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Redemption, Damnation and FIM - ShadowWalking18

A HIE fic. More info? Look inside. First Fic here so please comment. Title sucks will edit it later.

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Chapter 27

Another chapter :) Tez will be many things, blood thirsty and angry one of them :P

The throne room was silent as what had transpired sunk in. To the nobles it was shocking, that this Tez, who many had met at the Gala, would talk to princess Celestia in such a way. Even Luna was shocked, as were Twilight and her friends.

Celestia looked at Tez with fear and anger. Yet that piercing golden gaze made it impossible to think clearly.

'Such rage. It is impossible to think that it can come from a single creature.' Celestia thought.

"I do say," A noble said, which Rarity recognized as one of Fancy Pants' companions, "you should know better then to speak to the princess in such a manner. Simply barbaric."

"If I want your opinion, I'll ask for it. Now shut up before I tear out your tongue." Tez said

"Now see here you have no right..." The noble began, but was cut off by Tez screaming.

"SHUT UP!" Tez said and slashed his hand down creating a powerful gust of wind which sent the noble flying into the air.

The rest of the nobles gasped and the one that was thrown was now currently screaming as he fell from a dangerous height.

"Ahhh!" The noble pony screamed as he fell, only to be caught in the golden aura of Celestia's magic and gently placed on the ground.

"Tez!" Celestia growled and approached the smirking man. This had gone long enough.

"You hurt my nephew severly. And now you almost kill one of my ponies, I will not stand for this!" Celestia said as she stood infront of Tez.

Tez smirked, "Do something about it."

Celestia blinked, and Tez just smirked.

"Come on Celestia. Show me a warriors spirit in ya. Show me you have the power to strike out at others who threaten those you rule over."

Celestia backed away a bit as Tez began to advance on her, the look in his eyes manic and psychotic.

Tez licked his lips, "Show me....you have the power....to kill!"

Celestia felt herself begin to sweat. Tez just stood there, waiting.

After a few momenets Tez frowned then smirked again, "Well, now that we have that cleared up. It's time to get things started. So I hope you're all listening 'cause I'm only saying this once." Tez walked past Celestia and made his way to the throne.

Everypony was silent as they turned and watched Tez. Some in disgust, others in fear, and only a rare few with curiosity.

"Well, let's see Fillydelphia is a graveyard. Or maybe ground zero works better, either way its wiped off the map and for the most part the entire populace has been captured and no doubt sacrificed in a magical ritual." Tez said, as if it was everyday news.

This caused a stir among the gathering of nobles, guard captains, and council members. How was an entire city, with a population of almost a million ponies just wiped out?

"You're bluffing. That isn't possible." One pony said, earning a glare from Tez.

"I never lie. Ask the princesses or Twilight and her friends. They all saw it."

Celestia and Luna nodded, agreeing with what Tez had revealed. This caused many nobles to go wide eyed.

"Who would attack us? No nation would dare, it goes against all the treaties made with Canterlot." A council member said.

"What would be the purpose of capturing ponies and....sacrificing them." Another pony said, this one a mare and wearing a very fancy dress. One of Rarities designs if Tez was correct.

"Simple. Because you're a lot of bloody weaklings and thus, easy fodder for the knife." Tez said with a laugh.

This caused an insulted stir among the nobles, and even the princesses and the girls felt a slight stab of pain. Tez simply inspected the main glass windows and what they depicted as he continued on to the throne.

"Um...Mr. Tez," Fancy Pants began, "You seem to know who is behind the attack. Would you mind informing us."

Tez turned and smiled, "Of course. Since you asked so nicely. Let's see....I beleive it is two of my brothers who are the culprits. The first is Mextli and the other Acol."

"Wait, your brothers. Then how do we know you're not working for them?" One pony said, looking accusingly at Tez.

Tez turned, holding a look that could kill, "Because the thing that caused Fillydelphia to be wiped off the map, was from the fight between me and my brother Mextli. Besides if I had joined them we wouldn't be conversing here right now, nor would Celestia and Luna be breathing right now."

This caused an uproar of voices. Ponies acccusing Tez of Fillydelphia's destruction. Trust issues and the sheer stupidity of him claiming to be able to beat the princesses. Of course both Luna and Celestia had to agree, that if Tez had joined his brothers....there would have been no way that they could have beaten him on their own.

'Would the Elements even work against him?' Celestia thought.

Tez stood silent as he continued hearing protests before slamming his foot on the ground, causing the whole castle to shake and shutting everypony up and causing them all to look at him with wide eyes.

"Well, now that I have your undivided attention we can focus on more important matters. What happened at Fillydelphia was tragic, yes, but we have to put it behind us and move on. My brothers are still alive, and untill I have their heads served to me on a silver platter with a plate of beans on the side we are at war and need to mobilize an army before Mex and Acol have time to strike at another city." Tez said as he continued up to the throne.

'What is he doing?' Twilight thought, wondering why Tez was going to the throne.

The nobles began talking amongst themselves, the thought of war was....new to them. Fancy Pants took the lead and asked, "Tez....what do you propose we do then?"

"I'm glad you asked Fancy Pants. To beat my brothers we need an army to match theirs. They are already ahead of us so we will have alot of work. Turning the guard into a military force capable of taking life will be easy, or I hope it will." Tez said as he inspected the throne.

Celestia and Luna felt something twist in their stomachs, and Fluttershy looked ready to faint. Again. Twilight and the rest of the girls also looked unsettled, the thought of ponies fighting, dying and....killing....everything that they knew of how Equestria ran was falling apart and they were not sure how to deal with it, or what would come from it.

"To do this we need a leader. A strong leader, who knows the way of war. Who is willing to do what needs to be done in order to achieve victory. That leader is not Celestia so she will not be in charge of anything untill this war is done, nor is it Luna or any of you." Tez said as he turned to face the gathering of ponies.

"Then who?" A mare asked.

Tez smirked and sat on the throne, "Me. As of this day and untill my brothers are dead I declare myself emperor of Canterlot!"

"What!?" Everypony shouted.

Celestia and Luna looked at Tez with shock, mouths hanging open.

Tez just smirked, "Sorry ladies, consider this a hostile takeover. Well...without much of a hostile part."

Everypony just stared at Tez with wide eyes and open mouths. Tez just tested the cushion of the throne.

"Damn this is soft. I can see why you would enjoy resting your rump on this Celestia. Talk about comfy." Tez said as he tried sitting in all sorts of angles and posistions, find each one to be enjoyable in the soft pillow of the throne. He just wanted to curl up and take a little cat nap. He might do that later.

Tez looked back to the ponies.

'Three.....two....one...' He thought. And that was when the outraged comments began.

Tez yawned as he heard the gathering of nobles and other important ponies. His eyes were locked with Celestia and Luna's. The two princesses only stared at him, unsure of what to say or do. As for Twilight and the rest of the girls, they only looked at Tez with shock.

Tez sighed and smashed his foot down against the ground again, causing another tremor to shake the entire castle. Not to mention cause a good crack on the floor where he had stomped.

"I know this might seem a bit shocking...." Tez began.

"Shocking, this is completly out of line. Do you really think we will just listen to you simply because you claim to be in charge now!" A noble said glaring at Tez.

Tez smirked and lifted a hand. Violent magical surges began to collect in his palm. Before any of the girls could say or do something, the magic blasted from Tez's palm heading straight for the pony that interrupted him.

All the ponies gathered watched in horror as the blast of magic got closer and closer to the pony and struck sending up a cloud of dust and smoke.

"Tez!" Twilight shouted in horror.

Ponies were screaming, Fluttershy had fainted, along with Rarity and Pinkie Pie. Dash simply hovered mouth hanging open and Applejack looked sick. Luna had tears in her eyes and Celestia was glaring at Tez, who merely smirked and pointed to the clearing smoke.

All looked and when the smoke and dust cleared, there stood the pony, shaking with wide eyes. A large hole had been blasted into the wall, servents and guards stood outside wide eyed as they looked at the hole.

"Next time someone interrupts me, I won't make myself miss." Tez said with a growl, before suddenly breaking out in a fit of insane laughter.

Celestia paced back and forth in her room. Luna sat on her bed and watched her sister. Twilight stood near by as well, all eyes on the sun princess.

"This is escalating into disaster. I feel as if Tez will send us all into destruction if he continues to behave this way." Celestia said.

"We must agree," Luna said, her voice holding sadness, "Tez is....being erratic. Manic even."

"That isn't Tez..." Pinkie Pie said looking at the ground. This entire time since returning from Fillydelphia her mane was still straight.

"Pinkie Pie, you can't be telling yourself that," Twilight said, "I don't like seeing Tez act like this, but...you can't just say it isn't him."

Pinkie shook her head, "I refuse to beleive that....meanie mean pants is Tez."

"I agree." Luna said, looking down at her hooves with a slight blush when everypony was looking at her now.

"Luna, you haven't even known Tez that long. How could you know what he is like. For all we know this is how he has always acted." Celestia said in exasperation.

"No he didn't!" Pinkie pie shouted, causing Celestia to blink in surprise.

"Tez was the nicest human kitty thing I knew. He was always helping ponies," Pinkie Pie said, a fire in her eyes, "Yes he might have had his moments of scariness, but he did it to protect others. He isn't a monster!"

Everypony was shocked, looking at Pinkie Pie with wide eyes and jaws hanging open. Luna regained her composure and nodded slightly in agreement.

"I agree. We might not have known him for long, but....we are sure that Tez is not like this. He was different before." Luna said.

"Umm...well," Fluttershy said, "He was nice. Sometimes scary, but....he cared about ponies. But...I don't know..."

"I can't say I agree with ya'll. But...I don't know." Applejack said with a sigh.

Celestia looked around, seeing uncertain looks in the elemets of harmonys eyes.

Dash nodded, "Yeah. I mean...he saved me, and he was alot different before he met his brother again."

Twilight sighed, "Tez can be alot of things. But...I don't know. Something seems off about him now."

Celestia looked over to her student, "What do you mean?" Every pony looked at Twilight.

Twilight bit her lip, "Well...I don't know but...I think....something about his past...might be behind why he is acting this way."

Tez sat on the throne. Alone. The room was cleared of all ponies, even the guards. The hole he fixed himself with a simple spell. Now he sat alone.

Tez hissed and growled as he helds his head.

"Aghh.....gahh.......nnagggh!" He growled and snarled as he dug his claws into his head, drawing blood.

He began to hyperventilate as he growled, his head in searing pain as memories replayed themselves over and over again.

"Nagh... shut up! Shut up!" Tez snarled.

Blood flowed down over his eyes, which he ignore. Finally the headache passed, as did the memories and once more he sat silent, his body healing the holes he dug into his own skin. Once more he sat in the darkness. Alone, and yet never alone.

Another chapter done :P Now sorry if anyone thinks it is short, but I do write short chapters and then big ones every so often. It varies on what I think is important or not. Hope you liked this chapter, next ones gonna be a few weeks after the events in this one. and guess who will be showing up again. DRUM ROLL PLEASE

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SCOOTALOO! I felt she needed to have a few things taken care of so expect a LONG chapter next :)