the hardest day of work yet. There just never seemed to be an end to the apples.

'Guess the Apple family will be pulling in a big profit.' Tez thought as he went back to get more buckets.

As Tez made his way back he spotted Applejack bucking a tree. She seemed a bit tired, which was strange because it was only just the beginning of today’s harvesting. Tez made his way over, 'Hope she is okay.'

Applejack bucked another tree before staggering a bit and breathing heavily, she seemed to be dizzy. Suddenly she started to fall forward as her eyes closed. Tez ran over and caught her before she hit the ground.

"Applejack. Applejack, are you okay?"

Applejack looked at him coughing, "I'm just *cough* fine."

Tez was not convinced. He felt her head, she was burning up, her faced seemed a bit flushed and she started coughing. Tez lifted her up in his arms, which was surprising cause he figured that them being ponies they would weigh much more. He ignored the thought as he carried Applejack back to her house.

Tez was glad to find Granny Smith inside; who took one look at her grand daughter and moved faster then she normally did to her side.

"What in tarnation? What’s wrong deary?" She asked AJ

"There ain't...*cough * nothing wrong." Applejack groaned.

Granny Smith looked at her with an unconvinced look and felt her head, "Oh dear, you're burning up missy."

Applejack got out of Tez's arms and staggered a bit, "I'm just fine*cough*"

"I may be old missy but these eyes know a sick pony when they see one. Now you get up stairs and rest."

"But what *cough* about Applebuck season? Big Macintosh can't *cough* do all the work himself." Applejack said as she walked to the stairs, her ears flat.

"I can help." Tez said.

Granny Smith and Applejack looked at him. Granny Smith said, "Are ya sure? You already got your share of the work and you want to do Applejack's as well?"

Tez nodded, "I can do it. It's no trouble, honestly."

"Ya don't have ta*cough*," Applejack said, "I'm... just fine."

Applejack tried to make herself seem all better but she started to collapse again. Tez caught her and lifted her up.

"Right... you're really healthy." Tez said sarcastically. Granny Smith walked over and rubbed Applejack's head comfortingly.

"Now you just rest up now deary. I'm sure Tez can handle it, so don't think you're leaving us high and dry cause ya' ain't."

Applejack opened her mouth to say something, but just nodded before coughing again. She could see she wasn't going to win this. Tez carried her upstairs and this time Applejack did not complain about being put down.

Once Applejack was in bed Tez made his way back downstairs, as he walked out the door Granny Smith stopped him and said, "Now sonny, are you sure you want to do all of that work by yourself? Last time Applejack tried that, she was more tired then a bear in winter by the end of the first day."

Tez smiled, "I'll be fine Granny Smith. I just hope Applejack gets better soon, I don't like seeing her sick like that."

Granny Smith tilted her head, "Why is that sonny?" She smirked a bit.

Tez blinked and rubbed his head, "I don't know... but... seeing people sick just... brings up unpleasant memories. Besides she is my friend."

Granny Smith frowned, "I see. Well don't you worry I have been taking care of sick ponies before you were born. I may not be a fancy shmancy doctor but I know what the body needs to get better. Applejack will be back on her hooves in no time."

Tez smiled, "That’s good to know. Well I better get started then." With that, Tez ran back to the trees. He had a lot of work ahead.

Granny Smith watched him go, 'That boy may be a strange one, but he sure is caring. A heart of gold, maybe this will help AJ see that.' She thought.

Tez leaned against a tree and wiped his brow, he took deep breathes of air. Never had he done so much work in a few hours. The sun was beginning its descent over the horizon.

'How much left to do?' Tez thought as he did some math in his head, 'If I work myself to exhaustion I can get all this done in.... two and a half days.'

He nodded and stretched, his muscles screamed with ache, "Guess even I have my limits."

Tez smiled as he looked at his hard work, it felt good doing something productive. He did one last check before heading back to the barn to let Granny Smith know he was done for the day and would come back early the next mourning to continue the harvesting. He also stopped to give AJ a quick visit, but left when he saw that she was sleeping.

As he left a thought came to him, 'Applejack is kinda cute... when she isn't glaring at me.'

When he got back home, Tez found himself among a jungle of books. Twilight stood in the center, her horn glowing as book after book came to her. She seemed to be trying to look up something.

"Looking for something?" Tez asked as he ducked under a passing book.

Twilight looked to him surprised, "Oh Tez, it's just you. You’re home later than you said you would."

"Yeah, Applejack is sick so I volunteered to take care of her section alongside mine for this harvesting season."

Twilights eyes widened and approached him, "Oh no. no, no, no I'm not going to have another of my friends work themselves to exhaustion." Twilight seemed ready to go on a lecture on the subject.

Tez placed his hands on Twilight's shoulders, "Twilight, take it easy. I got something similar to this from Granny Smith, but I can do this. I know I can. I already got part of it done. Just two and a half days and all the harvesting will be done."

Twilight blinked, "Two and a half days? How do you do that?"

Tez smirked, "Well I am a fast worker. I mean you know I've gotten lesser jobs down at Sweet Apple Acres done faster then normal."

Twilight had to agree to that, Tez was able to get the most laborious jobs done faster and with less exhaustion then anypony. But still, he seemed a bit tired now.

"I don’t know Tez. You look kind of… worn out" Twilight said.

Tez frowned, "True... I guess all of that extra work was over my limits. But it's really not that bad, think of it as a little extra work out." Tez chuckled.

Twilight frowned, "Just promise me you won't work yourself too hard."

Tez hugged Twilight, "I'll be fine. But thank you for worrying... it means a lot."

Twilight smiled and hugged Tez back for a moment before returning to her books. Tez didn't bother to ask what she was looking up again. He wanted something to drink and eat, and to avoid any further questions from Twilight. Recently after the whole fight incident, Twilight had started to ask Tez more and more questions on anything he might remember.

Tez rubbed his head, images flashing in his mind. They were starting to happen more often. Was he remembering things? Were his memories returning like the doctor said? If so... did he want to remember them? Tez was conflicted. Some of his memories made him question that. He began lying to Twilight about his memories. He did not like lying.

Yes… lying. Tez had been lying almost all the time when Twilight asked him if he remembered anything. He did not like it. He hated lying to her, especially after all she did for him, but... the memories.... the anger and pain... he did not want to discuss that... not yet. Not until he was sure that remembering all of this would be... healthy.

"Twilight, I'll be going to bed early. So if you're going to be up all night reading, Do you mind being quiet when you go to bed?" He wasn't sure if Twilight heard him. When she got into a book... she really got into a book.

Tez noticed spike napping and scratched the little dragons head. Spike smiled and his tail wagged a bit. Tez smiled back and let the little dragon sleep as he grabbed an apple and a glass of water. He really... really wanted some maize... but he needed money.

'Hmm, maybe I should get a job... but what?' Tez thought as he ate swiftly and headed to his room. 'On top of that I need some more clothes.' Tez checked the fabric of the clothes Rarity made him. They were still good, considering he still never wore them when he worked. Tez chuckled, it helped that this planet was populated by creatures that had never seen... whatever he was. He did not have to worry as much about walking in his under shorts.

Tez got into his bed, still a mattress, the room completely empty save for the wardrobe. Twilight had occasionally offered to get him some furniture and a better bed. Tez always refused, he did not like being in debt, even if Twilight said it was okay and no payment was necessary. He did not want to leech off her any more then he already had, besides... he felt used to such conditions. Though why, he could not explain. He closed his eyes and went to sleep. Again he stood on that large temple, gazing down at a beautiful city on a lake.

'My Tenochtitlan...my beautiful Tenochtitlan.'

The next day Tez woke early, as usual, the moon was beginning its decent over the horizon. Tez always stopped to look up at the moon and the night sky. It was the most beautiful of times he felt, though the day offered the sun and its radiance, the moon offered an illumination of light that allowed the living to gaze on its beautiful body without fear of blindness.

A nightly wind would always blow across him at this time, prompting him to smile. Though it was different this time... the wind did not blow this night... oh well, it’s not important. He quietly left his room and spotted Twilight. The unicorn was asleep against a pile of books, Tez smiled as he watched her sleep.

'She’s very cute, sleeping.' He thought. Tez approached her silently and noticed she shivered a bit. He frowned and went back to his room nearby to retrieve his blanket. He placed the sheet of warmth on her and slowly made his way to the door.

'Sleep well little nahualli.' He thought as he made his way to Sweet Apple Acres.

Arriving at the farm, Tez swiftly got to work. He had to admit that working in the cool moments of the night was much more pleasant than in the sun. As he worked, Tez thought more on his memories, at least the ones that were making more sense and becoming clearer in his mind.

He was not from this planet that much was certain. The ways of nature moved differently here then it did on his home world. It resembled the Everfree Forest, nature moving and working on its own. Even the sun and moon moved on their own, without any aid from a goddess. His beautiful Tenochtitlan, he could not even think of that city without saying that. Was the city his home? He felt reassured that it was, and indeed it was a beautiful city. It was built on a lake and housed millions of people. When the sun hit it just right, the stones of the city made it glow with radiance. Always the image of that made him cry.

Tez wiped away a tear as he bucked several more trees, gathering up buckets of apples to take to the barn. The sun was beginning its ascent now. He spotted Big Macintosh approaching his work spot, the stallion stopped when he saw Tez.

"Tez?" Big Mac said surprised.

"Good morning Big Mac. I have already gotten several trees done as you can see. I will get to the others once I store these buckets in the barn. How is Applejack?"

Big Mac blinked but said, "She is still sick. Granny says she should get better in no time."

Tez smiled, "And Applebloom has school today?"

Big Mac shook his head, "Nope."

Tez nodded, "Alright, well if you see her tell her I said hello."

Big Mac nodded, "Eyup." He watched as Tez put the buckets of apples down and ran back to the trees for more. Big Mac could not help but think, 'What is he? Not even I can do that much work and I'm the strongest pony in ponyville next to Applejack.'

Big Mac was confused, but he shrugged it off and went to his work. Better to just accept that Tez was a good strong worker then to question it. Maybe this Applebuck season would go by faster with his help.

Tez worked for hours. In the beginning it was simple, but as the hours wore on he found himself growing weaker. He took a few breaks when he felt he needed the rest. Why did his head burn so much, Tez rubbed his eyes as he stood and stretched. He went back to work, once all of it was done he would sleep immediately, that should help his condition.

Tez worked for several more hours, in between that time he was paid a visit by Applebloom and her friends, Sweetie Belle and Scootaloo. They too had blank flanks. Tez had to admit that this... cutie mark thing was a little... strange. The three all together were a definite bundle of uncontrolled energy.

"So Tez...what are you?" Scootaloo asked him, only for Applebloom to place her hoof over the little pegasi's mouth.

"Don't ask that. Its rude." Applebloom said.

Tez chuckled, "it's alright Applebloom, they can ask any questions they want. Just keep them short I got to get back to work soon."

"So... what are you then?" Sweetie Belle asked.

"Well I don't know. But I do know I am not from here originally." Tez said.

Scootaloo's eyes widened, "So are you like, an alien?"

Tez thought on that, "Hmm... I guess so."

"Wow." The two said, though Applebloom knew this already so she kept silent.

Tez looked at Sweetie Belle for a moment, the little Filly noticed this and felt a bit uncomfortable. Finally Tez said, "You seem familiar... are you related to Rarity?"

Sweetie Belle blinked then smiled saying, "She is my older sister."

Tez was surprised, he had never seen her at Rarities before. In fact he had originally assumed that Sweetie Belle might be her daughter, good thing he did not ask that, "Ah, I thought I saw a resemblance. You both are very cute."

Sweetie Belle blushed and giggled, Scootaloo just made a gagging motion.

Tez and Applebloom chuckled, "So what are you three doing here?"

"We wanted to see you," Scootaloo said, "Applebloom talks about you a lot at school."

"Scootaloo," Applebloom covered her friend’s mouth as she blushed.

Tez chuckled, "Well seeing is believing as they say. So do I meet your expectations?"

"Well you’re just like what she said you are." Sweetie Belle said.

"Though still not as cool as Rainbow Dash." Scootaloo said.

Tez laughed, "Well, coolness is based on perception of the word."

The three fillies tilted their heads confused, "Huh?"

Tez smiled, "I'll explain another time. Right now I have to get back to work. You three go and have fun."

"Bye Tez, don’t work too hard! Applebloom said as she and her friends ran off.

Tez chuckled and went back to work. That was a good break, but he still felt tired... and hungry... very hungry. He rubbed his head, 'I hope I'm not getting sick now.' He thought as he bucked more apples.

Tez collapsed onto his bed, his breathing was labored as he held a hand against his chest. He could feel his heart beating, which meant he was still alive. Yet he felt like he was dying inside. Why... what was going on with him?

'At least... Twilight had gone to sleep when I got back.' He thought as he hissed and arched his back feeling sharp pain. Maybe he was working too hard...no... just...just one more day... he could get all of it done tomorrow. He said he would do this and he would. He would do it for his friend Applejack.

'But the pain...' He thought as he closed his eyes. After a moment the pain passed and he could breathe normally.

"What is wrong with me?" He asked the night wind as he slowly fell into slumber, as he slept images of blood and hearts filled his mind. He could not explain why but the images seemed to make the small bits of pain fade away... and all he could feel was... one feeling. Hunger.

Tez woke up, again to the decent of the moon. He got up achy and sore all over, that never happened before. He coughed and leaned against the wall for a moment and took slow steady breathes.

'Easy Tez. You just got... the last sections... work left and you can finish this all up. Then you can collapse on the ground and be dragged to bed to get better. Twilight’s going to kill me though.'

Tez walked out, getting dress as he did. The night wind blew gently over him. It made him feel a bit better and he smiled as he looked up at the moon.

When he arrived he swiftly got to work. He pushed himself as hard as he could, he probably should not be rushing in his condition. Still he wanted this job DONE. Normally he did not care how long a job took, but the way he was feeling he just wanted to be allowed to sleep for seven weeks nonstop.

He brought bucket after bucket to the barn until he had only three left. As he walked over to pick them up, he fell to his knees and clenched his chest. It felt like his heart was on fire. His breathing was labored and his vision was getting blurry. He shook his head and stood, "Just a bit more... then...i'll see a doctor." Tez picked up the last buckets and walked back to the barn. As he placed them next to the rest he heard someone say.

"Well I'll be. Ya actually managed to get all of that work done." Tez turned to see Applejack, who walked over as she looked at his work.

"Applejack you're all better, I’m glad. I was worried when you collapsed." Tez did his best to hide his own weakness. He hoped he was doing it right, since he felt ready to black out at any moment.

"It was just a lil old cold. Still..." Applejack's face was red a bit as she finished, "Thanks for... all the help, carrying me to bed and all when I couldn't even stand."

"It was what any friend would do for another." He said, his heart was on fire again and it felt like it was beating at irregular times.

"Still, I do owe you an apology. I treated you suspiciously all the time. I'm sorry."

Tez smiled, hoping that it would hide the shot of pain he was feeling in his chest, "No need to be sorry Applejack. You’re my friend, and you were only doing what you felt was needed."

Applejack smiled, "Thanks. I'm glad we sorted this out. I owe ya one for all the hard work you did."

Tez smiled, "You don't-AGGHHHH!" Tez screamed as he fell to his knees and clutched his hands over his heart. Was it beating still? It felt like it was... but sometimes it felt like it wasn't!

Applejack rushed over, "Tez! What’s wrong!?!" She said as she helped him to his feet.

"I-AGHHH!" He screamed and it was only Applejack that kept him from falling to the ground again.

Applejack was worried now, "BIG MACINTOSH! GET OVER HERE NOW!” She screamed.

"Tez, Tez! I need you to relax. Everything’s gonna be okay."

"AGGHHHH!" Tez screamed. His heart wasn't beating... it just wasn't beating.

"Tez! Just hang on, we'll get ya' to the doctors. Just hang on." Applejack got Tez onto Big Mac's back just as he arrived and they both ran for town. All the way Tez felt images of hearts and blood assaulting his mind. Hunger and more hunger.

'What...is....happening....?' He thought as his vision slowly started to fade away, 'Am I....going to die?' Soon the world went blank and all that remained was the hunger. The hunger for blood and hearts.

Mextli sat on a make shift throne as he watched as another of the prisoners was sacrificed before him on the altar. The heart was pulled out and offered to him and then the four directions of the planet before being given to him. He took the bloody organ and ate it.

"Well, this was easier then I had thought brother. In just two days we have already brought seven of the tribes in the mountains under our banner. Those who refused are being offered to us as sacrifices to feed us, and our powers will soon grow once we have the temple built on the ley line to the west."

Acol nodded as he was offered a heart. That was the last one for them for awhile, they would be well fed for this month, "Indeed brother. But my mind worries."

Mextli looked at his brother as the sacrificed bodies were tossed down the stairs, the bodies breaking to bloody pieces and decorating the steps with blood and gore, "Of what brother?"

"Of Tezcatlipoca. He was with us when we fell from the sky, but he has made no effort to find us. He is a diviner, he should have no trouble finding us." Acol drank from his glass of blood.

Mextli sipped his drink of blood as well, ah it tasted so divine, "He is probably dead. If the crash did not injure him beyond his high healing abilities then the lack of blood and hearts has. Unless he managed to find some creatures to devour by now he is probably dead. Besides would we really want him with us? You know what his mind is like now."

Acol nodded, "Yes. The fall damaged his sanity the most. But still he is our brother. We are the last of our kind now."

Mextli sighed, "All we can do is pray that he lives and is laying low till he can arrive to us. Otherwise we must accept he is dead, and move on."

Acol frowned. After losing the others, losing one more seemed a tragedy, "Well... we must move on never the less. Our destiny won't come by wallowing in grief."

"Yes Acol. Let us look to brighter things. Our plans are moving faster then we had hoped. Once all the tribes are ours we can begin step two."

Acol nodded, "Yes brother. Soon all our desires will be fulfilled."

The two laughed, causing the diamond dogs that served them shiver with fear. They had not known what to do when these strange creatures arrived, but now they served them. They had to... otherwise they would die. But, many more would die in the times to come. The blood would soon flow on rivers of Equestria. Soon....very soon.

Ooooooo what will happen next? we just have to wait :P hope you all enjoyed this :) This is posted to supply my readers with the latest :) This is the revised and proof read chapter. Thanks again to my friend :) bow down and thank him you lot :P