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Redemption, Damnation and FIM - ShadowWalking18

A HIE fic. More info? Look inside. First Fic here so please comment. Title sucks will edit it later.

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Chapter 7

Hey all :) again I love all the comments I get :) they make me happy, and keep the darkness from devouring all our souls :P. If you recall in our last chapter... :D things died :D wonder how Celestia will take this? And what will happen with Tez? Is he safe, or is he dangerous? Only time will tell. Enjoy the chapter :)

The night was not peaceful for Tez. All through his sleep his mind was plagued with faint images and words he could not make out. He had grown use to them, but now the intense feeling of anger seemed to overpower him everytime he saw certain images, and other images were starting to become more clear. Mostly of a great and beautiful city burning, blood seemed to flow along the streets like blood into a large lake. A face.... the face of a man. A man he hated.

Tez's eyes shot open and he got up looking around, he was breathing heavily and sweating even though the early mourning air blew into his room offering a cool breeze. He made his way over to the window as he put on his clothes and watched the sun slowly begin to rise. Watching it shot images back into his mind, blurry ones but the sight of blood was evident in all of them.

'What are all these images in my head?' He thought as he covered his eyes. He turned away from the sun and left his room. Perhaps a book woul ease his mind.

Tez was careful as he crept to one of the bookshelves, he did not know when Twilight and Spike woke up, but he did not want to wake them if they still slept. He looked over the titles of the books. There were hundreds of various titles, many he did not understand what they were about.

Books of plants, animals, places in the world. Other books on things like cooking, and....running? Sleep overs? What was this?

"A book on running?" Tez raised an eyebrow at the... well silliness of such a book, "Whats next? A book on walking? Or one on how to breath properly?"

He chuckled as he took a random book, "Hmm...Supernaturals. Natural Remedies and cure alls that are really super."

Tez sat on the floor and began to read the contents, there were many potions and herbal remedies for almost every sort of ailments. It was a fascinating read, the only problem was practiclly all of the herbs, save for a few he did recognize, he knew nothing of. Tez finished reading and put the book down and reached for one on plants. Using the first book to find the names and the second to learn more of them.

When he had finally finished he closed both books and looked up at the clock, sure he had eaten away some decent time. Only an hour and a half had passed, still too early for anyone to be up yet. Tez blinked, surely he did not read that fast.

"Maybe I just need a bigger book." He put the books he had away and walked around looking for a larger book to read. He finally found one sitting on a pedastal. The title was, "Equstria's History. From the war of the three tribes to the banishment of Night Mare Moon."

The book was massive, and when Tez opened it, he was surprised by the number of pages. This would be a decent read, at least for another hour or two.

"Alright... Chapter One." Tez began and started to read.

He read, and read, and read. Eventually he lost track of time and emersed himself in the history of the kingdom of Equestria. It was an intresting past, there was even information on the Princesses in later chapters, though if he was reading it right they had to have been either immortal or a long life span if they were around for as long as they had been.

Eventually he reached the final pages and closed the book. Then Tez blinked, that can't be right.

'Now come on Tez. Not even a fast reader can do that.... but... I know I did, I can name off everything that was in that book. Whats the time?' Tez ran back to the center of the library and looked up at the clock. Only three hours had passed, the sun was now greeting the world and he heard a yawn from upstairs. Tez was feeling a bit dizzy from this.

"Okay... what I just did... definatly not normal." He rubbed his head trying to find a logical answer for it, but in the back of his mind he felt that this WAS normal for him.

"Oh good morning Tez."

Tez looked to the stairs to se Twilight, she yawned and rubbed her eyes.

"Good morning Twilight. I hope you slept well."

Twilight yawned one more time, "Well enough. Yourself?"

Images of that burning city filled his head again, but Tez ignored them and they eventually vanished, "I slept like a baby."

Twilight looked at him, "You sure? You looked a little distant there for a moment."

"Well... its nothing. So whats for breakfast?" Tez asked, hoping that Twilight would not ask anymore.

"Oh right. Well come upstairs and I'll show you what we have." Twilight turned and walked back upstairs.

Tez followed, his stomach already growling for food. When they got upstairs Tez saw that the second floor housed a living room and kitchen area. Some more stairs went up to where he saw Spike, still asleep, and a big bed. He guessed that was where Twilight slept.

"Let's see..." Twilights horn glowed as cuboards and the fridge opened, "We have: Apples, juice, milk, soda, flour, hay, sunflower seeds, ceral, honey, and some cupcakes."

Tez chuckled, "Well... I guess I'll have some apples if that is alright."

"Of course, anything else?" Twilight hovered some apples over to Tez.

"Water would be nice," Tez took the apples and the glass of water that followed, "Thanks. Though I could have gotten them myself." Tez smiled as he sat down and ate.

"Oh it's alright." Twilight got herself some apples and sat down across from Tez.

"More questions?" Tez asked as he finished one apple, core and all, and started on the other.

Twilight was surprised by the question, "Well... no. Why do you ask?"

Tez smirked, "You seem the type to have lots of them. I'm sure you will ask me more when you think of some."

Twilight fidgeted a bit, "Well, Yeah."

Tez chuckled as he drank down his water, "I don't mind. Just let me know when you have any more."

Twilight finished her apples and took Tez's empty glass and washed it in the sink before setting it to dry. Tez stood and stretched before saying, "Is there a place where I can wash up. I don't think I've bathed since I got out of the clinic and I feel... well dirty."

Twilight nodded understanding, "Well you don't stink, right now anyway but if you want to take a shower the bathroom is just through that door." Twilight said pointing her hoof to a door.

"Thanks. After I wash up I will be going back to the farm and see whatelse Applejack and her family wants me to do." Tez said as he made his way to the bathroom.

Tez removed his cloths and sniffed them, not smelly thankfully. He would have to find a way to pay Rarity so he could aquire a second or third pair of clothing should he require it. He placed his cloths on a towel rack and removed the undershorts that he wore, he would need more of these as well. He would need alot of things it seemed.

'Well I better find a way to aquire some currency. I'd rather not ask Twilight for some money. I am already living in her house she has given enough.' Tez thought as he turned on the shower and began to wash himself. After he felt clean he turned the water off and reached for a towel to dry himself. He noticed the mirror over the sink and looked at himself, pushing his wet hair back. His eyes always seemed to be the most curious thing about him, but the rest of him seemed simple. A muscular body with not seeable imperfections, save the long scar down his chest. His hair, though odd in its color, did not bother him much. Only that it really had to be cut shorter. Much shorter.

"Guess I better get going." Tez said as he finished drying off and got dressed. When he exited the bathroom he saw that Twilight was gone, but spike was busy rolling up a scroll. What was on it?

"Hey Spike, what you up to." Tez asked as he approached the baby dragon.

"Ahh!" Spike screamed and quickly turned around, holding the scroll behind him, "Uh... hi Tez. You surprised me."

Tez chuckled, "Sorry if I scared you."

"Naw you didn't scare me. I was just... uh... had a cramp in my claw from all the writing and the pain surprised me." Spike said trying to save face.

Tez smirked, "I am sure. So what do you have behind you?"

Spike seemed tense, "Uh..behind me? I got nothing behind me."

"Oh really, then show me your hands." Tez placed his hands on his hips as he leaned forward smirking at the baby dragon.

Spike gulped and then showed Tez his claws, they were empty, "See...heh heh, nothing behind my back."

Tez nodded, "Very well...I guess I was..." Tez quickly shot his hand behind Spike and grabbed hold of his tail, feeling the scroll wrapped by the apendege. He swiftly swiped it and held it up high from the little dragon who tried desperatly to get it back.

"Now Spike, you shouldn't hide things from people. Makes you look suspicious." Tez handed the scroll back to the dragon, who frowned and looked at his feet.

"Sorry, its just that... uh.." Spike tried to think of what to say.

"Let me guess... Its something to do with me right?" Tez smiled.

Spike blinked in surprise, "How did you know?"

Tez laughed, "Well mostly you just told me. I just took a guess really."

Spike snapped his claws, "Darn. You tricked me."

"Oh don't feel to bad Spike. So what is it on that scroll. You can tell me, I won't mind."

Spike seemed hesitant, "Well.... its a report to Princess Celestia."

"About me I suspect. Nothing bad I hope." Tez smirked.

"No. Nothing bad, just what Twilight figured out about you so far." Spike said, then covered his mouth with his claw.

Tez laughed again, "Don't worry Spike. I guessed last night that Twilight was inspecting me for some reason. Don't feel bad, I understand why and its okay." He patted the dragons head gently.

"You mean your not mad?" Spike asked.

"No. I would probably do the same thing if roles were reversed. Just next time be honest with me. I am honest with you so it is only right to return the favor to me."

"Your right. You haven't done anything yet to really make you untrust worthy. I'm sorry."

Tez picked the dragon up and gave him a hug, "All is forgiven Spike." He set the dragon on his shoulder, ignoring the small foot claws digging into his skin.

Spike placed a hand on Tez's head to keep himself steady, "Im glad. I guess I better send this to the Princess now."

"How are you going to do that?" Tez asked.

"Like this." Spike blew at the scroll and a small stream of green fire engulfed the scroll. The ashes did not fall to the ground as Tez had expected but instead they flew away, guided by some sort of spell.

"Thats intresting."

"Cool huh?" Spike said, leaning against Tez's head and looking at his claws acting cool.

Tez chuckled, "Yes very. I have to get going now. I have to see if Applejack and her family have anything else they need me to do at the present time. Then... get a hair cut. Maybe get the haircut first. What are you going to do?"

"Hmmm, don't know. Twilight went over to Zecora's for tea. Mind if I come with you?"

"Sure. You can keep me company while I work." Tez headed to the door, Spike now sitting on his shoulder.

Tez looked around Ponyville as he made his way to Sweet Apple Acres. Spike pointed out specific places, what services they offered and what not. The boutique Tez already knew about, but Spike seemed really intrested in it. He went on all about Rarity for a time.

'He must have a crush on her.' Tez thought with a smile, 'Well it is the way of the young to be easily infatuated. It's cute.'

After careful consideration, and the fact that spike had a few bits that he was willing to lend to him, Tez decided to get the hair situation dealt with first. To say that the hair or perhaps mane stylists, were a bit shocked to see him enter. Others were afraid to go near him, what with his eyes. But, after showing the money and Spike saying Tez was Twilights friend the stylists finally began to cut at his hair. It was a simple cut the hair short so its not hanging over his eyes, but it took a good deal of time. When they were finally done there was a large pile of hair around the chair.

Tez thanked the stylists and shooks his head and ran his fingers through his now short hair. It felt like a two ton weight had been lifted off his head. Now onto Sweet Apple Acres.

"So you going to style your hair at all?" Spike asked, sitting on Tez's shoulder again.

"Hmm... I don't know. As long as its short I don't mind what it looks like." Tez said.

The two soon arrived at the farm, Tez noticed Big Mac was plowing a field, an older pony was busy looking through buckets of apples. Tez guessed seeing which ones were good and which ones weren't.

Tez made his way down to the field and waved hello to Big Mac, "A fair day to you Big Mac. Fairing well?"

"Eyup." Is all he said as he continued plowing.

"Have you seen Applejack around?"


"Oh. Well do you need help?"


Tez blinked, "Well alright. Have a good day."

Tez walked over to the old pony. At first he was afraid his eyes would scare the poor old pony, but Granny Smith as he learned her name was, did not seem the least bit shocked or bothered that he had damaged a few trees in the orchard.

"Sonny, if I fretted over every little incident I'd never fall asleep at night. You all didn't mean to do what happened, but your taking responsibility and coming here to offer help." Granny said.

"So do you have anything you wish for me to do?" Tez asked.

"Nope not at the moment, got all the apples we will be selling in town today, just got to sort through em." Granny picked up and apple of good quality and placed it in a cart.

Tez frowned, "Oh...well okay."

Granny chuckled, "Well don't you fret there will be plenty of work to offer when AppleBuck season comes."

Tez smiled and thanked Granny Smith before turning to head back to town. He stopped an looked back asking, "Hey do you know where Applejack is? Or Applebloom?"

Granny stopped her work and thought for a moment, a long moment, "Well little Applebloom's at school today and Applejack is well right behind you."

Tez turned and jumped back as he saw a smirking Applejack standing right there, "Ahh! Don't do that, going to give me a heart attack."

Applejack chuckled, "Well ya'll do keep your word, but as you can see we did all the work we needed doing, all that is left really is to plow the field and Big Mac has that covered."

"Well... what if I help you sell these apples?" Tez offered.

Applejack gave him a "Are you serious?" look and said, "Sorry Tez, but well... those eyes of yours...uh.."

Tez frowned, "Yeah yeah. Not friendly looking I know."

Applejack waved her hooves, "It's not that. Your a mighty friendly guy, it's just that every other pony in town don't know that yet. I'm sorry if I upset you."

"No no. It's okay I fully understand." Tez smiled a bit, but inside he still hurt a bit. Why was he so scary?

"Well, I better get this cart to town and sell these apples. Do take care now ya' hear." Applejack said as she hitched the cart to her as Granny Smith finished sorting through the apples.

Tez turned and walked away, Spike doing his best to cheer his friend up, "Hey come on Tez. It's not that bad, they will have plenty of work for you to do to make up for the damages when harvest time comes."

Tez sighed, "It's not that Spike...It's me."

"What about you?"

"Im scary. I scare everypony in Ponyville. I don't mean to be these...these damn eyes of mine." Tez placed a hand over his eyes to hide them from view as he walked on back to town.

Spike frowned, Tez was usually so happy; but seeing him upset like this. He wished there was something that could be done to help. The two wandered a bit, Tez stayed away from most ponies in town not wanting to scare anyone else. He eventually stopped at a tree in the park and sat under the shade of the leaves. Spike hoped down yawning and curled up in Tez's lap.

"Man. It's days like this that..." Spike yawned, "Make me really sleepy..." Sure enough the little dragon fell asleep.

Tez smiled, the sight warming his heart just a bit. But he still felt down, he sighed and looked up at the cloudless sky. He had not seen the other ponies that had visited him while he was in the Clinic. What where their names?

"Oh right. Fluttershy, Rainbow Dash and Pinkie Pie. Hmm perhaps I should find out where they live so I can stop by and say hello." Tez thought on that plan and decided he would ask Twilight where the others lived.

"Hmm she should be home by now. I will go see." Tez slowly got to his feet, being careful not to disturb Spikes slumber as he carried the little dragon back to the Library.

Unknown to Tez a cyan and rainbow maned pegasus had seen him go from the shelter of the clouds and made a bee line for the library without being seen.

"I sure hope everything is ready." Rainbow Dash said as she landed on the balcony and entered the building.

As soon as he got to the door of the Library, Tez felt...something wrong. He looked around and noticed that there was nopony on the street. Odd.

'Hmm...where is everyone?' He thought as he opened the door and saw that it was pitch black in the library, 'Damn it. Wheres the light..'

Tez's thoughts were cut off as the lights turned on and dozens of ponies jumped out of hiding yelling, "Surprise!"

Tez felt his heart stop, for the second time this day. He jumped, and Spike hearing the loud scream jumped up screaming and clung to Tez's arm shaking.

"Hey! Were you surprised? Huh? Huh?" Pinkie Pie said, appearing out of nowhere and hopping infront of him. She blew on a party noise maker and she wore a party hat.

Tez stepped inside, his mouth hanging open. Spike got off of his friend and looked around surprised as well.

"Is this for me?" Tez asked.

"Of course silly. This is your welcome to Ponyville Surprise Party!" Pinkie blew the noise maker again as did everypony in the room.

Tez felt something inside him warm up....he felt...joy and happiness. He could not help but smile as he saw everyone in town. Sure they had that slight bit of fear, but there was actual friendship and welcome in them as well. He saw Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash. Twilight and Rarity. Even Applejack and her family.

"Thank you. Thank you everyone. This means alot." He said smiling.

"Enough chatter, lets party!" Rainbow Dash called. Everypony agreed and the party began.

Music. Food. Conversation and laughter. and lots of ballons and ribbons and other things. Pinkie sure knew how to throw a party, though how she managed to pass out invitations to everypony in town and not have him notice....was shocking. But after some talks with Rainbow Dash, Applejack, Fluttershy, Rarity and Twilight, he learned that it was better not to try and figure out how Pinkie works and just go with the flow of things.

The party eventually ended, Tez felt a bit sad at that. But he smiled as each guest said good bye, he knew that today he had managed to earn the towns trust. Mabe now they wouldn't be scared of him as much anymore. At least he hoped so.

Once everyone was gone, Twilight and her friends all began to clean up. Tez joined in and soon the Library main floor was clean and clear.

"Thank you Pinkie. I don't know how much trouble you went through to do this for me...but thank you. It means alot, more then you know."

Pinkie rubbed the back of her head blushing, "Aww it was nothing. I love to throw parties, I wanted to throw this yesterday but you were just so busy. So I did it today, when I learned that you weren't busy." Pinkie smiled.

Tez blinked and then laughed, "Well you certainly are a very crafty pony Pinkie."

"Well, its getting late I should get home now. Got cloud duty tomorrow." Dash said, "Come and hang out sometime Tez. I'll show you all my moves."

"Um...if you ever want to say hello...um feel free to stop by and visit." Fluttershy said, hiding behind Rarity.

Tez could tell that this was a very brave thing for the timid pegasus to say. He smiled and said, "Thank you Fluttershy."

Fluttershy smiled and left as well.

"Well, I have to get my beauty sleep now. I have a huge order to fill out. Oh Tez darling if you stop by please let me know in advanced so I can get everything prepared."

"Prepared?" Tez asked confused.

"Of course. Those clothes of yours are a challange to make. A challange I intend to overcome, so if you want more clothes let me know. I will make them far more spectacular then the ones you have now."

Tez smiled, "Thank you Rarity. I'll be sure to let you know."

With that Rarity took her leave, giving Tez a wink that oddly had he red in the face and feeling a bit uncomfortable. Thankfully Spike had passed out from too much punch to notice.

"Well, time to get back home and rest up for harvesting tomorrow. You better be there bright and early Tez. You hear?"

Tez chuckled and saluted, "Yes ma'me."

Applejack smirked and left, looks like the hostility was decreasing. Tez was glad for that.

"So Tez. I hope you enjoyed everything." Twilight said as she picked up Spike and brought him up stairs to put him into bed.

Tez followed, "I did. Though I was surprised that everyone would do this for me. I don't exactly look sociable you know."

"Well everypony here has learned to not always judge the book by its cover. Oh they might be a bit uneasy around you, but in time that will fade and everyone will be your friend."

"Thanks Twilight." Tez yawned, "Well I guess I'll be going to sleep now. Good night Twilight."

"Good night Tez."

Meanwhile in the Royal Halls of Canterlot, Princess Celestia was not having a pleasant time. Both teams she had dispatched had yet to return yet and she was starting to fear the worse. With that letter from Twilight about finding some creature she hoped that her fears were misplaced. Little did she know they were about to get worse.

A guard stumbled in. His body was covered in lacerations and bite marks. He was bleeding badly but he bowed to his princess and said, "Princess Celestia."

"Quickly call a medic in!" She told to one of her guards, who swiftly left to do so. She approached the injured guard, using her magic to dull his pain, "Yes...what is it? What happened?"

The guard stared at her and then a voice, not his own said, "Princess...your blood. Is ours!" The guard laughed maniacly before his body fell apart into pieces, blood pooling everywhere.

Princess Celestia stepped back in horror, 'What is happening? What did this?' Her mind had thousands of questions, but few answers. Guards were already clearing away the body and servants cleaning away the blood, but she ignored them as she made her way to her chambers. She was glad that her sister was asleep, she did not want Luna to see that ever.

"Something is happening. I need answers... and I know where to go. Oh Twilight, please be safe." Princess Celestia said as she looked out from her balcony in the direction to Ponyville. Tomorrow she would go there, and tomorrow she would get her answers. She just hoped they did not bring more suffering to her ponies.

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