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Redemption, Damnation and FIM - ShadowWalking18

A HIE fic. More info? Look inside. First Fic here so please comment. Title sucks will edit it later.

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Chapter 5

Another chapter :) arnt you all happy that i do almost daily updates. Thats cause i had this story planned out for three days before i started typing so i know how things shall proceed :) Anyway enjoy.

The trip to Sweet Apple Acres was...eventful to say the least. On the way Pinkie Pie came out of seemingly nowhere and began to hop up and down around him. He was baraged with questions of how he was doing, and did he like parties.

"Um... I guess I do. I can't really remember ever being to a party so I can't really make a judgement on them."

Pinkie gasped, "Never been to a party!?!" She soon ran off in the opposite direction swiftly, leaving him very confused.

"Uh...." He scratched his head confused.

"Don't worry about her. She is just being Pinkie Pie." Twilight said.

"I see. Well she is funny." He said with a smile and continued following Twilight to their destination.

Upon arriving he noticed first the large amount of apple trees. There had to be millions; he then spotted a disturbance in the trees. Where he was found perhaps?

"I guess that area where the tree line is disturbed is where the damage I did is huh." He said pointing towards the location.

"Yea," Twilight said, then an idea struck her, "Hey maybe if you see that metal thing it might spark some memories."

"Metal thing?" He said tilting his head confused.

"Oh right, before we found you we found this large metal object. I have never seen anything like it. Maybe you arrived here with it."

He scratched his head trying to remember, "Hmm. Lets go see."

Twilight nodded, "Besides I'm sure that is where Applejack is. Lets go."

They found Applejack busy packing dirt onto the roots of a replanted tree and watering it after. Most of the debris had been cleared, all that remained now was clearing away the destroyed trees and the metal object. Applejack wiped her brow and turned to see them.

"What the?" She said as she looked at the creature she saw barely alive not two days ago standing before her without even a cast or splint on. And where did he get those clothes?

"I know. I am a fast healer it seems." He said grinning as he scratched the back of his head.

"So I see. Where did ya' get those clothes?" AJ asked, she was sure he did not have them before.

"Oh Rarity made them for me. She volunteered to make it more fancy but I like it the way it is."

"Hmm. Well since your here you can start helping by clearing those broken trees over there." Applejack said pointing to a few trees that were beyond replanting.

"Alright, what do you want me to do with them?" He said as he began removing his shirt.

"Wait, what in tarnation are you doing!?" She said, surprised by the sudden undressing.

"Well... I don't want to get these clothes dirty. Rarity just made them for me and that would be rude to get them dirty on the same day they were made." He removed his shirt and hung it on the branch of a tree. the pants soon followed leaving him once again in his strange shorts.

"Uh... right. Well just move those trees to the pile over yonder." Applejack pointed to a pile of broken trees.

"Alright." He made his way over to the first tree and looked it over.

Twilight walked over to her friend and said, "Applejack I know you might still be mad at what he did, but don't you think your being a bit hard on him.

"No I don't. Why do you say that?" Applejack asked turning to look at her friend.

"Well I mean he looks like he might be strong but I hardly doubt he can..." Twilight stopped short and her eyes widened, Spike looked up from behind her head and his eyes widened as well.

"What ya'all staring at?" Applejack turned around and her mouth dropped in shock.

He was pushing the tree towards the pile. by himself, and without any difficulty. In fact he had a big smile on his face as he did his part of the work. He got the first tree to the pile and went back for the second. Again he brought it to the pile without any difficulty.

"Uh... Okay what in the hay is he," Applejack said, "Cause not even Big Mac can move a tree without some help."

"I don't know. But I'm going to find out."

"How exactly?"

"By keeping him under constant surveillance." Twilight said smirking.

He nodded as he pushed the last broken tree into the pile, "There now that is done. What else does she want me to do?" He looked around for Applejack, but he couldn't find her.

He blinked, "Hmm. Where did she go... and where are Twilight and Spike?"

He began walking around the location he had last seen them, then spreading his area of search out little by little. No Applejack, Spike, or Twilight. He was about to head back to the tree pile when he bumped into something.

"Oof." He looked at what he walked into and blinked, It was a male pony. This one was red and wore a yoke. He had a stand of straw hanging from his mouth and his flank had a large green apple symbol.

"Uh. sorry sir." He stepped back from the pony.

"Its alright." The pony said, his voice seemed laid back.

"I guess you live here as well?" He said.

"Eyup." The pony said simply.

"Um... Im really sorry about the damage I did. I'll do all I can to make up for it."

"It's alright. Things happen."

He blinked, "Your not angry at me?"

"Nnnnope." The pony said.

"Hmm. Well I will make up for the damage I did. What's your name?" He asked.

"Big Macintosh." The pony said simply.

"Big Mac, whats taking you?" A smaller female voice said.

He and Big Mac turned to the location of the voice, and there stood a small pony. She was yellow, her mane and tail was red, and her flank was blank and she had on a big red bow. When she saw Him her eyes widened and she approached him slowly hiding behind Big Mac.

"Oh um...hello." She said.

He smiled and kneeld down, "Hello little one. Whats your name?"

"Applebloom." She said and hid more behind Big Mac, who simply watched the exchange of greetings silently.

"Thats a cute name," He smiled trying to do his best to remove the little pony's fears. These damn eyes of his were no help he was sure.

The little pony blushed at the comment and smiled a little, "Oh... Thank you. Are you that thing that my sister said came from that big metal object?"

He nodded, "Yes I am. I am here to help fix the damages I did. I am afwully sorry."

"Aww its okay. Accidents happen." Applebloom said coming out from the safety of Big Mac.

"I am guessing your Applejack's sister and Big Mac here is your brother right?"

"Eyup." Is all Big Mac said nodding.

"How did you know that?" Applebloom asked.

He chucklled, "Well I just kinda guessed."

Applebloom giggled, this creature was wierd, a bit scarey, but he was funny so he couldn't be all that bad. Wait, is he Teza whatever?

"Oh are your Te-Teza...darn that word is really confusing." Applebloom said stomping her foot on the ground.

"Hmm? What word?" He asked tilting his had in confusion.

"There was a word on that metal thing," Applebloom looked at Big Mac, "I know I was told not to go near it but I was curious."

Big Mac merely shrugged.

"What was the word?" He asked, could it be his name?

"I can't pronounce it. But it looked like a name." Applebloom eeped as the creature got real close to her.

"Could you show me where it is?" He said his face alight with excitement.

"Uh...yeah. Sure. Is that alright Big Mac?" Applebloom asked her brother.

"Eyup." Big Mac said.

"Alright. Follow me." Applebloom said as she trotted off to where the object was.

He smiled and followed, his heart was racing. He would finally know his name.

Big Mac watched them go for a bit, 'I hope they will be okay. He doesn't all that bad. Well guess I better get back to work.'

Applebloom lead the creature to where the object was, being careful of the pieces of metal that still littered the ground.

"Careful, there are bits of sharp metal about so watch where you step."

"Alright. I'll pick those up in a bit. Now where is this word you found?"

Applebloom pointed to the side of the object, "Right here. Can you pronounce it. Its a really hard word."

He walked over and kneeled down and looked at the word.

"Tezcatlipoca." He said without difficulty.

"Thats a wierd word, does it mean anything?" Applebloom asked.

He didn't answer, something about this word.... reminded him of something. He slowly reached towards the object and brushed his fingers against the letters saying the name again, "Tezcatlipoca. Why does...AGH!"

He gripped his head as images and muffled sounds filled his head. They appeared and faded with such speed he could not make sense of them. But several images were not as blurry, there was one of an old man, looking at him with a frown. The other was strange. He was... in something, perhaps the object before him. He couldn't move... couldn't breath...but he felt something. Anger...rage...burning rage. People were infront of him, their voices muffled. How he hated them...If he could just get his hands around their necks....

He growled as he gripped his head tighter. He released his head and placed his hands against the metal and dragged them down as he clawed them metal. A loud screech could be heard as he left.... long marks down the metal.

Applebloom cringed at the loud noise, she wasn't sure what was going on but she wasn't liking it. He touched the metal and then he went silent before growling and holding his head.

'Oh...maybe it wasn't such a good idea to bring him here.' She thought as she slowly approached him.

He was breathing swiftly as he just kneeled there, his head rested against the metal object, his hands had fallen to the ground and all he could feel was anger. He just wanted to rip somethings throat out.

"Hey...uh are you okay" Applebloom said, she slowly reached her hoof toward him but jumped back and screamed. He had turned to look at her and his eyes glowed and he snarled showing huge sharp teeth. He didn't look like he did before, he looked like a wild animal. And then... whatever he had been was gone, as if it was just her imagination.

"Applebloom, is somethign wrong." He looked at her concerned.

Applebloom was shaking, 'That...that was just my imagination right?' She hoped it was.

"Yeah....yeah I'm fine." She said, but she still shook. She wanted to leave this place, it seemed to make whoever this creature was act strange. She didn't like it.

"Good. Thank you for bringing me here. This word... it reminds me of things... nothing clear but... I think it was my name. Thank you." He smiled and swiftly picked her up and hugged her.

Applebloom blinked and then giggled, 'It was probably just my imagination.' She returned the hug and was set down again.

"Thank you. I have a name. Thank you."

"Aww. It was nothing." She said smiling.

"Applebloom! Are you okay!?" Applejack burst from the bushes and ran to her sister, careful of the pieces of metal about. She noticed Him and glared.

"What did you do to my sister!?" She said as she walked at him glaring, only to be stopped by Applebloom pulling her tail.

"Applejack stop. He didn't do anything."

"Are you sure?" Applejack said not taking her eyes off him.

"Yes, I'm sure. Now leave him alone." Applebloom stomped her hoof.

"It is alright Applebloom. I can understand her hostility. Thank you again."

"Why are you thanking her?" Applejack asked confused.

He smiled, "Because. She found my name."

Twilight burst from the bushes as well and said, "She did? What is it?"

"Yeah what is it?" Spike said curious himself.

"Tezcatlipoca." He said.

"Tez-a-what?" Applejack said confused.

"Uh...Just call me Tez." He chuckled.

"Hmm Tez. Thats a... okay name." Spike said.

"Well now we have something to call you." Twilight said smiling.

"Well, its better then calling him "Him"" Applejack said.

Tez smiled, "Well I guess I should pick up these pieces of metal so no one gets hurt. I'll move this thing away from here as well if you want." He gestured to the object from where he found his name.

"Sure. Just put it somewhere out of the way. Far away." Applejack said before trotting off, bringing her sister with her.

"Will do." Tez smiled and got started.

"Want some help?" Twilight asked.

"Uh sure... but how are you going..." He stopped as he saw Twilights horn glow and pieces of metal glowing and levitating into the air, "Oh yeah."

Twilight giggled, 'Now we know his name. Now just got to know what he "Is" ' she thought.

The two worked moving the pieces of metal far away from the orchard. Tez managed to find a cave that was empty and suggested storing the pieces and the object in it. He wanted to keep it within reach incase he could learn more of his past from it. Twilight didn't see the harm so they moved the scrap pieces into the cave. They placed them off to the side in a neat pile behind some rocks and Tez, with help from Twilight, moved the object into the cave.

"Well, that is done." Tez said as he cracked his neck.

"So, you don't remember anything else being near this thing? Just your name?" Twilight asked.

Tez was silent. He did not want to remember the anger he felt. He was glad he calmed down when he did, for a brief moment when he looked at Applebloom all he could think of was killing her. He shivered.

"Nothing. Just my name. Lets go, I'm sure I have lots of other things to do. You can go home if you want."

Twilight shook her head, perhaps a bit to fast, "Oh no no no. I can't leave you to do this by yourself. That wouldn't be right, I'll help I don't mind."

"Well... if you insist." Tez walked out of the cave, Twilight followed. She was asked by the Princess to find out what he was and she intended to. He wasn't going to leave her sights for a minute.

Once the three had left the cave was silent for a moment, then a piece of the side slowly opened revealing a monitor. It turned on for a second playing nothing but static but a faint image appeared, its speech cut off and jagged but one thing was clear. "Experiment five. Highly Dangerous. Kill on sight."

Oh the plot is thickening and we havent gotten into the real deep stuff yet :P. what you think. Is Tez dangerous? Perhaps...perhaps not. Find out next time :P till then hope you enjoy this chapter.