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Redemption, Damnation and FIM - ShadowWalking18

A HIE fic. More info? Look inside. First Fic here so please comment. Title sucks will edit it later.

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Chapter 19

I put forth to you all a CHALLANGE! I want to know what you, my faithful readers, consider to be th perfect song(s) that would be perfect for Tez as a theme song, or when he is getting flirty with the girls. Or just something that sounds good when things get EPIC. This is all purely optional, though it would certainly be interesting to see what you all think. If a certain song gets alot of votes I will write a chapter that has the lyrics in it if you so desire.

Well that is that, enjoy the chapter.

Celestia sat on her throne, all morning, and through most of the previous night. She had been plagued with questions and visits from court members and ambassadors alike. Each bearing the same question: "What was the cause of the sun's premature setting?"

No matter how many times she heard the question, she could not help but feel a shiver run down her spine as she said, "It is unknown to me. I am however doing all in my power, as is Luna, to finding what caused it."

As always the answer did little to ease anypony's worries or her own. And while she had to show an air of confidence, and make everypony think that she had all the answers covered, the truth was...Celestia knew nothing of what would cause the sun to move as it did. Though one thing was for certain, it had been magical in nature.

'Perhaps if I think back on the event with a clearer head I might catch something I missed.' Celestia thought, it wouldn't hurt to try.

The sun had moved by magical means. Great magical means, and it had been surrounded by a strangly familiar dark aura. The aura was key, but...where had she seen it before. It seemed familar... had she seen it somewhere before?

Celestia thought long and hard before the answer hit her in the face. Dark aura...Gala....Tez....

"Tez!" Celestia shouted in relazation. She quickly got up and ran out of the throne room leaving her guards, who ran to catch up with her, in the dust. She ran all the way to Luna's room and burst through the door.

"Luna!" Celestia said as she ran to her sisters bed and shook her awake.

Luna pushed Celestia's hooves away and yawned, rubbing her eyes. "Tia...wha...what is it?"

"Luna get up and make yourself presentable. We are going to Ponyville, immediately." Celestia said as she pulled the covers off of Luna's bed. This caused the lunar princess to groan with annoyance as she got out of bed and began to brush her mane.

"What have you discovered sister?" Luna asked.

"It is Tez. He was the one that moved the sun." Celestia said, her voice tipping between anger and fear.

Luna blushed slightly, remember Tez, then she giggled, "We think you are being a bit silly Tia. Tez might have access to magic and might not be from this world. But how could he move the sun?"

Celestia sighed, "Luna, remember the aura that had surrounded the sun? It is the same aura that surrounded Tez when he used his magic at the Gala."

Luna thought on that for a moment as she finished brushing her mane, "Still Tia, how could Tez move the sun? It does not make any sense."

Celestia looked up at the sun, "Maybe you're right Luna. Maybe, all of what has transpired recently has me on edge and I am just using Tez as an excuse to lessen my own fears. But... if Tez did move the sun....who knows what else he can do."

Luna looked at her mirror and frowned a bit, 'Why did Tez move the sun and not the moon?'

"are you ready now? We should go soon." Celestia said impatiently.

Luna nodded as she placed her crown on her head, "Yes, let us go."

With that the two sister took flight from Luna's balcony. Leave the very distraught earth pony royal guards standing there, unable to follow.

Twilight was tired. No, tired was beyond the feeling, she was drop dead exhausted.

'Ugh, why did Tez have to move the sun....my sleeping patterns are all off now.' Twilight thought as she yawned and pushed open Tez's room door. There Tez still laid, practicly dead to the world around him, if not for his slow breathing one would have thought him dead.

Twilight sighed and closed the door, 'He has been like that for hours. I hope he is okay...dear Celestia, why did I make him move the sun?' Twilight rubbed her eyes and sniffled a bit. She could not help but feel as if Tez's current condition was her fault.

At the same time however she was frantically praying that he would awaken soon, she had so many questions. Tez had done something nopony but the princesses could do. She was curious and yet at the same time...upset by this.

'If Tez can move the sun as he said...does that mean...everything else he said was true as well.' Twilight felt as if her whole world was shaking. If Tez was right, then had she wasted most of her young life learning things on magic that were.... kindergarten level?

Twilight shivered at the thought. Most of what she had learned had been difficult, but...if Tez said that what she knew was low grade magic....then....what was difficult to him?

"Obviously moving the sun for one." Twilight said to herself as she got herself some tea, with LOTS of sugar.

"So it is true! Tez did move the sun! Awsome!" Spike said from behind Twilight.

Twilight turned surprised that the little dragon was up, "Spike, you usually sleep in this late."

Spike scratched the back of his head with a grin, "Heh, guess this sun moving thing is behind it."

"Hmmm, might have a point. Anyway, yes Tez did move the sun, and now he is unconscious because of it." Twilight said as she sipped her tea, she cringed a bit at all the sugar in it. But frankly she needed it so she drank more.

Spike frowned, "Still? Dang, that bites. You don't think he is hurt at all do you?"

Twilight shook her head, "No Spike, he seems fine. I guess even Tez can suffer from magical exhaustion."

"What's that?" Spike asked.

"It's when you get tired from using too much magic in one time. The more advanced a spell the more likely you are to get tired from it."

Spike nodded, though he did not seem to grasp the full picture he said, "Oh...okay. So what do you want to do today?"

"Well I do know I'm going to have to stay awake as long as I can today untill nightfall. That should get my internal clock back on the right track." Twilight said, she sipped her sugar tea some more.

"Well, I'm going to go see if Rarity needs any help. See you later Twilight." Spike said and ran down the stairs to the door.

"Have fun Spike." Twilight called finished her tea. Perhaps a good book will help keep her awake.

"Pr-pri-Princess Celestia! Princess Luna!" Spike said downstairs with surpirse, "What are you doing here?"

Twilight's ears twitched, as did one of her eyes, the princesses? here? NOW? Twilight ran down the stairs and her eyes widened as she saw the princesses walk into the library, Spike holding the door open for them, he had wide eyes himself.

"Princesses!" Twilight gasped, she quickly felt as if everything was out of place and disorganized.

"Hello Twilight. We are very sorry for the sudden visit, but is Tez around?" Celestia said.

"Uh...why do you want to see Tez? He hasn't done anything...he uh uh has just been...sick!" Twilight stammered, did the princess know what Tez did?

Celestia smirked and could not help but giggle a little at her students exasperation. "Twilight, may I see Tez? If he is here?"

Twilight felt sick, 'Oh no, no, no, no. Celestia knows Tez moved the sun, now she is gonna lock him away. Or banish him, or lock him up in a prison in the place she banishes him to.'

"Um...uh..." Twilight tried to think of something, but nothing could come to mind. She sighed and escorted the princesses to Tez's room. Spike followed, worried of what might happen to Tez.

"Is he sleeping" Luna asked as she walked over to the bed.

"I don't know. He has been like that since he...." Twilight did not want to finish the sentence.

Celestia smiled softly and placed a hoof on Twilight's shoulder reassuringly, "It is alright Twilight. I know that he moved the sun."

Twilight flinched, "Yeah...please don't be mad at him. I was the one that told him to prove that he could, I'm as much to blame as he is."

"Calm down Twilight. Tez is not in trouble, I just want to talk to him. That is if he wakes up." Celestia said,

As if those words were magic, Tez shot up. His eyes glowed and he snarled, his features looking more feral and feline almost. his teeth had become sharp, and four very sharp canines were noticable. Luna backed away gasping, and everypony looked at Tez. He sniffed about and looked in every direction, before finally calming down, and his features return to normal.

Tez groaned and rubbed his head, "Where am I?"

"Tez! Are you okay?" Twilight said as she ran over.

"Whoa bro, you have been out for awhile. Glad to see you're awake now." Spike said as he hopped onto Twilight's back.

"Tez, it is wonderful to see you are awake." Celestia said as she approached.

Tez rubbed his eyes and looked around, then to Luna, "Hello Luna. It is a pleasure to see you again."

Luna blushed slighty with a smile, "We are glad to see you again as well Tez."

Twilight and Celestia looked between Tez and the lunar princess. Tez smirked and looked to Celestia.

"So Celestia, have you come to punish me or something for messing with your sun?" Tez asked as he got out of bed, he noticed he was still wearing the ones he wore yesterday, "Hmm need to change."

Celestia blinked, "So you admit that you were behind the events with the sun yesterday" Celestia would focus on the relationship between Tez and Luna later.

"Yes, though I will not be doing that ever again. It leaves me exhausted, I'm sure you and Luna can understand that." Tez said as he began looking through his clothes, which color did he want to wear today?

Celestia and Luna looked at each other. They had never gotten tired when they moved the sun and moon. Celestia looked back to Tez, "No...I don't know."

Tez stopped dead and looked back at Celestia, his eyes wide. "You're telling the truth right?" He asked.

"I would not see a reason to lie about something I have been doing for almost all my life." Celestia said.

Tez was silent and looked to Luna, who nodded to comfirm that what was said was true. Tez turned around and began to mutter to himself.

"Impossible....perhaps....doesn't make sense....how...then....does it mean...Gah" Tez snarled and rubbed his head, then was silent.

"Um...Tez are you okay?" Twilight asked.

Tez was silent and he had returned to choosing which colored garb he would wear today. he finally decided to wear the blue, "I am fine Twilight." Tez finally choose the red colored garment and changed swiftly into them. 'It is kind of disappointing that ponies do not have the same sense of modesty as humans do. If they were just a bit more humanoid changing infront of them would be more...entertaining.' Tez thought with a smirk.

Once changed Tez turned to regard the princesses, he stayed silent as he let his eyes roam over their bodies. Celestia and Luna felt his eyes on them and both fidgeted a bit, feeling those eyes on them was...unnerving. Yet to Luna, they also made her heart skip beats, to know that those eyes were looking at her, taking in all that she was and staring into her soul. She could not help but blush slightly as Tez looked at her more intently.

Celestia herself could not understand what it was about those eyes that made her shiver. Perhaps it was the feeling of power behind them. Or perhaps the unblinking concentration they seemed to possess when they were looking at her, gazing all of her being and into her very core. Or perhaps it was how they looked at her, when Tez looked at her she could tell he was not seeing her as a princess or somepony of influence; he seemed to look at her as more of an equal, who she really was.

"Well my princesses, you both look as lovely as ever. So...if I am to be punished for my deeds then let us move on to that. If not, would you ladies be so willing as to join me for lunch? I could really use something to eat." Tez said as he began looking through his bit purse, or one of them. He had quite a decent amount of money now, not enough to purchase a residence of his own yet, but he would get there eventually.

"No...you are not being punished but.." Celestia said, but was cut off by Tez.

"Well then, that solves that problem. So then shall we get going? I know this one lovely cafe, and do not worry as a gentleman I will pay for whatever you order." Tez said as he got all the bits he was sure he would need and proceeded to walk out of his room.

Twilight, and Celestia watched Tez go. Both were wide eyed, Twilight because Tez had interrupted princess Celestia while she was talking, it was completly rude. Celestia, because she had not only been interrupted by Tez, but because Tez did not seem to even care about what he did, only asking if he was to be punished or not.

Luna was giggling, nopony had left Celestia silent or wide eyed before and she found the occasion to be hilarious. She also was excited of the fact that she could have lunch with Tez. 'Does this count as a date?' Luna thought, unsure if it was or not. Either way she would go, it was way better then simply going back to sleep.

"Well ladies shall we go." Tez said, looking to Luna, Celestia and Twilight with a smile.

Luna followed with a smile, Twilight and Celestia were silent for a moment, before finally following Tez as well. Spike stood there silent, alone.

"Uh...what just happened?" He asked himself before shrugging and heading to Rarity's.

The day was beautiful, the sun high in a clear blue sky. It would be seen as an ordinary day.... if one did not add the fact that both the royal princesses were enjoying lunch, at a very fine cafe, with the same being that had moved the sun not a day ago. To put it in mild terms, everypony in Ponyville was wide eyed or on edge.

It was particularly obvious to Celestia and Luna. When they were walking towards the cafe, with Tez continuing to cut Celestia off whenever she brought up the sun fiasco. This not only irritated her, but also caused Twilight to try, and try to get Tez to stop being "rude to the princess," sadly her efforts were also ignored. All Tez would do is smile, pat her cheek and keep going.

Add into the gasps of surprise and bowing of ponies when the princesses passed, followed by the uneasiness and at times awe that ponies showed around Tez, made for the entire walk to be eventful. And that was just the walk, when they had arrived at the cafe, the server seemed almost ready to have a heart attack as he took their orders. Luna did not seem to mind all that was going on, in fact Celestia noted that her sister seemed to be having the time of her life as she sat next to Tez. She smiled happily as she engaged in some conversation with him. Twilight seemed a bit nervous, apoligizing for Tez's actions, Celestia could only smile gently and reassure her student that it was alright.

Of course that was only partly true, while Celestia was happy to spend some time with Twilight, and to see that her sister was happy and lively, she could not help but continue to feel slighty annoyance with Tez. Whenever she talked with him about anything other than the sun, she was able to get full sentences out and to engage in proper conversation with him. But if she even brought up the sun in any form relating to his actions of moving it he would cut her off. Frankly it was starting to get on her nerves.

'Is he trying to avoid something? Could he be hiding something, does he even care about the consequences of his actions?' Celestia thought as she tried to think of a reason behind Tez's avoidance of the topic.

"If I might ask a question Celestia, that is if you are not too deep in thought." Tez said with a smirk as he sipped his drink.

Celestia blinked and looked to Tez, "Oh...yes...you may ask."

"I have noticed in Ponyville that there is a distinct ratio between the male and female sexes in which females seem to be the higher ratio. Is that common for all of Equestria?"

"Yes, there are more mares born then colts in Equestria. it has been that way for ages, is that a problem?" Celestia asked as she sipped her tea.

Tez shook his head, "No I was just curious if such a ratio had an effect over marriage and sexual practices of this planet. Is polygamy the more natural custom? Also is it common for two mares to get into a relationship and if they wanted children to simply use a male for that objective if they are unable to adopt at all?"

Twilight blushed, as did Luna, both fidgeted in their stools as they looked at their hooves. Celestia, who was still sipping her tea when Tez said this, ended up spitting her tea at Tez's face as she blushed immensly, when she realized what she did she blushed even more.

"Tez! Oh no, I..I'm sorry...I.." Celestia sputtered as she tried to regain her composure.

Tez just smiled, even when tea was sprayed in his face, he merely picked up his napkin and wiped his face. Then...he merely waited for his answer.

"Tez!" Twilight said, regaining some composure, "You don't ask the princess a question like that...it..its just....you don't do it!" Twilight was still blushing as she lectured him.

"It is...a rather sudden question." Luna said as she fidgeted a bit more, why would Tez ask a question like that?

"Well....I asked so what is the answer?" Tez said simply with a smirk. His eyes glittered with enjoyment.

Celestia coughed and took a steady breath, though her face was still red, and she said, "Well...it is not...uncommon for stallions to be in multiple relationships, or for two mares to be in one...oh dear..." Celestia felt embarressed talking about this in a public setting. It was bad enough ponies saw her spray tea all over Tez.

"Ah...so with the unequal ratio a pony's sex life is more open, with very few taboos yes?" Tez said.

Celestia simply nodded, not wanting to speak right now. 'Why is he asking this? Sweet mother this is just...just....' She could not even think of a word that could describe this.

"And what of marriage? Is it natural for a stallion to have more then one mare for a wife?" Tez asked.

"Yes...it is not unheard of...though most only take another wife if they can financially support another." Celestia said.

Tez nodded and finished his drink, "Thank you. My curiosity is satisfied."

"Um...Tez...why did you want to know all that?" Luna asked.

Tez shrugged and said, "Simply curious. I never could find a time to ask and now just seemed like a good time as any," he then smirked and said, "Plus I wanted to see how Celestia would react...priceless." He chuckled lightly.

Luna blinked, and could not help but giggle. She had to admit, that seeing Tia so flustered, it was as Tez said. Priceless.

Celestia glared at Tez with annoyance and huffed, "Well Tez if you are quite done now, I will be talking to you about your moving of the sun." Celestia said, putting emphasis on the will. She would not be distracted from this conversation anymore.

Tez smirked, "Is there a reason to? You are not going to punish me, and I have no intention of doing so ever again. So why talk about it?"

"Because you moved the sun. I want to know why you did it." Celestia said looking critically at Tez.

Luna frowned and looked to Tez, "We must agree with our sister. I would like to know why you moved the sun as well." Luna muttered something about the moon as she looked at the ground slightly disappointed in something for a moment, before looking back to Tez.

Tez blinked and leaned back against his chair, his arms crossed over his chest. He tilted his chair back and kept it balanced on its two back legs as he looked up at the sky. He then said, "To prove a point. And because Twilight told me to."

Twilight cringed and looked to Celestia ashamed, "He...he is right. Tez was saying that he could move the sun...and a few other things I don't want to repeat....so...I told him to prove it." Twilight sniffed, "If I hadn't told him that, he never would have moved the sun. I'm so sorry princess Celestia."

Twilight hung her head and rubbed her eyes, Celestia frowned and placed her hoof under Twilight's chin and lifted her head up.

"Twilight Sparkle," Celestia said as she comforted her student, "Do not be ashamed or sad, you did not know Tez was capable of it, nor did I. Though I must ask...what else was he saying that you do not wish to repeat?"

"That frankly I am the most powerful magic user on this planet. And that all that you think you know of magic, is but dust blowing in the wind to my knowledge and power." Tez said.

Luna, and Celestia looked at Tez with wide eyes. Twilight just looked into her tea cup, after what she witnessed yesterday...she was not sure if she could doubt anything Tez said on this matter anymore.

"That is a rather bold thing to say Tez. My sister have been practicing magic for years, the only one to have ever been our equal in magic was Starswirl the Beared." Celestia said. Luna nodded in confirmation.

Tez smirked, "I make no bold boasts my princesses. To put it simply, if all the magical power and knowledge you currently possessed and could tap into could fill a fishbowl. Mine could fill the ocean."

"Tez...it is rather hard to beleive that." Celestia said.

"But...considering what you did with the sun...it is obvious you do possess considerable power." Luna said, she could not help feel a bit of fear in her heart. If Tez was telling the full truth...then he could be very dangerous. She liked that.

"I speak the truth in this matter. Beleive it or not, however I will tell you this Celestia I will be taking over for Twilight's magical training from now on."

"What!?" Celestia, Twilight and Luna said at once.

Tez's face showed no emotion as he said, "Twilight holds great promise in the arts. I can tell that with proper education she could become my equal in magical skill. I will not allow such a diamond to be shaped by lesser hands. Not that what you have taught her is lesser...well...it is...but that's not the point. The real point is that I will be training her from now on."

Twilight felt as if her world was crumbling. Tez was going to teach her magic? A part of her was excited, if Tez was truthful in what he spoke of who knows what he could teach her. But...to give up being Celestia's student...it felt as if she was losing a part of herself, something she did not want.

Somewhere in Celestia's mind, a twig snapped. A twig made of solid reinforced steel, "Tez, I like you...you are somepony I can get along with and enjoy being in the company of. But if you think I am going to just give up Twilight like that you are mistaken." Celestias voice carried a tone of aggression, slight but there.

"Tia...Tez...doesn't Twilight have a say in all of this?" Luna asked, scared of what this could esculate into.

"Yeah...Shouldn't I be the one to decide who I want to teach me." Twilight said, hoping to stave off any fighting. Last thing she wanted was to see two poines, or well one pony and one human, that she cared about fighting over her. If she saw that she was sure that her entire world would just shatter into nothing.

Tez and Celestia looked at Luna, then Twilight, then back to each other. They locked eyes, and while Celestia felt the usual shiver go down her spine, and her heart beat quicken, she did not let it show or control her thoughts. Not now anyway.

Tez sighed, "They are right. We should not let this lead to a confrontation. I have no desire of fighting you Celestia, it would break my heart to do so, as would having to see Luna and Twilight have to watch such a thing."

Celestia took a calming breath, "Yes...you are right. I am sorry if I seemed aggressive, I guess with everything that has happened so far it has left me a bit...on edge."

Tez nodded, "Yes I can understand that. With me being able to move the sun, something that has probably been the only thing that has kept your kingdom safe from being taken over by another country that is more militaristic, leaves you feeling...defenseless."

Celestia nodded, "Yes...you would be correct."

Tez nodded, "Well, as I said do not worry about it anymore. It won't happen again."

Celestia nodded, "I will hold you to that Tez. I thank you for this peaceful evening, but me and Luna should get back to Canterlot now. No doubt the guards are in a frenzy at our sudden departure."

"Awww, do we have to Tia?" Luna whined, she did not want to leave.

Celestia looked at her sister, and the way she would glance to Tez every so often, "Yes Luna...I think we should go....there is much to do." and much more to discuss Celestia thought.

"Before you go Celestia...perhaps we could.... compromise." Tez said.

Celestia turned to face him, "And what would that be?"

"If Twilight still sends you those report things, would it be alright if I teach her how to properly use her abilities in magic?" Tez asked.

Celestia blinked, "You are dead set on that aren't you."

Tez nodded, "Does it sound resonable?"

Celestia sighed and thought for a moment, then she looked to Twilight, "What do you think Twilight?"

Twilight fidgeted a bit and looked up to her teacher, "Um...well I want to continue being your student princess...but...I guess I am a bit curious about what Tez could teach me..." Twilight looked at the ground afraid she might have offended Celestia.

Celestia simply smiled lightly, "If that is what you want Twilight, it is alright. You are still my student, but you are also capable of making decisions of your own."

"So...you're not mad?" Twilight asked.

Celestia chuckled, "No Twilight. Though I will expect an extra report on anything that Tez teaches you."

Twilight smiled, "I can do that. You can count on me princess."

Celestia smiled and looked to Tez, "Well I guess it is agreed then."

Tez smiled, "I am glad. It has been a pleasure Celestia," he looked to Luna and gave a wink, "And a great pleasure to see you again Luna."

Luna blushed as she smiled, "It was a pleasure to see you again as well Tez." with that she stood spreading her wings and took to the air with her sister back to Canterlot. Tez and Twilight watched them go, once the princesses were far away Twilight looked to Tez.

"So....when do we start?" She asked.

Tez smiled...but it was not a friendly smile. It had...an evil sort of feel to it. A smile that seemed to promise...a painful time. Twilight gulped.

"We start....immediatly." Tez said.

Twilight gulped again, 'Help me....'

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