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Redemption, Damnation and FIM - ShadowWalking18

A HIE fic. More info? Look inside. First Fic here so please comment. Title sucks will edit it later.

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Chapter 18

Another chapter. Hope you all enjoy it.

Equestria burned. The fields, once green with life, now were black and burnt by fire. The rivers ran red with the blood of pony and dog alike. The sky was dark with storm clouds, as uncontrolled storms tore across the land. The earth churned, and tore in savage quakes that shook the very foundations of the mountains.

Tez walked across the carnage, the lifeless eyes of the dead stared at him accussingly. In the distance he could hear the sounds of fighting, of dying. Depite the horror of the carnage, Tez could not bring himself to look away, nor could he turn back. Bones cracked and broke beneath his feet with each step he took, and with each step the smell of death grew even stronger.

As he walked he soon found himself walking down the streets of Canterlot, the buildings were aflame and the streets were littered with debris and the dead and dying. He gazed up to the castle and saw that it too was aflame, the once pure white stone now black and charred by fire. With a few more steps he soon found himself standing at the base of a tall temple. A temple that was recognizable in design, the Temple Mayor.

Only this was not the Temple Mayor of his past, no this temple was different. It stood in the center of a small valley, surrounded by mountains. The storm clouds seemed to cirlce over, creating an eye over the temple. Blood seemed to drip from the stones of the temple and as Tez began the slow climb up the stairs, he began to hear screams. As he reached the final step, the screams had reached a hightened pitch and when he at last reached the top everything had gone silent.

He stood there, gazing into the dark room of the shrine. He felt terror, a fear to enter the dark shadows of the room. Yet, he could not stop himself as he entered. He saw a figure, surrounded by bodies. Bodies that he knew all too well, it was the girls and they laid there...dead.

The figure slowly turned and gazed at Tez. And Tez began to scream.

Tez woke with a start. He looked around realized that it had all been a dream, or had it? He looked out the window and saw that it was still night out. He rubbed his eyes and got up and dressed, this time into the black colored clothes.

Once fully dressed he silently left the library and wandered out onto the streets of Ponyville. The dream...had felt unlike any dream he had before. And that figure... he shivered. He wished he could wipe all of it from his memory, and yet he knew he could not.

"What had that been?" He asked himself as he walked.

Tez thought, trying to figure out a possible answer. It had not been a dream...it had not felt like one, it had felt so real. He growled as he came up with nothing again.

"For once in my life I would just like answers." He said as he sighed in defeat, yet something in his gut told him that his answers would come. Though he was not sure if he was going to like how or where they came from.

Tez wandered more, merely walking along the streets. He had taken to doing this, patrolling his territory. Funny that he called it that, yet this village was his home and he was not going to let any intruders enter it. Even if the odds of that were unlikely.

"Still...its better then doing nothing." Tez said to himself. After awhile he began to grow bored with his patrolling and instead decided that tonight he would sleep outside for the rest of the night, he liked the nightly breeze that always blew across his skin. He stopped near a building and spotted a tree near it and leaped up into the branches. He positioned himself properly, finding his comfy zone and once again fell into sleep. This time...no dreams came.

Tez's ears twitched as he heard a bell. He slowly opened his eyes to the light of the sun and looked around. He then heard the sound of children, laughing, giggling and conversing.

'uh?' He thought and looked from the branches of his tree to the ground below. He saw fillies all walking down a path towards a building. They all had bags which held books and paper and other supplies he guessed.

'I'm at the school?' Tez thought and looked toward the building. Sure enough he saw Cheerilee, the local teacher, near the entrance smiling and greeting the fillies.

He had meet cheerilee at hsi welcoming party. She was a rather nice mare, and while certainly attractive, not really his type. Still she was a pleasant one to be around.

"Hmm... Applebloom, Sweetie Belle and Scootaloo go here. Guess I'll pop in for a visit. I'm sure Cheerilee won't mind. But, let's wait for the right moment." Tez said quietly to himself. He watched all the kids walk into the building. He even spotted the CMC, they seemed to be busy hatching another plan to get their cutie marks. No doubt it would involve something dangerous.

'Honestly, those three silly fillies, its obvious what they are good at.' Tez thought, he had realized what they were, over the times he watched over the little fillies.

Once everypony had gone inside Tez climbed to the top of the tree and leaped over to the roof of the school. He landed quietly and moved over to a top window. He peeked inside and found himself gazing down into the class room. It was a one room school it seemed.

'Hmm...I think when they have recess I'll give them all a surprise.' Tez chuckled, he couldn't want to see the looks on their faces. Tez sat down and waited as he watched the class.

Ater a few hours he saw all the fillies heading out the door. He could hear them laughing and he brought his attention to the playground near the building. Guess it was time for recess now. He moved over to the other side of the roof and looked for the CMC, being sure to stay out of sight...not that anypony would bother to look up.

'Now...where are they...ah there they are...' Tez thought as he saw the girls sitting under a tree eating lunch.

"How about rock climbing?" Scootaloo said.

"Tried it." Applebloom said as she bit into her flower sandwhich.

"Um...how about...no we tried that." Sweetie Belle said with a frown.

"What haven't we tried?" Scootaloo huffed, she bit into an apple and tried to think of something.

"Hey blankflanks." Diamond Tiara said as she and Silver Spoon approached.

"What do ya' want Diamond Tiara?" Applebloom said with a glare, she did not want to put up with Tiara right now.

"Have you three still not earned your Cutie Marks? That is just like sooo pathetic. Right Silver Spoon?"

"Yeah, pathetic." Silver Spoon agreed. She and Tiara began to laugh.

The CMC glared, couldn't they get one day without being tormented by these two?

"Why don't you just leave us alone." Sweetie Belle said.

"Yeah. Go crawl under a rock with the rest of the slugs." Scootaloo said.

"Slug! You..." Tiara glared and seemed ready to pounce, only to scream as she was lifted into the air by her tail.

"I'm all in favor of a good cat fight...but I think you....should go." Tez said with a smirk.

Everything was quiet, all the fillies stared at Tez. Diamond Tiara looked at him with pure terror, as did Silver Spoon. What was this thing?

"Now...be a good little filly and....go." Tez said as he put Tiara down.

"Monster! Ahhhh!" Silver Spoon screamed and ran off, Tiara followed. All the fillies, save the CMC, ran screaming back into the school.

Tez rubbed the back of his neck, "Well...that could have gone better. Guess I should have expected that."

"Tez!" Applebloom said and hugged his leg, "What are ya'll doin here?"

"Wow Tez, you scared those two good." Scootaloo laughed as she also hugged Tez's leg.

"Hey Tez." Sweetie Belle said as she hugged Tez as well.

Tez smiled, "Oh, thought I'd visit my three favorite crusaders. How are you girls doing?"

"We're fine." They all said at once.

"What is going on out here? Tez?" Cheerilee said with surprise as she walked outside to investigate, "I take it you're the one that scared all my students."

Tez laughed nervously as he rubbed the back of his head, "Well...not intentionally."

Cheerilee sighed, "Well why don't you come inside and fix this by introducing yourself."

Tez nodded and hurried over. The CMC followed, they hoped Tez would stay for the rest of school.

It took a bit of time to calm all the students down, but once Cheerilee had assured them that he was not a monster, Tez proceeded to introduce himself.

"It is a pleasure to meet you all. I am Tezcatlipoca, or Tez for short. I am sorry if I scared all of you. I guess I should have known that my pressence would be less known to the children of Ponyville considering most of you are here when I am outside. I am very sorry."

All the students looked at Tez with curiosity. Now that their initial fear was gone, they wanted to know what he was, and being kids there was only one way to do that. Ask questions.....lots of questions.

"What are you?" One asked.

"What is that your wearing?"

"It looks like a dress." One giggled.

"Are you an alien?" Another asked.

"What's your cutie mark?"

"Where is your cutie mark?"

And more and more questions. Tez seemed a bit unsure which to answer first as they came almost at every corner, one after another.

"Now class, one question at a time please." Cheerilee said.

One filly raised her hoof, Tez pointed to her and she asked, "What are you?"

Tez chuckled, "I'm a friend. Also an alien."

One colt raised his hoof, "Is that a dres you're wearing?"

Tez blinked then laughed, "No, no child it is not. It is the customary clothing of where I am from, its cultural."

"Oh." The colt said.

"How did you get here?" One filly asked.

"I crashed here, and no there is no big invasion." Tez said.

Diamond Tiara raised her hoof, "Where's your cutie mark?"

Tez looked at Tiara, from what he could guess from listening on the conversation between her and the CMC she took a pleasure in being mean to those who were as she called them blank flanks.

"Well...I don't have one," Tez said, he saw Tiara smirk with some sort of self superiority. Then he said, "I don't have one because I don't need one."

Everypony, even Cheerilee blinked. How could somepony not need a cutie mark? How did they know what their talent was?

"If you don't have a cutie mark, how do you know what you're good at?" One filly asked.

"Through trial and error. Where I am from many people try various things over and over again till they learn what they are good at, and we can be good at hundreds of things while bad at others. Our talents are not limited to one single aspect."

Everypony was a bit shocked. That there was a creature that could be skilled in several talents and not just a single one was....surprising. Tez smirked as he saw the wide eyes on Tiara, time to really prove the fact and take her attitude down a notch.

"If you want I can demonstrate a few of my own special talents." Tez offered, all the kids in class said yes and watched with curiosity.

"Alright. Well one of my skills is magic." Tez said as he thought of a spell to use.

"How can you use magic if you're not a unicorn?" One unicorn filly asked.

Tez smirked, oh how little they knew, "Magic is an energy that exists in all things my little filly. Everything that lives is connected to the forces of magic and can tap into its power. Of course these innate abilities can only stretch so far and vary from creature to creature. Pegasus can manipulate the weather and earth ponies are more intune with the earth, this is their innate connection to the flows of magic that allow them to do what they do. Even the magical abilities of you unicorns is your innate connection."

Tez thought of a spell, it was simple yet it was well beyond anything Twilight or the princesses could do he was sure, "Of course to truely tap into the full raw power of magic one requires years of hard training. Now...allow me to demonstrate a spell that I have learned in my years of training. Just give me a moment to get what I need."

Tez walked outside, all the class followed and looked out the door watching Tez. Tez kneeled down and placed his hand on the ground and gathered the magical energy he would need. His body was surrounded by a slight dark aura as released the spell. Tendrils of magic crackled against the ground and a large cat shaped piece of earth tore up from the ground. The strange statue was about as big as a full grown pony, it stood on all fours, its mouth open showing large sharp cainines.

All the class and Cheerilee stared with wide eyes and mouths hanging open. Tez lifted the statue and carried it into class, standing again infront of the desks he placed it on the ground and placed his hand on the head and scratched it behind its ears.

"If everypony will take their seats again." Tez said, all the kids returned to their seats. Cheerilee walked up to Tez, she eyed the statue which looked...rather scary.

"Uh...Tez...this spell won't be dangerous will it?" She asked.

"Of course not. Trust me." Tez said with a smile.

Cheerilee was still unsure but nodded, "Alright." She gave Tez his space and watched.

"Now then I will begin, now the main thing to remember is to not panic." Tez drew upon more magic and focused the spell into the statue. Magical energy crackled about the statue and it began to shake. Then, with sudden jerks it began to move, its whole body shook itself and it stretched. It's eyes glowed a dark green as it growled low and looked around.

The entire class was silent and shaking at the sudden animation of the statue and its feral predatory look. The statue began to walk, circling around the desks. It growled every so often and looked around before returning to Tez's side and laying down.

"This is an animation spell. It brings to life inanimate objects. Of course...I can only animate things that are cat like, in this case, this is a statue of a jaguar." Tez said as he pet the statue, which rubbed its head against his hand.

All the kids looked with awe, now that their initial fear was gone. Tez allowed the statue to walk up to each desk and the fillies and colts each got a chance to pet the statue, which they found was a silly idea but went with it anyway. Once they were done Tez sent the statue outside and with a snap of his fingers the statue became a statue again. With another snap of his fingers it returned to the earth from where it sprouted from.

"Well Tez, that was certainly interesting. Now class I think we should return to our lessons. It was good to meet you again Tez." Cheerilee said.

The students awwed in disappointment, they wanted to see what else Tez could do.Tez merely smiled and said, "Your teacher is right students. It was wonderful to meet you all, if you want I will try to visit more often."

The students all smiled, and cheered. Tez chuckled, "Well have a good day everypony." With that he waved good bye and left. Of course Tez did not go far, but merely back into his tree.

'I haven't played with the girls in awhile, I guess I can devote today to hanging with the little fillies,' Tez thought, and then got comfy again as he waited for school to end.

Twilight sighed, she had tried to keep her mind off of all that had transpired yesterday; yet still all that Tez had done haunted her thoughts.

'How did he do that spell? I have never seen anything like it, not even Starswirl the Bearded was able to make such a spell. To recreate things simply from memory...its not possible.' She thought as she began to pace around the table.

"Twilight...you're wearing a groove into the floor." Spike said, as he sat and watched Twilight walk in a circle.

Twilight stopped pacing and looked at the ground and noticed that she had started to wear slight trench into the ground. She blushed and quickly got out, "You're right Spike, but I can't get my mind off of it."

Spike shrugged, "So Tez did some wierd magic. It's probably just that where he is from, they found spells you don't know yet."

Twilight sighed, "I don't know Spike. The way he did it...it would be almost impossible for even me to try it. Still...the possibility that Tez knows spells I don't is intriguing."

"Well why don't you go ask him if he could teach ya a bit. I'm sure he will say yes." Spike said.

Twilight thought on that then smiled, "Hmm it would be interesting to learn something new. I'll go find him now." She then ran out the door and off to find Tez.

Spike watched Twilight go then smirked mischievously and ran up to the kitchen to get himself some ice cream, 'Thank you Tez.' He thought as he got his sugary treat.

The school bell rang, signaling the end of school for the day. Colts and fillies ran out with excitment, they talked over all that had happened today, specifically about Tez.

"He is cool." One colt said.

"He seems nice." A filly said to her friends, they all then giggled over something and ran off.

"Did you see that statue thing? That was awsome!" Scootaloo said, "And Diamond Tiara's face, priceless!"

Applebloom and Sweetie Belle laughed, then Applebloom said, "Yeah. I thought she was gonna faint when that cat thing walked past her."

The girls giggled, but Scootaloo stopped when she felt something wet hit her head, "What the?" She placed a hoof on her head and brought it back and saw that there was saliva on her head.

"Ewww." She quickly wiped her head and looked up at what caused the disgusting moment. Applebloom and Sweetie Belle aslo looked at all all three gasped at what they saw.

It was Tez, and he was obviosuly napping on a branch in a tree...and he was drooling.

"Hey Tez!" Scootaloo shouted up.

Tez groaned a bit and wiped at his mouth as he opened his eyes, "Oh hey girls," Tez yawned, "I was having the most wonderful dream....I got to find out if there is a copy of Kama Sutra here on this planet."

"Kama what?" Sweetie Belle asked.

"Eh, it's something for older ponies." Tez said.

"Aww come on, tell us. We're big ponies." Applebloom begged, Scootaloo and Sweetie Belle begged as well.

"Sorry girls. Ask me when your old enough to get married and I will." Tez said as he stretched, very much like a cat.

"When you do that, you remind me of Opalesence when she gets up from a nap." Sweetie Belle said.

"Well, maybe I'm part cat." Tez smirked, somewhat true.

"Well mister feline, why are you up there?" Scootaloo asked.

Tez jumped down and smiled at the fillies, "Well I figured I'd spend the day with my three favorite fillies. That is not a problem is it?"

"No, we don't mind." Applebloom said.

"Yeah, it will be cool to hang with you," Scootaloo said, "Especially after you totally scared the skin off of Diamond Tiara like that."

Tez smirked, "Well, I try. So shall we get going?"

The girls nodded and the four of them headed over to the club house. All the way the girls talked about what happened in class.

"That was cool the way you made that statue move. Can you do other things with magic?" Scootaloo asked.

"Of course," Tez said, "Some of it is similar to what unicorns here can do such as levitation. But I am capable of higher degrees of magic."

"Wow, you must be really good at it." Sweetie Belle said.

Tez smirked, "Well I know a spell or two."

"Hey, do you think you could show us some more?" Scootaloo asked.

Tez thought for a moment, "Hmm...sure. Let's head to the park, there is a wide field there so it is the perfect place to show you some real magic."

The girls cheered and ran for the park. Tez smirked and followed.

When they arrived in the park, Tez found a nice empty spot in the field and nodded, "Alright. Make yourself comfy while I think of a spell."

The CMC nodded and sat down to watch. Tez stood there for a moment and tried to think of a spell to knock the girls mane's off.

"Tez! There you are." Twilight said as she walked over.

Tez and the CMC looked over and waved. "Hey Twilight." Tez said.

"Howdy Twilight." Applebloom said.

"Hey Twilight. Tez was gonna show us some more of his magic. It is really cool."

"Yeah, he even brought a statue to life in class." Sweetie Belle said.

Twilight blinked, "You did an animation spell?"

Tez nodded, "It was of a statue of a jaguar only, but yes."

Twilight was surprised, "I am surprised. It's not an easy spell to cast."

Tez smirked, "Maybe for a rookie."

"What do you mean, a rookie?" Twilight asked.

"Simple, only a beginner mage has trouble in weaving the necessary magical energies to bring temporary life to an inanimate object. Though given the preschool level of magic you are learning Twilight I guess it is understandable."

"Preschool level!" Twilight shouted, appauled by what Tez said.

Tez nodded, "Yes. Frankly Twilight that book I remade for you was not even worth your time reading. Whoever this Starswirl the bearded was....his grasp of magic was that of a lesser practitioner."

"What!?!" Twilight screamed, she was fuming and looked both insulted and ready to kill.

The girls looked between Twilight and Tez, their ears flat. They were not liking where this might be going.

"Twilight, you have a great skill for magic. I can tell, I can feel the power that lurks within you," Tez said as his eyes glowed for a moment, "But, you will never fully awaken your potential if you limit yourself to lesser techniques."

Twilight walked towards Tez, her eyes glaring murder, "You...you...you.." She tried to say something but could not even find words, such was her rage.

"Frankly Twilight if you really want to become a powerful user of the arts. You should let me teach you, because not even Celestia will be able to bring you to your strongest, because she herself is not at her strongest." Tez said.

"How dare you! You actually say that Princess Celesta is a weak magic user!? She moves the sun and Princess Luna the moon, how can you even say that either is weak in magical skill!" Twilight shouted, she seemed ready to strangle Tez.

The CMC watched all of this silently, Applebloom whispred, "Are they fighting?"

"I don't think so. Both would be yelling if they were, but Tez is just calm." Scootaloo said.

"Should we say something?" Sweetie Belle asked.

"I don't think so, umm Twilight seems ready to snap." Applebloom said.

"Yeah...I think we should just stay out of this." Scootaloo said.

"I don't mean to insult the princesses skills in magic. They are certainly strong if they can move the sun and moon, but they have not reached their full potential, and frankly moving the sun and moon is not that big a deal. I could do it." Tez said.

Twilight scowled, "Prove it."

"Alright." Tez shrugged.

Twilight watched Tez who turned and took a slow breath in. The CMC watched with curiosity, the fact that somepony said that they could do what the princesses could do was curious.

Tez slowly exhaled and crossed his arms over his chests, his fists against his shoulders and took in another slow breath. Slowly his usual aura began to envelope him and slowly the wind seemed to begin to pick up force around him.

Soon the wind around Tez began to blow violently, throwing up dirt and sticks. Twilight and the CMC had to cover their eyes to keep dirt out of them. Tez took in another slowly breath as the aura around him darkened even more and then with a scream he brought his arms down sending a final blast of wind all around him.

"AHHHHHHH!" Tez screamed as magical energies began to crackle about him wildly. The energy flared up all around him surging about, and from his body.

All across Ponyville, ponies looked into the distance and saw the great surge of magical energy. Slowly everypony made their way towards the location, unsure of what they would find, and yet curious of what it was.

Rainbow Dash was the first to arrive and gasped when she saw Tez, who had bolts of magic crackle all across his body. His eyes glowing brightly. The wind blew wildy about him, and she had to land or risk being thrown about by the wind.

"Twilight! Whats going on, what is Tez doing?" Dash asked worried.

Twilight gulped, "Tez...Tez was saying things about the princess and the skill of magic in Equestria and then he said that he could move the sun just as princess Celestia could. So...I told him to prove it...and I think he intends to."

"Move the sun? But thats impossible. Only Princess Celestia can move the sun, Tez has to be bragging." Dash said, though when she looked back at him she was not so sure.

Soon dozens of other ponies, including Applejack, Pinkie Pie, Fluttershy, and Rarity, arrived and all watched with slight fear as more and more magical energy gathered around Tez, who had begun to do strange hand and arm movements as he gazed up at the sun.

Applejack and Rarity ran to their sisters and held them close to them, worried over what Tez was doing.

"Twilight, what in tarnation is Tez doing." Applejack asked.

"He....is going to move the sun..." Twilight said, she could not look away as Tez continued his strange movements and motions. He began to speak in a strange language, almost like chanting.

"Surely you are jesting. Nopony can move the sun but Princess Celestia." Rarity said.

"Oh, oh, if he moves the sun we should throw him a, 'You moved the Sun party'." Pinkie Pie said with a smile as she hopped around, apparently not bothered at all by the event taking place.

Fluttershy was shaking as she watched Tez, "Umm...are you sure we should let him do this? What if he hurts himself?"

"I don't think we should go near him...all that magical energy around him could be dangerous." Twilight said as she stared in awe as Tez gathered more and more magic about him.

Suddently Tez thrust his arms towards the sun and everypony began to panic as the sun was surrounded by the same dark aura that surrounded Tez, dulling the light slightly. Tez was breathing heavily and he was beginning to sweat as the sun slowly began to move across the horizon.

"The horror! The horror!" One pony shouted, many were panicking staring up with fear and shock. Others were running around unsure of what this all meant. Twilight and the rest of her friends merely watched with shock and awe as the very thing they thought impossible was done...right before their eyes.

"Wow! So cool!" Scootaloo said as she watched Tez. Applebloom and Sweetie Belle also watched with surprise and admiration.

Celestia had seen many things in her life. But...this...this was something that had taken her both by surprise and brought horror to her heart. She stared up with wide eyed terror as the sun, surrounded by a dark arua that seemed familar to her, moved across the sky and began to set.

"Tia! Did you see.." Luna shouted as she ran onto the balcony her sister stood on and watched the sun begin to set with as much fear and shock as Celestia was.

"Tia. What is going on?" Luna asked, looking at her sister with worry.

"I don't know..." Celestia said as she watched the sun lower over the horizon before stopping in the middle of a sunset.

Luna and Celestia were silent as they watched the sun set, Luna then said, "Ummm...should we raise the night sister?"

Celestia was silent and could not think straight..."Yes...do that Luna....I...I have to....do something.." With that Celestia turned and left.

Luna watched her sister go with a frown, then regarded the setting sun and her horn began to glow and the night beginning its rise. She stood there for a moment as she watched the moon slowly begin to rise in the night sky. She waited and waited for a long time, to see if anything else would happen, when nothing did she retreated back inside.

'What was all that? I hope it is not a sign of terrible things to come.' She thought as she sought out her sister.

Everypony stood with shock as the night began. Tez stood there silently looking up at the sky, the wind had died down around him. The dark aura that had surrounded him was gone and the magical energies that had once swirled about him were gone, dispersed once again into the world.

Twilight stared at Tez with wide eyes, her mouth hanging open. The rest of her friends also had the same expression on their faces.

"Wow! That was awsome!" Scootaloo said as she rushed over to Tez, followed by Applebloom and Sweetie Belle.

"Wow Tez, that was sure something." Applebloom said.

"Yeah, does this mean your a prince or something?" Sweetie Belle asked.

Tez stood there silent. The girls looked at each other and Applebloom nudged his leg.

"Tez? Are you okay?" Applebloom asked.

Tez soon fell forward onto the ground, his eyes were empty in unconciousness. The CMC gasped and shook Tez, trying to wake him up.

"Applejack! I think Tez is hurt!" Applebloom called to her sister.

"Hurt? What do ya mean hurt?" Applejack asked as she and the rest of girls ran over to Tez, their eyes filled with worry.

"Tez. Tez are you okay? Oh please be okay." Twilight said.

"Oh no...what should we do?" Fluttershy asked.

"Well he still has a pulse, but he seems to be unconcious. Whatever he did seems to have taken alot out of him, " Rarity said as she held a hoof over a point on Tez's neck to feel his pulse, "Oh my he is completly drenched in sweat."

"Will Tez be okay sis?" Sweetie Belle asked.

Rarity looked to her sister, "Yes dear. But we should get him someplace comfortable."

"Let's get him into his bed, " Twilight said as she lifted Tez with her magic.

"That is a good idea." Rarity said, "All we can really do is wait for him to regain conciousness."

Twilight nodded, "I'll let you girls know when Tez wakes up." She looked up at the night sky and said, "I...guess we should all head to bed now."

The girls nodded and all went home, everypony else had already left as well, though many were still unsure of what had transpired. Twilight ran home, carrying Tez on her back and hoped that he would wake up soon. Though all the way her mind was plagued with questions and fear. If Tez was able to move the sun, what else was he capable of?

"You saw that as well did you not?" Mextli said to his brother, as they stared up at the night sky on the top of the temple.

The temple was nearing completion, by....tomorrow night?...it would be finished and they could start the binding ceremony. But for now...they were focused on other matters.

"Yes...it only means one thing." Acol said.

"Yes....only one mage I know could have done that without acess to a leyline. It would have left him weakened and tired...but he could still do it." Mextli said as he turned to look at his brother.

"Yes....and now that we have seen it, we now know the answer to a question." Acol said as he looked to his brother.

"Tez is alive." They both said at once and looked back up at the night sky.

Tez was alive...and now they would have to find him. Because with him...their plans would progress alot easier.

Well once again another epic chapter don'tcha think? :) Hope you all enjoyed it, oh things are getting more and more crazy by the minute. Isn't it beautiful?