• Published 27th Jan 2012
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Redemption, Damnation and FIM - ShadowWalking18

A HIE fic. More info? Look inside. First Fic here so please comment. Title sucks will edit it later.

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Chapter 1

*First off I would like to say that I own nothing. If such words must be said. And that as this is my first fic here I would enjoy any comments. Really... I'll take any sort of comment no matter how short. Just no flames. Now to the story. Enjoy*

The sun rose slowly awakening the world to a new day, in the town of Ponyville, everyone slowly woke and began their daily duties. One such pony was well into her work, her name is Twilight Sparkle, student of Princess Celestia.

"Lets see, extra quills?" She asked as she paced back and fourth rearranging and organizing all the books in her home.

Spike made a check on a list, "Check."

"Extra parchment?"




"Extra Ink?"


"Extra extra ink?"

Spike sighed but made the neccessary check mark and said, "Check."

Twilight smiled, "Good that takes care of preperations to make tomorrows list. Now we can start on the list of things to do today."

Spike sighed, 'Always the same thing with her. Lists, lists, and more lists.'

"-Spike? Spike!?" Twilight said louder leaning forward looking at her asssisstent, "Did you hear me?"

Spike blinked, "Huh? uh? Yeah I did." He hoped he sounded convincing.

Twilight looked at him a moment before nodding, "Alright then what is first on the list?"

Spike swiflty got another list from a drawer and opened it, "Uh... Grocery shopping."

"Alright lets go then." Twilight headed for the door, using her magic to place her saddle bag on her so she would be able to carry all the groccerys. Spike ran to catch up and hoped onto her back.

"Oh spike," Twilight said stopping and looking to the little dragon.

"Yeah what?"

"Don't forget to bring the shopping list." Twilight said and with that she continued on eager to keep on schedule.

Spike sighed and ran back to get said list and then to catch up with Twilight, 'Honestly one of these days all these lists are gonna make her snap. Wish something intresting would happen.'

Little did the little dragon know that he would get his wish.

After a few hours of shopping and completing several other small errands Twilight, with spike riding on her back, walked over to Sweet Apple Acres to say hello to Applejack.

They found her out in the forests apple bucking away at several trees.

"Hey Applejack." Twilight said as she neared her friend.

Applejack stopped her work and smiled waving to Twilight, "'owdy Twilight, what brings y'all here?"

"Just stopping to say hi and see how you were doing." Twilight said.

Applejack stretched and adjusted her hat, "Alls well as can be, just gettin apples for the market."

The two conversed for a bit before being interrupted by Spike who shouted, "Twilight! Look at that!" He pointed up to the sky.

The two ponies looked up where Spike was pointing and their eyes widened as they saw what looked like a bright star shining in the sky, but it was morning there shouldn't be any stars. For the brief moment of confusion soon came shock as the star grew closer and closer before splitting into three seperate rays of light each blasting in opposite directions. The first two flew off in the direction of the mountains before being lost from view but the other went on a different path. A path heading directly towards the three friends.

Twilght, Applejack and spike all screamed as they quickly rushed to get out of the way of the approaching... whatever it was. A large crash and the sound of cracking and snapping wood filled the air as something blasted through the forest and hit the ground with enough impact to knock the fleeing ponies off their feet and land face first onto the ground. At least they were alive and uninjured. Though... the ground couldn't say the same.

A large line of upturned dirt dragged across a good distance of the section of the forest they were in. several appletrees had either been upturned or their trunks damaged or shattered. At least ten trees where either damaged or destroyed and apples were scattered everywhere.

"Wha' in the name of!?!" Applejack shouted before getting up and running to inspect the damage.

Twilight and Spikes mouths hung open as they got up and followed Applejack.

"This is awful." Applejack said as she stood next to an uprooted appletree, "WHA' DID THIS!"

Applejacks eyes were burning with anger as she started searching with a killer intent for whatever damaged the trees on her families farm.

Twilight and Spike aided in the search, Twilight out of curiosity and wonder as to what could have done this and if she would be able to study it, and Spike because finally something unexpected was happening and he wanted to enjoy every moment of it.

They eventually found the source of the damage. At the end of the upturned ground was what looked like a large metal... thing. Whatever it was it was greatly damaged, pieces of metal were scattered all over the place. The main body seemed to be dented in or torn apart and there was a large hole in the center of it.

"What is it?" Spike said as he looked at it and poked one of the broken off pieces.

"I don't know." Twilight said as she moved over to investigate.

"What ever it is, it done ruined several of my families trees." Applejack said as she gave it a good kick. Only to regret it as she fell onto her flank holding her hoof hissing with pain, "That there thing is hard."

"Hey! Twilight! Applejack!" A voice called up from above.

The two ponies looked up to see their frien Rainbow Dash move in for a landing.

"Rainbow Dash, what are you doing here?" Twilight asked.

"I came over to investigate when I saw that... whatever it is fall from the sky and crash here. I see you and Applejack did the same thing. You know what it is?"

Twilight shook her head, "No. I don't know what this thing is."

"All I need to know is that it done damaged the trees of my families farm and I plan ta make it inta scrap." Applejack said as she gave it another, less forceful kick out of anger.

"Hey guys! I think I found something!" Spike called over from the other side of object.

The three ponies looked at each other and headed over to where the little dragon was on the other side of the metal object.

They all gasped at what they saw, bits of what looked like cloth hung torn on severl sharp pieces of metal, but what really drew their eyes was the long trail of blood that seemed to lead away from the crash site.

"Whatever this thing was it had something in it. And I think its probably hurt bad." Spike said as he pointed at the blood trail.

Twilight bit her lip, Part of her wanted to find this creature and make sure it was okay, nopony ever really liked to see another creature suffering. But at the same time another part of here told her to walk away. Eventually though she made up her mind.

"Alright. Rainbow Dash." Twilight said turning to the pegasus.

"Yeah?" Rainbow Dash asked tilting her head a bit.

"I want you to fly back to Ponyville and find a doctor and Fluttershy, I don't know what this thing is if its an animal or not but if its hurt we should help it."

"What if its dangerous?" Rainbow Dash asked.

"Ya, what if it is Twilight?"

"We can't know that for sure till we find it and if its not we will want to make sure its okay. Now go go." Twilight shooed Dash to go who took off and swiftly flew back to town.

"Alright now. Applejack, Spike come with me."

"Where we going?" Spike asked as he got onto Twilights back.

"I think we are goin' to find whatever came out of that there metal thing right?" Applejack said as she followed alongside Twilight.

"Yes. We will find it and if it needs help do what we can till Dash gets back. And if its dangerous I'll use my magic to stop it."

"Sounds like a plan." Applejack said smiling, somewhere deep inside she hoped whatever it was that came out of that metal object was dangerous then she could give it a piece of her mind.

The blood trail went deeper into the forest, from time to time they found what looked like bloody prints against the trees but they were very odd prints. Not from any hoof they knew of.

Eventually they found what they were looking for. Again their eyes were wide and their mouths hung open slightly at what they saw.

It was unlike any creature they had ever seen. It had four limbs like a pony or a dragon but it was wearing a strange coat, the coat was all white and had knots on different points on it. The sleeve were excessivly long, longer then the actual arms which they could make out from the distortion of the cloth they made. its face was covered in dried blood but the fur on its head was a strange black and white mixture.

A pool of blood was developing around the creautre. A large gash tore across half of the chest of the coat and blood seemed to bubble like a pool in the wound slowlying oozing out. One of its limbs seemed twisted and out of proper alignment. One lower limb was obviously broken, a bone sticking out of the flesh and all over him were several small cuts. The creature was propped up and leaning in a slight sitting posistion against a tree.

"Is it alive?" Spike said as he moved a bit closer only to move back as the creature took a hard ragged breath of air that seemed strained and painful.

"What is it?" Twilight asked as she inspected it, 'No no focus Twilight. Its hurt and you have to help it... oh but how I dont know anything about treating injuries... Oh I hope Dash gets here soon with help.'

"It sure don't look too good." Applejack said as she moved towards it a bit, her nose wrinkled at the heavy scent of blood that filled the air around the creature. Now while she was still angry at the damage to her farm, she could not help but feel sorry for this creature considering its present condition.

The creature took another ragged breath of air and its head slowly moved. Strands of its fur fell down over its face covering its eyes but Twilight could tell it was looking right at them.

Low, barely audiable the creature said, "Help.... me..." It lifted an arm reaching out to them before it fell to the ground and its head fell lulled against the tree again.

"Oh no." Twilight moved over to the creature and check its pulse. It was there... weak... but there. It was still alive.

'But it wont be fore much longer. Oh hurry up Dash.'

Twilight looked back to where town was and prayed that Rainbow Dash hurried back soon with help. She did not want to have to bury something she saw, if barely still, alive.

*Okay there you go. What you think?*