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Redemption, Damnation and FIM - ShadowWalking18

A HIE fic. More info? Look inside. First Fic here so please comment. Title sucks will edit it later.

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Chapter 32

We get closer to the end. Do enjoy.

Tez felt his descent to the ground grow closer and closer. Sure he might have looked like he was flying forward, but in truth he was really falling with style. Finally he landed on the roof of a house and gazed down at the horde of Diamond Dogs pouring into the streets. The main force was behind this body of warriors, and Tez was sure that they would soon swarm the city. Ponies were running in fear, either fleeing or being captured. Mostly they were captured.

Tez saw two fillies running from a pack of dogs, and with a wave of his hand arrows of burning fire pierced the hearts of these dogs, but there were still so many more.

'Damn it. Damn it!' Tez thought as he jumped from roof to roof, blasting dogs when they got to close to capturing ponies.

'I should have seen this coming, I left the capital defenseless with just a token defense force. I should have realized that the sudden desperate situation would force Mex's hand. I should have seen this coming! Damn it all!'

Tez mentally slapped himself, but left no time to wallow in rage and what he should have done. Frankly he should have done a lot of things, and should have not done others. Never the less this was the now and it was better to focus on it then anything else.

Despite his willingness to help, Tez would have to leave the problem of the Diamond Dogs to Shining Armor and the soldiers he kept in Canterlot. It would be a hopeless cause given the numbers, but Tez was sure that Shining could figure something out. He had bigger fish to fry, his brothers. If he could kill them here it would put an end to this war.

'That or I could end up dead and one of my brothers still being alive.' Tez thought.

Stopping once more Tez looked around, trying to see where his brothers were. He was sure both of them were here, he could smell them.

"Like my work?"

Tez turned and saw Mex standing proudly, arms crossed and with a smug grin on his face.

"A fine move. Guess I should have seen it coming, my mind must be slipping with age." Tez said, mentally deciding what spell he should use on his soon to be deceased relative. Perhaps rearranging his insides and outsides.

"You know it's not too late to join us Tez. Why do you fight against us?" Mex asked. The two starting to walk in a circle, staring each other down.

"Sorry, I don't work with lunatics. I have an image to keep." Tez said.

"If anyone is mad here it's you!" Mex shouted suddenly taking Tez by surprise.

'Odd. He is usually more calm and controlled. Is his mind starting to decay from the curse?' Tez thought curiously.

"Perhaps. But if this is madness, then I don't want to be sane." Tez said.

"THEN PERISH!" Mex shouted and launched himself as his brother.

Tez smirked and launched himself into the battle. This would end one way or another.

It was chaos. When Tez left, Celestia and Luna left with Shining Armor to over see the defense of the city. Even if she was not the direct leader at the moment, Celestia had no intention of letting anything harm her little ponies.

But as for Twilight and the others, they could do nothing. They had quickly gone to find the CMC and Spike and had found them outside on one of the towers, looking down at the carnage below. Twilight shivered and felt sick at the sight.

'How...how did this all happen? Why did it happen?' She thought, seeing her home being burnt and filled with fear. She wanted to go down there, to help, to find her parents. Oh sweet Celestia were her parents okay!?

"Girls, come inside now." Rarity said, opening the door to the tower room. It was the one she had stayed in during a stay in Canterlot when she met Fancy Pants.
The fillies didn't say anything, only listened. Sweetie Belle seemed ready to cry. Applebloom was trying her best to be a big pony, but even she was shivering with fear. And Scootaloo, did her best to lighten the mood.

"What do we do?" Applejack asked, looking down at the battle below.

"We go down and help. We can't let those dogs just do what they want." Dash said, ready to go down and fight.

"And do what Rainbow Dash? You see all those Diamond Dogs? You remember how easily they beat us when we first went to save Rarity, now they are trained to capture ponies by Tez's own brothers so who knows what they could do." Fluttershy said in a sudden moment of bravery.

All the girls looked at Fluttershy in surprise, and this made the meek pony shy away a bit, "Um I mean...I just don't want to see anyone get hurt. I'm sorry."

"No you're right Fluttershy," Twilight said, "I doubt we could do anything to even the odds. In fact we would probably be captured, and Tez doesn't need that distraction."

Dash opened her mouth to say something, but sighed and landed in a sign of resignation.

"So what do we do then?" Pinkie asked.

Twilight went to answer, but a sudden flash of light brought the girls attention to the city once more. Jumping from roof to roof into the air battled to figures, which the girls guessed to be Tez and one of his brothers. Each time the figures connected sparks of magic flared, and destruction would rain down on anything near the combatants. Already several houses were leveled or areas of Canterlot blown to rubble. Areas of the invading army had wide gaps where blasts of magic tore through their ranks.

'Does Tez even know what he is doing?' Twilight thought, worried that there might not be a city left to save.

Block. Strike. Block, counter into grab and twist. Strike, strike, strike. Counter block strike, into another block. Tez went through each movement with the practiced skill only one of his kind could have. Block, strike, strike, dodge.

"Glad to see you haven't lost your edge." Mex said as he kept up his attack on Tez.

Tez kept blocking and striking, "Please, I'm not even warmed up yet."

"Well then, allow me to turn it up a notch." Mex said and with a flick of his hand a sword of obsidian appeared in his grip and arcing down towards Tez's neck.

Tez ducked and jumped away. His eyes widened as he saw three strands of hair falling in the air.
"You....you cut my hair? NO ONE TOUCHES THE HAIR!" Tez shouted and charged Mex as he created a blade of his own.

Mex found himself under a ruthless attack, blocking slashes towards his face and neck. Through it all however he smirked, and as he dodged another strike he jumped back and blasted Tez with a wave of magic sending him back and into a nearby building.

Tez groaned and pushed a large piece of marble off of him. He dusted himself off and jumped back into the air to meet Mex once more in combat.

"Damn it all Tez, you know we're dying! Why do you persist in this?" Mex screamed as he dodged a strike to his neck.

"Because unlike you I can give my life away. That's the difference between you and me!" Tez said and tackled Mex dropping his sword and wrapping his hands around his brothers neck.

Mex grabbed Tez's hands and tried to force them off of him. He snarled and began to kick Tez in the stomach and groin with all the force he could muster, and the crack of ribs and pelvis were signs that it was a great deal.

Tez winced with each strike but did not let go, he dug his claws into his brothers flesh drawing thin lines of blood as the two of them plummeted to the ground.

"Enough of this!" Mex shouted and brought his hand up and across Tez's eyes.

"RAGGGHHH!" Tez shouted and let go of Mex's neck as he covered his eyes, "my eyes!"

Mex took the advantage and grabbed Tez and tossed him to the ground so he would land first. The force and strength of the attack took the blinded Tez by surprise and he landed with a loud crack.

"My eyes! My eyes!" Tez shouted, "curse you Mex!"

Mex smirked as he watched his brother spasm with pain and temporary blindness, "Now to finish this."

Mex sent a blast of magic to propel him faster and he brought a leg out as he slammed into Tez's stomach. Tez spat out a deal of blood from the blow, before being savaged kicked into the air by Mex.

"Say goodbye!" Mex said as he charged a blast of magic and sent it at Tez as he fell back to the ground, blood flying from his mouth.

Tez could only cough up more blood and watch with his one good eye in horror as the blast of magic came at him. As the blast connected a large explosion filled the area.

Twilight gasped as she saw the explosion in the distance. When the smoke subsided an entire sector of Canterlot was now rubble, but what was worse was that was where she saw the forms of Tez and one of his brothers fall.

"Tez....please be okay."

"Darn it, why are we just sitting here?!" Dash screamed in frustration.

"And what would you have us do against all of that Rainbow Dash?" Rarity asked as she pointed down to the fight below. The Diamond Dogs were now being driven back from some areas of the city, due to a combination of Tez's defensive wards and the efforts of Shining Armor and the defending forces in the city. But still the fighting continued.

Dash sighed, "I don't know, but I hate feeling useless."

"You would be more of a hinderance to him. Tez does better when he can focus on the killing instead of everything else."

The girls turned to see a tall figure standing on the roof of the tower, gazing down at them. He looked almost like Tez, save for different characteristics such as hair and skin color and tone and his eyes were a deep purple instead of yellow. His muscle structure was not as defined as Tez's, and despite the same terrifying aura that emitted from him there was also an air of calm from this being. They gasped when they realized this must be Tez's other brother. Acol.

"Trying to catch us off guard, well, don't think we're going down without a fight." Dash said as she got ready to charge Acol.

Acol chuckled, "Peace little pony, I'm not here to capture you or do you harm in anyway."

"Then why are you here?" Twilight said, her horn glowing.

Acol sighed, "This place seemed to offer the best view of the horizon and the land. I wanted to see it....just one more time."

Twilight and the rest of the girls, save Fluttershy who hid behind Rainbow Dash, blinked and looked at Acol confused, but they did not let their guard down.

"Why? Arn't you suppose to be fighting Tez?" Twilight asked.

Acol shook his head, "No. I'm done fighting...now...I just want to die."

The girls blinked and looked at Acol with unease. The calm radiance that came from him seemed to dim and was being replaced by a almost sour and depressing mood. His voice carried the feeling of a man who had given up on life.

Another explosion brought their attention back to the battle, and Twilight gasped when she saw that it was where she saw Tez fall previously.

"Don't worry," Acol said to them as he looked away from the fighting and to the horizon, "Tez won't die easily, even with our dwindling time clock of life."

Though the words might have meant to be reassuring, they only made the situation all the more cold.

Tez groaned as he laid on the ground. A sudden feeling of pain came to his chest and he coughed up more blood, his entire body wracked with agony. Mex was doing no better.

Mex was on his knees coughing and hacking up spit and blood. When the coughing stopped he lifted a hand that was red with his own life juices.

"Damn it Tez. We're running out of time!" Mex said as he stood straight on shakey legs.
Tez got up and hissed as he felt his arm pop back into place, "Then I'll use what I got to make sure you never threaten anyone again."

"Why are you doing this? Are you actually willing to sacrifice your life for these creatures!?! What do you have to gain for it, they will see you as a monster should you win and they will be quick to forget the pain we have all caused when we have passed. What is the point of this then when you know that is your fate." Mex growled as he got ready to attack.

Tez smirked, "Why not....I'm gonna die anyway, so I might as well try to make my trip to hell with as few regrets as I can."

Mex snarled and attacked, "Foolish bastard!"

Tez smirked and attacked as well. With savage intent the two fought, each no longer caring for safety or beauty in the deadly art, only to cause as much pain as they could. The result was a bloody swath of rage that tore across the streets engulfing any foolish to get in its path.

Fighting to the heart of the city, Tez and Mex paused for a moment each glaring at the other.

"Enough of this! I've wasted enough time!" Mex shouted and began gathering power. Lots of power.

Tez was shocked by the amount of energy that Mex was pulling in, and he realized with horror that his brother was tapping into the reserves of the leyline. The sheer amount of available energy was enough to terrify him.

His terror grew more when he realized the spell that Mex was planning and he rushed to stop the completion of the spell before it was finished.

"No you don't!" Tez said as he moved to slash his brothers neck with his claws.

Mex growled, "See you in hell!"

With a yell Mex finished the spell, as Tez's claws reached his neck before the entire world with bright with light and the roaring of magic.

Twilight gasped as she saw the blast of magic appear in the center of Canterlot and begin to expand, as it did buildings were torn apart by the force of the blast and it was expanding more and more.

"By the Ancients. Mex must be desperate! SHIELD YOURSELF!" Acol shouted at Twilight.

Twilight reacted immediatly as she raised a shield that protected the tower. As the explosion of magic reached them it passed over the shield, placing immense strain on Twilight as she fought to keep the shield up.

"Ahhhh!" The girls shouted, their eyes turning away from the bright light.

'I...I can't...I can't hold it...' Twilight thought as she strained more and more. Her legs felt weak and her breathing was labored.

Just before she felt she could not hold it anymore the light subsided and with a gasp Twilight let the shield drop. She hit the ground with a groan and took deep breathes.

"I guess....all that training paid off." Twilight said proudly, smiling lightly as she stood up.

"Oh my...." Rarity said.

"Oh no!" Fluttershy gasped.

"Its....its...." AJ tried to say something more but she fell silent.

Twilight looked out to the city and gasped. It was gone. Canterlot was gone, rubble, destroyed. A ruin.

Buildings lay in scattered heaps, or piles of rock. Where once green trees and grass grew were nothing but black earth and the pounds were shallow or nonexistent. The entire city was destroyed and nothing moved in the streets below.

"No......NO!" Twilight shouted and fell to the knees.

Hope you like it. Figured I give you all something after the wait of the hurricane stuff. Do enjoy and we are almost done. Bet you can't wait for the epilogue can you?

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As much as it sounds like i hate this story, I really don't but When his brothers started to attack, You changed the feel of the story from being funny and interesting (with the magic) to a Dark and serious tone, and I know you tried to put some funny stuff here and there but it just felt out off place.

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The sudden chan of things I did cause like life things can change really suddenly and I wanted to try to capture that, as for Tez well I never saw him as a hero, more like the person you need not want. In the end I'm leaving it up to you readers to decide Tez's judgement based on what you read. The switch to Dark was one inevitable as it was part of the story tags. Don't worry though I aim to please and the ending will be one to make everyone satisfied.

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It is not cancelled i just am busy with six classes in my last semester of community college and have had to focused on that. I will finish this and others once i have gotten the more serious school papers done.

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Update: 9/3/2019

Story is still dead sadly...

Update it now you can't take it this far and not finish it.

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