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Redemption, Damnation and FIM - ShadowWalking18

A HIE fic. More info? Look inside. First Fic here so please comment. Title sucks will edit it later.

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Chapter 31

Another chapter. :) You might find it interesting. Do enjoy.

Mex coughed and coughed. He clutched a hand over his heart and looked over to Acol, who was faring no better. Even though they had fed, they were still suffering minor discomforts and pains every so often. What once was a signal that they had to feed soon was now a constant pain; which caused the two no small amount of fear.

"Acol...what is happening to us?" Mex asked.

Acol coughed and stood up, "I..I don't know."

"What do you mean you don't know!" Mex shouted as he stood up, blasting the watching servants with a violent and lethal blast of magic. There was no reason to let the tribes know about this.

"I don't know alright!" Acol shouted back, "whatever is going on must be part of the death curse inflicted on us long ago."

Mex growled and slammed the ground, how could this be happening? Why now?

'Damn the Narruga! They and the Charan both!' He thought with rage.

"Bah! To hell with it. Our armies are ready. I've let Tez have his peace to prepare, but now I'm going to send the full might of our forces on the lands he controls. This ends now!" Mex said as he stomped to join the commanders of the army he hand picked himself.

Acol watched him go, then to the pile of six diamond dogs they had killed in their need to feed. Something was wrong....the curse was getting stronger....and Acol had a feeling that soon it would consume them.
'We're gonna die....' He thought in fear.

When the light faded the group now stood in the throne room in Canterlot Castle. The guards, and servants were taken by surprise by the sudden appearance but quickly moved onto their duties. They did not want to risk upsetting Tez with laziness.

"WOW!" The three fillies exclaimed.

"Yes impressive." Tez said, "Now girls, I need to talk with Twilight and the others. Why don't you take Spike and go play."

"Okay." The CMC said.

"Wait what?" Spike said before he was dragged away by the fillies, who were eager to explore the castle.

Tez watched them go before turning to the girls, "Alright. Wait here while I get the others."

The girls nodded and Tez vanished in a flash of light once more. In a another moment he returned, with Dash, Pinkie and the princesses in tow.

"I trust that you are calling us all together for a reason Tez." Celestia said.

"Yeah I was having a good nap before you appeared out of nowhere." Dash said.

"Trust me. This is important." Tez said as he walked over to the throne and sat down. The girls stood before him, waiting for him to speak.

Tez sighed, "This isn't easy, because its pretty much me telling you all that I have lied to most of you."

"What do you mean?" Luna asked.

"Yeah, what she said." Dash said.

Tez rubbed his head, "Applejack...Twilight...you girls asked why I was in agony back in Ponyville...well it is connected to the white streak in my hair that shows up every so often. It is connected with a very...special condition of mine that requires me to feed on a very special diet every so often."

"What kind of diet?" Twilight asked.

"Blood. Blood and the beating heart of a living creature." Tez said simply.

Everyone was silent, staring up at Tez. The look on his face showed no sign of anything but blunt truth.

"Hey thats a good one Tez. Creepy though, but what is the real secret." Dash said.

Tez looked at Dash with a neutral expression, an expression that showed that he was not joking.

"Ya'll...ya'll are serious..." Applejack said in horror.

Tez nodded, "You need not fear me, I have not harmed anypony. I have hunted in the Everfree and used the creatures it holds to satisfy my hunger, and it was only needed once a month."

The girls were not sure what to do, Luna did not want to believe it and Celestia only felt horror. Twilight and her friends, save for Fluttershy only looked up at him with uncertainty.

Tez waited, "Well....you gonna say anything?"

"What can we say....that....why didn't you tell us?" Twilight said, feeling angry that Tez hid something like that from them all.
Tez shrugged, "Would it have made it a difference? So long as it did not end up harming somepony I was content to let it stay between just me and Fluttershy."

Everypony looked at Fluttershy now, who hid crouching low to the ground.

"You knew? And didn't tell us?" Dash said with shock, and perhaps some anger.

"I...I yes...but..." Fluttershy stammered.

"Don't be mad at her, I told her to and she complied. Frankly she only found out by sheer accident." Tez said.

Luna spoke up, "If you haven't hurt anypony...why are you telling us this?"

"Yeah, why tell us if you wanted to keep it a secret, not that you should!" Applejack finished, giving Tez an annoyed glare.

"Yeah, what's the deal?" Dash asked.

Tez sighed, "Because....because I'm dying."

The sudden silence could have made hearing a pin drop possible. Everypony looked at Tez with wide eyes, who simply looked back at them with a look that destroyed any thoughts of him just joking around.

"You're...dying." Pinkie said the last part softly, almost as if the word caused her great pain as her hair deflated.

Tez nodded, "Yes."

"You can't! You're just lying!" Luna shouted at him.

"I don't lie Luna. Perhaps misdirect or hide the full truth, but I never lie." Tez said simply.

"Why is this happening?" Celestia asked.

"Yeah, maybe we can find a way to stop it." Twilight said hopefully.

"Yeah, just tell us what to do." Dash said.

Everypony else gave their agreements, but Tez sighed and shook his head, "It....it is not that simple."

"Then tell us why!" Twilight shouted, "stop beating around the bush! Stop not giving us the full story. Tell us!"

Tez was silent, but the looks from the girls, even Celestia surprisingly, tore at his core and finally he sighed. There was nothing else to be done now; no going back.

"You want to know," Tez said, "fine. I will tell you how this all started. I will tell you things you will not want to hear."

Tez looked at the princesses, "I will say things that you two will find impossible, but know that what I will say will be the truth. I will tell you the origins of your parents, and what I will say will be the truth."

"How do you know-" Celestia began, but was cut off by Tez raising a hand.

"Listen. Do not talk, only listen. When I finish, only then may you speak. Understand." Tez said simply.

The girls nodded, though Luna and Celestia seemed to want to ask more. What did Tez know of their parents? How did he even know of them?

Tez sighed and looked up at the ceiling, "Listen then....for this is the tale....."

It begins....a long time ago....in a galaxy far...far away. Before the time of life....when the universe was just coming into the thresholds of existence there existed a race of beings with tremendous power. They were known as the ancients, and they were the progenitors of all life that exists. With their amazing power of magic, on a level nonexistent anywhere or anyone, they sowed the seeds of life among the hundreds of thousands of ever increasing planets that appeared and continue to appear in the universe.

Before you say anything Twilight, yes the universe is a vast and ever expanding body and no I won't tell you how it got started because the truth is not even the ancients truly knew.

Now, despite their amazing and god like power, the Ancients suffered from a fatal flaw in their design, they were fading away. No one knows why, though some guess that the Ancients themselves destroyed themselves. Why, no one knows but it is believed that it was to avoid falling to the corruptions of godlike power. However before the passed into the void, the Ancients created six different species across the universe, their task to continue the work of aiding the spread of life once they were gone.

These races, known as the Narruga, Okenru, Otoka, Charan, Zel'nach and Yahwha were powerfully gifted in intellect and in the use of magic. They built separate and unique civilizations each following a different philosophy on the spreading of life.
The Narruga, believed in the natural flow of evolution and that life should be left to its own devices to come about on its own. They did however believe in terraforming planets and solar systems to create perfect environments for life to thrive and sprout from.

The Okenru, believed that life required careful manipulation, crossbreeding DNA between various different forms of life to create the perfect beings to house the planets they form. They sought perfection in the animal life, and only dealt with planets that had formed environments naturally believing that helped create the most pure DNA to be used before outside forces worked with it.

The Otoka were the most dangerous, believing that only they and their sibling races should be the only intelligent forms of life to exist. They created vast armies and spells that eradicated many forms of primitive intelligent life in the universe. Inevitably this alienated them from the others and the other five races swiftly culled them from existence.

The Charan believed in a similar philosophy of life like the Okenru, only, they only bothered in crafting sentient life forms. They would only use DNA from intelligent life that had formed naturally on its own as well, however they made sure that those races could not grasp the power of magic. They believed only they should use it.

The Zel'nach, had devoted their times to magical study and left the universe to its own devices, only wanting to work on their civilization. They created many wonders of magic and science, and shared their knowledge with other forms of intelligent life. Unfortunately they were wiped out from an unknown cause; no one knows how or why, only that they simply vanished one day.

And last were the Yahwha. Their philosophy greatly troubled the other races, as they believed in interbreeding with certain species of intelligent life. Though if it extended beyond only a certain race it is unknown, but what is known is that they spent a great deal of time on a planet called earth. Though they vanished some eons ago, but their descendants remain among the humans of earth.

I'm getting to the point Rainbow Dash, have some patience, this is all important. Anyway, one would think that they were made by the same creators the six, or four at that time, races could get along. Sadly this was not the case as each side believed their philosophy was the only way to spread life. These disagreements inevitably, over the course of years spark the fires of war.

This war, known as the War of Creation, extended for many many generations. In fact it only ended a few years ago. During this war, between periods of peace, the races strived to create better weapons to defeat the other sides. It was during one of these periods that my siblings and I were created.

Our creators, the Charan sought to create the ultimate warrior race, capable of superior physical and magical ability. They gathered various samples of DNA from all aspects of life, animals and sentient creatures from across the universe and mixed and matched the DNA through trial and error processes until they finally crafted the perfect genomes for their creations.
Of course they needed more than genetic structure, for all living things require energy to exist. Most naturally born creatures only have so much energy to use, and while some might have more then others, none had the capacity that the Charan desired; so they sought another source. That source was stars.

Stars, hold immense amounts of energy and so the Charan drained many stars and implanted the energy within the bodies of their creations. So in a sense my body houses the core of a young star, and it is by this energy that allows me and my siblings to live for for a long time. In the end, the Charan succeeded in creating a small number of beings that were the single greatest living weapons in existence. Me and my siblings.

For years we fought and served our creators loyally. We slaughtered, burned, pillaged and destroyed countless worlds for them as we moved forward in a unrestrained rampage against their enemies. I can still remember the screaming. The pounding sensation of my heart, the smell of burning planet and blood. Each memory as vivid as if it happened yesterday.

.....I'm fine..I'm fine now.....let me continue. Now....we near the end of the war, and how my siblings and I were cursed.

As we neared the last stronghold of the Narruga, their last great mages worked together on a death curse. A curse that takes effect upon the casters death. This curse inflicted me and my siblings with an unending hunger that feed off our life force, and not even my amazing skill in magic could counter the effects. Great was the agony we felt as we tried to end this hunger, and many of our siblings died from it until I managed to find a way to counter its effects. By devouring the life essence of other creatures in a dark ritual. Of course this happened later when we fled to earth. Before then we knew nothing of it as it took time for the curse to take root.

How we went to earth is a short and tragic story. The Charan, after the war was finally over realized that we were too strong and dangerous a creation to leave alone. We were a threat to their own dominance, and frankly still largely unpredictable. So they sent out their strongest warriors and mages to slaughter us. This betrayal of our creators was maddening, and our minds had long begun to decay from the unending violence we partook in, being attacked by our creators....people we saw as parents......well it broke our minds and in retaliation we attacked them in kind. We had hoped to wipe them out, but the curse began to affect us, weakening is and so we fled. When we arrived to earth we established ourselves as gods of a small tribe of humans and began the long process of preparing a powerful ritual that would not only remove our curse....but give us power on par with the ancients.....to make us gods.

We had hoped to use this to make our revenge absolute and swift, but before we could we found ourselves attacked once more by our creators. However this time they caught us by surprise, as we were busy dealing with another invader that threatened our empire. Without our help, our empire crumbled beneath the feet of the invaders, and without our empire we found ourselves without a source to feed our hunger. And so...out numbered...and weakened by hunger we were slaughtered. Save for me and two of my siblings. We were captured and the Charan banished us for our crimes into the depths of space.

And the rest....well you know the rest.

"That's the short version of the tale. This curse kills us slowly, and now the ritual that we used before is beginning to not satisfy us. I say us, because if it is affecting me this way then it must be affecting Mex and Acol as well. I have no doubt in my minds that Mex will push whatever plans he has forward, perhaps even outright attack at any moment at anywhere." Tez said, rubbing the area over his heart.

"Well that's it." Tez said finally.

"That is....a very grim past you hold Tez." Celestia said.

Tez shrugged, "Its where I came from, and why I must feed."

"So all of this is happening because of that curse? And your brothers are trying to remake the ritual you were preparing before you came here?" Twilight said.

Tez nodded, "Yes. And if you are going to ask why I'm not....well...because I can't bring myself to do it."

"But why not? Why the change?" Dash asked.

"Because I met you girls." Tez said simply.

The girls, along with Luna blushed. Even Celestia blushed just slightly as she noticed the lingering look Tez gave her for a moment.

"So...what will happen?" Luna asked.

Tez sighed, "Mex and Acol will probably move their plans now. I'll have to prepare to fight them when they strike. I'm guessing they will take all their forces to one of the inner cities and try to grab as many ponies as they can and head back to the temple they have no doubt constructed. Luckily I prepared for that and have wards and soldiers at the towns ready to keep them busy till I arrive."

"And what will you do after that?" Luna asked.

Tez bit his lip, "I....I'll figure that out if I'm still alive."

That silenced them all. For this war had an unknown outcome, even to Tez who seemed to always have an answer.

"Tez....I'm a bit confused. How does your past connect with me and Luna?" Celestia asked.

"A simple answer to a simple question Celestia. It is related to you because your parents were one of the first prototype creations by my own creators. In fact your parents genetic code was partially used to create my own, so in a strange way you could say that well....we're related."

Luna and Celestia looked up at Tez with shock, but before they could ask to clarify a sudden boom from outside captured their attentions.

Tez got up from his throne, "What was that!?!"

A guard burst through the door, it was Shining Armor and he was breathing heavily, "Princesses..oh and my king."
"What is it Shining Armor?" Tez asked, ignoring the off handed why he was addressed.

"We're under attack. An entire army of Diamond Dogs appeared outside the gates suddenly and before we could respond a giant blast of magic tore through the defenses. THe spells you emplaced destroyed some of the attackers, but they just keep coming. They're already inside the city!" Shining Armor reported, horror in his eyes.

Tez ran to the balcony as another explosion from outside shook the earth. He looked down and saw masses of warriors pouring into the city, his wards tearing fire and lightning upon the warriors, but it would not be enough as counter spells were being used. Spells he guessed were from his brothers.

"Tez?" Twilight said, worried of what was happening.

"Damn it," Tez growled, "Damn it all."

Without another word Tez leaped off of the balcony and with a surge of magic blasted forward towards the army of Diamond Dogs. There in that mass of carnage were his brothers. And it would be there that the entire fate of this planet would be decided, one way...or the other.

We near the closing acts. Oh ain't it fun :)