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Redemption, Damnation and FIM - ShadowWalking18

A HIE fic. More info? Look inside. First Fic here so please comment. Title sucks will edit it later.

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Chapter 3

Okay making this chapter slightly irritated cause i had something great going but then my laptop freezes on me and shuts down so i lost all that i had typed previously and now have to type it again. I hate techology sometimes.

Images flashed across his mind. Blurred pictures and words. Bits of pieces of information. A chaotic storm of things that made no sense. All around him was darkness, and the strange feeling of pain that came from a distant source.

Voices. Voices outside. Outside where?

'Those voices.'

The voices seemed to be growing more coherent. Sounds mingled with them. Conciousness slowly returning.

'Their outside.'

The images faded away to nothing. The darkness slowly beginning to crumble as he seemed to be pulled elsewhere.

'Where I must be.

Slowly, very slowly he felt himself begin to open his eyes. The first thing that he was greeted to was sudden brightness and he closed his eyes swiftly and give them a moment to adapt to the sudden change of light being absorbed. Once he was sure he would not be blinded by light he slowly opened them and examined his surroundings.

He was in a small room. The ceiling was white and the floor was blue tile. Two windows to his left let the morning sun shine in. He felt something soft on him and noticed that a white sheet covered most of his lower and upper body stopping just below the shoulders. Under him was a soft matress. The bed also had curtins near it that were designed to encircle the bed should such a want be desired. His head rested on several pillows. All in all it was comfy, save for the distant feeling of pain. He tried to find out where the pain was coming from.

Upon inspection of his body he noticed that his left arm was bandaged tightly at the forearm almost covering it. it was moveable but it ached when he did move it. His other arm was covered in a hard cast that prevented movement and kept the bone properly aligned to heal properly. The sling kept it close to his chest.

He tried to move his legs and felt sharp pain. He moved aside the sheets to reveal that one of his legs was also covered in a hard cast, it felt itchy. The other leg was wrapped up tight with bandages, and while moveable, hurt if he moved it anywhere beyond an inch of motion. He then took notice of his chest, it was bare save for a large wrapping of bandges. He felt pain if he breathed in too deeply so he kept his breathing to a slow light pace. His skin was soft and lacked any hair, save for the hair on his head that seemed to fall over his eyes everytime he moved it out of the way. The only thing he was wearing were a pair of shorts that only went down part way of his legs.

"Doctor. It's awake." A voice said, it was a female voice he could tell.

He turned to where the voice came from and saw a strange creature before him. It had white fur, and walked on four hooved legs. It wore a white hat with a red cross on it. On the flanks of her rear legs was the same symbol that was on her hate. Her, mane he thinks the word is, and tail was pink. The mane was styled and pulled into a bun. Whatever this creature was it was certainly intelligent if it could talk and style hair. But, what was it?

He groaned and lifted his good arm slowly to place his hand to his head as he felt his mind barraged with more blurry and swiftly fading images and words, but one word seemed to stick. Horse or Pony. This creature before him must be one.

Soon another creature entered from the door, this one was slightly taller then the female and had on what seemed to be a pony suited lab coat.

"Well hello there," The male called Doctor said, "I am surprised to see you awake, we were not sure if you would survive the night with the injuries you had. But since you are awake I believe you should be okay though if you will make a full recovery is still unknown you are badly injured."

He looked at the doctor, confused for a moment before saying, "Where am I? and...who am I?" He groaned again as he placed his hand to his head again as he felt another headache of blurry images and words strike his mind.

"Hmm you must have suffered some amnesia, perhaps from shock or head trauma. I wouldn't worry much amnesia isn't always permenant. As for where you are, you are in the Ponyville Medical Clinic. You were brought here by some of our towns residents, Twilight Sparkle and her friends." Doctor said.

He noticed something, as he looked at them they seemed to be a bit, uncomfortable. But... why? He opened his mouth to say something but a low growl came from his stomach.

Doctor chuckled, "Well I can tell you are hungry. Nurse Redheart could you get him something to eat." Doctor said to the female pony next to him.

Redheart nodded and said, "Of coures Doctor Whooves." With that she walked out the door, a sense of relief came across her face. Why?

He ignored it as again his stomch made its hunger know. He looked to the doctor, Doctor Whooves as he was called, "So... I was brought here?"

Doctor Whooves nodded, "Yes, What Nurse Redheart has told me is that Twilight and her friends found you a distance from where something fell from the sky. Do you know anything about it?"

Images swiftly flashed in his mind in rapid succession each one blurry and incoherent. He gripped his head groaning once again from the headaches these images brought. Once the pain passed he shook his head saying, "No. I'm sorry but I can't remember... anything." he frowned. Who was he?

"Well I wouldn't worry you should remember eventually. Just give your mind time to rest and sort itself out."

He nodded at the doctors words and turned back to the window to look at the morning sky. it looked.... so beautiful.

The nurse returned after a moment bringing a bed tray with a bowl of steaming liquid, soup he thought was the proper word, or was it brooth? She set the tray on the bed and swiftly backed away from him. Again that feeling that they were afraid of him, why were they?

He looked at the bowl of soup and noticed no spoons. Of course, that would be the case if all the creatures here did not have fingers, so he picked up the bowl with his free hand and brought it to his mouth and slowly drank the brooth. His taste buds were assulted with sensations he never felt before. The sweet taste and aroma made the hunger vanish; he drank his meal slowly so as to savor every moment until at least he had finished the soup and set the empty bowl back on the tray.

"Thank you." He said as the nurse took the tray.

"Oh yes," Doctor Whooves said, "You have some visitors, we were not sure if you awake yet so we kept them in the waiting room. But seeing as you are awake would you like to see them?"

He blinked, visitors? He nodded and said, "Yes. I would like that thank you."

The doctor nodded and asked the nurse to send in the visitors. In a moment they entered; there was a total of six each, all female based on their height and other qualities he had noticed in the nurse. Two were similar to the doctor and nurse, ponies. One was pink and her mane was puffy and fluffy as was her tail, they were darker pink then her fur but still a pinkish color. Her eyes were blue and on her flanks were three ballon symbols. The other was orange with blond hair and wearing a western styled hat. Her eyes were green and on her flank were three apple symbols.

The other four creatures were different, and yet seeing them brough words to mind that he could not remember learning. Pegasus and Unicorn. One pegasi was cyan blue and her mane and tail were a rainbow color and both did not seem to have as styled as all the others, perhaps from flying? Her eyes were red or was it some other color he could not name and on her flanks was a symbol of a cloud with a rainbow colored lightning bolt coming from it. The other was yellow, with a light pink colored mane and tail. Her eyes were a cyan color and on her flanks were three butterfly symbols.

And the last two were unicorns. but how did he know this? One was white with a purple colored mane and tail and her eyes where dark blue and on her flanks were three diamond shaped symbols. The other was purple with, save for a line of pink on both, a purple mane and tail. Her eyes were purple and on her flank was a strange star like symbol he could not make out. There was one more visitor on the purple ones back, a small purple and green lizard that was the size of a house cat and was looking at him with slitted eyes. It seemed to be looking at him with wonder and curiosity, a new experience.

As for all the others they regarded him with a bit of surprise and perhaps a bit of fear as well, well except for the all pink one that seemed to be hoping lightly as she looked at him with a smile. He figured these were the people that saved his life, and so he should thank them.

"Um... thank you." He said, and immediatly wished he had kept his silence as the pink one jumped and moved over to him with a look of wonder on her face.

"Wow! oh oh oh oh what is he? What is he? Your eyes are really strange. He can talk like us as well, does he like parties?" The pink one said as she hoped beside him.

"Pinkie you should lay off the questions, he is still recovering for Celestias sake." The cyan one said.

"Oh it's not doing any harm," Pinkie said as she looked back at him "is it?"

The creature shook his head, "No. its alright. What do you mean my eyes are strange?"

All six, or seven if you count the lizard, blinked and looked at him before the white ones horn glowed a light blue and a mirror hovered over infront of him.

He blinked and looked at his reflection with wonder, he had never seen himself before. What he noticed as that his hair was a mixture of white and black and really needed a trim. But what caught him the most was his eyes, they were gold or perhaps amber color and siltted just like the lizards eyes.

"Hey cool. He has eyes like me." The lizard said with a smile.

"And... if I might ask little friend, what are you?" He asked the lizard.

"I'm a dragon obviously, my name is Spike nice to meet you." Spike said as he held out a small claw.

"A dragon..." He said as he shook the little dragons claw.

"And I am Twilight Sparkle, and these are my friends," the purple one said and motioned to the other five ponies, "and this is Applejack, Rarity, Rainbow Dash, Pinkie Pie and Fluttershy."

"Hello to you all." He said as he looked at them, "I am told you brought me here, I owe you my life."

"Oh think nothing of it darling." Rarity said.

Fluttershy smiled timidly and said, "You don't need to thank us."

Fluttershy's spoke so softly he almost did not hear her but nodded, "Never the less I must repay you in some way."

Applejack walked over, her eyes held some hostility, "Well mister, ya' all can repay me by fixing up the damage your fancy shamncy metal thing did to my families apple orchard."

He frowned, he seemed to have done something wrong in his past, "I am sorry. I did not mean to, I will do all I can to make it right."

"Well you done better." Applejack said.

"Applejack, it wasn't his fault that he crashed there don't be so harsh on him." Twilight said to her friend.

"No no it is alright." He said to them.

"But-" Twilight started but was silent as he held up his good hand.

"Sooooo, what are you? Whats your name?" Pinkie asked as se hopped about.

Now he frowned again and looked at his fingers which he fiddled uncomfortably, "I... I don't know. I can't remember... anything."

Doctor Whooves drew the six girls attention, "I beleive the trauma of the crash or his injuries probably caused him memory loss. He should recover his memories in time though."

"Dang, thats got to stink forgetting everything," Dash said as she walked over to look him over, "And don't let anyone else tell you otherwise I think those eyes are cool."

"You do?" He asked, happy for the compliment.

"Well they do have an intresting charm to them," Rarity said, "But you simply have to get your hair cut darling it looks dreadful."

He fiddled with a piece of his hair and nodded saying, "Yes. Your probably right."

"Well I'm glad to see you are okay. You gave us a bit of a scare when me and Applejack found you. Luckily Rarity and Fluttershy managed to patch you up so we could take you here without risking your health."

"Thank you." He said as he yawned.

"I think you girls should leave now so he can rest, you can visit him again tomorrow if you wish." Doctor Whooves said.

"Alright. Lets go girls." Twilight said as she and her friends exited the room.

Soon everyone had left the room leaving him alone and slowly sleep took him and he floated once more in the darkness of his sub concious assulted by blurry images and words. But, the pain seemed to be fading, slowly but fading.

That night at Twilights house she looked through book after book trying to find any information regarding the creature they had found. All she got was a big NOTHING. Nothing, there did not seem to be any information on what he was.

"Oh... what is he?" she rubbed her head with her hooves trying to figure it out.

"Maybe he is an alien?" Spike said as he put some books away.

"Come on Spike, there is no such thing as Aliens."

"I'm just trying to help. I mean he did fall from the sky right?"

That was true. But there had to be a logical explanation for that, magic mishap perhaps?

"Well I won't go jumping to conclusions, I'm sure there is information about him somewhere we just have to keep looking." Twilight began another search in another section of the library.

Spike sighed, 'It's gonna be a long night.' He thought as he went to help his friend in her search.

Okay now just to avoid any confusion the first part of this chapter was from the view point of our space friend. however since he can't remember his name i used He to define his actions and such. If i should fix it let me know and i will. Also did anyone manage to solve the riddles i stated last chapter? anyway let me know what you think.