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Redemption, Damnation and FIM - ShadowWalking18

A HIE fic. More info? Look inside. First Fic here so please comment. Title sucks will edit it later.

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Chapter 13

Another chapter. Another moment of me revealing answers and creating new questions :) aint that fun? Here we learn a bit more of what the future for Equestria will hold and then jump into some enjoyable little moments with Dashie and Tez :) and after that we will see Celestia...well, I better not say. enjoy.

Acol sat in a throne, carried by four diamond dogs. The throne was of a black rock, and decorated in semi precious gems and stones. Not the most decorated of seats, but it suited his purpose. He looked down at the small valley between the mountains. It was perhaps the size of a large lake, but it offered a concealed location for the building of the grand temple that took place down there. Best of all it was on a Leyline.

Leylines, magical conduits. The streams of magical energy flowed everywhere in the cosmos. But they were always scattered and miniscule in strength. The body could act as a network for the magic, but it was not a solid enough focus point for grand scale spells. To do that you needed a bound Leyline that you could focus magical power through ritual magic. And then chain yourself into the well of energy that would slowly grow in power.

'If we had just had time....if we had not been caught off guard. Things might have been different.' He thought as he motioned for his carriers to move on back to the main city.

Progress was slow on the temple. Though he and Mextli had gathered all of the twelve tribes that populated these mountains, and though Diamond Dogs bred like dogs, there just were not enough workers to assign to the construction of the temple. At this rate it would take at least half a year before it was complete and ready for use. He did not want to wait that long.

When he arrived, he had his carriers set the throne down and he walked off and entered the shrine that was his and Mextlis abode for the time. His brother was busy training as he always did; a warrior god had little else to do in times of peace.

"How goes the construction?" Mextli asked.

"Poorly, these mutts are better suited ot digging, not building. We need more builders, smarter ones."

"Are there any other creatures that we can perhaps subdue with the army or our magic?" Mextli hopped so, he loved the feel of open combat. Even if he was a bit reluctent to show the might of his army so early in the stages of the plan.

"No. But, I might have an idea." Acol said.

"Oh?" Mextli stopped and looked at hsi brother, wondering what his plan was.

"Well, we have focused on intelligent creatures, but.. I have discovered a few... mindless creatures in my travels. Two types in particular which might serve as excellent beasts of burden."

Mextli smiled, "Show me."

Tez hammered the nail into the board. He scanned the rest of the roof of the town hall and smiled. His work was coming along great, in a few more hours it would look like it never had been damaged.

'Though how one pegasi managed to do all that damage...' Tez thought, 'Well, I probably should not try to figure it out.'

Tez had spent the better part of the week working odd jobs to try and get all the other ponies of ponyville used to him, and lessen his scarey level. So far it was starting to work, and best of all he was paid some bits for his hard work. He now had some decent money, but lack of what he wanted to buy. Though he was sure it would probably be more clothes, he would have to see Rarity after he was done here.

Tez yawned as he climbed down to the the ground for a quick drink of water. Working in the mourning was fine, yet at times he just wanted to curl up under the sun, maybe some shade, and take a nap. Night time he seemed to be more active, he wondered why at times.

Tez reached the ground and proceeded to table of refreshments. He stopped half way as he heard something. It sounded like....


Tez looked up and saw Rainbow Dash on a high speed collision course with him. 'This is gonna hurt.' He thought as Rainbow Dash crashed into him. Everypony tried to see through the cloud of dust that had developed and see if the two were okay. Two groans could be heard, and slowly the dust began to settle. Soon the image of Rainbow Dash and Tez could be seen.

Rainbow Dash groaned as she rubbed her head, then gasped and quickly got off of Tez, "Oh my gosh. Really sorry Tez."

Tez got up and bent backwards, his back giving a loud crack, "Don't worry about it Dash. I've always wanted to be a landing pad." He smirked.

Rainbow Dash smirked a bit, "Well if you can joke about it I can tell your okay. So what are you doing?"

Tez stretched some more, "Helping repair the Town Hall. How did it get so bashed up?"

Dash rolled her eyes, "Derpy, She is a bit of a clutz."

Tez twisted his head and his neck snapped. He sighed with relief as he rubbed his neck, "So I can see. Well I told you what I was doing, so why not tell me what you were doing before our crash course meeting."

"I was practicing a new move for the next Best Young Fliers compatition. But, it didn't work out so well." Dash said as her ears flattened a bit. That sort of failure would never get her into the Wonderbolts.

"Hmm, so whats the prize for this contest thing?" Tez asked, as he got himself some water.

Dash's eyes lit up, "Only a chance to spend the entire day with the Wonderbolts!" She squealed a bit as she remembered the last time she had spent with them. The best day of her life.

"The who now?"

Dash rushed and looked right into Tez's eyes. Her own were filled with surprise, "You've never heard of the Wonderbolts?" She went to say but then said, "Oh yeah."

"So who are they?" Tez asked as he took a step from Dash so he had some space again.

"The Wonderbolts are only THE coolest flying team in all of Equestria. They perform and race at all of the biggest celebrations and social events. They are the best, of the best, of the best fliers in all of Equestria, to even join you have to be the best of the best."

Tez smiled, "Well you are the best of the best. So I am sure you will be a part of them one day."

Dash smirked, "Well of course I will. Once I get this latest trick down, my spot in the Wonderbolts is assured."

Tez rolled his eyes, 'She sure has an ego. Still, it is good she seeks her dream with such passion. Have to respect her for that.' He offered Dash some water, "Want a drink? You look a bit thirsty."

Dash took the offered drink and downed it, "Ahh. Thanks, all that flying works up a thrist."

The two chuckled, but Tez's felt something was wrong. The sound of snapping wood brought his attention back to the Town Hall; his eyes widened as he saw the pillar that was being repaired snap from its foundations and begin to fall. A construction pony watched with horror as it fell right over him.

Dash had seen the falling pillar as well. As did all the ponies in the area, what happened next was a blur. Tez acted without thought and began running to the construction pony. Time seemed to slow down as he ran as fast as he could before the pillar crushed the pony. Why the pony did not get out of the way was a mystery, must be that life flashing thing.

Once he reached the pony he pushed him out of the way and lifted his hands to catch the pillar. Why he thought he could do this he did not know. But... he just knew that he could do it. Time seemed to go back to normal as the pillar fell, and was caught in the hands of Tez who slowly lowered it to the ground. He wiped at his brow, "Thank goodness."

Tez looked at the construction pony he had saved. He was staring at him with wide eyes. "Be more careful next time." Tez said as he turned to go back to his drink, he stopped and noticed that everypony was staring at him. Even Rainbow Dash, whos mouth hung open with shock.

Tez blinked and said, "What?"

Rainbow Dash was shocked. Tez was... fast. Very fast. Faster then her?

'No way. I am the fastest flier in Equestria. Nopony is faster then me.' She thought.

Dash immediatly flew over to Tez, "How did you do that? You never told us you were that fast. Or that strong."

Tez chuckled, "Well it did not seem important. Though I was not sure I could hold that pillar by myself. I just sort of...reacted."

Dash smirked, "Well in that case I challage you to an Iron Mare contest."

"An iron what?" Tez asked, a bit surprised by this sudden challange.

"A series of athletic contests to see who is the better athlete."

"Is this really necessary?" Tez asked.

Dash looked at into his eyes again, the shiver of fear and yet strangly interest hit her as she did and said, "Yes! Nopony is faster then me. Your fast so I got to see how fast you are."

Tez sighed, "Alright. If I have to."

"Are you okay Tez?" Somepony said.

Tez turned and saw Twilight, with spike on her back. As well as AJ and Rarity. He nodded, "I'm fine. Just doing what I felt was right."

"Well I knew you were strong Tez. But, I did not know you were that strong." Applejack said.

"It was very impressive. You are a hero Tez!" Rarity said. Everypony around agreed.

Tez rubbed the back of his head embaressed, "It was nothing really. To be honest, I did'nt really know I was able to do that."

Dash spoke up, "But he did. Hey Twilight do you think Spike will be able to act as an announcer?"

Twilight blinked, "An announcer to what Rainbow Dash?" Spike looked curious as well.

"For the Iron Pony contest between me and Tez. We're gonna find out who is the better athlete." This caught Applejack's attention.

"Another one Rainbow Dash? Mind if I join in?" AJ asked.

"Sure, though we all know who is gonna win." Rainbow Dash smirked.

AJ smirked, "I know. Cause this time you ain't allowed to use your wings at all."

Dash's eyes widened, but she simply said, "Fine. I can still win without them."

Tez shook his head, 'Why do I have a feeling this is going to haunt me for the rest of my days.' He thought as he returned to his drink and shooed all the ponies away. This was still a construction site after all, did'nt want anymore close calls.

Tez looked back at AJ and Dash, who were discussing something before Dash called Tez over to follow. Tez checked with the overseer of the repairs and was assured that he could go. Hopefully nothing else would happen; Tez left and followed the girls to where the contest would take place. Several ponies followed, eager to see another contest.

'Never any ordinary days huh?' Tez thought.

"Ladies and Gentlecolts," Spike announced to the crowd of ponies, "Today we will watch the local hero, Tez face off against residents AppleJack and Rainbow Dash. The one with the most wins is declared the Iron Pony."

The crowd applauded and cheered. Many cheered for Dash or AJ. But, a few cheered for Tez, he was a hero after all. The cheering died down as the first contest was announced. The barrel weave.

First up was Applejack, who managed to not hit the barrel this time. Her time was 16.7 seconds. Next was Rainbow Dash. Again she scored 18 seconds. Up last was Tez.

"Ready." Twilight began.

Tez got ready, he felt his heart racing with excitment.

"Set. Go!" Twilight shouted and Tez took off.

He ran for all he was worth, his body twisting and turning as he manuvered past the barrels with cat-like dexterity. When he passed the finish line he noticed that Twilight, AJ, Dash, and spike were all staring at the stopwatch with wide eyes and jaws hanging open.

"Whats the shock?" He asked as he walked over and looked at his time. 10.2 seconds.

Tez blinked, did he really run that fast? He waved a hand infront of his friends to bring them back to reality.

Twilight blinked and announced, "Tez wins the barrel weave!" Ponies cheered as Fluttershy placed a point on the board.

AJ and Dash stared at Tez. Tez just laughed nervously, "Well it is only the first contest. Besides its just a game."

'How is that possible?' Dash thought.

'No normal critter can run that fast.' AJ thought.

The two ponies looked at each other, perhaps knowing that both were thinking the same thing. They nodded with determination, they were going to win this. Round two was up next.

Applejack and Rainbow Dash were...surprised. Well, maybe just full blown shocked at how easily Tez seemed to win contest after contest. From the hay bale throwing, to long jump, to the strength tester, he just seemed to win. Sure he lost a match. The lasso contest, but so far the scores were Tez: 18, Applejack: 1, Rainbow Dash: 0. The score had the rainbow pegasus a bit miffed.

"How is this possible?" She asked herself as she got ready for the final contest. Tug-o-war. Applejack and Tez had gone first, with the winner facing Rainbow Dash. AJ tried her best, but was tugged into the mud by one good hard pull from Tez.

"Sorry AJ." Tez said as he helped the earth pony out of the mud. Applejack just chuckled.

"Don't ya'll worry about it sugarcube. It's all in good fun. I gotta say, your one strong guy." AJ said.

Tez blushed, "Well I guess I have to be good at something. Your one hell of a lasso user. Heh I'm still trying to figure out how I ended up tied to that tree." The two chuckled. Rainbow Dash glared, she was not going to loss this match.

"Alright contestents! Take your places!" Spike shouted. Everypony cheered and clapped.

Tez and Dash each gripped an end of the rope and waited for the go from Twilight.

Twilight shouted for all to hear, "Ready! Set! Go!"

Rainbow pulled as hard as she could, but Tez just stood there holding the rope. He did not budge, in fact he just stood there, until he tuged hard on the rope and pulled Dash right towards the mud, in fact, the tug pulled her right over the mud and into his arms as he caught her.

"Sorry... You okay?" Tez asked.

Dash just got out of his arms and stared at him, "I...I lost." She scowled, she hated losing.

Tez frowned, "Hey, don't be mad Rainbow Dash. It is just a game. Besides I think your a way better athlete then me."

Dash blinked and looked at him, "You do? But, I lost..."

Tez shrugged, "So? You still did your best no matter what, just like Applejack did. I respect that in you both. And you both are able to do things I can't."

Dash tilted her head and said, "Like what?"

Tez smirked, "You can fly, and I know you are the best, of the best, of the best of fliers in Equestria, if not the entire universe. Your the fastest pony also."

Dash smiled and rubbed the back of her head, "Thanks Tez. Your the fastest...whatever you are."

Tez chuckled, "Fastest runner and flier. What an interesting race that would be." Tez realized he made a mistake in saying that when he saw Dash's eyes light up.

"Yeah! A race to see who is the fastest. A great idea, we can do it during the running of the leaves this fall. Plenty of time to train." Dash seemed to be back to normal now, forgetting the defeat, and already planning a training regiment for the race in fall.

Tez chuckled, 'Curse me.' He thought.

The rest of the day was spent with congratulations and cheers. By the time it was all over, Tez just collapsed on his bed. 'Today...was very busy. And now I have to run a race in fall....why can't I just get some nice quiet time?' He sighed and slowly went to sleep.

At Rainbow Dash's, the pegasi was busy planning her training for the eventual race. Though it was still a long way off she would be prepared for it so that she would win this time. She smirked as she thought of Tez, he was a good athlete. She had to give him that, but she would win this time. Through the night she planned, her thoughts always on Tez. She was going to win next time.

Acol showed his brother his findings. Mextli stared at the creatures below. They were big, brutish and muscular. And had no semblance of intelligence other then basic animal instincts. Perfect.

"You were right brother. These....what did you call them?" Mextli asked.

Acol smirked, "They are what I call trolls. Dumb creatures but perfect for heavy labor. They might even make good living tanks for your army."

Mextli spat, "Using such beasts in a military matter would be difficult. But...perhaps I can make use of them, with proper....education."

Acol smirked, "So...shall we get to work on them?"

Mextli chuckled, "Lets."

Celestia paced in her room. So far there had been nothing amiss after the visit from that....dead guard. She shivered, what had the power to reanimate and control the dead? The fact that nothing else seemed to be happening in Equestria, or the other lands beyond the mountains had her both releived and worried. Relieved because it meant she had time to prepare, but worried because she did not know what she was to prepare for. Tez was the key, but what part did he play in all of this.

'Oh mother, father. I wish you two were here, I need your help. Luna and I can't do this on our own.' She thought. Luna did not know of all that was happening, only that Tez was part of whatever had fallen from the sky. Celestia did not want to worry her sister, but she seemed to be picking up on her distress despite her best attempts to hide it.

'As if this was not enough, the Gala is approaching soon. I hope Twilight and her friends can liven it up.' Celestia thought, but then she felt alarm. Twilight and her friends would be at the Gala, but Tez did not have an invitation, he would be alone.

'He seems a trustworthy sort, but I cannot let him wander alone freely. He will have to come as well.' She immediatly began writing a letter to Twilight Sparkle and attaching an invitation to the Gala to it. She sent it on its way, all the while her mind was plagued with questions and concern.

There you go another chapter. Enjoy. In fact enjoy it so much you go Pinkie Pie CRAZY. :) More to come I hope you all enjoy it. Things might seem a bit rushed, but thats probably because I REALLY REALLY want to get to the big main stuff, but all this little bits building up to the grand stuff must come first. But, we are almost ther...almost there :)