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Redemption, Damnation and FIM - ShadowWalking18

A HIE fic. More info? Look inside. First Fic here so please comment. Title sucks will edit it later.

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Chapter 12

Another chapter :) I want to start by saying that I am an evil dark god now offer me candy so I and Luna do not eat you up :P Okay I hope you enjoy this next chap.

It was a beautiful day in Ponyville. The sun was high in the sky, ponies were about socializing and working. Little fillies ran about laughing and playing. Tez layed on a bench snoring. Little did he know that is little nap would soon be disturbed.

It had been a difficult task in explaining, without giving away anything that happened inside the forest, to the rest of the girls. He was sure they all felt he was hidin somethin, but they accepted his explanation that his heart...just had these moments of not working. Not a complete lie, as for his now all black hair he just said, "It comes and goes." He was glad they had no knowledge of whatever he was, but that was then. Now he was enjoying a cat nap.

Tez dreamnt. Not of his home or of things that made him angry. But of food, delicious food. Tlaxcalli, sweet potatos, avacados, various fruits, and best of all texatl. Sadly his dream was disturbed by a noise from outside.

"Tez, wakey wakey sleepy weepy!" Pinkie Pie said.

Tez's turned and groaned, "Pinkie Pie. Go away, let me sleep."

"You silly, why would you sleep on such a gorgeous day?" Pinkie said as she smiled.

"Because....I can." Tez tried to go back to sleep. Sadly Pinkie kept up her questions.

"Why sleep, you can do that at night. Its beautiful out today, so why not do something with friends?" Pinkie was now hopping about around the bench.

Tez groaned, 'Why couldn't Applejack just let me work?' Ever since the whole incident with his heart, yesterday Applejack and the rest of her family had wanted Tez to rest for a time, though he had tried to convience them that he was in perfect health. But, there is just no arguing with any of them when they are set on something.

"Pinkie Pie. If you can find something for me to do, I'll do it. Till then no force on the earth or in the heavens will move me from this spot." Tez rolled so his back was to the sun, 'Ah that is warm.'

"Oh well that is easy. You can help me watch Sugarcube Corner; while the Cakes are away at a catering a big party."

Tez facepalmed and dragged his hand down his face. "Alright," Tez sighed as he got up and stretched, "What do I have to do?"

Pinkie Pie squealed with glee as she began hopping over to the store. Tez followed behind, grumbling. It is not that he did not want to help, it is just that once he got settled into a place to nap he did not like being moved from there.

"So basicly you help me watch the store. Bake the sweets and serve the customers. Oh and watch the foals." Pinkie Pie said, smiling at the last part. Though the first time she had watched them had been... taxing; she had gotten use to the responsibility. Plus the foals did not act as hyper now.

"Foals?" Tez asked.

Pinkie looked back at him smiling, "Yeah. You know baby ponies. Their names are Pumpkin and Pound, and they are just the cutest."

'Pumpkin...and pound cake?' Tez chuckled at the thought, Pinkie looked at him curiously.

"What is funny Tez?" She asked.

"Nothing. Just thought of something humorous."

"Oh, what is it? What is it?" Pinkie asked over and over.

"Just...word usage." Tez said.

Pinkie blinked, "Your sense of humor is odd sometimes Tez."

Tez smirked, "Just like the rest of me."

The two chuckled as they entered the store. Tez could see that whatever this catering job was it was a big one. Mr. and Mrs. Cake ran here and there packing supplies and preparing dishes.

"Oh good, you're here Pinkie Pike. Who is that with you?" Mrs. Cake asked.

"This is Tez, remember?"

"Oh, right. Sorry dearie, this job has us a bit busy." Mrs. Cake said to Tez.

"Don't worry about it. So Pinkie Pie tells me she is watching the store for you."

"Oh yes," Mrs. Cake gathered supplies as she talked, "If you want to help that would be lovely. Pinkie Pie can show you what needs doing."

"Hurry honey! We got to get going!" Mr. Cake called from outside.

"Take care you two. The twins are upstairs sleeping, they should stay that way till we get back. If they don't Pinkie you know what to do. Bye." With that Mrs. Cake ran out the door, and she and her husband were gone. Silence....for about five seconds.

"Oh this is going to be so much fun. Alright Tez, I'll give you the tour." Pinkie Pie said, as she showed Tez the store and the kitchen. Eventually they got to the twins, who Pinkie Pie insisted he had to see.

Quietly the two snuck upstairs and Tez peeked into the foals room. There in cribs slept a pegasus and a unicorn. That had Tez confused.

"How in the name of Mictlan do two earth ponies...breed a pegasus and unicorn?" Tez whispered to himself.

Pinkie Pie whispered to him the answer that Mr. Cake had given when the twins had been born. All Tez could think of when he heard it was, 'That makes NO sense what so ever.' He kept the thought to himself however as he and Pinkie Pie made their way downstairs.

"Okay, do you know how to cook?" Pinkie Pie asked.

Tez blinked. Well... he could in a way, but he did not think he could bake...cakes and muffins, "Uh...sort of. But, not what I think I will be required to cook."

Pinkie nodded, her smile not vanishing, "Okay then, I will do the cooking; you work the counter. Be sure to smile." With that she hopped to the kitchen and put on an apron.

Tez stood behind the counter, and waited. 'I hope my eyes don't scare anyone.' He thought as he spotted a customer enter the store.

Tez found the selling business to be... difficult. Mostly the fact that most customers would see his eyes and feel fear for a time, or if they had never seen him before run away screaming. Pinkie Pie did not seem to bothered by this. She would say, "They just got to get to know you. They will see your a funny wunny guy to be with, and then they will be your friends." Then hop around cheerfully before heading back to work with the baking.

Tez finally managed to find a way to make eye contact, without scaring anypony. He just borrowed a pair of Mr. Cake's sunglasses. Of course that just caused him some minor troubles, mostly strange looks and questions as to why he wore them.

"I'm sensitive to light." Was all he would say, before giving the ponies their orders. This went on for a few hours, till the sound of crying from upstairs. The twins had woken up.

"Oh, looks like the twins are wakey wakied." Pinkie Pie said. She removed her apron and went up stairs.

Tez sighed and looked at the clock, 8:22 pm. 'Doubt anypony is gonna be coming in. When are the Cakes getting home?' He thought. The crying soon stopped and Tez looked up the stairs, his ears picking up a soft lullaby of a sorts. Curious he went up stairs to investigate.

Reaching the door to the twins room, Tez peeked inside and was surprised by what he saw. Pinkie Pie was slowly rocking the twins to sleep, whispering to them a soft lullaby. The scene was rather heart warming, especially when the twins yawned and nuzzled against Pinkie as they fell asleep. Pinkie Pie smiled and put the twins back into their cribs and tucked them in.

Tez had to admit to himself, 'She is cute, especially when she is not talking so much.'

Pinkie Pie turned and was surprised to see Tez at the door, who smiled lightly. She mad a "shhh" motion and quitly made her way to the door, slowly closing it just a little.

"I did not know you were so good with kids." Tez whispered.

Pinkie Pie giggled, "I'm just talented and responsible. I have had lots of practice with the twins. The first time I watched them was crazy." Pinkie giggled as she remembered that day. Still, it was not as bad as she first thought it was, now that she looked back on it.

Tez smirked, "Heh, You are really an impressive one Pinkie Pie. I can tell you will be one heck of a mother one day." Tez headed down the stairs first, careful not to wake the twins.

Pinkie Pie blushed at the comment, "I-I don't know about that. I mean-" Pinkie Pie cut herself off as she felt herself trip and begin to fall down the stairs.

Tez's eyes widened and he moved to catch her. Catch her he did, being pushed to the ground and acting as a cushion counted. He groaned as he rubbed his head, "You okay Pinkie Pie?"

Pinkie Pie groaned, "Yeah. I'm fine." She noticed that she was laying on something, or someone. When she looked she found herself looking into Tez's eyes. The two stared at each other for a moment.

Pinkie Pie felt her heart beat, and she had to admit that Tez was rather handsome. She blushed and quickly got off of Tez, "I'm sorry Tez. I didn't mean to fall on you."

Tez got up, "Don't worry about it Pinkie. I'm just glad your not hurt."

Pinkie Pie smiled, "Thank you for catching me."

"Anything for a friend," Tez said, "I'd risk my own life for you and the others."

Pinkie Pie giggled, "Well arn't you a knight in shining armor."

Tez chuckled, "Well I think we should start cleaning up, doesn't look like there will be any more customers tonight."

"Alright." Pinkie Pie said. Though she could not get the image of his eyes out of her mind. They just... seemed to look deep inside her. They really made Tez very handsome, if a bit scary. But she did not mind that. She felt her heart beat a bit and she blushed, 'Focus Pinkie girl. No time to... to be doing whatever this is.' With that she focused on helping Tez clean up.

The Cakes soon got back at 10 and were glad to see that everything was clean and the twins still asleep.

"Thank you again Pinkie, and thank you Tez for helping." Mr. Cake said.

"It was no trouble." Tez said.

"It was fun! The twins are always so cute." Pinkie Pie said with a smile.

"Well I should get going. A pleasant night to you all." Tez walked to the door.

"Oh wait dearie." Mrs. Cake said. Tez turned, and was surprised that he was being offered a small bag.

Tez took the bag and opened it. His eyes widened when he saw that in the bag was Bits. Money. "What?" Tez looked at Mrs. Cake confused.

Mrs. Cake smiled, "Think of it as thanks for helping, even though you didn't have to. Its no trouble."

Tez was surprised, he looked at the money again and said, "Thank you. And good night to you." With that he waved good bye. All the way he looked at the bag of money. He now had money...but, what did he do with it?

Well there you go :) another chapter. Hope you all like it. Tez is certainly becoming a ladies man :P But then again he is the god of temptation. Thus he is a rather...*puts on glasses and hides behind a mirror* tempting guy :P I would like to give a big aztec thank you to Dizastrous for helping with this chapter by fixing some punctuation :) so let us begin the ritual*holds up a flint knife and awaits the sacrifice* which part do you prefer to eat? the liver or the heart? :3