Redemption, Damnation and FIM

by ShadowWalking18

First published

A HIE fic. More info? Look inside. First Fic here so please comment. Title sucks will edit it later.

When the Mane Six find the barely alive body of a strange creature with gold slitted eyes, they must help it not only adapt to life in Eqestria but help it regain its lost memories. For those memories are the only thing that stands between life and death. But are all those memories safe to be remembered?
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Chapter 1

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The sun rose slowly awakening the world to a new day, in the town of Ponyville, everyone slowly woke and began their daily duties. One such pony was well into her work, her name is Twilight Sparkle, student of Princess Celestia.

"Lets see, extra quills?" She asked as she paced back and fourth rearranging and organizing all the books in her home.

Spike made a check on a list, "Check."

"Extra parchment?"




"Extra Ink?"


"Extra extra ink?"

Spike sighed but made the neccessary check mark and said, "Check."

Twilight smiled, "Good that takes care of preperations to make tomorrows list. Now we can start on the list of things to do today."

Spike sighed, 'Always the same thing with her. Lists, lists, and more lists.'

"-Spike? Spike!?" Twilight said louder leaning forward looking at her asssisstent, "Did you hear me?"

Spike blinked, "Huh? uh? Yeah I did." He hoped he sounded convincing.

Twilight looked at him a moment before nodding, "Alright then what is first on the list?"

Spike swiflty got another list from a drawer and opened it, "Uh... Grocery shopping."

"Alright lets go then." Twilight headed for the door, using her magic to place her saddle bag on her so she would be able to carry all the groccerys. Spike ran to catch up and hoped onto her back.

"Oh spike," Twilight said stopping and looking to the little dragon.

"Yeah what?"

"Don't forget to bring the shopping list." Twilight said and with that she continued on eager to keep on schedule.

Spike sighed and ran back to get said list and then to catch up with Twilight, 'Honestly one of these days all these lists are gonna make her snap. Wish something intresting would happen.'

Little did the little dragon know that he would get his wish.

After a few hours of shopping and completing several other small errands Twilight, with spike riding on her back, walked over to Sweet Apple Acres to say hello to Applejack.

They found her out in the forests apple bucking away at several trees.

"Hey Applejack." Twilight said as she neared her friend.

Applejack stopped her work and smiled waving to Twilight, "'owdy Twilight, what brings y'all here?"

"Just stopping to say hi and see how you were doing." Twilight said.

Applejack stretched and adjusted her hat, "Alls well as can be, just gettin apples for the market."

The two conversed for a bit before being interrupted by Spike who shouted, "Twilight! Look at that!" He pointed up to the sky.

The two ponies looked up where Spike was pointing and their eyes widened as they saw what looked like a bright star shining in the sky, but it was morning there shouldn't be any stars. For the brief moment of confusion soon came shock as the star grew closer and closer before splitting into three seperate rays of light each blasting in opposite directions. The first two flew off in the direction of the mountains before being lost from view but the other went on a different path. A path heading directly towards the three friends.

Twilght, Applejack and spike all screamed as they quickly rushed to get out of the way of the approaching... whatever it was. A large crash and the sound of cracking and snapping wood filled the air as something blasted through the forest and hit the ground with enough impact to knock the fleeing ponies off their feet and land face first onto the ground. At least they were alive and uninjured. Though... the ground couldn't say the same.

A large line of upturned dirt dragged across a good distance of the section of the forest they were in. several appletrees had either been upturned or their trunks damaged or shattered. At least ten trees where either damaged or destroyed and apples were scattered everywhere.

"Wha' in the name of!?!" Applejack shouted before getting up and running to inspect the damage.

Twilight and Spikes mouths hung open as they got up and followed Applejack.

"This is awful." Applejack said as she stood next to an uprooted appletree, "WHA' DID THIS!"

Applejacks eyes were burning with anger as she started searching with a killer intent for whatever damaged the trees on her families farm.

Twilight and Spike aided in the search, Twilight out of curiosity and wonder as to what could have done this and if she would be able to study it, and Spike because finally something unexpected was happening and he wanted to enjoy every moment of it.

They eventually found the source of the damage. At the end of the upturned ground was what looked like a large metal... thing. Whatever it was it was greatly damaged, pieces of metal were scattered all over the place. The main body seemed to be dented in or torn apart and there was a large hole in the center of it.

"What is it?" Spike said as he looked at it and poked one of the broken off pieces.

"I don't know." Twilight said as she moved over to investigate.

"What ever it is, it done ruined several of my families trees." Applejack said as she gave it a good kick. Only to regret it as she fell onto her flank holding her hoof hissing with pain, "That there thing is hard."

"Hey! Twilight! Applejack!" A voice called up from above.

The two ponies looked up to see their frien Rainbow Dash move in for a landing.

"Rainbow Dash, what are you doing here?" Twilight asked.

"I came over to investigate when I saw that... whatever it is fall from the sky and crash here. I see you and Applejack did the same thing. You know what it is?"

Twilight shook her head, "No. I don't know what this thing is."

"All I need to know is that it done damaged the trees of my families farm and I plan ta make it inta scrap." Applejack said as she gave it another, less forceful kick out of anger.

"Hey guys! I think I found something!" Spike called over from the other side of object.

The three ponies looked at each other and headed over to where the little dragon was on the other side of the metal object.

They all gasped at what they saw, bits of what looked like cloth hung torn on severl sharp pieces of metal, but what really drew their eyes was the long trail of blood that seemed to lead away from the crash site.

"Whatever this thing was it had something in it. And I think its probably hurt bad." Spike said as he pointed at the blood trail.

Twilight bit her lip, Part of her wanted to find this creature and make sure it was okay, nopony ever really liked to see another creature suffering. But at the same time another part of here told her to walk away. Eventually though she made up her mind.

"Alright. Rainbow Dash." Twilight said turning to the pegasus.

"Yeah?" Rainbow Dash asked tilting her head a bit.

"I want you to fly back to Ponyville and find a doctor and Fluttershy, I don't know what this thing is if its an animal or not but if its hurt we should help it."

"What if its dangerous?" Rainbow Dash asked.

"Ya, what if it is Twilight?"

"We can't know that for sure till we find it and if its not we will want to make sure its okay. Now go go." Twilight shooed Dash to go who took off and swiftly flew back to town.

"Alright now. Applejack, Spike come with me."

"Where we going?" Spike asked as he got onto Twilights back.

"I think we are goin' to find whatever came out of that there metal thing right?" Applejack said as she followed alongside Twilight.

"Yes. We will find it and if it needs help do what we can till Dash gets back. And if its dangerous I'll use my magic to stop it."

"Sounds like a plan." Applejack said smiling, somewhere deep inside she hoped whatever it was that came out of that metal object was dangerous then she could give it a piece of her mind.

The blood trail went deeper into the forest, from time to time they found what looked like bloody prints against the trees but they were very odd prints. Not from any hoof they knew of.

Eventually they found what they were looking for. Again their eyes were wide and their mouths hung open slightly at what they saw.

It was unlike any creature they had ever seen. It had four limbs like a pony or a dragon but it was wearing a strange coat, the coat was all white and had knots on different points on it. The sleeve were excessivly long, longer then the actual arms which they could make out from the distortion of the cloth they made. its face was covered in dried blood but the fur on its head was a strange black and white mixture.

A pool of blood was developing around the creautre. A large gash tore across half of the chest of the coat and blood seemed to bubble like a pool in the wound slowlying oozing out. One of its limbs seemed twisted and out of proper alignment. One lower limb was obviously broken, a bone sticking out of the flesh and all over him were several small cuts. The creature was propped up and leaning in a slight sitting posistion against a tree.

"Is it alive?" Spike said as he moved a bit closer only to move back as the creature took a hard ragged breath of air that seemed strained and painful.

"What is it?" Twilight asked as she inspected it, 'No no focus Twilight. Its hurt and you have to help it... oh but how I dont know anything about treating injuries... Oh I hope Dash gets here soon with help.'

"It sure don't look too good." Applejack said as she moved towards it a bit, her nose wrinkled at the heavy scent of blood that filled the air around the creature. Now while she was still angry at the damage to her farm, she could not help but feel sorry for this creature considering its present condition.

The creature took another ragged breath of air and its head slowly moved. Strands of its fur fell down over its face covering its eyes but Twilight could tell it was looking right at them.

Low, barely audiable the creature said, "Help.... me..." It lifted an arm reaching out to them before it fell to the ground and its head fell lulled against the tree again.

"Oh no." Twilight moved over to the creature and check its pulse. It was there... weak... but there. It was still alive.

'But it wont be fore much longer. Oh hurry up Dash.'

Twilight looked back to where town was and prayed that Rainbow Dash hurried back soon with help. She did not want to have to bury something she saw, if barely still, alive.

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Chapter 2

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Okay I want to thank all my commentors :) THANK YOU. Now lets find out what happens next. and can anyone take a guess at a few things: one what is our guest from space wearing. and two did spike give a prophecy last chapter?. well enjoy.

Rainbow Dash flew as fast as she could, her mind was filled with questions and worry.

'I hope whatever is hurt isn't dangerous. Cause if it hurts Twilight or Applejack i'll take it down in ten seconds flat.'

Dash stopped as she neared Ponyville and thought on which destination was the closest first. Time being of the essence she swiftly decided that Fluttershy's house would be the first destination. She speed off to Fluttershys as fast as her wings could take her.

'Really hope Fluttershy is home. I can't waste time looking for her.'

Fluttershy was busy. Very busy. With that strange burst of light and the sound of something crashing at Sweet Apple Acres the animals were in a bit of a panic attack. But she soon had them all calmed and relaxed once again, still her mind worried. Whatever had fallen from the sky had crashed at Applejacks Acres.

'Oh I hope she is okay.' Fluttershy looked towards where the object had fallen and she noticed now a column of smoke was rising from the location. Was it a fire?

"Oh dear... m-maybe I should..."

Before she could finish her sentence Fluttershy heard someone shout, "FLUTTERSHY!"

The timid pegasus looked to the sky to see Rainbow Dash coming in fast. Thankfully she stopped instead of crashing into the ground. She seemed to be worried about something as she began talking very fast.

"FluttershyweneedyourhelpsomethingcrashedatSweetAppleAcresandwethinkthatsomethingmightbehurt." Dash said swiftly, breathing very fast from her swift flying.

Fluttershy backed away a bit but kept her composure as she asked softly, "Slow down please... if thats alright."

Dash took severl breathes before calming down and said again, "We need your help. Something crashed at Sweet Apple Acres and we think somethiing might be hurt, an animal or something."

Fluttershy lost all sense of timidness and stood straight, "An animal is hurt? Is it bad?"

Dash shurgged, "Don't know. Not sure if its an animal but Twilight sent me to get you and a doctor just incase."

"Where are they?" Fluttershy asked as she went into her house to get a few things incase she needed to help a wounded animal.

Dash pointed to the column of smoke, "Over there was where I last saw them. They found a trail of blood leading away from the crash site. Knowin Twilight she might have followed it to see what was hurt so if you follow that you should find them... and whatever is hurt."

Fluttershy cringed a bit at the word blood and trail, 'Oh dear. Oh dear. It must really be hurt.'

"I got to head to town and get a doctor now, can you get there on your own?" Dash asked as she hovered in the air preparing for a fast flight to town.

"I-I should be fine. You go get a doctor."

Dash nodded and took off swiftly to the town clinic. Fluttershy flapped her wings and gained alititude as she flew as swiftly as she could to the column of smoke. All the while she prayed that whatever was hurt was still alive.

'I don't think I could handle seeing something dead.' She shivered at the thought and speed up her flight with caring resolve.

Dash burst through the doors of the Ponyville Clinic and rushed to the front desk, "Doctor! Need a Doctor!"

Nurse Redheart blinked and held up her front hoofs, "Calm down Rainbow Dash. What is wrong?"

Dash took several deep breathes before saying, "Something crashed at Sweet Apple Acres and something seems to be hurt. Really really hurt."

Nurse Redheart nodded as she took in the information, the words hurt being registered the most.

"Yes, everyone heard the crash and has seen that smoke rising from where it crashed, though no one has come in severly injured thankfully. Do you know what it is that is hurt?"

Rainbow Dash shook her head, "No. We don't know whats hurt but whatever it is it's hurt really badly if it's leaving a trail of blood."

That got Nurse Redhearts attention, "Stay here a moment," she walked over to an office and seemed to be conversing with somepony.

After awhile she came back and said, "Sadly none of our doctors can leave the clinic incase somepony comes in that needs attention but one of our volunteer nurses should be able to help."

Dash frowned a moment but nodded, "Great, so who is she?"

Nurse Redheart smirked a bit and said, "It's Rarity. She should be at her house since we did not need her today. She should be able to help you."

Dash was a bit surprised that Rarity knew of anything other then fashion but nodded and flew out the door, causing several bits of paper to go flying off the desk from the wind. Nurse Redheart sighed and started picking them up, today was going to be very busy she was sure.

Rarity hummed to herself as she worked on her latest project. It was almost complete, just one final modification and it would be perfect. This would be her best work yet.

Of course sometimes plans don't always go the way we want, in this case being Rainbow Dash crashing through the door, into Rarity and causing both to roll into the mannequin holding the project causing it to fall and scatter all over the place.

Rarity emerged from the mess of clothes and gasped as she saw her work ruined, "Rainbow Dash! You ruined my greatest work of art yet!" She glared at her friend who was busying rubbing her head then noticed the mess.

"Oh, um sorry about that." Dash smiled nervously as she got up.

Rarity took a deep breath and regained her composure and used her magic to straighten everything out as she said, "It's alright, but tell me dear what has you so bothered that you come crashing through my door?"

"You heard that crash right?"

Rarity stopped what she was doing and turned to her friend, "Yes, why? Nopony was hurt I hope."

Dash shook her head, "No nopony is hurt, but something is. Twilight sent me here to get a doctor but none of them can be spared so I was sent here since you do volunteer work there as a nurse so you might know something to help whatever is hurt."

Rarity nodded, "Of course dear, just give me a moment," Rarity's horn glowed as she opened a dresser and amaingly a nurse outfit levitated out and placed itself on Rarity, "Alright now lets go see what is hurt."

Dash nodded and lead Rarity back to the crash site hopping that everyone was okay and nothing bad had happened in her absence.

'Ten seconds flat if anyone is hurt by whatever came from that metal thing.' She reminded herself.

Meanwhile, back with Twilight and Applejack they were having problems of their own. Fluttershy had arrived a moment ago, exhausted but immediatly went to see the creature. At first she looked like she was ready to be sick by the amount of blood that she saw; but she took a deep breath and inspected the creature while she began to do what she could.

"How is it Fluttershy?" Twilight asked.

Fluttershy finished wrapping the large gash on the creature, "It's bad. really bad. We need to get him to a clinic, they have more tools to help him then what I have on me." she had not dared remvoing the strange cloth because doing so would have removed what little clotting was already occuring so she had wrapped the bandage over the cloth, now the leg was going to be a problem she had little knowledge of broken bone injuries where the bone had penetrated through the skin.

"How do ya' know it's a he?" Applejack asked as she looked at the creature which had not said another word since but continued to breath lightly.

"Well... I think it's a he. It's body doesn't seem to be that of a females but I could be wrong. I've never seen anything like this."

"You think. Well it's better then calling it "it"" Twilight said as she inspected the creature more from different angles. All the while spike napped on her back, having fallen asleep from the waiting.

After awhile they heard Rainbow Dash calling to them, and amazingly Rarity was with her and in a nurse outfit?

"Rainbow Dash, I thought you were getting a doctor?" Twilight asked as she looked at Rarity confused.

"There were no doctors available," Dash said as she landed, "But Nurse Redheart said that Rarity does volunteer work as a nurse at the clinic so she should know something."

Twilight blinked and looked at Rarity again, "Rarity a nurse?"

"Surprised, just because my passion is of creating beauty doesn't mean it is all I do. Now where is the patient?" Rarity said with a professional voice and walked over to where Fluttershy and Applejack where. Her first reaction was a gasp, of both shock and confusion, but soon she was right next to Fluttershy aiding her in helping the injured creature.

"Oh my," Rarity said as she wrapped a small gash on the arm, "These clothes are simple...dreadful, and this leg will require immediate work for it to heal properly luckily I know what to do."

The others rolled their eyes, leave it to Rarity to be both professional and still comment on ones fashion.

Raritys horn glowed and the creatures leg soon glowed as well as she did whatever she was doing. All the ponies closed their eyes and cringed as they head and saw for a moment the broken leg bone slowly sliding back into the leg and realigning itself with the rest of the broken bone. All that was left now was just another bloody gash that was quickly wrapped up tight with bandages.

"We should get it to the clinic, we don't have the proper tools to properly heal it and we should do it fast who knows what unseen injuries it might have inside." Rarity said.

"I'll carry him." Fluttershy volunteered a bit timidly.

"Are you sure Fluttershy, you don't have to if it makes you uncomfortable. I can carry it." Twilight said.

Fluttershy shook her head, "No. It's alright really. Besides it will be less bumpy in the air."

Twilight nodded and, with the help of Rarity, used her magic to gently lift the creature up and place it slowly onto Fluttershys back in a way that would keep it comfortable and not move it around too much while Fluttershy was in flight. While the creature was heavy it would not cause too much trouble to her flight patterns.

"Alright lets go." Applejack said as she ran off to the clinic followed by everyone else.

Fluttershy's wings screamed in protest at the extra weight but she willed them to keep going as she flew the creature, with Rainbow Dash beside her incase it fell, to the clinic.

Upon arrival to the clinic the strange creature caused quite the commontion amongst the ponies that saw it. Many acted the same as they did when Zecora first came, with fear. Many kept their fillies away from it, while others put them inside for safety. Only a few regarded it with curiosity. When Nurse Redheart saw it she immediatly called for several other nurses and a stretcher, to them it was a patient that needed immediate medical attention. They moved the creature to an empty room and began to do all they could to save it.

While in the waiting room Twilight, Applejack, Rainbow Dash, Fluttershy and Rarity, who helped for a moment before being asked to retire to the waiting room, all sat waiting for anyword on the condition of the strange creature they found.

After awhile Nurse Redheart came up to them with a worried face.

"Well? Is he okay?" Twilight asked. The others waited for an answer.

Nurse Redheart sighed, "Well his wounds are really severe. There were bits of internal bleeding that we had to take care of and we are still not fully sure if the broken limbs will heal properly yet. Still we think he will survive, if he can get through the rest of the day at least he lost a great deal of blood and his breathing is really labored."

Everyones ears flattened with worry, eventually Applejack said, "Thank ya ma'am. We will be goin' now."

"Yes I have to get back to my project." Rarity said as she headed for the door.

"I got cloud duty early in the mourning so I'll see you around." Rainbow Dash flew out the door waving goodbye.

"Um.. I have to go check on the animals now, but let me know if he comes too please." Fluttershy said and smiled a bit when Nurse Redheart said she would let them all know when the creature came to.

"Thank you Nurse Redheart." Twilight said as she picked up Spike, who was still fast asleep, and placed him on her back.

"It's no trouble dear. You did the right thing bringing him here, I doubt he would have lasted another hour without medical attention. You girls probably saved his life."

Twilight nodded, but frowned picking up the "Probably" the creaures fate was still unknown.

"Well good night Nurse Redheart."

"Good night Twilight."

After Twilight had left Nurse Redheart checked on the most intresting patient the clinic had recieved thus far. Though would it leave with a good bill of health or covered by a sheet? Only time would tell.

Chapter 3

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Okay making this chapter slightly irritated cause i had something great going but then my laptop freezes on me and shuts down so i lost all that i had typed previously and now have to type it again. I hate techology sometimes.

Images flashed across his mind. Blurred pictures and words. Bits of pieces of information. A chaotic storm of things that made no sense. All around him was darkness, and the strange feeling of pain that came from a distant source.

Voices. Voices outside. Outside where?

'Those voices.'

The voices seemed to be growing more coherent. Sounds mingled with them. Conciousness slowly returning.

'Their outside.'

The images faded away to nothing. The darkness slowly beginning to crumble as he seemed to be pulled elsewhere.

'Where I must be.

Slowly, very slowly he felt himself begin to open his eyes. The first thing that he was greeted to was sudden brightness and he closed his eyes swiftly and give them a moment to adapt to the sudden change of light being absorbed. Once he was sure he would not be blinded by light he slowly opened them and examined his surroundings.

He was in a small room. The ceiling was white and the floor was blue tile. Two windows to his left let the morning sun shine in. He felt something soft on him and noticed that a white sheet covered most of his lower and upper body stopping just below the shoulders. Under him was a soft matress. The bed also had curtins near it that were designed to encircle the bed should such a want be desired. His head rested on several pillows. All in all it was comfy, save for the distant feeling of pain. He tried to find out where the pain was coming from.

Upon inspection of his body he noticed that his left arm was bandaged tightly at the forearm almost covering it. it was moveable but it ached when he did move it. His other arm was covered in a hard cast that prevented movement and kept the bone properly aligned to heal properly. The sling kept it close to his chest.

He tried to move his legs and felt sharp pain. He moved aside the sheets to reveal that one of his legs was also covered in a hard cast, it felt itchy. The other leg was wrapped up tight with bandages, and while moveable, hurt if he moved it anywhere beyond an inch of motion. He then took notice of his chest, it was bare save for a large wrapping of bandges. He felt pain if he breathed in too deeply so he kept his breathing to a slow light pace. His skin was soft and lacked any hair, save for the hair on his head that seemed to fall over his eyes everytime he moved it out of the way. The only thing he was wearing were a pair of shorts that only went down part way of his legs.

"Doctor. It's awake." A voice said, it was a female voice he could tell.

He turned to where the voice came from and saw a strange creature before him. It had white fur, and walked on four hooved legs. It wore a white hat with a red cross on it. On the flanks of her rear legs was the same symbol that was on her hate. Her, mane he thinks the word is, and tail was pink. The mane was styled and pulled into a bun. Whatever this creature was it was certainly intelligent if it could talk and style hair. But, what was it?

He groaned and lifted his good arm slowly to place his hand to his head as he felt his mind barraged with more blurry and swiftly fading images and words, but one word seemed to stick. Horse or Pony. This creature before him must be one.

Soon another creature entered from the door, this one was slightly taller then the female and had on what seemed to be a pony suited lab coat.

"Well hello there," The male called Doctor said, "I am surprised to see you awake, we were not sure if you would survive the night with the injuries you had. But since you are awake I believe you should be okay though if you will make a full recovery is still unknown you are badly injured."

He looked at the doctor, confused for a moment before saying, "Where am I? and...who am I?" He groaned again as he placed his hand to his head again as he felt another headache of blurry images and words strike his mind.

"Hmm you must have suffered some amnesia, perhaps from shock or head trauma. I wouldn't worry much amnesia isn't always permenant. As for where you are, you are in the Ponyville Medical Clinic. You were brought here by some of our towns residents, Twilight Sparkle and her friends." Doctor said.

He noticed something, as he looked at them they seemed to be a bit, uncomfortable. But... why? He opened his mouth to say something but a low growl came from his stomach.

Doctor chuckled, "Well I can tell you are hungry. Nurse Redheart could you get him something to eat." Doctor said to the female pony next to him.

Redheart nodded and said, "Of coures Doctor Whooves." With that she walked out the door, a sense of relief came across her face. Why?

He ignored it as again his stomch made its hunger know. He looked to the doctor, Doctor Whooves as he was called, "So... I was brought here?"

Doctor Whooves nodded, "Yes, What Nurse Redheart has told me is that Twilight and her friends found you a distance from where something fell from the sky. Do you know anything about it?"

Images swiftly flashed in his mind in rapid succession each one blurry and incoherent. He gripped his head groaning once again from the headaches these images brought. Once the pain passed he shook his head saying, "No. I'm sorry but I can't remember... anything." he frowned. Who was he?

"Well I wouldn't worry you should remember eventually. Just give your mind time to rest and sort itself out."

He nodded at the doctors words and turned back to the window to look at the morning sky. it looked.... so beautiful.

The nurse returned after a moment bringing a bed tray with a bowl of steaming liquid, soup he thought was the proper word, or was it brooth? She set the tray on the bed and swiftly backed away from him. Again that feeling that they were afraid of him, why were they?

He looked at the bowl of soup and noticed no spoons. Of course, that would be the case if all the creatures here did not have fingers, so he picked up the bowl with his free hand and brought it to his mouth and slowly drank the brooth. His taste buds were assulted with sensations he never felt before. The sweet taste and aroma made the hunger vanish; he drank his meal slowly so as to savor every moment until at least he had finished the soup and set the empty bowl back on the tray.

"Thank you." He said as the nurse took the tray.

"Oh yes," Doctor Whooves said, "You have some visitors, we were not sure if you awake yet so we kept them in the waiting room. But seeing as you are awake would you like to see them?"

He blinked, visitors? He nodded and said, "Yes. I would like that thank you."

The doctor nodded and asked the nurse to send in the visitors. In a moment they entered; there was a total of six each, all female based on their height and other qualities he had noticed in the nurse. Two were similar to the doctor and nurse, ponies. One was pink and her mane was puffy and fluffy as was her tail, they were darker pink then her fur but still a pinkish color. Her eyes were blue and on her flanks were three ballon symbols. The other was orange with blond hair and wearing a western styled hat. Her eyes were green and on her flank were three apple symbols.

The other four creatures were different, and yet seeing them brough words to mind that he could not remember learning. Pegasus and Unicorn. One pegasi was cyan blue and her mane and tail were a rainbow color and both did not seem to have as styled as all the others, perhaps from flying? Her eyes were red or was it some other color he could not name and on her flanks was a symbol of a cloud with a rainbow colored lightning bolt coming from it. The other was yellow, with a light pink colored mane and tail. Her eyes were a cyan color and on her flanks were three butterfly symbols.

And the last two were unicorns. but how did he know this? One was white with a purple colored mane and tail and her eyes where dark blue and on her flanks were three diamond shaped symbols. The other was purple with, save for a line of pink on both, a purple mane and tail. Her eyes were purple and on her flank was a strange star like symbol he could not make out. There was one more visitor on the purple ones back, a small purple and green lizard that was the size of a house cat and was looking at him with slitted eyes. It seemed to be looking at him with wonder and curiosity, a new experience.

As for all the others they regarded him with a bit of surprise and perhaps a bit of fear as well, well except for the all pink one that seemed to be hoping lightly as she looked at him with a smile. He figured these were the people that saved his life, and so he should thank them.

"Um... thank you." He said, and immediatly wished he had kept his silence as the pink one jumped and moved over to him with a look of wonder on her face.

"Wow! oh oh oh oh what is he? What is he? Your eyes are really strange. He can talk like us as well, does he like parties?" The pink one said as she hoped beside him.

"Pinkie you should lay off the questions, he is still recovering for Celestias sake." The cyan one said.

"Oh it's not doing any harm," Pinkie said as she looked back at him "is it?"

The creature shook his head, "No. its alright. What do you mean my eyes are strange?"

All six, or seven if you count the lizard, blinked and looked at him before the white ones horn glowed a light blue and a mirror hovered over infront of him.

He blinked and looked at his reflection with wonder, he had never seen himself before. What he noticed as that his hair was a mixture of white and black and really needed a trim. But what caught him the most was his eyes, they were gold or perhaps amber color and siltted just like the lizards eyes.

"Hey cool. He has eyes like me." The lizard said with a smile.

"And... if I might ask little friend, what are you?" He asked the lizard.

"I'm a dragon obviously, my name is Spike nice to meet you." Spike said as he held out a small claw.

"A dragon..." He said as he shook the little dragons claw.

"And I am Twilight Sparkle, and these are my friends," the purple one said and motioned to the other five ponies, "and this is Applejack, Rarity, Rainbow Dash, Pinkie Pie and Fluttershy."

"Hello to you all." He said as he looked at them, "I am told you brought me here, I owe you my life."

"Oh think nothing of it darling." Rarity said.

Fluttershy smiled timidly and said, "You don't need to thank us."

Fluttershy's spoke so softly he almost did not hear her but nodded, "Never the less I must repay you in some way."

Applejack walked over, her eyes held some hostility, "Well mister, ya' all can repay me by fixing up the damage your fancy shamncy metal thing did to my families apple orchard."

He frowned, he seemed to have done something wrong in his past, "I am sorry. I did not mean to, I will do all I can to make it right."

"Well you done better." Applejack said.

"Applejack, it wasn't his fault that he crashed there don't be so harsh on him." Twilight said to her friend.

"No no it is alright." He said to them.

"But-" Twilight started but was silent as he held up his good hand.

"Sooooo, what are you? Whats your name?" Pinkie asked as se hopped about.

Now he frowned again and looked at his fingers which he fiddled uncomfortably, "I... I don't know. I can't remember... anything."

Doctor Whooves drew the six girls attention, "I beleive the trauma of the crash or his injuries probably caused him memory loss. He should recover his memories in time though."

"Dang, thats got to stink forgetting everything," Dash said as she walked over to look him over, "And don't let anyone else tell you otherwise I think those eyes are cool."

"You do?" He asked, happy for the compliment.

"Well they do have an intresting charm to them," Rarity said, "But you simply have to get your hair cut darling it looks dreadful."

He fiddled with a piece of his hair and nodded saying, "Yes. Your probably right."

"Well I'm glad to see you are okay. You gave us a bit of a scare when me and Applejack found you. Luckily Rarity and Fluttershy managed to patch you up so we could take you here without risking your health."

"Thank you." He said as he yawned.

"I think you girls should leave now so he can rest, you can visit him again tomorrow if you wish." Doctor Whooves said.

"Alright. Lets go girls." Twilight said as she and her friends exited the room.

Soon everyone had left the room leaving him alone and slowly sleep took him and he floated once more in the darkness of his sub concious assulted by blurry images and words. But, the pain seemed to be fading, slowly but fading.

That night at Twilights house she looked through book after book trying to find any information regarding the creature they had found. All she got was a big NOTHING. Nothing, there did not seem to be any information on what he was.

"Oh... what is he?" she rubbed her head with her hooves trying to figure it out.

"Maybe he is an alien?" Spike said as he put some books away.

"Come on Spike, there is no such thing as Aliens."

"I'm just trying to help. I mean he did fall from the sky right?"

That was true. But there had to be a logical explanation for that, magic mishap perhaps?

"Well I won't go jumping to conclusions, I'm sure there is information about him somewhere we just have to keep looking." Twilight began another search in another section of the library.

Spike sighed, 'It's gonna be a long night.' He thought as he went to help his friend in her search.

Okay now just to avoid any confusion the first part of this chapter was from the view point of our space friend. however since he can't remember his name i used He to define his actions and such. If i should fix it let me know and i will. Also did anyone manage to solve the riddles i stated last chapter? anyway let me know what you think.

Chapter 4

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Okay another chapter. Im thinking of editing the genres of the story*this being my first one here I might be doing that*mostly cause i don't know if Dark just includes mass murder of things or if it deals with other things like dark humor and such. Anyway thats about all i got to say. Enjoy.

The next day, following the completion of the usual checklist of things to do, Twilight, with Spike in tow, went to visit the strange creature she was unable to find any information on. She had spent nearly the entire night looking for something before falling asleep at the desk.

'I just don't get it. There can't be no information on him, that would be impossible. Maybe I should check in the libraries at Canterlot there might be something in there that I don't have. I'll write to Princess Celestia about it.' Twilight thought as she made her way to the clinic, only to stop suddenly in fear. Princess Celestia!

"Oh no," She said, "With everything that has happened I forgot to report it to Princess Celestia."

Twilight turned to run back to her house and write a report only to be stopped by a loud burp. A burp coming from Spike.

"Hey, we got a message from the Princess." Spike said, holding a scroll and reading it.

"What does it say!" Twilight almost shouted as she took the scroll from Spike and read it.

To my most faithful student Twilight Sparkle. I hope this message finds you in good health.

Two days ago a strange light was seen in the morning sky, swiftly followed by the descent of three objects that crashed in various places in Equestria. One such object landed near Ponyville.

I have sent two other teams to find and examine the other two fallen objects, but I ask that since you are closer to find whatever has fallen and determine what it is.

I await your report on what you discover.

Your teacher, Princess Celestia.

Twilight Sparkle read the message before turning back to head to the clinic, 'Okay. Now I have to find out what he is so I can report it to the Princess.'

"So what it say?" Spike asked.

"We have been ordered by the Princess to discover what that object that fell from the sky is, and who or what came with it."

"But he can't remember anything so how are we going to find out." Spike said scratching his head.

Twilight sighed, "I don't know yet. But, I'll figure something out. The Princess is counting on me."

The two soon arrived at the clinic, and were greeted by screams coming from within.

"What was that!?!" Spike said with worry.

"I don't know. Let's find out." Twilight rushed in and soon found the source of the screams.

"GET THIS THING OFF ME! IT'S DRIVING ME INSANE!" He screamed as he began bashing away at the cast on his leg with his fist, resorting to kicking it against the posts of the bed and biting it. Several nurses tried to keep him still, fearing he would cause himself more harm but he threw them off him with surprising strength.

Finally after several long moments He finally managed to tear off pieces till finally the cast was removed and his leg was free to feel the air. He immediatly began to scratch the leg, a look of content coming over his face.

"Ahh...yesssss." He scratched for a good moment before relaxing against the bed and lifted the leg. It did not hurt any more, but there was a fresh pink scar. All the nurses stared at the scar, mouths hanging open their eyes filled with shock.

"Hmm well it doesn't hurt any more," He said as he moved himself off the bed and stood on the floor. He put some weight on the leg and then jumped up and down several times, "I feel great."

"But...but but but...thats impossible." One of the nurses said.

"It is?" He asked her and was meet with nods from everyone. Hmm he thought this was normal, guess he was wrong.

He looked at the other cast on his arm and began the process of getting that off. He looked at the arm and spun it around and twisted it about and other exercises to test its condition, all seemed well.

"Well... I'm better thats a good thing right?" He asked as he began to unwrap the bandages on his other arm and leg. All the nurses nodded, still shocked at the unnatural recovery rate.

"Then everythings okay." He said with a smile as he scratched his arm and leg. Those bandagse were itchy. The last one to go was the chest bandage. Upon removing it he saw that he had now a very large scar on his chest but it did not seem to be able to reopen and bleed again.

"Hey your okay." A familar voice said from the door.

He turned to see Twilight, who was also staring at him with her mouth hanging open. Spike was with her and hopped down from her back and walked over to him.

"Yes. Still I don't understand why everyones so surprised by it. I was suppose to get better... right?" He asked unsure if him being okay was... okay.

"Well it is surprising you got better so fast." Spike said as he scratched his head confused a bit himself.

"Hmm. Well do you know where Applejack lives?" He asked.

"Why do you want to know that?" Spike asked.

"Well since i am all better I figured I would go and fix the damage I did. Better to get a job done now then wait for later."

Spiked nodded seeing the logic in that, "Well she is probably at Sweet Apple Acres, but..."

"What?" He asked.

"Well you might want to get something to wear..." Spike said.

He blinked and remembered all he was wearing were these shorts, "Hmm you might be right. Um....where do i get clothes?"

Spike smiled, "Oh Rarity makes them. Im sure she can make something for you. She is the greatest." Spikes sighed and his eyes seem to be lost in though.

He scratched his head and again flipped the long strands of hair out of his eyes, "Alright. Do you know the way?"

"Sure. Let's go." Spike said as he walked out the door past Twilight.

He followed stopping only to look at the stunned unicorn, who looked at him with continued shock. He placed a finger under her chin and lifted her hanging mouth up to close it, "Keep it open and a bird will make a nest there." He chuckled and followed Spike again.

Twilight turned and watched him go, her mind was buzzing with questions and confusion, 'Who...or what is he?' She thought but swiftly focused on the now and followed them out the clinic, questions would have to wait for later.

Twilight, Spike lead him through ponyville to Carousel Boutique, along the way ponies everywhere seemed to either stare or hide from the strange creature. It was making him a bit sad, why was he so scarey?

"Don't take it the wrong way," Twilight said, "Everyone is usually very friendly, it's just that well they are a bit afraid of unknown things. Zecora had the same reception before everyone got to know her."

"Zecora?" He asked.

"She is a zebra and a herablist from a far away land." Twilight said and then a thought hit her, maybe Zecora knew what he was. She would have to ask when she had time.

"Hmm. She sounds nice, I'd like to meet her." He said.

"Well right now lets focus on getting you something to wear, You don't seem to be the kind of craeture to walk around without any." Twilight said.

"I'm not." He said, which caused Twilight to stop.

"You arn't?" She asked.

"Yes. I don't remember alot, but I do know that I wear clothes. Have to infact." He said simply as he continued on.

Twilight blinked and quickly took down that as a note, 'It's not much but its something at least.'

The three continued to walk till the reached the Boutique. Twilight knocked on the door and was greeted by Rarity.

"Twilight, Spike and..." She paused and looked at the creature they had found with surprise, "How is it that you are out of the clinic. You have only been there for two days? That's just impossible."

"I know. I seem to be surprising everyone this mourning," He said, "Um... do you think you might be able to... make me some clothes. What I have right now just doesn't cover enough."

Rarity blinked then nodded and opened the door for them to all come in, "Yes of course darling. You certainly can't go walking around like that."

"Thank you. But... I can't pay." He said a bit embarressed.

"Oh don't worry dear. This first time will be on me. If you need anymore though you will have to pay."

He smiled, "Thank you. You are very generous."

Raritiy smiled, "Just let me take your measurements and I'll see what I can do."

He stood still while the measuring tape, again levitating as the mirror did, measured him. Rarity wrote down each measurement and then put the tape away and walked into another room for a moment.

"Say. I was thinking, you need a name." Spike said.

He blinked and nodded to the little dragon, "Yes. I think I do, do you know where I can get a name?"

Twilight and Spike looked at each other before giggling. He frowned, did he say something wrong?

"There isn't a place to get a name silly. Your usually given one when your born." Twilight said.

"Would you give me one?" He asked curious.

Twilight was surprised at the request, considering she had never meet someone that had asked to be given a name it was a rather new experience, "Well... um...sure. Let me just think of one."

He looked at her. Waiting. Twilight was beginning to feel a bit uncomfortable under the gaze of those golden eyes. Thankfully Rarity returned and he diverted his attention to her.

"Well darling it was not an easy task, but I believe I have made something suitable for you." Rarity motioned for him to follow. When he entered the room he saw the product of Rarity's work. He was impressed. The pants were blue and a sash of black acted as a belt. The top was white and was a sleeveless.

"It was rather difficult to make, if I had more time I am sure I could make something truely magnificant." Rarity said.

"This will do. Its simple and comfortable. Thank you Rarity." He said.

"Well if you say so. It was no trouble."

He walked over to the clothes and felt the fabric. Soft, very smooth. He placed the shirt on first to cover his chest and his scar and then moved to the pants, he considered removing the shorts that he was wearing but after consideration figured that wearing both would not bother him. Once he was fully dressed he turned to Rarity, "Well. What do you think?"

Rarity looked him over, "Well, it is certainly better then that dreadful coat you were wearing before. But your hair needs to be cut."

"Yes," He said as he moved his hair out of his eyes again, "It does cause a bit of an annoyance."

"Well nothing we can do about it now. Come lets go show the others." Rarity said as she turned and left the room. He followed her and heard Spike and Twilight talking.

"What about... Rex" Spike said.

"That sounds more like a pet name." Twilight said.

"Oh then how about....umm" Spike tapped his chin as he thought of another name.

"What are you two talking about?" Rarity asked.

"We are trying to figure out a name for him," Spike said pointing at Him, "And hey. Looking good." Spike gave him a thumbs up.

He smiled, "Thanks. So... do you have a name for me?"

"Well we are trying, but so far... no. Sorry." Twilight said, a bit sad.

He frowned, "Oh. It's alright."

"Oh don't be sad. Maybe you will remember your name eventually." Twilight said, hoping to raise his spirits.

He smiled and said, "Yeah. Perhaps. Thank you."

"So what are you going to do now?" Rarity asked.

"I'm going to find Applejack and fix the damage I did. Do you know the way to Sweet Apple Acres" He asked.

"I'll take you. I was going to go see if I could help out at all as well." Twilight said.

"I would come but I have to get back to work on a project for a client. Do come by and visit." She said to him before returning to her work.

"Of course. Thank you again Rarity."

Rarity smiled, "It was my pleasure. You offer a truely intresting new way of creation. Well taa taa." With that she went back to her work room.

"Well... shall we go then." He said to Twilight.

"Yes. Let's go."

They left the Boutique and made their way to Sweet Apple Acres.

Meanwhile at Applejack was busy, along with Big Mac and Applebloom, fixing what damage they could. Replanting an uprooted tree was all about speed. They had already saved the ones that they could over the past two days, as for the more destroyed trees they had to clear those away and then plant saplings. hard work but neccessary.

Applebloom did what she could, mostly in moving the smaller pieces of broken bark but she noticed that object that had done the damage. Now her sister had told her to stay away from it, but the little fillies curiosity got the better of her and she slowly inched her way towards it. She had to watch where she stepped cause their were still pieces of metal that could cut you if you were not aware of them.

"Its really wierd." She said as she looked at it from all sides. Most of the upturned earth it had created had been placed back where it should, though it would take time for it to settle and grass to grow again. She was just about to get back to work when she noticed something, she dusted away some dirt and saw a word, in big black bold letters, on the side of the object. Tezcatlipoca

"" Applebloom said slowly struggling with the strange word when she heard her sister call.

"Applebloom! Where are ya'?"

Fearing she would get in trouble if she was caught near here, the little filly turned and ran away from the object and got back to work. But her mind wondered what the word meant.

'Could it be the name of whatever came out of it?' She thought. If it was, what does it mean.

Okay another chapter done. I am not good at describing clothes so sorry if what rarity made was not the best, but considerng she never made anything for what he is it can be understood. I guess.
Anyway the name is the name of an Aztec God. :) it sounded cool so I used it and it will play an important part later on in what he is. No he aint a god, found out when i get it typed :P Hope you enjoyed this. If it needs any changse let me know.

Chapter 5

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Another chapter :) arnt you all happy that i do almost daily updates. Thats cause i had this story planned out for three days before i started typing so i know how things shall proceed :) Anyway enjoy.

The trip to Sweet Apple Acres was...eventful to say the least. On the way Pinkie Pie came out of seemingly nowhere and began to hop up and down around him. He was baraged with questions of how he was doing, and did he like parties.

"Um... I guess I do. I can't really remember ever being to a party so I can't really make a judgement on them."

Pinkie gasped, "Never been to a party!?!" She soon ran off in the opposite direction swiftly, leaving him very confused.

"Uh...." He scratched his head confused.

"Don't worry about her. She is just being Pinkie Pie." Twilight said.

"I see. Well she is funny." He said with a smile and continued following Twilight to their destination.

Upon arriving he noticed first the large amount of apple trees. There had to be millions; he then spotted a disturbance in the trees. Where he was found perhaps?

"I guess that area where the tree line is disturbed is where the damage I did is huh." He said pointing towards the location.

"Yea," Twilight said, then an idea struck her, "Hey maybe if you see that metal thing it might spark some memories."

"Metal thing?" He said tilting his head confused.

"Oh right, before we found you we found this large metal object. I have never seen anything like it. Maybe you arrived here with it."

He scratched his head trying to remember, "Hmm. Lets go see."

Twilight nodded, "Besides I'm sure that is where Applejack is. Lets go."

They found Applejack busy packing dirt onto the roots of a replanted tree and watering it after. Most of the debris had been cleared, all that remained now was clearing away the destroyed trees and the metal object. Applejack wiped her brow and turned to see them.

"What the?" She said as she looked at the creature she saw barely alive not two days ago standing before her without even a cast or splint on. And where did he get those clothes?

"I know. I am a fast healer it seems." He said grinning as he scratched the back of his head.

"So I see. Where did ya' get those clothes?" AJ asked, she was sure he did not have them before.

"Oh Rarity made them for me. She volunteered to make it more fancy but I like it the way it is."

"Hmm. Well since your here you can start helping by clearing those broken trees over there." Applejack said pointing to a few trees that were beyond replanting.

"Alright, what do you want me to do with them?" He said as he began removing his shirt.

"Wait, what in tarnation are you doing!?" She said, surprised by the sudden undressing.

"Well... I don't want to get these clothes dirty. Rarity just made them for me and that would be rude to get them dirty on the same day they were made." He removed his shirt and hung it on the branch of a tree. the pants soon followed leaving him once again in his strange shorts.

"Uh... right. Well just move those trees to the pile over yonder." Applejack pointed to a pile of broken trees.

"Alright." He made his way over to the first tree and looked it over.

Twilight walked over to her friend and said, "Applejack I know you might still be mad at what he did, but don't you think your being a bit hard on him.

"No I don't. Why do you say that?" Applejack asked turning to look at her friend.

"Well I mean he looks like he might be strong but I hardly doubt he can..." Twilight stopped short and her eyes widened, Spike looked up from behind her head and his eyes widened as well.

"What ya'all staring at?" Applejack turned around and her mouth dropped in shock.

He was pushing the tree towards the pile. by himself, and without any difficulty. In fact he had a big smile on his face as he did his part of the work. He got the first tree to the pile and went back for the second. Again he brought it to the pile without any difficulty.

"Uh... Okay what in the hay is he," Applejack said, "Cause not even Big Mac can move a tree without some help."

"I don't know. But I'm going to find out."

"How exactly?"

"By keeping him under constant surveillance." Twilight said smirking.

He nodded as he pushed the last broken tree into the pile, "There now that is done. What else does she want me to do?" He looked around for Applejack, but he couldn't find her.

He blinked, "Hmm. Where did she go... and where are Twilight and Spike?"

He began walking around the location he had last seen them, then spreading his area of search out little by little. No Applejack, Spike, or Twilight. He was about to head back to the tree pile when he bumped into something.

"Oof." He looked at what he walked into and blinked, It was a male pony. This one was red and wore a yoke. He had a stand of straw hanging from his mouth and his flank had a large green apple symbol.

"Uh. sorry sir." He stepped back from the pony.

"Its alright." The pony said, his voice seemed laid back.

"I guess you live here as well?" He said.

"Eyup." The pony said simply.

"Um... Im really sorry about the damage I did. I'll do all I can to make up for it."

"It's alright. Things happen."

He blinked, "Your not angry at me?"

"Nnnnope." The pony said.

"Hmm. Well I will make up for the damage I did. What's your name?" He asked.

"Big Macintosh." The pony said simply.

"Big Mac, whats taking you?" A smaller female voice said.

He and Big Mac turned to the location of the voice, and there stood a small pony. She was yellow, her mane and tail was red, and her flank was blank and she had on a big red bow. When she saw Him her eyes widened and she approached him slowly hiding behind Big Mac.

"Oh um...hello." She said.

He smiled and kneeld down, "Hello little one. Whats your name?"

"Applebloom." She said and hid more behind Big Mac, who simply watched the exchange of greetings silently.

"Thats a cute name," He smiled trying to do his best to remove the little pony's fears. These damn eyes of his were no help he was sure.

The little pony blushed at the comment and smiled a little, "Oh... Thank you. Are you that thing that my sister said came from that big metal object?"

He nodded, "Yes I am. I am here to help fix the damages I did. I am afwully sorry."

"Aww its okay. Accidents happen." Applebloom said coming out from the safety of Big Mac.

"I am guessing your Applejack's sister and Big Mac here is your brother right?"

"Eyup." Is all Big Mac said nodding.

"How did you know that?" Applebloom asked.

He chucklled, "Well I just kinda guessed."

Applebloom giggled, this creature was wierd, a bit scarey, but he was funny so he couldn't be all that bad. Wait, is he Teza whatever?

"Oh are your Te-Teza...darn that word is really confusing." Applebloom said stomping her foot on the ground.

"Hmm? What word?" He asked tilting his had in confusion.

"There was a word on that metal thing," Applebloom looked at Big Mac, "I know I was told not to go near it but I was curious."

Big Mac merely shrugged.

"What was the word?" He asked, could it be his name?

"I can't pronounce it. But it looked like a name." Applebloom eeped as the creature got real close to her.

"Could you show me where it is?" He said his face alight with excitement.

"Uh...yeah. Sure. Is that alright Big Mac?" Applebloom asked her brother.

"Eyup." Big Mac said.

"Alright. Follow me." Applebloom said as she trotted off to where the object was.

He smiled and followed, his heart was racing. He would finally know his name.

Big Mac watched them go for a bit, 'I hope they will be okay. He doesn't all that bad. Well guess I better get back to work.'

Applebloom lead the creature to where the object was, being careful of the pieces of metal that still littered the ground.

"Careful, there are bits of sharp metal about so watch where you step."

"Alright. I'll pick those up in a bit. Now where is this word you found?"

Applebloom pointed to the side of the object, "Right here. Can you pronounce it. Its a really hard word."

He walked over and kneeled down and looked at the word.

"Tezcatlipoca." He said without difficulty.

"Thats a wierd word, does it mean anything?" Applebloom asked.

He didn't answer, something about this word.... reminded him of something. He slowly reached towards the object and brushed his fingers against the letters saying the name again, "Tezcatlipoca. Why does...AGH!"

He gripped his head as images and muffled sounds filled his head. They appeared and faded with such speed he could not make sense of them. But several images were not as blurry, there was one of an old man, looking at him with a frown. The other was strange. He was... in something, perhaps the object before him. He couldn't move... couldn't breath...but he felt something. Anger...rage...burning rage. People were infront of him, their voices muffled. How he hated them...If he could just get his hands around their necks....

He growled as he gripped his head tighter. He released his head and placed his hands against the metal and dragged them down as he clawed them metal. A loud screech could be heard as he left.... long marks down the metal.

Applebloom cringed at the loud noise, she wasn't sure what was going on but she wasn't liking it. He touched the metal and then he went silent before growling and holding his head.

'Oh...maybe it wasn't such a good idea to bring him here.' She thought as she slowly approached him.

He was breathing swiftly as he just kneeled there, his head rested against the metal object, his hands had fallen to the ground and all he could feel was anger. He just wanted to rip somethings throat out.

"Hey...uh are you okay" Applebloom said, she slowly reached her hoof toward him but jumped back and screamed. He had turned to look at her and his eyes glowed and he snarled showing huge sharp teeth. He didn't look like he did before, he looked like a wild animal. And then... whatever he had been was gone, as if it was just her imagination.

"Applebloom, is somethign wrong." He looked at her concerned.

Applebloom was shaking, 'That...that was just my imagination right?' She hoped it was.

"Yeah....yeah I'm fine." She said, but she still shook. She wanted to leave this place, it seemed to make whoever this creature was act strange. She didn't like it.

"Good. Thank you for bringing me here. This word... it reminds me of things... nothing clear but... I think it was my name. Thank you." He smiled and swiftly picked her up and hugged her.

Applebloom blinked and then giggled, 'It was probably just my imagination.' She returned the hug and was set down again.

"Thank you. I have a name. Thank you."

"Aww. It was nothing." She said smiling.

"Applebloom! Are you okay!?" Applejack burst from the bushes and ran to her sister, careful of the pieces of metal about. She noticed Him and glared.

"What did you do to my sister!?" She said as she walked at him glaring, only to be stopped by Applebloom pulling her tail.

"Applejack stop. He didn't do anything."

"Are you sure?" Applejack said not taking her eyes off him.

"Yes, I'm sure. Now leave him alone." Applebloom stomped her hoof.

"It is alright Applebloom. I can understand her hostility. Thank you again."

"Why are you thanking her?" Applejack asked confused.

He smiled, "Because. She found my name."

Twilight burst from the bushes as well and said, "She did? What is it?"

"Yeah what is it?" Spike said curious himself.

"Tezcatlipoca." He said.

"Tez-a-what?" Applejack said confused.

"Uh...Just call me Tez." He chuckled.

"Hmm Tez. Thats a... okay name." Spike said.

"Well now we have something to call you." Twilight said smiling.

"Well, its better then calling him "Him"" Applejack said.

Tez smiled, "Well I guess I should pick up these pieces of metal so no one gets hurt. I'll move this thing away from here as well if you want." He gestured to the object from where he found his name.

"Sure. Just put it somewhere out of the way. Far away." Applejack said before trotting off, bringing her sister with her.

"Will do." Tez smiled and got started.

"Want some help?" Twilight asked.

"Uh sure... but how are you going..." He stopped as he saw Twilights horn glow and pieces of metal glowing and levitating into the air, "Oh yeah."

Twilight giggled, 'Now we know his name. Now just got to know what he "Is" ' she thought.

The two worked moving the pieces of metal far away from the orchard. Tez managed to find a cave that was empty and suggested storing the pieces and the object in it. He wanted to keep it within reach incase he could learn more of his past from it. Twilight didn't see the harm so they moved the scrap pieces into the cave. They placed them off to the side in a neat pile behind some rocks and Tez, with help from Twilight, moved the object into the cave.

"Well, that is done." Tez said as he cracked his neck.

"So, you don't remember anything else being near this thing? Just your name?" Twilight asked.

Tez was silent. He did not want to remember the anger he felt. He was glad he calmed down when he did, for a brief moment when he looked at Applebloom all he could think of was killing her. He shivered.

"Nothing. Just my name. Lets go, I'm sure I have lots of other things to do. You can go home if you want."

Twilight shook her head, perhaps a bit to fast, "Oh no no no. I can't leave you to do this by yourself. That wouldn't be right, I'll help I don't mind."

"Well... if you insist." Tez walked out of the cave, Twilight followed. She was asked by the Princess to find out what he was and she intended to. He wasn't going to leave her sights for a minute.

Once the three had left the cave was silent for a moment, then a piece of the side slowly opened revealing a monitor. It turned on for a second playing nothing but static but a faint image appeared, its speech cut off and jagged but one thing was clear. "Experiment five. Highly Dangerous. Kill on sight."

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Chapter 6

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Tez looked up at the sky as the sun slowly set over the horizon as he finished redressing himself. He wiped his brow and smiled as he looked at all his work. He had replanted upturned trees, cleared away the unsavable ones and planted in saplings to replace the ones lost. He felt... happy, did finishing a task always give this type of joy?

Tez. Tez. Tez. He grinned, it felt great to have a name. Now he knew why everyone had one.

"Hey Tez. You done yet?" Twilight shouted.

Tez turned and saw Twilight approaching him, Applejack and Applebloom following behind.

"I am. I am glad to have helped fix the damages I did."

"Ya well ya'll weren't around to do most of the heavy lifting," Applejack said, "Still you did help get alot of stuff done faster then we could have done on our own. Thanks."

"Well if you want, I can do more work around here. Till you think I have repaid for all the damage."

Applejack blinked, "Well. Applebucking season is getting closer and we can always use an extra hoof around to help."

Tez smiled, "I'll be glad to help."

"I don't think you have to do that Tez." Twilight said, she was surprised by his generous offer but she would have a hard time keeping track of him if he kept working here, her schedules kept her so busy at times she had to keep him close at hoof.

"I insist. I owe all of you my life, so I have to find a way to pay you all back. This is the first step." He nodded.

"well if ya'll are sure," Applejack said then looked up at the sky, "Boy the time sure did fly. Guess its time for supper."

"Yeah it is getting late, I should be getting home." Twilight said.

"What about you Tez," Applebloom asked, "Do you have a place to stay"

Tez blinked, "Uh...well no. Oh well." He shrugged and did not seem all that bothered by the fact he was homeless.

"You don't have a home?" Applebloom asked frowning.

"It's not that bad. I guess I can sleep outside." He said.

"Well ya'll can't do that." Applejack said.

"Why?" Tez asked.

"Well first, You would freeze outside. Those clothes might keep you coverd but I doubt they will keep ya' warm at night. Second, it just wouldn't be hospitable to leave you outside after we saved ya'."

Tez scratched his head, seeing the logic in those words, "Well... Do you know anyone that will let me stay with them Applejack?"

"Oh oh you could stay with us." Applebloom said.

"No Applebloom. You know we don't got any extra rooms."

Applebloom frowned, looking at the ground as she kicked the dirt a bit.

"It is still nice of her to offer. Thank you Applebloom." Tez smiled at the little filly.

"Well I have an extra room you could use. I hardly ever use it and it wouldn't be so hard to rearrange it into a bed room." Twilight said, this was her chance to keep him at hand for study.

Tez scratched hsi chin and thought on it, "Are you sure? I don't want to impose or be a burden."

"Oh don't worry about it, I am Princess Celestia's student so I have plenty of finances."

"Who?" Tez tilted his head.

Twilight blinked, "Oh yes you don't know about her. Princess Celestia is the ruler of all of Equestria. She raises the sun while her sister, Princess Luna, raises the moon. She is also my teacher."

"Raises the sun? Thats intresting," Tez nodded and smiled, "Thank you Twilight. If you are sure then I guess I can stay with you. At least till I can get my own lodgings."

Twilight smiled, great now she could keep an eye on him no matter what, "Great. Well lets go and get you settled in."

"As you wish. A good night to you Applejack, and to you as well Applebloom." Tez said before following Twilight.

"Ya'll take care now." Applejack called waving goodbye.

"Tez.Come and visit anytime." Applebloom said, earning her a look from her sister.

"You and me are gonna have a little talk missy." Applejack said as she walked back home, Applebloom following slowly behind.

Tez looked around the interior of Twilights house. The bottom level was a large library, books adorned the walls and a large pile of books sat on the table. Some of them were half opened, sign of recent use. The stairs lead up to what he guessed was the living areas.

"Your room is over here." Twilight said as she set returned from putting Spike to bed and walked over to a door.

The room was small, but tolerable size. There was a window that allowed a cool night breeze to enter inside. Other then that it was empty.

"Sorry, but I don't have much to offer except an extra matress." Twilights horn glowed as a closet opened and a matress levitated into the room and set down near the north wall of the room, a pillow and blanket followed.

"It is alright. You are very kind Twilight." Tez said giving the unicorn a smile.

That smile was contagious, as Twilight couldn't help but smile as well, "Well I better get to my studies while I have some time. Sleep well Tez."

"Studies?" Tez said following Twilight to her desk where she levitated and began to write on a blank scroll.

"Yes. I have a few things I need to take notes on. As a student of Princess Celestia's I have to stay on top mark on everything I learn."

"Hmm. Well I am not tired at the moment, do you need anything from me?" Tez asked, hoping to be of service.

Twilight stopped her writing, this was her chance to find out more about him without it seeming uncomfortable. She couldn't help but smile, which caused Tez to blink a bit confused.

"Well Tez, since you asked I do have something I want to ask you...or well a few things. Would you mind answering them?" Twilight asked as she used her magic to aquire a notebook and her quil.

Tez shrugged, "Sure. Though I still can't remember anything about my past if that is what you want to ask."

"Oh no no no. I just want to know what you are. If you can answer it."

Tez thought on that for a moment, "Bits and pieces," He closed his eyes, "Well... I am a bipedal creature, meaing I walk on two legs as you have noticed."

Twilight began writing this down, this was a good start.

Tez continued, "I am omnivorous, meaning I eat both plant and meat based foods."

Twilights eyes widened and looked at him afraid.

Tez saw this and quickly added, "Uh but don't worry. I am not really fond of eating sentient creatures. Also I don't have to eat meat to survive, I can eat plant based foods alone and maintain my health."

Twilight sighed in relief, living with a meat eater would not have been fun. It was bad enough she had taken a bath with an aligator in the tub, even if said aligator had no teeth.

"Um... I can't really explain how I got better so swiftly or why my eyes are like they are," He moved his hair again out of his eyes. He really had to get his hair cut tomorrow.

"Hmm, is that all?" Twilight asked.

Tez scratched his chin as he thought on that, "Well....I think... I got nothing."

Twilight frowned for a moment but nodded and finished her notes before putting them away, "Thank you Tez that was really informative."

"So why the questions?" Tez asked.

Twilight blinked, "Oh well... you know I am always curious of new things and considering the events that surround you I want to learn everything I can about you." She chuckled.

"You want to know if I am dangerous or not." Tez said simply.

Twilight was silent, 'How did he figure that out?'

"It is logical, I am the only one of my kind here as far as I know of. If I wasn't you might have had some sort of information on what I was, considering that you have to ask me questions I would theorize that there is no info on me and such I am a new species of creature that you have never seen. It is probably why you are allowing me to stay with you, so that I am easier to study. Thus logic would dictate that you should learn everything there is to know of me to assure that I am a safe creature to have wandering around, otherwise I would have to be put down for the safety of the community." Tez said as if it was merely common knowledge.

Twilight's mouth hung open, "Well... putting down is a bit much don't you think?"

Tez shrugged, "It would be logical. Understandable as well and if you ever find a reason that I should be put down then I will not hate you for that."

Twilight blinked again, 'whoooh, this is just too wierd. Not only did he figure out all my plans...but he doesn't seem to mind, and is even saying he would not be mad if he had to be...' Twilight ended the thought there, cause it was a thought that made her sick to her stomach. No matter how dangerous something might be, putting it down should not be the answer.

Tez just smiled and chuckled, "It's alright. Even though you have secondary motives I am glad that you are allowing me to stay with you. You are a good friend Twilight.... we are friends yes?"

"Of course," Twilight said smiling and glad for the change of subject, "You seem an honest enough pony or...whatever you are, and you haven't done anything to cause me to not trust you so of course we are friends."

Tes smiled and grabbed Twilight into a hug, which caused the pony to squeek with surprise at the sudden display of affection.

"Thank you Twilight. I feel... happy to have friends. That is how I should feel right?"

Twilight chucked and returned the hug saying, "Of course silly."

The two let each other go and Tez headed over to his room.

"Well I will retire for the night. Sleep well Twilight." With that he closed the door and crawled into his bed curling up under the covers and slowly falling asleep. As usually his mind was once again pained with flashes of images and words... only this time he felt that anger again, why did he feel so angry... so....very angry.

Meanwhile Twilight sighed and put her quil away, she should probably get some sleep herself. After what happened just a few moments ago had her mind all in a jumble. Tomorrow she would be able to think on it more clearly, as well as send a message to the Princess explaining everythig that happened so far.

Twilight walked slowly and quietly to her bed, doing her best not to wake Spike, Owloysius looked at her from his perch but kept silent. Slowly she got into her bed and closed her eyes, sleep found her soon enough, but at the back of her mind she felt a nagging sensation, Tez was more then he seemed, and whatever he was might not be the best for Ponyville. She hoped she was wrong.

Far far away from Ponyville, two teams for royal guardspony's had gone in seperate directions following their orders from Princess Celestia to find and identify the objects that fell from the sky. One had fallen into the mountains far from canterlot, overlooking the lands leading into the Griffon Empire. The other had fallen only seventy miles from the others location.

Both teams found the objects in good order and slowly and cautiously investigated. One was in a cave, the object seemed to have opened, and something had obviously been inside due to the fact a long sleeved and knotted coat remained inside them. The coats seemed to have been torn and shredded till they came off whatever it was on.

"Ahahahahahahahahahaha." A voice echoed in through the cave. The guards looked around, placing their backs to each other to avoid ambush.

"Well well well. Little things to play" The voice snarled, more like a beasts then a sentient creature. From the shadows something pounced onto one of the guards causing him to scream as sharp claws and talons tore and cut into his flesh. He fell to the ground and tried to stop himself from being dragged into the shadows, but his efforts were fruitless and he was pulled into the darkness and a loud shriek filled the cave, followed by the sound of tearing flesh and snapping bones.

Noises of something eating filled the air for a moment, the remaining guards looked around franticly, their hearts raced and their fear was extreme having seen one of their own swiftly overtaken by whatever this thing was.

"Tastey.... It has been so long since I killed, longer since I have fed. I crave more...RAGGGHHH." Again the creature lunged from the shadows landing on one of the guards, only this time bit into his neck and tore his throat out splattering blood all over it and the remaining guards. Seeing this all panic broke losse as the remaining guards tried to flee for the exit. One by one they were picked off and each ones blood was added to the wall and floor of the cave till at last a beautiful pool of red littered the ground.

"Ahhh....the sweet smell of death.... how I have missed it." The creature kneeld down and lapped at the blood, slurping it up before crawling over to the guards and proceeded to sink its teeth into the chest of the ponys, not to eat the meat but to clear the way to the heart. The creature gripped life giving organ and tore each one out and laughed licking the organ.

"Ah...I have missed the offerings of life.... The throngs of worship... They betrayed us... slaughtered us... But we live and we will feed again...AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA" The creature laughed as it began to devour each and every guards heart. Miles away a similar fate had meet with the other team of guards. Only one, badly injured and bleeding his eyes dilated with terror, managed to flee. he flew as swiftly as he could back to Canterlot. The Princess... the Princess... had to be told.

Inside the other cave, enjoying a feast of its own another creature sat huddled over a tiny ball. Strings attached to its fingers extended to the ball and every so often a string moved or twinged.

"Soon.... soon we will feast... soon the rivers will run red with blood. Soon our purpose will be fullfilled." It said as it licked the blood off its lips.

"Soon....very soon."

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Chapter 7

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The night was not peaceful for Tez. All through his sleep his mind was plagued with faint images and words he could not make out. He had grown use to them, but now the intense feeling of anger seemed to overpower him everytime he saw certain images, and other images were starting to become more clear. Mostly of a great and beautiful city burning, blood seemed to flow along the streets like blood into a large lake. A face.... the face of a man. A man he hated.

Tez's eyes shot open and he got up looking around, he was breathing heavily and sweating even though the early mourning air blew into his room offering a cool breeze. He made his way over to the window as he put on his clothes and watched the sun slowly begin to rise. Watching it shot images back into his mind, blurry ones but the sight of blood was evident in all of them.

'What are all these images in my head?' He thought as he covered his eyes. He turned away from the sun and left his room. Perhaps a book woul ease his mind.

Tez was careful as he crept to one of the bookshelves, he did not know when Twilight and Spike woke up, but he did not want to wake them if they still slept. He looked over the titles of the books. There were hundreds of various titles, many he did not understand what they were about.

Books of plants, animals, places in the world. Other books on things like cooking, and....running? Sleep overs? What was this?

"A book on running?" Tez raised an eyebrow at the... well silliness of such a book, "Whats next? A book on walking? Or one on how to breath properly?"

He chuckled as he took a random book, "Hmm...Supernaturals. Natural Remedies and cure alls that are really super."

Tez sat on the floor and began to read the contents, there were many potions and herbal remedies for almost every sort of ailments. It was a fascinating read, the only problem was practiclly all of the herbs, save for a few he did recognize, he knew nothing of. Tez finished reading and put the book down and reached for one on plants. Using the first book to find the names and the second to learn more of them.

When he had finally finished he closed both books and looked up at the clock, sure he had eaten away some decent time. Only an hour and a half had passed, still too early for anyone to be up yet. Tez blinked, surely he did not read that fast.

"Maybe I just need a bigger book." He put the books he had away and walked around looking for a larger book to read. He finally found one sitting on a pedastal. The title was, "Equstria's History. From the war of the three tribes to the banishment of Night Mare Moon."

The book was massive, and when Tez opened it, he was surprised by the number of pages. This would be a decent read, at least for another hour or two.

"Alright... Chapter One." Tez began and started to read.

He read, and read, and read. Eventually he lost track of time and emersed himself in the history of the kingdom of Equestria. It was an intresting past, there was even information on the Princesses in later chapters, though if he was reading it right they had to have been either immortal or a long life span if they were around for as long as they had been.

Eventually he reached the final pages and closed the book. Then Tez blinked, that can't be right.

'Now come on Tez. Not even a fast reader can do that.... but... I know I did, I can name off everything that was in that book. Whats the time?' Tez ran back to the center of the library and looked up at the clock. Only three hours had passed, the sun was now greeting the world and he heard a yawn from upstairs. Tez was feeling a bit dizzy from this.

"Okay... what I just did... definatly not normal." He rubbed his head trying to find a logical answer for it, but in the back of his mind he felt that this WAS normal for him.

"Oh good morning Tez."

Tez looked to the stairs to se Twilight, she yawned and rubbed her eyes.

"Good morning Twilight. I hope you slept well."

Twilight yawned one more time, "Well enough. Yourself?"

Images of that burning city filled his head again, but Tez ignored them and they eventually vanished, "I slept like a baby."

Twilight looked at him, "You sure? You looked a little distant there for a moment."

"Well... its nothing. So whats for breakfast?" Tez asked, hoping that Twilight would not ask anymore.

"Oh right. Well come upstairs and I'll show you what we have." Twilight turned and walked back upstairs.

Tez followed, his stomach already growling for food. When they got upstairs Tez saw that the second floor housed a living room and kitchen area. Some more stairs went up to where he saw Spike, still asleep, and a big bed. He guessed that was where Twilight slept.

"Let's see..." Twilights horn glowed as cuboards and the fridge opened, "We have: Apples, juice, milk, soda, flour, hay, sunflower seeds, ceral, honey, and some cupcakes."

Tez chuckled, "Well... I guess I'll have some apples if that is alright."

"Of course, anything else?" Twilight hovered some apples over to Tez.

"Water would be nice," Tez took the apples and the glass of water that followed, "Thanks. Though I could have gotten them myself." Tez smiled as he sat down and ate.

"Oh it's alright." Twilight got herself some apples and sat down across from Tez.

"More questions?" Tez asked as he finished one apple, core and all, and started on the other.

Twilight was surprised by the question, "Well... no. Why do you ask?"

Tez smirked, "You seem the type to have lots of them. I'm sure you will ask me more when you think of some."

Twilight fidgeted a bit, "Well, Yeah."

Tez chuckled as he drank down his water, "I don't mind. Just let me know when you have any more."

Twilight finished her apples and took Tez's empty glass and washed it in the sink before setting it to dry. Tez stood and stretched before saying, "Is there a place where I can wash up. I don't think I've bathed since I got out of the clinic and I feel... well dirty."

Twilight nodded understanding, "Well you don't stink, right now anyway but if you want to take a shower the bathroom is just through that door." Twilight said pointing her hoof to a door.

"Thanks. After I wash up I will be going back to the farm and see whatelse Applejack and her family wants me to do." Tez said as he made his way to the bathroom.

Tez removed his cloths and sniffed them, not smelly thankfully. He would have to find a way to pay Rarity so he could aquire a second or third pair of clothing should he require it. He placed his cloths on a towel rack and removed the undershorts that he wore, he would need more of these as well. He would need alot of things it seemed.

'Well I better find a way to aquire some currency. I'd rather not ask Twilight for some money. I am already living in her house she has given enough.' Tez thought as he turned on the shower and began to wash himself. After he felt clean he turned the water off and reached for a towel to dry himself. He noticed the mirror over the sink and looked at himself, pushing his wet hair back. His eyes always seemed to be the most curious thing about him, but the rest of him seemed simple. A muscular body with not seeable imperfections, save the long scar down his chest. His hair, though odd in its color, did not bother him much. Only that it really had to be cut shorter. Much shorter.

"Guess I better get going." Tez said as he finished drying off and got dressed. When he exited the bathroom he saw that Twilight was gone, but spike was busy rolling up a scroll. What was on it?

"Hey Spike, what you up to." Tez asked as he approached the baby dragon.

"Ahh!" Spike screamed and quickly turned around, holding the scroll behind him, "Uh... hi Tez. You surprised me."

Tez chuckled, "Sorry if I scared you."

"Naw you didn't scare me. I was just... uh... had a cramp in my claw from all the writing and the pain surprised me." Spike said trying to save face.

Tez smirked, "I am sure. So what do you have behind you?"

Spike seemed tense, "Uh..behind me? I got nothing behind me."

"Oh really, then show me your hands." Tez placed his hands on his hips as he leaned forward smirking at the baby dragon.

Spike gulped and then showed Tez his claws, they were empty, "See...heh heh, nothing behind my back."

Tez nodded, "Very well...I guess I was..." Tez quickly shot his hand behind Spike and grabbed hold of his tail, feeling the scroll wrapped by the apendege. He swiftly swiped it and held it up high from the little dragon who tried desperatly to get it back.

"Now Spike, you shouldn't hide things from people. Makes you look suspicious." Tez handed the scroll back to the dragon, who frowned and looked at his feet.

"Sorry, its just that... uh.." Spike tried to think of what to say.

"Let me guess... Its something to do with me right?" Tez smiled.

Spike blinked in surprise, "How did you know?"

Tez laughed, "Well mostly you just told me. I just took a guess really."

Spike snapped his claws, "Darn. You tricked me."

"Oh don't feel to bad Spike. So what is it on that scroll. You can tell me, I won't mind."

Spike seemed hesitant, "Well.... its a report to Princess Celestia."

"About me I suspect. Nothing bad I hope." Tez smirked.

"No. Nothing bad, just what Twilight figured out about you so far." Spike said, then covered his mouth with his claw.

Tez laughed again, "Don't worry Spike. I guessed last night that Twilight was inspecting me for some reason. Don't feel bad, I understand why and its okay." He patted the dragons head gently.

"You mean your not mad?" Spike asked.

"No. I would probably do the same thing if roles were reversed. Just next time be honest with me. I am honest with you so it is only right to return the favor to me."

"Your right. You haven't done anything yet to really make you untrust worthy. I'm sorry."

Tez picked the dragon up and gave him a hug, "All is forgiven Spike." He set the dragon on his shoulder, ignoring the small foot claws digging into his skin.

Spike placed a hand on Tez's head to keep himself steady, "Im glad. I guess I better send this to the Princess now."

"How are you going to do that?" Tez asked.

"Like this." Spike blew at the scroll and a small stream of green fire engulfed the scroll. The ashes did not fall to the ground as Tez had expected but instead they flew away, guided by some sort of spell.

"Thats intresting."

"Cool huh?" Spike said, leaning against Tez's head and looking at his claws acting cool.

Tez chuckled, "Yes very. I have to get going now. I have to see if Applejack and her family have anything else they need me to do at the present time. Then... get a hair cut. Maybe get the haircut first. What are you going to do?"

"Hmmm, don't know. Twilight went over to Zecora's for tea. Mind if I come with you?"

"Sure. You can keep me company while I work." Tez headed to the door, Spike now sitting on his shoulder.

Tez looked around Ponyville as he made his way to Sweet Apple Acres. Spike pointed out specific places, what services they offered and what not. The boutique Tez already knew about, but Spike seemed really intrested in it. He went on all about Rarity for a time.

'He must have a crush on her.' Tez thought with a smile, 'Well it is the way of the young to be easily infatuated. It's cute.'

After careful consideration, and the fact that spike had a few bits that he was willing to lend to him, Tez decided to get the hair situation dealt with first. To say that the hair or perhaps mane stylists, were a bit shocked to see him enter. Others were afraid to go near him, what with his eyes. But, after showing the money and Spike saying Tez was Twilights friend the stylists finally began to cut at his hair. It was a simple cut the hair short so its not hanging over his eyes, but it took a good deal of time. When they were finally done there was a large pile of hair around the chair.

Tez thanked the stylists and shooks his head and ran his fingers through his now short hair. It felt like a two ton weight had been lifted off his head. Now onto Sweet Apple Acres.

"So you going to style your hair at all?" Spike asked, sitting on Tez's shoulder again.

"Hmm... I don't know. As long as its short I don't mind what it looks like." Tez said.

The two soon arrived at the farm, Tez noticed Big Mac was plowing a field, an older pony was busy looking through buckets of apples. Tez guessed seeing which ones were good and which ones weren't.

Tez made his way down to the field and waved hello to Big Mac, "A fair day to you Big Mac. Fairing well?"

"Eyup." Is all he said as he continued plowing.

"Have you seen Applejack around?"


"Oh. Well do you need help?"


Tez blinked, "Well alright. Have a good day."

Tez walked over to the old pony. At first he was afraid his eyes would scare the poor old pony, but Granny Smith as he learned her name was, did not seem the least bit shocked or bothered that he had damaged a few trees in the orchard.

"Sonny, if I fretted over every little incident I'd never fall asleep at night. You all didn't mean to do what happened, but your taking responsibility and coming here to offer help." Granny said.

"So do you have anything you wish for me to do?" Tez asked.

"Nope not at the moment, got all the apples we will be selling in town today, just got to sort through em." Granny picked up and apple of good quality and placed it in a cart.

Tez frowned, "Oh...well okay."

Granny chuckled, "Well don't you fret there will be plenty of work to offer when AppleBuck season comes."

Tez smiled and thanked Granny Smith before turning to head back to town. He stopped an looked back asking, "Hey do you know where Applejack is? Or Applebloom?"

Granny stopped her work and thought for a moment, a long moment, "Well little Applebloom's at school today and Applejack is well right behind you."

Tez turned and jumped back as he saw a smirking Applejack standing right there, "Ahh! Don't do that, going to give me a heart attack."

Applejack chuckled, "Well ya'll do keep your word, but as you can see we did all the work we needed doing, all that is left really is to plow the field and Big Mac has that covered."

"Well... what if I help you sell these apples?" Tez offered.

Applejack gave him a "Are you serious?" look and said, "Sorry Tez, but well... those eyes of yours...uh.."

Tez frowned, "Yeah yeah. Not friendly looking I know."

Applejack waved her hooves, "It's not that. Your a mighty friendly guy, it's just that every other pony in town don't know that yet. I'm sorry if I upset you."

"No no. It's okay I fully understand." Tez smiled a bit, but inside he still hurt a bit. Why was he so scary?

"Well, I better get this cart to town and sell these apples. Do take care now ya' hear." Applejack said as she hitched the cart to her as Granny Smith finished sorting through the apples.

Tez turned and walked away, Spike doing his best to cheer his friend up, "Hey come on Tez. It's not that bad, they will have plenty of work for you to do to make up for the damages when harvest time comes."

Tez sighed, "It's not that Spike...It's me."

"What about you?"

"Im scary. I scare everypony in Ponyville. I don't mean to be these...these damn eyes of mine." Tez placed a hand over his eyes to hide them from view as he walked on back to town.

Spike frowned, Tez was usually so happy; but seeing him upset like this. He wished there was something that could be done to help. The two wandered a bit, Tez stayed away from most ponies in town not wanting to scare anyone else. He eventually stopped at a tree in the park and sat under the shade of the leaves. Spike hoped down yawning and curled up in Tez's lap.

"Man. It's days like this that..." Spike yawned, "Make me really sleepy..." Sure enough the little dragon fell asleep.

Tez smiled, the sight warming his heart just a bit. But he still felt down, he sighed and looked up at the cloudless sky. He had not seen the other ponies that had visited him while he was in the Clinic. What where their names?

"Oh right. Fluttershy, Rainbow Dash and Pinkie Pie. Hmm perhaps I should find out where they live so I can stop by and say hello." Tez thought on that plan and decided he would ask Twilight where the others lived.

"Hmm she should be home by now. I will go see." Tez slowly got to his feet, being careful not to disturb Spikes slumber as he carried the little dragon back to the Library.

Unknown to Tez a cyan and rainbow maned pegasus had seen him go from the shelter of the clouds and made a bee line for the library without being seen.

"I sure hope everything is ready." Rainbow Dash said as she landed on the balcony and entered the building.

As soon as he got to the door of the Library, Tez felt...something wrong. He looked around and noticed that there was nopony on the street. Odd.

'Hmm...where is everyone?' He thought as he opened the door and saw that it was pitch black in the library, 'Damn it. Wheres the light..'

Tez's thoughts were cut off as the lights turned on and dozens of ponies jumped out of hiding yelling, "Surprise!"

Tez felt his heart stop, for the second time this day. He jumped, and Spike hearing the loud scream jumped up screaming and clung to Tez's arm shaking.

"Hey! Were you surprised? Huh? Huh?" Pinkie Pie said, appearing out of nowhere and hopping infront of him. She blew on a party noise maker and she wore a party hat.

Tez stepped inside, his mouth hanging open. Spike got off of his friend and looked around surprised as well.

"Is this for me?" Tez asked.

"Of course silly. This is your welcome to Ponyville Surprise Party!" Pinkie blew the noise maker again as did everypony in the room.

Tez felt something inside him warm up....he and happiness. He could not help but smile as he saw everyone in town. Sure they had that slight bit of fear, but there was actual friendship and welcome in them as well. He saw Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash. Twilight and Rarity. Even Applejack and her family.

"Thank you. Thank you everyone. This means alot." He said smiling.

"Enough chatter, lets party!" Rainbow Dash called. Everypony agreed and the party began.

Music. Food. Conversation and laughter. and lots of ballons and ribbons and other things. Pinkie sure knew how to throw a party, though how she managed to pass out invitations to everypony in town and not have him notice....was shocking. But after some talks with Rainbow Dash, Applejack, Fluttershy, Rarity and Twilight, he learned that it was better not to try and figure out how Pinkie works and just go with the flow of things.

The party eventually ended, Tez felt a bit sad at that. But he smiled as each guest said good bye, he knew that today he had managed to earn the towns trust. Mabe now they wouldn't be scared of him as much anymore. At least he hoped so.

Once everyone was gone, Twilight and her friends all began to clean up. Tez joined in and soon the Library main floor was clean and clear.

"Thank you Pinkie. I don't know how much trouble you went through to do this for me...but thank you. It means alot, more then you know."

Pinkie rubbed the back of her head blushing, "Aww it was nothing. I love to throw parties, I wanted to throw this yesterday but you were just so busy. So I did it today, when I learned that you weren't busy." Pinkie smiled.

Tez blinked and then laughed, "Well you certainly are a very crafty pony Pinkie."

"Well, its getting late I should get home now. Got cloud duty tomorrow." Dash said, "Come and hang out sometime Tez. I'll show you all my moves."

"Um...if you ever want to say feel free to stop by and visit." Fluttershy said, hiding behind Rarity.

Tez could tell that this was a very brave thing for the timid pegasus to say. He smiled and said, "Thank you Fluttershy."

Fluttershy smiled and left as well.

"Well, I have to get my beauty sleep now. I have a huge order to fill out. Oh Tez darling if you stop by please let me know in advanced so I can get everything prepared."

"Prepared?" Tez asked confused.

"Of course. Those clothes of yours are a challange to make. A challange I intend to overcome, so if you want more clothes let me know. I will make them far more spectacular then the ones you have now."

Tez smiled, "Thank you Rarity. I'll be sure to let you know."

With that Rarity took her leave, giving Tez a wink that oddly had he red in the face and feeling a bit uncomfortable. Thankfully Spike had passed out from too much punch to notice.

"Well, time to get back home and rest up for harvesting tomorrow. You better be there bright and early Tez. You hear?"

Tez chuckled and saluted, "Yes ma'me."

Applejack smirked and left, looks like the hostility was decreasing. Tez was glad for that.

"So Tez. I hope you enjoyed everything." Twilight said as she picked up Spike and brought him up stairs to put him into bed.

Tez followed, "I did. Though I was surprised that everyone would do this for me. I don't exactly look sociable you know."

"Well everypony here has learned to not always judge the book by its cover. Oh they might be a bit uneasy around you, but in time that will fade and everyone will be your friend."

"Thanks Twilight." Tez yawned, "Well I guess I'll be going to sleep now. Good night Twilight."

"Good night Tez."

Meanwhile in the Royal Halls of Canterlot, Princess Celestia was not having a pleasant time. Both teams she had dispatched had yet to return yet and she was starting to fear the worse. With that letter from Twilight about finding some creature she hoped that her fears were misplaced. Little did she know they were about to get worse.

A guard stumbled in. His body was covered in lacerations and bite marks. He was bleeding badly but he bowed to his princess and said, "Princess Celestia."

"Quickly call a medic in!" She told to one of her guards, who swiftly left to do so. She approached the injured guard, using her magic to dull his pain, "Yes...what is it? What happened?"

The guard stared at her and then a voice, not his own said, "Princess...your blood. Is ours!" The guard laughed maniacly before his body fell apart into pieces, blood pooling everywhere.

Princess Celestia stepped back in horror, 'What is happening? What did this?' Her mind had thousands of questions, but few answers. Guards were already clearing away the body and servants cleaning away the blood, but she ignored them as she made her way to her chambers. She was glad that her sister was asleep, she did not want Luna to see that ever.

"Something is happening. I need answers... and I know where to go. Oh Twilight, please be safe." Princess Celestia said as she looked out from her balcony in the direction to Ponyville. Tomorrow she would go there, and tomorrow she would get her answers. She just hoped they did not bring more suffering to her ponies.

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Chapter 8

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Another chapter. Another batch of fun and blood :D Doesn't that sound like fun? Here we will finish up the more crucial plot starting moments and then get into some funny moments to develop the characters and thicken the plot and then finally we will reach our head spinning, heart tearing and ripping big battle and the climax. Thats pretty much a very basic outline of how this goes :P Now before we begin I want you all to remember one simple rule of life. DERPY ROCKS! :D enjoy.

Twilight was disturbed from her sleep by a loud burp. She looked over to Spike, who held a scroll in his claws.

"A.." Spike yawned, "Message from the Princess? This late?"

Twilight rubbed her eyes and used her magic to take the scroll from Spike, who went immediatly back to sleep. Twilight unrolled the scroll, using her magic to illuminate give her some light to read. She read it, reread it and then....she screamed.

"AHHHHHHHHHHH!" Twilight shot out of bed and began to run wildly down the stairs. Spike, awoken again watched her go a bit confused, he took the scroll and read it himself and his eyes widened and he followed Twilight downstairs.

"TEZ!" Twilight shouted and then stopped her eyes wide as she looked around. Books sat in organized piles all over the floor, in the center finishing a book and reaching for another on the shelf, was Tez. The darkness made it hard to see him fully, even with the illumination spell, but his eyes glowed in the darkness.

"Hi Twilight. I was just doing a little light reading and I...guess I lost track of what I was read. I'll put all of these away before I leave for the Acres." Tez said as he started putting books away.

Twilight just stared, "You read all of these?"

"Yeah." Tez said lazily.

"Twilight, is Princess Celestia actually coming tomorrow!?!" Spike said as he caught up with the pony, he then noticed all the books, "Whats happening here?"

'The Princess!' Twilight paniced again and rushed forward as she began putting books away.

"Whats got your tail in a knot Twilight?" Tez asked, watching the pony running here and there in a panic.

"I just got a message from Princess Celestia and she said she is coming here; at noon!" Twilight began running around making sure everything was neat and orderly as the last of the books were put away.

"So?" Tez shrugged.

"SO!?!," Twilight shouted in disbelief at Tez, "So!?! So she said it was a matter of great urgency! Who knows what it could be about."

"Probably about me. I mean you did send her a message regarding me."

Twilight stopped and looked at Tez, "How did you know that?" Twilight blinked and covered her mouth before looking down at the floor guilty.

Tez simply smirked, "Spike told me after I took the scroll from him. Don't blame him, I did sort of force him to tell me."

Twilight was just shocked. She felt a bit mad at spike for not telling her this as soon as possible, but there were more important things to worry about now.

"Well no matter. We have to prepare, oh dear oh dear." Twilight felt sick, she usually had time to prepare for a meeting with the Princess, but now she did not and she was starting to lose it.

Tez grabbed her tail and forced her to stop her running and said, "Calm down Twilight. Panicing won't solve anything. Now when will the princess be here?"

Twilight took a deep breath, "At noon today. Oh what am I going to do?"

Tez shook her, "Calm down. Thats still a good time away, go back upstairs and try to sleep a bit more, then we can focus on what we will do when Princess Celestia arrives."

"How am I suppose to sleep at a time like this?" Twilight said looking right into his eyes.

Tez sighed, "Twilight, you are going to run yourself ragged. Now if you can't sleep then try to relax. Let's go upstairs and have something to drink. That might help."

Twilight simply nodded, her mind was a whirlwind of incoherent thoughts. What was the princess coming here for? Does she want to see Tez? Is Tez dangerous and Princess Celestia is coming to capture him? If he is will he resist? So many questions.

Tez walked Twilght up stairs and sat her down in a chair at the table and made his way to the kitchen. He reached a pot and filled it with water before setting it on the stove to boil. He then took two tea cups, tea stainers and tea leaves and set them on the counter. Tez walked back to the table and set across from Twilight, who still was a nervous wreck.

"While the water boils, why don't we talk. Talking helps when one is stressed."

"I'm not stressed, the princess is just coming suddenly and I have no idea of the exact reason why. In fact you should be just as worried as I am, what if she is coming to see for herself if you are dangerous, she could have you banished, locked up, or who knows what else." Twilight leaned forward her face inches from Tez, looking right in his eyes.

Tez simply smiled, "From what you have told me of the princess Twilight, she is a rather friendly and good meaning ruler. But she is a ruler of an entire kingdom, and rulers have to make some choices that might be very difficult. If she does decide to lock me up or even execute me I would not resist. What Princess Celestia does is for the good of her ponies, if my death is the only way to keep you and everyone else safe I will accept that."

Twilight just stared at him, " can you be so.... mellow about this? It's like you don't care about things that would bother any ordinary pony."

"Well...I'm not a pony nor do I consider myself ordinary."

Twilight nodded at that, "Thats true. But still, don't you care at all that the next few hours will affect your life greatly?"

Tez nodded as he went back to the stove and turned it off. The water was now boiling and he quickly made himself and Twilight a cup of tea. he returned to the table and set Twilights cup infront of her. He did not know if hooves offered good gripping power.

Tez sat down and sipped his tea, "Of course I care, but I am not panicing over it. What happens happens. I can't change it, but I can choose to either control how I react to the situation or let my emotions rule me and cause me to make a mistake."

Twilight took a deep breath and let it out slowly before using her magic to bring her cup to her lips and sipped her tea, "I guess you are right. Thank you." She smiled as she set her cup down.

Tez smiled back, "Anything for a friend Twilight. So... Did the princess say why she was coming her so soon after she raises the sun?"

Twilight took a deep breathe, "She said that it was a matter of great importance and that you should be there when she arrives. I don't know of anything else. The message seemed a bit rushed in its writing."

Tez scratched his chin, "Hmm. Interesting. Well I think you should get some more sleep." Tez got up and washed his cup.

Twilight did the same and said, "I'll try. What are you going to do?"

"Get back to my reading, then head over to Sweet Apple Acres and see what work they have for me."

That caught Twilights attention immediatly, she did not want Tez anywhere else but the Library if the princess would arrive at noon, "What? You can't do that, what if the princess arrives before you get back!"

Tez shrugged, "Well I guess I will arrive late for this meeting, unless she wants to come find me."

"You can't make the princess wait! It's rude, and completly disrespectful to her!" Twilight was now pressing her forehead against Tez's, which was making him a bit nervous. Obviously the princess was a subject that could cause Twilight to act in numerous ways.

"Alright alright. How does this sound, I'll go down to Aj's, work for a bit and be right back before noon. Does that sound reasonable?"

Twilight hesitated a moment but finally nodded, "Alright. Deal."

Tez smiled, "Alright then. Good night then Twilight." Tez walked over to the stairs and saw spike asleep on them. He smiled and picked the baby dragon up and carried him to his bed and tucked him in.

"Good night Spike." He said and made his way downstairs.

Twilight watched him go and then sighed as she went back to bed, 'I really hope nothing happens to make this day go bad.'

Tez read for a while more before he quietly left the house and made his way to Sweet Apple Acres. He was not sure when the Apple family got up, but he guessed it would have to be very early in order to use as much time in harvesting their crops for the market and other things.

'Hmm...crops.' The thought pulled images of different vegetables to his mind. Maize was the most prominent one and the thought of it made his stomach growl and he drooled slightly. He wiped his mouth, 'Got to focus...and yet... these images make me hungry. Oh....maize..' Tez licked his lips.

Tez was glad to arrive at the farm, perhaps work would distract his growing appetite for foods he could not remember ever eating; yet at the same time craved like a warthog craved a mud pool. 'Focus Tez. Got alot to do today, need to focus.... oh... Tlaxcalli' Tez rubbed his stomach feeling an instant shot of cravings in his stomach. He licked his lips drooling again.

"What in tarnation are ya' doing?"

Tez snapped back to reality and looked to his right, Applejack was leaning against the rail with a confused look.

"Oh sorry Applejack, I was...thinking of something that made me hungry. You are up early."

AJ smirked, "And so are you. I guess you are here to work, well ya' all can help me bucking the apples off a section of trees." She turned and walked off into the orchard. Tez jumped the fence and followed.

When they arrived at the section of forest, Tez saw buckets surrounding the trees. Some of them were already full, but the rest were empty.

"Apple bucking is simple. All ya' got to do is kick the trees and the apples fall into the buckets." Applejack said as she demonstrated by giving a tree a good kick and all the apples fell from their branches into the buckets.

"Hmm. seems easy enough," Tez walked over to a tree and gave it a good kick. He knocked all the apples off, but he also knocked tons of leaves off, "Oops."

Applejack giggled, "Try not to hit them so hard next time."

Tez rubbed the back of his head and looked down embarressed, but he could not hide a smirk, "Will do. So where are the rest of your family."

AJ bucked another tree and said, "Applebloom and Granny Smith are still asleep. Big Macintosh is covering another section of trees. And we are doing this here section."

"I see," Tez kicked another tree, less forecful this time, "Oh, I have to leave near noon."

Applejack looked at him, "Why is that?"

"Well apperently Princess Celestia is coming at noon. I guess to discuss something with Twilight."

This caused Aj's eyes to widen, "Princess Celestia's coming? Here? Today?"

Tez sighed, "Your not going to panic as well are you? It was bad enough dealing with Twilight."

Applejack blinked then shook her head, "No no. Nothing like that. Just surprised is all, she doesn't usually come here unexpectedly."

"Good. I was afraid I would have to deal with another panicing pony." Tez said.

Applejack chuckled, "Well sorry to disappoint."

Tez smirked, "I'll bounce back."

The two were silent as they contiued to buck apples into the buckets. Applejack was surprised at how efficient Tez was at this sort of work. He just kicked a tree and moved onto the next as the fruit fell. In no time all the buckets were full.

Applejack looked around amazed, "Well I'll be. We got done alot faster then I thought we would."

"Now that all the buckets are full what now?" Tez asked.

"We take them to the barn and then sort through them and seperate the good apples from the bad ones. Then load the ones we sell onto the cart and the rest we put in my apple cellar."

"Alright. Lead the way then." Tez walked over and picked up two buckets in each hand. Then one more on his head, amazingly he kept perfect balance to prevent it from spilling out.

Applejack was impressed by this as she got a bucket onto her back and walked to the barn, Tez following behind.
Arriving at the barn the two began to sort through the apples. Bad apples were placed into a seperate buckets and good ones placed in others. The bad ones would be fed to the pigs, while the good ones would be divided between storage and produce to sell.

The process took a bit longer then gathering them. Each apple required careful insection to make sure they were just right. Tez was surprised really, he did not think that apples would be such heavy maintenance items.

'Shows what I know.' He thought as he added another apple to the good buckets.

Later in the day Big Macintosh arrived. The stallion had be surprised to see AJ and Tez here, and even more when he learned how long they had been there. But he simply shrugged and took it as it was and did his part of the sorting. Applebloom even showed up for a moment to say hello before heading to school.

Once all the sorting had been done Tez made a quick check of the time. For some reason he could guess the time by the placing of the sun, he never questioned it. Saved him the trouble of needing a clock. The sun was....two hours past noon.

Tez blinked, then jumped screaming, "AHH I'm late!"

"Late for what?" Applejack asked as she exited the cellar.

"Late! Late! For a very important date!" Tez turned quickly, "I'm late for that meeting with the..."

Rainbow Dash flew in fast, "Tez! The...the princess is in town. Right now." She said as she gasped for air.

"Crap crap crap." Tez said.

"Tez. Twilight sent me to get you. You better hurry fast, the princess is waiting for you."

"Well then partner ya' all better get moving." Applejack said shooing him away, "Go!"

"Right." Tez turned and ran as fast as he could back to town. Today was not going so according to plan.

Once Tez was gone Applejack turned to Dash, "Do you know why the princess is in town Rainbow Dash?"

Rainbow Dash nodded, "Somewhat. She said she wanted to speak with Tez, immediatly, then had her guards pretty much kept anyone from going into the library. When he didn't show up Twilight started to panic and sent me to find him. Figured he lost track of time."

"The princess wants to talk with him?" Applejack said.

"Don't ask me, cause I really don't know. Not even Twilight knows, but I got a feeling..." Dash said as she looked towards town.

"What kind of feeling?" AJ asked.

"Well... I don't really know but... Whatever the princess wants to see Tez about I don't think its good."

Applejack was silent, then said, "I hope your wrong Dash. I really hope so."

Rainbow Dash nodded, "Yeah. Me too."

Tez ran as fast as he could, which to the observer would be very fast. He was late, not massivly but still late and he had said he would be there on time.

'Twilights gonna kill me.' He thought as he ran, ponies had to jump out of his way. Eventually he saw the library up ahead, and saw that what Rainbow Dash had said was true. two ponies, royal guards he guessed by the armor they wore, stood at silent attention. Tez wasted no time and ran for the door.

The guards saw him approaching fast, and years of reflexive action kicked in and they lifted their wings to bar the passage to the door, "Halt, state your-AHHHH!"

Tez had grabbed both guards by their armors chest piece and flung them to the side, "Move!" He then burst through the door holding a hand over his heart as he took deep breathes.

"Tea?" Someone said as a cup hovered in front of him.

Tez took it and gulped the drink down, "Thank you...."

Tez blinked, and looked right at the tall unicorn before him. Her fur was a pinkish white, and her mane colors were cyan, azure, turquiose and purple. She was thinner then most ponies and unlike a normal unicorn she had wings. She had a sun on her flanks, strangly the symbol caused images to flash in his mind.

She wore a crown and a sort of necklace, she gave a friendly smile and Tez had to admit, 'She is cute, so this is the princess.'

Tez straighted himself and sipped his tea, "So you are Princess Celestia? I have to say you are much more prettier in person."

Celestia smiled, "That is very flattering of you to say. You must be Tez, Twilight Sparkle has told me a bit of you."

"I'm sure she has. Where is she anyway?"

"I'm sorry princesshe-" Twilight came down the stairs and stopped and looked right at Tez. Her eyes went from surprised to anger, "You. You you...Gah... Where were you! You should have been here an two hour ago."

Tez backed away from the approaching pony, "Uh...yeah sorry about that. Guess I lost track of time. heheheh"

"It is alright, what matters is that he is here now." Celestia said, hoping to calm her student.

Twillight looked to the princess and frowned embaressed by her little outburst and moved away from Tez. But she gave him a look that said, "We will discuss this later."

Tez chuckled to himself, 'I' dead.'

"So Tez, I understand that you fell from the sky, appereantly in a strange device." Celestia said as she sipped her tea.

"That is what I am told. Though as to why I was in there or why I crashed here is unknown to me. I seemed to have suffered some head trauma and my memories are a bundle and jumble of incoherent images."

Celestia frowned, 'Hmmm, if he came in the device that fell from the sky he must be similar to whatever killed my guardponies, does that mean he is dangerous? Or could there be different things in each device?' She focused again on what was happening now, those questions would have to wait for a bit.

"So princess... what do you want from me? If it is my execution I will not resist, though I will ask why such a thing would need to be done."

That caught her off guard, "What?"

Tez smirked, "Well I guess I am not being executed then?"

Celestia blinkend, "No. Why would you think that?"

Twilight sighed in relief, she was worried something bad was going to happen, still best to wait and see what the princess wants before making assumptions.

Tez finished his tea, "I guess assumed really, the fact that your pressence here was a last minute piece of information has me curious that you might know something about me."

Celestia looked critically at Tez, 'He is a sharp one. If a bit wrong in his assumptions.'

"Sadly, I know little of you as Twilight does, I am here to make sure that you not a threat to her and everypony in ponyville."

"He has not done anything to harm anyone princess." Twilight said.

"I know that, but I have to be sure Twilight. The safety of everypony in Equestria is my responsibility."

Twilight nodded, though she did feel a bit bad for Tez. He just seemed to be met with suspicion. Still she understood why, she was suspicious of him from time to time herself.

"It is understandable Celestia." Tez said.

Twilight was shocked, 'He just called her by her name? Without saying princess... what will she think of that?" Twilight worried that the princess might take offense to that, but instead Princess Celestia just smiled.

"Hmm, you are the only one that ever just said my name without putting princess before it."

Tez smirked, "I hope I did not offend, but I don't think we have to use formalities for this little get together."

Celestia giggled, "No, I don't think we have to."

Twilight felt relieved, 'Thank goodness.'

"So, having seen me Celestia, do you feel assured that I am not a threat?" Tez asked.

Celestia was silent, 'He does not seem to be a threat. In fact he seems to be a pleasant one to be around.' Celestia thought for a moment before saying, "I do not think you are of any threat to anyone here, though I don't think my guards could say the same." She could not help but chuckle a bit.

Tez blushed and rubbed the back of his head embarressed, "Heh...yeah sorry about that."

"It is alright, as long as no one was hurt." Celestia looked at him, it was obvious she was silently asking if either guard was hurt.

"No pony is hurt, at least not physically. Their pride however might be bruised." Tez smirked.

"Well such things heal in time," Celestia made her way to the door, Twilight followed her out. Tez followed as well, at least just to the door.

"Well Tez, you do not seem dangerous. But remember if you should do anything to hurt anypony here, I will hunt you down." Celestia said grimly.

Tez nodded, "I will not hurt anypony here. But if I should I await your wrath."

Celestia nodded before summoning her guards, who looked at the ground ashamed that they had been so easily moved aside by Tez. They lifted the chariot that Celestia stood on and flew off to Canterlot.

Once the chariot had vanished from sight Twilight turned and looked at Tez, Tez looked back grinning.

"Well... that wasn't as bad as you thought it would be." He said before laughing.

Twilight blushed embarressed, but joined in the laughter, "I guess I did overreact just a bit."

"It is alright Twilight. We all do it. You just do it more often." Tez smirked.

"What's that suppose to mean?" Twilight said as she walked over to him glaring.

Tez laughed as he walked inside, ignoring Twilight's lecture. Today had been an intresting day, and it was not even over yet.

'I can only wonder what will happen now.' He thought.

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Chapter 9

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:) okay now that I got the setting down I can begin a few fun bits before we get into the seriousness. Think of this as the calm before the storm. The coming chapters will pretty much on certain interactions with Tez and one or two members of the Mane Six. The first one will be Twilight. Anyway enjoy :)

The smell of smoke and blood filled the air. Fires raged as the cries of men fighting and dieing echoed through the streets. The sound of explosions and shattering stone was heard, buildings collapsed on unknowing citizens. Blood flowed like a river in the streets. Death would be busy this day. High on the steps of the Templo Mayor, Tez looked down at the destruction. Tears flowed from his eyes and his sobs carried with them the pain of a hundred souls.

"My....beautiful....Tenochtitlan...AGHHHHHHHHHH!" Tez screamed, it was a scream of pain, a scream of vengeance.

"Where is he? WHERE IS HE!?" Tez looked around, his eyes offering superior sight for miles. There...there was the bastard. Hernán Cortés.

"Cortés!" Tez screamed, as he awoke.

He looked around, his heart was racing. His breathing swift, Tez was bordering on hyperventilation. Soon though he calmed down and covered his face with his hands as he shook.

“What was that? What was all beautiful Tenochtitlan.”

Tenochtitlan. That name filled him with such joy... and such agony. That city, was his home.... had been his home....destroyed. Tez shook as he held back sobs. Sobs he could not explain where they came from. The memories were still ragged, but... he felt as if he had lost something so precious to him.

"Tez!” Twilight said as she kicked open the door. “Are you okay?"

Tez looked at her. He took a deep breath and said, "I am fine Twilight.... just a bad dream, a….nightmare."

Twilight walked over to him, "Do you want to talk about it? You were screaming someone called Cortés."

Tez snarled and glared at her, his eyes glowed with rage, "Never say that name in front of me!"

Twilight retreated, scared...very scared, "I'm…I’m sorry Tez. Is something wrong? You can talk to me."

Tez took a deep breath and got up from his bed, the room was still empty save for a dresser where he kept his clothes. He still had the same pair of clothes that Rarity had made him, but he would need more. Even with washing, wearing the same thing felt...well boring.

"Tez?" Twilight took a slow step closer, she had never seen him angry before, but she did not want to see him that way again. He looked... dangerous.

"I'm fine!" Tez snapped.

Twilight cringed, she felt a little hurt that he was talking to her like that, "If you say so...but."

"I said I'm fine!" Tez turned growling, were his canniness sharper then normal?

"A...Alright... I'll leave you alone now." Twilight walked out of the room, her ears flat.

Tez sighed, “I shouldn't have done that. Now I feel worse.”

Tez got dressed and walked out of his room. Twilight was no where in sight so she must have gone back upstairs. A part of him wanted to go and apologize, but another part of him just wanted to be alone for a while. This new day began with confusion and regret, not a pleasant start.

Tez sighed and walked out the door, “I'll make it up to her later. I have to get to work.”

Upstairs, Twilight silently ate her breakfast. Spike could tell something was wrong, but Twilight refused to speak of it. Different emotions jumbled in Twilight’s mind. Tez had yelled at her, he looked like he was going to hurt her. It never felt good to be yelled at by a friend.

'Why... why is he acting like that?' She thought as she wiped her eyes. 'I was just trying to help.'

"Twilight... are you sure you’re okay?" Spike asked, looking up at his friend with worry.

Twilight smiled and patted Spike’s head, "I'm fine Spike. Tez and I... just had a little argument."

Spike frowned, "An argument? About what?"

"Oh... nothing.... don't worry about it. I'm fine." Twilight smiled again.

Spike held his frown, "Well... if you say so. I hope you two don't hate each other now."

Twilight chuckled, "Oh Spike, Tez and I don't hate each other. Even friends can have little arguments."

"But, you seem really upset." Spike said.

"It's nothing Spike... really. Oh I have to go, I'll be back in a bit." Twilight got up and headed downstairs and out the door. She did have things to do, but mostly she wanted to get out before Spike asked anything else.

'I just need to clear my head from all this. I hope Tez still isn't mad.' She thought as she walked.

Spike watched Twilight from the window, 'I hope she’s okay.'

Tez sighed as he placed several more buckets of apples in the barn. He had just three more to get and then he would be done with work, then the hard part of trying to figure out how apologize to Twilight would begin.

"Something wrong Tez?" Applebloom asked.

Applebloom did not have school today so she volunteered to help Tez with his work. Tez did not mind the company. Though Applejack seemed a bit hesitant to leave them alone, she eventually did seeing how she had to deal with her own section of trees.
“That Tez is too quick with his work.” Applejack mumbled as she bucked another tree, “ain’t fair.”

"I guess I'm just not having a good start to this day." Tez said.


"Well Applebloom... I guess I'm just feeling guilty."

Applebloom tilted her head, "Guilty about what?"

Tez sighed, "I yelled at Twilight this morning."

"Well why did ya' do that?" The little filly asked.

"I had a nightmare... It sort of left me in a foul mood. So I took it out on her, I think I might have hurt her feelings."

"Well you should apologize.” Applebloom said, her expression showed concern for Tez. “You two are friends so you shouldn't be angry and upset with each other."

They reached the last three buckets and Tez took two, while Applebloom took the third. Tez was impressed that she did not have too much difficulty carrying it.

"You are probably right Applebloom. I probably should have done it sooner."

"So why didn't you?" She asked.

"Cause I was still mad and I couldn't trust myself, even though part of me wanted to apologize sooner. I needed time alone I guess."

"Well, do you think you can trust yourself now?" Applebloom asked.

Tez thought on that as he placed the buckets of apples into the storage cellar, "I think so."

"Then go say you’re sorry. It's not all that hard."

"Well, since that’s the last of my work here I guess I will. Thanks for the help Applebloom."

Applebloom smiled, "Anytime."

Tez waved goodbye as he ran off back to town. He hoped he would find Twilight at the library. If he did not well... he would figure that out later.

Tez burst through the doors of the library huffing, he looked around the first floor but could not find Twilight so he ran up stairs. All he found was spike who barraged him with questions of what happened between the two of them. All Tez said was...

"Where is Twilight?"

Spike blinked, "I don't know. She went out sometime after you left and hasn't been back yet. Now what happened between the two of you-Hey where are you going?"

Tez ran down the stairs, Spike followed asking where he was going. Tez turned and said, "I'm going to find Twilight, can't stay to chat. Bye Spike."

With that Tez ran out the door, leaving a very confused dragon behind him.

Spike just sighed, "I really hope things end well." With that he went back up stairs to sleep.

Tez ran all over Ponyville, he was a man with a goal... only problem was finding it. He looked and looked but could not find Twilight, where was she?

'Where is she?' Tez thought as he stopped to catch his breath, leaning against the wall near the entrance to sugarcube corner, 'Wish an idea would hit me in the head.'


Tez got his wish as the door opened and hit him, "Ouch...." He said weakly.

Twilight walked out carrying a box with her magic. She looked around, "Hmm, was that Tez's voice?" She did not see him so she moved on, the door slowly closing behind her.

Tez held his head as he stumbled forward, "Hey... look at all these spots. Weeee." He began spinning in small circles before falling face down onto the ground.

Twilight turned and gasped when she saw Tez on the ground. She rushed towards him and turned him over on his back, "Tez! Tez! Are you okay? Say something!"

Tez opened his eyes, which struggled to regain focus, and said, "ohuel cualtin."

Twilight blinked confused, "Huh?"

Tez slowly got up rubbing his head. He then noticed Twilight and smiled, before hugging her.

Twilight was a bit shocked by this, shocked and a bit embarrassed as some ponies stopped and looked at them confused.

"Tez, stop!" Twilight said as she pushed him off her. Tez staggered before falling onto his rear and shook his head.

"Whoa... my head," Tez said as he held it hissing, "Doors....are evil."

Twilight cringed, well now she knew what made that noise when she opened the door, "Oh...sorry about that."

"It's alright.... these things happen," Tez got up and staggered a bit before dusting himself off. He noticed all the ponies staring and glared, "What are you all looking at?"

All the ponies quickly departed back to their business, Tez had to admit these eyes had some use after all.

"Tez, what are you doing here?" Twilight asked, though she kept a distance from him.

Tez looked at Twilight and walked over, "I've been looking all over the place for you. When I do find you, I get hit in the head."

Twilight cringed, "I’m Sorry..."

"Sorry? You’re saying sorry to me? I should be the one saying sorry. I deserved my head getting whacked just as well.”

Twilight blinked and looked at him, "Huh?"

Tez sighed, "This is easier in my mind. Twilight.... I'm....really sorry. Really really sorry, I should not have vented on you like that. You were just trying to help me, and I let my anger get the better of me. I'm truly sorry."

Twilight looked at Tez, she felt a wave of relief and joy, "’re not mad at me?"

Tez shook his head, "No, I never was. Although I did vent it out on you. I'm very sorry. Can you ever forgive me?"

Twilight smiled and hugged Tez, "Of course I do. Why wouldn't I? You’re my friend."

Tez smiled, "Thanks Twilight."

The two let go of each other and walked home. Tez felt happy, though the day had started bad it all seemed to have sorted itself in the end.

Tez looked out at the moon filled sky. Dinner had been good, though he had to limit what he consumed. Grass, hay, flowers, were things he felt he just could not stomach. The choice came narrowed down to apples…..again, oh how he longed for some tlaxcalli. The very name of that food made him drool.

"I'll figure out where I can get some maize... still, how do I know how to make these things? Oh well, who cares? They are good and that’s all I need to know." Tez drank his water.

Spike seemed happy to know that whatever happened between him and Twilight was reconciled, Tez also made a mental note to bite his tongue when he was angry. Even if he had to bite it off, anything was better then yelling at a friend.

"The question is though.... why do I get so angry? That name… Tenochtitlan. What is the connection?" All of Tez’s memories of it were blurred. Some clearer than others, but not enough to give him all the info he wanted. Thoughts of that city eventually brought back images of it burning and the name Cortés.

Tez bit his lip till he bled. That name... he spat, how he hated it. Yet he could not explain why, but from his dream he guessed that Cortés had done something to him, something bad.

Tez sighed, "I hope I figure things out soon. Perhaps then I will have a better idea of who I am, what I am."

He walked back inside, being careful not to make noise so he did not wake Spike or Twilight, and returned to his room to rest. Perhaps rest would stir more dreams, or memories. Perhaps in his sleep he will find the answers he sought. He closed his eyes and again found himself standing on the Templo Mayor, only the sky was clear, the city below shined in the light of day. This time it was not a place of anger, but of peace and serenity. This time the tears that came from his eyes were not of sadness, but of joy.

"My beautiful....beautiful Tenochtitlan."

So what do you think? I will be using some historic lore of the spanish conquest of the aztecs, but will add in a few of my own ideas and some twists to make it interesting. :) hope you all enjoy this. I also want to thank my friend, who not only got me interested in FIM but proof read this chapter before it was published. He deserves as much credit as I do. If things need to be edited let me know. and if you think this is a Twilight and Tez are....partially correct :)

Chapter 10

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Okay another chapter :). Glad everyone is loving my story :). Now its another chapter, this one will star Applejack :) oh what exciting, and painful to him, moments will Tez have with her? Lets find out. Enjoy.

High up in the far mountains, that served as the border of Equestria and the Griffon Empire, a creature from the sky sat in a cave as he licked his bloody fingers. The smell of decay from all the horses, that he and his brother had killed, was beginning to be more noticeable.

'When will he be back? Acol always takes so long.' He thought, how he hated waiting.

Soon a voice called from the mouth of the cave, "Mextli my brother, come here I have much to tell."

"Finally." Mextli said as he got to his feet and walked out to meet his brother.

Acolnahuacatl stood there, his face held a smirk, "Glad to see you waited for me brother, I know that you have little patience."

"Just be silent Acol and tell me what you learned from your little sojurn into the lower mountains."

"As you wish, I found no settlements of those sentient horses. They would not make good slaves anyway, but I did find something else."

Mextli tilted his head, "Oh? What did you find?"

"Dogs." Acol said smirking.

"Dogs? Mutts? Splendid, oh now all my dreams are coming true." Mextli said sarcastically.

"These are not ordinary dogs."

Mextli snarled and rushed over grabbing Acol by the throat and lifting him off his feet, "ENOUGH OF YOUR GAMES! TELL ME WHAT YOU HAVE LEARNED NOW!"

Acol smirked, "These dogs are.... humanoid in shape, like our former slaves."

Mextli blinked and dropped his brother, "Is that so?"

Acol rubbed his throat, "Yes. They appear to be strong. They spend a lot of time underground digging up gems."

Mextli smirked, "Gems eh? I thought dogs only dug up bones."

The two laughed, then Acol said, "They also possess weaponry, unlike the horses. They have basic armor and other weapons. Nothing compared to the conquistadors, but they will serve our purpose here."

Mextli nodded as he took in the information. For days now he and his brother had been trying to find a group of people to subdue and make their slaves. They would be needed for the plans ahead, only one more question needed to be answered.

"Are they intelligent? What of organization?"

Acol frowned, "Intelligent wise... nothing excessive, they are only just smarter from normal dogs. As for organization, they seem to be separated into different tribes or packs. I have gathered information on two that reside on two different parts of this mountain range. Each pack is ruled by an alpha or chieftain."

Mextli smiled, his canniness revealing, "Perfect. What do you say we go.... visit these two tribes and... show them who is top dog?"

Acol smirked, "Why not, it should be easy to bind them to use... just like we did with the humans."

Mextli chuckled as they walked to their destination, "Only difference is that humans are more pleasant to look at, and less smelly."

The two laughed, this would be just the beginning. The storm was coming.

Tez placed another barrel of apples in the cellar, that made twenty. Applebuck season was definitely the hardest day of work yet. There just never seemed to be an end to the apples.

'Guess the Apple family will be pulling in a big profit.' Tez thought as he went back to get more buckets.

As Tez made his way back he spotted Applejack bucking a tree. She seemed a bit tired, which was strange because it was only just the beginning of today’s harvesting. Tez made his way over, 'Hope she is okay.'

Applejack bucked another tree before staggering a bit and breathing heavily, she seemed to be dizzy. Suddenly she started to fall forward as her eyes closed. Tez ran over and caught her before she hit the ground.

"Applejack. Applejack, are you okay?"

Applejack looked at him coughing, "I'm just *cough* fine."

Tez was not convinced. He felt her head, she was burning up, her faced seemed a bit flushed and she started coughing. Tez lifted her up in his arms, which was surprising cause he figured that them being ponies they would weigh much more. He ignored the thought as he carried Applejack back to her house.

Tez was glad to find Granny Smith inside; who took one look at her grand daughter and moved faster then she normally did to her side.

"What in tarnation? What’s wrong deary?" She asked AJ

"There ain't...*cough * nothing wrong." Applejack groaned.

Granny Smith looked at her with an unconvinced look and felt her head, "Oh dear, you're burning up missy."

Applejack got out of Tez's arms and staggered a bit, "I'm just fine*cough*"

"I may be old missy but these eyes know a sick pony when they see one. Now you get up stairs and rest."

"But what *cough* about Applebuck season? Big Macintosh can't *cough* do all the work himself." Applejack said as she walked to the stairs, her ears flat.

"I can help." Tez said.

Granny Smith and Applejack looked at him. Granny Smith said, "Are ya sure? You already got your share of the work and you want to do Applejack's as well?"

Tez nodded, "I can do it. It's no trouble, honestly."

"Ya don't have ta*cough*," Applejack said, "I'm... just fine."

Applejack tried to make herself seem all better but she started to collapse again. Tez caught her and lifted her up.

"Right... you're really healthy." Tez said sarcastically. Granny Smith walked over and rubbed Applejack's head comfortingly.

"Now you just rest up now deary. I'm sure Tez can handle it, so don't think you're leaving us high and dry cause ya' ain't."

Applejack opened her mouth to say something, but just nodded before coughing again. She could see she wasn't going to win this. Tez carried her upstairs and this time Applejack did not complain about being put down.

Once Applejack was in bed Tez made his way back downstairs, as he walked out the door Granny Smith stopped him and said, "Now sonny, are you sure you want to do all of that work by yourself? Last time Applejack tried that, she was more tired then a bear in winter by the end of the first day."

Tez smiled, "I'll be fine Granny Smith. I just hope Applejack gets better soon, I don't like seeing her sick like that."

Granny Smith tilted her head, "Why is that sonny?" She smirked a bit.

Tez blinked and rubbed his head, "I don't know... but... seeing people sick just... brings up unpleasant memories. Besides she is my friend."

Granny Smith frowned, "I see. Well don't you worry I have been taking care of sick ponies before you were born. I may not be a fancy shmancy doctor but I know what the body needs to get better. Applejack will be back on her hooves in no time."

Tez smiled, "That’s good to know. Well I better get started then." With that, Tez ran back to the trees. He had a lot of work ahead.

Granny Smith watched him go, 'That boy may be a strange one, but he sure is caring. A heart of gold, maybe this will help AJ see that.' She thought.

Tez leaned against a tree and wiped his brow, he took deep breathes of air. Never had he done so much work in a few hours. The sun was beginning its descent over the horizon.

'How much left to do?' Tez thought as he did some math in his head, 'If I work myself to exhaustion I can get all this done in.... two and a half days.'

He nodded and stretched, his muscles screamed with ache, "Guess even I have my limits."

Tez smiled as he looked at his hard work, it felt good doing something productive. He did one last check before heading back to the barn to let Granny Smith know he was done for the day and would come back early the next mourning to continue the harvesting. He also stopped to give AJ a quick visit, but left when he saw that she was sleeping.

As he left a thought came to him, 'Applejack is kinda cute... when she isn't glaring at me.'

When he got back home, Tez found himself among a jungle of books. Twilight stood in the center, her horn glowing as book after book came to her. She seemed to be trying to look up something.

"Looking for something?" Tez asked as he ducked under a passing book.

Twilight looked to him surprised, "Oh Tez, it's just you. You’re home later than you said you would."

"Yeah, Applejack is sick so I volunteered to take care of her section alongside mine for this harvesting season."

Twilights eyes widened and approached him, "Oh no. no, no, no I'm not going to have another of my friends work themselves to exhaustion." Twilight seemed ready to go on a lecture on the subject.

Tez placed his hands on Twilight's shoulders, "Twilight, take it easy. I got something similar to this from Granny Smith, but I can do this. I know I can. I already got part of it done. Just two and a half days and all the harvesting will be done."

Twilight blinked, "Two and a half days? How do you do that?"

Tez smirked, "Well I am a fast worker. I mean you know I've gotten lesser jobs down at Sweet Apple Acres done faster then normal."

Twilight had to agree to that, Tez was able to get the most laborious jobs done faster and with less exhaustion then anypony. But still, he seemed a bit tired now.

"I don’t know Tez. You look kind of… worn out" Twilight said.

Tez frowned, "True... I guess all of that extra work was over my limits. But it's really not that bad, think of it as a little extra work out." Tez chuckled.

Twilight frowned, "Just promise me you won't work yourself too hard."

Tez hugged Twilight, "I'll be fine. But thank you for worrying... it means a lot."

Twilight smiled and hugged Tez back for a moment before returning to her books. Tez didn't bother to ask what she was looking up again. He wanted something to drink and eat, and to avoid any further questions from Twilight. Recently after the whole fight incident, Twilight had started to ask Tez more and more questions on anything he might remember.

Tez rubbed his head, images flashing in his mind. They were starting to happen more often. Was he remembering things? Were his memories returning like the doctor said? If so... did he want to remember them? Tez was conflicted. Some of his memories made him question that. He began lying to Twilight about his memories. He did not like lying.

Yes… lying. Tez had been lying almost all the time when Twilight asked him if he remembered anything. He did not like it. He hated lying to her, especially after all she did for him, but... the memories.... the anger and pain... he did not want to discuss that... not yet. Not until he was sure that remembering all of this would be... healthy.

"Twilight, I'll be going to bed early. So if you're going to be up all night reading, Do you mind being quiet when you go to bed?" He wasn't sure if Twilight heard him. When she got into a book... she really got into a book.

Tez noticed spike napping and scratched the little dragons head. Spike smiled and his tail wagged a bit. Tez smiled back and let the little dragon sleep as he grabbed an apple and a glass of water. He really... really wanted some maize... but he needed money.

'Hmm, maybe I should get a job... but what?' Tez thought as he ate swiftly and headed to his room. 'On top of that I need some more clothes.' Tez checked the fabric of the clothes Rarity made him. They were still good, considering he still never wore them when he worked. Tez chuckled, it helped that this planet was populated by creatures that had never seen... whatever he was. He did not have to worry as much about walking in his under shorts.

Tez got into his bed, still a mattress, the room completely empty save for the wardrobe. Twilight had occasionally offered to get him some furniture and a better bed. Tez always refused, he did not like being in debt, even if Twilight said it was okay and no payment was necessary. He did not want to leech off her any more then he already had, besides... he felt used to such conditions. Though why, he could not explain. He closed his eyes and went to sleep. Again he stood on that large temple, gazing down at a beautiful city on a lake.

'My beautiful Tenochtitlan.'

The next day Tez woke early, as usual, the moon was beginning its decent over the horizon. Tez always stopped to look up at the moon and the night sky. It was the most beautiful of times he felt, though the day offered the sun and its radiance, the moon offered an illumination of light that allowed the living to gaze on its beautiful body without fear of blindness.

A nightly wind would always blow across him at this time, prompting him to smile. Though it was different this time... the wind did not blow this night... oh well, it’s not important. He quietly left his room and spotted Twilight. The unicorn was asleep against a pile of books, Tez smiled as he watched her sleep.

'She’s very cute, sleeping.' He thought. Tez approached her silently and noticed she shivered a bit. He frowned and went back to his room nearby to retrieve his blanket. He placed the sheet of warmth on her and slowly made his way to the door.

'Sleep well little nahualli.' He thought as he made his way to Sweet Apple Acres.

Arriving at the farm, Tez swiftly got to work. He had to admit that working in the cool moments of the night was much more pleasant than in the sun. As he worked, Tez thought more on his memories, at least the ones that were making more sense and becoming clearer in his mind.

He was not from this planet that much was certain. The ways of nature moved differently here then it did on his home world. It resembled the Everfree Forest, nature moving and working on its own. Even the sun and moon moved on their own, without any aid from a goddess. His beautiful Tenochtitlan, he could not even think of that city without saying that. Was the city his home? He felt reassured that it was, and indeed it was a beautiful city. It was built on a lake and housed millions of people. When the sun hit it just right, the stones of the city made it glow with radiance. Always the image of that made him cry.

Tez wiped away a tear as he bucked several more trees, gathering up buckets of apples to take to the barn. The sun was beginning its ascent now. He spotted Big Macintosh approaching his work spot, the stallion stopped when he saw Tez.

"Tez?" Big Mac said surprised.

"Good morning Big Mac. I have already gotten several trees done as you can see. I will get to the others once I store these buckets in the barn. How is Applejack?"

Big Mac blinked but said, "She is still sick. Granny says she should get better in no time."

Tez smiled, "And Applebloom has school today?"

Big Mac shook his head, "Nope."

Tez nodded, "Alright, well if you see her tell her I said hello."

Big Mac nodded, "Eyup." He watched as Tez put the buckets of apples down and ran back to the trees for more. Big Mac could not help but think, 'What is he? Not even I can do that much work and I'm the strongest pony in ponyville next to Applejack.'

Big Mac was confused, but he shrugged it off and went to his work. Better to just accept that Tez was a good strong worker then to question it. Maybe this Applebuck season would go by faster with his help.

Tez worked for hours. In the beginning it was simple, but as the hours wore on he found himself growing weaker. He took a few breaks when he felt he needed the rest. Why did his head burn so much, Tez rubbed his eyes as he stood and stretched. He went back to work, once all of it was done he would sleep immediately, that should help his condition.

Tez worked for several more hours, in between that time he was paid a visit by Applebloom and her friends, Sweetie Belle and Scootaloo. They too had blank flanks. Tez had to admit that this... cutie mark thing was a little... strange. The three all together were a definite bundle of uncontrolled energy.

"So Tez...what are you?" Scootaloo asked him, only for Applebloom to place her hoof over the little pegasi's mouth.

"Don't ask that. Its rude." Applebloom said.

Tez chuckled, "it's alright Applebloom, they can ask any questions they want. Just keep them short I got to get back to work soon."

"So... what are you then?" Sweetie Belle asked.

"Well I don't know. But I do know I am not from here originally." Tez said.

Scootaloo's eyes widened, "So are you like, an alien?"

Tez thought on that, "Hmm... I guess so."

"Wow." The two said, though Applebloom knew this already so she kept silent.

Tez looked at Sweetie Belle for a moment, the little Filly noticed this and felt a bit uncomfortable. Finally Tez said, "You seem familiar... are you related to Rarity?"

Sweetie Belle blinked then smiled saying, "She is my older sister."

Tez was surprised, he had never seen her at Rarities before. In fact he had originally assumed that Sweetie Belle might be her daughter, good thing he did not ask that, "Ah, I thought I saw a resemblance. You both are very cute."

Sweetie Belle blushed and giggled, Scootaloo just made a gagging motion.

Tez and Applebloom chuckled, "So what are you three doing here?"

"We wanted to see you," Scootaloo said, "Applebloom talks about you a lot at school."

"Scootaloo," Applebloom covered her friend’s mouth as she blushed.

Tez chuckled, "Well seeing is believing as they say. So do I meet your expectations?"

"Well you’re just like what she said you are." Sweetie Belle said.

"Though still not as cool as Rainbow Dash." Scootaloo said.

Tez laughed, "Well, coolness is based on perception of the word."

The three fillies tilted their heads confused, "Huh?"

Tez smiled, "I'll explain another time. Right now I have to get back to work. You three go and have fun."

"Bye Tez, don’t work too hard! Applebloom said as she and her friends ran off.

Tez chuckled and went back to work. That was a good break, but he still felt tired... and hungry... very hungry. He rubbed his head, 'I hope I'm not getting sick now.' He thought as he bucked more apples.

Tez collapsed onto his bed, his breathing was labored as he held a hand against his chest. He could feel his heart beating, which meant he was still alive. Yet he felt like he was dying inside. Why... what was going on with him?

'At least... Twilight had gone to sleep when I got back.' He thought as he hissed and arched his back feeling sharp pain. Maybe he was working too just...just one more day... he could get all of it done tomorrow. He said he would do this and he would. He would do it for his friend Applejack.

'But the pain...' He thought as he closed his eyes. After a moment the pain passed and he could breathe normally.

"What is wrong with me?" He asked the night wind as he slowly fell into slumber, as he slept images of blood and hearts filled his mind. He could not explain why but the images seemed to make the small bits of pain fade away... and all he could feel was... one feeling. Hunger.

Tez woke up, again to the decent of the moon. He got up achy and sore all over, that never happened before. He coughed and leaned against the wall for a moment and took slow steady breathes.

'Easy Tez. You just got... the last sections... work left and you can finish this all up. Then you can collapse on the ground and be dragged to bed to get better. Twilight’s going to kill me though.'

Tez walked out, getting dress as he did. The night wind blew gently over him. It made him feel a bit better and he smiled as he looked up at the moon.

When he arrived he swiftly got to work. He pushed himself as hard as he could, he probably should not be rushing in his condition. Still he wanted this job DONE. Normally he did not care how long a job took, but the way he was feeling he just wanted to be allowed to sleep for seven weeks nonstop.

He brought bucket after bucket to the barn until he had only three left. As he walked over to pick them up, he fell to his knees and clenched his chest. It felt like his heart was on fire. His breathing was labored and his vision was getting blurry. He shook his head and stood, "Just a bit more... then...i'll see a doctor." Tez picked up the last buckets and walked back to the barn. As he placed them next to the rest he heard someone say.

"Well I'll be. Ya actually managed to get all of that work done." Tez turned to see Applejack, who walked over as she looked at his work.

"Applejack you're all better, I’m glad. I was worried when you collapsed." Tez did his best to hide his own weakness. He hoped he was doing it right, since he felt ready to black out at any moment.

"It was just a lil old cold. Still..." Applejack's face was red a bit as she finished, "Thanks for... all the help, carrying me to bed and all when I couldn't even stand."

"It was what any friend would do for another." He said, his heart was on fire again and it felt like it was beating at irregular times.

"Still, I do owe you an apology. I treated you suspiciously all the time. I'm sorry."

Tez smiled, hoping that it would hide the shot of pain he was feeling in his chest, "No need to be sorry Applejack. You’re my friend, and you were only doing what you felt was needed."

Applejack smiled, "Thanks. I'm glad we sorted this out. I owe ya one for all the hard work you did."

Tez smiled, "You don't-AGGHHHH!" Tez screamed as he fell to his knees and clutched his hands over his heart. Was it beating still? It felt like it was... but sometimes it felt like it wasn't!

Applejack rushed over, "Tez! What’s wrong!?!" She said as she helped him to his feet.

"I-AGHHH!" He screamed and it was only Applejack that kept him from falling to the ground again.

Applejack was worried now, "BIG MACINTOSH! GET OVER HERE NOW!” She screamed.

"Tez, Tez! I need you to relax. Everything’s gonna be okay."

"AGGHHHH!" Tez screamed. His heart wasn't beating... it just wasn't beating.

"Tez! Just hang on, we'll get ya' to the doctors. Just hang on." Applejack got Tez onto Big Mac's back just as he arrived and they both ran for town. All the way Tez felt images of hearts and blood assaulting his mind. Hunger and more hunger.

'' He thought as his vision slowly started to fade away, 'Am I....going to die?' Soon the world went blank and all that remained was the hunger. The hunger for blood and hearts.

Mextli sat on a make shift throne as he watched as another of the prisoners was sacrificed before him on the altar. The heart was pulled out and offered to him and then the four directions of the planet before being given to him. He took the bloody organ and ate it.

"Well, this was easier then I had thought brother. In just two days we have already brought seven of the tribes in the mountains under our banner. Those who refused are being offered to us as sacrifices to feed us, and our powers will soon grow once we have the temple built on the ley line to the west."

Acol nodded as he was offered a heart. That was the last one for them for awhile, they would be well fed for this month, "Indeed brother. But my mind worries."

Mextli looked at his brother as the sacrificed bodies were tossed down the stairs, the bodies breaking to bloody pieces and decorating the steps with blood and gore, "Of what brother?"

"Of Tezcatlipoca. He was with us when we fell from the sky, but he has made no effort to find us. He is a diviner, he should have no trouble finding us." Acol drank from his glass of blood.

Mextli sipped his drink of blood as well, ah it tasted so divine, "He is probably dead. If the crash did not injure him beyond his high healing abilities then the lack of blood and hearts has. Unless he managed to find some creatures to devour by now he is probably dead. Besides would we really want him with us? You know what his mind is like now."

Acol nodded, "Yes. The fall damaged his sanity the most. But still he is our brother. We are the last of our kind now."

Mextli sighed, "All we can do is pray that he lives and is laying low till he can arrive to us. Otherwise we must accept he is dead, and move on."

Acol frowned. After losing the others, losing one more seemed a tragedy, "Well... we must move on never the less. Our destiny won't come by wallowing in grief."

"Yes Acol. Let us look to brighter things. Our plans are moving faster then we had hoped. Once all the tribes are ours we can begin step two."

Acol nodded, "Yes brother. Soon all our desires will be fulfilled."

The two laughed, causing the diamond dogs that served them shiver with fear. They had not known what to do when these strange creatures arrived, but now they served them. They had to... otherwise they would die. But, many more would die in the times to come. The blood would soon flow on rivers of Equestria. Soon....very soon.

Ooooooo what will happen next? we just have to wait :P hope you all enjoyed this :) This is posted to supply my readers with the latest :) This is the revised and proof read chapter. Thanks again to my friend :) bow down and thank him you lot :P

Chapter 11

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Another chapter :) This one revolves around fluttershy and tez :) Oh I wonder how this will turn out. What is wrong with Tez? Will he survive? What must he do to live? Lets find out. Enjoy

Twilight burst through the doors, followed by Fluttershy, Rainbow Dash, Rarity, Pinkie Pie and the Cutie Mark Crusaders. Twilight ran to the desk worried, "Is he okay? Where is he?" She asked Nurse Redheart.

Nurse Redheart placed her front hooves on Twilights shoulders, "Calm down Twilight. Take a deep breath."

Twilight did as instructed and the nurse then said, "Good. He is in room 538. He is alright, for now."

"For now? What do you mean for now?" Dash asked as she walked over to the desk.

Nurse Redheart frowned, this was always the hardest part of the job, "His heart is starting to not function properly. When he got here it had already stopped. We managed to restart it but... its just not beating right. I'm sorry....he..."

"Don't say it! Your wrong!" Applebloom shouted.

Everyone looked at the filly, tears were in her eyes, "Ya' all are wrong! Tez isn't...he isn't gonna." She wiped her eyes sniffling. Sweete Belle and Scootaloo hugged their friend and moved her to the chairs where they sat down.

"I'm sorry. If you want to go see him you can. Im really sorry." Nurse Redheart wiped her eyes. She knew what the job would entitle her to do on occasion, but still... it always felt wrong.

"Thank you nurse." Twilight walked to the room, Rarity, Pinkie and Dash followed. Fluttershy stayed behind with the fillies.
Though the other two only meet Tez today they all felt sad that he was.... not going to be around anymore.

"It's not fair....its not fair." Applebloom wimpered.

"I know. shhh. I know." Fluttershy said trying to calm Applebloom down. Though tears were flowing from her eyes, it was never fair that something had to die. Especially somepony that did not deserve it.

Tez screamed in his mind. The pain....THE PAIN. He floated in the darkness of his subconcious. His body outside could not move, but the body inside could, and it felt like it was being torn apart piece by piece.

'Make it stop! Make it stop! AGHHHHH!' Again the images of blood came to mind and again the burning hunger to drink the essence of life fell upon him. There was a connection, a dark one, a connection between blood and his llife. But why?

'Why....why do these images keep coming to mind!?! What are they suppose to mean!?! TELL ME DAMN IT!!!' He screamed out to anything, anyone that would give him an answer.

'Feed.' He felt a part of his mind say.

'What?' He looked around and saw images before his mind. He saw... himself. He saw himself suffering in pain as he was now. Then another image came, an image he did not like. He sat in a chair of stone, he could hear the priests making their offerings as the heart was offered to the four directions and finally placed in the offering bowl.

At last, the pain was unbearable. The heart floated from the bowl to him and he gripped the still warm organ in his hands. He licked his lips... and devoured it. The pain vanished... life...for a time. Was this... what he had to do.

Tez shook in fear, ' not that...I can't...I REFUSE AGHHHH!' Again the pain in his heart. He couldn't take it.

'If I don't I will die.' A part of his mind said.

'If I do, it makes me a monster.' The other part said.

'I have to. I don't want to die. I want to live.'

Both halves were right in their arguments. If he did this, he could never go back. He would have to accept that it was the only way for him to live. By devouring the blood and hearts of another living creature. If he did... if the girls found out....

Tez sobbed, 'I don't want to die.... but I won't hurt anypony. The forest.... I will go there....and I will.....I WILL SURVIVE!'

Tez felt his body begin to awake and as he became one with the concious world again his eyes shot open.

The girls stood at Tez's bed side. Big Macintosh had left to go take Applebloom home. Applejack stayed, she felt horrible.
'If I hadn't gotten sick...maybe this would never have happened.' She wiped the tears in her eyes away.

"It wasn't your fault Applejack." Twilight said, "I should have kept a closer eye on him."

"No Twilight, If I hadn't gotten sick, Tez would not have had to work as hard. If I hadn't been so hard on him he wouldn't be like this. This is all my fault."

"It's not your fault Applejack," Rarity said.

"Yeah, these... these things just happen." Dash said as she tried to hide her own tears. It was not cool seeing someone she knew die.

"I knew it was going to be a bad day when my knee got pinchy. But I didn't think it be this bad." Pike Pie said as she wiped her eyes, her usually hyperactiveness had just seem to vanish.

The five remained silent looking at Tez. He seemed so peaceful as he slept. It was hard to accept that he was..they all screamed as Tez shot up from bed and looked around. Then he jumped out of the bed and landed at the door, startling a nurse.

"TEZ!" Pinkie Pie shouted.

Tez looked back, his mouth was pulled back in a snarl. His eyes glowed brighter then normal, and his cainines were sharp....very sharp.

The girls felt a wave of fear at the sight and backed away. Tez frowned, but his eyes continued to glow with a hunger. He looked at them for a moment and said, "I'm sorry." Then he ran out the door.

The girls took a moment to register what happened before Twilight shouted, "Stop him. He-he isn't himself. Something is wrong." She took off to try and catch up with him, the rest followed.

Tez ran down the halls, shovin doctors and nurses out of the way. He had to run, he had to get to the forest. If he did not he would die....or worse, kill a pony in a final act to save himself. He was not going to do that, but he had no intentions of dying. If he did....he...he...he would never....never what?

Tez could not figure out why he had to live. Surely it was that instinct of all animals to survive, but when he thought on it... Tez could not feel anything like that, in fact all he felt was...anger. He was angry? Angry at what? Who....who...

'Cortés.' He thought. The name made him snarl and several nurses jumped out of his way as he ran past them and out the main hall. He thought he saw the fillies and Fluttershy as he passed, but he gave them no consideration. He had to live, he had to feed to live. He was going to that if he ever got home he would find Cortés. He would find him....and kill him.

'I'll that I can kill him. I'LL KILL HIM!' He told himself as he jumped through the door and ran as fast as he could go through town to the forest. Ponies everywhere got out of his way and watched him with wide eyes as he passed.

Yes... killing Cortés was a good enough reason to live. What other reason was there to live, then revenge?

The entire clinic was in an uproar. Twilight and her friends had gone past nurses and doctors that had been shoved or tossed aside, at least the ones that did not move out of the way when Tez passed through. Ponies were trying to figure out what happened, others tried to calm the other patients, who had heard the terrifying snarls and screams.

'What is happening to Tez?' Twilight thought, she saw Fluttershy, Big Mac, and the crusaders.

"Fluttershy. Girls. Are you guys okay?"

"We are okay Twilight. Was that...Tez?" Fluttershy asked, she was shaking a bit. The sight of Tez as he was must have really scared the poor pegasus, Twilight had to agree with her.

"I think it was, but he did not seem himself. He looked...not himself."

"But he is okay right?" Applebloom asked.

Twilight looked at the filly, "I don't know Applebloom. But I hope so."

"What are we doing sticking around here for? We got to find Tez, who knows whats wrong with him." Dash said as she headed for the door.

"I agree with Dashie. If we don't find him he might get worse, if thats possible." Applejack said.

"Right," Twilight said, "Fluttershy, Rainbow Dashe. You two can fly so fly as high as you can and see if you can spot Tez from above and where he is. Applejack, Rarity, Pinkie Pie and I will look on the ground. If you spot him go to whoever is closer to his location and let the know before you tell the rest of us."

Rainbow Dash saluted and flew off, Fluttershy following behind. Twilight looked to the others and said, "Alright girls. Lets go."

"What about us?" Sweetie Belle asked.

"You three head home, you have had enough drama for today." Twiligh said.

"But-" Applebloom started, but her sister cut her off.

"No but's little missy. You head home now." With that the four ponies ran out the door.

The CMC watched the girls. They wanted to help, but somewhere inside they knew they would not be of much help in this. They said their goodbyes and Applebloom went home with Big Mac. She prayed that Tez would be alright.

Tez ran as fast as he could, but again he collapsed to the ground as he clutched his heart. At least he was out on the green fields away from town. He was sure he was starting to scare everypony. Right now he was the one scared, the pain was happening more often. He was running out of time.

'Got to keep going.' Tez got up and started running, he clutched his hand over his heart, willing it to keep beating for just a bit longer.

He could see the border of Everfree forest now. He ran faster, his breathing becoming uncontrolled gasps. Just a bit more... then he would find something to feed off of.

As he ran he heard somepony say, "Over there!" When Tez turned around to see who spoke he saw RainbowDash, followed by Fluttershy and Rarity coming up behind him.

'What are they doing here? They can't be here!' Tez ran harder, he had to get away from here fast.

"TEZ STOP!" Dash shouted as she flew as hard as she could to tackle him, the pegasus caught up with him after some time and wrapped her legs around his body to try and bring him down with her weight. Tez ran on, struggling to get her off.

"Get off!" He snarled as he growled, his golden eyes glared at Dash. Dash felt a grip of terror come over her and she immediatly let go. With the lose of extra weight Tez ran off and into the forest.

When Rarity and Fluttershy caught up, the unicorn said, "Why did you let go? You had him."

Dash was shivering, "I...I don't know. But the way he looked at me, I thought he was going to hurt me if I didn't. I've never been so scared in my life."

Rarity and Fluttershy looked at each other worried. What was happening to Tez?

"But forget that," Rainbow Dash said, "We got to catch him. He went into the forest so lets go." With that she took off for the forest, only to be stopped by Rarity grabbing her tail.

"Rainbow Dash, we can't just go running into the Everfree Forest without any sort of tact. If Tez is acting strange who knows what he might do. He could actually try to hurt one of us." Rarity said.

Fluttershy frowned and said, "You don't think he would do you? He isn't like that. Is he?"

"AAAAGGGGGGHHHHH!" A scream of agony came from the forest. The three ponies looked towards scream, their eyes filled with worry and fear. What was happening to Tez?

"Alright that's it. Rarity you go and get the others. Me and Fluttershy will go and try to find Tez. If we do one of us will come and get you guys."

Rarity nodded, "Alright dear, but becareful."

"Don't worry, now go." Rainbow Dash turned to Fluttershy as Rarity ran off to get the others, "Ready?"

Fluttershy was nervous, she did not like going into the Everfree Forest. But a friend was in need so she nodded and said, "Y-yes."

With that the two took off to the forest, hoping to find Tez. Before something else found him first.

Tez clutched his heart. Was it still beating? He waited for a long moment. One pulse between longer intervals, inbetween pulses his body was in agony, he was nearing his end. Where was a little furry animal when you needed one?

Tez got to his feet wobbling as he took steps forward, he did his best to attract attention of a predator. A predator would make him feel less guilty when he killed it, self defense was better then simple murder. Even if the distinction would be just a word and intention.

Tez leaned against a tree as he slowly slumped to the ground. He was getting weaker...he snarled and hit his firsts against his chest, trying to keep his heart beating.

"Come on you stupid piece of muscle! Work!" He was not going to die here. Not until he had his revenge. He was NOT going to die.

A sound from the far bushes caught his attention. He heard a growl and saw movement of some creature... going towards him. He smiled, his cainines showing, they appeared more like fangs now. 'Finally.'

His eyes offered him, strangly, superior vision. He saw approaching him a very strange creature. It looked like a lion, but with wings and a scorpions tail. Its ears reminded him of bat ears. Whatever it was it was ugly, but alive. Alive with blood and a heart.

Tez smirked and looked at the animal as it approached him slowly, crouching low. It probably saw him as an easy meal, and when Tez thought on it. He probably was, that took his smirk away and he started to mentally beat himself.

'Smooth Tez. You come here to get something to save your own life, but don't have a plan of how. Really smart.' He told himself, he was weak and without any sort of weapon. He was dead meat.

The animal growled and pounced towards him, claws extended ready to tear flesh. Tez closed his eyes, he could not beleive that it was going to end like this, life certainly knew how to hit one in the stomach at times. Time seemed to slow down and as the animal got closer Tez felt something, a strange sense of change, of killing.

The sensation filled his body and by instinct he brought his hands up to grab the jaws of the attacking animal. Then time returned to its normal flow as he sat there in surprise. His hands gripped the upper and lower parts of the animals jaw wide open. The fangs dug into his palms, but the pain was more of an annoyance then anything else.

The animal tried to close its jaws, to swipe at him with its claws. Tez smirked and felt a sudden strength come over him. Memories of knowing what to do next. Memories of how to kill. With a snarl he pushed the creature backwards, stipp gripping its jaw as he got to his feet. The animal tried to push back, and release its jaw from Tez's grip.

Tez felt the sensation flow through his body. He felt a strange stinging pain as he snarled. He lifted leg and placed his foot on the lower jaw of the creatures mouth and with a sudden display of great strength he pushed his leg down with all his strength.

The sound of breaking bone and tearing flesh filled his ears as the animals lower jaw was broken and torn off by Tez's strength. It reared back making gargled roars. Blood sprayed from the place where the lower jaw had originally been connected to it. The blood splattered on Tez, who licked it away with a long tongue.

"I know it hurts. But it will be over soon." He said as he tossed the jaw piece aside and pounced at the creature. His hands seemed to resemble claws now and he used them with skill as he sank them into the creatures stomach and with all the force he could muster, tear his claws to the side slicing the creatures stomach open. Blood and gore splattered against him as the creature fell backwards dying. Tez took the oppertunity to lunge for the throat and sank his teeth into the creatures wind pipe.

Tez seemed to fade from reality as a sudden sense of rage and bloodlust came over him. He tore the creatures throat out and with hungry eyes began to drink the blood that pooled from the wound. As he did he felt...alive. He drank for several moments before he turned his attention to the chest and began tearing into the body of the creature, looking for where its heart was. He eventually found the organ and held it in his blood covered hands. He was hyperventilating as he licked his lips and with a scream he bit into the organ, and began to eat it.

When he was finished, Tez became connected with reality again and he looked at the carnage he just commited. The animals body was now a mangled mess of bloody muscle and body parts. What blood he had not drank pooled on the ground, the rest covered his body. Tez licked away the blood on his fingers.

He should be feeling something...anything. Regret perhaps? He did have to kill another living creature to survive, and he did it in a rather barbarous way. Yet... he did not care, in fact he felt....alive. More alive then he ever felt before. Killing was a rush that he...enjoyed. It was like sex only there was a winner.

'Why do I feel this way?' He thought as he looked at his hands. They had been claws before, but now they had returned to normal.

"What am I?" He said softly to himself. Suddenly he felt that he was being watched. He sniffed the air and caught the scent of blood only. But a new type of blood scent was here, from the bushes. Tez licked his lips as he slowly approached the new scent. He slowly made his way towards the bushes. Slowly he grew closer and closer to the scent.

Fluttershy shivered with terror. Her mind told her to run, but the sight before her kept her frozen. All she could do was shake in fear this was now grew closer and closer to her. The events that lead to this flashed in her mind.

She and Dash had split up to cover more ground. She was scared of the thought of being alone in the forest, but she steeled herself and went ahead. She would do this for a friend, she had to.

She had heard a voice that sounded like Tez's coming and she instantly made her way to the location. Sadly she did not count on running into a thorn bush and had gotten cut across the side of her face. It hurt, but she had to ignore it. She had to find Tez.

When she did find him, gasped when she saw the manticore pounce at him. She watched in horror as the manticore closed in to kill Tez, who sat there weak and defenseless. However her horror of Tez's death was soon replaced by surprise when she saw him lift his arms and grab the manticore's jaw before it snapped shut on him. But she noticed something was different.

She rubbed her eyes to make sure she was not seeing things. She wasn't, Tez slowly stood up, still holding the manticores jaw open. But his entire body was different, his arms and legs seemed to be equal length, as well they looked more like a cats limbs. Claws and all. His skin was covered in yellow spotted fur, though his black and white streaked hair still covered his head. Though his head was looking more like a cats as well, though it was not a cat she had ever seen before. He even had a tail.

'Tez?' She thought, as she crouched low in the bushes. She did not know what was happening, but she felt scared. Her heart raced and again she felt terror as Tez tore the lower jaw of the manticore off. Seeing the blood she looked away, covering her eyes. She could hear the sound of tearing and ripping of flesh. She felt sick, when the sounds stopped she slowly took a peek of what had happened, the manticore was a bloody mess, but what made her shake the most was Tez...eating its heart.

Fluttershy couldn't take it anymore, she turned and threw up. What was happening? Was this Tez?

'No it couldn't can't be. Tez isn't like this.' She felt scared, sad and sick all at once as she tried to keep herself from crying. This was just horrible...horrible.

She looked again, Tez stood there. He looked as he had before, not as a cat. But his body was covered with blood. His hair was all black now, the white streak gone.

He was getting closer, and closer. Finally he was right next to her.

Tez glared at the bushes. Whatever was hiding was in here, he was going to find out what or who it was. He pounced into the bushes and tackled whatever was inside to the ground. Tez looked at what he caught, and his eyes widened with terror. Under him was Fluttershy, she was shaking with fear as she looked up at him with wide eyes.

He could smell the blood from the cut on her face. Oh the scent was like ecstacy, he just wanted to taste it. Fluttershy eeped, Tez realized that he was smiling in a rather scarey way. He pushed such thoughts away from his mind and focused on the situation at hand as he got off Fluttershy. She had seen him feed, what was he suppose to do now.

"Tez.." Fluttershy whispered as she looked up at him.

Tez frowned as he turned away from her and walked off, deeper into the forest. "I'm sorry. I will be leaving now."

Fluttershy's eyes widened when he said that and she immediatly got up, "Wait...what do you mean leaving?"

Tez stopped and looked at her as if she was stupid, "You saw what I did."

Fluttershy looked away; not from Tez but the manticores remains. She hated being reminded of that, as if the smell of blood was not enough, "Y-yes."

"Then it is obvious why I have to leave. If you report this to the princess I will not hold it against you, after this frankly I don't think I am safe to be around."

Fluttershy looked at him, "B...but we were all looking for you. We were worried, now your just going to leave?"

Tez nodded, "Yes." Tez turned to move on, but was stopped as Fluttershy flew over him and landed in front of him. She did not meet his eyes.

"Why? Why are you doing this?" Fluttershy asked, "What you did... it was...brutal, but I don't understand why you are just leaving all of us."

Te sighed and sat on a log, "You want answers I guess."

"Yes. If that is okay with you." Fluttershy said as she moved a bit closer to him.

"If I tell you this, you will hate me. Think me a monster." Tez said.

Fluttershy looked at him, he saw...sympathy in her eyes. She said, "I will be the judge of that."

Tez looked at her, "Alright...I will skip the unnecessary details and get to the point. I need to eat and drink the heart and blood of a living thing in order to sustain my own life."

Fluttershy looked at him, shocked. What sort of creature had to do that? It seemed to go against the natural world. Then again with Tez, who knew what was natural.

"I don't know why I have to. But I know that I have to, I don't want to die. But I did not want to hurt any of you or anypony, so I came here. I was hoping to find somethin to feed off of without any of you seeing me. That was why I tried so hard to keep you away from me."

", all that pain you were in. Your heart failing. It was all because you..." She did not finish the rest, it was just...too grusome.

Tez simply nodded, Fluttershy then asked, " many times do you have to do this?"

"once." Tez said.

Fluttershy opened her mouth to say something, but Tez then said, "A month."

"What?" Fluttershy asked.

"I must feed on a single heart and drink a good deal of a creatures blood only once every month. Otherwise my life will slowly start to fade away till I die."

Fluttershy looked at him. What was he? She took a slow breath to calm her nerves, "How do you know all this?"

"I have been slowly remembering certain things of my past. I did not tell any of you girls cause...some of them are a bit... sensitive. After the incident with Twilight, I did not want to risk another.

Flutthershy wanted to ask what he meant by incident with Twilight, but she had to focus on the matter at hand. That with a friend, a friend in obvious distress, in need. True she was terrified of what he had done, she still was not sure if she should be this close to him now. But, something inside her told her that Tez needed her here. He needed help and being left alone would nto help him, no matter what she did she had to keep him here where he could be helped.

"Well. I have told you why I need to go. I await your judgment. As I said I'm a monster."

"No." Fluttershy said.

Tez blinked, "No?"

Fluttershy nodded, "No. Your not a monster. I know who you really are Tez. You are a caring person who strives to help others when he can. Though what you have to do is wrong, I...I can't hate you for it. You did not ask for it...did you?"

Tez shook his head, "No. I wish I did not have to do it though."

"Then your not a monster. A monster would take enjoyment with what he did..."

Tez looked away, "I didn't enjoy it. But I don't hold any regrets to it either."

Fluttershy frowned. She slowly approached Tez and placed a hoof on his shoulder, "I-I don't agree with what you did. But if you did not enjoy it, then you're not a monster. Please...don't leave."

Tez looked at the ground, he placed one of his hands on her hoof, 'Why....why is she doing this,' He thought, 'What day...I go after them with these...claws.'

"Tez?" Fluttershy said.

"Alright...i'll stay. But... lets not tell anypony else of... what happened here. At least...not untill I'm ready to talk about it."

Fluttershy did not feel good about keeping...something like this from her friends. But...looking at Tez, how much he was troubled by all of this, "Alright."

"Thank you Fluttershy." Tez hugged the pegasus, he could smell her blood again.

Fluttershy blushed, "Y-you're welcome."

Tez gave her a smile, then looked at the cut again. Just one taste? He slowly leaned in closer and slowly licked the blood of the cut.

"T-Tez!?!" Fluttershy stammered, her face red, "W-w-w-w-what are you!?!"

Tez pulled back and licked his lips, "You taste good you know." He smirked.

Fluttershy eeped and fainted. Tez blinked and chuckled, "Guess I should have rephrased that better." He picked her up and looked towards the sky. Rainbow Dash was closing in now. Three...Two....One...

"Tez! Fluttershy!" Dash screamed as she came in for a landing.

"Hello Rainbow Dash." Tez said.

"Tez, are you okay!?! What happened to Fluttershy?" Dash asked, When she looked at the blood that covered Tez she began to panic.

"I am fine. Fluttershy just fainted, from...well that." Tez motioned over to the area of forest where the mangled body of the animal he had killed was.

Rainbow Dash went over to see what would cause her friend to faint. She quickly looked away, a hoof to her mouth, "Oh sweet Celestia. What did that!? And what about the blood on you?"

"An animal I guess. I was running and tripped into the body, got a bit messy. I think we should leave here. Now." Tez said.

Dash nodded, "I can fly you out if you want, but I can't carry you and Fluttershy at the same time."

"I'll walk out. I know my way." Tez said as he placed the unconcious Fluttershy on Dash's back.

"Just be careful. Whatever did," Dash shivered, "That to that manticore might still be around."

'You have no idea.' Tez thought, "I'll becareful."

Dash nodded, but stopped before taking off and said, "Tez... what happened to that white streak that was in your hair?"

Tez thought on that, it was a good question. He closed his eyes and tried to see if any memories would pop up to give him an explanation. They did, but most was incoherent. The only thing he could think of to describe it was... a warning.

"It's gone." He simply said.

Dash blinked, "Okay...thats kinda wierd. Why and how?"

"Can we save the questions for later? Like when we are not in this forest anymore." Tez said.

"Right. See you at the edge of the forest." With that she took off.

Tez watched her go, "Glad that is over with." He said as he followed slowly.

Tez thought on everything that had happened. It was going to be difficult in the coming months, if he had to feed every month just to stay alive. He would have to plan his feeding times very carefully, or try to find a way to cure his...hunger.

"It is never easy is it," He said to himself, "Well... I'll figure this all out. I hope."

As Tez reached the edge of the forest he could see the girls waiting for him, they all looked worried and glad to see him okay. A bit surprised at his now all black hair. But, they did not seem to know anything of what happened between him and Fluttershy.

Tez rubbed the back of his head, "Guess I got some questions to answer don't I?"

All the girls nodded. Tez sighed, this was going to be a long day.

There we go another chapter done :) and I will say, because I am an evil dark god, that I enjoy messing with everyones heads as they try to figure out the shipping here :P but dont worry all will be made clear in time. Again hope you all enjoyed this. This chapter will be revised more once my friend sends me the revised version, he got sick so he couldn't get to it right away so I did what I could. Anyway hope you enjoy this.

Chapter 12

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Another chapter :) I want to start by saying that I am an evil dark god now offer me candy so I and Luna do not eat you up :P Okay I hope you enjoy this next chap.

It was a beautiful day in Ponyville. The sun was high in the sky, ponies were about socializing and working. Little fillies ran about laughing and playing. Tez layed on a bench snoring. Little did he know that is little nap would soon be disturbed.

It had been a difficult task in explaining, without giving away anything that happened inside the forest, to the rest of the girls. He was sure they all felt he was hidin somethin, but they accepted his explanation that his heart...just had these moments of not working. Not a complete lie, as for his now all black hair he just said, "It comes and goes." He was glad they had no knowledge of whatever he was, but that was then. Now he was enjoying a cat nap.

Tez dreamnt. Not of his home or of things that made him angry. But of food, delicious food. Tlaxcalli, sweet potatos, avacados, various fruits, and best of all texatl. Sadly his dream was disturbed by a noise from outside.

"Tez, wakey wakey sleepy weepy!" Pinkie Pie said.

Tez's turned and groaned, "Pinkie Pie. Go away, let me sleep."

"You silly, why would you sleep on such a gorgeous day?" Pinkie said as she smiled.

"Because....I can." Tez tried to go back to sleep. Sadly Pinkie kept up her questions.

"Why sleep, you can do that at night. Its beautiful out today, so why not do something with friends?" Pinkie was now hopping about around the bench.

Tez groaned, 'Why couldn't Applejack just let me work?' Ever since the whole incident with his heart, yesterday Applejack and the rest of her family had wanted Tez to rest for a time, though he had tried to convience them that he was in perfect health. But, there is just no arguing with any of them when they are set on something.

"Pinkie Pie. If you can find something for me to do, I'll do it. Till then no force on the earth or in the heavens will move me from this spot." Tez rolled so his back was to the sun, 'Ah that is warm.'

"Oh well that is easy. You can help me watch Sugarcube Corner; while the Cakes are away at a catering a big party."

Tez facepalmed and dragged his hand down his face. "Alright," Tez sighed as he got up and stretched, "What do I have to do?"

Pinkie Pie squealed with glee as she began hopping over to the store. Tez followed behind, grumbling. It is not that he did not want to help, it is just that once he got settled into a place to nap he did not like being moved from there.

"So basicly you help me watch the store. Bake the sweets and serve the customers. Oh and watch the foals." Pinkie Pie said, smiling at the last part. Though the first time she had watched them had been... taxing; she had gotten use to the responsibility. Plus the foals did not act as hyper now.

"Foals?" Tez asked.

Pinkie looked back at him smiling, "Yeah. You know baby ponies. Their names are Pumpkin and Pound, and they are just the cutest."

'Pumpkin...and pound cake?' Tez chuckled at the thought, Pinkie looked at him curiously.

"What is funny Tez?" She asked.

"Nothing. Just thought of something humorous."

"Oh, what is it? What is it?" Pinkie asked over and over.

"Just...word usage." Tez said.

Pinkie blinked, "Your sense of humor is odd sometimes Tez."

Tez smirked, "Just like the rest of me."

The two chuckled as they entered the store. Tez could see that whatever this catering job was it was a big one. Mr. and Mrs. Cake ran here and there packing supplies and preparing dishes.

"Oh good, you're here Pinkie Pike. Who is that with you?" Mrs. Cake asked.

"This is Tez, remember?"

"Oh, right. Sorry dearie, this job has us a bit busy." Mrs. Cake said to Tez.

"Don't worry about it. So Pinkie Pie tells me she is watching the store for you."

"Oh yes," Mrs. Cake gathered supplies as she talked, "If you want to help that would be lovely. Pinkie Pie can show you what needs doing."

"Hurry honey! We got to get going!" Mr. Cake called from outside.

"Take care you two. The twins are upstairs sleeping, they should stay that way till we get back. If they don't Pinkie you know what to do. Bye." With that Mrs. Cake ran out the door, and she and her husband were gone. Silence....for about five seconds.

"Oh this is going to be so much fun. Alright Tez, I'll give you the tour." Pinkie Pie said, as she showed Tez the store and the kitchen. Eventually they got to the twins, who Pinkie Pie insisted he had to see.

Quietly the two snuck upstairs and Tez peeked into the foals room. There in cribs slept a pegasus and a unicorn. That had Tez confused.

"How in the name of Mictlan do two earth ponies...breed a pegasus and unicorn?" Tez whispered to himself.

Pinkie Pie whispered to him the answer that Mr. Cake had given when the twins had been born. All Tez could think of when he heard it was, 'That makes NO sense what so ever.' He kept the thought to himself however as he and Pinkie Pie made their way downstairs.

"Okay, do you know how to cook?" Pinkie Pie asked.

Tez blinked. Well... he could in a way, but he did not think he could bake...cakes and muffins, "Uh...sort of. But, not what I think I will be required to cook."

Pinkie nodded, her smile not vanishing, "Okay then, I will do the cooking; you work the counter. Be sure to smile." With that she hopped to the kitchen and put on an apron.

Tez stood behind the counter, and waited. 'I hope my eyes don't scare anyone.' He thought as he spotted a customer enter the store.

Tez found the selling business to be... difficult. Mostly the fact that most customers would see his eyes and feel fear for a time, or if they had never seen him before run away screaming. Pinkie Pie did not seem to bothered by this. She would say, "They just got to get to know you. They will see your a funny wunny guy to be with, and then they will be your friends." Then hop around cheerfully before heading back to work with the baking.

Tez finally managed to find a way to make eye contact, without scaring anypony. He just borrowed a pair of Mr. Cake's sunglasses. Of course that just caused him some minor troubles, mostly strange looks and questions as to why he wore them.

"I'm sensitive to light." Was all he would say, before giving the ponies their orders. This went on for a few hours, till the sound of crying from upstairs. The twins had woken up.

"Oh, looks like the twins are wakey wakied." Pinkie Pie said. She removed her apron and went up stairs.

Tez sighed and looked at the clock, 8:22 pm. 'Doubt anypony is gonna be coming in. When are the Cakes getting home?' He thought. The crying soon stopped and Tez looked up the stairs, his ears picking up a soft lullaby of a sorts. Curious he went up stairs to investigate.

Reaching the door to the twins room, Tez peeked inside and was surprised by what he saw. Pinkie Pie was slowly rocking the twins to sleep, whispering to them a soft lullaby. The scene was rather heart warming, especially when the twins yawned and nuzzled against Pinkie as they fell asleep. Pinkie Pie smiled and put the twins back into their cribs and tucked them in.

Tez had to admit to himself, 'She is cute, especially when she is not talking so much.'

Pinkie Pie turned and was surprised to see Tez at the door, who smiled lightly. She mad a "shhh" motion and quitly made her way to the door, slowly closing it just a little.

"I did not know you were so good with kids." Tez whispered.

Pinkie Pie giggled, "I'm just talented and responsible. I have had lots of practice with the twins. The first time I watched them was crazy." Pinkie giggled as she remembered that day. Still, it was not as bad as she first thought it was, now that she looked back on it.

Tez smirked, "Heh, You are really an impressive one Pinkie Pie. I can tell you will be one heck of a mother one day." Tez headed down the stairs first, careful not to wake the twins.

Pinkie Pie blushed at the comment, "I-I don't know about that. I mean-" Pinkie Pie cut herself off as she felt herself trip and begin to fall down the stairs.

Tez's eyes widened and he moved to catch her. Catch her he did, being pushed to the ground and acting as a cushion counted. He groaned as he rubbed his head, "You okay Pinkie Pie?"

Pinkie Pie groaned, "Yeah. I'm fine." She noticed that she was laying on something, or someone. When she looked she found herself looking into Tez's eyes. The two stared at each other for a moment.

Pinkie Pie felt her heart beat, and she had to admit that Tez was rather handsome. She blushed and quickly got off of Tez, "I'm sorry Tez. I didn't mean to fall on you."

Tez got up, "Don't worry about it Pinkie. I'm just glad your not hurt."

Pinkie Pie smiled, "Thank you for catching me."

"Anything for a friend," Tez said, "I'd risk my own life for you and the others."

Pinkie Pie giggled, "Well arn't you a knight in shining armor."

Tez chuckled, "Well I think we should start cleaning up, doesn't look like there will be any more customers tonight."

"Alright." Pinkie Pie said. Though she could not get the image of his eyes out of her mind. They just... seemed to look deep inside her. They really made Tez very handsome, if a bit scary. But she did not mind that. She felt her heart beat a bit and she blushed, 'Focus Pinkie girl. No time to... to be doing whatever this is.' With that she focused on helping Tez clean up.

The Cakes soon got back at 10 and were glad to see that everything was clean and the twins still asleep.

"Thank you again Pinkie, and thank you Tez for helping." Mr. Cake said.

"It was no trouble." Tez said.

"It was fun! The twins are always so cute." Pinkie Pie said with a smile.

"Well I should get going. A pleasant night to you all." Tez walked to the door.

"Oh wait dearie." Mrs. Cake said. Tez turned, and was surprised that he was being offered a small bag.

Tez took the bag and opened it. His eyes widened when he saw that in the bag was Bits. Money. "What?" Tez looked at Mrs. Cake confused.

Mrs. Cake smiled, "Think of it as thanks for helping, even though you didn't have to. Its no trouble."

Tez was surprised, he looked at the money again and said, "Thank you. And good night to you." With that he waved good bye. All the way he looked at the bag of money. He now had money...but, what did he do with it?

Well there you go :) another chapter. Hope you all like it. Tez is certainly becoming a ladies man :P But then again he is the god of temptation. Thus he is a rather...*puts on glasses and hides behind a mirror* tempting guy :P I would like to give a big aztec thank you to Dizastrous for helping with this chapter by fixing some punctuation :) so let us begin the ritual*holds up a flint knife and awaits the sacrifice* which part do you prefer to eat? the liver or the heart? :3

Chapter 13

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Another chapter. Another moment of me revealing answers and creating new questions :) aint that fun? Here we learn a bit more of what the future for Equestria will hold and then jump into some enjoyable little moments with Dashie and Tez :) and after that we will see Celestia...well, I better not say. enjoy.

Acol sat in a throne, carried by four diamond dogs. The throne was of a black rock, and decorated in semi precious gems and stones. Not the most decorated of seats, but it suited his purpose. He looked down at the small valley between the mountains. It was perhaps the size of a large lake, but it offered a concealed location for the building of the grand temple that took place down there. Best of all it was on a Leyline.

Leylines, magical conduits. The streams of magical energy flowed everywhere in the cosmos. But they were always scattered and miniscule in strength. The body could act as a network for the magic, but it was not a solid enough focus point for grand scale spells. To do that you needed a bound Leyline that you could focus magical power through ritual magic. And then chain yourself into the well of energy that would slowly grow in power.

'If we had just had time....if we had not been caught off guard. Things might have been different.' He thought as he motioned for his carriers to move on back to the main city.

Progress was slow on the temple. Though he and Mextli had gathered all of the twelve tribes that populated these mountains, and though Diamond Dogs bred like dogs, there just were not enough workers to assign to the construction of the temple. At this rate it would take at least half a year before it was complete and ready for use. He did not want to wait that long.

When he arrived, he had his carriers set the throne down and he walked off and entered the shrine that was his and Mextlis abode for the time. His brother was busy training as he always did; a warrior god had little else to do in times of peace.

"How goes the construction?" Mextli asked.

"Poorly, these mutts are better suited ot digging, not building. We need more builders, smarter ones."

"Are there any other creatures that we can perhaps subdue with the army or our magic?" Mextli hopped so, he loved the feel of open combat. Even if he was a bit reluctent to show the might of his army so early in the stages of the plan.

"No. But, I might have an idea." Acol said.

"Oh?" Mextli stopped and looked at hsi brother, wondering what his plan was.

"Well, we have focused on intelligent creatures, but.. I have discovered a few... mindless creatures in my travels. Two types in particular which might serve as excellent beasts of burden."

Mextli smiled, "Show me."

Tez hammered the nail into the board. He scanned the rest of the roof of the town hall and smiled. His work was coming along great, in a few more hours it would look like it never had been damaged.

'Though how one pegasi managed to do all that damage...' Tez thought, 'Well, I probably should not try to figure it out.'

Tez had spent the better part of the week working odd jobs to try and get all the other ponies of ponyville used to him, and lessen his scarey level. So far it was starting to work, and best of all he was paid some bits for his hard work. He now had some decent money, but lack of what he wanted to buy. Though he was sure it would probably be more clothes, he would have to see Rarity after he was done here.

Tez yawned as he climbed down to the the ground for a quick drink of water. Working in the mourning was fine, yet at times he just wanted to curl up under the sun, maybe some shade, and take a nap. Night time he seemed to be more active, he wondered why at times.

Tez reached the ground and proceeded to table of refreshments. He stopped half way as he heard something. It sounded like....


Tez looked up and saw Rainbow Dash on a high speed collision course with him. 'This is gonna hurt.' He thought as Rainbow Dash crashed into him. Everypony tried to see through the cloud of dust that had developed and see if the two were okay. Two groans could be heard, and slowly the dust began to settle. Soon the image of Rainbow Dash and Tez could be seen.

Rainbow Dash groaned as she rubbed her head, then gasped and quickly got off of Tez, "Oh my gosh. Really sorry Tez."

Tez got up and bent backwards, his back giving a loud crack, "Don't worry about it Dash. I've always wanted to be a landing pad." He smirked.

Rainbow Dash smirked a bit, "Well if you can joke about it I can tell your okay. So what are you doing?"

Tez stretched some more, "Helping repair the Town Hall. How did it get so bashed up?"

Dash rolled her eyes, "Derpy, She is a bit of a clutz."

Tez twisted his head and his neck snapped. He sighed with relief as he rubbed his neck, "So I can see. Well I told you what I was doing, so why not tell me what you were doing before our crash course meeting."

"I was practicing a new move for the next Best Young Fliers compatition. But, it didn't work out so well." Dash said as her ears flattened a bit. That sort of failure would never get her into the Wonderbolts.

"Hmm, so whats the prize for this contest thing?" Tez asked, as he got himself some water.

Dash's eyes lit up, "Only a chance to spend the entire day with the Wonderbolts!" She squealed a bit as she remembered the last time she had spent with them. The best day of her life.

"The who now?"

Dash rushed and looked right into Tez's eyes. Her own were filled with surprise, "You've never heard of the Wonderbolts?" She went to say but then said, "Oh yeah."

"So who are they?" Tez asked as he took a step from Dash so he had some space again.

"The Wonderbolts are only THE coolest flying team in all of Equestria. They perform and race at all of the biggest celebrations and social events. They are the best, of the best, of the best fliers in all of Equestria, to even join you have to be the best of the best."

Tez smiled, "Well you are the best of the best. So I am sure you will be a part of them one day."

Dash smirked, "Well of course I will. Once I get this latest trick down, my spot in the Wonderbolts is assured."

Tez rolled his eyes, 'She sure has an ego. Still, it is good she seeks her dream with such passion. Have to respect her for that.' He offered Dash some water, "Want a drink? You look a bit thirsty."

Dash took the offered drink and downed it, "Ahh. Thanks, all that flying works up a thrist."

The two chuckled, but Tez's felt something was wrong. The sound of snapping wood brought his attention back to the Town Hall; his eyes widened as he saw the pillar that was being repaired snap from its foundations and begin to fall. A construction pony watched with horror as it fell right over him.

Dash had seen the falling pillar as well. As did all the ponies in the area, what happened next was a blur. Tez acted without thought and began running to the construction pony. Time seemed to slow down as he ran as fast as he could before the pillar crushed the pony. Why the pony did not get out of the way was a mystery, must be that life flashing thing.

Once he reached the pony he pushed him out of the way and lifted his hands to catch the pillar. Why he thought he could do this he did not know. But... he just knew that he could do it. Time seemed to go back to normal as the pillar fell, and was caught in the hands of Tez who slowly lowered it to the ground. He wiped at his brow, "Thank goodness."

Tez looked at the construction pony he had saved. He was staring at him with wide eyes. "Be more careful next time." Tez said as he turned to go back to his drink, he stopped and noticed that everypony was staring at him. Even Rainbow Dash, whos mouth hung open with shock.

Tez blinked and said, "What?"

Rainbow Dash was shocked. Tez was... fast. Very fast. Faster then her?

'No way. I am the fastest flier in Equestria. Nopony is faster then me.' She thought.

Dash immediatly flew over to Tez, "How did you do that? You never told us you were that fast. Or that strong."

Tez chuckled, "Well it did not seem important. Though I was not sure I could hold that pillar by myself. I just sort of...reacted."

Dash smirked, "Well in that case I challage you to an Iron Mare contest."

"An iron what?" Tez asked, a bit surprised by this sudden challange.

"A series of athletic contests to see who is the better athlete."

"Is this really necessary?" Tez asked.

Dash looked at into his eyes again, the shiver of fear and yet strangly interest hit her as she did and said, "Yes! Nopony is faster then me. Your fast so I got to see how fast you are."

Tez sighed, "Alright. If I have to."

"Are you okay Tez?" Somepony said.

Tez turned and saw Twilight, with spike on her back. As well as AJ and Rarity. He nodded, "I'm fine. Just doing what I felt was right."

"Well I knew you were strong Tez. But, I did not know you were that strong." Applejack said.

"It was very impressive. You are a hero Tez!" Rarity said. Everypony around agreed.

Tez rubbed the back of his head embaressed, "It was nothing really. To be honest, I did'nt really know I was able to do that."

Dash spoke up, "But he did. Hey Twilight do you think Spike will be able to act as an announcer?"

Twilight blinked, "An announcer to what Rainbow Dash?" Spike looked curious as well.

"For the Iron Pony contest between me and Tez. We're gonna find out who is the better athlete." This caught Applejack's attention.

"Another one Rainbow Dash? Mind if I join in?" AJ asked.

"Sure, though we all know who is gonna win." Rainbow Dash smirked.

AJ smirked, "I know. Cause this time you ain't allowed to use your wings at all."

Dash's eyes widened, but she simply said, "Fine. I can still win without them."

Tez shook his head, 'Why do I have a feeling this is going to haunt me for the rest of my days.' He thought as he returned to his drink and shooed all the ponies away. This was still a construction site after all, did'nt want anymore close calls.

Tez looked back at AJ and Dash, who were discussing something before Dash called Tez over to follow. Tez checked with the overseer of the repairs and was assured that he could go. Hopefully nothing else would happen; Tez left and followed the girls to where the contest would take place. Several ponies followed, eager to see another contest.

'Never any ordinary days huh?' Tez thought.

"Ladies and Gentlecolts," Spike announced to the crowd of ponies, "Today we will watch the local hero, Tez face off against residents AppleJack and Rainbow Dash. The one with the most wins is declared the Iron Pony."

The crowd applauded and cheered. Many cheered for Dash or AJ. But, a few cheered for Tez, he was a hero after all. The cheering died down as the first contest was announced. The barrel weave.

First up was Applejack, who managed to not hit the barrel this time. Her time was 16.7 seconds. Next was Rainbow Dash. Again she scored 18 seconds. Up last was Tez.

"Ready." Twilight began.

Tez got ready, he felt his heart racing with excitment.

"Set. Go!" Twilight shouted and Tez took off.

He ran for all he was worth, his body twisting and turning as he manuvered past the barrels with cat-like dexterity. When he passed the finish line he noticed that Twilight, AJ, Dash, and spike were all staring at the stopwatch with wide eyes and jaws hanging open.

"Whats the shock?" He asked as he walked over and looked at his time. 10.2 seconds.

Tez blinked, did he really run that fast? He waved a hand infront of his friends to bring them back to reality.

Twilight blinked and announced, "Tez wins the barrel weave!" Ponies cheered as Fluttershy placed a point on the board.

AJ and Dash stared at Tez. Tez just laughed nervously, "Well it is only the first contest. Besides its just a game."

'How is that possible?' Dash thought.

'No normal critter can run that fast.' AJ thought.

The two ponies looked at each other, perhaps knowing that both were thinking the same thing. They nodded with determination, they were going to win this. Round two was up next.

Applejack and Rainbow Dash were...surprised. Well, maybe just full blown shocked at how easily Tez seemed to win contest after contest. From the hay bale throwing, to long jump, to the strength tester, he just seemed to win. Sure he lost a match. The lasso contest, but so far the scores were Tez: 18, Applejack: 1, Rainbow Dash: 0. The score had the rainbow pegasus a bit miffed.

"How is this possible?" She asked herself as she got ready for the final contest. Tug-o-war. Applejack and Tez had gone first, with the winner facing Rainbow Dash. AJ tried her best, but was tugged into the mud by one good hard pull from Tez.

"Sorry AJ." Tez said as he helped the earth pony out of the mud. Applejack just chuckled.

"Don't ya'll worry about it sugarcube. It's all in good fun. I gotta say, your one strong guy." AJ said.

Tez blushed, "Well I guess I have to be good at something. Your one hell of a lasso user. Heh I'm still trying to figure out how I ended up tied to that tree." The two chuckled. Rainbow Dash glared, she was not going to loss this match.

"Alright contestents! Take your places!" Spike shouted. Everypony cheered and clapped.

Tez and Dash each gripped an end of the rope and waited for the go from Twilight.

Twilight shouted for all to hear, "Ready! Set! Go!"

Rainbow pulled as hard as she could, but Tez just stood there holding the rope. He did not budge, in fact he just stood there, until he tuged hard on the rope and pulled Dash right towards the mud, in fact, the tug pulled her right over the mud and into his arms as he caught her.

"Sorry... You okay?" Tez asked.

Dash just got out of his arms and stared at him, "I...I lost." She scowled, she hated losing.

Tez frowned, "Hey, don't be mad Rainbow Dash. It is just a game. Besides I think your a way better athlete then me."

Dash blinked and looked at him, "You do? But, I lost..."

Tez shrugged, "So? You still did your best no matter what, just like Applejack did. I respect that in you both. And you both are able to do things I can't."

Dash tilted her head and said, "Like what?"

Tez smirked, "You can fly, and I know you are the best, of the best, of the best of fliers in Equestria, if not the entire universe. Your the fastest pony also."

Dash smiled and rubbed the back of her head, "Thanks Tez. Your the fastest...whatever you are."

Tez chuckled, "Fastest runner and flier. What an interesting race that would be." Tez realized he made a mistake in saying that when he saw Dash's eyes light up.

"Yeah! A race to see who is the fastest. A great idea, we can do it during the running of the leaves this fall. Plenty of time to train." Dash seemed to be back to normal now, forgetting the defeat, and already planning a training regiment for the race in fall.

Tez chuckled, 'Curse me.' He thought.

The rest of the day was spent with congratulations and cheers. By the time it was all over, Tez just collapsed on his bed. 'Today...was very busy. And now I have to run a race in fall....why can't I just get some nice quiet time?' He sighed and slowly went to sleep.

At Rainbow Dash's, the pegasi was busy planning her training for the eventual race. Though it was still a long way off she would be prepared for it so that she would win this time. She smirked as she thought of Tez, he was a good athlete. She had to give him that, but she would win this time. Through the night she planned, her thoughts always on Tez. She was going to win next time.

Acol showed his brother his findings. Mextli stared at the creatures below. They were big, brutish and muscular. And had no semblance of intelligence other then basic animal instincts. Perfect.

"You were right brother. These....what did you call them?" Mextli asked.

Acol smirked, "They are what I call trolls. Dumb creatures but perfect for heavy labor. They might even make good living tanks for your army."

Mextli spat, "Using such beasts in a military matter would be difficult. But...perhaps I can make use of them, with"

Acol smirked, "So...shall we get to work on them?"

Mextli chuckled, "Lets."

Celestia paced in her room. So far there had been nothing amiss after the visit from that....dead guard. She shivered, what had the power to reanimate and control the dead? The fact that nothing else seemed to be happening in Equestria, or the other lands beyond the mountains had her both releived and worried. Relieved because it meant she had time to prepare, but worried because she did not know what she was to prepare for. Tez was the key, but what part did he play in all of this.

'Oh mother, father. I wish you two were here, I need your help. Luna and I can't do this on our own.' She thought. Luna did not know of all that was happening, only that Tez was part of whatever had fallen from the sky. Celestia did not want to worry her sister, but she seemed to be picking up on her distress despite her best attempts to hide it.

'As if this was not enough, the Gala is approaching soon. I hope Twilight and her friends can liven it up.' Celestia thought, but then she felt alarm. Twilight and her friends would be at the Gala, but Tez did not have an invitation, he would be alone.

'He seems a trustworthy sort, but I cannot let him wander alone freely. He will have to come as well.' She immediatly began writing a letter to Twilight Sparkle and attaching an invitation to the Gala to it. She sent it on its way, all the while her mind was plagued with questions and concern.

There you go another chapter. Enjoy. In fact enjoy it so much you go Pinkie Pie CRAZY. :) More to come I hope you all enjoy it. Things might seem a bit rushed, but thats probably because I REALLY REALLY want to get to the big main stuff, but all this little bits building up to the grand stuff must come first. But, we are almost ther...almost there :)

Chapter 14

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Okay another chapter :) arnt you all happy. Sorry if updates come slow, sometimes I just have those days where my brain can't focus on alot. I think its cause im becoming sleep deprieved or something. Anyway I hope you enjoy this chapter :) Im using an episode so I should be able to flow through it better. Odds are it will be short but we will see.

Tez lounged on his bed, curled up as he slept. He was having the most wonderful dream, or he was until Twilight came into his room and woke him up.

"Tez, the princess sent you a letter." She used her magic to hover the message before him.

Tez grumbled and took the offered paper and read it over once. He groaned as he tossed it aside. Twilight scowled and picked up the letter and hovered it infront of his face again.

"Tez. This is important, the princess sent you a letter. And not just any letter, it has an invitation to the Grand Galloping Gala." She brought out the golden ticket and showed it to him.

"Great....what is it?" Tez rolled over to look at Twilight with sleepy eyes as he thought, 'She is worse then a wife at times.'

"It is the royal ball held at the castle. It is a once a year event and it is almost impossible to get an invitation, especially when it is in two weeks." Twilight said.

"Great. Who is going?" Tez yawned.

"Well mostly high class ponies attend, but Me and the girls will be attending as will Spike." Twilight said with excitment.

Tez yawned, "Great. Have fun, I'll be napping."

"What!? How can you just ignore an invite from the princess!? That would be rude, more than rude." Twilight said, shocked that Tez would even say such a thing.

Tez yawned as he curled up again to go back to sleep, "Simple. I sit right here and nap. Besides I don't have any formal clothing, find a way that I can get some and I'll go."

Twilight smirked and used her magic to lift him and placed him on her back. Surprisingly he was not that heavy. Tez just grumbled as he was carried out of his room. Twilight stopped and gave Tez her saddlebag, "Hold that please."

"Where are we going?" Tez asked.

"To Rarity's I need her to fix a button on a dress, and we can ask if she can make you something for the Gala." Twilight said as she, with Tez in tow, walked out the door to the boutique.

Tez sighed and held onto the bag, which he guessed had Twilight's dress inside. He tried to make himself comfy and catch a few more zzz's. He had to admit that Twilight's fur was very soft, and a small part of him in his mind wondered how sweet her blood might taste. He could still remember how sweet Fluttershy tasted; thinking of the pegasus reminded Tez of a little conversation he had with her a few days ago.

Fluttershy fidgeted as she sat across from Tez. He had stopped in for a visit and after...recent events, she was a bit unsure how to act around him. Her mind went to when he licked her and she blushed.

Tez simply stared at the meek pegasus. He had come here to talk, to remove some of her fears. But, he just seemed to be making things worse for her. He sighed and said, "I'm sorry I'm making you lie to your friends."

Fluttershy eeped and said softly, " just doesn't seem right."

Tez nodded, "I know, but it is for the best at the time. I wish you did not have to see that, in fact I wish I did not have to do it. But I have to or I will die, life is never easy it seems."

Fluttershy just curled up more a bit as she remembered the horrible scene that had she witnessed, "Why do you have to do that?"

Tez shrugged, "I wish I knew."

The two were silent, but Tez could not help but stare at Fluttershy some more. The taste of her blood was like a drug...and he wanted more. he fought down the urge though, knowing that it would not end well for both of them.

" much longer do you have...until you have to...feed again?" Fluttershy asked.

Tez thought for a moment, "Another two weeks I think."

Fluttershy nodded, she still seemed upset over all the secrecy and such. Tez frowned as well, he did not like having Fluttershy do this... but he did not want the others to know...just yet.

"i'm really sorry Fluttershy." Tez said as he moved and hugged the timid pegasus. She did not panic, but she did feel a bit uncomfortable being so close to him...especially after... the simple thought of it made her blush.

Tez could not help but lick his lips slightly. Being so close to her...the smell of her blood beneath her delicate skin, the simple thought was filling him with a strong desire for more of her.

"You know, you really taste good." Tez said absently, as he gingerly licked up her neck a bit.

Fluttershy eeped and felt her heart racing. Her mind went blank and she passed out. Tez blinked as he held the unconcious pegasus.

"I have got to be more careful with my words." He said to himself as he laid Fluttershy on her couch and turned to leave. As he left he saw Angel, Fluttershy's pet bunny, glaring at him. Tez smirked and got the message, he left waving goodbye.

Tez chuckled, which caused Twilight to look at him curiously. "Something funny Tez?" She asked.

"Just remembering something." Tez said.

"Anything from your past?" Twilight asked.

Tez shook his head, "No. Are we there yet?"

"Almost." Twilight said, as she walked she spotted Applejack and stopped to wave hello.

Applejack saw her and walked over saying, "Howdy Twilight. Tez, why you lounging on her back like Spike does?"

Tez yawned, "Cause she put me here."

Twilight giggled, "He really isn't all that heavy interestingly enough."

Applejack smirked as she looked at Tez, "Hard to see beleive that he can be a hard worker and such a lazy one."

"It is just how great I am." Tez said with a smirk. Everyone chuckled.

"So where ya' heading Twilight." Applejack asked.

"I'm heading to Rarity's to get a dress fixed, and for Tez to get something to wear for the Grand Galloping Gala."

"You got invited to the Gala?" AJ asked surprised.

Tez nodded, "So it seems."

"Well mind if I come with ya' I want ta talk ta Tez about something." Applejack asked Twilight.

"Sure. The more the merrier." Twilight smiled and continued on. Tez and AJ conversing along the way.

When they arrived at the boutique, they noticed that it was very quite inside. Tez got off of Twilights back and the three looked around for the seamstress. When they came to her room door, Applejack knocked and opened the door.

"Howdy Rarity."

"Shhh," Twilight motioned to Rarity, who was busy sewing a dress, "can't you see Rarity is trying to concentrate."

The two moved over to stand behind their friend, while Tez looked at a design on the wall. The design caught his eye and the widened at the magesty of it. If this was merely a drawing of what Rarity was working on...

'No mortal eyes are fit to gaze upon the beauty of artistic creation such as this. If we are allowed to we should bow down to Rarity and thank her.' He thought immediatly, and did not bother to question why he did.

"What do ya think she's making?" Applejack whispered to Twilight.

Twilight whispered, "Looks like a dress."

"Well that makes sense, this is a dress maker shop and all."

Rarity turned with a smile to her friends and asked, "Is there something I can help you with?"

"So very sorry to trouble you Rarity, but I need favor." Twilight opened her saddlebag and pulled out a dress with a broken button, "Could you please fix button for me. It's my dress for the Grand Galloping Gala."

Rarity looked at the dress and gasped, "Oh nonononono. You can't wear this old thing. You need a glamorous new outfit for the Gala, and I'll make it no trouble at all, it will be my pleasure."

Tez immediatly began thinking, 'Take the offer! Take the offer!' Such an offer from a goddess of cloth and silk should never be denied.

Twilight said, "That is really sweet of you to offer Rarity, but I can't let you do that. It would be so much work, this dress is fine." She was touched by her friends offer, but couldn't ask her to do such a thing just for her.

Tez's jaw dropped and his eyes widened, Applejack looked at him funny. Of course he ignored it as he was to busy thinking, 'Blasphemy! Heathen! Heretic! Damn it Twilight just say thanks and accept the offer!'

"Twilight Sparkle," Rarity said, "I insist on making you a new dress."

Twilight began, "But-" But was cut off by Rarity as she waved a hoof.

"Not another word, I won't take no for an answer." Rarity seemed intent on this, and Tez cheered inside. He would see the work of beauty from a goddess, his life was complete.

Twilight seemed a bit unsure still but said, "Well in that case, thank you for your generosity Rarity. Knowing your handiwork I'm sure it will be absolutly beautiful."

Rarity looked to Applejack and said, "Let me guess Applejack; you don't want a new gown either."

Applejack blinked and said, "Gown? Shoot I was just gonna wear my old work duds."

Rarity seemd appalled, "You can't be serious Applejack, you absolutly must wear formal attire."

Applejack thought on that for a minute and said, "Nah."

"What if I just spruced up your...uh duds, for you a little bit?" Rarity asked, hoping Applejack would say yes.

"Well," Applejack thought, "Okay, why not, since your offering and all. Just don't make them too frou-frou."

"Deal." Rarity said happily.

"Look out below!" Everypony looked up as they heard Rainbow Dash's voice. Dash crashed through the roof, hit the ground and bounced up falling back into a set of maniquins causing them to collapse all over her.

Dash got up, covered in various fabrics and a bucket on her head, "Sorry. New trick, didn't quite work."

Rarity seemed deep in thought for a moment before saying with a smile, "Idea. I'll make you an outfit for the Gala too Rainbow Dash."

Rainbow Dash looked left and right and said, "Outfit for the what now?"

Rarity continued on, "I'll make one for you, and you and all of you. Oh and of course Pinkie and Fluttershy too. Oh and when I'm done we can host our own fashion show!"

"What a great idea," Twilight said, "If you're sure you can handle it."

Rarity began getting out all the fabrics she would need, "Oh it would be a little bit of work, but it would be a wonderful boost for my business. Plus fun."

"Oh I love fun things." Dash said.

Tez held up a hand, "If I might make a request. I seem to have been invited as well, do you think you could make me something? I can pay for it."

Everypony, save Twilight, looked at Tez with surprise and Rarity said, "You were invited too?"

Tez nodded, "So it seems. Twilight is intent on making sure I go, so I need something to wear."

Rarity squealed with glee, she wanted to work more on something for him to wear, something truely magnificant. But, Tez always told her to not make anything designed for his body untill he could pay. She could understand why he did it, but it ate away at her cause with him she saw a challange.

"Of course dear, and don't worry about payment for this one." Rarity said.

Tez tossed a small bag of bits, which Rarity caught with her magic, "I insist, and see the rest as payment for the first you made me."

Rarity frowned, but put the bag of money away, "If you insist dear."

Tez nodded, then suddenly an image flashed in his mind. An image of something royalty of Tenotitchlan wore, something he wore once. He said, "If I might request...I have a design that I would like."

The girls blinked, and Rarity said, "You do. Do you want to draw it?"

"Yes," Tez said as he took some paper and pencils and began to draw the design he wanted, using his body as the model for it. The design itself was strange to the ponies, A cloak or cape served as the top, with most of the cape draping down his back, leaving only a small portion going down his chest. The bottom looked like a skirt to them, though the front part only went down half way stopping at the knee, while the back went all the way down to his ankles. There were two slits on both sides allowing freedom for the legs should he seek to run. A sash was wrapped about his head like a headband.

The ponies looked at the strange design and then at Tez, who simply said, "It is cultural to me. If I am going to be forced to this event I will wear something of my culture."

Rarity frowned a moment but then nodded, "Alright dear, if that is what you want. I will make it."

Tez smiled and bowed, which caugh Rarity by surprise, "Thank you Rarity. I know it will truly be a work only fitting for the eyes of the gods to see."

Rarity chuckled, "Well I am glad you have such high praise for me. I'll get started now, if you would be willing to stay Tez so I can use you as a model for your outfit that would be lovely."

Tez nodded, "It would be my pleasure."

Rarity smilend and got to work immediatly as she started cutting some fabric with scissors. Applejack stepped next to her and said, "So, all you have to do is make a different, stunning, original, amazing outfit for: one, two, three, four, five, plus yourself, six ponies in lickety-split."

Rarity chuckled, "oh ho, Applejack. You make it seem as if it's going to be hard."

Everypony left to give Rarity her space, and plus she wanted the dresses to be a surprise so she shooed them all out. Only Tez remained to act as a model for his outfit later, until then he kept to himself.

When the dresses were complete, Rarity called all her friends over and to close their eyes when they entered her room. Tez meanwhile gazed the dresses that were made for the five mares, and frankly all he could do was stare with wide eyed admiration.

'Rarity does not make dresses...she makes etheral beauty. She allows us to see such artistic skill and everyday that she does we should bow down and worship her!' Tez thought, fighting his desire to just hug the unicorn seamstress and tell her what he thought of her skills. If he did that now, he would probably get wierd stares.

"Okay you can look now." Rarity said with glee.

The girls opened their eyes and all of them gasped.

"These are your new outfits." Rarity said, while Opalesence purred rubbing against the hem of Dash's dress.

Rarity began talking about each dress and how she designed each one to reflect its owners personality. Tez felt his heart racing, these were fantastic creations. He could not wait to get his, but right now he just wanted to fall to the ground and kiss the very dirt that Rarity walked upon.

"Are they not all amazing?" Rarity said with joy, she felt that these were her best works yet.

Twilight and the others were all silent for a moment, then Twilight said, "Wow, they're..."

"Yeah they're..." Dash said.

"They sure are...uh somethin." Applejack said.

"Yes something..." Twilight said smiling, perhaps a bit too uneasily.

"I really love something, something is my favorite."

"Its...nice." Fluttershy said as her ears flattened.

Rarity frowned, "Well whats the matter? Don't you like them?"

"There very nice." Twilight said still smiling.

Tez could tell they were all lying or at least acting nice, he wanted to slap them all. How dare they not fall to their knees in the presence of artistic beauty.

"and we're plum grateful you worked so hard on them." Applejack said.

"Mine's just not as cool as I imagined." Dash said simply, getting a glare from Applejack and Twilight, "She asked."

Tez bit his lip, drawing blood. 'Okay...Dash goes down first.' He thought, maybe he would drink some of her blood till she passed out, he wondered how she tasted...damn it now he wanted to know.

"I guess what we're all saying, they're just not what we had in mind." Twilight said as gently as she could. Everypony agreed.

Rarity frowned and seemed a bit crushed, now Tez wanted blood. He wanted fire, He wanted death. 'Blasphemy! I'll hurt them! I crush them! I make them not there!'

"That's okay. Not a problem, there's plenty more where that came from. They were only a first pass, you're my friends and I want you to be one hundred and ten percent satisfied. No need to worry, I'll redo them." Rarity said with a smile, though Tez could tell she still felt hurt inside.

'NO! They are perfect! Tell her girls!' Tez thought, he as clenching his firsts till his nails dug into his skin to draw blood.

"You okay Tez? You've been awfully silent just staring." Twilight asked.

Tez smiled, though it looked a bit...menacing. All the girls gulped as he said, "I'm....perfectly fine. If you will excuse me... I'm going to get a drink. Is that alright Rarity?"

Rarity nodded and Tez left, he did not want to be in that room. To see such beauty rejected like that, he felt like he was going to vomit. He did not hate the girls...though he was certainly angry with them slightly. He entered the kitchen and got himself some water and tried to calm his nerves down before he tore someponies head off. He could not explain why he was feeling this way, it scared him slightly.

Back in Rarity's room, Rarity was busy taking the gowns she had made down as she said, "I want them to be better than fine. I want you too think their absolutly perfect."

Applejack seemd a bit unsure and said, "Are ya' sure? I mean we wouldn't want to impose."

"Oh it's no imposition; really I insist." Rarity said.

Everypony began to leave, seeing that Rarity was set on this course. Twilight said, "Well, in that case thank you again Rarity." With that she left with the other girls.

Rarity watched them go, laughing lightly to herself. Once her friends had gone, her ears flattened and she frowned, "What have I gotten myself into?"

Rarity spent the next several hours working on the dresses. Her mane started to become messy and unkept as she worked to make the dresses perfect. Though to Tez, the first ones had been perfect, and it was killing him inside to see Rarity running her self ragged like this.

'Oh....If I ever get my hands on...NO! Just...keep it all in Tez....pent up the anger.' He thought as he watched Rarity sewed one of the dresses. As he headed downstairs he spotted Fluttershy come up. Their eyes meet and Fluttershy seemed a bit fearful around him. Tez smiled, forgetting his rage for a time, and winked at the yellow pegasus. She blushed and headed upstairs immediatly, only looking back once to say lightly, "Hello Tez."

Watching her go, Tez licked his lips. Oh how he wanted to taste her again. But, his desire was again replaced by anger and he went and got himself more water.

Back upstairs Rarity was showing Fluttershy her new new outfit. The yellow pegasus stared at herself in the mirror.

" it." She said.

Rarity looked away saying, "Oh you're just saying that."

"Oh no no I do. It's...nice." Fluttershy said trying to reassure her friend.

"Eh, nice?" Rarity said.

"Nice." Fluttershy said again.

Rarity said, "If you don't like it you can just tell me."

"Oh, but I do like it." Fluttershy said smiling lightly.

Rarity looked right into her friends eyes, "Like it, or love it?"

Fluttershy's ears flattened and she said meekly, "Um...both."

"Which is it?" Rarity said as she began advancing on her nervous friend.

"Um...please stop asking me that."

Rarity looked closer into Fluttershy's eyes as she slowly put the scared pegasus against the wall, "Oh just tell me what you really think."

"Uh no that's okay." Fluttershy said, her hear beating as she looked up at Rarity slightly afraid.

"Tell me." Rarity demanded.

"'s-" Fluttershy started, but was cut off by Rarity.

"Tell me!"

Fluttershy started to sweat, "I-I like it." She was starting to shake.

"Tell me. Tell me. Tell me. Tell me. Tell me!" Rarity whined, demanding an answer.

Fluttershy stood up straight and said, "Alright, since you really want to know." She took a deep breath and began:

"The arm's size is tight, the middy collar doesn't go with the shawl lapel, the hems are clearly machine stitched, the pleats are uneven, the fabric looks like toile. You used a backstitch here when it clearly calls for a topstich or maybe a traditional blanket stitch, and the overall design is reminiscent of pret-a-porter and not true French haute courture."

With that she then said simply, "But uh you know, whatever you want to do is fine."

Rarity was speechless, her mouth hung open. Tez, standing outside the door on the side also had his mouth hanging open, having heard all that Fluttershy just said.

When all the new new gowns were done, Rarity called all her friends over to see. Rarity felt slightly sick inside, they were the ugliest dresses she had ever made. Opalesence hissed and clawed at the dresses or looked ready to vomit by looking at them. Tez had to agree with the feline, the mere sight of these dresses made his eyes bleed. He looked away and tried to find a bucket to vomit in.

However all the girls thought they were perfect, Tez made a mental note to have all of them get a brain scan or their eyes checked. 'How can they like those....ugh...even thinking about those....things makes my skin crawl. Do they actually have to wear those?' He thought.

"It's exactly what I asked for." All five said at once. Rarity sighed with relief, glad that her friends were happy at last.

Of course...the nightmare really began when Spike bust through the door huffing and said, "You are never gonna believe this; you heard of Hoity Toity?"

"The bigwig fashion hotshot in Canterlot." Twilight answered.

Spike nodded, "He heard about your fashion show, well maybe I happened to mention it to him. He is coming here, all the way from Canterlot to see your work Rarity."

Applejack was surprised, "whoa nelly! You could sell a ton of dresses to this guy, and you business would be booming."

All the girls began to congratuate her, but Rarity merely smiled as nervousness began to wash over her. "Hoity Toity, is coming here. To see these dresses?" She looked ready to panic.

Tez felt the same way. A big time fashion hotshot...coming see dresses....those dresses!?! Tez looked at the monstrocities that would be viewed, 'Oh Rarity is doomed.'

The show went as expected. Tez was chewing on the curtain, tearing it to shreds as he fought back violent urges to jump at Hoity Toity and make him Deady Toity. Then from there proceed to break things till his anger was satisfied. But he kept himself under control....for now. Once the show was over, Tez went back to the library with Twilight. She asked him what was bothering him, because his eye kept twitching but all he did was smile and say, "Nothing is wrong....yet."

The "yet" made Twilight shiver a bit, but they both went to sleep that night. Though Twilight did not sleep easily, her mind haunted by the show and all that happened. The next day all the girls went over to Rarity's and tried to get her out of her room, but she refused to leave.

Meanwhile Tez went about fixing this problem once and for all. If Hoity Toity wanted to see real beautiful dresses he was going to, even if Tez had to drag the pony back to the boutique, screaming and kicking what legs he did not break. Finally he found the pony and began to get to work.

"Hey! Asshole!" He yelled as he advanced on the fashion hotshot, who looked at Tez as if he just broke a forbidden law.

"Can I help you?" He said in a pompous self superior air. Tez fought back desires to snap his neck.

"You can help me by coming with me and seeing true artistic beauty by the very designer you said stunk." Tez said.

Toity huffed, "If you think I will go and see more of such horrid works you are insane." Toity turned to leave, but Tez appeared infront of him. Toity and a few ponies that passed by blinked, how did he move so fast?

Tez smiled, a smile that did speak of insanity and more importantly...danger, "Oh yes...I am mad. Mad enough do something I would regret. Now we can do this one of two ways. You go willingly or go screaming and kicking while being dragged by whatever legs I don't break."

Toity usually would ignore such a brute, but...those eyes. They shook him to his core and felt himself cowering in fear of this strange beast now before him. He did not know what to say except what would probably keep him from bodily harm, "When does the show start?"

Tez smiled and lead the way, making sure Toity followed. The fashion hotshot prayed to Celestia that he would live to see tomorrow.

When Tez and Toity had arrived, Tez had been glad to see Rarity out of her room. Seems the girls were doing the right thing now. 'Guess I won't have to break their legs then.' He thought with a smile.

Once the next show was beginning to start Tez sat as close to the stage as he could, though it was smaller then the last one being inside the boutique, but he did not care. this pompous fashion pony would see the true work of a goddess of beauty. Not that he was worthy of such a thing, but if it would help redeem and show the world the true wonder of Rarity he would allow it.

"Prepare to see true beatuy, the likes of which no mortal eye is worthy to see." He said as he watched with wide eyes. Toity simply looked at the brute that had not threatened him moments ago acting like a love struck pony. It was...rather strange.

By the time the show ended, Toity was cheering. This...Tez fellow had been right, these outfits were marvolous. Perhaps he was not such a brute if he had such a good eye for beauty. Tez meanwhile just stared at the girls, all in their own special designed dress. They were all so...beautiful, each one of them.

"Well sir, you were quite right in saying that I would see true artistic beauty." Toity told Tez, after the fashion hotshot had talked with Rarity, who seemed in deep shock after Toity asked for several copies of the dresses she had made.

"I have an eye for beauty sir." Tez said simply, his eyes never leaving the girls. He scanned them over taking in every detail. He licked his lips lightly.

Once Toity had left Tez leaned against the wall and simply watched the girls as they talked amongst themselves. Twilight was busy having spike write down a report on friendship for the princess. Tez saw Rarity approach him and he bowed low.

"Tis a pleasure to be graced by the pressence of one who's skill breachs the etheral beauty of the divine." He said.

Rarity blushed and giggled, "Oh your just saying that. But, thank you Tez."

"Oh no I truly mean it Rarity. You are to me a goddess of the cloth. Your works, your real works, are things unworthy to be seen by mortal eyes. Every time you allow us to view something you create we should bow down and thank you." Tez smiled and bowed again.

Rarity blushed even more, "Oh my...thank you dear. I did not know you felt that way."

"I have a good eye for beauty Rarity." Tez said simply.

Rarity nodded, "So I see. I have to thank you. I was told by Toity that you were the one that...convinced him to come and see my real dresses." Rarity smirked when she saw Tez blush.

"Um well...yes...I guess I could have been less..." Tez tried to think of a word.

"Barbaric?" Rarity said.

Tez laughed, "Yeah...guess I was a bit too barbaric. But, seeing that man judge you simply because of works that, while hideous, were made because you wanted your friends to be happy, and then never see any of your other works....sort of made me go a bit....crazy."

Rarity smiled, "Well I certainly hope you never have to act like that again for me."

Tez smiled, "I doubt I will. Your works will be known for what they really are from now on. Fit for only the gods."

Rarity blushed again, "You are really too kind Tez. Thank very much." With that she kissed his cheek once and turned and walked back to her friends.

Tez blinked and placed a hand where he got kissed. He hoped Spike did not see that, though the little dragon seemed busy so odds were he did not. Tez looked back to Rarity and then to all the girls, he felt his heart beat racing and he left early promising to return tomorrow to help Rarity with his outfit. When he got back to the library he immediatly went into his room and went to sleep, or so he tried.

Later that night Tez tossed and turned in his bed. Though it was not of memories this time, but of images of six mares in beautiful gowns that made them appear as etheral divinties. Goddesses among mortal creatures. His heart pounded as he thought of them and he growled and pulled at his hair.

"What is wrong with me?" He asked himself. He tried to sleep but all he could think of was the girls and now that kiss on his cheek. It was driving him mad. He layed there on his bed staring out to the night sky. What was going on with him?

Well there you go :) another chapter. Hope you all loved it. Oh if you would also be kind as to view my other fic. Which I started working on cause I read a fic and was hit by my imagination to make up a story line and fic idea so writing it as well. It is called Prophecy of a Dark God. I would love if you would read it and maybe drop a comment or two :)

Chapter 15 Part 1

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Another chapter. :) this one will be in the Gala. We will see some funny stuff, mostly to do with Tez cause we all know what happens in the episode :P though there will be a few twists. But, it will follow the basic premise of the episode. There will be comedy, golf and blood :) always the blood *eye twitches* Enjoy.

"I. Can't. Believe. The Grand. Galloping. Gala. is. tonight!" Pinkie Pie cheered as she jumped up and down on her trampoline.

Twilight looked up from her book, to her hyperactive friend with slight annoyance, "Pinkie, please stop shouting I'm trying to concentrate."

Rarity emerged from her boutique and when she saw Pinkie Pie jumping she gasped, "Pinkie Pie, stop that right now, it's time to prepare for the Gala and I refuse for you to put on your new dress while your all sweaty."

Pinkie Pie stopped and got off the trampoline and stood next to Spike, who watched Twilight reading something and then whispered to Spike, "Whats Twilight doing?"

Spike whispered back, "Shes got an awsome magic spell she's been working on for the Gala."

"Where are the others it's getting late." Rarity said.

Applejack, Fluttershy, and Dash soon approached, Applejack saying, "Hold your horses girl we're here."

Twilight read a bit more then closed her book and smiled saying, "Perfect, I'm ready. Spike."

Spike walked over and put down an apple. Pinkie said, "An apple. Are we having pie?"

"Shh." Spike hushed them all.

Twilight concentrated and the apple soon transfigured into that of a carriage. The girls were in awe and made it known, Twilight felt proud of her self and said, "Thanks, but that's just the start. Fluttershy did you bring you friends?"

"Yes." Fluttershy said as four mice popped out of her mane, she lowered her head to the ground so they could get off, "Will they be safe Twilight?"

"You have my word." Twilight reassured her friend. She concentrated, her horn glowing and the mice soon changed into....horses....somewhat.

Everypony was surprised...just not in an awe like way. More like a...wierd sort of surprise as they looked at the mice horses. Twilight just looked proud of her acomplishment and said, "Neat huh, and don't worry they'll be mice again at midnight."

Unfortunatly Opalesence came out of the bushes and saw the horses. Perhaps it was basic cat instinct that told her those horses were not horses, but really mice and she pounced at one.

Fluttershy saw this and said, "Opalesence now." But sadly her words did not stop the cat as she sank her claws into one of the mice horses flanks.

The mice horses neighed and ran off, causing Opal to lose her grip on the one she caught and fall to the ground. The mice horses ran off without stopping into the distance, and soon they were long gone.

"Wait! Come back!" Twilight called, but to no avail, "Those horses were suppose to pull our carriage, how will we get to the Gala?"

Rarity feigned distress and she said, "Whatever shall we do." Then looked at Twilight as if the answer was obvious.

Spotting two stallions Rarity made her way over to them, and used her feminine charms. A few fluttering eyelashes and soon the two stallions were hitched up and pulling the carriage.

"Oh..yeah. Right." Twilight said slightly embaressed.

"So shall we get dressed then." Rarity said, and all the girls headed into the boutique.

"Say where's Tez?" Applejack asked.

Rarity thought for a moment, "Probably inside, he came over earlier to see his outfit. I am so glad I got it done, it was alot of work, but it came out marvelously."

"Did ya notice that his hair is partly white again. It is kinda wierd that it does that." Dash said, which caused Fluttershy to eep a bit. Everyone looked at her slightly and asked if anything was wrong.

"No...nothing wrong." Fluttershy said, if Tez's hair was white again. 'Oh no...'

Tez looked at the outfit that Rarity had made him. It was perfect. Exactly as he saw it in his head, even the obsidian mirror. Though he had helped with that part, insisted he helped with it. The mirror was about the size of a small hand mirror, only without a handle, just a small clip area for him to clip it to the headband and not worry about it falling off and breaking. The black glass, so well polished it showed a relfection, immediatly brought back a dozen various memories for Tez and he was slowly starting to piece together a few things of his past.

'Okay....I'm something called an...Aztec...or is that just the name of my culture? I think its the culture. I am from the city of Tenotitchlan and appearently I am on equal ground of royalty...if not above them.' He thought, other memories became more clear. How his civilization, a great empire and his beautiful city of Tenotitchlan was destroyed by...just the thought of the mans name made him want to rip somethings throat out.

Tez felt sad...was he the last of his kind and culture? How did he get to Equestria, because what he could tell that the technology of the Aztec's did not include space worthy pod things. In fact he doubt they had any knowlede of most of the things he seemed to know about....but why? Was he different?

Tez sighed and looked into the mirror, he stood in only his undershorts, having been given the room to change into, and looked at his now partly white hair. Just his luck, that the night of a big social event he would have to feed....soon.

'To make matters worse I can't know if the attacks will happen now or later. None of my memories gave a specific timeline between the warning sign and them...odds are good that they could happen at anytime.' He growled and rubbed his head. This was bad...very bad.

"Come on Tez. Relax... haven't had an attack should be fine for the night...right?" He asked himself, "Yeah yeah I'll be fine. After the party I'll just...take care of business once everypony is asleep."

A knock at the door startled him and Tez heard Spike say, "Hey Tez you ready? The girls are almost done."

"Just one moment." Tez called, his ears picking up Spike muttering who was slower in getting dressed Tez or girls.

'Got to focus for now...and pray nothing bad happens.' Tez thought as he began to get into his outfit. It fit like a glove and it was tailored to the exact design and color that he wanted, oh he could just kiss Rarity.

'In fact...I'd kinda like to...and,' He licked his lips but then slapped himself, 'Focus Tez...stay focused.'

Once he was fully dressed he looked at himself in the stand up mirror. The headband was wrapped around his head so that it was over the hair and not hidden. The mirror cliped securly to the band, even if he stood upside down he knew it would not fall, the cloak currently was worn to cover his shoulders as well and thus hide his arms, while still leaving his muscular chest bare, acting as a clasp to hold the cloak was a small golden circle that was shaped like the sun. Tez felt that such an addition was necessary. His feet were bare, which he prefered anyway; though he took the liberty to wash them. In fact before he came here he made sure he was well washed. Still...he felt something was missing.

An image of himself in a similar outfit flashed in his mind, only this time his eyes were surrounded by what seemed to be black make-up and a black line went across his face from his left ear, over his nose, to his right ear.

'How do I copy that look...' He thought, then as if his thought made it happen the desired markings appeared.

Tez blinked, "Okay...strange...and yet...efficent." At this point in his life Tez was not surprised by anything strange he did now.

"Are you ready now?" Spike called.

"Ready, are the girls?" Tez asked as he exited the room.

"Not-AHH!" Spike screamed and jumped back, "Whoa bro you look good, but dang also scary."

Tez smirked, "Your surprised? I am just naturally scary."

Spike chuckled nervously, "Sorry, you do look good though. I wish I had muscles like you do."

"Heh, just work out and I'm sure you will get buff. So the girls aren't done yet? Guess we wait."

The two began to wait, during the wait they managed to gain entry into the room the girls were in. They were all surprised by Tez's look. Mostly though they wanted to know how he got the blackness on the skin around his eyes and the line across his face.

"Make-up." Tez shrugged.

The girls looked at him funny but shrugged it off and got back to their preperations. Rarity found her eyes sometimes wandering over to Tez, she had to admit he looked rather handsome if slightly scary. She felt a blush come to her face and got back to her work, she was going to the Gala and she was going to look her best.

All the girls were thinking it, Tez looked good. Though they kept it to themselves and tried not to focus on it. Yet, strangely those gold eyes always seem to come to mind and they could feel their gaze on them. It made them shiver slightly.

Finally when night was beginning to fall, they were all loaded into the carriage and on their way to Canterlot. Spike drove and went on about what he wanted to show the girls and Tez. The girls however talked of their plans and dreams for this night, the ones they had when Twilight first got the tickets that started a full blown battle for the ticket. Tez however looked out at the night sky, a soft nightly wind blowing against his hair. Which surprised everypony considering the wind was so gently tonight a breeze should not be noticable.

'I hope this night doesn't end badly.' Tez thought. All the while his mind was filled with images of his past, the girls, desires for blood and feeding, and now strangly...the desire of temptation. Though why he could not explain, he found himself gazing at the girls from time to time.

'What are these...strange thoughts?' He asked himself. At times he wanted to taste their blood, and now at others he wanted to taste them tempt them all one by one into sinful excitments. It was a strange and bothering thought, yet at the same time he did not seem to care.

When they finally arrived to the castle spike opened the door for the girls to exit the carriage. Tez watched them leave before exiting himself. Strangely, he knew exactly how to act, stand, and walk as well as a bunch of other things to do; that would not only make him appear to be of the upper class, but to make himself appear important. If it would work on these ponies was unknown, but nobility all thought alike right? Well, he was going to find out. He exited the carriage and walked with the girls to the entrance to the castle.

"Tez, have you been to these types of gatherings before?" Rarity whispered to him. She could not take her eyes off of Tez, he seemed to radiate an aura of confidence, and authority.

"I think so." Tez said. As he walked he could hear ponies whisper and mutter. Some of the things he manged to pick up were"

"Who is that? A diplomat?"

"Is he a prince or king of some strange kingdom? He certainly doesn't look like anything I have ever seen."

"What strange clothes. Is it the fashion where he is from?"

"Never seen anything like him before. What is he?"

"He has to be a noble, perhaps we should introduce ourselves to him inside."

'Yep...seems nobility thinks alike.' Tez thought. He walked up the steps to enter the castle hall keeping his back straight. When one walked up giant pyramids one picked up a few things.

'Could he be a king or prince from where he came from?' Rarity though to herself.

'How can he act like this now and not when he was around the princess?' Twilight asked herself, both surprised and slightly peeved at Tez.

'I hope nothing bad happens...but Tez seems okay...maybe he doesn't need to eat yet,' Fluttershy thought as she blushed a bit, 'He does look handsome.'

'He knows how to act fancy? Never thought I'd see that. He is just a regular jack-of-all trades.' Applejack thought, she could not help but look at Tez and feel her face heat up a bit, 'Get your mind together girl, whats wrong with you?'

'I'm going to meet the Wonderbolts. Maybe I can bring Tez along too, I know he'd love to meet them.' Dash thought, her heart racing with excitment.

'The Grand Galloping Gala! Yeah! Oh I can't wait to party, maybe Tez and I can do the pony pokie together.' Pinkie Pie thought with excitment.

Various thoughts and plans were alight this night, but one thing was for was going to be a rather interesting night.

Immediatly, despite Spike's hopes, all the girls ran off in seperate directions. Even Tez himself found himself dragged along with Twilight to see Princess Celestia.

"Why do I have to see the princess with you?" He asked as they made their way to where the princess was, greeting the visitors.

"Because she asked to see you when you arrived, and you should never ignore an invitation from the princess." Twilight said. She was smiling, she was going to spend all the night with her teacher and catch up on everything, just as she dreamed.

Tez sighed, but went along anyway. The sooner this was done, the sooner he could something that didn't involve him being around ponies. 'I think Fluttershy said there were animals here...mabye I can feed on one of them.' He thought.

The two eventually reached the centeral hall, there standing at the top of several stairs was Princess Celestia. She was greeting one of her guests as Twilight and Tez neared her. When she was done she greeted them, "Twilight, it is so lovely to see my star student. And I see you brought Tez with you." Celestia looked at Tez and felt her heart stop a moment, those eyes and now the blackness that surrounded them only added to his terrifying apperance. She did not show it on the outside, but inside she was shaking ever so slightly as those gold eyes seem to look right into the depths of her soul.

"A pleasure to meet you Princess Celestia." Tez said as he gave a formal bow.

Celestia blinked, surprised by the sudden formality and air of authority Tez seemed to radiate, "Why the formalities Tez? You did not strike me as one to use them at all."

Tez smirked, "Well Celestia even I must act appropriate for an occasion such as this. Besides I figured I'd have a little fun with the nobilty here." The last part Tez whispered so that only Twilight and Celestia could hear him. This caused both mares to look at him curiously.

"What do you mean by that?" Celestia asked.

"By speaking to you in a less formal way, mostly by not adding princess before your name I am displaying a sense of familarity between us. Those who do not know our exact relationship will assume that you and I are close friends and will then attempt to get close to me so that they can get closer to you. It is very simple ways of upper class intrigue."

Twilight blinked and looked at Tez with slight confusion, while Celestia looked at him with surprise. 'Who is he?' Celestia thought.

"If you want me to demonstrate I shall. Wait a few moments, when you see me in conversation with several upper class ponies count to thirty then call for me to come over. Try to act causal though." With that Tez gave a final bow and left Twilight and Celestia alone. The two watched him go for a moment before talking, Twilight moved to stand next to Celestia with a smile on her face. Celestia went back to greeting guests, but she and Twilight kept an eye on Tez who did not wander far before he was meet by several ponies of high rank.

They conversed for a time, and Tez seemed to be at home communicating with them. Celesta began the count and when she reached thirty she sent one of her royal guards to ask for Tez to return to her. The royal guard approached Tez and whispered the princesses request into his ear.

"So sorry to end this lovely discussion, but it seems the princess would like to discuss something with me. It was a pleasure to meet you all." He said giving a slight bow before turning to walk back to the princess.

The nobles he had talked to immediatly began to whisper to each other as they tried to look as if they were busy with one thing or another. When Tez stood before Celestia again he had a smirk on his face.

"I am glad you called me when you did, I was running real close to being invited to social events I had no interest in." Tez said.

Celestia blinked with surprise, "How did you know that all of that would happen?"

"Have you done this before Tez?" Twilight asked also curious.

Tez said, "To answer both questions, I know how nobility works. Don't ask me how I do, because I can't remember yet. And no Twilight, at least nothing that I can remember. So far as I know I have never been to a social event such as this."

Celestia blinked and could tell that her student was also as shocked as she was, "Well...I am glad you came Tez, and I hope you have an enjoyable night."

Tez nodded, "If that is all then Celestia I would love to be on my way and find some refreshments. The ride was very long."

Celestia nodded, "Of course...I hope you enjoy your stay." With that Tez bid a good night to her and Twilight and he left them walking away, avoiding crowds of ponies should he attract more nobles that wanted to talk to him.

"I'm sorry if he upset you at all Princess...Tez is...well.." Twilight tried to think of something to forgive anything that her friend might have offended the her.

"Oh do not worry Twilight. I find his attitude to be refreshing. He is...a rather interesting being." Celestia said.

Twilight sighed in relief, and Celestia had to smirk a bit at her student. 'She always worries over everything.' the princess focused again on greeting guests, while trying to talk with Twilight, but every so often she found herself feeling the gaze of those gold eyes on her. The thought made her shiver slightly, both in fear and strangly interest.

As Tez made his way through the hall, he still kept up his apperance as someone of important status. Already he was sure little rumors of who he was were starting to spread. One would say this another that and eventually the two would colide and one would over power the other or they would merge into one and greatly increase his supposed social status.

'Should be fun to hear what will be said of me. I could use the laugh.' He thought, 'Now to find a small helpless rabbit or something and feed, before anything bad happens. Also avoid contact with any large group of nobles, don't need invitations to other parties.'

As he went down a hall he spotted Rarity, who seemed to be following a male unicorn. He could tell by looking that the guy was of upper class status, and yet....there was something about him. 'I don't like that guy.' Tez thought, 'Though if Rarity is going after him I guess he is okay. Still....he better act like a gentleman or I will break that horn off and shove it far down his throat.'

He continued on leaving Rarity to persue her prince charming. He eventually stepped out into outside among the gardens. He noticed Applejack, who had set up her stand and was selling a pie to a pegasus in a strange uniform. A night breeze blew over him which made him smile and as he gazed up at the night sky Tez actually started to enjoy himself here.

'Hmm...could use a drink.' Tez thought as he walked over to AJ's stand, he would rather have something made by her, then some frue-frue chef.

"Howdy Tez. How you doin'?" Applejack asked when she saw him approach.

"Oh as well as can be Applejack," Tez could tell that a few ponies were looking at him and AJ, "I'd like some of that cider please, hell just give me a whole lot."

Applejack got Tez several bottles of cider, which he took glady, and was surprised by the amount he paid, "Uh Tez, this is a bit more then what was necessary."

"Nonsense I know that this is high quality and would not think to dishonor it by paying the minimal price. Keep it." Tez said as he began to drink one of the cider bottles.

Applejack was surprised, "Well...if ya' say so." It was then she noticed that some of the other guests were whispering to each other while looking at them. She whispered to Tez, "What are these fancy ponies whispering about?"

Tez smirked and whispered back, "Some of them probably saw me talking to the Princess in a way that probably makes them think I am close to her in someway. Now I think they are trying to figure out the relationship between her and me and now trying to fit you into th equation. Odds are some might purchase some items from you because they beleive that since I must be someone of such high standing that such food must be worth their attention as well."

AJ blinked, "Whoa...thats a bit confusing for me."

Tez chuckled, "Well its not important, I hope your selling goes well Applejack. Though knowing you I have no doubts it will, anyone who looks down on something you made has not tasted the elixer of heaven."

Applejack rubbed the back of her head and smiled a bit as she blushed lightly, "Aww shucks, I'm not that good."

"I disagree, your a good cook and your strong and hard working. As well as honest and faithful to your friends always ready to help them. As well you look very beautiful in that dress." Tez said with a smile.

AJ blushed, "Th-thanks. look handsome yourself."

Tez smirked, "I try my best, well I should be going. Find a nice place to relax and enjoy my drinks. A good night to you AJ." With that Tez began to walk off, he hoped that his pressence aided Applejacks selling. He knew for a fact that many of these stick up their asses ponies would not buy her stuff, but maybe now they would. He drained another glass and kept on walking.

Tez sat on a marble bench that over looked the royal gardens. He was alone, and had finished all but two of his ciders, which he saved for later. He did not mind the solitude, it was probably better this way. He had still not fed, and since Fluttershy was in the gardens where all the animals were...well that was one idea of feeding out the window. Now he just had to hope he did not suffer any attacks till he was back at ponville and near the Everfree Forest.

As he sat there, feeling the nightly wind blow against his skin, he caught a scent in the air. It was similar to that of Celestia...yet it was different. His curiosity ignited Tez stood up and followed the scent. As he got closer he began to hear light humming.

Around the corner he stumbled upon a pony, similar in body shape to Celestia only smaller in size. Her fur was black as a moonless night and her mane and tail were dark sapphire blue and translucent and flowing. On her flank was of a moon surround by a black background to simulate a night sky. This was no doubt princess Luna.

"Hello." Tez said, which caught the moon princess by surprised as she looked over to who spoke to her.

Luna's eyes widened when they saw him, but she quickly regained her composure and said, "Thou are Tez yes? Our sister- I mean my siter told me about you."

Tez nodded, "I hope all of it was good. You are Princess Luna, it is a pleasure to meet you." Tez gave a polite bow.

Luna blinked, "My sister said you were not one for fomalities, why the change?"

Tez smirked, "I feel that if I am at such a formal event I should at least act formal. At least in greetings Luna."

Luna smiled, "Well call us-I mean me Luna."

Tez returned the smile, "My full name is Tezcatlipca, but just call me Tez."

"A strange name, and strange clothes that you wear." Luna said, she was going to mention the black line across his face and his eyes but she worried that he would take offense. Though she could see now why her sister shivered when she talked about him, he seemed to carry with him an air of authority and power.

"The name is strange yes, but I like it. The clothes are cultural, worn by the nobility of my homeworld." Tez said.

Luna apoligized quickly, "I am sorry if I offended. Did you say homeworld?"

"No offense taken, its natural when one culture meets another. And yes I said homeworld, as you know I am sure I lost my memories when I was first found."

Luna nodded, "Yes my sister told me that. Have you regained them?"

Tez nodded, "Some. Enough to know I am not from this world, though it was no doubt obvious from the beginning."

Luna was surprised and looked up at the night sky, "There are other worlds out there with life?" She was surprised and in awe of the notion.

"Oh yes, hundreds of worlds exist out there in the universe." Tez said as he moved over to stand next to Luna.

Luna looked at him with surprise, "Hundreds? How do you know that?"

Tez remained silent, "I do not know. It is just one of those things I have retained when other things were clouded. It is a rather strange thing."

Luna looked at Tez and then back up at the sky, the world she thought felt alot bigger now. 'He is not as scary as he seems. I do not know why Celestia worries so much about him.'

The two of them were silent for a time then Tez said, "The night sky is beautiful tonight. The moon shining its light upon the world and casts its own etheral beauty onto the land."

Luna looked at Tez with surprise, "You like the night?" Nopony she had never meet had much to say on the night, since mostly everypony slept through it.

Tez looked at Luna and smiled, Luna felt herself shiver slightly as those gold eyes gazed upon her; as if they looked into her soul. Tez said, "Yes, I love the night, it is when I am most active, I cannot explain why....only that it is."

A nightly breeze blew against them, which surprised Luna cause tonight there was no wind blowing. The soft breeze felt lovely and refreshing though. Luna looked at Tez for a time, she had never meet anypony that had such praise for the night, it made her...happy. She smiled, "Thank you. Not many see the night as you do. Though I doubt they would have even if I had made the night eternal." She frowned as she remembered those times.

Tez looked at the lunar princess, she was frowning no doubt remembering her time as Nightmare Moon. As if on instinct Tez placed a finger under her chin and turned her head to look at him. Luna was surprised at the action, but they meet each others eyes and Tez said, "Do not dwell on the actions of the past, look more to the present and the future and look to the past only to not make the mistakes of the past."

Luna looked away and felt tears in her eyes, "You are is hard to forget it. The years I spent trapped and angry." Luna shivered and rubbed at her eyes. She gasped and looked at Tez's hand, which rested comfortingly on her shoulder.

"Do not cry takes from your beauty to see tears in your eyes. I am sorry if I brought up unpleasant memories." Tez said softly.

Luna blushed at the compliment and shook her head, " is alright....thank you. You are very kind."

Tez smiled and wiped away the tears in Luna's eyes, "I try. If I might ask why are you here alone and not with your sister?"

Luna looked down at the guests all enjoying themselves at the Gala and frowned, "I...I don't really think I should. It has been only two years since I returned...what if ponies still only see me as Nightmare Moon." She frowned as she thought of that.

"They won't know you are not...if you do not walk among them." Tez said.

Luna was silent, and looked down at the party, "Perhaps thou are right. do we-I mean I go about it?"

Tez smiled, "Well first we can head down and converse with the guests. And if I may ask I would be honored to be your escort for the rest of the Gala this night." Tez offered a bow.

Luna blinked and smiled, "Yes. We-I would like that." With that the two began to walk to the party. Tez walked next to Luna, he would offer her his arm, though he was sure it would be difficult to walk with three hooves.

Luna looked at the strange creature that, while looked frieghtening, held a noble and carrying heart. She smiled when she looked at him, and felt her heartbeat quicken ever so slightly. She could not explain why...but she liked him and she felt happy when near him. Perhaps tonight would be a happy one after all.

And that is where I am cutting it for now. If I put the whole Gala thing on one chapter it would be VERY long. So i will break it up into two or three parts depending on things. I hope you all enjoyed this chapter. Do expect more to come soon.

Chapter 15 Part 2

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Another chapter. Are you not glad :) I hope you all enjoyed the last. We will pick up from where we left off. There will be romance*or at least seduction*, humor, and just pure awsomeness. 20% cooler as Dashie says :) Enjoy.

Tez and Luna soon joined the mass of guests attending the Gala. Luna was nervous, as she walked among the ponies and stayed as close to Tez as she could. She could not explain why, but she did not want to be alone while doing this. Tez merely smiled, "Don't be so nervous. Stand straight and tall. Try to act as if you are confident, even if deep inside you're not. Appearance and presentation are the first ninty five percent of any nobles or royalties life."

Luna looked at him curiously, and yet... it seemed to make sense. "You seem to know a good deal on this." She said.

Tez chuckled, "Well, I try. So you try it, walk as if you are at one with the surroundings around you. Don't act uncomfortable or scared, even if inside you are. These people- I mean ponies will judge by what they see on the outside only, and not try to see inside."

Luna felt unsure for a moment, but tried as Tez said. She stood straight, and her walk and stance portrayed a mask to hide her uneasiness and show confidence instead. She did not notice much of a difference though, and she felt more uncomfortable when she noticed that several nobles were whispering and looking in their direction.

"Those nobles over there are whispering about us I think." Luna whispered to Tez. Though she continued to do as Tez suggested. The two of them walked for a moment and stopped at a fountain, "Why are we stopping?" Luna asked.

"Watch and see. For now let us engage in conversation, or appear as we are. When I wink just follow my lead, alright?" Tez said.

Luna blinked but nodded, "Alright." The two of them talked for a while, Tez telling Luna small bits of himself, or what bits he remembered and choose to reveal, and she telling him of herself.

It was not long before three ponies approached, one of them was Fancy Pants, a well known unicorn in Canterlot from what Luna said. The three stopped before them and gave a bow to the princess, which surprised her but she kept it hidden.

"A good eve to you princess, and to you sir Tez." Fancy Pants said, his companions also gave their greetings.

"A pleasure to meet you as well, though I must admit you have the advantage over me. You know my name, but I know not yours." Tez said.

"Of course forgive me, I am Fancy Pants, I've heard some interesting things about you Sir Tez. You seem to be quite the popular fellow tonight, and have caused quite an uproar among the ladies and gents of court." Fancy Pants said, his companions nodding.

"I did not notice." Tez said simply.

Fancy Pants seemed surprised and said, "Well you must know that your relationship with the princesses does have ponies curious. A great pleasure to see you Princess Luna, we wondered if you would join us at the Gala."

"A pleasure to see you again Fancy Pants." Luna said.

"The pleasure is all mine princess." Fancy Pants bowed again, Luna was surprised by all of it.

"If I might ask, to what do we owe the pleasure of your pressence." Tez asked.

"Oh yes, forgive us if we disturbed your conversation, but I simply had to meet you. Is it true that you are a close friend of Princess Celestia." Fancy Pants asked, he and his companions looked at Tez, curious of the answer. Luna was a bit confused by all this, but she went along with it. Tez seemed to know what he was doing.

"Of course, as I am with Princess Luna. The three of us have known each other for quite some time. Though this is the first time I have ever come here to Canterlot." Tez smirked at the nobles surprised expressions.

"You must come from a far away land then, do tell us about it." One of Fancy Pants companions, a female unicorn, asked.

Luna looked as well curious, though she tried to act as if she had heard it before. Tez smirked and began, "I hail from the city of Tenotitchlan, the most beautiful city and capitol of the Aztec Empire. The city's beauty rivals that of the most grand of cities in Equestria and is built upon the very waters of Lake Texcoco."

The nobles asked several more questions, mostly if Tez was the ruler of this empire or heir to its throne? What the court was like there and other various things. Tez answered each one vaguely giving enough for his words to sound true and satisfy the ponies curiosity, while leaving his exact station in the empire a mystery.

'Let them make it up, it will be funny to see what they do.' Tez thought, though deep in his mind he knew from memories that he was very high in the social standing of the Aztec Empire...though he could not say what considering he was friends with the emperor.

The ponies were going to ask more but Tez said, "Well it was most enjoyable to talk with you, but me and the princess must be going. She and I have much to do and guests we must meet. I do hope to see you again, a fair night to you."

"A fair night to you as well Tez. And you as well Princess Luna." Fancy Pants said before taking his leave.

Tez looked at Luna with a smirk and motioned for her to follow him. The two walked a little more, keeping away from any large crowds for now. as they walked Luna asked, "Is what you said true? Of this empire and your home city."

Tez nodded, "Yes. Tenotitchlan was a beautiful rivaled that of Canterlot even....or it did once..." Tez looked down and rubbed his eyes.

"Something has you upset. What is wrong?" Luna asked.

Tez rubbed his eyes, "I don't want to talk about it in detail...the memories make me...unstable emotionally. Suffice to home is...gone."

Luna looked at Tez and gently unfolded a wing and laid it on his shoulder. She could guess what he meant by gone, "Why did it happen?"

Tez looked at Luna and moved a bit closer to the comfort of her wing, "Those who worshipped greed came and destroyed us. Those who saw themselves holier than thou destroyed us." Tez said no more after that and rubbed the tears that welled up in his eyes away, the black stuff around his eyes not smearing at all.

"I'm sorry. I should not have asked." Luna apoligized, feeling bad that she had brought unpleasant memories to the surface.

"It is alright. You did not know, let us discuss something else now though...please." Tez asked, almost begging. Luna nodded and took her wing off of Tez.

The two again returned to socializing among the guests. As before the two of them found themselves meeting more and more ponies of various status and station, each one wanting to talk to the princess and Tez. When they talked with Luna they mostly discussed court politics and other political stuff. Though there were the various questions of how she and Celestia knew Tez.

"He is a friend, and an honored guest tonight." Luna said simply.

Eventually the two slipped away from all the guests and walked for a moment among the castle forests, where dozens of various animals and plants lived. The two sat at a bench to rest and enjoy the scenery. Luna looked at Tez, and felt her heart beat speed up. She could not explain why, but she felt...attracted to him. True his apperance was spine chilling, and yet feeling those eyes that seemed to gaze into the deepest core of her being was...exciting.

Feeling the strange nightly wind blow against her made her shiver and she moved closer to Tez. Tez looked at her and she shivered under the gaze of those eyes. He smirked lightly and wrapped an arm around her. Luna felt her heart stop and she blushed a bit.

"Cold?" he asked.

Luna blushed more and nodded, "Y-yes....sorry."

Tez shrugged, "I don't mind." Tez looked at the princess and licked his lips lightly, her scent was intoxicating and he could almost smell the sweet scent of her blood. He wondered if a goddesses blood tasted different from a mortals.

Thats when he felt something twist in his stomach, a hunger...the hunger for life that plagued him a month ago. Though he had not yet suffered an attack from lack of nourishment yet, the hunger seemed to crawl up him begging to be satisfied. Tez felt his heart racing as he fought to keep it under control, and yet...he could not control his desire to taste just a little.

Tez slowly pulled Luna closer and slowly ran his fingers through her mane. His other hand traced a finger up her neck, the sudden movements caused Luna to gasp in surprise. She shivered as the hand that ran through he mane slowly reached her horn and a finger went up it slowly. Her heart beat faster and she blushed even more, "Tez...wha-what are thou doing?" Luna gasped.

"You don't enjoy it?" Tez asked soflty as he traced his finger down Luna's horn, which caused the alicorn to shiver and breathe in sharply.

Tez smirked as he traced his other finger down her neck now before circling an area for a moment. He could feel the the tip of the claw gently break the skin and draw a small bit of blood. If Luna felt any pain she either did not show it or had not felt the slight cut of his claw. She looked at him though with surprise, slight fear and uncertainty. But also mixed in was enjoyment of his caresses.

Tez brought his face close to Luna's and whispered into her ear, "If you want me to stop. Just say so...if not, do not worry, I will not hurt or dishonor you in any way." He then slowly brought his lips to her neck and licked lightly down to where he drew a slight bit of blood. Luna gasped as he did this and she was shivering as she tried to speak.

"" Luna tried to form a coherent sentence, but she could not. Her body was enjoying whatever Tez was doing, and though part of her mind said that she should tell him to stop, for now, the other part wanted him to continue.

Tez licked the blood that pooled at the wound, his finger continued to trace up and down Luna's horn while his other hand gently ran through her mane. Her blood was delicious...magnificant and affected his mind like a drug. He felt his control lossening and he craved to drink feed.

'I have to I lose all control.' Tez thought as he slowly stopped and removed his lips from the wound. His hands and fingers stopped their movements and he slowly removed them from Luna. The lunar princess gasped and breathed deeply, her face heavily flushed. She placed a hoof over her heart and looked at Tez, her eyes seemed to beg that he continue...and yet they also were filled with fear over what he had been doing.

"Wha..what..." Luna tried to start, but Tez cut her off.

"Forgive me...I hope I did not disturb you by doing that." He licked his lips once, remembering how she tasted.

Luna blushed, " is is...something you do in your culture...yes?" She asked as she tried to calm her beating heart.

Tez nodded, "Something like that. I hope you do know that I would not seek to force myself upon you."

Luna shook her head, " do not seem the type." She slowly began to calm down and her pulse returned to normal, but her mind still did not calm as she thought over several things at once.

'Oh sweet night...I just...just need to..calm down....oh but it felt so good.' She thought and tried to calm her storm of thoughts and confused emotions.

Tez stood up and moved away from the bench, "Perhaps we should move on...unless you wish to part from me."

"No." Luna said swiftly and then blushed, " did nothing wrong...just...warn ahead of time please."

Tez blinked and chuckled, "Of course. Let us go then Luna."

Luna shivered inside when he said her name, the way he said it and the feel of his eyes. This night was definatly not going to be a normal one. Yet, this did not bother her and she looked forward to the rest.

As the two of them headed for the grand hall, a certain yellow pegasus, dress torn and battered by failed after failed attempt at capturing a fuzzy little animal of the castle gardens was busy talking to herself, only a few feet away from where they two had originally been.

"I'll catch you yet my pretties" Fluttershy said, her voice trailling on the path of insanity as one of her eyes twitched.

"Oh yes, as soon as one of you little birds or monkeys or bears touches this net, You'll be mine! Mine!" Fluttershy got up on her hind legs and laughed madly. Only to fall forward onto thhe very same net trap she had laid for an animal.

Away from her location Tez stopped for a moment and looked around, "Did you hear something?"

Luna looked around and listened, "No. What did you hear?"

"I could have sworn I heard somepony laughing like a deranged lunatic... Eh, probably just the wind." Tez shurgged and he and Luna continued on.

Reaching the grandhall Tez and Luna looked around. The music was not playing and...somepony seemd to be jumping around causing a ruckus. Tez facepalmed when he realized who it was.

"Is that Pinkie Pie? I did not know she was here." Luna said.

"Yeah, Twilight and all her friends are here. Pinkie Pie seems to be doing something...its sure to end in..." Tez trailed off as he saw Applejack come pushing a cart with a big cake on it, while Pinkie Pie did a stage jump.

'Oh no.' Tez thought as his mind already began making images of what was gonna happen next. Pinkie Pie hit the edge of the cart AJ was pushing and sent the cake into the air flying towards the door. When Tez turned to see where it would land, his eyes widened when he saw Rarity and the very same unicorn she had gone after. Only the unicorn was using Rarity as a shield from the oncoming cake.

'He. Is. DEAD!' Tez thought, and moved swiflty into action. What happened next left ponies gasping. Rarity stared at Tez with wide eyes. Tez glared at the cowering unicorn male, who now looked up at Tez and went pale as if he saw death itself. But what was most shocking, was the aura of darkness that surrounded him and the pieces of cake that floated in midair, just inches from hitting Tez from behind.

"Let. Her. Go." Tez growled at the unicorn, who immediatly began backing away from Tez.

"" Rarity said as she moved aside. She was shocked, surprised and grateful. Shocked and surprised that Tez was using magic, or it looked like magic. Grateful that he had willingly put himself in the way of the cake that would have gotten her dress all filthy. Then she felt anger at Blueblood, who had the nerve to use her as a shield.

"Stay...stay away...whatever you are." Blueblood said.

Tez smirked, "You tried to use Rarity as a shield against this're gonna learn karma is a bitch." With that Tez stepped aside to stand next to Rarity and with a flick of his wrist the pieces of cake shot at Blueblood and hit him again and again and again.

The impact caused Blueblood to stumble back as cake covered him and he fell back and bumped into a statue. The statue then began to rock side to side before falling off its pedestal and directly towards several ponies.

"Oh this is my chance." Dash said and she flew over as fast as she could and stopped the statue from hitting the ground.

Tez blinked, "Dash? Uh maybe you should..?" He was a bit worried that the weight of the statue might be a bit...Dash began to stumble side to side and as she moved, the statue still on her back, she bumped or the statue bumped into a pillar and the pillar fell into another pilla and like a line of dominos, all the pillars that had circled the statue fell over.

"You okay Dash." Tez, the dark arua now gone, said as he ran over to her, Luna, Pinkie, AJ, and Rarity following as well.

"Yeah, I'm fine." Dash said then blinked in surprise as the statue cracked and broke into two pieces.

Everything was silent. No one moved or seemed to breath. Twilight and Princess Celestia soon entered the room and stopped to stare in shock at...well everything.

'What in the...what happened? Why is Luna here? She never partakes in the Gala.' Celestia thought as she looked around.

Twilight looked around in shock, "Well, it can't get any worse." Twilight said. Though...if there is one thing that should be a common rule, never ever say that.

As if on command, the ground began to shake and everypony looked around in shock and fear. The rumbling was getting closer and more pronounced untill suddenly a door burst open and hundreds of animals came charging in. Behind the stampede, breathing heavily was Fluttershy. The pegasus looked into the room, her usual calm demeanor gone and replaced filled with rage.

"You're...going to LOVE ME!!!" Fluttershy shouted. And then all hell broke losse.

Ponies ran this way and that as chaos ruled in the grand hall. Animals ran about trying to get away from the enraged Fluttershy and Tez was looking around...chuckling.

'If this is normal for this party I can't wait for the next one.' He thought, enjoying the chaos of the moment.

Celestia looked around at all that was happening and leaned in close to her student to whisper, "Run."

Twilight whistled to get her friends attention and they all began to run out of the hall to escape the scene. Tez watched them go and knew he should follow, but before he did he had a few bits of business to take care of.

"Well Luna. I do hope you enjoyed the night, though I don't think either of us counted on...well all of this." Tez said to Luna as they both got out of the room.

"It was...rather eventful. Thank you for escorting me Tez. Perhaps you will do me the honor of escorting me again at the next Gala?" Luna asked as she smiled.

Tez smiled and bowed, "It would be my pleasure. Till next we meet then." With that he turned and ran to catch up with the other girls.

Luna watched him go and smiled, tonight had been fun. Uncertain at times, and strange at others...but it had been enjoyable. Since the day she had been freed of Nightmare Moon she felt happy. She stood there for a moment before turning to go find her sister. She would no doubt need help in clearing this mess up. She giggled as she went, this would certainly be a remembered night for all who attended.

Later that night the girls and Tez sat down at a table in Spike's favorite Doughnut shop. The girls had just finished telling Spike about night ever.

"That sounds like the worse night ever." Spike said.

"It was." All the girls said at once before laughing.

"Heh. Sure does, a few parts though make me want to go back and find Prince Bluedead." Tez said as he cracked his knuckles.

"Tez..." Twilight warned.

Tez sighed, "Right right...let him live. The cake thing will have to do."

"Oh yes, Tez, how did you do that? You never told any of us you could use magic." Rarity said.

Everypony looked at Tez with surprise, even Spike was surprised by this sudden new knowledge. Tez merely chuckled nervously and sighed as he and his hand was surrounded by a black aura and a doughnut levitated off the table to his mouth. Everypony looked at him with surprise, though Twilight looked ready to have a heart attack.

"Not sure how I can...but I feel like I've always been able to, I just couldn't remember being able to." Tez said simply as he stopped using his magic.

"So what caused you to use it then? Which I am glad you did, I would hate to see your, or my outfit stained with cake." Rarity said.

Tez shrugged, "Maybe that was the reason, or that I wanted a little extra something to add to the beating I gave to that guy."

"Well thank you for being a gentlecolt Tez." Rarity said and kissed his cheek. Tez went red in the face and Spike grumbled a bit.

Twilight looked at Tez for a time, 'How can he use magic? I have to know.' She thought. She would find out, if she had to ask he questions and watch him all night long. But for now there were bigger matters to attend to, "I just hope Princess Celestia isn't upset with us for ruining the Gala."

"That was the best Grand Galloping Gala ever!"

Everypony turned to see Princess Celestia entering the shop, she did not seem bothered at all about all that had transpired at the Gala. In fact...she looked happy.

"Pardon me princess, but tonight was just...awful." Twilight said to her teacher.

"Oh Twilight, the Grand Galloping Gala is always awful." Celestia said.

"It is?" Twilight said confused.

"That is why I was thrilled you were all attending." Celestia said, "I was hoping you could liven things up a bit. And while the evening may not have gone as you planned, I'm sure you'll agree it didn't turn out so bad for this group of friends."

Tez looked at the princess suspiciously, his pressence had not been necessary he could tell. 'Odds are all that chaos would have happened without me being there. Why did she invite me? To keep an eye on me? To make sure I was not left alone?' It was a he intended to figure out.

It was a short time later that Celestia approached Tez, as he leaned against the wall outside the shop. He stared up at the night sky and closed his eyes as he felt the nightly breeze blow against his skin. The sudden breeze, during a night where the wind did not blow anywhere else but around Tez...had caused the sun princess some worry.

'What is he?' She thought as she moved over to him and said, "I understand I have you to thank for helping my sister socialize during the Gala. Thank you, I was worried about her, she has not been the same since.."

"Since she was defeated as Nightmare Moon." Tez cut her off.

Celestia blinked and nodded, "Yes. But...tonight she was happy, and actually socializing, even after all that mess. She seems so confident now. She said she owed it to you, so thank you Tez."

"Thank me by telling me the truth. What was the real reason you invited me." Tez looked at the princess right in the eyes, and she felt herself shiver under that gaze.

"I...I..." Celestia tried to think of something, but the gaze of those golden eyes made thought difficult and she eventually sighed and saidn "To keep an eye on you. I'm sorry, but...certain things have happened and I cannot take the risk to leave you alone when you might be connected somehow."

Tez smirked and nodded, "Understandable. I am curious as to what has happened to warrent all the attention on me, but I will not ask. I thank you for the honesty Celestia, my respect for you only grows the more I meet you." Tez smiled gently.

Celestia smiled, "Well, I am glad you are so understanding."

Tez shrugged, "Eh, I can't really hate you for doing what is necessary."

Celestia nodded, "Well I should be going, again...thank you." With that she flew off back to the castle.

Tez watched her go for a moment before heading back inside. 'Well... at least I did not suffer an attack. Hope we leave soon, I need to feed. Now.' He thought and prayed he could keep himself under control.

Eventually they all had gotten back to Ponyville. Twilight and Spike immediatly went to sleep, exhausted from all that had happened. Tez however remained a wake, and once he was sure that they were asleep slipped out into the night. He ran till he reached the edge of the forest and licked his lips.

"Finally." He said simply and ran inside. The hunt was on and soon, he would be fed.

And there you go :) I did not use all of the gala episode cause if we want to see the insanity that all the other girls went through just go watch it :P. However I did keep some of the more funny parts.

Fluttershy: You're GOING TO LOVE ME!!

Do as she says and we all might live. Hope you all enjoyed the chapter :)

Chapter 16

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Another chapter :) oh this will be exciting. Things will start to heat up now :) So I ask you all to enjoy. :)

The council had gathered and now gazed down upon those who would be judged. There was an air of contempt and fear this eve, for this trial was not an ordinary one. Today would be the judgement of three creatures that had caused the death of millions, and had nearly put the entire universe in jeapordy.

"Bring fourth the prisoners." One member said.

The doors to the Council Chamber opened and two figures were brought in. Bound by a straight jacket and covered in magic suppressing wards, they were no threat, and came willingly and quietly. But the third had to be brought in as he screamed and howled in rage. He too wore a straight jacket and bound by wards, but he was also wrapped in chains and escorted by six guards, while the other two only had one escort.

"RAAGHHH! I'll kill you! All of you!" Tez roared as he tried to get free. He struggled to break free of his bonds, but could not even budge a muscle. One of his guards striked him across the face.

"Shut it you monster, or I'll-" The guard had gripped Tez's throat but was yanked away by his commanding officer.

"Keep your cool son. The thing barely has any sanity left, just ignore it." The officer said and continued to drag Tez into the room who howled and screamed, his eyes showing no sign of any coherent thought and only signs of derranged insanity, as well as the desire to kill.

"Tez. Sheesh, you look like hell." Mextli said as he looked at his brother, who merely howled and frothed at the mouth as he snarled.

"Leave him alone Mextli." Acol said in a defeated tone, he stared at the ground and tears continued to fall from his eyes, "Let him vent his rage."

Mextli sighed and looked at the council members, "If you're gonna' kill us, get it over with. I'm tired of looking at you people."

"As you wish. Captain, shut him up." A council member said and pointed at Tez who's screaming and struggling was starting to get on their nerves.

"Gladly." The captain turned and hit Tez across the face and one of his men tied a gag around his mouth. Tez struggled more, but did not make a sound.

"Thank you." The council member said, "now to begin the trial."

"You mean execution. Trial implies equal justice and the right of the defendant to defend himself. You have no intention of allowing us that right." Acol said, he continued to stare at the ground. He seemed to mumble something to himself at times.

"You three stand accused of the following crimes, the most severe being; mass murder, and the use of dark rituals at the expense of sentient life." The captain said as he read off a list, the council stared down in silence.

"All true. Just as it was true that you are accused by us of genocide." Mextli said with a smirk, "Or have you already forgotten about-"

"SILENCE!" The members of the council shouted and the wards surrounding Mextli activated and sent searing pain down his body.

"AGGHHH!" Mextli screamed and then chuckled, "I seem to have hit a nerve."

"Continue captain." The council said.

The captain nodded and continued to read the charges, before finally saying, "You three stand accused of these crimes. How do you plea?"

The three were silent, even Tez had stopped his wild struggling, though not in light of the charges but because he was now crying as he sobbed. Acol merely stared at the ground, his tears finally stopped falling and Mextli only yawned.

"Have you any plea at all?" The captain said asked.

"Pleas are for those who cannot accept their crimes. We did all that you accuse us of, now let this foolishness end." Mextli said. Acol merely nodded while Tez only continued his sobbings.

"Then may the ancients have mercy on you." The captain said as he and his men stepped back.

The platform which the three stood opened up slight behind them and three cryo-pods appeared and levitated behind them. Each one had a name painted in black letters on the side.

"You three are to be frozen and sent to float into unexplored space, where your curse will eventually devour you. May you never return to us. Good bye." The council spoke and the guards began placing Tez and his brotheres into the pods.

The three did not struggle, they just remained silent as they glared up at the council. Their eyes only showed nothing but hatred and the desire for revenge. Slowly the pods closed around them and the cryo-gas filled the pod eventually placing the three in suspended sleep.

Before his mind fell into the blackness, Tez saw before him three men, and names echoed in his mind: Xipetotec, Quetzalcoatl, Huitzilopochtli.

'My...brothers...' Tez thought before the darkness took him.

Tez awoke with a start and looked around. He was in his room in Ponyville...not...wherever that place had been. He took deep breathes as he hugged himself shaking, tears flowing from his eyes.

'My brothers...I have brothers....what was all that?' He thought to himself, the thought that he had brothers should fill him with joy, he had family, and yet...for some reason all he could feel was sadness when he thought of the names. Not since the memories of Tenotitchlan's destruction did he feel so empty inside.

Tez looked out the window to see the sun only starting to rise. He had slept through the night it seems for once, hopefully it did not become a habit. He slowly got up and rubbed his head as he wiped the tears from his eyes. He made his way over to his dresser, he had finally started to add a few pieces of furniture to his room now that all his various odd job working was starting to give him an income, he now had a proper bed, full length mirror to admire himself in, and a dresser to hold his clothes.

Yes clothes, after the Gala Tez had asked Rarity to make him a few more outfits similar to the one she made for the Gala. Though they were not similar to the one he wore for the Gala, they were less formal and meant for everyday wear. They mostly had the same skirt like part that the first one had, but lacked a cape and either he went bare chested or wore a simple sash that he drapped on his shoulders. One piece that never changed was his mirror of obsidian, he always wore that on a headband, it never left his pressence even when he slept in fact.

Though he still kept the first pieces of clothing Rarity had made him, but he did not wear them much. After wearing them for as long as he did, he had no intention of wearing them again for awhile. Not that Rarity mind, she had said the clothes he had now were much more stylish.

'What...was all that...those people...and the trial,' Tez thought as he got dressed, 'I did something bad in my past it seems, what did they mean dark rituals, and am I really that crazy inside. I sounded like a raving lunatic.'

Tez thought for a moment, remembering a few incidents where he did....really....really want to go insane on a few things. Particuarlly Prince Bluedead, as he began calling him, in fact the name was giving him ideas of how he would kill the prince. Tez smirked but shook the thoughts away from his mind, still if he ever got the chance to do it and get away with it...he probably would do it.

"Bah, focus on murder later. For now, I got to find something to do before I go insane....again...I guess." Tez said to himself as he used his magic, which he found was more and more useful to use over the past week, to levitate his outfits out for him to choose from. He had seven in all, all almost similar though the desgins varied in certain parts and color. He had one red, green, black, and blue as well as white. He particuarlly liked the black one. But today he felt like wearing the green, he quickly put on the clothes and wrapped the matching headband around his head and attached his mirror to the band. He looked at himself in the mirror, flexing his muscles and just ogling himself.

'Damn I look good. Who is the most handsome man in the world? ME!' Tez thought as he smirked. He stopped his checking himself out and walked out of his room silently.

"Hmmm....I can use magic...maybe I should read something about it. I can levitate things, but I feel as if there is more to it then that." Tez said to himself as he began looking through books, finally stumbling upon several books of magic.

'Hmm...who is Star Swirl the Bearded?' Tez asked himself as he looked at one book called: The Principals of Magic and Spells. Curious he opened the book and began to read. Only to think, 'This is just sad and wrong.' As if on instinct, he brought himself a quil and ink and began to....edit...the book.

"This is wrong. Thats completly wrong. Worthless, worthless, worthless, almost right but fix this." He talked to himself as he worked on more and more of the books as he went through them.

Mextli awoke with a start, he looked around his chambers. He was not incased in a pod anymore, but he still felt like he was trapped. He hated the feeling, the weakness, the fear.

"If all goes to plan, I will have my revenge. That and more." He said to himself as he got up, the morning was just beginning. He got dressed and made his way to Acol's room.

"Acol. You awake?" Mextli called in and placed his ear against the door. He heard sobbing, he rolled his eys with a sigh.

'Does he still cry about her? Ancients, he just can't move on. She was just a mortal' He thought as he kicked open the door.

Acol stood there dressed, he leaned against the wall rubbing at his eyes, "What is it Mext?"

"Time to get the slaves working again. Then we should plan our assult, with those trolls we have been able to lower our deadline by several months."

Acol just stood there silent for a moment, before saying "Just leave me alone."

Mextli sighed as he turned and left, on the way he said to himself, "He is always like this when he remembers her. Its disgusting. Better he had lost his sanity as Tez did."

Mextli sighed and continued on his way. He would soon have his destiny, and then...all of the universe would bend to his will; and revenge...would finally be his.

Tez closed the book and put it away on the shelf. He would continue the editing later, for now he had to see if any work needed to be done. He picked up the pages that he tore out and incinerated them with a snap of his fingers.

'Honestly, one would think this race that has magic so tied into their lives, no matter how marginal, would at least know the proper usage of its power.' Tez thought as he began to walk out the door, honestly the magical knowledge of this planet was...pathetic.

Once outside he smiled as he felt the sun's warm rays shine on his body. It made him feel so peaceful and sleepy, he just wanted to curl up on a warm rock and bask in the sun. But, today he had to do something, anything.

As he walked he spotted a Whatever it was, it was outside the boutique, a driver...or puller pony stood bored. Eventually two ponies walked out, one a male that was white with a brown mane and wore a big straw hat, the other female and purple color and strangly styled mane. Rarity and Sweetie Belle soon stepped out and waved good bye to the ponies as they entered left. Curious, Tez made his way over.

"Hello Rarity, Sweetie Belle, who were those ponies?" He asked as he drew closer.

Rarity turned and smiled, "Tez! Oh dear you look abosultly exotic, I'm so glad you love those outfits. For your question, those were my parents. They are going to Fillydelphia for a week for their anniversary and I am watching Sweetie Belle while they are away."

Tez nodded, "Ah, sounds like fun. And yes I do love the clothes you made me, again I bow your superior and divine-like skills." Tez gave a bow, which caused Rarity to giggle with a slight blush.

"Oh you are a charmer, so what brings you here?

"Oh, just trying to find something to do. Do you need any help with anything? If so I am at your service my lady." Tez gave a bow to Rarity, which had her blushing some more. Sweetie Belle just giggled seeing her sister flustered.

"Well dear, if you want to help perhaps you could help take Sweetie Belle's stuff up to her room." Rarity said as she walked inside.

"Sure, so Sweetie Belle want to lead the way?" Tez said as he smiled down to the small filly.

"Sure, it's just a few necessities." Sweetie Belle walked inside, Tez followed, only to stop and stare at the...rather large pile of....suitcases and bags.

"Just...a few necessities..." Tez said, Sweetie Belle just stood next to him smiling.

After gathering up the cases, Tez slowly walked up the stairs to Sweetie Belle's room. It was difficult, since he could not see the steps infront of him. Were all these bags really...necessary?

"Geez Sweetie Belle. Are you staying for a week, or are you moving in?" Tez said as he finally reached the top of the stairs and made his way down the hall.

"Sorry, maybe I over packed a bit." Sweetie Belle said, her ears flattening a bit at having Tez do all this work.

"Eh, don't worry about it." Tez said as he got all the stuff into the room and set them on the ground.

"Those clothes are...well kinda strange." Sweetie Belle said as she helped Tez unpack all her stuff and put them away.

"They are part of my culture." Tez said faking as if he was hurt.

Sweetie Belle gasped and said, "I'm sorry. I hope you're not mad." Her ears flattened and she just looked very upset.

Tez just chuckled, "Don't worry about it Sweetie Belle. I could never get mad at you, you're just too cute." Tez kneeled down and pet her.

Sweetie Belle smiled and rubbed her head against Tez's hand for a moment. Once everything was put away they made their way downstairs, Sweetie Belle telling Tez about the crusaders latest plans to get their cutie marks. To sounded like a recipe for disaster.

"Well...sounds like it will be an...interesting day. Do be careful though, I would hate to see either of you hurt." Tez smiled.

"We'll be careful. Promise!" Sweetie Belle said before dashing outside to meet her friends at the club house.

Tez watched her go and just smiled, 'Kids, cute and adorable...but pure agents of chaos. I love them.' He turned around and went to find Rarity and see if she needed anything else done.

Rarity was busy working on a new fashion, she was lost in concentration as she moved here and there in her room, cloth and other various material floating about. Tez simply leaned against the wall and watched. His eyes gazed on her, taking in every detail of her body. He could not help but lick his lips as he looked at her, she just looked some...delicious.

"Busy I can see." Tez said as he stepped in.

Rarity stopped what she was doing and looked at Tez with surprise, "Oh Tez. I'm sorry I didn't see you, I just got an amazing idea for a new fashion line and I guess I just got wrapped up in my work. Is there something you want?"

'I could name a few things...' Tez thought to himself, he scratched his chin as he thought for a moment, or pretended to think.

"I guess I just want to know if you have anything else you need doing." Tez said.

Rarity thought for a moment and said, "Well, I am a bit low on some fabrics, do you think you could go down to the store and purchase some for me?"

Tez nodded, "Of course."

"Thank you darling," Rarity levitated a bag of bits over to him as well as a list, "All I need is on that list. Thank you again Tez."

"Sure thing Rarity, glad to be of service." Tez said as he took the list and money and made his way out the door.

Twilight came down stairs with a yawn. She checked to see if Tez was still around, sadly he wasn't, she had wanted to talk to him about his magic.

"How is it that he can use magic? He doesn't have a horn. Hmm, it's just one of his many other mysteries." Twilight said with a sigh.

Twilight sat down and levitated several books down next to her. Even though she had questions, her studies came first. She immediatly opened the first book and began to read it, though as she read her mind thought of those gold eyes and she shivered slightly; and yet...they made her heart beat faster.

Tez walked down to the store, when...he felt the odd sensation that he was being watched. He looked around and did not notice anyone...or anypony as the word was on this planet. It was odd.

"Hey Tez!" Pinkie Pie said appearing out of nowhere, right infront of Tez's face.

Tez jumped back a bit, a hand over his heart, was it still beating? "Dang Pinkie Pie, you nearly scared thirty years off my life."

Pinkie Pie giggled, "You're such a silly-filly Tez. What you doing?"

"I was on my way to the fabric store. Rarity asked me to purchase a few things for her. What are you doing?" Tez asked.

Pinkie Pie just smiled and said, "Just saying hi to everypony in Ponyville. Then, I saw you and realized I didn't say hi to you so I decided to."

Tez chuckled, "Well, if you have nothing else left to do, want to come with me while I purchase the fabrics for Rarity? Once I get them to her we can hang out for a bit, I'd like to get to know you more Pinkie."

Pinkie Pie smiled and nodded, "Sure. Lets go!" With that she took off hopping to the store. Tez rolled his eyes with a smile as he followed.

When the two arrived at the store the two were discussing each others past. Pinkie Pie told Tez all about her childhood, while Tez told her of his past in the empire.

"Hey Tez, how come you're not telling me about your childhood? I told you mine, what about yours?" Pinkie Pie asked curiously.

Tez was silent...out of all the memories he remembered...his childhood was not one of them. It was strange, he could remember everything up to the founding of Tenotitchlan, but before that...nothing. It was as if his mind was just hitting a brick wall. When he tried to bring up memories, to dig deeper in he could not turn up anything. It saddened, had he forgotten these memories forever?

"Sorry Pinkie...I..just can't remember...that far back." Tez said frowning.

Pinkie Pie frowned, her eyes widening as her hair deflated, "Oh no, please don't be sad Tez. I didn't mean to make you said, I'm such an awful pony." Pinkie looked ready to cry.

Tez panicked, "No! No! I'm not sad, really. Please don't cry Pinkie, I don't want to see you cry. You're too cute to cry."

Pinkie blinked, then smiled, "Okay, if you're sure you're not sad. It makes me happy that you think I'm cute."

Tez smirked, "Well, you are a cute pony. Hyperactive, but thats what I like about you."

Pinkie blushed and smiled, "Thank you Tez."

The two were silent for a moment, as Tez picked up all the fabric's and other supplies that were on the list. Through it all, Tez could not help but have his eyes wander over Pinkie Pie and remembered when she had fallen on him when he had helped her watch the store. She was light weight, and her body felt so...comfy against him. More then anything though, he wondered how she tasted, her blood probably had so much sugar in it he would get a sugar rush from a single drop.

Of course, one other thought came to mind, 'If she is this hyperactive normally...what is she like when she is....' He cut the thought there, if he continued he was probably going to do something...what it was he did not know, but he was sure it would not be wise to do it now.

Finally purchasing everything that was on the list, Tez and Pinkie Pie left the store. When Tez checked the time, he figured he could let Rarity wait a few more minutes.

"Hey Pinkie Pie, I got some time before I need to get these to Rarity, want to get some lunch?' Tez asked.

"Oh! weshouldgotosugarcubecornerforcake!" Pinkie Pie said excitedly.

Tez smirked, "I guess that is a yes."

"Lets go then!" Pinkie Pie said and began hopping to Sugarcube Corner. Tez chuckled and followed.

Sugarcube corner was having a slow day today. Mrs. Cake greeted them when they entered, and again thanked Tez for all the extra work he did around the shop when he was free. He spotte Pumpkin and Pound playing and he kneeled down to greet the little foals.

"Hey there little ones. How are you this day?" Tez said as he gently pet their heads a little.

The foals babbled baby talk and hugged Tez, which brought a small smile to him. Every so often he would help watch the store when the Cakes had to cater a party, and eventually he would have to help Pinkie Pie with the kids. The two foals soon went back to their play, while Tez ordered himself something to eat.

"So Pinkie, I have to do you set up all the parties you host up so fast?" Tez asked, taking a bite into his caramel apple.

"Oh, I use my party cannon silly. Want to see?" Pinkie said as she finished her cake with one bite. How she did it...well Tez gave up on figuring out the strange powers of Pinkie long ago.

"A party cannon...that I have to see." Tez followed Pinkie upstairs to her room.

Pinkie's room was like her, pink and happy. The cute and sweet levels were off the charts, in fact Tez was sure he was going to get a sugar coma from all of it. Pinkie dug into her closet and pulled out a small cannon.

Tez looked at the cannon with interest, yet inside he was disgusted by the thing. He did not like gunpowder weapons, they always brough up memories of gunpowder and burning bodies, even though this cannon lacked any smell of gunpowder, which was...odd.

"So how does it work exactly?" Tez asked.

"Simple silly, I just put a party packet into the cannon," Pinkie pulled out a small packet from her closet that had the words, "Small Party" written on it and placed it in the cannon, "And then fire!"

Pinkie pulled the cord of the cannon and it blasted, the sound made Tez flinch. He looked around and noticed that now Pinkie's room was full of party decorations, ballons and other various party stuff....even a small cake sat on the bed.

Tez's mouth hung open and he looked around, "How...never mind, I don't think I want to know how its possible."

Pinkie Pie just giggled and put the cannon away, and proceeded to put a little party hat onto her pet aligator Gummy. Gummy just stood there with a vacant look on its face and then started to bite Pinkie, who only giggled at her pets antics.

Tez slowly walked over to Pinkie, who noticed his movement and looked at him curiously. His eyes gazed at her, which caused her to shiver slightly, but she could not look away.

"T-Tez..." Pinkie Pie tried to say something, but Tez's gaze made it hard to create a coherent sentence. She backed away, looking at the ground, till she was pressed against the wall as he drew closer.

Tez frowned and placed a finger under Pinkie's chin and lifted her head so that she looked right into his eyes, "Are you afraid of me Pinkie?" He said softly.

"I-I...I...No..I.." Pinkie tried to say something, but could not. Her heart was beating rapidly and her mind was a jumble of emotions.

Tez smirked and slowly trailed his finger down her neck. His other hand moving through her mane as he leaned forward slowly. He soon had Pinkie pressed against the wall as he lightly licked down her neck, his sharp cainines biting down enough to draw the tiniest bit of blood. He licked the red liquid slowly, to savor its sweet taste.

"T-Tez..ahhh.." Pinkie Pie gasped, she was blushing immensly.

Tez's breath blew against her neck and near her ear. Pinkie felt her heart racing more and more, as Tez's finger slid up and down her neck.

"Pinkie Pie, are you okay? Everything is so quiet up there." Mrs. Cake called up, the sound of hooves walking up the stairs could be heard.

"Damn it." Tez growled and slowly backed away from Pinkie Pie, who was silent. Pinkie Pie looked at Tez with wide eyes, a hoof over her heart. She tried to say something, but all she could do was look at him for a moment then at the ground as she blushed more.

"Pinkie Pie? Tez are you two okay?" Mrs. Cake asked as she poked her head into the room.

"We are fine, just me and Pinkie seeing who can hold their breath the longest." Tez said, hoping his lie would work.

"Well, alright." Mrs. Cake said, a bit confused, "Well, try not to go to far dearies."

'I hand't considered that anyway.' Tez thought. When Mrs. Cake was gone he turned to Pinkie Pie, who was still quiet as she looked at him every so often with uncertaintiy and embaressment.

Tez smirked and placed his finger under her chin again and moved her head to look at him. Pinkie Pie shivered a bit, slightly in fear and slightly in...anticipation. She felt her heart ready to beat out of her chest.

"Sorry if I surprised you or made you uncomfortable." Tez said softly as he leaned forward a bit and gently kissed her cheek, "I should probably go now. Do take care Pinkie." With that Tez turned and left, turning only to look back at Pinkie once and lick his lips lightly.

Pinkie stood there shaking, and she slowly slumped to the ground. She placed a hoof over where Tez had kissed her and she blushed even more. She was so confused, what he had been doing to was so....strange and yet, it felt so good.

'Oh...whats wrong with me?' She thought, as she tried to figure out her jumbled emotions.

Tez made his way back to Rarity's, all the way he licked his lips as he remembered the sweet taste of Pinkie Pie. Shame that Mrs. Cake had to butt in, he had was just about to....he stopped and thought, 'What was I about to do? More importantly...why was I going to do it?'

Tez thought on it for a moment as he kept walking, ever since the Gala he had been having....these strange thoughts and compulsions to do what he just did to Pinkie Pie. He already did it to Luna once, oh how he missed her she was just so tastey. He did it to Fluttershy a couple of times, who always seemed to be unsure if she was enjoying it or hating it, but she had not told anypony about it. Now he did it to Pinkie Pie, and if Mrs. Cake had not come upstairs he was sure he would have done more.

'What is going on with me?' He thought, 'The girls are nice...I really like them. All of them, even the princesses. But...the things I did, the things I think...they seem more the actions of what one lover does to another....and even though I have not done it to all of them....I'm pretty sure I will or would if given the does that mean?'

Tez pondered it for a moment, but then shrugged it away for another time. He reached the boutique and entered. He found Rarity in her room finishing off the last touches to her new fashion line. Seeing the beautiful works of art, brought such joy to Tez's heart; and the goddess that made them, brought desires to his mind.

"Oh Tez, you're back. I was wondering when you would return. Did you get all the fabrics?" Rarity asked as she finished a few final touches.

Tez nodded, "Yes I have." He placed the bags down on the floor, "I see you have completed yet more splendid pieces of beauty. Truly Rarity you are above the mortal understanding of talent and skill."

"Thank you Tez. You certainly are a flatterer." Rarity said with a smile.

Tez smiled, and his eyes looked over Rarity. Rarity noticed this and tilted her head confused, though she felt a shiver in her spine as those golden eyes looked over her.

"Um..Tez, is something wrong?" Rarity asked.

"Hmm, no..I just...guessed I could not help but admire your beauty Rarity." Tez said as he looked her over.

Rarity blushed, "Oh, oh um..thank you dear." Rarity normaly could accept a compliment on her appearance, but hearing Tez say it...and the way he looked at her.

Tez walked over and kneeled down so that he looked right into Rarit'es eyes. The seamstress felt a bit uncomfortable with how close he was, and how he continued to look into hers. Whenever he did this, it always made her legs feel weak.

Gently Tez traced a finger across her shoulder, "Hmm, your muscles are tense Rarity."

"Well, I-I have been working alot today." Rarity said, she was not sure what Tez was doing.

"Hmm...let me help with that. Lay down." Tez said softly as he ran a finger down her neck.

Rarity shivered at his touch, she did as he asked and watched him with curious wide eyes, "What are you going to do dear...nothing improper I hope."

Tez smirked, "Just relax my dear. Nothing improper." With that he began to apply pressure to the tense muscles. His fingers working with the delicate and graceful skill of a masseur.

Rarity moaned, obviosuly enjoying the treatment. Tez smiled and hearing her moan only made him continue. Rarity shivered as she blushed, Tez was good at was amazing.

"Ahh..Tez should sell these at the spa." Rarity moaned again before saying breathlessly, "They are marvelous."

Tez smirked and leaned close to Rarity, his breath gently blowing against the nape of her neck as he whispered, "I am glad you are enjoying it."

Rarity shivered and moaned again, as Tez lossened up a particuarlly tense muscle. It had hurt for a moment before giving way to relaxful pleasure. Tez had to admit he was enjoying listening to Rarity moan, he wondered if this would make the other girls moan...oh how he wanted to try.

Rarity bit her lip as Tez continued the massage, her body shivering with delight. She gasped when she felt Tez's lips against her neck, "Tez..what are you..."

Tez nipped ever so lightly to draw just a tiny bit of blood and eagerly licked it up savoring the taste. He stopped once he had tasted enough and licked his lips. Moving a finger up Rarity's neck, he carefully moved it through her mane, something the unicorn took notice of...but could not bring herself to complain over, just as long as he did not ruin it.

Tez then gently slid a finger a finger up Rarity's horn, which caused her to gasp loudly and bit her lips even harder and her body to shiver. She wanted him to keep going, but she also wanted him to stop. This was just...just not proper...but it felt so good. She couldn't take it anymore, she turned and tackled Tez kissing him as she pinned him to the ground.

She kissed him for a moment before gasping and getting off of him blushing madly and looking at the ground ashamed, "I-I'm sorry Tez...I...Oh dear." She turned to run away, but was stopped when she felt something grab hold of her tail.

Rarity turned to see what was grabbing her tail and saw Tez there smirking as he held onto her tail. Rarity blushed and just closed her eyes with shame, 'Oh...why did I do that? It was completely unlady like, it was absolutly brazen.'

"Hey, Rarity...look at me." Tez said, when Rarity didn't he sighed and went over and kissed her cheek. Rarity's eyes shot open and she looked at Tez with surprise.

"Tez...I..." Rarity started to say, but Tez cut her off.

"I am sorry if I was a bit forward with anything Rarity. Though I did not mind the kiss, and don't think I think you are any less of a lady now cause I don't."

Rarity still blushed and could not meet Tez's eyes. In fact she did not want to gaze into those golden orbs, it would just add to her already jumbled mind, " is alright....I guess...we were both a harm done."

Tez smiled, "Well sometimes forwardness can be fun. If both parties are willing at least." Tez stood up and helped Rarity to her...hooves.

"I think I should go now. If you ever want another massage Rarity, just let me know. I am happy to serve." Tez said with a wink as he left.

"I will hold you too that darling." Rarity said as she watched him go. Once Tez was gone, she shivered and placed a hoof over her heart. Today would certainly be memorable. Once Rarity had calmed herself she went down to the kitchen and made herself some tea, as she thought of all that had happened.

Twilight was almost done, she just had seven more books to go. One book she could not wait to start reading, it was a copy of magical spells and theories by Star Swirl the Bearded. She had waited months for them and now she could read them, she squaled with joy as she opened the first one.

Silence...Twilights eye twitched and then....she screamed.


Tez stopped in mid step, as did ponies all around town, and looked towards the library.

"That sounded like Twilight...wonder why she is screaming?" He said and made his way over.

Mextli was busy pointing at several plans he had ready, Acol standing solmn as he stared at the table. Suddenly Mextli stopped and looked around.

"Did you hear something?" He asked his brother.

"No." Acol said.

"Hmmm, not matter." Mextli said and went back to explaining the plan.

After awhile Acol said, "So...we will wage a large scale Flower War on these ponies, capturing as many of their citizens and any soldiers they send at us. What of their princesses? From what information I have gathered, they are powerful if they are able to move the sun and moon of this stagnant planet system."

Mextli chuckled, "They will not be a problem, to do what they do would require a great deal of energy, any of their spells would be weak in comparison to ours. Besides I doubt they have any form of offensive spells, that is the price of peace...weakness."

Acol nodded, "So...when do we attack this...what was the city called?"

"Fillydelphia...funny name eh?" Mextli smirked, "And we will attack in three days, by then then temple will be complete...and our path to ascension...will begin."

The two were silent, and then slowly they began to laugh. Soon.....very soon.

Well there you go hope I did not make any of the girls seem out of character. Hope you all enjoyed this chapter :) things are heating up now, oh it will be so much fun :D

Chapter 17

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Another chapter :) and glad everyone loved the previous :D Yes Tez is a ladies man or mares man. Now we will see the wrath of Twilight. Won't that be fun :)

Twilight ground her teeth as she kept turning page after page of her book, the very book she had waited for six weeks to get, and, it was....defiled.

'Who did this? Who did this!?' She thought as she tried to figure out who the criminal was. Of course her attention was soon brought to the door as she heard somepony enter.

" okay?" Tez said as he walked inside.

"No!" Twilight shouted and used her magic to shove the book into Tez's face so he would get a good look at what was done to it, "Somepony ruined my book! This was my own copy of Star Swirl the Bearded's Magical Spells and Theories, I had to wait six weeks to get it and...and...and now..."

Tez blinked, "Oh.....sorry."

Twilight blinked and her ears twitched, "What do you mean sorry?" She started to approach Tez slowly with a glare.

Tez rubbed the back of his head and chuckled uneasily, "Eheheheh...I uh....sort of....did some....editing."


"You did this!?" Twilight shouted as she used her magic to lift Tez up and pin him against the wall. Her eyes were full of rage that promised a very painful end.

"What's going on down here?" Spike asked came down stairs rubbing his eyes. He stopped and looked curiously at Twilight and Tez, "What are you doing to Tez Twilight?"

"Not now Spike." Twilight said harshly, which took the baby dragon by surprise, "Tez. Did you ruin my book?"

"Yes." Tez said simply as he hovered there.

"Gahhh!" Twilight shouted and without thinking sent waves of pain down Tez's body.

"Gaahh!" Tez hissed as he felt the waves of pain ripple across his body.

Twilight gasped and immeidatly dropped Tez and ran over to him, "Oh no, Tez! I-I'm sorry I...I didn't mean to.."

"Is he okay? Twilight what did you do?" Spike said as he ran over.

Twilight looked ready to cry, "I...I don't know..I was just so mad...oh no Tez please be okay."

Tez groaned and slowly raised a hand and gripped Twilight's leg, "Twilight..."

Twilight leaned down, "Tez are you okay?" She was really worried.

Tez looked up at her with a look of pure ecstasy, "Do that again! Come on, just one more time please."

Twilight and Spiked blinked, then looked at each other, then back to Tez. Spike said, "Did he....enjoy getting hurt?"

"I...think so." Twilight said as she looked at Tez, who merely stared up at her with pleading eyes.

"Okay...umm...I'm gonna go and see if Rarity needs any help with anything." Spike said as he headed to the door, he looked back at Tez once with a wierd look before leaving.

Twilight looked from the door to Tez, "Um...sorry...if I hurt you...I guess I just lost control."

Tez smirked and got up, "Eh, don't worry about it. I actually enjoyed it." though Tez wished that it had been under...different circumstances.

Twilight blushed and looked away back to her book and sighed, "I waited six weeks to get that book..."

Tez frowned, "Yeah....sorry about that."

Twilight sighed, "It's didn't know...I shouldn't have reacted like that."

Tez felt bad, he tried to think of something to do to make up for what he did, 'That book was important to her, even if it was not worthy of her talent,' thats when something hit him.

"Um...Twilight...I could get you your book back...or at least make a new copy for you." Tez said.

Twilight looked at Tez, "Huh? How would you do that?"

Tez smirked, "Simple, I just need some paper. Give me a moment to gather the necessary amount and I will get started."

Twilight looked unsure, "Tez...I don't.."

Tez looked to Twilight with a small smile, "Trust me. I promise you won't be disappointed."

Twilight was still unsure, but Tez looked confident so she said, "Alright."

Tez smiled and got back to gathering what he would need Once he had all the paper he needed, he set them on the table and placed his hand on the stack of papers. Twilight merely looked curiously at Tez.

"What are you going to do Tez?" Twilight asked.

Tez smirked, "I'm going to rewrite the entire book for you. It will be an exact copy of the one you had before I messed it up."

Twilight looked skeptical, "Tez, I don't think you can do that. It is just not possible to do such a thing."

Tez chuckled, "Just watch." Tez closed his eyes and took a slow breath in and out. Slowly magical energies began to crackle around him as his body was covered in a dark aura. Twilight's eyes widened as she watched.

Surges of magic trailed down his arm to his hand and he slowly lifted his hand up and swiftly brought it back down onto the papers. Magic surged through the papers for a moment and then everything was still as the aura that surrounded him disappeared. He picked up the papers and offered them to Twilight with a smile.

"Here you are, all the papers that I destroyed. If you want to read the rest, just read the pages in the book I didn't go about editing."

Twlight looked at the papers and her eyes widened when she saw that there were now words of purple ink on them, they seemed to glow slightly. She took them a bit shocked by it, what sort of spell was that?

" did you.." Twilight began to say.

Tez chuckled, "I simply brought the information from my mind and used my magic to place the words on the paper. It is a really simple spell."

"But...but I've never heard of a spell like that. I don't think there is any spell like that, how did you..." Twilight was cut off by Tez as he kissed her cheek. She stumbled back blushing immensely and stammered unable to form a coherent sentence.

Tez chuckled, "You're cute when you're flustered you know that," He turned and headed towards the door, "Well I will go see if Applejack needs any help today. Enjoy your studying Twilight."

Twilight just stood there, and watched him go. Her mind was a jumbled mess of confusion. She placed a hoof to her lips, "He...he just...." She blushed even more when she thought back to it, "I...I should get back to my studying. Maybe things will make more sense then."

Applejack bucked another tree and smiled as the apples fell into the baskets. She picked up two baskets and began to make her way back to the barn.

"Busy today I see."

Applejack turned and jumped in surprise to see Tez walking next to her, two baskets of apples in his hands.

"Tez, what are ya'll doing here?" Applejack asked.

"Helping you, if that is alright." Tez said with a smirk.

"Well thats mighty kind of ya. Though you don't have ta." Applejack said.

"Well I want to, so I'm going to." Tez smirked, and kept walking.

Applejack smiled and chuckled, "Well if ya want to. Thanks Tez."

Tez smiled, "Tis my pleasure."

With Tez's help, Applejack was able to get her work done faster then she could on her own. Now the two lounged against an apple tree, enjoying the clear skies.

"So how have ya been Tez?" Applejack asked.

"As well as can be expected." Tez said as he placed a hand on his mirror, he loved to trace his fingers across the black glass.

"Ya sure do like the mirror don't ya?" Applejack smirked.

Tez chuckled, "Yes. I feel complete when it is near me."

"Still kinda hard to see that all the work I had to do is done so fast. You seem to make all the jobs easier Tez." Applejack said as she stretched.

"Well I try," Tez said, "besides, just leaves more time for resting."

Applejack chuckled, "Hard to see how a lazy one like ya'll can be so hard working."

Tez smirked, "Mostly I'm lazy when I have nothing to do. But, when I have something that needs my attention I strive for perfection"

Applejack chuckled and rubbed her shoulder, her face showing discomfort. Tez noticed this and moved over to her and placed a hand on her shoulder.

"Your muscles are all tense. If you want I can help remove the pain." He said.

"It's nothing really." Applejack said, but hissed when Tez ran a finger over a muscle, "Well...maybe it hurts a bit."

Tez smirked, "Well allow me to remove your discomfort. Just be warned it will hurt slightly for a moment, but it will be worth it trust me." With that he applied pressure to the muscles as he massaged them. Applejack cringed a bit at the pain, but her face soon showed blissful comfort as the muscles began to lossen up and the pain faded.

Tez traced a finger down Applejacks neck, sending shivers down the ponie's body. He could almost taste the liquid of life that so flowed in her veins, the simple thought of its taste sent shivers of ecstacy down his spine. He gently traced his claw against the skin to draw a small bit of blood and collected it on his finger.

As he lifted the finger to his mouth, his other hand continued to massage the tension away from Applejack's muscles. He could now hear her moan slightly, combine that with the sweet taste of her blood, Tez could not help but consider seeing how far her endurance went. He used both hands again and tried to bring more moans of pleasure from AJ.

Applejack moaned more before biting down on her hoof, her body shivering. Even while trying to supress her moans a few did escape her lips.

"Applejack. Where are you?" Big Macintosh called.

'Damn it again!' Tez thought as he stopped and moved a bit from Applejack.

AJ gasped and got to her feet, a bit wobbly for a moment, "Uh...over here Big Mac. What ya' need?"

"Just wondering if Tez was here? Since all the apples you were collecting today are all in the barn so early." Big Mac called.

AJ blinked then giggled slightly, "Yeah. He is here."

"Alright. Just wondering. I'll get started on the sorting." Big Mac said before heading back to the barn.

Applejack shouted over to her brother, "I'll come and help ya in a minute."

Tez stood up, "Well I think I will be going if that is alright."

"Oh, of course sugarcube. If ya'all want you can work here early tomorrow." Applejack said.

Tez smiled, "It would be my pleasure." He bowed a bit then said, "I hope that my services were adaquete."

Applejack blushed a bit, knowing that he meant the massage he had given her, " was really...relaxing. Thank ya."

Tez smiled, "It was my pleasure. Do take care Applejack." With that he turned and walked off.

Applejack watched him go and shivered, the massage had been glorious. But, it had also gotten her...excited, and that only caused her to blush even more.

"Come on Applejack, time to focus." Applejack said to herself as she headed over to the barn.

Tez gazed up at the sky as he layed on the ground in Ponyville park. He had found a nice empty hill and had taken to enjoying the evening sun's rays. The day had certainly been interesting, and did he mean interesting. He had thought of visiting Fluttershy, but after what he had done with four of the girls already, he was sure that if he did he would certainly cause the poor pegasus a heart attack.

'Oh well....maybe tomorrow.' He thought with a chuckle.

"Hey Tez! What's up?"

Tez looked over to a cloud and saw Rainbow Dash lounging on it as she looked down at him.

"Hey Dashie, nothing really. Just lounging about, taking a few naps." Tez said with a slight yawn.

Dash smirked, "Heh, you and me both. Nothing like a good nap in the day."

Tez chuckled, "I can agree with you there. Say Dash, you practice alot to get admited into the Wonderbolts right?"

"Of course," Dash said with pride.

"Well, I've never really seen any of the amazing moves you have. Mind showing me some?" Tez asked.

Dash leaped off the cloud, "Of course, be prepared to be blow away by my awesomeness." She then took off into the sky and began a number of aerial moves.

Tez watched and had to admit, he was impressed. Rainbow Dash combined both aerial grace and dexterity with a certain wild and unbound beauty. Almost unlimited energy seemed to flow from her body, how she had not been accepted to join the Wonderbolts was a mystery to him.

"So what do you think?" Dash said as she landed infront of Tez.

"What can I say? Your skills are beyond the comprehension of words." Tez said.

" about awsome? Amazingly cool?" Dash said with a slight smirk.

Tez smiled, "I think superior beyond the perception of cool is more appropriate."

Dash smirked, "Thanks Tez. When I join the Wonderbolts, I'll be sure to give you a ticket to the very first show I am in."

Tez smirked, "I look forward to that. In fact I have no doubt that you will join them."

Dash blushed slightly as she smiled, "Thanks for having such confidence with me. Though sometimes I worry if I am not good enough to join them." Dash frowned a bit, if she couldn't join the Wonderbolts she was not sure what she would do.

Tez frowned and said, "Hey now, no doubting yourself. You are the best flier on this entire planet, the Wonderbolts would be foolish to not accept you. It is your dream to join them so dont be doubting your self, I know you will succeed."

Dash smirked, though she did blush slightly, "Thanks Tez."

Tez smiled then stretched as he got up, "Well, I think I should head back to the library. It was good seeing you Dashie, do take care."

"Take care yourself. And hey, don't forget about the race between you and me!" Dash called as Tez walked off.

"Will do!" Tez called back.

When Tez returned to the library, he found Twilight putting away all the books she had read. The one that Tez had remade for her sat on the table. She seemed deep in thought, as she did not notice him as he entered.

Tez slipped silently to his room. He was sure that Twilight would have questions, or some other thing she wanted to say or ask him. Well...they could wait until tomorrow, for now he was going to do what he did best. Sleep.

He stretched with a yawn, then proceeded to get ready for bed. That being he got undressed, put the clothes in a laundry basket and jumped into bed. Tez stretched and turned this way and that as he tried to find his comfy zone.

At last he found his comfy zone and slowly fell into enjoyable slumber. And that...was when the visions began.

Another chapter done :) Sorry if I took a bit of time for this one. Got a bad stomach virus or food poisoning, either way I was bed ridden for two days, not fun. But, now I am all better and back on my writing unicycle :P Hope you all enjoyed this.

Chapter 18

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Another chapter. Hope you all enjoy it.

Equestria burned. The fields, once green with life, now were black and burnt by fire. The rivers ran red with the blood of pony and dog alike. The sky was dark with storm clouds, as uncontrolled storms tore across the land. The earth churned, and tore in savage quakes that shook the very foundations of the mountains.

Tez walked across the carnage, the lifeless eyes of the dead stared at him accussingly. In the distance he could hear the sounds of fighting, of dying. Depite the horror of the carnage, Tez could not bring himself to look away, nor could he turn back. Bones cracked and broke beneath his feet with each step he took, and with each step the smell of death grew even stronger.

As he walked he soon found himself walking down the streets of Canterlot, the buildings were aflame and the streets were littered with debris and the dead and dying. He gazed up to the castle and saw that it too was aflame, the once pure white stone now black and charred by fire. With a few more steps he soon found himself standing at the base of a tall temple. A temple that was recognizable in design, the Temple Mayor.

Only this was not the Temple Mayor of his past, no this temple was different. It stood in the center of a small valley, surrounded by mountains. The storm clouds seemed to cirlce over, creating an eye over the temple. Blood seemed to drip from the stones of the temple and as Tez began the slow climb up the stairs, he began to hear screams. As he reached the final step, the screams had reached a hightened pitch and when he at last reached the top everything had gone silent.

He stood there, gazing into the dark room of the shrine. He felt terror, a fear to enter the dark shadows of the room. Yet, he could not stop himself as he entered. He saw a figure, surrounded by bodies. Bodies that he knew all too well, it was the girls and they laid there...dead.

The figure slowly turned and gazed at Tez. And Tez began to scream.

Tez woke with a start. He looked around realized that it had all been a dream, or had it? He looked out the window and saw that it was still night out. He rubbed his eyes and got up and dressed, this time into the black colored clothes.

Once fully dressed he silently left the library and wandered out onto the streets of Ponyville. The dream...had felt unlike any dream he had before. And that figure... he shivered. He wished he could wipe all of it from his memory, and yet he knew he could not.

"What had that been?" He asked himself as he walked.

Tez thought, trying to figure out a possible answer. It had not been a had not felt like one, it had felt so real. He growled as he came up with nothing again.

"For once in my life I would just like answers." He said as he sighed in defeat, yet something in his gut told him that his answers would come. Though he was not sure if he was going to like how or where they came from.

Tez wandered more, merely walking along the streets. He had taken to doing this, patrolling his territory. Funny that he called it that, yet this village was his home and he was not going to let any intruders enter it. Even if the odds of that were unlikely.

"Still...its better then doing nothing." Tez said to himself. After awhile he began to grow bored with his patrolling and instead decided that tonight he would sleep outside for the rest of the night, he liked the nightly breeze that always blew across his skin. He stopped near a building and spotted a tree near it and leaped up into the branches. He positioned himself properly, finding his comfy zone and once again fell into sleep. This dreams came.

Tez's ears twitched as he heard a bell. He slowly opened his eyes to the light of the sun and looked around. He then heard the sound of children, laughing, giggling and conversing.

'uh?' He thought and looked from the branches of his tree to the ground below. He saw fillies all walking down a path towards a building. They all had bags which held books and paper and other supplies he guessed.

'I'm at the school?' Tez thought and looked toward the building. Sure enough he saw Cheerilee, the local teacher, near the entrance smiling and greeting the fillies.

He had meet cheerilee at hsi welcoming party. She was a rather nice mare, and while certainly attractive, not really his type. Still she was a pleasant one to be around.

"Hmm... Applebloom, Sweetie Belle and Scootaloo go here. Guess I'll pop in for a visit. I'm sure Cheerilee won't mind. But, let's wait for the right moment." Tez said quietly to himself. He watched all the kids walk into the building. He even spotted the CMC, they seemed to be busy hatching another plan to get their cutie marks. No doubt it would involve something dangerous.

'Honestly, those three silly fillies, its obvious what they are good at.' Tez thought, he had realized what they were, over the times he watched over the little fillies.

Once everypony had gone inside Tez climbed to the top of the tree and leaped over to the roof of the school. He landed quietly and moved over to a top window. He peeked inside and found himself gazing down into the class room. It was a one room school it seemed.

'Hmm...I think when they have recess I'll give them all a surprise.' Tez chuckled, he couldn't want to see the looks on their faces. Tez sat down and waited as he watched the class.

Ater a few hours he saw all the fillies heading out the door. He could hear them laughing and he brought his attention to the playground near the building. Guess it was time for recess now. He moved over to the other side of the roof and looked for the CMC, being sure to stay out of sight...not that anypony would bother to look up.

'Now...where are they...ah there they are...' Tez thought as he saw the girls sitting under a tree eating lunch.

"How about rock climbing?" Scootaloo said.

"Tried it." Applebloom said as she bit into her flower sandwhich.

" we tried that." Sweetie Belle said with a frown.

"What haven't we tried?" Scootaloo huffed, she bit into an apple and tried to think of something.

"Hey blankflanks." Diamond Tiara said as she and Silver Spoon approached.

"What do ya' want Diamond Tiara?" Applebloom said with a glare, she did not want to put up with Tiara right now.

"Have you three still not earned your Cutie Marks? That is just like sooo pathetic. Right Silver Spoon?"

"Yeah, pathetic." Silver Spoon agreed. She and Tiara began to laugh.

The CMC glared, couldn't they get one day without being tormented by these two?

"Why don't you just leave us alone." Sweetie Belle said.

"Yeah. Go crawl under a rock with the rest of the slugs." Scootaloo said.

"Slug! You..." Tiara glared and seemed ready to pounce, only to scream as she was lifted into the air by her tail.

"I'm all in favor of a good cat fight...but I think you....should go." Tez said with a smirk.

Everything was quiet, all the fillies stared at Tez. Diamond Tiara looked at him with pure terror, as did Silver Spoon. What was this thing?

" a good little filly and....go." Tez said as he put Tiara down.

"Monster! Ahhhh!" Silver Spoon screamed and ran off, Tiara followed. All the fillies, save the CMC, ran screaming back into the school.

Tez rubbed the back of his neck, "Well...that could have gone better. Guess I should have expected that."

"Tez!" Applebloom said and hugged his leg, "What are ya'll doin here?"

"Wow Tez, you scared those two good." Scootaloo laughed as she also hugged Tez's leg.

"Hey Tez." Sweetie Belle said as she hugged Tez as well.

Tez smiled, "Oh, thought I'd visit my three favorite crusaders. How are you girls doing?"

"We're fine." They all said at once.

"What is going on out here? Tez?" Cheerilee said with surprise as she walked outside to investigate, "I take it you're the one that scared all my students."

Tez laughed nervously as he rubbed the back of his head, "Well...not intentionally."

Cheerilee sighed, "Well why don't you come inside and fix this by introducing yourself."

Tez nodded and hurried over. The CMC followed, they hoped Tez would stay for the rest of school.

It took a bit of time to calm all the students down, but once Cheerilee had assured them that he was not a monster, Tez proceeded to introduce himself.

"It is a pleasure to meet you all. I am Tezcatlipoca, or Tez for short. I am sorry if I scared all of you. I guess I should have known that my pressence would be less known to the children of Ponyville considering most of you are here when I am outside. I am very sorry."

All the students looked at Tez with curiosity. Now that their initial fear was gone, they wanted to know what he was, and being kids there was only one way to do that. Ask questions.....lots of questions.

"What are you?" One asked.

"What is that your wearing?"

"It looks like a dress." One giggled.

"Are you an alien?" Another asked.

"What's your cutie mark?"

"Where is your cutie mark?"

And more and more questions. Tez seemed a bit unsure which to answer first as they came almost at every corner, one after another.

"Now class, one question at a time please." Cheerilee said.

One filly raised her hoof, Tez pointed to her and she asked, "What are you?"

Tez chuckled, "I'm a friend. Also an alien."

One colt raised his hoof, "Is that a dres you're wearing?"

Tez blinked then laughed, "No, no child it is not. It is the customary clothing of where I am from, its cultural."

"Oh." The colt said.

"How did you get here?" One filly asked.

"I crashed here, and no there is no big invasion." Tez said.

Diamond Tiara raised her hoof, "Where's your cutie mark?"

Tez looked at Tiara, from what he could guess from listening on the conversation between her and the CMC she took a pleasure in being mean to those who were as she called them blank flanks.

"Well...I don't have one," Tez said, he saw Tiara smirk with some sort of self superiority. Then he said, "I don't have one because I don't need one."

Everypony, even Cheerilee blinked. How could somepony not need a cutie mark? How did they know what their talent was?

"If you don't have a cutie mark, how do you know what you're good at?" One filly asked.

"Through trial and error. Where I am from many people try various things over and over again till they learn what they are good at, and we can be good at hundreds of things while bad at others. Our talents are not limited to one single aspect."

Everypony was a bit shocked. That there was a creature that could be skilled in several talents and not just a single one was....surprising. Tez smirked as he saw the wide eyes on Tiara, time to really prove the fact and take her attitude down a notch.

"If you want I can demonstrate a few of my own special talents." Tez offered, all the kids in class said yes and watched with curiosity.

"Alright. Well one of my skills is magic." Tez said as he thought of a spell to use.

"How can you use magic if you're not a unicorn?" One unicorn filly asked.

Tez smirked, oh how little they knew, "Magic is an energy that exists in all things my little filly. Everything that lives is connected to the forces of magic and can tap into its power. Of course these innate abilities can only stretch so far and vary from creature to creature. Pegasus can manipulate the weather and earth ponies are more intune with the earth, this is their innate connection to the flows of magic that allow them to do what they do. Even the magical abilities of you unicorns is your innate connection."

Tez thought of a spell, it was simple yet it was well beyond anything Twilight or the princesses could do he was sure, "Of course to truely tap into the full raw power of magic one requires years of hard training. Now...allow me to demonstrate a spell that I have learned in my years of training. Just give me a moment to get what I need."

Tez walked outside, all the class followed and looked out the door watching Tez. Tez kneeled down and placed his hand on the ground and gathered the magical energy he would need. His body was surrounded by a slight dark aura as released the spell. Tendrils of magic crackled against the ground and a large cat shaped piece of earth tore up from the ground. The strange statue was about as big as a full grown pony, it stood on all fours, its mouth open showing large sharp cainines.

All the class and Cheerilee stared with wide eyes and mouths hanging open. Tez lifted the statue and carried it into class, standing again infront of the desks he placed it on the ground and placed his hand on the head and scratched it behind its ears.

"If everypony will take their seats again." Tez said, all the kids returned to their seats. Cheerilee walked up to Tez, she eyed the statue which looked...rather scary.

"Uh...Tez...this spell won't be dangerous will it?" She asked.

"Of course not. Trust me." Tez said with a smile.

Cheerilee was still unsure but nodded, "Alright." She gave Tez his space and watched.

"Now then I will begin, now the main thing to remember is to not panic." Tez drew upon more magic and focused the spell into the statue. Magical energy crackled about the statue and it began to shake. Then, with sudden jerks it began to move, its whole body shook itself and it stretched. It's eyes glowed a dark green as it growled low and looked around.

The entire class was silent and shaking at the sudden animation of the statue and its feral predatory look. The statue began to walk, circling around the desks. It growled every so often and looked around before returning to Tez's side and laying down.

"This is an animation spell. It brings to life inanimate objects. Of course...I can only animate things that are cat like, in this case, this is a statue of a jaguar." Tez said as he pet the statue, which rubbed its head against his hand.

All the kids looked with awe, now that their initial fear was gone. Tez allowed the statue to walk up to each desk and the fillies and colts each got a chance to pet the statue, which they found was a silly idea but went with it anyway. Once they were done Tez sent the statue outside and with a snap of his fingers the statue became a statue again. With another snap of his fingers it returned to the earth from where it sprouted from.

"Well Tez, that was certainly interesting. Now class I think we should return to our lessons. It was good to meet you again Tez." Cheerilee said.

The students awwed in disappointment, they wanted to see what else Tez could do.Tez merely smiled and said, "Your teacher is right students. It was wonderful to meet you all, if you want I will try to visit more often."

The students all smiled, and cheered. Tez chuckled, "Well have a good day everypony." With that he waved good bye and left. Of course Tez did not go far, but merely back into his tree.

'I haven't played with the girls in awhile, I guess I can devote today to hanging with the little fillies,' Tez thought, and then got comfy again as he waited for school to end.

Twilight sighed, she had tried to keep her mind off of all that had transpired yesterday; yet still all that Tez had done haunted her thoughts.

'How did he do that spell? I have never seen anything like it, not even Starswirl the Bearded was able to make such a spell. To recreate things simply from memory...its not possible.' She thought as she began to pace around the table.

"'re wearing a groove into the floor." Spike said, as he sat and watched Twilight walk in a circle.

Twilight stopped pacing and looked at the ground and noticed that she had started to wear slight trench into the ground. She blushed and quickly got out, "You're right Spike, but I can't get my mind off of it."

Spike shrugged, "So Tez did some wierd magic. It's probably just that where he is from, they found spells you don't know yet."

Twilight sighed, "I don't know Spike. The way he did would be almost impossible for even me to try it. Still...the possibility that Tez knows spells I don't is intriguing."

"Well why don't you go ask him if he could teach ya a bit. I'm sure he will say yes." Spike said.

Twilight thought on that then smiled, "Hmm it would be interesting to learn something new. I'll go find him now." She then ran out the door and off to find Tez.

Spike watched Twilight go then smirked mischievously and ran up to the kitchen to get himself some ice cream, 'Thank you Tez.' He thought as he got his sugary treat.

The school bell rang, signaling the end of school for the day. Colts and fillies ran out with excitment, they talked over all that had happened today, specifically about Tez.

"He is cool." One colt said.

"He seems nice." A filly said to her friends, they all then giggled over something and ran off.

"Did you see that statue thing? That was awsome!" Scootaloo said, "And Diamond Tiara's face, priceless!"

Applebloom and Sweetie Belle laughed, then Applebloom said, "Yeah. I thought she was gonna faint when that cat thing walked past her."

The girls giggled, but Scootaloo stopped when she felt something wet hit her head, "What the?" She placed a hoof on her head and brought it back and saw that there was saliva on her head.

"Ewww." She quickly wiped her head and looked up at what caused the disgusting moment. Applebloom and Sweetie Belle aslo looked at all all three gasped at what they saw.

It was Tez, and he was obviosuly napping on a branch in a tree...and he was drooling.

"Hey Tez!" Scootaloo shouted up.

Tez groaned a bit and wiped at his mouth as he opened his eyes, "Oh hey girls," Tez yawned, "I was having the most wonderful dream....I got to find out if there is a copy of Kama Sutra here on this planet."

"Kama what?" Sweetie Belle asked.

"Eh, it's something for older ponies." Tez said.

"Aww come on, tell us. We're big ponies." Applebloom begged, Scootaloo and Sweetie Belle begged as well.

"Sorry girls. Ask me when your old enough to get married and I will." Tez said as he stretched, very much like a cat.

"When you do that, you remind me of Opalesence when she gets up from a nap." Sweetie Belle said.

"Well, maybe I'm part cat." Tez smirked, somewhat true.

"Well mister feline, why are you up there?" Scootaloo asked.

Tez jumped down and smiled at the fillies, "Well I figured I'd spend the day with my three favorite fillies. That is not a problem is it?"

"No, we don't mind." Applebloom said.

"Yeah, it will be cool to hang with you," Scootaloo said, "Especially after you totally scared the skin off of Diamond Tiara like that."

Tez smirked, "Well, I try. So shall we get going?"

The girls nodded and the four of them headed over to the club house. All the way the girls talked about what happened in class.

"That was cool the way you made that statue move. Can you do other things with magic?" Scootaloo asked.

"Of course," Tez said, "Some of it is similar to what unicorns here can do such as levitation. But I am capable of higher degrees of magic."

"Wow, you must be really good at it." Sweetie Belle said.

Tez smirked, "Well I know a spell or two."

"Hey, do you think you could show us some more?" Scootaloo asked.

Tez thought for a moment, "Hmm...sure. Let's head to the park, there is a wide field there so it is the perfect place to show you some real magic."

The girls cheered and ran for the park. Tez smirked and followed.

When they arrived in the park, Tez found a nice empty spot in the field and nodded, "Alright. Make yourself comfy while I think of a spell."

The CMC nodded and sat down to watch. Tez stood there for a moment and tried to think of a spell to knock the girls mane's off.

"Tez! There you are." Twilight said as she walked over.

Tez and the CMC looked over and waved. "Hey Twilight." Tez said.

"Howdy Twilight." Applebloom said.

"Hey Twilight. Tez was gonna show us some more of his magic. It is really cool."

"Yeah, he even brought a statue to life in class." Sweetie Belle said.

Twilight blinked, "You did an animation spell?"

Tez nodded, "It was of a statue of a jaguar only, but yes."

Twilight was surprised, "I am surprised. It's not an easy spell to cast."

Tez smirked, "Maybe for a rookie."

"What do you mean, a rookie?" Twilight asked.

"Simple, only a beginner mage has trouble in weaving the necessary magical energies to bring temporary life to an inanimate object. Though given the preschool level of magic you are learning Twilight I guess it is understandable."

"Preschool level!" Twilight shouted, appauled by what Tez said.

Tez nodded, "Yes. Frankly Twilight that book I remade for you was not even worth your time reading. Whoever this Starswirl the bearded was....his grasp of magic was that of a lesser practitioner."

"What!?!" Twilight screamed, she was fuming and looked both insulted and ready to kill.

The girls looked between Twilight and Tez, their ears flat. They were not liking where this might be going.

"Twilight, you have a great skill for magic. I can tell, I can feel the power that lurks within you," Tez said as his eyes glowed for a moment, "But, you will never fully awaken your potential if you limit yourself to lesser techniques."

Twilight walked towards Tez, her eyes glaring murder, "" She tried to say something but could not even find words, such was her rage.

"Frankly Twilight if you really want to become a powerful user of the arts. You should let me teach you, because not even Celestia will be able to bring you to your strongest, because she herself is not at her strongest." Tez said.

"How dare you! You actually say that Princess Celesta is a weak magic user!? She moves the sun and Princess Luna the moon, how can you even say that either is weak in magical skill!" Twilight shouted, she seemed ready to strangle Tez.

The CMC watched all of this silently, Applebloom whispred, "Are they fighting?"

"I don't think so. Both would be yelling if they were, but Tez is just calm." Scootaloo said.

"Should we say something?" Sweetie Belle asked.

"I don't think so, umm Twilight seems ready to snap." Applebloom said.

"Yeah...I think we should just stay out of this." Scootaloo said.

"I don't mean to insult the princesses skills in magic. They are certainly strong if they can move the sun and moon, but they have not reached their full potential, and frankly moving the sun and moon is not that big a deal. I could do it." Tez said.

Twilight scowled, "Prove it."

"Alright." Tez shrugged.

Twilight watched Tez who turned and took a slow breath in. The CMC watched with curiosity, the fact that somepony said that they could do what the princesses could do was curious.

Tez slowly exhaled and crossed his arms over his chests, his fists against his shoulders and took in another slow breath. Slowly his usual aura began to envelope him and slowly the wind seemed to begin to pick up force around him.

Soon the wind around Tez began to blow violently, throwing up dirt and sticks. Twilight and the CMC had to cover their eyes to keep dirt out of them. Tez took in another slowly breath as the aura around him darkened even more and then with a scream he brought his arms down sending a final blast of wind all around him.

"AHHHHHHH!" Tez screamed as magical energies began to crackle about him wildly. The energy flared up all around him surging about, and from his body.

All across Ponyville, ponies looked into the distance and saw the great surge of magical energy. Slowly everypony made their way towards the location, unsure of what they would find, and yet curious of what it was.

Rainbow Dash was the first to arrive and gasped when she saw Tez, who had bolts of magic crackle all across his body. His eyes glowing brightly. The wind blew wildy about him, and she had to land or risk being thrown about by the wind.

"Twilight! Whats going on, what is Tez doing?" Dash asked worried.

Twilight gulped, "Tez...Tez was saying things about the princess and the skill of magic in Equestria and then he said that he could move the sun just as princess Celestia could. So...I told him to prove it...and I think he intends to."

"Move the sun? But thats impossible. Only Princess Celestia can move the sun, Tez has to be bragging." Dash said, though when she looked back at him she was not so sure.

Soon dozens of other ponies, including Applejack, Pinkie Pie, Fluttershy, and Rarity, arrived and all watched with slight fear as more and more magical energy gathered around Tez, who had begun to do strange hand and arm movements as he gazed up at the sun.

Applejack and Rarity ran to their sisters and held them close to them, worried over what Tez was doing.

"Twilight, what in tarnation is Tez doing." Applejack asked.

" going to move the sun..." Twilight said, she could not look away as Tez continued his strange movements and motions. He began to speak in a strange language, almost like chanting.

"Surely you are jesting. Nopony can move the sun but Princess Celestia." Rarity said.

"Oh, oh, if he moves the sun we should throw him a, 'You moved the Sun party'." Pinkie Pie said with a smile as she hopped around, apparently not bothered at all by the event taking place.

Fluttershy was shaking as she watched Tez, "Umm...are you sure we should let him do this? What if he hurts himself?"

"I don't think we should go near him...all that magical energy around him could be dangerous." Twilight said as she stared in awe as Tez gathered more and more magic about him.

Suddently Tez thrust his arms towards the sun and everypony began to panic as the sun was surrounded by the same dark aura that surrounded Tez, dulling the light slightly. Tez was breathing heavily and he was beginning to sweat as the sun slowly began to move across the horizon.

"The horror! The horror!" One pony shouted, many were panicking staring up with fear and shock. Others were running around unsure of what this all meant. Twilight and the rest of her friends merely watched with shock and awe as the very thing they thought impossible was done...right before their eyes.

"Wow! So cool!" Scootaloo said as she watched Tez. Applebloom and Sweetie Belle also watched with surprise and admiration.

Celestia had seen many things in her life. But...this...this was something that had taken her both by surprise and brought horror to her heart. She stared up with wide eyed terror as the sun, surrounded by a dark arua that seemed familar to her, moved across the sky and began to set.

"Tia! Did you see.." Luna shouted as she ran onto the balcony her sister stood on and watched the sun begin to set with as much fear and shock as Celestia was.

"Tia. What is going on?" Luna asked, looking at her sister with worry.

"I don't know..." Celestia said as she watched the sun lower over the horizon before stopping in the middle of a sunset.

Luna and Celestia were silent as they watched the sun set, Luna then said, "Ummm...should we raise the night sister?"

Celestia was silent and could not think straight..." that Luna....I...I have something.." With that Celestia turned and left.

Luna watched her sister go with a frown, then regarded the setting sun and her horn began to glow and the night beginning its rise. She stood there for a moment as she watched the moon slowly begin to rise in the night sky. She waited and waited for a long time, to see if anything else would happen, when nothing did she retreated back inside.

'What was all that? I hope it is not a sign of terrible things to come.' She thought as she sought out her sister.

Everypony stood with shock as the night began. Tez stood there silently looking up at the sky, the wind had died down around him. The dark aura that had surrounded him was gone and the magical energies that had once swirled about him were gone, dispersed once again into the world.

Twilight stared at Tez with wide eyes, her mouth hanging open. The rest of her friends also had the same expression on their faces.

"Wow! That was awsome!" Scootaloo said as she rushed over to Tez, followed by Applebloom and Sweetie Belle.

"Wow Tez, that was sure something." Applebloom said.

"Yeah, does this mean your a prince or something?" Sweetie Belle asked.

Tez stood there silent. The girls looked at each other and Applebloom nudged his leg.

"Tez? Are you okay?" Applebloom asked.

Tez soon fell forward onto the ground, his eyes were empty in unconciousness. The CMC gasped and shook Tez, trying to wake him up.

"Applejack! I think Tez is hurt!" Applebloom called to her sister.

"Hurt? What do ya mean hurt?" Applejack asked as she and the rest of girls ran over to Tez, their eyes filled with worry.

"Tez. Tez are you okay? Oh please be okay." Twilight said.

"Oh no...what should we do?" Fluttershy asked.

"Well he still has a pulse, but he seems to be unconcious. Whatever he did seems to have taken alot out of him, " Rarity said as she held a hoof over a point on Tez's neck to feel his pulse, "Oh my he is completly drenched in sweat."

"Will Tez be okay sis?" Sweetie Belle asked.

Rarity looked to her sister, "Yes dear. But we should get him someplace comfortable."

"Let's get him into his bed, " Twilight said as she lifted Tez with her magic.

"That is a good idea." Rarity said, "All we can really do is wait for him to regain conciousness."

Twilight nodded, "I'll let you girls know when Tez wakes up." She looked up at the night sky and said, "I...guess we should all head to bed now."

The girls nodded and all went home, everypony else had already left as well, though many were still unsure of what had transpired. Twilight ran home, carrying Tez on her back and hoped that he would wake up soon. Though all the way her mind was plagued with questions and fear. If Tez was able to move the sun, what else was he capable of?

"You saw that as well did you not?" Mextli said to his brother, as they stared up at the night sky on the top of the temple.

The temple was nearing completion, by....tomorrow night? would be finished and they could start the binding ceremony. But for now...they were focused on other matters.

" only means one thing." Acol said.

"Yes....only one mage I know could have done that without acess to a leyline. It would have left him weakened and tired...but he could still do it." Mextli said as he turned to look at his brother.

"Yes....and now that we have seen it, we now know the answer to a question." Acol said as he looked to his brother.

"Tez is alive." They both said at once and looked back up at the night sky.

Tez was alive...and now they would have to find him. Because with him...their plans would progress alot easier.

Well once again another epic chapter don'tcha think? :) Hope you all enjoyed it, oh things are getting more and more crazy by the minute. Isn't it beautiful?

Chapter 19

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I put forth to you all a CHALLANGE! I want to know what you, my faithful readers, consider to be th perfect song(s) that would be perfect for Tez as a theme song, or when he is getting flirty with the girls. Or just something that sounds good when things get EPIC. This is all purely optional, though it would certainly be interesting to see what you all think. If a certain song gets alot of votes I will write a chapter that has the lyrics in it if you so desire.

Well that is that, enjoy the chapter.

Celestia sat on her throne, all morning, and through most of the previous night. She had been plagued with questions and visits from court members and ambassadors alike. Each bearing the same question: "What was the cause of the sun's premature setting?"

No matter how many times she heard the question, she could not help but feel a shiver run down her spine as she said, "It is unknown to me. I am however doing all in my power, as is Luna, to finding what caused it."

As always the answer did little to ease anypony's worries or her own. And while she had to show an air of confidence, and make everypony think that she had all the answers covered, the truth was...Celestia knew nothing of what would cause the sun to move as it did. Though one thing was for certain, it had been magical in nature.

'Perhaps if I think back on the event with a clearer head I might catch something I missed.' Celestia thought, it wouldn't hurt to try.

The sun had moved by magical means. Great magical means, and it had been surrounded by a strangly familiar dark aura. The aura was key, but...where had she seen it before. It seemed familar... had she seen it somewhere before?

Celestia thought long and hard before the answer hit her in the face. Dark aura...Gala....Tez....

"Tez!" Celestia shouted in relazation. She quickly got up and ran out of the throne room leaving her guards, who ran to catch up with her, in the dust. She ran all the way to Luna's room and burst through the door.

"Luna!" Celestia said as she ran to her sisters bed and shook her awake.

Luna pushed Celestia's hooves away and yawned, rubbing her eyes. "Tia...wha...what is it?"

"Luna get up and make yourself presentable. We are going to Ponyville, immediately." Celestia said as she pulled the covers off of Luna's bed. This caused the lunar princess to groan with annoyance as she got out of bed and began to brush her mane.

"What have you discovered sister?" Luna asked.

"It is Tez. He was the one that moved the sun." Celestia said, her voice tipping between anger and fear.

Luna blushed slightly, remember Tez, then she giggled, "We think you are being a bit silly Tia. Tez might have access to magic and might not be from this world. But how could he move the sun?"

Celestia sighed, "Luna, remember the aura that had surrounded the sun? It is the same aura that surrounded Tez when he used his magic at the Gala."

Luna thought on that for a moment as she finished brushing her mane, "Still Tia, how could Tez move the sun? It does not make any sense."

Celestia looked up at the sun, "Maybe you're right Luna. Maybe, all of what has transpired recently has me on edge and I am just using Tez as an excuse to lessen my own fears. But... if Tez did move the sun....who knows what else he can do."

Luna looked at her mirror and frowned a bit, 'Why did Tez move the sun and not the moon?'

"are you ready now? We should go soon." Celestia said impatiently.

Luna nodded as she placed her crown on her head, "Yes, let us go."

With that the two sister took flight from Luna's balcony. Leave the very distraught earth pony royal guards standing there, unable to follow.

Twilight was tired. No, tired was beyond the feeling, she was drop dead exhausted.

'Ugh, why did Tez have to move the sleeping patterns are all off now.' Twilight thought as she yawned and pushed open Tez's room door. There Tez still laid, practicly dead to the world around him, if not for his slow breathing one would have thought him dead.

Twilight sighed and closed the door, 'He has been like that for hours. I hope he is okay...dear Celestia, why did I make him move the sun?' Twilight rubbed her eyes and sniffled a bit. She could not help but feel as if Tez's current condition was her fault.

At the same time however she was frantically praying that he would awaken soon, she had so many questions. Tez had done something nopony but the princesses could do. She was curious and yet at the same time...upset by this.

'If Tez can move the sun as he said...does that mean...everything else he said was true as well.' Twilight felt as if her whole world was shaking. If Tez was right, then had she wasted most of her young life learning things on magic that were.... kindergarten level?

Twilight shivered at the thought. Most of what she had learned had been difficult, but...if Tez said that what she knew was low grade magic....then....what was difficult to him?

"Obviously moving the sun for one." Twilight said to herself as she got herself some tea, with LOTS of sugar.

"So it is true! Tez did move the sun! Awsome!" Spike said from behind Twilight.

Twilight turned surprised that the little dragon was up, "Spike, you usually sleep in this late."

Spike scratched the back of his head with a grin, "Heh, guess this sun moving thing is behind it."

"Hmmm, might have a point. Anyway, yes Tez did move the sun, and now he is unconscious because of it." Twilight said as she sipped her tea, she cringed a bit at all the sugar in it. But frankly she needed it so she drank more.

Spike frowned, "Still? Dang, that bites. You don't think he is hurt at all do you?"

Twilight shook her head, "No Spike, he seems fine. I guess even Tez can suffer from magical exhaustion."

"What's that?" Spike asked.

"It's when you get tired from using too much magic in one time. The more advanced a spell the more likely you are to get tired from it."

Spike nodded, though he did not seem to grasp the full picture he said, "Oh...okay. So what do you want to do today?"

"Well I do know I'm going to have to stay awake as long as I can today untill nightfall. That should get my internal clock back on the right track." Twilight said, she sipped her sugar tea some more.

"Well, I'm going to go see if Rarity needs any help. See you later Twilight." Spike said and ran down the stairs to the door.

"Have fun Spike." Twilight called finished her tea. Perhaps a good book will help keep her awake.

"Pr-pri-Princess Celestia! Princess Luna!" Spike said downstairs with surpirse, "What are you doing here?"

Twilight's ears twitched, as did one of her eyes, the princesses? here? NOW? Twilight ran down the stairs and her eyes widened as she saw the princesses walk into the library, Spike holding the door open for them, he had wide eyes himself.

"Princesses!" Twilight gasped, she quickly felt as if everything was out of place and disorganized.

"Hello Twilight. We are very sorry for the sudden visit, but is Tez around?" Celestia said.

"Uh...why do you want to see Tez? He hasn't done anything...he uh uh has just been...sick!" Twilight stammered, did the princess know what Tez did?

Celestia smirked and could not help but giggle a little at her students exasperation. "Twilight, may I see Tez? If he is here?"

Twilight felt sick, 'Oh no, no, no, no. Celestia knows Tez moved the sun, now she is gonna lock him away. Or banish him, or lock him up in a prison in the place she banishes him to.'

"Um...uh..." Twilight tried to think of something, but nothing could come to mind. She sighed and escorted the princesses to Tez's room. Spike followed, worried of what might happen to Tez.

"Is he sleeping" Luna asked as she walked over to the bed.

"I don't know. He has been like that since he...." Twilight did not want to finish the sentence.

Celestia smiled softly and placed a hoof on Twilight's shoulder reassuringly, "It is alright Twilight. I know that he moved the sun."

Twilight flinched, "Yeah...please don't be mad at him. I was the one that told him to prove that he could, I'm as much to blame as he is."

"Calm down Twilight. Tez is not in trouble, I just want to talk to him. That is if he wakes up." Celestia said,

As if those words were magic, Tez shot up. His eyes glowed and he snarled, his features looking more feral and feline almost. his teeth had become sharp, and four very sharp canines were noticable. Luna backed away gasping, and everypony looked at Tez. He sniffed about and looked in every direction, before finally calming down, and his features return to normal.

Tez groaned and rubbed his head, "Where am I?"

"Tez! Are you okay?" Twilight said as she ran over.

"Whoa bro, you have been out for awhile. Glad to see you're awake now." Spike said as he hopped onto Twilight's back.

"Tez, it is wonderful to see you are awake." Celestia said as she approached.

Tez rubbed his eyes and looked around, then to Luna, "Hello Luna. It is a pleasure to see you again."

Luna blushed slighty with a smile, "We are glad to see you again as well Tez."

Twilight and Celestia looked between Tez and the lunar princess. Tez smirked and looked to Celestia.

"So Celestia, have you come to punish me or something for messing with your sun?" Tez asked as he got out of bed, he noticed he was still wearing the ones he wore yesterday, "Hmm need to change."

Celestia blinked, "So you admit that you were behind the events with the sun yesterday" Celestia would focus on the relationship between Tez and Luna later.

"Yes, though I will not be doing that ever again. It leaves me exhausted, I'm sure you and Luna can understand that." Tez said as he began looking through his clothes, which color did he want to wear today?

Celestia and Luna looked at each other. They had never gotten tired when they moved the sun and moon. Celestia looked back to Tez, "No...I don't know."

Tez stopped dead and looked back at Celestia, his eyes wide. "You're telling the truth right?" He asked.

"I would not see a reason to lie about something I have been doing for almost all my life." Celestia said.

Tez was silent and looked to Luna, who nodded to comfirm that what was said was true. Tez turned around and began to mutter to himself.

"Impossible....perhaps....doesn't make it mean...Gah" Tez snarled and rubbed his head, then was silent.

"Um...Tez are you okay?" Twilight asked.

Tez was silent and he had returned to choosing which colored garb he would wear today. he finally decided to wear the blue, "I am fine Twilight." Tez finally choose the red colored garment and changed swiftly into them. 'It is kind of disappointing that ponies do not have the same sense of modesty as humans do. If they were just a bit more humanoid changing infront of them would be more...entertaining.' Tez thought with a smirk.

Once changed Tez turned to regard the princesses, he stayed silent as he let his eyes roam over their bodies. Celestia and Luna felt his eyes on them and both fidgeted a bit, feeling those eyes on them was...unnerving. Yet to Luna, they also made her heart skip beats, to know that those eyes were looking at her, taking in all that she was and staring into her soul. She could not help but blush slightly as Tez looked at her more intently.

Celestia herself could not understand what it was about those eyes that made her shiver. Perhaps it was the feeling of power behind them. Or perhaps the unblinking concentration they seemed to possess when they were looking at her, gazing all of her being and into her very core. Or perhaps it was how they looked at her, when Tez looked at her she could tell he was not seeing her as a princess or somepony of influence; he seemed to look at her as more of an equal, who she really was.

"Well my princesses, you both look as lovely as ever. So...if I am to be punished for my deeds then let us move on to that. If not, would you ladies be so willing as to join me for lunch? I could really use something to eat." Tez said as he began looking through his bit purse, or one of them. He had quite a decent amount of money now, not enough to purchase a residence of his own yet, but he would get there eventually.

" are not being punished but.." Celestia said, but was cut off by Tez.

"Well then, that solves that problem. So then shall we get going? I know this one lovely cafe, and do not worry as a gentleman I will pay for whatever you order." Tez said as he got all the bits he was sure he would need and proceeded to walk out of his room.

Twilight, and Celestia watched Tez go. Both were wide eyed, Twilight because Tez had interrupted princess Celestia while she was talking, it was completly rude. Celestia, because she had not only been interrupted by Tez, but because Tez did not seem to even care about what he did, only asking if he was to be punished or not.

Luna was giggling, nopony had left Celestia silent or wide eyed before and she found the occasion to be hilarious. She also was excited of the fact that she could have lunch with Tez. 'Does this count as a date?' Luna thought, unsure if it was or not. Either way she would go, it was way better then simply going back to sleep.

"Well ladies shall we go." Tez said, looking to Luna, Celestia and Twilight with a smile.

Luna followed with a smile, Twilight and Celestia were silent for a moment, before finally following Tez as well. Spike stood there silent, alone.

"Uh...what just happened?" He asked himself before shrugging and heading to Rarity's.

The day was beautiful, the sun high in a clear blue sky. It would be seen as an ordinary day.... if one did not add the fact that both the royal princesses were enjoying lunch, at a very fine cafe, with the same being that had moved the sun not a day ago. To put it in mild terms, everypony in Ponyville was wide eyed or on edge.

It was particularly obvious to Celestia and Luna. When they were walking towards the cafe, with Tez continuing to cut Celestia off whenever she brought up the sun fiasco. This not only irritated her, but also caused Twilight to try, and try to get Tez to stop being "rude to the princess," sadly her efforts were also ignored. All Tez would do is smile, pat her cheek and keep going.

Add into the gasps of surprise and bowing of ponies when the princesses passed, followed by the uneasiness and at times awe that ponies showed around Tez, made for the entire walk to be eventful. And that was just the walk, when they had arrived at the cafe, the server seemed almost ready to have a heart attack as he took their orders. Luna did not seem to mind all that was going on, in fact Celestia noted that her sister seemed to be having the time of her life as she sat next to Tez. She smiled happily as she engaged in some conversation with him. Twilight seemed a bit nervous, apoligizing for Tez's actions, Celestia could only smile gently and reassure her student that it was alright.

Of course that was only partly true, while Celestia was happy to spend some time with Twilight, and to see that her sister was happy and lively, she could not help but continue to feel slighty annoyance with Tez. Whenever she talked with him about anything other than the sun, she was able to get full sentences out and to engage in proper conversation with him. But if she even brought up the sun in any form relating to his actions of moving it he would cut her off. Frankly it was starting to get on her nerves.

'Is he trying to avoid something? Could he be hiding something, does he even care about the consequences of his actions?' Celestia thought as she tried to think of a reason behind Tez's avoidance of the topic.

"If I might ask a question Celestia, that is if you are not too deep in thought." Tez said with a smirk as he sipped his drink.

Celestia blinked and looked to Tez, " may ask."

"I have noticed in Ponyville that there is a distinct ratio between the male and female sexes in which females seem to be the higher ratio. Is that common for all of Equestria?"

"Yes, there are more mares born then colts in Equestria. it has been that way for ages, is that a problem?" Celestia asked as she sipped her tea.

Tez shook his head, "No I was just curious if such a ratio had an effect over marriage and sexual practices of this planet. Is polygamy the more natural custom? Also is it common for two mares to get into a relationship and if they wanted children to simply use a male for that objective if they are unable to adopt at all?"

Twilight blushed, as did Luna, both fidgeted in their stools as they looked at their hooves. Celestia, who was still sipping her tea when Tez said this, ended up spitting her tea at Tez's face as she blushed immensly, when she realized what she did she blushed even more.

"Tez! Oh no, I..I'm sorry...I.." Celestia sputtered as she tried to regain her composure.

Tez just smiled, even when tea was sprayed in his face, he merely picked up his napkin and wiped his face. Then...he merely waited for his answer.

"Tez!" Twilight said, regaining some composure, "You don't ask the princess a question like don't do it!" Twilight was still blushing as she lectured him.

"It is...a rather sudden question." Luna said as she fidgeted a bit more, why would Tez ask a question like that?

"Well....I asked so what is the answer?" Tez said simply with a smirk. His eyes glittered with enjoyment.

Celestia coughed and took a steady breath, though her face was still red, and she said, " is not...uncommon for stallions to be in multiple relationships, or for two mares to be in one...oh dear..." Celestia felt embarressed talking about this in a public setting. It was bad enough ponies saw her spray tea all over Tez.

" with the unequal ratio a pony's sex life is more open, with very few taboos yes?" Tez said.

Celestia simply nodded, not wanting to speak right now. 'Why is he asking this? Sweet mother this is just...just....' She could not even think of a word that could describe this.

"And what of marriage? Is it natural for a stallion to have more then one mare for a wife?" Tez asked.

" is not unheard of...though most only take another wife if they can financially support another." Celestia said.

Tez nodded and finished his drink, "Thank you. My curiosity is satisfied."

"Um...Tez...why did you want to know all that?" Luna asked.

Tez shrugged and said, "Simply curious. I never could find a time to ask and now just seemed like a good time as any," he then smirked and said, "Plus I wanted to see how Celestia would react...priceless." He chuckled lightly.

Luna blinked, and could not help but giggle. She had to admit, that seeing Tia so flustered, it was as Tez said. Priceless.

Celestia glared at Tez with annoyance and huffed, "Well Tez if you are quite done now, I will be talking to you about your moving of the sun." Celestia said, putting emphasis on the will. She would not be distracted from this conversation anymore.

Tez smirked, "Is there a reason to? You are not going to punish me, and I have no intention of doing so ever again. So why talk about it?"

"Because you moved the sun. I want to know why you did it." Celestia said looking critically at Tez.

Luna frowned and looked to Tez, "We must agree with our sister. I would like to know why you moved the sun as well." Luna muttered something about the moon as she looked at the ground slightly disappointed in something for a moment, before looking back to Tez.

Tez blinked and leaned back against his chair, his arms crossed over his chest. He tilted his chair back and kept it balanced on its two back legs as he looked up at the sky. He then said, "To prove a point. And because Twilight told me to."

Twilight cringed and looked to Celestia ashamed, "He...he is right. Tez was saying that he could move the sun...and a few other things I don't want to told him to prove it." Twilight sniffed, "If I hadn't told him that, he never would have moved the sun. I'm so sorry princess Celestia."

Twilight hung her head and rubbed her eyes, Celestia frowned and placed her hoof under Twilight's chin and lifted her head up.

"Twilight Sparkle," Celestia said as she comforted her student, "Do not be ashamed or sad, you did not know Tez was capable of it, nor did I. Though I must ask...what else was he saying that you do not wish to repeat?"

"That frankly I am the most powerful magic user on this planet. And that all that you think you know of magic, is but dust blowing in the wind to my knowledge and power." Tez said.

Luna, and Celestia looked at Tez with wide eyes. Twilight just looked into her tea cup, after what she witnessed yesterday...she was not sure if she could doubt anything Tez said on this matter anymore.

"That is a rather bold thing to say Tez. My sister have been practicing magic for years, the only one to have ever been our equal in magic was Starswirl the Beared." Celestia said. Luna nodded in confirmation.

Tez smirked, "I make no bold boasts my princesses. To put it simply, if all the magical power and knowledge you currently possessed and could tap into could fill a fishbowl. Mine could fill the ocean."

" is rather hard to beleive that." Celestia said.

"But...considering what you did with the is obvious you do possess considerable power." Luna said, she could not help feel a bit of fear in her heart. If Tez was telling the full truth...then he could be very dangerous. She liked that.

"I speak the truth in this matter. Beleive it or not, however I will tell you this Celestia I will be taking over for Twilight's magical training from now on."

"What!?" Celestia, Twilight and Luna said at once.

Tez's face showed no emotion as he said, "Twilight holds great promise in the arts. I can tell that with proper education she could become my equal in magical skill. I will not allow such a diamond to be shaped by lesser hands. Not that what you have taught her is is...but that's not the point. The real point is that I will be training her from now on."

Twilight felt as if her world was crumbling. Tez was going to teach her magic? A part of her was excited, if Tez was truthful in what he spoke of who knows what he could teach her. give up being Celestia's felt as if she was losing a part of herself, something she did not want.

Somewhere in Celestia's mind, a twig snapped. A twig made of solid reinforced steel, "Tez, I like are somepony I can get along with and enjoy being in the company of. But if you think I am going to just give up Twilight like that you are mistaken." Celestias voice carried a tone of aggression, slight but there.

"Tia...Tez...doesn't Twilight have a say in all of this?" Luna asked, scared of what this could esculate into.

"Yeah...Shouldn't I be the one to decide who I want to teach me." Twilight said, hoping to stave off any fighting. Last thing she wanted was to see two poines, or well one pony and one human, that she cared about fighting over her. If she saw that she was sure that her entire world would just shatter into nothing.

Tez and Celestia looked at Luna, then Twilight, then back to each other. They locked eyes, and while Celestia felt the usual shiver go down her spine, and her heart beat quicken, she did not let it show or control her thoughts. Not now anyway.

Tez sighed, "They are right. We should not let this lead to a confrontation. I have no desire of fighting you Celestia, it would break my heart to do so, as would having to see Luna and Twilight have to watch such a thing."

Celestia took a calming breath, " are right. I am sorry if I seemed aggressive, I guess with everything that has happened so far it has left me a bit...on edge."

Tez nodded, "Yes I can understand that. With me being able to move the sun, something that has probably been the only thing that has kept your kingdom safe from being taken over by another country that is more militaristic, leaves you feeling...defenseless."

Celestia nodded, " would be correct."

Tez nodded, "Well, as I said do not worry about it anymore. It won't happen again."

Celestia nodded, "I will hold you to that Tez. I thank you for this peaceful evening, but me and Luna should get back to Canterlot now. No doubt the guards are in a frenzy at our sudden departure."

"Awww, do we have to Tia?" Luna whined, she did not want to leave.

Celestia looked at her sister, and the way she would glance to Tez every so often, "Yes Luna...I think we should go....there is much to do." and much more to discuss Celestia thought.

"Before you go Celestia...perhaps we could.... compromise." Tez said.

Celestia turned to face him, "And what would that be?"

"If Twilight still sends you those report things, would it be alright if I teach her how to properly use her abilities in magic?" Tez asked.

Celestia blinked, "You are dead set on that aren't you."

Tez nodded, "Does it sound resonable?"

Celestia sighed and thought for a moment, then she looked to Twilight, "What do you think Twilight?"

Twilight fidgeted a bit and looked up to her teacher, "Um...well I want to continue being your student princess...but...I guess I am a bit curious about what Tez could teach me..." Twilight looked at the ground afraid she might have offended Celestia.

Celestia simply smiled lightly, "If that is what you want Twilight, it is alright. You are still my student, but you are also capable of making decisions of your own."

"'re not mad?" Twilight asked.

Celestia chuckled, "No Twilight. Though I will expect an extra report on anything that Tez teaches you."

Twilight smiled, "I can do that. You can count on me princess."

Celestia smiled and looked to Tez, "Well I guess it is agreed then."

Tez smiled, "I am glad. It has been a pleasure Celestia," he looked to Luna and gave a wink, "And a great pleasure to see you again Luna."

Luna blushed as she smiled, "It was a pleasure to see you again as well Tez." with that she stood spreading her wings and took to the air with her sister back to Canterlot. Tez and Twilight watched them go, once the princesses were far away Twilight looked to Tez.

"So....when do we start?" She asked.

Tez smiled...but it was not a friendly smile. It evil sort of feel to it. A smile that seemed to promise...a painful time. Twilight gulped.

"We start....immediatly." Tez said.

Twilight gulped again, 'Help me....'

Well there you go :). A new chapter AND a new episode :) who can ask for a better day eh? and best of all it is a Pinkie Pie episode...perhaps I should have made this a pinkie pie chapter but...oh well. I hope you all enjoyed this chapter.

Chapter 20

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Another chapter :D it is simly beautiful don't you agree. Looked at some of the songs people already sent in. Got to say some of them were good. The one Ding-ding-dong song was good, really matched up with Tez's lusty side, that one certanly gave me an idea.

For a slight recap, we last left Twilight when she was going to be trained in magic by Tez. And if you remember Tez's smile...was a very evil smile. Oh Twilight...will she get out of her first day of training unscared? Will she be able to keep her sanity? Or more importently....her virginity? Let's find out.

Tez placed his hand on Twilight's head and smiled. That same....evil... scary smile.

Twilight felt herself shaking, the feeling of those eyes on her along with that smile....were not making her looking forward to this training. She gulped, and prayed silently that she would live to see tomorrow.

"Well then....lets go." Tez said as he snapped his fingers.

"Go.." Twilight started as they were engulfed in a magical flash, and now stood in a large barren open field, "...where..." Twilight looked around, the field was not the field in Ponyville Park. In fact....she was not even sure where they were.

"Where are we?" She asked.

Tez looked around and nodded, "Our training ground. We're about...three hundred miles west of Ponyville, well away from any form of civilization.

"Why? Wouldn't it be better to go to the library to teach magic?" Twilight asked.

"No, here will do." Tez said as he waved his hand once and several ball size rocks shot from the ground and rushed towards him, stopping infront of him and hovering before him.

Tez turned and regarded Twilight, "Your mind has been tainted by inferior knowledge, so we will have to break that and wipe it clean from you. To do that we will start at the basics. You know what levitation is correct?"

Twilight wanted to say something about what Tez called, inferior knowledge, but sighed. She knew it would not change anything, so she looked to Tez and nodded, "Yes. Every unicorn is capable of a levitation spell."

Tez nodded, "Good. Yes levitation is a very generic spell. Now, show me how well you can levitate this rock." Tez picked one of the rocks from the hovering collection and tossed it over to Twilight.

Twilights horn glowed, and soon the rock was floating in mid-air before her. She smirked, "Easy."

Tez smirked, "Good. Now...hold two up." Tez tossed another and Twilight caught it and kept it levitated alongside the first.

Tez nodded and tossed a third. Than a fourth, fifth, sixth, seventh, and now an eighth. Twilight was starting to breath alot faster, like one does when they are working their muscles exceptional hard.

"Something wrong Twilight?" Tez asked as he tossed several more rocks for her to catch and hold. These were slightly larger and thus a bit heavier.

Twilight was starting to sweat, "No....nothing wrong. Could we....maybe take a break?"

Tez smirked, "Why should we do that? This is just a warm up. Surely you're not tired from this?" Tez had run out of rocks, which made Twilight sigh in relief....untill she saw Tez stomp the ground and three rather large bundles of earth shot up from the ground.

"Catch." Tez said and tossed the earth boulder into the air. It went up for a moment, before finally plummenting down directly ontop of Twilight.

"Ahhhh!" Twilight screamed and she dropped all of the rocks and focused her magic on the boulder before it crushed her. It stopped just a few inches above her head and hovered there. Twilight released a breath she had held in and wiped her brow.

"Failure." Tez said.

"What?" Twilight said as she moved the boulder away from her and dropped it, "You almost killed me! And you say I fail!?!"

Tez simply sighed, "I would not let such a rock kill you Twilight. If you had not stopped it I would have. So you were in no immediate danger at the moment."

"But still, that was dangerous." Twilight said, angry that Tez would do such a thing.

"Get over it." Tez said simply, "You still failed this warm up."

Twilight felt her eye twitch, "How did I fail? I caught it just like you said."

Tez waved his hand and the earth boulders returned into the ground, "You dropped the other rocks."

Twilight's mouth hung open, "But I had to. They were too heavy, and that boulder was even heavier. I had to drop the rocks."

"No you didn't, or you wouldn't have had to if you knew how to properly levitate an object." Tez said with slight disappointment.

Twilight growled, 'What is up with Tez? One moment he is nice, now he is coming off like a complete jerk. What does he mean I don't know the proper way to levitate things?'

"Look Tez, I don't know whats come over you now, but frankly if you're going to be like this I don't think I want to learn magic from..." Twilight stopped when she noticed that Tez was no longer infront of her. She looked around but could not find him.

"No Twilight, I will continue to be like this because it is the only way for you to quickly grasp the proper basics and once you have that I will get harder and harder on you till you feel as if you are going to break. Because if I don't you will never learn properly." Tez said from behind her.

Twilight turned sharply with an 'eep' in surprise, "How did you do that?"

Tez smirked, "Magic. And believe me Twilight, you will learn under me. Otherwise you will be branded a quiter just because something is hard? Is the great student of Princess Celestia a quiter when things get rough? If so then you are a pathetic student, and Celestia should not bother with you because you will only make her look bad."

Twilight cringed and felt her heart go to stone for a moment, the way Tez had said hurt her. She looked at Tez, "I...fine...I won't give up. But you do not have a right to say that Tez."

"Actually I do Twilight, because the actions of the student reflect the master. If you quit on something simply because you can't take it it makes Celestia look less. Do you want to do that?" Tez said sharply giving Twilight a critical look.

Twilight gulped and looked at the ground, unable to meet that gaze, "....when you put it that"

Tez smiled, "Good," the smile vanished and the rocks returned into the air beside Tez, " were struggling with holding ten stones. Why?"

Twilight straightened up and did what she was good at, lecturing. She went on for a good several minutes about the principals of levitation and how an object still retains its physical weight even when levitated, only that the weight is converted into magical weight and such takes a toll on a unicorns magical strength.

Tez nodded for a moment than said, "All wrong. Down to the very last portion."

Twilight looked at Tez in irritation, she just would never get used to somepony saying that thousands of years of unicorn magical theory was wrong. She felt a slight stab of pain as she thought, 'Even if there is the....slight possibility they are right.'

Taking a deep breath, Twilight asked, "Well...what do you do when you levitate something?"

"Make it levitate itself." Tez said as if it was simple logic.

Twilight gave Tez a look of irritance, "Uh....mind explaining what you mean?"

"It is simple. Do you understand the concept of gravity?" Tez asked.

Twilight nodded, "Yeah, it is the magnetical force between one object and another, the object being say me and the other being the earth. The stronger force would thus pull the other towards it."

"Correct Twilight." Tez said with a smile.

Twilight smiled, she felt proud of herself for her knowledge of the world.

Tez smirked, "So then, if the force of the earth is a stronger pull on the rock, what do you think you need to do to cause the rock to levitate?"

Twilight thought for a moment, 'That question doesn't make any sense. How does one create a force that has a stronger pull than the earth, its not scientifically possible.'

Finally Twilight said, "Its not scientifically possible Tez, nopony can create something that has more pull force than the earth. And even if it was it would take alot more energy then a unicorn could produce."

"Actually Twilight you are wrong. While yes it would take alot of energy to create a force greater than that of the earths gravitational pull, it is possible to reverse an objects magnetical force just lightly so that instead of a pull force you create a push force."

Twilight blinked, " That doesn't make any scientifical sense."

Tez smirked, "Magic remember."

Twilight frowned, " me then."

"I am," Tez said with a smirk as he pointed to the rocks he was levitating.

Twilight facehoofed, "Oh yeah. Well then...explain how this works."

"It is really simple, you simply need to surround the object in question with a slight field of magic that gives off the opposite magnetic force to that of the earth. This will create a slight push force that pushes the object upwards, while the objects own magnetic force will be working trying to pull it down to the ground. This will create a push pull force, the very same force that keeps this planet in its current location from the sun and from the rest of open space. This sort of levitation requires very little magical energy and will keep the object in levitation. The more energy you put in the field the higher the object will go."

Twilight blinked as she took in the information and tried to wrap her mind around it. It did not seem to make sense, but she could hear Tez saying magic in her head. Was it really that simple?

"Well...alright...I'll try." Twilight said.

Tez frowned, "Don't try. Do," he said simply, "now I will show you how to work the spell once, so pay attention."

Tez went slowly as he showed Twilight how the workings of the spell and the flow of energy worked. Twilight focused with all her concentration, once Tez had finished she felt confident that she could duplicate the spell exactly.

"Alright I think I got it." Twilight said as she made a last minute mental recap of the spell.

"Alright. Now...let us start again." Tez said and began to toss the rocks one by one. (I have picked a song for the training montage :P I have chosen "Best Around by Joe Esposito, though I am making a slight change in the lyrics, see if you can see it :P. I want to thank Thule for suggesting this.Good song and suits a training montage. So start playing it as you read what comes next. Montage)

Try to be best
‘Cause you’re only a mare
And a mare’s gotta learn to take it

Twilight fell flat on the ground, her breathing coming in ragged gasps. Rocks fell all about her, as did one boulder. She had managed to hold the boulder along with the rocks, but when Tez added a second she had lost her grip on her magic and fell in a heap of exhaustion. But why, she had been doing the spell exactly as Tez showed her.

"You did alright, but you were holding the small ones, not creating a push pull field. Adding that and the fact that you had to use a little bit more magic to hold the larger rocks you over extended your magical muscles." Tez said as he lifted the rocks again.

Twilight looked at Tez, mouth hanging open, "But...but...I thought...." She growled, "lets try it again."

"Are you sure?" Tez asked.

"Definitely." Twilight might not like how tough Tez was going on her, but one thing was for certain. She was going to get this spell right if it killed her.

Try to believe
Though the going gets rough
That you gotta hang tough to make it

Twilight was sweating, her limbs shaking. She was now holding the ten small rocks and two boulders. It was a difficult job to do, she had to keep herself from slipping into old habits. Especially since now Tez told her to levitate the rocks OVER her body.

'I said I would do this if it killed me. But I didn't mean literally!' Twilight thought in fear as she looked to Tez, pleading for this to stop now.

Tez just stood there for a moment than began to walk around her. Twilight watched him for as much as she could. She dare not move least she lose her concentration.

"Nice ass." Tez said.

Twilight blushed and turn sharply, "What!?!" thats when she lost her concentration and as expected the rocks began to fall ontop of her. Twilight covered her head, ready to feel the weight of the huge boulders crushing her. But instead she only felt the weight of smaller rocks hitting her. Still painful, but at least not lethal.

"Ouch." Twilight rubbed her headed where she got hit by one rock. She looked up and noticed the boulders were being held. By Tez.

"Concentration is important Twilight. No matter what is said or done you must always be able to keep your mind focused on the workings of your spell as well as the world around you. In essence you must be able to multi task, to do everything and anything at any given point in time even at the same time as something else." Tez said as he picked up the rocks.

Twilight blushed, partly because she could still hear Tez saying she had a nice rump. 'Did..he just do that to test me?' She asked herself.

"Twilight...are you ready? Cause im going to start throwing even if you are not." Tez said as he prepared to toss the first rock.

Twilight snapped back to reality and got up, "Uh...ready."

Tez smirked as he tossed the rock, "You know I was being honest. You got a nice rear."

Twilight blushed immensly and got hit in the head with a rock. Again.

History repeats itself
Try and you’ll succeed

Twilight took slow breathes, she could feel sweat on her forhead but she ignored it. She placed her focus on the spell. She felt it easier and easier to use over time and she hardly ever went back into the old way she used to levitate objects. Frankly she did not miss it, this way was much much easier. All that it took was concentration.

Tez smiled as he walked around Twilight, she turned her head and watched him. She still kept still, not fully sure she could move her body while keeping this much weight over her. She was not going to be hit by rocks for a thirtenth time today. She could tell it was getting late, and she had hoped Tez would move on from this, but he had said untill she was able to do this spell with ease and without mistakes she would not be ready to move on to the next phase of training.

"As I said, very nice ass." Tez said.

Twilight blushed, he had said that many times today and still it made her flusttered, but at least she did not lose her concentration. She was sure that he was just using it as a way to test her concentration. Yet...that thought made her sad slightly, though she was not sure why. Her thoughts were disturbed when she felt a slap against her rump. She went really red in the face and she glared at Tez.

Tez just winked and continued to walk around her. Twilight felt furious, flusttered, and strangly...a bit....excited?... when he had done that. She was not sure why and it was irritating her. Still she strove to keep her concentration. She would prove to Tez she was ready for more.

"Alright, catch." Tez said and brought up from the ground an even bigger boulder of earth and tossed it to Twilight.

Twilight gulped and worked the spell again to catch the boulder.

Never doubt that you’re the one
And you can have your dreams!

Twilight was happy. She was hopping around going, "Yes. Yes, yes,yes,yes,yes,yes!" She had finally managed it. After almost thirty attempts, of pounding headaches, bruises and scraps from rocks and almost being flattened by a boulder or four she had finally managed to hold her concentration on the spell, without falling back to old habits or losing her concentration when Tez....did what he did to her rump. She was going to give him a stern lecture about that when they got home.

Tez nodded, "Not bad. Not bad."

Twilight smiled, "I told you I would get it down. You were right this spell is alot easier, I should put this in my notes to the princess." Twilight bllinked though when she realized something. It was night, though there was light. When she looked to the source of light she saw seven balls of white light hovering in mid air in a circle around her and Tez.

"What are those?" Twilight asked as she lowered the rocks and boulders. She saw Tez wave a hand and the boulders of earth returned into the very ground that spawned them.

"Mage Lights. It is similar to that one light spell you have, only these offer more light, can be held by anyone and best of all," Tez waved a hand and one light changed into green color, "They can be any color one wishes. They make great light show props."

"I guess that is what you will teach me next." Twilight said, a bit disappointed that it was still basics, if relativly new ones, "Oh well, at least its something for tomorrow."

Tez blinked, "Tomorrow? We start now."

Twilight blinked, "But....its night...."

Tez smirked, "And?"

Twilight's eyes widened and she felt slightly sick. She sighed in defeat when she saw where this was going.

'Will I ever get a normal nights sleep again?" She asked herself as she listened to Tez explain the workings of Mage Lights.

You’re the best!
Nothing’s gonna ever keep you down
You’re the Best!
Nothing’s gonna ever keep you down
You’re the Best!
Nothing’s gonna ever keep you dow-ow-ow-ow-own

Fight ‘til the end
Cause your life will depend
On the strength that you have inside you

Twilight collapsed to the ground exhausted. She was not sure she could keep this up, she was tired beyond belief.

"Come on Twilight, one more time and we'll move on to a few minor spells and then you can sleep." Tez said with a smile.

Twilight planted her face into the ground and groaned. She had gotten the Mage Light spell down with ease. But after that Tez had continued to deny her acess to sleep. He then had her practice a spell of teleportation, one that was far different to her own. One that allowed for mass teleportation, unlike her current teleportation spell which had on that one occasion burnt Spike up a bit. She still felt bad about that, but it had been an emergency.

She sighed and got up, "One more time." She yawned, but gathered her focus and cast the spell.

Fight ‘til the end
Cause your life will depend
On the strength that you have inside you

Ah you gotta be proud
starin’ out in the cloud
When the odds in the game defy you

Try your best to win them all
and one day time will tell
when you’re the one that’s standing there
you’ll reach the final bell!

You’re the best!
Nothing’s gonna ever keep you down
You’re the Best!
Nothing’s gonna ever keep you down
You’re the Best!
Nothing’s gonna ever keep you dow-ow-ow-ho-how-ho-own


You’re the best!
Nothing’s gonna ever keep you down
You’re the Best!
Nothing’s gonna ever keep you down
You’re the Best!
Nothing’s gonna ever keep you dow-ow-ow-ow-own

Twilight panted in exhaustion, her entire body sore from the massive use of magic. Considering that this was what Tez called a 'warm up' she felt both afraid and disappointed. Afraid because she did not want to know what Tez found difficult, and disappointed that her strength in magic did not even stand up for a warm up.

"Well Twilight, I must say I'm impressed. You lasted alot longer than I had thought, most would have passd out by now." Tez said.

Twilight smiled lightly, though her legs were starting to shake, "Th-thanks....Tez..." If she could last longer than most that had to be something. Right?

Tez smiled, "Well I think you are up for one more spell. Don't you?"

Twilight gulped, "Uh....."

Fight ‘til you drop
never stop
can’t give up
Til you reach the top (FIGHT!)
you’re the best in town (FIGHT!)
Listen to that sound
A little bit of all you got
Can never bring you down

Twilight collapsed onto the ground, she could not even bring herself to stand. She could feel her body rebelling against itself as it tried to force her into sleep. She looked up into the sky and gasped when she saw that the sun was now starting to rise.

"I...spent the whole" Twilight groaned, sure she would usually stay up late reading but even she had managed to find time to sleep.

Tez walked over and kneeled down next to her and gently ran over her body, pressing against the tight muscles. Twilight hissed slightly, before moaning slightly as she felt all the tension leave her muscles.

"Ohh...that feels good." She moaned.

Tez licked his lips, 'By all the forces of magic I love hearing these girls moan. It really turns me on.' Tez lifted Twilights head a bit so she was looking at him. Her eyes hung half way open, partly from exhaustion and partly due to his continued massaging.

"I think you've earned your rest now Twilight." Tez said softly.

Twilight smiled and sighed in relief, "Thank goodness."

Tez chuckled, "Sleep well then Twilight."

With that Twilight's eyes closed and she fell swiftly into sleep. Tez looked down at the sleeping unicorn, she looked so beautiful when she was sleeping. He gently picked her up and teleported them back to the library. He would let her rest...but afterwards it would be right back to training.

Tez looked around as he opened the door to the library and carried Twilight in. It was still early, so nopony or dragon was awake yet. He slowly carried Twilight up to her room and carefully laid her into bed, as he did he could not help but see that Twilight's lips were slightly opened as she slept, how could he resist. Gently he kissed her lips for a moment, before returning to his own room.

He licked his lips, still being able to feel Twilights own against his. Interestingly enough he was not tired like Twilight was, though he did not really mind, he was not really up for sleeping today. Instead he simply looked out to the horizon and watched the sun rise.

You’re the best!
Nothing’s gonna ever keep you down
You’re the Best!

There we go :P a Twilight training montage chapter. The first one I ever wrote so its probably not the best, but I did the best I could. Hope you all liked it :)

Chapter 21

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Another chapter :D! Are you not happy!?! Sorry for the long wait, classes came up since its almost the end of the semster and I have a 6-8 page english paper to work on. Plus a whole bunch of other stuff that makes it hard to keep up with things. But I've gotten a good head start on things and removed my bit of writers block so now ON WITH THE SHOW!!*Fires the party cannon*

Rainbow Dash landed at the door of the library, in her arm she held a book. She pushed open the door and walked in.

"Hey Twilight. You here?" Dash called, "I'm just returning the Daring Do book you let me borrow, and here to pick up the next."

Dash looked around as she flew to the shelf and put the book away and quickly took the next one in the series, an excited look in her eyes as she read the title.

"Daring Do and the Temple of the Crystal Skull. Awsome." Dash smiled as she hugged the book to her.

"Shhh. Twilight is still sleeping."

Dash turned and gasped, "Tez. You're awake?"

Tez smirked as he walked down the stairs, "Of course, been up since yesterday."

Dash flew over, "Dude, that was soooo awsome what you did with the sun! Really cool!"

Tez chuckled, "Thanks Dashie, but mind keeping the excitement down a bit. Twilight is sleeping, and I don't think she would like to be awoken right now."

Dash blinked, "What'da mean? And how come you didn't tell any of us that you were awake yesterday?" Dash poked Tez in the chest with a hoof. She was surprised by the tightness of the muscles there, Tez really took care of his body.

"I meant to but...well with the princesses coming and everything else that followed, I guess I lost track of it on other things." Tez said as he scratched the back of his head with a grin.

Rainbow Dash blinked in surprise as she landed, "The princesses were here!?! Oh man you're not in trouble are you?"

"Nah, nothing like that. Though I hope you got a good look at my moving the sun because I will NOT be doing that ever again."

"How come? It was really cool." Dash said as she tilted her head to the side.

"Yes and also very exhausting. I'd rather not do it again, besides it's Celestia's job. Not mine, and she can have it." Tez said as he rubbed his head, he could still remember the headache his stunt gave him. Not pleasant.

"Well, I guess that makes sense," Dash said with a slight frown, "So what was so important that you didn't bother to come tell us that you were awake? Everypony was really worried, though I knew you would be okay."

Tez smirked, "I have no doubt that you did. It makes me happy to know that you have such confidence in my ability to stay alive."

"Yeah yeah, anyway it's great that you're okay. So why is Twilight still asleep? Usually she is up around this time." Dash asked.

"Well the princesses came, we had lunch as we discussed the sun issue and sorted all of that up. Then I asked for Twilight to be made my apprentice in the usage of magic. Then after all of the commotion that caused we finally settled on an agreement. After that the princesses left and I took Twilight away to a location to train. We spent the rest of the day and all the night in training."

"Wait a minute, you mean that princess Celestia is actually making you Twilight's teacher!" Dash said surprised.

"You seem surprised. It makes the most sense, Celestia and Luna are powerful...but I am just more so. At least when it comes to using magic." Tez said with a shrug.

' is it that they suffer no ill affects when moving the celestial bodies?' Tez thought, he knew that he had an answer...somewhere in his memories....yet somehow he could not bring them to the surface. Just like so many other memories.

Dash chuckled, "Tez, now you might be strong in magic, I mean I'm no egg head on the subject but I can tell from the other day that you have to be do what you did. But come on, nopony is as strong as the princesses."

"Strength comes in all shapes and forms my dear Dashie," Tez said, "But with strengths come weaknesses, and that applies even to Celestia and Luna."

Dash rolled her eyes, "Oh, and I take it you know what the princesses weaknesses are. Come on Tez, you are just boasting."

"I make no boasts Dashie. Always do I speak the truth." Tez said simply.

"Prove it." Dash said with a smirk.

Tez snatched the book from Rainbow Dash, and quickly began to skim through the pages.

"Hey! Give that back!" Dash said as she tried to snatch the book back, each time Tez moving out of reach as he looked through the book.

Finally Tez closed the book and gave it back to Dash, who took it with a glare.

"What was that for?" Dash asked.

"You like this Daring Do do you?" Tez asked.

Dash blushed slightly, "Well yeah, but that doesn't make me an egg head."

"I never said you were. I simply asked if you were fond of Daring Do." Tez said.

"Well duh, she is super cool. Treasure hunting, trap dodging and living life to the extreme." Dash said with glee, fantasizing about such a life.

Tez smirked, "Well then.....have fun." Tez lifted a hand and began to chant, his hand beginning to glow.

"Wait! What do you-" Dash began to say, before her vision was engulfed in a bright light.

"Today is the day Cutie Mark Crusaders! Today we get our cutie marks!" Scootaloo said with enthusiasm as she placed a book onto the table.

The CMC sat in their club house, as usual going over plans to earn their cutie marks. Of course such plans normally lead to one disaster after another and if fate was predictable....this next plan would be no different.

Applebloom and Scootaloo looked down at the book on the table curiously. It was a Daring Do book.

"Umm...didn't we try to get our cutie marks as librarians already?" Sweetie Belle asked a bit confused.

"Yeah, and I know that journalism and writing are the same thing...and we arn't really good at making stories." Applebloom said, remembering the Gabby Gums fiasco.

Scootaloo sighed and facehoofed, "No, we are going to get our cutie marks as treasure hunters. Like Daring Do."

"Ohh." Applebloom and Sweetie Belle said in unison.

"But, where are we going to find treasure to hunt? I don't think Ponyville has any dungeons or treasure." Applebloom said.

"Not Ponyville, but the Everfree Forest is bound to have some sort of cave or ruin with treasure in it for us to find." Scootaloo said as she pointed to the forest in the distance.

Applebloom and Sweetie Belle both gulped. Applebloom said, "Umm Scoots, are ya sure about that?"

"Yeah, the Everfree forest is full of monsters and who knows what else. Besides we might get in trouble." Sweetie Belle said.

"Come on girls, this could be our chance to get our marks, and besides we won't go too far in. I know where there is a cave we can look inside, thats not that far." Scootaloo said.

Applebloom blinked and said, "How did you find a cave?"

Scootaloo smirked, "I went inside just a bit after breakfast, I found it only a few minutes in. Come on I'll show you the way."

Sweetie Belle and Applebloom looked at each other a minute, a bit unsure of this plan. But...if it would get them their marks.

"Well alright, let's go" Sweetie Belle said.

"Yeah!" Applebloom cheered.

"YEAH CUTIE MARK CRUSADER TREASURE HUNTERS!" The three shouted in unison and ran off, Scootaloo leading the way.

Dash's eyes opened and she looked around. She felt her heart beating fast, as she stood up. She was...back in the library?

"" Dash tried to say, but unable to find the proper words. She looked to Tez who sat in a chair next to her. He had a slight smile on his face.

"Did you have fun?" Tez asked.

"How did you do that?" Dash asked, "One minute you were doing something, and then the next I was running away from jungle cats with Daring Do."

"Did you have fun?" Tez asked again.

"Yes I had fun. That was completly awsome." Dash could still feel the adrenaline from the dodging of traps and the awsome escape from the temple, with the Crystal Skull in hoof.

"Good, now to answer your question of what I did it is really simple," Tez stood up with a stretch, "I simply placed you under a combination of a sleeping spell and mass illusion spell."

Dash blinked, " all of that was an illusion." Dash frowned a bit disappointed.

"Some what," Tez said, "All that you saw was an illusion, but the choices you made aided in creating each event that transpired."

"Huh?" Dash said confused.

Tez rubbed his head, "How do I explain this....I guess you can's magic." Tez grinned as he said the last part.

Dash rolled her eyes, "Well whatever you did it was awesome. I don't know if even Twilight could have done that."

"Oh she has potential....if it is properly trained. That is why I am teaching her how to use magic properly." Tez said as he looked up the stairs. Still had a long way to go.

"Well whatever, so are you teaching her now?" Dash asked.

Tez chuckled, "No...I'll let her sleep for today. She needs it. So do you have any plans today Dashie?"

Dash rubbed her chin, "Hmm...nah not really. I was just returning a book and picking up another. Didn't expect to actually live the next book."

Tez smirked, "Yes, life can hit you with surprises. If you are not busy then you want to hang out?"

"Sure, that's cool with me. So where to?" Dash asked.

Tez thought for a moment before snapping his fingers, "Well how about a race?"

Dash's eyes lit up, "Aaaaawwww yeah! Where to?"

"How about to the edge of the Everfree Forest." Tez said.

"You're on." Dash said and flew outside and waited by the door, "Starting line is here."

Tez chuckled and joined Dash outside and closed the door, "Alright. On your mark."

Dash spread her wings and leaned forward, ready to take off.

Tez bent his legs a bit, as he got into a runners posistion, "Get set...."

A tumbleweed blew past them, and the two of them said at the same time, "GO!" And the took off running/flying.

The CMC walked through the foggy woods of the Everfree. Scootaloo took the lead, guiding her friends to their destination without showing any signs of fear as they moved further along.

"Are we almost there?" Sweetie Belle asked. She would look side to side every now and then, being watchful of any chicken heads in the brush.

"Almost, just a bit more. Don't be so nervous, we arn't that far in to run into anything we can't handle." Scootaloo said with confidence.

"I hope so." Applebloom said a bit nervous.

"Aww come on Applebloom, you've been in the forest tons of times to see Zecora." Scootaloo said.

"I know, but that's different. This is alot farther from the path to Zecora's. I've never been in this part before." Applebloom said in her defense.

Scootaloo rolled her eyes, "Whatever. It doesn't matter anyway, look we're there now. See nothing happened."

The three fillies stood at the entrance of a cave. The fog clocked the entrance and the shadows within made it difficult to see anything inside. In total, the scene was erie and creepy.

Sweetie Belle gulped, "W..well lets get going then."

"Yeah. This is going to be awsome." Scootaloo said as she ran in, Applebloom and Sweetie Belle following behind.

The three delved deep into the cave. A long cavern of tunnels going this way and that greeted them and it took all their skill, plus the help of some chalk and arrow markings, to find their way through. After much work they finally managed to enter the main chamber, where they were greeted to an amazing sight.

"Wwwwwoooooow." The three said in aww, as their eyes sparkled slightly.

Before them were giant piles of gem stones. Gems of various colors, shapes and sizes, glittered in the illuminated room of the cave. But what truely caught their eyes the most, were what sat in a pile in the middle, surrounded by the gems. It was lumpy and silver in color,it glittered and shone in the light. A large pile of these silver rocks sat next to another pile of similar lumpy rocks, only these were dark green with a glossy coat, just as the silver rocks it shone in the light of the cave room as well.

"Ohhh preety." Sweetie Belle said as she walked over to the piles of lumpy rocks.

"Wow. What do ya think it is?" Applebloom asked.

"Looks like silver, though I don't know what the green stuff is. And look at all these gems."Scootaloo said.

"I guess we are treasure hunters." Sweetie Belle said excitedly.

The three fillies quickly checked their flanks to see if they got their cutie marks. But frowned when they saw that they were still blank flanks.

"Maybe we need to take the treasure home. That's what Daring Do does." Scootaloo said.

"Maybe. do we take all of this back to Ponyville?" Applebloom asked.

"Well...I guess we will just have to make several trips. Quick lets fill up our bags." Scootaloo said as she flipped open her saddle bag and began to place gems and the lumpy rocks inside.

Applebloom and Sweetie Belle did the same. As the three fillies packed, they did not see from the shadows....two gold slitted eyes peering at them from the darkness, filled with malice and greed.

As the three fillies packed their bags with gems and rocks, they started to feel a bit hot. Steam slowly surrounding them.

"Man, is it hot in here all of a sudden?" Scootaloo asked as she wiped her head.

"'s getting kinda hot...and...steamy." Sweetie Belle said.

Applebloom stopped packing her saddlebag and gulped, " ya ever have that feeling that....something isn't right?"

A low growl sounded from above them. The three fillies gulped and slowly looked up. And there above them they started into the gold slitted eyes of a scaled dragon.

The dragon growled, "What are you doing in MY cave? Taking MY treasures!?!"

"Oh....are these yours...uh...we didn't know.." Scootaloo said, her ears flattening as she slowly backed away from the huge from of the dragon.

"Uh...yeah...we'll just uh...put them back and leave ya'll alone...." Applebloom said as she emptied her saddlbe bag.

"Uh...yeah...we weren't going to steal from you at all...." Sweetie Belle said nervously.

The dragon growled, and glared at the three fillies. Scootaloo gulped, she was afraid...but ...Rainbow Dash wouldn't be afraid of some dumb dragon. She puffed out her chest.

"Hey...don't think you're all that scarey," Scootaloo said, "I what if you're big."

The orange pegasus gulped, "Really big."

The dragons claws extended, sharp and as long as spears.

"Your claws....super sharp." Applebloom said.

Spikes erupted from the dragon's tail.

"Spikey.....tail..." Sweetie Belle said. The three fillies backed away more and more, and with each step back the dragon took one step forward.

"Um....Scootaloo....I think we should..." Applebloom began.

Scootaloo didn't bother to wait, fear overcoming bravado, she turned and ran while screaming, "RUN!" Applebloom and Sweetie Belle listened turning to run as they screamed.

The dragon roared and breathed fire, missing the three fillies by a few inches, but burning the tips of their tails. And began the chase, roaring loudly as it did.

Tez ran as fast as he could, jumping over passing ponies and obstacles that got in his way. Rainbow Dash was right above him, having the advantage of the open air. However the two of them remained neck and neck.

Dash was impressed, not many could keep up with her, but this race was going to end in one way, with her winning. She flapped her wings even harder, the wind starting to bend about her as she approached the sound barrier. Of course she did not strive for a sonic rainboom, not this close to town.

Tez saw the rainbow maned pegasus pull ahead of him, 'Damn....she is fast.....though I must wonder if it's just in flying,' Tez thought as he worked his legs even harder, gaining more speed to catch up to Rainbow Dash.

The world seemed to slow down around Tez as he ran, ponies and obstacles that got in his way he simply dodged, leaving wide eyed ponies in his dust. In the distance the forest grew closer and closer.

"I win!" Dash and Tez said at the same time as they came to a halt at the edge of the forest. They looked at each other with smirks and said in unison again, "No I won."

"Come on Dashie, I won." Tez said.

"In your dreams, I won." Dash said.

The two looked at each other for a moment before falling over laughing.

"Okay, how about we say it's a tie?" Tez asked, chuckling.

Dash smirked, "Sure. I got to say you're fast on those legs of yours. But I'm still the fastest flyer in Equestria."

"And there is no better pegasus to hold that title." Tez said.

The two laughed for a bit more before Tez stopped and sniffed the air. He looked around, his eyes closed for a moment.

"Hey, what's up Tez?" Dash asked.

Tez's eyes opened, "I smell the scent of blood on the air," Tez sniffed again and felt his heart stop, "I recognize this blood."

And then, from the shadows of the forest, they heard screams, followed by a blood thirsty roar.

Applebloom ran as fast as she could, only to stop just in time to avoid being crushed by the spiked tail of the dragon.

"AHHH!" She screamed and ran the other way, her heart pounding and adrenaline pumping through her veins. Her body entering into fight or flight, choosing flight without hesitation.

The dragon roared as he swiped its claws at scootaloo, the little pegasus managed to avoid being sliced in half, but screamed in pain as she felt the razor sharp tips slash her shoulder. She quickly ran the other way, tears in her eyes.

"AHHHH!" Sweetie Belle screamed as she was grabbed by the dragons claw and lifted up its head, its eyes filled with killing intent.

"Help!" Sweetie Belle screamed as she tried to escape the dragons grip, the sharp claws and scales causing small cuts to appear as she twisted.

"Sweetie Belle!" Applebloom and Scootaloo shouted, their eyes were focused on their endangered friend they did not see the tail swinging for them from behind.

It was by mere luck that the spiked end missed them, but the force was still enough to send them flying into a rock. The two fillies screamed in pain, bones cracking from the force of the blow. Applebloom laid on the ground, holding her right front leg and crying. Scootaloo coughed, and held her chest, she moaned as she laid on the ground, blood flowing from a wound to the side of her head.

The dragon roared and looked to the unicorn in its grip. It was crying and shaking in fear, blood dripping from the many cuts on its body. The dragon opened its mouth and brought the unicorn towards its open maw, ready to devour the little pony. Or it would have, had not something ran into the side of its head, kicking its eye.

The dragon roared and let the unicorn go, sending it falling to the ground screaming. A rainbow colored blur though the filly before it hit the ground.

"Rainbow Dash!" Sweetie Belle gasped in surprise, as she saw who it was that had caught her.

Dash glared down at the unicorn filly and said, "Not now. Hang on!" With that Dash flew fast to Applebloom and Scootaloo, scooping them up and turning to fly away from the forest.

The dragon roared and swiped its claws to strike the pegasus that had kicked it, Dash dodged the wild swings with ease as she dived down to dodge a blast of fire...only to be hit by a spike from the dragon's swinging tail, cutting into her side and sending her crashing to the ground.

"AHHH!" The fillies screamed. Dash hissed in pain and twisted her body to put herself between the approaching ground and the three injured fillies.

Dash hit the ground hard, she heard something snap and felt searing pain in her side and wing. She looked to the CMC, the three fillies were bleeding, scared and crying. But the fall did not seem to have caused them further harm.

"Can either of you," Dash coughed, "run?"

"Sweetie Belle might." Scootaloo cughed, "It hurts Rainbow Dash." She held her chest more, her breathing coming in shallow bursts.

Dash frowned, "I know kid. Don't worry, I'll get you three out of here." Dash struggled to her feet, placing the fillies on her back, and hissed in pain as she did. She felt her wing was broken as it hurt to try and bend it down, but her legs were okay and that was good. She took off running, but stopped as the dragon's tail slammed down to block their path.

The dragon growled and approached the four ponies, surrounding them and cutting off any escape attempt with its massive bulk. It raised it's head, jaw opening to show sharp teeth.

Dash started to shake, 'Is this how it ends? Please...not like this. Tez....' She closed her eyes as the dragon's maw descended.

The dragon roared as it neared the kill, the fillies screamed.

Things went silent, before the sound of growling broke it. Dash opened her eyes slowly and saw the dragon's jaws open before her, but they did not bite down upon her, in fact they could not due to being held open by a large bipedal cat like creature.

"What the..." Dash said.

The cat creature turned its head and looked at her with gold slitted eyes. Eyes that...seemed familiar....Dash gasped.


The cat smirked and nodded before turning back to glare at the dragon. Tez growled, the muscles in his arms tightening as he twisted and slammed the dragon's head into the ground, hard. The earth rumbled with the force of the blow. The dragon roared and brought its head back up as it took a step back and glared at the new enemy.

"Get the girls out of here. I'll take care of zilla here." Tez growled.

Dash blinked in surprise and shock, before nodding and running off. The three fillies on her back now silent, eyes wide with awe at what they had seen.

"Hey, is Tez gonna be alright?" Scootaloo asked.

"Yeah, we can't leave him with that dragon he will-" Applebloom was cut off by a loud roar of pain and the sound of tearing trees and something heavy hitting the ground.

"I think he is gonna be okay kids." Dash said, she felt dizzy and light headed, but she kept running. She had to get the kids to a doctor and fast.

'I hope he will be okay.' Dash thought as she looked back once to where Tez and the dragon would be. Sounds of battle echoed in the woods, only giving the barest hints of the fight that took place within.

Fluttershy cowered under the couch. She had heard the roar of a dragon from the Everfree forest, and it had scared her. She gulped as she slowly pulled herself out from under the piece of furniture and slowly lifted herself up next to the window to look outside.

'Oh, I hope it doesn't come this way.' She thought, shaking at the mere thought of a full grown dragon near her house.

Fluttershy scanned the outside once again and gasped when she saw something in the distance. There in the disance, she saw Rainbow Dash running from the Everfree, on her back she carried Scootaloo, Applebloom and Sweetie Belle. The three fillies seemed to be injured, and Dash was no worse for wear as she stumbled and fell to the ground.

Fluttershy gasped and ran to and out the door. Seeing her friend hurt was enough motivation for her to forget her own terror. As she neared her friend Fluttershy gasped in horror at what she saw.

Dash's wing lay at an odd angle, obviously broken. She had a long cut down her right side. The fillies were also in bad shape, Appleblooms front leg was no doubt broken, and Sweetie Belle was covered in cuts. But Scootaloo had her really worried, she was holding her chest and breathing uneasily.

"It hurts." The little orange pegasus said weakly.

"Oh no. Hang on, just stay still all of you." Fluttershy said worried.

Dash groaned, "Hey Fluttershy. Hey, can you take care of the kids, they're pretty banged up."

Fluttershy nodded, "Right, just stay still Dashie, I'll...I'll be right back." she turned and ran back to her house to get all her medical stuff. This was an emergecy and she had to move fast.

Another roar came from the woods, Fluttershy eeped, but ignored it as she ran out carrying every piece of medical item she could find. She saw that Dash had removed the fillies from her back, hopefully gently, since Scootaloo might have broken ribs.

'Okay can do this.' she thought as she set to work in doing what she could to ease the pain. She would rather they were at the hospital, but they were here and needed treatment now.

The dragon stumbled back, blood pouring of its mouth, it roared and breathed fire upon its opponent.

Tez stood there, his body covered in blood, the dragons tongue hanging from his mouth. He smirked as he chewed the muscle between his fangs, he swiftly jumped into the air dodging the flames. The dragon anticpated this and breathed fire again at Tez as he hovered in the air for a moment.

Tez growled and tossed the tongue aside as he dived down through the flames. He ignored the searing pain of the fire burning his fur and soon burst from the column of flame and landed onto the dragon's head. He looked into the dragon's eye for a moment.

"I don't like that look in your eye," Tez said as he lifted a claw and brought it down across the opical organ.

Fluttershy sighed in relief, though she still felt sick inside. She had managed to do what she could for the injuries. Dash had a bandaged wrapped around her body to keep the wound on her side covered, and her wing was wrapped in a splint to keep the wing straight.

Applebloom also wore a splint, Sweetie Belle was covered in various bandages of differing size from small to two large ones. Scootaloo was the worse though, she was still breathing shallowly, but she had not pierced a lung yet from what Fluttershy could tell. She would need a doctor to properly reset the broken ribs, so until then Fluttershy did her best to keep the little pegasus calm.

"This is all my fault." Scootaloo sniffed, tears welling in her eyes.

"Shhh, breath's all going to be okay." Fluttershy said, she did not know what had happened but that was not important right now. She hoped angel brought that letter to Twilight and fast.

"But," Scootaloo sniffed, "If I hadn't dragged us into the forest none of this would have happened."

"Hey, don't feel bad Scootaloo. You didn't know." Applebloom said, gently hugging her friend.

" was just an accident." Sweetie Belle said, also offering her friend comfort.

"Though it was really stupid to enter a dragon's cave." Dash said.

Fluttershy, Sweetie Belle and Applebloom glared at the cyan pegasus.

"What?" Dash asked.

Everypony was silent for a moment, Dash looked out the window and said, "Hope Tez is okay. I mean....can he really fight a dragon?"

Fluttershy gasped, "Tez is fighting the dragon that did this!?!"

"Yeah, at least I think it was Tez, cause it sure didn't look like him. It was this big cat like thing, with spots and a tail." Dash said.

Fluttershy nodded, "Yeah....thats Tez."

Dash blinked, " knew about that?"

Fluttershy hid in her mane giving a small nod, "I'm sorry. Please don't be mad at me."

Dash blinked, "Hey don't worry about it Fluttershy. I'm sure you had a reason you didn't tell us....why didn't you tell us?"

"Umm...well...I guess....Tez asked me not to....that he would tell you all eventually." Fluttershy said meekly.

Dash crossed her hooves, "Geez, he tells you that he can change into a big cat thing that can stop a dragon's jaw and not me." Dash muttered something under her breath.

"I'm sorry..." Fluttershy said.

"Eh don't worry about it. I guess I shouldn't be mad at him, I mean if he hadn't been there well...I guess we wouldn't be here now would we." Dash said with a shiver, remembering how close death had been.

"Let's not think about that..." Fluttershy looked out the window to the path to her house, in the distance she saw Twilight, Spike, Angel, Rarity, Applejack, and Big Mac, along with several doctors from the hospital. She quickly got up and opened the door to let them in.

"Is she here? Is she okay!?!" Applejack said as she ran in. She saw Applebloom and ran immediatly to her sister. Big Mac followed, pulling Applebloom into a gentle hug.

"Oh thank goodness. You're okay." Rarity said as she ran to her sister.

The doctors entered and immediatly made their way to the injuried ponies.

"Is everything okay Fluttershy?" Twilight asked as she yawned.

"It should be now. Did Angel wake you up?" Fluttershy asked.

Twilight rubbed her eyes, "Yeah, but don't worry about it."

Fluttershy frowned, "I'm sorry."

Twilight chuckled, "It's okay Fluttershy. So what happened?"

"I don't really know, I didn't want to strain the girls with questions. Dash says that she rescued them from a dragon." Fluttershy said.

"Really!?" Rarity said in surprise, "Rainbow Dash, I don't think I or Applejack can possibly thank you for saving our sisters."

Dash blushed, "Um well...I did get them away from the dragon, but if Tez hadn't shown up I don't think we would have escaped."

"Well we'll have to thank Tez as well. You two are heros." Applejack said.

"Eeyup." Big Mac said.

Everypony looked around.

"Hey....where is Tez?" Spike asked.

A loud crash from nearby gave them their answer. Everypony, and baby dragon, looked out the window and gasped. There on the ground was the battered body of a green dragon. It's wings were torn and shredded and it's scales were dented in several places. One of it's eyes appeared to have been torn out from the socket.

Something fell from the sky, landing hard on the ground causing it to shake violently for a moment. It was a large spotted cat that stood on two legs. Its body was covered in blood, the fur black and burnt slightly. It smirked showing sharp bloody fangs.

"Tez. He's okay." Scootaloo said relieved.

"Wait...that's Tez!?!" Twilight said shocked.

"My goodness, he looks simply horried. That blood ruins that amazing fur on him." Rarity said, everypony looked at her with a raised eyebrow.

Rarity looked around noticing the stares, "What...oh and yes it is surprising he can turn into a cat."

"Well what in tarnation is he doing?" Applejack asked.

The dragon got to its feet and roared, everypony noticed that its tongue was missing. They could only imagine why.

"Hey...he isn't....fighting that guy is he?" Spike asked, remembering the dragon to be the same one Owilcious saved him from.

"I think so. Looks like its been a rough fight." Twilight said.

"Should we do something?" Rarity asked.

Another loud crash occured and everypony saw Tez slamming the dragon's head into the ground over....and over...and over again.

"Umm....I think he has it covered." Dash said.

"Oh dear...I hope he isn't being to rough on it." Fluttershy said, worried about what Tez might do to the dragon.

"He wouldn't do anything over the top." Spike said.

The dragon roared again as Tez leaped into the air, landing upon the dragons head. His claws gripped into the upper and lower jaws and slowly began to push the mouth open. The dragon thrashed and clawed at Tez, he merely evaded each strike as he forced its mouth open more and more, eventually placing his feet on the lower jaw to keep it open, one hand placed under the upper jaw portion.

"What's he doing?" Dash asked.

Tez's form suddenly shifted to that of his normal one, and his legs and arm bent under the force of the dragons jaws as they tried to close down on him. But Tez simply smirked and pointed a finger towards the dragons throat. Magic began to crackle about his extended finger.

"Whats...going on?" Twilight asked, worried of what the answer would be.

"So long!!!" Tez shouted and the energy at his finger tip fired. The energy tore into the dragons exposed throat, its eyes widening in agony as its body convulsed.

Finally the energy blast faded and the dragon's body fell over, Tez rolling away as the head hit the ground.

Everything went silent, Applejack, Rainbow Dash and Rarity, had covered the fillies eyes and still kept the covered. All their eyes were wide with shock, and horror.

"He..." Applejack started.

"Just killed....." Dash said.

"A...dragon." Rarity finished.

Fluttershy and Spike fainted there and then. Tez looked towards the cottage and waved, before walking over.

Twilight could only watch as he approached, when Tez finally reached the window he tapped the glass and said, "Can I get a towl?" He licked some of the blood on his arm away.

Twilight only stared at him, as did everypony else.

Tez blinked, "What?"

It had taken a bit of time for the next few minutes for Tez to both wash himself clean of the blood, and manage to keep Fluttershy and Spike from fainting whenever they looked at him. His slaying of the dragon had really shocked them, in fact it had shocked everypony.

"Look, I don't see what the big deal is. That dragon was wild and almost killed Dash and the girls, at least now it is unlikely to harm any other pony." Tez said.

"Maybe it did try to hurt Dash and the fillies, but I don't see how that gives you the right to take its life like that." Twilight said, her voice was full of anger. Though perhaps more for the fact of seeing magic, an energy she once thought to be peaceful in nature, to be used for such a deadly purpose as taking life.

"That is the way of battle Twilight, things die. If not the dragon then it would have been me or Dashie."

"But..." Twilight began.

"No buts!" Tez growled, causing Twilight to cringe from the harshness of his tone, "I'm sorry if my actions do not agree with your ethics, but I did what I felt was best in the long run."

Tez looked outside to the body of the dragon and said, " went and pissed me off."

"What do ya mean by that?" Applejack asked.

Tez looked at them all, "Anything...that threatens my friends and loved ones....has a nice one way ticket to hell."

Everypony gulped, feeling the malice in those words. Tez meant what he said, and woe unto any who would dare test those words.

"Now I think we should focus on more important matters," Tez walked into the living room and tapped one of the doctors on the shoulder, "Are they all going to be okay doc?"

The doctor, a stallion wearing glasses and a white coat, "They should all be fine. Luckily Fluttershy managed to patch them up early, otherwise it would have been alot worse. Scootaloo will need lots of rest, as will Rainbow Dash. In fact those two I would like to stay in the hospital for at least a few days, just to be sure they rest."

Tez nodded, "Thanks doc."

"Yes thank you ever so much." Rarity said.

"Yeah, Ponyville is lucky to have ya."

The doctor chuckled, "You flatter me, it is my duty to help all ponies that need it. Sweetie Belle and Applebloom can go home if you girls want to take them now, we will take Rainbow Dash and Scootaloo to the hospital here soon."

"Think you can get those two to share a room?" Tez asked.

The doctor thought for a moment, "I suppose. Why?"

Tez shrugged, "It might make Scootaloo a bit happy to be able to share a room with her idol. Besides it will be easier to find the two of them when we visit."

The doctor nodded, "Very well. I'll see what I can do."

Applejack, Big Mac, and Rarity took their sisters home, thanking Dash and Tez as they left. Rarity even kissed Tez on the cheeck, causing both him and Spike to go red in the face. Tez from blushing, Spike out of jealousy.

The doctors took Scootaloo and Dash away later, both grumbling about not being able to move for days or months or years. Tez had to chuckle at how alike the two were.

"Well, I guess since everything is taken care of we should head home." Twilight said as she put Spike on her back.

"Yeah, you head home ahead of me Twilight. I got something to take care of." Tez said.

"What's that?" Twilight asked.

Tez pointed to the body of the dragon. His face holding a "What do you think?" expression.

Twilight paled a bit and looked from the body, "Oh...yeah....I guess Flutterrshy would...want that moved somewhere else."

Tez nodded, "Hey're not still afraid of me now right?"

Spike blinked, "'s all cool bro." Spike looked to the dragons dead body and he gulped, "Yeah....all cool."

Tez frowned, but nodded, "I'll see you two later then. Don't worry about lessons Twilight, get rest...we can continue tomorrow.... We WILL continue tomorrow."

Twilight nodded, feeling a sudden sense of dread, "R...right." She slowly walked back home, praying that the next lessons would be....less painful.

Tez watched them go before turning to Fluttershy, "Well, I'll go clean your yard. Sorry you had to see that."

Fluttershy looked to the grown and said quietly, "It...its didn't have much of a choice...umm."

Tez smiled softly and walked over to the timid pegasus.

Fluttershy gasped as she felt Tez's finger slid gently up her neck to her chin, moving her head so she looked into his eyes. She gulped, feeling her heart beat quicken.

"T...Tez..." Fluttershy soon stopped talking as she felt Tez's lips against hers.

Tez kissed her for a time, pressing his body against hers as it was pressed against the wall. Fluttershy felt ready to faint, but at the same time could not help but enjoy the moment.

Tez soon stopped and licked his lips as he pulled away from Fluttershy, he winked and said, "Your very cute when you're shy."

Fluttershy blushed immensly, "Umm...ahh....I...uh."

Tez chuckled and turned to walk out the door. Fluttershy watched him go before following a bit. She watched him move towards the dragons body, his own shifting into his cat form. With a great feat of strength Tez gripped the dragon's tail and flung it towards the forest, sending it flying. It flew for a distance before crashing somewhere deep in the Everfree.

"Godbye to worthless trash." Tez said as he shifted back to his regular form. He turned to look at Fluttershy, who watched him from the door, her hair hiding most of her face.

"A good day Fluttershy. Do take care." With that he turned and began to walk back to Ponyville.

"Umm...bye Tez." Fluttershy whispered, before closing the door. She placed a hoof to her lips and shivered as she remembered the kiss. It felt so strange, she had never been kissed like that before, and had felt so good. She would remember the feeling for the rest of the day and well into the night. When she dreamed, her dreams replayed the event for her untill she awoke the next day, blushing.

Alright. A nice BIG chapter. I felt bad leaving you guys with nothing for two weeks, so I made it a real big one. Hope you enjoyed the bloodlust...cause more is going to follow.

Do enjoy, and fear not....chapters should return to a decent updating schedule now.

Chapter 22

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Another chapter :) and this is where the fun starts to take a turn.

Mextli grumbled. He hated caves, in fact, if he had to stay one more second in this tunnel he was going to go mad! He looked behind him to the column of Diamond Dog warriors, each one armed with a spear or sword of obsidian. Decorative feathered headdresses adorned their heads and their faces were covered in various tribal signs and symbols. Five hundred good warriors, only a portion of his total army, but he did not require the full force for this job. Besides, if word somehow reaches the rulers of this land he did not want to expose his full strength to them.

The key to victory in war, was always to have the advantage. Giving a last quick scan of his warrors Mextli felt certain that they were ready for this, even if they had their doubts of their intentions. So long as they did what they were ordered, and did not mess this raid up....he would be happy.

'Though I would feel better....if we were OUT OF THIS CAVE SYSTEM!' Mextli thought as he looked forward once more to the scout and guide. If the diamond dog failed to lead them to the right cave exit....he was going to have hot dogs for lunch.

Soon he saw a light ahead, and he smiled in glee as he ran ahead, causing all of his warriors to pick up the pace to catch up. Mextli did not care, he wanted to see the sun. To feel the warm light of day against his skin, or the cool nightly breeze and the illumination of the moon. Either one would do.

"At last." He said as he entered into the open world. The wind blew against his skin and it felt glorious. The sun shone down upon them as they entered into its light, Mextli would have prefered night for an ambush...but frankly after three days in a cavern tunnel he did not care anymore. Besides...this operation would not require much skill.

Mextli looked around and saw that they emerged on a large hill, near the roots of the mountain. Below he saw lights, hundreds of lights of a city. Fillydelphia. He smiled and slowly dragged his tongue across his lips.

"Finally. After three days of marching....finally I can do what I'm good at." he said to himself. He turned to face his warriors, all lined up perfectly; oh how long had it taken to pound proper military condition into their thick heads.

"Alright worms, that city is our target. I want three hundred of you to spread out around the perimeter of the city and the area beyond that, cut off any escape routes, the rest move in on the city with me. Capture all that you can, men women and children. Don't kill unless it's to preserve your own life. If anyone kills a pony without a damned good reason, I'll sacrifice you on the alter myself." Mextli growled glaring at his soldiers.

The dogs nodded gulping, their tails between their legs. They swiftly moved out to do their masters will.

Mextli smirked as he gazed down onto the town. He reached for the obsidian blade at his side and drew it. He pointed at the city and smiled.

"At last.....divinty awaits." He said and began the slow march towards the city.

Twilight fell to the ground exhausted. After four hours of warm ups, she needed a break. Still, she was happy despite the exhaustion. She had managed to complete Tez's warm up exercises without falling back into old habits or without failure.

"Not bad, now get up and we will start the real lessons." Tez said.

Twilight groaned, but obeyed standing up taking deep breathes.

"Your already tired from just a warm up. We will have to fix that." Tez smirked, his eyes glittering with a promise of something horrible.

Twilight gulped when she saw that glint, 'Oh boy....I don't like that look.'

"So...what now?" She asked.

"We will start with something necessary for all magi to learn. A simple shield, barrier, force field...whatever you want to call it spell. They are all the same in the end, just differnt name variations." Tez said.

"I know how to do that." Twilight said proudly.

Tez smirked, "Well then...lets test it. Make a shield around your body."

Twilight nodded and created a small barrier around herself.

Tez nodded, "Good. Now then, this will test to see how well you weave the magical energies through the shield to spread out the damage that strikes it."

Twilight blinked, "Huh?"

Tez lifted a hand, palm open wide as energy collected around it, with a neutral expression on his face he said, "Careful, this could kill you."

"WHAT!?!" Twilight shouted.

Tez fired his spell blast, striking against Twilight's shield. Twilight's shield took the blast, cracked in several places before shattering, the force of the blast flinging her backwards, landing on her back against the ground. Her mane and tail were ruffled up and she had bruises all over her.

She laid there, eyes wide and mouth hanging open. Tez walked over to her and said, "We don't stop, till you don't budge an inch!"

Twilight began to sweat. This was not going to be fun.

Spike ran as fast as he could. His heart beating through his chest, he looked around with wide fearful eyes and all he saw was darkness. was still there, the snarling growling monster that chased was getting closer.

"Twilight!" Spike yelled in fear.

The growling and heavy breathing grew closer, Spike looked behind as he ran and saw a pair of gold eyes closing in from the shadows of the darkness that surrounded him. He quickly looked straight ahead and felt tears run down his eyes.

"Somepony! Anypony!" Spike yelled.

Spike ran more before bumping into something. Spike rubbed his head and when his focus returned he choked when he saw a pair of spotted paws before him. Slowly Spike's head moved up till he looked into the glaring gold eyes of a tall bipedal spotted cat. Looking into Tez's eyes.

Tez smirked and bared his claws. All sharp and deadly.

"T-Tez...its me Spike...remember." Spike got to his feet and began to back away.

Tez laughed as he walked towards the little dragon. His tongue licked across his cainines drawing blood. He raised his arm into the air.

"Tez....this ain't" Spike started to cry as he called for help. But none came.

Tez's claw came down and Spike screamed. He bolted from his bed and looked around. He was in the library, Twilight's room, in his bed napping. He was safe.

'Just a nightmare. Come on Spike....Tez would never hurt're just thinking crazy.' He thought as he got out of bed, afraid to fall back to sleep and return to the nightmare that plagued his mind.

'It was....just a nightmare.' He told himself again as he headed downstairs to get something to eat.

Dash and Scootaloo sighed, another day in the hospital. Another day without movement of any kind.....boring....

Dash sighed and reached over for her Daring Doo book and returned to where she left off the other day. Scootaloo did the same with her book, a Daring Doo book as well only three books behind Rainbow Dashs. The two read silently to pass the time, though while they read their minds ventured into thoughts. Particuarlly to thoughts of a certain gold eyed pony.....something.....whatever.

'He is pretty cool. About as cool as me maybe,' Dash thought.

'He saved me, and he beat a dragon. That is really cool,' thought Scootaloo.

Dash sighed, why was she thinking so much about Tez. Sure he was strong, fast, cool, in amazing shape. She growled and held her head, 'Why is he always on my mind?'

Scootaloo could not help but smile slightly. Sure Dash had been there, but it had been Tez that had saved and protected all of them from that dragon. She liked that feeling, of being protected, of somepony keeping her safe from harm. It was comforting, it made her feel loved. It felt nice.

The two continued to read, till the nurse came in with breakfast. The two looked at the tray of hospital food and sighed. More wierd stuff with jello...oh goody.

Pinkie Pie hopped down the streets, eyes closed and with a smile on her face. As always not a care in the world, for little seemed to bring the pink mare down.

"La la la la la la." she sang as hopped.

"Howdy Pinkie," Applejack called to her friend from her applestand, "How are ya doing?"

Pinkie Pie hopped over smiling, "Oh i'm fine AJ. Have you seen Tez, I want to know if he wanted some cupcakes I made.

Applejack scratched her head as she thought for a moment, "Hmm no I haven't seen Tez since two days ago after he fought that dragon."

Pinkie Pie gasped, "Tez fought a dragon!?!" everypony within earshot heard this and all turned to look at Pinkie Pie.

"What!?!" They all shouted, beginning to crowd around AJ and Pinkie Pie, everypony asking questions.

"Now hold it there ya'll! Just be quiet a moment and I'll explain." Applejack shouted. Everypony went silent, even Pinkie Pie amazingly.

Applejack sighed, "Well you see it all started when my sister and her friends were trying again to get their cutie marks..."

Rarity hummed as she went about making her latest fashion line. Though from time to time she would stop to check on Sweetie Belle to make sure she was doing alright, and that she was staying out of any trouble. If there was one thing that Sweetie Belle was good at was causing a large mess from a minor action such as hitting a ball of yarn.

Sweetie Belle was busy drawing in her room thankfully. She did not do much since Scootaloo was still in the hospital and Applebloom was stuck in her bed at home. Out of the three her wounds were not as bad, though she still had to wear the bandages and wrappings on her injuries, she wished that her friends were all better because it was so dull without them.

"Hmmm what to draw?" Sweetie Belle asked herself, finally she got an idea, "Oh I know."

Picking up crayons and pencils she began to get to work. While she worked, Rarity walked in to check up on her, ever since the dragon incident Rarity had not let Sweetie Belle out of her sights.

"Are you doing okay Sweetie Belle?" Rarity asked.

Sweetie Belle stopped drawing for a moment and nodded, "Yeah I'm fine sis. Oh come see what I drew."

Rarity walked over and glanced down at the picture.She blinked at what she saw. It was Tez, if a slightly badly drawn version of him, but it was Tez all the same, only Sweetie Belle had given him cat ears and a tail. She could not help but giggle at that.

"Its Tez, though I don't think he has cat ears." Rarity said with another giggle, the thought of Tez with cat ears on his forhead was humorous.

Sweetie Belle giggled, "Yeah it is pretty funny, but I couldn't really get what he looked like as a cat so I settled for this. Do you like it?"

Rarity smiled, patting her sisters head, "it's lovely Sweetie Belle. I'll be getting back to work now, once I'm done we will go out for lunch, okay."

Sweetie Belle smiled, "Okay."

Rarity returned to her room and set to finishing her fashion line. As she worked her mind wandered, the picture had brought thoughts of the gold eyed man. That inevitablly brought back memories of the kiss, which caused her to blush once more.

'Oh that was completly unlady like. I just forced myself on him like a brute...yet...he said he didn't mind. Oh and it had felt so good.' Rarity thought giggling as she worked.

The feeling of his lips against had been delightful and exciting. Oh and the way he could use those fingers of his, Rarity could just feel them moving across her body as they relaxed every muscle in her body.

"No, now is not the time for fantasies, I must create." Rarity said to herself as she shook her head to regain her focus. Despite her words though, she found herself fantasizing more as she finished her work.

Something was going to happen. Something terrible that would change the face of Equestria. But....what was it?

Celestia got off her throne and walked to the balcony, overlooking the courtyard. Just as Tez had promised he no longer messed with the sun, though after reading a letter from Twilight detailing her training with Tez as she put it, "stressful and pushing. Filled with great difficulties and painful lessons," had her worried over her faithful student.

"I hope it's nothing too serious. Twilight does have a tendancy to make something worse than it is." the sun princess said to herself.

Celestia looked down at the courtyard, into the bushes of red and white roses. Her mind withdrew all that had occured over the last few months. From the reanimated, now dead guard and its strange threat from another being. To meeting Tez and all the things he did and accomplished. She was not sure how Tez was connected with the two, in fact she could barely see a connection at all, but...she had a feeling that he was. No real proof, but a gut insticnt that she could feel in her bones.

'Something is going to happen, and...I can't bring myself to accept the fact that...I might not be able to do anything to prevent....whatever it maybe.' She thought with fear.

She sighed and rubbed her head, feeling a headache come on. The past few days had been rather stressful, first she worried of what Tez was doing to Twilight when he trained her, the feeling of dread she had felt today, and now it seemed that Luna was falling for Tez. The last thought was the most worrying.

'It had to be Tez's doing. Luna rarely ever showed desires of a relationship with anypony in all the years that I have known her, but now she is starting to feel affection for something that isn't EVEN a pony.' Celestia sighed.

"I shouldn't be judgemental. Luna has been happier and has even been more social. But....still I worry about what she might be getting into. Tez....he doesn't seem to be all that he shows, he is hiding something." Celestia shivered as she remembered those gold eyes roaming over her body. They unsettled her, and the way he could be one way or another depending on a situation, and now add in his immense magical power....Tez was dangerous, she could tell. But....just how dangerous was he to her....and to all of Equestria?

Celestia looked up to the sky, "Oh mother...what should I do?"

"Balance on the spike using only the barest bit of magical energy." Tez said as he balanced on a sharp spike with only the tip of his right pointer finger. A tiny ball of magical energy glowed between where the finger and point of the spike met.

Twilight however...was not having as easy of a time. She was using more magic energy to keep her hoof from being pierced by the sharp spike, not to mention the soreness and aches she felt all over her bruised body from the defensive training was not helping; and she was sure that Tez inteded to test her on that again.

"Now, hold this posistion for twelve hours." Tez said as he fell to his feet away from the spike.

"What!?!" Twilight shouted in shock.

Tez smirked, "You heard me."

Twilight felt herself sweating again as she ground her teeth, "And what will you be doing?"

Tez chuckled, "Visiting Dashie and Scootaloo first, then run a few errands. I'll be back in twelve hours."

Tez prepared a teleportation spell but stopped and looked back to Twilight, "Oh yes just to make sure you are not tempted to slack off while I'm gone," Tez waved his hand and balls of energy appeared all around Twilight, "If you move from that posistion...those orbs will...well....don't move from that posistion till I get back if you value your health. Bye."

With that Tez teleported away, leaving a very nervous and very angry Twilight. Still, she had no choice, so she kept her focus on the task at hand. She looked at the orbs surrounding her and gulped.

Tez stepped into the hospital, he spotted Nurse Redheart at the clearance desk.

"Hello Nurse Redheart, how are you this fine day?" He said as he made his way over.

The nurse pony blinked and looked up from something she was reading, "Oh Tez, I should have expected it would be you. Here to visit Rainbow Dash and Scootaloo again?"

"Would there be any other reason I would be here?" Tez said.

Redheart chuckled, "No, I guess not. You can go in if you want now."

Tez nodded and made his way down the hall. He peeked into the room and saw that both the pegasi were busy reading, he could not help but chuckle at the scene. The two acted so alike,he wondered if Dashie acted like Scootaloo when she was younger.

"Hey, how are you two doing? Enjoying yourselves?" He said as he walked in.

The two pegasi looked up from their books, surprised by the sudden visit.

"Oh hey Tez, I'm doing fine....think you can get me out of here?" Dash said looking at Tez with begging eyes.

Tez smirked, "Sorry no can do Dashie. You'll have to wait a few days."

Dash's ears flattened and she frowned grumbling. Tez rolled his eyes and walked over to Scootaloo.

"And how are you doing?" Tez smiled as he ruffled Scootaloos mane.

Scootaloo swatted at his hand, "Hey cut it out."

Tez chuckled, "Sorry."

Scootaloo looked at her hooves fidgiting, "I'm fine."

Tez frowned, "You sure kid? You sound as if something is bothering you?"

"It's nothing. Just bored." Scootaloo said.

"She probably still blames herself for what happened." Dash said simply.

Scootaloo frowned, Tez looked at Dash with a slight glare.

"What?" Dash asked.

Tez sighed, "Look Scootaloo, you didn't know that a dragon lived in the Everfree. Don't let it eat away at you, everypony is fine, and a possible threat taken care of. Everything worked out in the end."

"But it is still my fault!" Scootaloo said as she looked up at Tez, "I keep trying to do things to get my cutie mark and they always end in disasters, and now I almost got my friends killed!" She looked ready to cry as she finished the sentence. She wiped at her eyes sniffling.

Dash frowned, she could understand why Scootaloo was upset. After all, what friend would not feel bad accidentally putting their friends in danger.

"Hey now, I told you already, don't let this eat away at you. You made a mistake, thats part of growing up," Tez said as he lightly wrapped an arm around the little filly, "Scoots it's a process that never ends. Isn't that right Dash?"

Dash blinked, "Yeah, I mean I haven't..." Dash stopped when she saw the look that Tez gave her and chuckled uneasily, "I mean...even I've made some mistakes."

Scootaloo sniffed and rubbed her eyes, "But..."

"No buts." Tez said, "I don't want to hear anymore about it. It's in the past, learn from it and don't wallow in pity over something you can't change."

Scootaloo looked up at Tez, she sniffed and buried her face against his chest as she hugged him. Tez smiled and gently wrapped his arms around the little filly returning the hug.

Dash watched the two, and she could not help but strangly feel a bit jealous of the attention that Scootaloo was getting from Tez. And that confusion only irritated her more.

'Gah, what is going on with me?' She thought. She returned to her book, giving the two a moment.

"And thats what happened." Applejack finished.

Everypony that had crowded around her and Pinkie Pie only looked at her with wide eyes, as their minds processed all that had been said.

"If ya'll think I'm lying ask Dashie, Twilight or Fluttershy or even some of the doctors at the hospital. They all saw it as well."Applejack said.

Pinkie Pie just sat there eyes wide. She was not really sure what to make of what she had heard.

Everypony soon began to talk, their words convaying both awe and fear. Others shock and disgust.

"He killed a dragon!"

"He must be very powerful to do something like that. Can the princesses even defeat a dragon?"

"Isn't taking another life against the law of Equestria? Should we report it to the guards."

"Why, dragons are dangerous creatures. The fact that one was living in the Everfree so close to town is terrifying. I'm glad Tez got rid of it."

"Didn't the dragon hurt four ponies? It was self defense."

"I still think we should tell the guards, killing something isn't right."

Everypony argued and talked, eventually leaving in groups or alone as they digested and discussed the news. No doubt that the news of what Tez had done would be known all over ponyville.

"I hope that none of this causes Tez any problems," Applejack said to herself before looking at Pinkie Pie, "Hey Pinkie okay."

Pinkie Pie blinked, "Huh? Oh sorry AJ I guess I was lost in thought for a moment. Did Tez....really kill a dragon?"

Applejack nodded, "Yeah he did. I can't say I agree with what he did, sisters safe, as are Rainbow Dash, Sweetie Belle and Scootaloo and that's what's important."

"Yeah that is good, super dooper looper good," Pinkie Pie began to hop around AJ as she said this but stopped and frowned.

Applejeack blinked, not use to seeing a frown on Pinkie's face, "Something wrong sugarcube?"

Pinkie Pie rubbed one of her legs, "Well...It's just...I was thinking we should throw a party for Tez. A Super hero thanks party but....I don't doesn't seem right to celebrate a party when he had to kill something...."

Applejack's eyes widened and her mouth dropped open. Pinkie Pie not sure if she should throw a party!?! It was as if the entire world was ending. But...she did have a point, it did not seem right to celebrate a death, even if it was a dragon.

"Don't you worry about it Pinkie Pie. I don't think Tez would want a party for that anyway, he doesn't seem the type ta want all that recognition." Applejack said as she put a hoof on Pinkie's shoulder.

Pinkie Pie looked to AJ with a smile, "You're right AJ, oh I know we should throw you and Applejack is right party. Ooh, I'll go start the planning." With that Pinkie Pie ran, leaving a bright pink trail.

"Uhhh.." Applejack said as she blinked. Eventually she just rolled her eyes with a chuckle, that was Pinkie Pie for you. Random, but a good pony. Applejack got back to selling apples, though she would at times think of gold eyes and the man that looked through them.

Mextli looked around with a smile on his face. He dragged his tongue across his cainines drawing a thin line of blood. Everywhere he looked he saw dogs dragging ponies of various types into the ground or away from the city in nets and bindings, some even dragging them by their tails. Many of the ponies were unconcious, but those that were not were unable to put up any resistence due to broken legs or wings.

'It's beautiful.' He thought. He made his way down, spotting a group of armored ponies and pegasi giving some of his soldiers trouble. By the bodies the ponies had already killed four of his men, well that would not do.

"I hate doing this...but that is insulting to me." Mextli said as he lifted a finger aiming it at the ponies.

Red energy began to crackle about his finger before several rays of energy blasted from the tip of his finger and struck into the hearts and heads of the resisting ponies, killing them instantly.

Mextli walked over to a wounded Diamond dog, after dispatching the ponies. He looked down at the mutt with disappointment, months of training and he had been bested by some horses.

"Insulting." Mextli said as he slashed his sword across the dogs neck, severing the head from the rest of the body.

Mextli smirked and lifted the sword up to his eyes, the sun shining on the blood stained obsidian. Slowly Mex dragged his tongue against the bloodied blade, enjoying the sensation as the blade cut into the muscle. The taste of blood was almost better then sex.

' so beautiful.' He thought as he looked for more to kill or capture.

Fluttershy smiled as she fed all the animals around her cottage. She was glad they had all come back after the fiasco with the dragon. She blushed as she remembered what had occured afterwards, Tez had kissed her, and she had...liked it.

She blushed even more, she had never really given much thought into romance. Mostly because she was so shy, she was not sure anypony would really like her. Yet, she could not, and did not want to deny that she liked Tez, she liked him a great deal.

'Oh...but does he like me?' Fluttershy thought, 'He must right? He wouldn't kiss me if he didn't...but...what if he just likes how I taste.'

Fluttershy frowned as she tried to figure out the confusing emotions and circumstances. It was all so confusing, she wish she had more experience with these things. But, she did not, and that meant she had to figure it out.

Feeling something thumping her leg Fluttershy looked down to see Angel, who was tapping his foot on the ground arms crossed.

"Oh, I'm sorry Angel I guess I was just lost in thought. What was it you wanted again?" She asked.

Angel face-palmed and sighed.

Tez waved good bye to Scootaloo and Dash, saying he would visit again tomorrow. He would have stayed longer, but the nurses say that they should rest so Tez could never stay long. Still if it helped them get better Tez did not mind, he would give up his right foot if it got Dashie and Scoots fully recovered.

As he walked out the hospital and into town Tez noticed that everyponies attention was very accurate today. Since it was on him after all. Ponies here and there would stop to look at him, or watch him from the cornors of their eyes, some would even whisper to their neighbors.

Tez looked around, a bit unsure of what was up with his sudden....populairty? Suspicion? Was he just that good looking?

'Considering that this town, and if I am correct most towns in Equestria have a higher female ratio to male ratio, I'm probably a well talked about subject among the mares. Though....I don't remember ever being stared at like this...ever.' He thought.

Tez felt a bit insecure with the staring, so he made fast time through town.

"Hey! Tez!"

Tez stopped and looked to where he heard the voice. At a cafe he saw Rarity and Sweetie Belle, who had been the one to call him. Tez waved and walked over.

"Hello Sweetie Belle. Rarity. How are you two doing this day?" Tez asked.

Rarity smiled, she wore one of her specially designed hats, "Why hello Tez. I'm quite fine, me and Sweetie Belle were just having lunch, would you care to join?"

"Oh oh oh, please Tez, please." Sweetie Belle begged, having lunch with her sister was fun, but to have it with Tez as well would be so much fun.

"If I won't be intruding, I suppose so, sure." Tez said as he sat down. The table was a small circular one with four stools around it, so he sat with Rarity to his left and Sweetie Belle to his right.

"So, Tez, what have you been up to today. It is good to see you up once more, we were all really worried about you after you passed out after moving the sun." Rarity said as she looked over the menu.

"I've been well. I meant to tell you girls I was up, but I had important matters to discuss with the princesses." Tez said as he picked up his menu and scanned over what was available to eat. Not surprisingly very little of it was edible to him.

"Oh Tez, did you go and visit Scootaloo today?" Sweetie Belle asked.

Tez turned to the little filly and nodded, "Yes. She is doing better, though I doubt she and Dashie are enjoying the lack of movement," Tez chuckled, "I swear those two are so alike you would think they were sisters."

Rarity giggled, "Yes, those two are quite alike."

Tez laughed, then turned to Sweetie Belle, "And how are you Sweetie Belle?"

"Oh, I'm fine. Just bored, I wish Scootaloo and Applebloom would get better now." Sweetie Belle leaned against the table frowning.

Tez smiled and patted Sweetie Belle's head a moment, "Don't worry. They should be up and about in a few more days, then you three can return to your crusading."

'And probably cause more injury to yourselves.' Tez thought.

The waiter soon arrived and took their orders. Rarity ordered a salad, Sweetie Belle hay fries, and Tez...well Tez just asked for some water. The waiter nodded and left to give the orders to the cooks, saying their meals would be here in a few minutes.

"How come you're not getting anything to eat Tez?" Sweetie Belle asked.

"Now Sweetie Belle, if he isn't hungry then he doesn't have to get anything to eat." Rarity said.

Tez chuckled, "Well, that is true. But also even if I was hungry, I couldn't eat much of what is on the menu."

"Why is that darling?" Rarity asked, "The food is quite good here I can assure you."

"It's not that Rarity, it's just...well...I can't eat alot of the stuff ponies can."

Rarity blinked then realization came to mind, "Oh...yes I guess I can't really see you eating hay."

"But Spike eats hay." Sweetie Belle said.

Tez nodded, "Yes he does. He also eats gemstones and I doubt any of us can do that. Dragons seem to have stronger stomachs."

"Oh," Sweetie Belle said.

Their orders soon arrived, Tez sipped his water, while Sweetie Belle and Rarity enjoyed their meals.

"So tell me Tez, why did you keep your cat form a secret? Surely you could have told us, we are your friends are we not?"

Tez rubbed the back of his head, "Sorry. When I remembered that I could do it, I guess it just didn't seem all that important."

"It was so cool. When you said you were part cat you meant it." Sweetie Belle said.

Tez chuckled, sipping his water more.

"Well I guess it is alright, you weren't hiding anything malicious at least. Though how you use that form is a bit barbaric." Rarity said.

Tez smirked, "I suppose so. I hope I did not traumatize you all too much."

"Oh don't worry darling, while I can't say I agree with what you did you certainly didn't seem to have much of a choice. Having a dragon so close to Ponyville is a terryfying thought."

"I'm sure." Tez said.

Tez spotted some ponies who stared at him. He cast them a quick glare and the ponies quickly looked away and ran. He smirked with satisfaction, having the kind of eyes he had did have advantages.

With that Tez continued in ideal conversation with Rarity and Sweetie Belle. Though even as he conversed he could not help but shake the feeling that something was wrong.

Sunny Seeds ran fast, cradling her daughter close to her. She was not sure what was happening, but she had to get her little Lilly away from here. Away from the Diamond dogs and that terrible gold eyed monster.

"Mommy I'm scared." Lillyseeds whimpered as she covered her eyes from the carnage around them.

"Shhh, just stay quiet dear. Mommy will get us someplace safe." Sunny Seeds comforted her daughter before running to another alley way.

Running down alleyways and other covered routes she swiftly made her way to the gates. She gasped at what she saw, dozens of royal guards laid dead on the ground, their bodies sliced and torn by the diamond dogs weapons. She did her best to cover her daughters eyes more, not wanting her to see this.

'Oh dear Celestia. Why is this happening? Diamond dogs never do this...why now?' She thought as she ran.

Luckilly the gate was open, though it was probably that very same thing that had made it easy for the Diamond Dogs to enter the city so quickly. A bitter irony.

Sunny Seeds ran as fast as she could into the woods. Soon they would be well away from here, then...she would have to go to Canterlot and tell the princess about this, unless one of the royal guards had managed to get away...the princess had to know about this.

A snap of a twig caught Sunny Seeds attention. Her eyes widened as she saw a group of four Diamond Dogs rush at her, nets and weapons in claw.

She ran. She ran as fast as her hooves could take her, Lillyseeds began to cry against her chest.

"Mommy!" Lilly cried.

Sunny looked back, she had left the Dogs behind, but she could hear more getting close. She looked for a path to take, but could find none that would not lead to the sounds of panting Diamond Dogs.

Sunny looked down at her daughter in her hooves and felt tears well up in her eyes. She spotted a hollow in a tree, and knew what she had to do.

"Lilly. No matter what happens remember that mommy loves you." She said as she ran to the tree.

"Mommy. What are you doing mommy?" Lilly said, sensing something wrong.

Sunny sniffed and kissed her daughter before putting her in the hollow, doing all she could to hide her.

"Lilly, no matter what happens you stay right here till night okay. I'll find you then." Sunny kissed her daughter one more time.

"Mommy..." Lilly cried, but was hushed by her mother. She sniffed and nodded, doing as her mother asked.

"I love you Lilly." Sunny said before running, hoping to lead the dogs away from her daughters hiding place.

Lilly watched her mother go, tears running down her eyes. A group of dogs passed by and she ducked down and kept silent. She heard sniffing, and felt as if a dog was getting closer.

Her heart rate increased and she placed her hooves over her mouth to keep silent. More sniffing for a time, then the dogs began to bark and the sound of many bodies running past was heard. Then...everything was silent.

Lilly did not move, afraid to make any noise. She just sat there, her eyes closed...and prayed that her mother was okay.

'Mommy. Please be safe.'

After lunch, Tez accompanied Rarity and Sweetie Belle back to the boutique. He couldn't stay, but he felt that he could at least escort them back.

"Well you are just a gentlecolt arn't you." Rarity said.

Tez shrugged, "I try," he opened the door to the boutique, "ladies first."

"Why thank you Tez." Rarity said as she walked in, Sweetie Belle following.

"No problem, I'd love to stay and chat but I have some things I need to take care of." Tez said.

"Aww, do you have to go?" Sweetie Belle asked as she frowned. She looked at Tez with puppy eyes.

"Sorry Sweetie." Tez said.

"Aww." Sweetie frowned and walked away. Tez frowned, he didn't like to see the little filly upset.

"Don't mind her. She is just bored without Scootaloo and Applebloom. She'll be back to her normal happy self in a bit." Rarity said.

Tez smiled lightly, "Yeah. Well I should get going, it was a pleasure to spend time with you Rarity."

Rarity smiled, "It was a pleasure as well Tez."

Tez smirked and leaned forward a bit to kiss Rarity's cheek. The seamstress pony blushed and fidgeted a bit.

"Tez, that is rather forward....not that I'm complaining. But..." Rarity stopped midsentence when Tez placed a finger under her chin and lifted her head to look into her eyes.

"Why fret if it's not a bother. Simply....enjoy it." He said before kissing her once more, this time on the lips.

Rarity blushed more as Tez pulled away and turned to leave, giving a wink as he walked away. Rarity watched him go, a hoof over her heart. Regaining her composure she smiled lightly and closed the door, she giggled a bit and returned to her work, while her thoughts lingered on Tez.

'It doesn't matter if he is a pony or not, he is perfect.' She thought as she worked on some new designs. She hummed to herself as she worked, her mind focused on the gold eyed man.

"Gr-Great one. We capture all ponies we could find." The diamond dog said as it approached the terrifying gold eyed creature that was the pack leader of all the tribes in the mountains. The dog hoped that it did not offend its new alpha, it did not want to end up like former members of tribe. He wanted to keep his heart.

Mextli looked to the dog that addressed him and smirked, the dog quivered with fear and bowed his head low. Mex looked down at the city, some fires had started from his magic and the struggle they had recieved from the royal guards. Even though these ponies had not faced a real military threat, the guards had proven to have some minor combat skill, they had managed to kill at least twenty dogs before they were overwhemled.

'Not much, but I'll give them some credit given the circumstances of things here.' Mex thought as he turned back to the dog.

"Good. Drag them back through the tunnels and to the temple. I expect all the prisoners to be sacrficed on the alter in the temple when I return in three days."

" won't go back with us mighty one?" The dog asked.

"No," Mex said, "if I go back into that tunnel for another three days I'll kill someone. You wouldn't want that now would you?" Mextli leaned forward smiling, showing his sharp teeth to his soldier.

The diamond dog gulped and shook his head.

Mex smirked, "Good. Now get out of my sight." Mex turned and watched the city burn slowly as the fires spread.

The dog said nothing and quickly ran away to give the orders to the rest of the soldiers.

'A whole city of prisoners. Sure we had to kill some, and some of the guards had to be killed. But still a city that had to have housed at least ten thousand citizens.' Mex thought with joy.

While such a small force as he had might not have been successful in capturing all the citizens, at least the ones not killed, on their own...but with him leading the forces...well it was a giant leap forward for his plans.

'Now....if Tez is really alive...lets see if he comes here. If not...well, I'll find him eventually.' He thought. He smirked as he thought of the dogs. He wondered how long it would take for them to realize that with all the prisoners it would take them longer to get through the tunnels and even more so to sacrifice them all.

'I wasn't even being serious on the time schedule. But, maybe it will make them work faster.' Mex thought with a laugh.

Tez walked down road to Sweet Apple Acres. He wanted to check in on Applebloom and make sure the little filly was doing okay.

Spotting the farm, Tez picked up speed and began a jog quickly closing the distance between himself and his destination in a few moments. He stopped and looked around, he saw Big Mac pulling a plow across a field.

"Hello Big Mac, working I see." Tez said as he walked over.

"Eeeyup." Big Mac said, not stopping as he plowed the field.

Tez smirked, he loved Big Macs way of answering, "Is Applejack out in the orchard?"

"Nope. Market." Big Mac answered.

"Is Applebloom awake? Mind if I go inside and say hello?"

"Sure. She might like a visit from you." Big Mac said, seeing that his usually way of answering wouldn't suffice.

"Thanks." Tez said as he walked to the house. He stopped though, and kneeled down and placed his hand on the field.

'The soil is good. Very fertile.' Tez thought as he lifted a finger to his mouth and licked it. 'Good soil. Good earth here.'

Tez stood up and continued to the house. Big Mac, having seen what Tez did had stopped and blinked in confusion. Though he shrugged it off and got back to work.

Tez walked in and saw Granny Smith asleep on her rocking chair. He couldn't help but smile a bit, he walked quietly up the stairs so as to not disturb her. Reaching Applebloom's room door he knocked.

"Who's there?"

Tez opened the door and said, "Surprise."

"Tez!" Applebloom said with a smile. She was laying on her bed, leg wrapped in a cast. She did her best to raise herself a bit, leaning against her pillow.

"Hey there Applebloom. How are ya doing?" Tez said as he walked over.

"I'm fine, though it's boring sittin in bed all day." Applebloom sighed.

"I know, it's rough when you got a broken limb. But hey it's not all bad, you can still do all the homework sent to you from school." Tez said with a smirk.

Applebloom rolled her eyes, though she smiled a bit, "Heh, yeah. Still, I'd rather be out crusading."

"Well if your recovery is the same as Scoots you two should be back and causing trouble in a few more days." Tez said as he ruffed Appleblooms mane.

Applebloom giggled and pushed Tez's hand away, "Cut it out. So what are ya doing here Tez?"

Tez smiled, "Visiting you, seeing how you're doing," Tez scatched his chin and he looked up, "Hmm....though...I can't help but feel I'm forgetting something it's probably not that important."

"Well I'm fine. How are Scootaloo and Sweetie Belle?" Applebloom asked.

Tez chuckled, "They're fine. Scoots seems to be ready to climb the walls if she doesn't get moving. Same with Dashie. Sweetie Belle is just bored out of her mind as well. She really misses you two."

"Well...I think after this we won't be doing anything dangerous again," Applebloom said with a slight frown, "sorry Tez."

"Hey now, no frowning," Tez said, "you three made a mistake, learn from it but don't let it eat away at you. I don't like seeing you girls sad. it doesn't suit you."

Applebloom looked up with a slight smile, "Yeah, Ya'll are right. I know fer sure I'll be remembering this fer the rest of my life."

Tez smiled, "Good. Lets focus on better things. Like...why do you have several dead trees in your orchard?"

Applebloom blinked, then giggled, "Oh you silly, those arn't dead trees, they're zapapple trees."

"Zap what?" Tez said as he tilted his head confused.

Applebloom giggled and proceeded to tell Tez what zapapples were.

Tez left Applebloom to rest, after she had explained everything about zapapples. After saying his goodbyes and giving her a farewell hug he exited the house pondering on what he had learned.

'So...polka dots before the water singing....or was it the water bunny hop before the dots or...gah...that has to be the wierdest and strangest magical ritual I have EVER heard. How do they remember it all?' He thought as he felt a headache come on just from trying to even figure out what step came first.

As Tez walked down the road back to Ponyville, he decided that zapapple magic was just beyond him. As he walked he could not help but feel as if something was wrong.

'Hmm...why do I have the strangest feeling....that something terrible has just happened.' He thought.

Tez sighed and looked up at the sky. The sun was beginning its final descent over the horizon.

"Guess it's time to head home." Tez said to himself as he walked into town.

"Howdy Tez."

Tez stopped and saw Applejack near her stand. She was busy packing things up as she waved to him.

"Hey AJ," Tez said as he walked over, "How are you."

"Just fine. How have you been?"

Tez shrugged, "Fine. Though I've been getting looks from everypony in ponyville."

AJ blinked then looked at the ground, blushing a bit, "Oh...really....sorry about that."

Tez raised an eyebrown, "What do you mean by that?"

Applejack laughed nervously, "Well...I guess I kinda ended up telling a bunch of ponies what you did the other day...and I guess they started spreading the word around."

Tez sighed and facepalmed, "That explains it."

"Sorry." Applejack said, ears flattening.

Tez waved a hand, "Don't worry about it. Just as long as they just stare and not try to run me out of town."

"I don't think they'd do somethin like that." Applejack said.

Tez looked around, noticing some staring ponies. He gave them a quick glare and sent them running, "I'll take your word for it," he looked back to AJ, "so what have you been up to?"

"Been selling apples." AJ gestured to her cart with a smirk.

Tez chuckled, "Oh yeah. I guess I should have figured that out."

The two laughed for a moment, then Applejack asked, "So Tez what have you been up ta?"

"Well, I visited Scoots and Dashie. Then I had lunch with Rarity and Sweetie Belle, then I visited Applebloom." Tez said.

"Well that's might nice of ya ta visit my sister. Shes been kinda down lately, though I'm sure once she is all better she'll be happy again." Applejack said.

Tez nodded, "Yeah, I figure it's the same for all three of the girls."

"Well it was good seein ya Tez. If ya want ta work tomorrow, I'll see you on the farm bright and early." Applejack said as she hitched herself to her cart.

Tez smirked, "It's a date then."

Applejack stopped and looked back in surprise, "Wha- What?"

Tez chuckled, "You're cute when surprised."

AJ blushed, "Quit kidding around."

Tez placed a finger under Applejacks chin and lifted her head, "Who's kidding?"

AJ blushed more and stepped back, "I..I'll see you on the farm tomorrow....bye." With that she walked off, mumbling to herslef.

Tez watched her go, mostly watching AJ's flank. He licked his lips, and turned to head back to the library.

Applejack looked back and watched Tez leave, she thought to herself, That sweet talkin...he was just joking around.....right?'

Whatever Tez's reasons, a part of her hoped that he actually meant what he said.

Tez walked on to the library. As he walked he felt as if he was being watched, which was odd since there was nopony on the street.

"Hey Tez."

Tez jumped and turned around, seeing Pinkie Pie standing there with a smile.

'How does she do that?' He thought as he regained his composure.

"Hey Pinkie, you caught me by surprise." He said with a chuckle.

Pinkie giggled, "Yeah I do that with everypony. I haven't seen you all day, what have you been doing? Well other then beating a dragon?"

Tez twitched, "So you heard about that...."

"Well of course silly," Pinkie Pie said as she zipped here and there around Tez, "I mean who wouldn't hear about it. pony would have if AJ hadn't told anyone, but come on you can't keep something like that a secret. I mean it's big, really really big. Bigger then a giant party cannon for giants. It's even bigger then cider season, and thats a big thing in Ponyville."

Tez blinked, "Uh....You seem to be taking in....well....most ponies have been staring at me."

"Oh I don't really think what you did was right, I mean you could have talked with the dragon. Talking sorts everything out, that and lots of laughs and hugs," Pinkie gave Tez a hug, "see. Don't you feel all better inside."

Tez blinked, he could smell Pinkie Pie's scent. It smelled like candy, he couldn't help but remember her sweet taste and he licked his lips, "Yeah...."

Pinkie Pie smiled and let go of Tez, "Still, you did what you had to do, and we can't really judge you for that. Besides you beat a dragon! Who can say that, well maybe Fluttershy, but she mostly just gave it The Stare to make it go away."

"The what?" Tez asked.

"The Stare," Pinkie Pie said in a way that made it sound mystical, "It's when Fluttershy gives this really intense stare. She can make anything do what she tells them with it."

Tez blinked, "That's interesting."

"So what have you been doing?" Pinkie Pie asked.

"Visited Dashie and Scoots. Then had lunch with Rarity and Sweetie Belle, then visited Applebloom and just talked to AJ awhile ago." Tez said.

"Well you're a busy wissy beaver today arn't you." Pinkie said with a smile.

Tez chuckled, "That's one way of putting it. So what are you doing Pinkie Pie?"

"Talking with you silly." Pinkie said with a giggle.

Tez rolled his eyse with a smirk, "Well, is there anything you want to talk about? It is getting late."

Pinkie looked up, "Hmm yeah it is, umm I guess I should go. Bye Tez, I'll see you tomorrow." Pinkie Pie giggled with a smile

Tez smiled, "Sleep well then Pinkie." He leaned in and kissed her cheek.

Pinkie blinked and blushed. She went still and felt her heart beat faster.

Tez chuckled as he waved bye and walked off. Pinkie Pie watched him go before smiling and giggling. She turned and hopped back to Sugarcube Corner.

Tez entered the library and saw Spike sorting some books.

"Hey Spike." Tez said.

Spike jumped and looked around, "Whaa, oh Tez...its you...hehehe." Spike looked around and edged a bit from Tez.

Tez frowned, "Spike, I'm not gonna hurt you."

Spike blinked, "Uh...right...sorry. How ya doing bro?"

Tez shurgged, "Doing fine."

"Same, say you and Twilight done training now?"

Tez blinked, as realization came to him, "Oh crap!!" He vanished in a flash of magic, returning a few seconds later carrying an exhausted and shakey Twilight in his arms.

"Twilight! What happened?" Spike said as she rushed over.

Tez chuckled uneasily, "I uh....forgot she was doing something. So I left her doing it longer then I had assigned her. Still I'm impressed she lasted that long."

"Is she gonna be alright?" Spike asked.

"I'm....fine Spike." Twilight moaned.

"Sorry Twi." Tez said as he carried her upstairs.

Twilight mumbled as Tez put her into her bed and tucked her in.

"I....did it...." Twilight said looking up at Tez with exhausted eyes.

Tez smiled gently, "Yeah. Now just rest need it." He kissed her forhead once and watched Twilight slowly fall asleep.

It did not take her long, because after everything that happened she could sleep for a hundred years. Tez watched Twilight sleep for awhile before walking back downstairs.

"Is she gonna be okay?" Spike asked.

"Yeah. She just worked her magical muscles to the breaking point. A little rest and she will be all better." Tez said.

"I hope so. Well, if you're hungry Tez I can make something up fast." Spike said.

Tez shook his head, "Nah, I'll be heading to sleep now. Sleep well Spike." With that Tez retired to his room and fell onto his bed.

He looked up at the ceiling as sleep came to him. Sadly his dreams brought him no peace, for all through the night his dreams were filled with blood and screams of the dying, and the dead.

Lilly sniffed and looked outside the hole in the tree she hid in. It was night and yet her mommy was no where to be seen.

"Momy?" She said as she got out slowly.

Lilly looked around, tears in her eyes, "Mommy. Where are you?" She got no answer, just the silence of the night.

'Mommy...where are promised you'd find me.' She thought as she felt ready to cry.

Lillyseeds shook her head, "No...I have to be brave. Mommy said she'd find me and she will. She promised."

Lilly looked around and gulped, "But....I don't want to be here's scary.....but where should I go....?"

Lilly tried to figure out where she should go so her mother could find her, till something grabbed her.

She went to scream, but something covered her mouth muffling the noise. Something said, "Stay quiet if you want to live.'

Lilly shivered with fear as she looked behind her to see who her captor was, afraid that it was a diamond dog.

It was a guard, a pegasus guard, one of her mothers friends, Stormchaser was his name.

"St-Stormchaser?" Lilly asked.

The pegasus was beaten badly, his body covered in bruises and he had a bandaged wrapped around one of his eyes. He smiled and nodded, "Hey kid. Glad to see you're safe. Is your mother around here?"

Lilly shook her head, "Mommy hid me and ran off. She promised she'd find me when night came. Have you seen her?"

Stormchaser frowned and gulped, "Sorry"

Lilly sniffed and looked ready to cry, Stormchaser paniced and tried to find a way to prevent it.

"Hey, don't cry now. I'm sure she got away." He said, hoping to comfort the filly.

"You sure?" Lilly asked rubbing her eyes.

"I'm sure," He looked around, "We should get away from here. If I know your mother she would go someplace safe, don't worry you'll see her again."

"Okay. Can we go find her?" Lilly asked.

Stormchaser sighed, "Sorry kid, we can't right now, we have to get to Canterlot."

"But why," Lilly asked, "We have to find mommy."

Stormchaser shushed the little flilly, "Shhh, I know kid. But we have to tell the princess about what happened here. Besides it will be safer if you were in Canterlot. But I promise you after we tell the princess what happened here I'll find your mother for you."

Lilly sniffed but nodded, "Okay."

Stormchaser smiled, "That'a girl. Hang on now." With that he picked her up and took flight, glad that his wings had managed to escape injury.

'The princess has to know what happened here....and especially about that gold eyed monster,' Stormchaser thought as he flew as fast as he could, 'SunnySeeds....please be okay.'

AND DONE! Dang that was a big chapter. Still things are heating up now. Hope you enjoyed it :)

Chapter 23

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Those of you who are starting to dislike Tez a bit, be prepared for more, but then later I'm sure you will love him again. Either way more stuff coming some be ready :)

Mextli sat in meditation on a rocky outcropping over the now burnt and destroyed ruin of the city of fillydelphia. He could smell the charred remains of bone and flesh. Burnt wood filled his nostrils, and the lingering hints of blood still filled the air.

'I know you're there.' he thought, 'I know you're still alive. So stop wasting time and find me.....we have so much to do.'

He opened his eyes and looked out to the horizon as the sun began to rise.

'I know you're out hurry up and find me. I'm waiting!!!'

Tez looked off towards the east. He gazed in a single direction, unblinking for a time before returning to watch the sun rise and the moon set.

'Something will happen. Or something has happened already and more is to is...difficult to say.' He thought.

Turning he went to get dressed, after which he entered the library and wet up the stairs into Twilight's room. She was still asleep, and Tez could not help but watch her sleep for awhile.

'She looks cute when she is sleeping.' he thought, 'I'm pushing her hard. But it will benefit her in the future.'

He placed his hand on her shoulder and shook her, "Twilight. Twilight wake up."

Twilight groaned and pushed his hand away. Tez smirked, "Alright...." He placed his hand on her shoulder and sent a slight magical shock through her.

"AHHH!" Twilight shouted as she shot up out of bed. She glared at Tez as her mane stood on end.

"Tez!" She growled.

"Ah you're awake good. Time for more lessons." Tez said, ignoring Twilights anger.

Twilight blinked and groaned, "Alright."

"Hey, are you guys going out?" Spike said, woken by Twilight's scream.

"Oh sorry Spike. Did we wake you?" Twilight asked.

Spike yawned, "Yeah, but don't worry about it."

"Sorry we woke you Spike. Though yeah, I'm taking Twilight to train more." Tez said.

Spike got up, "Well have fun. I'll be doing my chores and then go see if Rarity needs any help with anything." Spikes eyes turned to hearts at the thought of helping the fashionista.

"Well try to enjoy yourself Spike." Twilight said as she brushed her mane and tail.

Spike nodded, "I will, try not to push yourself too hard Twi, I was worried last night."

Twilight smiled, "Thanks Spike, I'll be more careful." Despite what she said, Twilight was not sure if she could keep to those words. Tez was teaching her after all.

"When you're ready Twilight, I'll be downstairs." Tez said as he went downstairs to pack a lunch.

Twilight nodded as she finished brushing her mane, and started on her tail. Once she was done she patted Spike on the head and headed downstairs.

"Okay, lets go." She said as she stood next to him.

Tez picked up the basket that held their lunch and teleported them to their training zone.

Stormchaser splashed water into his face. He felt awake with the cold water hitting his face.

'Hmm, the water is getting colder,' He thought as he looked at some of the leaves on the trees, noticing some were already changing color.

'Hmm, almost fall. I was hoping to do the annual running of the leaves....guess that won't be happening now.' He thought as he walked back to the clearing where he and Lilly had rested for the night.

He found the little filly still asleep, her eyes were slightly red from crying. Stormchaser frowned, the poor girl didn't deserve this.

'Oh Sunny, I hope you're safe. For Lilly. For me.' He thought as he moved over to Lilly to wake her up.

"Hey Lilly. Wake up." Storm said gently as he nudged the little filly awake.

Lillyseeds groaned as she opened her eyes, rubbing the sleep from them. She looked up at Stormchaser, "Good morning."

Stormchaser smiled, "Morning. Come on, time to get moving again."

Lilly got up with a yawn, "Can we have breakfast first?"

Stormchaser looked behind him, back to where Fillydelphia had once been. He looked to Lilly, conflicted with his feelings, on one hoof he wanted to put as much distance between them and the city, and get word the Canterlot as soon as possible. But, on the other he had to take care of Lilly, and he couldn't just starve her till they got to Canterlot.

He tried to think of something, then realized that he might have a solution. He dug into his saddlebag, yes, it was still there.

"Well, it's not much kid but here." Storm said as he fished out a paper bag and handed it to the little filly.

Lilly to the bag and looked inside, she stuck her hoof in and pulled out a muffin, "Muffins?"

Storm chuckled, "They might be a bit dry, I had bought them for lunch, but when the city was attacked...I guess I forgot about them till now. Still its better then nothing."

Lilly smiled a bit and ate the muffin, "Thank you Mr. Stormchaser."

Storm waited for her to finish eating, while he did he planned out how they would proceed from here. They would probably walk for a time, before he carried Lilly again as he flew. Stormchaser took to alternating between flying and walking, due to the fact that despite his best efforts to patch himself up he was still sore from his wounds, and the fact that Lilly was extra weight to carry when flying.

"Don't worry about it kid. And call me Stormchaser, or Storm, no need for the Mr. part, makes me feel old."

Lilly frowned, "Sorry."

Stormchaser smiled and patted her head, "Eh, don't worry about it. Just eat up and we'll start flying again soon."

"Okay." Lilly said as she ate a few more muffins before giving the bag back to Storm.

He put the bag away and scooped up Lilly into his hooves and took off. He flew low, so as to avoid being seen by anything while he was in the sky. Perhaps a bit over cautious, but after what he saw...well he was going to play it as safe as he could till they reached Canterlot.

Tez watched as Twilight struggled with a complex use of magic, that in maintaining a shield that protected against both magical and physical attacks. Several boulders hovered behind him ready to be thrown, while he held his right arm out, palm spread open.

"Okay, Twi...lets try again." He said as he charged a magical blast.

Twilight gulped and focused all she could on the shield. Her body was bruised and her mane singed, "Alright.....go."

Tez blasted the energy at the shield, the blast struck but Twilight's shield held. Tez nodded and held up a finger before lowering it as if he was pointing, sending a boulder flying towards Twilight. The rock hit the shield, shattering into a hundread pieces. Twilight staggered a bit, but her shield held.

Tez nodded, " see how you do under pressure." He lifted both his hands up and began charging energy before firing rapid fire shots of energy blasts at Twilight's shield. The boulders broke into smaller sized rocks and launched themselves at Twi as well stiking her shield in unison with Tez's energy blasts.

Twilight clenched her teeth, her head pounded with pain from headaches as her body ached all over. The strain on her body from the training and the almost constant and strenuous usage of magic was unbearable.

Yet, it was amazing, everything she was learning. Tez had opened up pathways of magic use she had never even thought of. That Starswirl the Bearded even wrote about. Spells to protect against the elements, ways of levitation of objects, mass teleportation, even animation of inanimate objects.

'And there is so much more.' Twilight thought with glee. Sure the work was difficult, and Tez worked her to the bone, but it was going to be worth it. At least she hoped so.

Twilight slowly opened an eye when she felt the barrage against her shield stop. Pieces of rock laid everywhere around her, and she shield remained in place. She smiled and jumped with joy.

"Yes. Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes!" She said as she hopped around in a circle.

Tez smirked, "Not bad. Get yourself something to drink then we will start the next lesson."

"Right." Twilight walked over to the picnic basket, and got herself a bottle of water.

As she drank she found herself looking over at Tez, who stood silent, arms crossed looking out towards the horizon. Twilight found it strange that while he can be so kind, he could also be hard and even dangerous.

'I wonder...what made him this way?' Twilight thought, 'I mean...he wasn't just born that way was he?'

"Are you done Twilight?" Tez asked as he turned around.

Twilight blinked and took a last minute drink, "Uh yeah. So what is next?"

Tez smirked, and Twilight gulped. That smile...did not promise enjoyment.

Spike ran down to the boutique. He had finally gotten all his chores done and was eager to go help the most beautiful pony in the world.

Spike soon found himself at the door of the boutique. Spike reached up and opened the door.

"Welcome to Carousel Boutique. Oh hello Spike, what are you doing?" Rarity said as she heard the bell ring and seeing the little dragon.

"Oh I was wondering if you needed any help with anything." Spike said.

Rarity smiled, "Oh that's sweet of you Spike, but I don't know if I need any help with anything. Let me think."

As Rarity thought a loud crash was heard from upstairs, causing both Rarity and Spike to jump. Rarity ran upstairs and Spike followed.

Rarity stood outside her room, her eyes wide and her mouth hanging open. Spike walked over and peeked inside and his mouth fell open.

The entire room was a mess. Fabric rolls laid about on the floor unrolled, or hanging from the bed. Maniquins were in piles on the floor, it was as if a tornado had hit the place. And the cause stood in the center, eyes wide and ears flat. Sweetie Belle. The little filly slowly looked to the open door and smile.

"Uh...hi sis. Hi Spike." Sweetie Belle said uneasily.

"Sweetie Belle! What did you do!?!" Rarity exclaimed as she walked into her room looking around. All her inspirations...scattered everywhere. She felt ready to faint.

"Um...I was...just trying to help put some things away...but..." Sweetie Belle looked to her hooves, upset that she caused yet another mess with her clumsiness.

Rarity ground her teeth, but took a deep breath and let it out slowly. She couldn't get mad at Sweetie Belle, the poor filly was just lonely since her friends were unable to play. But, she needed to get her out of the house, at least for a bit...just untill she finished her latest designs for a fashion show next week.

Rarity looked to Spike and suddenly she had an idea.

"Spike, could you be a dear and perhaps play with my sister? Just till I can finish my designs for next week? It would really help."

Spike nodded swiftly, "Sure thing Rarity."

Rarity smiled, "Thank you Spike. Why don't you two go outside," Rarity looked at the mess, "I have some cleaning to do."

Sweetie Belle walked out of the room, following Spike downstairs. She was still looking at the ground and her ears were flat. Spike frowned, and tried to find a way to cheer up the filly.

"Hey so are things?" Spike said, trying to start some conversation to lighten the mood.

"Oh...okay...I guess." Sweetie Belle said, still upset.

Spike bit his lip, "Hey saw Tez fight that dragon."

Sweetie Belle's ears perked up, "Oh yeah, did you see him. He went pow, and then wham." Sweetie Belle punched her hooves here and there in mimicry of punches.

Spike remembered, and gulped, "Heh...yeah...he was...something." He laughed nervously as he scratched the back of his head.

Sweetie Belle smiled and seemed happier as she went on, "He was amazing, I don't think anypony could beat a dragon."

Spike felt those gold eyes on him again, and he started to shake a bit. His nightmares coming back to him. He gulped, " is really something."

Sweetie Belle looked at her bandagse, " know it was really scarey. That dragon might have....killed us." She shivered at the thought of how close she had been to death.

Spike looked at Sweetie Belle, "Yeah...I've met that dragon as well. If it wasn't for owlicious I don't think I would be around." Spike could still remember all the running he did.

Sweetie Belle sat down on the couch, "I was kinda afraid when Tez killed that dragon. But, when I think about it...if he hadn't then that dragon would have hurt us or somepony else someday."

Spike blinked, he had never really thought of that, "Yeah...I guess you're right."

Sweetie Belle frowned and curled up, "I know he tells us not to blame ourselves, but....if we hadn't gone into the forest then no pony would have gotten hurt."

Sweetie Belle closed her eyes tight, tears welling up slightly as she sniffed.

"I just seem to cause nothing but trouble for everypony." Sweetie Belle said as she silently cried.

Spike frowned and moved over to her, sitting down next to her. He wasn't sure what he should do.

'Oh, what does a guy do when a girl is crying?' He thought. Not sure what to do he just placed a claw on Sweetie Belle's shoulder comfortingly.

"Uh...hey...don't be sad.....everypony makes mistakes. I know I've made lots of them, like when I tried to frame Owlicious for killing a rubber mouse."

Sweetie Belle rubbed at her eyes and looked at Spike, "Huh?"

Spike coughed and rubbed the back of his head, "I uh...took a toy mouse and put ketchup on it and tried to make Twilight think that Owlicious was a vicious didn't go over so well and that sort of led up to me meeting that older dragon."

Sweetie Belle blinked, then giggled, "That is silly, why did you try to do something like that?"

Spike blushed and chuckled a bit, "I guess I was jealous of the attention Owlicious was getting. But, I learned from it, now me and the bird are pals. Though I hate it when he keeps saying who, he knows I'm talking about him but he keeps saying it." Spike sighed in exasperation of the birds wierd behavior.

Sweetie Belle giggled, "You're funny Spike," she hugged him, "thanks."

Spike blushed a bit by the sudden hug, "Fo-for what?"

"For making me feel better. It's wierd that you've lived here so long and we never really talked before."

Spike blinked, "Hmm, yeah that is wierd."

"Well thats gonna change, you're my friend and friends should always find time to play with each other," Sweetie Belle said as she got off the couch with a smile, "Come on, lets go."

Spike blinked, then smiled and followed Sweetie Belle, 'You know, she's pretty nice.'

Tez drank some water, he could not shake the feeling that something was happening. Something that would move the pieces of the future into chaos. It was freightening, and yet at the same time invigorating.

'Still...whatever it is, I hope I'm ready for it.' He thought as he watched Twilight practice a new spell, something to do with the manipulation of ones senses. Or was it physical abilities?

'Eh, it doesn't matter. She learns fast, thats what matters.' Tez thought as he stood up and looked to the horizon. It was early evening, perhaps six or seven pm.

"Hey Twilight..." Tez began,

"AHH!" Twilight shouted as she covered her ears.

Tez blinked, then chuckled. He waited a bit for Twilight to remove the spell and said, "A little too much amplified hearing?"

Twilight rubbed her ears and nodded, "Yeah. Ouch, you didn't say that would happen."

"I figured you were smart enough to know that the more energy put into amplifying a sense the more risks that sense can face." Tez said.

"What kind of risks?" Twilight asked.

Tez smirked, "Imporved sight can suffer blindness easier if it is met with a bright source of light. Sense of touch can cause great deals of pain to shoot through your body due to over sensitivity. Hearing can be damaged, even your own ability to smell can over power you if you smell something really rancid."

Twilight frowned, "You could have warned me you know."

Tez shrugged, "I suppose so. Anyway, it's close to dinner, and you have progressed alot faster then I had originally thought so lets head home and get something to eat."

Twilight picked up the basket, "Alright. Want me to teleport us home this time?"

Tez nodded, and Twilight cast the spell flawlessly.

Appearing infront of the library the two walked inside and saw a very surprising sight. Spike and Sweetie Belle were laying on the floor asleep. The two were cuddled up next to each other. The sight was just adorable.

"Awww." Twilight said softly.

Tez just smiled, "Well that is just cute."

Twilight quietly walked over and picked Spike up with her magic, careful to not disturb the little dragons slumber.

"I'll take Sweetie Belle home then." Tez said as he gently picked up the filly.

"Alright, say hi to Rarity for me okay." Twilight said as she walked upstairs, carrying Spike.

Tez nodded and carried Sweetie Belle back to Rarity's. The little filly moved a bit, but she did not awake. Eventually she wa snugled comfy in his arms. Tez could not help but smile a bit, 'I swear if cuteness was a weapon this planet would be a dangerous time bomb.'

Reaching the boutique, Tez knocked on the door, careful to not drop Sweetie Belle for the small amount of time he held her with one arm.

Rarity soon answered and when she saw her little sister asleep in Tez's arms she smiled slightly.

"Thank you Tez," She whispered, "I was wondering where she had gone. I guess she and Spike wore each other out."

Tez nodded, "Seems so, but thats what kids do."

Rarity took Sweetie Belle from Tez, "Thank you for bringing her home Tez. I haven't seen you all day."

"I've been training Twilight. I've taken over her education in magic." Tez said

Rarity blinked in surprise, "Really? You never told me that."

Tez rubbed the back of his head, "Eh...I guess it just slipped my mind."

Rarity smirked, "Well mister, you certainly have a few things to explain. It isn't very nice to keep things like that a secret from your friends."

Tez chuckled uneasily, "Heh...sorry."

Rarity smiled, "Well, don't worry about it. Now I should go put Sweetie Belle to bed. Have a pleasant night Tez."

Tez bowed, "You as well Rarity. Oh yes, and Twilight says hi."

"Tell her I said hi as well. Good night Tez." Rarity said as she closed the door.

Tez turned and walked back to the library. Returning he walked upstairs to see Twilight reading a cook book. Pots and pan sat on the counter, among various ingredients.

"What'cha doing Twi?" Tez asked as he walked over.

Twilight turned in surprise, "Oh Tez. I didn't hear you walk upstairs. I was just deciding on what to make for dinner, since Spike is asleep I figured I'd make something."

Tez blinked, "Uh Twi...have you ever cooked before?"

Twilight was smiling as she placed some veggies on a cutting tray, "No, but it cant be that hard. Just got to follow the book," She looked at an entry, "Lets see, two cups of chopped vegetables. Easy." She used her magic to lift a cutting knife up as she aligned the veggies just right with her hoof.

Tes panicked and grabbed the knife from her, "Whoo. Um Twilight, how about if I make dinner."

Twilight's ears flattened, "But why? I can do this."

Tez gulped, "It's not that I don't trust your skills," though he did question the safety of Twilight wielding a sharp object, "It's've done so well in your training I think I should be the one to cook for you."

Twilight frowned for a moment before nodding with a slight smile, "Okay. That's nice of you Tez."

Tez sighed in relief, "Right. Sit down and relax, I'll get something done in a moment."

"Alright," Twilight went to the table and sat down, "Hey Tez..."

Tez skimmed throught the reciepe book before finding something that he could eat as well, "Yes Twilight."

"You really think I'm doing well in my training?" She asked, unsure if he was just being nice.

"Of course Twilight. You've progressed farther then I had originally expected. You adapt well to the proper usage of magic, even after years of bad habits. I'm impressed." Tez said as he set to cooking.

Twilight smiled, "So what will you teach me next?"

Tez kept cooking, but remained silent as he thought for a moment. Twilight sniffed the delicious scent of whatever Tez was cooking and her stomach growled a bit.

"Hungry I see. Well don't worry almost done." Tez said as he used his magic to levitate some plates to him to put the food on.

Tez placed the food on the plates and set the plates on the table. He brought over two glasses and filled them with milk and silverware. After that he took a seat and said, "Enjoy."

Twilight was amazed, it all looked so good, it smelled good. And when she took a bite, it tasted amazing.

"Tez! This is delicious! How did you learn to cook this good?" Twilight asked before she began to eat.

Tez smirked, "Just something I remembered."

The two talked every so often as they ate. Twilight could not help but smile.

'We've never really eaten together like this. Usually Tez will just go to sleep or eat something after all of us.' Twilight thought.

Twilight looked at Tez as he ate silently, she hoped they could do this again. It felt nice to spend time with him like this that did not involve training.

Tez noticed her staring and just winked at her. Twilight blushed and returned to eat.

'Now if only I could figure out why he makes me feel so strange when he does that. Maybe it's in one of my books.' Twilight thought, vowing to find in her books the explanation to these strange emotions she felt.

Captain Shining Armor. Captain of the Canterlot Royal Guard, walked into the throne room, feeling as if the entire weight of the world was on his shoulders right now.

'This news doesn't make me feel good. I hope the princesses know what to make of it.' He thought as he neared the throne. He was glad to see that both princess Celestia and Luna were there, it would make things easier.

"Ah Captain Shining Armor. What brings you here this eve? I trust all is well?" Celestia asked with a smile.

Shining Armor frowned, "No princess. I'm afraid that I have some....terrible news."

Celestia and Luna looked to each other, then to Shining armor. Their eyes held worry.

"What is wrong Shining Armor?" Celestia asked.

Shining armor gulped, "It's..Fillydelphia your's been attacked...."

Celestia's and Luna's eyes widened, and dread came into their hearts as they learned more of the event that took place.

There we go. Sorry it took so long, this week had been a finals week. Really busy. Hope you enjoy this chapter. :)

Chapter 24

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Another chapter :) Arn't you happy? Prepare for some actiony scenes and lots of violence and destruction. Always good right :).

Celestia rubbed her temples. She looked down to her sister, who was busy comforting a young filly. Lillyseeds was her name, the poor girl had been at Fillydelphia, Celestia could only imagine what she was forced to see.

"Sergent Stormchaser, is there anything else you can tell us?" Celestia asked.

Stormchaser sighed, he had been asked to give his account of the events at Fillydelphia personally after Captain Shining Armor alerted the princesses of what had happened.

"They came without warning and started capturing ponies regardless of age or gender. Any if they didn't capture, they killed. Though I can only imagine where they took the ponies they captured." He said, the memories of the events flashing back in his mind.

"Were there any other survivors?" Luna asked as held the now sleeping Lillyseeds. The poor girl had cried when she learned her mother wasn't in Canterlot.

Stormchaser shook his head, "I don't know. I hope so, but I doubt it," Stormchaser thought for a moment, "But...I do remember what their leader looked like."

Celestia walked up to the guard, "Please, tell us. It could be important."

Stormchaser nodded, " was a very strange creature. It walked on two legs, and it lacked any sort of fur or hair, save for a patch of it on its head."

Celestia and Luna looked at each other. What Stormchaser was describing was very close to...

"But the one thing I remember the most, were those gold eyes....those horrible golden eyes. They were slitted like a dragons, they were nothing like I had ever seen before." Stormchaser finished.


Tez stretched, enjoying the sound of cracking joints. It was well into the morning and he had decided to call today a day of rest, so no lessons today much to Twilight's distress. She had been eager to learn more, but Tez insisted on giving her a day to rest. And a day for him to be lazy and relax with lots of cat naps.

'What...I have every right to a day of laziness.' He thought to himself.

He looked outside his room window to the glorious sunshine. It was a beautiful day, nothing could ruin this right?

"Tez!" Twilight said as she bust in, "Princess Celest...."

Tez turned in surprise, he turned with his arms crossed and a smirk on his face. Twilight just went red in the face as she realized that she had bust into his room...while he was undressed. She screamed and immediatly stepped out of the room and closed the door, leaving it open just a crack for her voice to be heard clearly.

"I-I...Sorry! I'm so sorry. I should have....oh dear." Twilight stammered as she blushed more.

Tez just laughed, "Perhaps next time you should knock." Tez walked over to his dresser and picked out some clothes to wear.

Twilight blushed more and waited. She found it odd, that while ponies mostly walked around without clothes on, unless they felt like it or at social gatherings, she would be so flustered seeing Tez undressed.

Twilight blushed more as she realized at what she saw and she covered her face, 'This is so embaressing. Oh dear....'

The door suddenly opened and Twilight looked in surprise to see a now clothed Tez standing there with a slight smirk.

"So," Tez said, "What is this about Celestia?"

Twilight stood straight and tried to regain her composure, but it was difficult given the circumstances, "Umm...well the princess has requested all the element bearers and you in Canterlot immediatly. She said it was urgent news."

Tez nodded, "Hmm, makes sense. Want me to go gather up the rest of the girls?"

"It would be faster if we.." Twilight began but stopped as Tez vanished in a flash of light. He had teleported.

Twilight blinked then sighed, "Of course," she looked at the letter again then placed in on the table and went upstiars, "Spike. I'll be going to Canterlot once Tez comes back with the rest of the girls, can you watch over things here while I'm gone."

Spike looked up from his breakfast of gem stones, curtesy of Tez, "Yeah, don't worry about it Twilight. Your number one assistent has everything covered."

Twilight smiled, "Thanks Spike. I'm glad you're here to help. I shouldn't be gone long I hope."

Spike nodded as he drank his juice, setting his cup down he said, "So what do you think the princess has to say that is so urgent?"

Twilight frowned, "I don't know Spike, but I hope it is nothing serious."

Despite her hopes, Twilight could not help but feel that whatever the princess was calling them for...would deal with the entire fate of Equestria.

It did not take long for Tez to return in another flash of magic, with five ponies irritated ponies, or perhaps four irritated ponies as Pinkie Pie was just hopping up and down with a smile and going on about how cool it was that Tez could teleport that all like that.

"Alright Tez! What is the big idea just appearing out of nowhere and...doing whatever you did to take me here?" Dash asked with irritance as she walked up to Tez and looked him right in the eyes. Though her wing was still bandaged and kept in a splint, the rainbow maned pegasus was well enough to walk.

"Dashie's right Tez. Whats the meaning of plucking us all up like apples off a tree?" Applejack asked.

"It was most certainly very rude of you darling, interrupting my work like that." Rarity said with a bit of irritation in her voice.

" was a bit surprising that you showed up so suddenly." Fluttershy said meekly.

"That was awsome," Pinkie said as she hopped around Tez, "You were like "Poof" and here we all are."

Tez chuckled at Pinkie Pie's excitement, "Look girls, sorry if I pulled you away from anything important but Twilight said it was an emergency."

"He is right girls," Twilight said as she came downstairs, "I'm sorry if Tez bothered you, but this is very important."

"Well what's wrong?" Dash asked with some impatience.

"I don't know, but the princess said it was important." Twilight said.

"Well what are we standin here fer? Let's get going." Applejack said.

Rarity seemed a bit distraught, "Oh dear, do I look okay, I want to look presentable in front of the princess."

"Oh don't be fretting on appearance right now Rar." Applejack said.

"Oh, I hope it's nothing serious." Fluttershy said worried.

"Oh maybe there are left over clouds of chocolate rain!" Pinkie Pie said with glee.

"Whatever the reason, we should get going now." Twilight said, quieting everypony, who all nodded in agreement.

"Well then, let us get going. Shall I take care of the transportation? Or do you want to Twilight?" Tez asked.

"What are you two talking about?" Dash asked confused, "Arn't we taking the train?"

"I can do it." Twilight said and she began to gather magical energy.

The rest of the girls watched with surprise and wonder as Twilight engulfed them in a sudden burst of magic and before their eyes the entire location shifted from the library to the grand hall of Canterlot Castle.

"Twilight Sparkle?"

Twilight looked and saw princess Celestia, and Luna. Both were staring at them with surprise.

"Princess Celestia. I'm sorry if we surprised you, but you said that it was important and..." Twilight began, afraid she had interrupted the princess.

"No I'm glad you are all here. I was just surprised, I did not know that a teleportation spell could take more then one pony." Celestia said impressed.

Luna nodded in agreement and said, "Indeed. Tez taught you how to do that did he not?"

Twilight nodded, "Yes, he has taught me so much. He knows ways to use magic nopony has ever thought of."

"Wait. Ya mean you've been teachin' Twilight magic Tez?" Applejack asked.

"Well of course silly, where else would the two be on several days when we can't find them." Pinkie Pie said with a giggle.

Tez blinked, "Uh...Pinkie, Other then Rarity, Dashie and I guess Fluttershy if she overheard me talking to Twilight after the whole dragon incident, they are the only ponies that I told I was teaching Twilight in magic. So how do you know?"

Pinkie Pie just giggled, "Silly, the author told me."

Everyone just blinked and went, "Huh?"

Pinkie Pie just giggled and everyone just assumed it was Pinkie Pie being Pinkie Pie. Applejack looked to Tez a bit irritated, "So how come ya never told me about this? I think I have a right to know this, I mean ya told everypony else."

Tez just shrugged, "Well I didn't really intend to tell anyone, didn't seem all that important really."

Applejack just glared at Tez, but Rarity placed a hoof on her shoulder and said, "Don't be too mad at him Applejack, he never really told any of us we all sort of found out over time."

Applejack huffed, "Still, it'd have been nice to know."

Tez sighed, "I'm sorry. But right now we have more important matters."

Celestia made a mental note to ask Tez what he meant by Dragon Incident but for now more pressing matters had to be attended to, "Yes. My little ponies I asked you here beacause something very terrible has happened."

"What is it princess? Is Discord free again?" Twilight asked

Celestia and Luna shook their heads. Luna then said, "We are afraid it is far worse Twilight Sparkle. About a few days ago we recieved word that Fillydelphia had been attacked."

The ponies gasped, and Rarity seemed to have gone pale.

'Fillydelphia? Oh no, mother! Father!' She thought, feeling sick in her stomach.

"What happened!? Is everypony okay!?! Are my parents okay?" Rarity asked, afraid of what the answer might be.

Everypony was a bit surprised by Rarity's sudden outburst, but they could all guess what it was about given what she had said, though Tez knew right away. Rarity's parents had been in Fillydelphia

Celestia frowned, "Please just try to stay calm Rarity. But...I don't know."

Rarity frowned and looked at the ground, "I'm sorry princess, please forgive my little outburst. It was completly unlady like."

"It's alright Rarity. You're just worried." Celestia said calmly with a comforting smile.

"So what happened princess?" Applejack asked.

"We don't know all the details, but apparently an army of Diamond Dogs attacked the city." Luna said.

"Oh no. I hope nopony was hurt." Fluttershy said meekly.

"Why would Diamond Dogs attack a city?" Pinkie Pie asked a bit confused.

"We don't know, but...well I think it is best if you heard it from a witness. There are a few things that don't make sense." Celestia said as she asked them to follow her and Luna.

They followed the princesses from the hall into another room where they saw a royal guard and a young filly, who was asleep on a bed. The guard was looking out the window, but turned when he heard the door open.

"Sergeant Stormchaser, these are.." Celestia began.

"You!" Stormchaser shouted and charged at them flying. Or more precisly at Tez.

"Stormchaser wait!" Celestia shouted, but the guard was already closing in on Tez, who merely stood there as the guard drew closer and closer his hoof raising to strike. Only to be stopped by Tez's hand.

Tez stood there silent, his face blank of any emotion as he held the guards fist only three feet from his face. Tez just smirked and brought his other hand up and striked the guards leg. The sound of snapping bone soon followed.

Everypony cringed as they heard bone break. Fluttershy looked ready to faint, and it only grew worse as Tez soon twisted the guards broken leg, causing him to scream in agony.

"Tez! Stop!" Celestia shouted, but Tez ignored her as he let go of the guards broken leg and reached out and with a quick twist broke his left wing, causing more screams of pain and fall to the ground.

"TEZ!" Twilight shouted in horror.

Celestia felt sick and Luna was horrified. Fluttershy had fainted and Rainbow Dash, Pinkie Pie, Applejack and Twilight stared at Tez in shock. In the room the young filly had awoken from the shouting and was now cowering under the covers, lightly sobbing.

Tez ignored them all as he looked down at the guard, "Attack me without a reason again...and I won't be so gentle next time."

Stormchaser gasped in pain and struggled to say, "M-monster!"

"Yes I've been told that alot," Tez said with a smirk, his eyes holding an evil glint, "and what does that make you who would stand against me soldier. A man? A dog? A monster?"

"Tez! Enough!" Celestia shouted.

Tez chuckled, "Sorry Celestia...but I don't like being attacked without a reason."

"I'm sorry about that Tez, but that did not give you the right to..." Celestia said.

"I said I was sorry. So calm down, besides I could have done alot worse to him if I had wanted to, he'll recover at least." Tez growled.

Everypony looked at Tez as if he had grown a second head. Tez looked at them all then sighed, "Can we please just get on with this. So tell me soldier why did you try to attack me?"

"You know damn well why," Stormchaser said as he struggled to his feet, "you and your damn dogs attacked Fillydelphia."

"Wrong fool. On two reasons, one being I have never been to this city you speak of, nor do I have an army of dogs at my beckon call. Two, if I was whoever attacked Fillydelphia...why would Princess Celestia and Luna allow me to freely walk in the very capital of their kingdom. Let alone why would I even be here at all if I was guilty of what you accussed me of?" Tez said as he crossed his arms.

Stormchaser blinked and thought on that, "Uh....I guess...that does make some sense."

"Stormchaser, beleive me I have known Tez for awhile, and I have no doubt he was not responsible for what happened at Fillydelphia," Celestia walked over and magic gathered around her horn, which she gently placed on Stormchasers broken leg and wing. The magic flowed into the broken limbs and they began to heal at a quickened pace till they looked good as new.

Stormchaser tested his wing and leg, then bowed to Celestia, "Thank you Princess. Forgive me for ignoring you when you said to stop...but...he looked so much like the leader of the dogs...I guess I was blinded by anger."

Tez blinked, 'Looked like me? Could he mean....'

"It is alright. I'm sorry that you had to suffer those injuries." Celestia said, "Now allow me to introduce you to Twilight Sparkle and her friends. They are the bearers of the elements of harmony."

Stormchaser nodded, "It is an honor to meet the bearers of harmony."

Everypony turned from Tez, who was now deep in thought, and looked to Stormchaser. Fluttershy was still unconcious, but she was slowly beginning to come to.

Twilight nodded in return, "It is a pleasure to meet you Stormchaser." Though her thoughts were focused on Tez, 'Does he have ANY guilt at all for what he did?'

"Stormchaser? Are you okay?" The little filly asked as she peeked out from under the covers. She eeped when she saw Tez and hid under them again.

Stormchaser walked over and sat next to the filly, wrapping a hoof around her, "Its okay Lilly, I'm fine. There's no need to be afraid."

"But....the monster is here." Lillyseeds said as she pointed at Tez.

Everypony looked at Tez, who simply stared off into space. Luna walked over and placed a hoof comfortingly on the little fillies shoulder, "Now little one, Tez isn't the one who attacked your home. You have nothing to fear from him."

Lilly sniffed and looked up at the moon princess, "But he hurt Storm. So...doesn't that make him bad?"

Luna blinked and tried to think of an answer, "Uh...."

"Now hold on there youngin, Tez might have been wrong when he hurt him, but Tez has done nothin but help out ponies. He might be a bit rough at times but he is a good one at heart."

"Yeah, right Tez?" Dash said as she turned to Tez, only to see he was not there, "Huh?"

"Eep!" Lillyseeds hid under the covers again, as now Tez stood right next to her. Luna and Stormchaser blinked and backed away a bit in surprise.

"Dang, how does he do that?" Dash complained at how fast Tez had moved.

"Tez, perhaps you should..." Luna began, but was cut off as Tez gripped the covers and threw them away exposing Lilly, who shivered in fear as she looked up at him.

"Hey, leave her alone can't you see she's scared!" Stormchaser said as he moved back next to Lilly and wrapped his hoof around her.

"You said you saw someone that looked like me." Tez said.

Stormchaser nodded, "Yeah...well the eyes were similar don't have the same facial features as the other one did...but you look pretty close."

Tez nodded and turned to Lilly, "You did as well?"

Lilly just shivered and hid in Stormchasers embrace but gave a light nod.

Tez turned and walked out the door, "They're alive."

Luna followed after him, "Tez. What do you mean, their alive?"

"Yeah Tez. What's up?" Dash asked.

"They're alive." Tez said simply and with a flash of magic he vanished.

Everypony just blinked and looked where he had been. Dash just crossed her arms, "Well that was helpful."

"What did he mean when he said, "They're alive?'" Applejack asked confused.

"I don't know but we have to find out." Celestia said.

"Twilight," Luna said, "Can you follow Tez? He has most likely gone to Fillydelphia."

Twilight thought for a moment then nodded, "Yeah I should be able to. I can teleport us all there."

"Now hold on, how do we even know that's where he went?" Dash asked.

"Come on Dashie, its where the Stormchaser feller saw another gold eye feller." Applejack said.

Dash blinked, "Oh...yeah I guess that makes sense."

"Oh um...should we though? What if whatever was there is still there?" Fluttershy asked in slight fear.

"I don't care if it is. I'm going there and I'm going to find my parents. Now let's go Twilight." Rarity said with solid resolve.

"Oh boy, maybe we will see two Tez's! Oh then that would make one Tez the good twin and the other Tez the evil twin. Our Tez is obviously the good Tez, so the evil Tez is..." Pinkie Pie thought for a moment, "Zet!"

Everypony looked at her for a moment, then simply shook their heads. That was Pinkie Pie for you.

"Well if we are going we should go now." Twilight said as she prepared the spell.

Everypony gathered around and waited, and soon they vanished in a flash of light.

Tez walked through the burned remains of the city. The smell of death and decay lingered here like a miasma. For the most part the city was clear of any bodies, save for the rare corpse of a diamond dog or pony. It was odd, why attack a city and not occupy it? What was the purpose?

Tez stepped on a black burnt skull, the bone cracking and snapping beneath his bulk. Strange that he found such...peace...among the dead and smell of violence.

A flash behind him and the scent of eight ponies he knew appeared behind him. Tez turned and saw the princesses and the girls standing behind. Each one took a quick look around before paling. Fluttershy fainted when she saw the rotting corpse of a diamond dog, spiders and flys crawling on the flesh.

"Oh my...I'm going to be ill." Rarity said as she covered her mouth.

Celestia and Luna looked ready to throw up. Celestia looked around in horror, Luna shook as her eyes gazed upon the destruction.

"Oh...I...I don't like it here." Pinkie Pie said as her hair deflated.

"This...isn't right." Twilight said as she covered her nose.

"This is sick. And it smells." Dash said as she covered her nose and mouth.

"Yes. It is isn't it." Tez said simply as he bent down and picked up a burnt skull. He held it up and looked into the sockets.

"Tez....could you..please put that down." Twilight asked, a bit unnerved that Tez was not bothered by any of this.

"Rarity looked around, her face growing paler by the second, "Mother...father. Please be alright." She said to herself, praying that this carnage had not engulfed her parents.

"Whatever did this...I hope it has left." Celestia said. She looked ready to cry when she saw several ponies laying dead on the groud. They all bore the armor of the Royal Guard.

"I don't understand. What was the point of all of this?" Twilight asked.

Luna was busy trying to wake up Fluttershy, shaking her a bit, but said, "From what we know Diamond Dogs attacked, lead by a golden eyed creature like Tez. But we find it odd that they would just destroy a city and not occupy it."

Tez nodded, "Yes. And if they were just out to exterminate the populace, there is a lack of bodies. I would guess if we did a body count we would be messing a few several thousand ponies if not more."

Tez tossed the skull away, he sniffed about and felt that something was off.

"Hmm...." He looked up to a rocky outcropping. An unfamiliar scent was drifting from there, carried by the wind. Strange, it almost seemed familiar.

"Well well well." Someone said.

Tez and the girls turned and saw a figure standing on a pile of dead ponies and dogs. The girls gasped at what they saw; it looked like Tez. Bipedal and with black hair, and golden slitted eyes. The only difference was that this one stood perhaps a foot taller then Tez.

The figure looked over at Tez with a smirk, then cast its gaze to the ponies and glared. He looked back to Tez and said, "Tez! What are you doing with these....creatures? I would have expected you to kill anything that breathed, and yet here you are with eight still living organisms. Have you finally regained some of your sanity?"

"Who the hell are you? How do you know my name?" Tez asked with a growl.

Pinkie felt her knee get pinchy, 'Oh no....something bad is gonna happen.' She backed away a bit from the strange Tez look alike. She was getting bad feelings from him, she did not like it.

"Alright buddy, I don't know who you are, but I'm guessing you're the one responsible for all of this." Dash said as she glared at the man.

The figure smirked, "You would guess right. What are you going to do about it?"

"I'll show you!" Dash said as she flew at the man.

"Dashie wait!" Tez called, but it was too late.

Dash closed the distance between her and the unknown man, but before she could land a strike the man drew back a fist and swiftly struck Dash across the face, sending her flying to the side and into the ground.

Dash hit the ground and laid there. She groaned in pain and placed a hoof over where she had been hit, which was already turning purple. She coughed and spat out some blood, along with a tooth.

"Dashie!" Everyone called. The girls quickly ran over to their friend to see if she was okay. The princesses stood with Tez, glaring at the unknown man with hatred.

"How dare you." Celestia growled, magic charging in her horn.

"Thou art a monster." Luna said as magic gathered in her horn as well.

Tez glared at the man, baring his teeth, "You have ten seconds to tell me who you are before I slit your stomach. Take your guts and put them in a bowl!"

The man frowned, "You really don't remember?"

Tez growled and shook his head, "No. Seven seconds left."

The man growled, "Damn it. Tell me Tez, did you ever hit your head or suffer a severe traumatic wound since we arrived here?"

Tez blinked and nodded, "Yeah....when I crashed here. I suffered a bad head injury. It almost killed me, why? Three seconds."

The man growled and face palmed, "Great. Fine I guess I have to do this the hard way. I wish Acol was here, he was always better at this then I was. Hold still Tez, this is for your own good." The man lifted a finger and pointed it at Tez. Magic gathered at the point.

"Zero! Good bye!" Tez shouted and charged, closing the distance between him and his target within a second.

The man smirked and released the spell just as the tip of his finger touched Tez's forhead. The effects were instantaneous.

Tez stopped in mid strike and swiftly grabbed his head, stumbling back in pain as his head was assulted with savage pain and memories flooded his concious without pause.

"AGGGH!" Tez screamed.

"Tez! The girls yelled.

Tez screamed more as he fell to his knees. His head pounded with agony as things he never recalled came back with a savage vengence. Things, he now remembered....that he never wanted to remember and had always wanted to forget.

He screamed more and more, until finally he stopped and the pain subsided. But in its place...was new pain. Pain....and anger. Rage.

Tez gasped for air as he held his head and began to cry.

"I guess you remember now. Sorry it had to be this way, but frankly I don't have time for a history lesson. Now get up and lets get going."

"Tez...." Twilight said as she watched him slowly get up.

Tez breathed deeply. Slowly he lifted his head and glared at his brother.

Mex blinked and raised an eyebrow.

" pissed me off." Tez said before magic gathered about him in a fury. The ground shook like an earthquake as Tez gathered more and more magic.

"What in tarnation!?" Applejack shouted.

"Ahh. Whats going on!?!" Fluttershy shouted in fear as she tried to keep her balance.

" at him." Dash groaned, as she was carried on Pinkie Pie's back.

"We need to get out of here!" Pinkie Pie shouted.

Tez gathered more magic before he bent down and took off, charging towards Mex with lightning speed. As he closed the distance he pulled back his hand and punched Mex right dead center of his face. The force of the blow sent Mex off his feet and sent him flying backwards.

Tez leaped into the air and flew over Mex, landing several feet away before jumping towards his brother. Once he reached him Tez put his hands together and lifted them up, then swiflty brought them down onto Mex's face again, driving him into the ground. Hard.

Everypony cringed. That was going to hurt.

Tez jumped up and spun around before diving back down and landing on Mex with both his feet into his gut. Mex arched up and spat out blood from the impact. Tez jumped off of him and grabbed his brother by his leg and began to spin him around faster and faster. Sometimes even spinning him at an angle so his face and body would drag across the cobbled stone streets.

Mex screamed as he was spun and sent flying into the distance like a missle. The girls watched as he crashed into several buildings, passing through one to the next causing them to fall into rubble on the ground. Tez stood where he had thrown his brother, but had both arms out towards the sides as magic gathered into his hands in massive quantities. Tez brought his hands together at the wrists, palms open and fingers out and sent a huge blast of magical energy directly at Mex.

Everypony gasped, as they watched the blast strike where Tez's brother had been and the entire outcropping exploded and various other explosions followed as the blast struck the location more and more.

"AGGGHHH! SEE YOU IN HELL MEXTLI!" Tez shouted andput more power into the blast causing an even greater explosion.

Soon the blast subsided and as the dust cleared, everypony saw a line of torn of earth and clouds of dust where the blast had travelled and struck.

"Wow! That was awsome!" Dash said with awe, before placing a hoof to her mouth and moaning in pain again.

"That was....." Twilight tried to think of something, but she couldn't.

"Oh dear..." Fluttershy said meekly and in fear.

Tez stood there and straightened. He looked in the direction he sent his blast.

"Wow, there is no way that guy is coming back." Applejack said.

As the dust subsided, something began to become clear amongst the rubble. Everypony looked and tried to make it out, and their eyes widened as they saw what it was.

It was the one who called himself Tez's brother. Mextli Tez had said. He stood there, brusied and singed, but alive...and by the look on his face...not very happy.

"Tez! What the hell!?!" Mex shouted.

"Mex! I don't care really why you're here all that I care right now is that I wear your spine as a braclet!" Tez shouted as he laughed.

Mex growled and spat out some blood, "Just as crazy as ever....fine! If thats how you want it then you can join the rest in death!" Mex drew a black blade and ran with amazing speed towards Tez.

Tez just smirked and magic charged into his hands, he too took off to meet his brother.

"I!" Twilight said as she teleported them away a good distance. As she did, Mex and Tez meet each other and that was when everything began to explode.

Another chapter. More fight scene in the next one and should be better. Hope you like this chap :) now we see Tez when he remembers EVERYTHING!

Chapter 25

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Tez jumped through the flying debris of rock, wood, and corpses. He spotted his brother doing the same and he tossed more blasts of energy at him. He had hoped the explosion he caused would have killed him; but looks like it would require more work.


Tez made his way towards his sibling sending blast after blast towards him. Mex dodged each blast, only narrowly reaching the edge of the blast radius when they connected with a rock and exploded. Mex dived towards his brother and struck out with punches at lightning fast speeds.

Tez met him head on, blocking the blows and retaliating with his own. Of course Mex blocked those as well. The two kept up the trade of blows and blocks as they fell to the ground. Rocks and debris fell with them, sometimes causing the two to seperate to dodge them, but each time they met once more and continued the trade of blows.

"You're Insane!" Mex growled as he blocked a strike to the gut.

Tez smirked, his eyes glowing with insanity, "Aren't we all!?" Tez blocked a punch to his face and reversed the block to a grab and pulled Mex's toward him and his fist into his gut.

Mex coughed as he felt the blow connect, and the next and the next. Tez let go of his brothers arm and wraped it around his body, while his other arm continued the savage assult into his stomach with punch after punch.

Mex coughed more and more, before finaly coughing up blood from the barrage of strikes to his gut. Tez struck one more time before grabbing Mex by the arm and tossing him towards the ground, followed by a blast of magical missles.

Mex struck the ground and saw the blasts of magic travel down to met him, years of battle reflexes kicked in and he swiftly rolled to the side. The blasts struck the ground, causing them to explode on impact and sending Mex flying from the force of the blast; as he flew he swiftly got his balance back just in time to dodge Tez as he went in for a right hook.

Mex growled, and swiftly grabbed his brothers arm as the fist flew past and yanked him forward into a headbutt. Mex swiftly grabbed Tez's head between his hands and began to give him headbutt after headbutt, as he pushed Tez back into a pile of rubble. Tez brought his hands up and slapped them against Mex's ears causing discombobulation.

Mex stumbled back, rubbing his ears. Tez dived forward and tacked his brother to the ground, as he did so he shifted into his jaguar form and sank his teeth and claws into his brothers skin and began to twist and scratch drawing lines of scarlet red blood.

Mex screamed and punched Tez in the snout again and again, his legs working to block the rear claws from reaching his chest. The two rolled around on the ground trading punches and bites. Finally the two let go of each other and rolled back and stood and glared at each other.

Both breathed heavily, their clothes and skin torn. Bones were snapped or dislocated. Tez looked at his arm, which was broken the bone pressing up against the skin. He could feel the microbes in his blood working fast to heal the damage, but with all the extra damage to attend to the FR System was at its limits. Which meant that it was the same for Mex.

"We keep this up and one of us will die." Tez said simply.

Mex spat out some blood, "Yeah."

Tez smirked, "Good." With that he dashed forward magic gathering in his hand as he let out a blast of magic. Mex smirked and released his own blast of energy. The two beams struck, and the battle was on again as a bright light of conflicting magic raged on the field.

"Whoo." Dash said as she slowly got off Pinkie's back. The side of her face where she had been hit was starting to sweel up.

"Rainbow Dash, you should put some Ice on that wound." Twilight said, concerned for her friend. She saw as small stream of water and used her magic to lift some of the water up and freeze it into ice. Rarity suppled a scarf to wrap the ice in.

"Aww thith ith nothing." Dash said, only to cringe in pain once again.

"Now Dashie, you might be tough, but even I can see that that there punch from that guy hurt." Applejack said.

Dash sighed and took the offered ice pack and put it against her face. With that taken care of the girls joined the princesses as they watched the battle between Tez and....his brother.

"It's still hard to think that....that thing....was Tez's brother." Twilight said.

"H-he...he was scarey." Fluttershy said meekly.

"I hope Tez makes that brute pay. If he did anything to my parents..." Rarity bit her lip, and closed her eyes and prayed that nothing had happened to her parents...yet something inside her told her that was not true.

Another explosion made all the ponies jump. Celestia and Luna looked ready to be sick as they watched the destruction unfold.

"This is.....terrible." Celestia said as she looked at where the remains of Fillydelphia had use to be.

"If Tez and this...Mex are indeed related, the two are very powerful warriors." Luna said with slight terror.

Twilight looked up to the princesses, then to the battle in the distance. Blasts of magic and the clashing of two dark figures in the disance were all that was viewable.

"Princesses....What will happen if Tez loses?" Twilight asked. Afraid of what the answer would be.

The two alicorns were silent. Then Celestia turned and looked to the girls.

"I do not know. I cannot say how powerful this Mex is, but if he should defeat Tez....I do not think there is anything we could do to stop him."

Luna nodded, as she watched the battle progress.

"All we can hope my little ponies, is that Tez can win this fight. Right now....he is the only hope we have." Celestia finished and looked back to the battle, just as the earth was torn up by another explostion of magic.

'But....if Tez does win. Will we still have to fear for our future?' Celestia thought with worry.

"FINAL FLASH!" Tez shouted as a large ball of destructive magic gathered infront of his hands and blasted at Mex.

Mex's eyes widened as he saw the attack coming. Worse being caught in mid jump made it hard to dodge. He lifted his arms to an X block and took the hit. He felt the energies of the magic burn at him as it pushed him into the ground. With a roar he gripped the ball of energy and lifted up and tossed it aside towards a mountain. Upon striking the mountain side thousands of rocks fell and blew into the sky, before raining down onto the earth.

Mex flipped himself back onto his feet. He was singed and burnt everywhere. Some of his cut wounds had seared shut. But he was alive at least, that had been close. Of course he did not have long to enjoy this before Tez came charging in, this time in his jaguar form again claws slashing this way and that.

"Hold! Still!" Tez growled.

"Sorry! I don't need a shave!" Mex said before jumping back and threw this sword at Tez.

Tez grabbed the sword before it stabbed him and smirked as he looked at the blade. He lifted his arm and placed the sharp edge of the blade against his arm and slide it forward slightly before drawing it back cutting into his arm and drawing a fountain of blood. He grinned madly as he watched his arm bleed, the wound slowly closing as the FR system got to work.

"Really?" Mex said as he pinched his temples and shook his head.

"Nice and sharp." Tez said with a grin and charged forward swing his newly aquired sword with lightning speed.

Mex jumped back, and drew his spare sword and the two combatants now began to trade sword blows. Their strikes were quicker then lightning and only appeared as white flashes of light.

Tez brought his blade down to cut diagonly across his brothers chest, but Mex grabbed the hand that wielded the blade and swiflty turned it and shoved it foward, causing Tez to stab into his own stomach and out the other end. Tez coughed up some blood as Mex kicked the blade forcing it all the way through Tez.

Tez staggered back and held a hand over the gapping hole in his stomach. He coughed up more blood. He looked up at his brother and said, "Damn you."

Mex growled, then moved and jumped over Tez and ran.

"Get back here!" Tez said as he gave chase.

The two ran till they reached a cave entrance, Mex stood at the mouth of the cave and held out a hand and with a bit of magic caused a sudden flash of blinding light to spread out over the area. Tez yelled as he covered his eyes from the sudden burst of light.

"Sorry Tez, I don't have time for a fight to the death. Though beleive me when we next meet it won't be so equal in skill or power." Mex said before fleeing into the cave, blasting the rock and causing a cave in to block the entrance.

Tez rolled on the ground as he waited for his eyes to regain sight. He could tell that Mex was getting away and that made him even angrier. He arched his back and as he opened his eyes he screamed; magic flaring about him wildly till it exploded tearing up the earth.



Everypony turned to the battlefield, where the scream came.

"That was Tez!" Luna said with worry.

"Oh no." Fluttershy gasped.

"We goth ta helth him." Dash said as she flew up, only to be pulled down by her tail by Applejack.

"Now hold it there Dashie, we don't even know if that Mex feller is still there." Applejack said, though inside she wanted to go and make sure Tez was okay.

Pinkie Pies hair was flat as she looked to the distance, "Oh no....oh please be okay Tez."

"Sister." Luna said as she looked to Celestia.

Celestia bit her lip, "The explosions seemed to have ceased....but...." She looked to all the ponies and sighed when she saw the looks in their eyes, "We will proceed careful. Stick together and do not seperate."

"Right!" Everypony said and Twilight teleported them back to where they had been before. The sight was....shocking. Terrifying.

"Oh my..." Celestia tried to finish, but her words simply faded as she looked at the destruction about her.

"This is..." Twilight said, her eyes wide with terror.

"Oh dear...this is horrible." Fluttershy gasped, hoping that no little animals were hurt.

"Wow." Rainbow Dash said.

The entire area looked like a large crater. The entire city of Fillydelphia was just gone, save for a few pieces of masonry from the walls or buildings that remained where they had been when the city was still there. The ground was turned up, green grass replaced with tossed up dirt or large holes. Where grass did remain, much of it was black and charred from the spells of fire or other searing hot energies. The edge of the forest had suffered damage as well. Trees were uprooted and laid on the ground. Others had been blown apart into toothpicks or torn from the ground and appearently used to hit something...or someone.

"Such destruction." Luna said as she looked about. She felt slightly sick, not even discord had been capable of such a thing. Sure he was the spirit of chaos, but such devestation made anything the daconiqus did pale in comparison.

"Where's Tez?" Pinkie Pie asked, her mane still flat as she looked around with wide eyes. Eyes filled with fear.

A loud slamming and the sudden feeling of the earth shaking caused them all to jump. Followed by the shaking was a scream. Tez's scream.

"That's Tez!" Rarity gasped and ran to where the scream was coming from. Everypony followed.

When they finally found Tez, he stood in a crater looking down at his hands. His entire body was covered in bruises, cuts and other forms of minor and major wounds.

"Tez!" Twilight shouted and she and the rest of the girls ran down to him.

Tez looked up at them, and everypony stopped dead in their tracks. The look in his eyes was one of pure anger. The force behind it freightening.

Fluttershy eeped, and hid behind Rainbow Dash. Celestia felt shivers run down her spine as she looked into Tez's eyes.

"'re hurt." Luna said, though she could not bring herself to get any closer to him. Not when he had such a look in his eyes.

Tez smirked, "I'll be fine," he pointed at Twilight, "Twilight. Teleport us all back to Canterlot. We have things to do."

"Things to do?" Twilight said confused.

"Of course. We have a great deal to do." Tez said as he chuckled. His laugh made all the girls shiver.

"Tez....where is your brother?" Celestia asked.

"Her ran off. The coward; but I'll find him. And then.....I'll pull his head off and mount it on my wall." Tez snarled.

The girls gulped, this could not be Tez. It couldn't be....right?

Celestia asked again, "Tez...what exactly do we have to do?"

Tez smirked, "We're gonna plan for war."

"What?" Luna said, not sure if she had heard correctly.

Tez's grin grew, "War....a war to end all wars. A war that you will need me to win, otherwise you can kiss more of your precious subjects goodbye."

The princesses shivered, the very word turned their stomachs. There had never been a war in Equestria ever, but now it seemed that they were heading towards one. One that, Celestia thought, would lead to the destruction of everything that Equestria was; if it survived.

Tez looked to Twilight and said, "Now.....lets go."

Twilight could not say anything. All she could do was nod and cast the spell, and in a flash of light the group left that scarred patch of earth. Though it would not be long before all of Equestria ressembled that place.

Sorry for the long wait. Had a bunch of stuff going on, plus I had to think on how things will be progressingnow cause I have a whole bunch of different ideas. So updates might be slower as I try to get the right ideas down to make this fic flow well and become epic. Hope you all liked my little battle scene :)

Chapter 26

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Another chap :)

When the light faded, the girls and Tez were back once more in Canterlot castle. Only this time in the throne room. Tez immediately began giving orders.

"Alright, time enough wasted. Celestia call for a meeting with whatever council you keep, or just every prominent and wealthy noble houses and commanders of the royal guard. Tell them to meet me here, we have alot to get done with and so little time."

"Tez..." Celestia began, but was cut off.

Tez turned and pointed to Luna, "Luna I want you to send messages to the mayors of all the cities that were in close vacinity to Fillydelphia and order them to commence an evacuation of the populous, and for them to come here. You can do that right?"

Luna blinked, "Yes, but Tez what..."

"I'll explain everything later. Also in those messages, make it clear that any disobedience of the orders will be seen as treachery to Canterlot and the guilty party will face hanging."

Everypony gasped, Luna and Celestia looked pale.

"Tez, you can't just order the princesses like that. Or even tell them to say such a...a horrible thing." Twilight said.

"Shut up Twilight." Tez said, which caused the purple pony to recoil in shock.

"Tez, ya'll can't say that ta Twi!" Applejack said.

"I agree, why are you acting like this?" Rarity asked, though she still wished to know what happened to her parents, she had to deal with Tez acting like a brute first. What happened to the gentlecolt that he was?

"Silence!" Tez shouted as magic raged about him. He looked at the ponies, his eyes holding madness.

"I will not have my orders questioned by those who know nothing of the world!" Tez shouted, causing everypony to back away from him.

Tez growled and looked at them all, he felt something in him stir. Something kin to regret that he had to shout at them, to make Fluttershy cower in fear, but frankly....he just didn't care right now.

"If you want to keep all those pathetic pieces of flesh you call citizens of your kingdom safe from the sacrificial knife of my brother, you will do what I say, when I say it, and never question my orders again." Tez growled. He then turned and walked to stare out the window.

"Sacrifical knife?" Twilight said confused.

Luna took a step towards Tez, "Tez....what do you mean by that?"

Tez smirked and looked at the moon princess, he let his eyes gaze over her. By the ancients how he just wanted to taste her again. To do all sort of debaucheries to all of them.

"What I mean," Tez said, "is that every pony that was captured at probably dead by now if not soon."

Everypong just froze, Rarity felt her legs shaking.

"D-dead...." Rarity whispered, not wanting to believe it.

"Yes. Dead. They will, if not have already been, sacrificed on an altar, built upon a leyline. I have no doubt in my mind this is what my brother is doing."

" parents.....are...." Rarity felt dizzy, felt sick.

Tez frowned and walked over to the fasion designer, "I'm sorry Rarity...."

"No..." Rarity shook her head as tears welled up in her eyes, "No!" Rarity fell to her knees and cried, covering her face with her hooves.

Tez kneeled down and wrapped his arms around the unicorn, he gently stroked her mane. Everypony else closed their eyes; none of them could even guess what Rarity had to be feeling, not even the princesses. To lose ones parents was one thing, to lose them and learn exactly how it was done, well it was worse.

"Rarity....I can't bring your parents back," Tez said as he placed a finger under the fashionista's chin and lifted her head slight, "but I promise....I will make my brothers pay."

Tez let go of Rarity and stood up. Rarity sniffed and rubbed her eyes as she looked up at the gold eyed man.

Tez clenched his fist, digging his nails into his skin, "After all....I know what it is like to lose those you love....I know it so well.." Tez dug his nails in more into his palm till he drew blood, the red liquid dripped slowly onto the solid white marble floor.

"Tez. You're bleeding." Fluttershy said as she flew over and took his hand. When the palm was revealed Fluttershy gasped, the injury she was sure was there was now gone.

" were" Fluttershy asked, looking at Tez confused.

"My body is different from yours. I won't bother with the details, but I recover from wounds quicker then you do." Tez said.

"Oh....okay...." Fluttershy said and looked at the ground.

Tez smirked and placed his hand on Fluttershys cheek, "But thank you for caring Fluttershy."

Fluttershy blushed and flew back looking at the ground. Luna puffed out her cheeks a bit and thought, 'What does that mean? Oh I...jealous?' The thought made her blush a bit in embaressement. She had never been embaressed before.

Tez cracked his neck and walked off towards the door, Celestia stopped him and asked, "Wait Tez..."

Tez looked up with a glare that made the sun princess back away. Tez said simply, "The more time wasted, means the more of your precious ponies will end up on the altar. I suggest you get moving with those orders I gave you if you really care about their safety. When you finally got those tasks finished meet me back here."

"And what are ya'll gonna do?" Applejack asked.

"Yeah. Shouldn't you be the one doing the letter sending?" Dashie asked.

"I have more important matters to attend to." Tez said simply.

"Oh what is it? Are you planning a party?" Pinkie Pie asked, though her hair stayed flat still.

"I'm going to see to this castle's defenses," Tez turned and pointed at Twilight and her friends, "and you girls will wait right here till I get back."

"Why do we have to do that?" Twilight asked.

"Yeah why?" Rainbow Dash asked, crossing her hooves.

"Because I said so. Now just do it." Tez growled and turned again and left the throne room.

After Tez left, the girls were all silent.

"I think....we should call the council...and send the messages to the mayors of the other cities. While I won't agree with the methods Tez wishes to use, I think it would be best to bring the populous of the cities close to Fillydelphia to safer locations." Celestia said.

"I will send the messages to the mayors." Luna said.

"Alright Luna, I'll summon the council then." Celestia said.

"Princess...what should we do." Twilight asked.

Princess Celestia bit her lip, for the first time in her life she was unsure. Tez had instructed them to stay here, and frankly she was not sure disobeying whatever he said while he was in....whatever state he was in, would be wise.

"I think you girls should stay here for now, you have all had a rough day, also I think your friend needs you Twilight." Celestia said to her student looking over to Rarity, who sat silently sobbing into her hooves.

Twilight nodded and the princesses took their leave. Twilight joined her friends next to Rarity, she couldn't imagine what she was probably feeling. To lose ones parents...

"Rarity." Twilight said.

Rarity sniffed, "Oh...yes..Twilight." Her makeup was starting to run due to her tears.

"Rarity...I don't think any of us know what you're feeling right now. But we're here for you if you need us." Twilight said giving her friend a hug.

"Yeah sugarcube." Applejack said also joining in the hug.

Rainbow Dash, Fluttershy and Pinkie Pie also gave their agreements and comfort until all six were in a large hug. Rarity smiled and started to cry lightly again; only her tears were not of sorrow but of happiness.

"Thank you ladies. I'm lucky to have such careing friends." Rarity said with a smile.

The girls smiled and gave each other one final squeeze before they all released themselves from the hug. Rarity levitated a small hand mirror and checked herself.

"Oh heavens, I look absolutely dreadful," Rarity said in shock when she saw herself, "if you girls will excuse me I have to head to the little fillies room and fix this."

"Uh Rarity, I think Tez told us to stay here." Fluttershy said.

"Oh Fluttershy, I'm sure Tez will understand. After all, a lady such as myself cannot simply let myself look like this, don't worry I will be back in just a few minutes." Rarity said as she went off to find a powder room.

Her friends watched her go, and looked to each other with worry. But...surely Tez would not do anything rash simply because she went to fix her makeup....would he.

Though Rarity had said a few minutes, it never really is. In fact it had been a good hour and a half before the fashionista had began to walk back to the throne room. She looked dazzling again, though inside shestill could not forget the pain she felt learning about her parents.

'I...I'll have to tell Sweetie Belle....oh....what am I going to do?' She thought, fighting back more tears.

As she turned a corner, Rarity immediatly stepped back and hide behind it. She peeked slowly and growled silently.

'Oh poo, it's him again.' She thought.

It was Blueblood, and he seemed to be talking with what Rarity assumed were some of his friends. Both were unicorns, and both had the same snotty upper class look that Blueblood had.

'No doubt they have his personality as well.' Rarity thought.

As she tried to think of a way to get around the three unicorns, she spotted Tez stepping out from another hall and walking right pass Blueblood and his friends. The obnoxious prince took note of this and made the mistake of his life: he opened his big mouth.

"I say, I recognize you." Blueblood said with a hint of disgust.

Tez stopped and stood, silent. Rarity watched as the event unfolded. As she did, deep inside she felt that something terrible was going to happen.

"How such a barbaric beast like you is allowed to walk around here I have no idea." Blueblood said with an air of self imposed superiority. The two other unicorns chuckled and agreed with Blueblood; obviously they were the stereotypical brown nosing minion.

Tez turned, and Rarity hid a bit when she saw the look on his face. He had a small slight smile, but the smile seemed to hide a dark and dangerous animal. His eyes seem to glitter with an unchained desire to cause pain and suffering.

Sadly, Blueblood nor his minions took note of this. They only continued with their mockery.

"Honestly, I have no idea what auntie Luna sees in you. A miserable peasant like yourself shouldn't consort with higher class ponies." Blueblood said.

Tez chuckled, which caused Blueblood and his companions to blink. Slowly Tez began to walk towards them, once he stood in the middle of the three unicorns, was when Rarity had to look away.

Tez swiftly brought a fist across the left side of one of the minion unicorns, sending him into the wall and knocking him out cold. A round house kick meet the other, sending him flying across the hall and to the ground like a rag doll. Then Tez slammed his open palm against Bluebloods neck, grabbing it and smashing him against the wall.

Blueblood choked and gasped for air as Tez held him up against the wall. His fingers clenched tight around the princes neck, enough to constrict air and making breathing difficult, but not enough to kill. Yet.

"Blueblood," Tez said, his voice dripping with a sinister air, "Do you know what the sound a bone makes when its breaking is?"

Blueblood's eyes widened as he tried to get away from Tez. He looked franticly for somepony for help, but there was no one around. Nor did Rarity wish to bring herself out. All she could do was watch in horror at what Tez would do next.

"It goes this." Tez said as he gripped one of Bluebloods legs, and twisted it.

A loud snap of bone could be heard and Blueblood screamed in agony. Tez only laughed enjoying every second of it. Rarity covered her mouth, feeling sick.

"Well....that concludes today's lesson." Tez said as he dropped the screaming prince, who know held his broken leg.

Tez began to walk down the hall again, but he stopped for a moment and held out an arm and said, "Coming my lady Rarity?"

Rarity eeped, not sure how Tez knew she was there. She was unsure if she should come out, but eventually she decided. She walked over to him, looking at the damage he had done. When she finally reached Tez, they began to walk back to the throne room.

"I hope I did not disturb you in anyway my lady. And try to ignore the screams....they stop soon enough." Tez said with a smile.

Rarity gulped, " is...quite alright...."

Tez smirked, "As you say."

The two were silent as they continued on, eventually Bluebloods screams died down, after he had been discovered by investigating guards and rushed to the medical room of the castle. But Rarity still could hear the screams in her mind, and the look Tez had on his face when he inflicted those wounds.

'Oh dear, what has happened to Tez.' She thought.

When they finally reentered the throne room, they were greeted by the gathering of nobles and council members, as well as a very angry looking Celestia.

"Tez! What did you..." Celestia began, but was cut off by Tez.

"I simply gave a lesson. Now shut up Celestia. We have things to take care of." Tez said giving the sun princess a glare, that did indeed shut her mouth.

"Now...." Tez began, "where do we start?"

And there you go :) srry it took so long. I'm working now and that takes a bit of time off my schedule, plus I've been busy taking care of a few personal affairs and will be doing that every so often so updates might be slow. But I WILL FINISH THIS FIC. So don't think Im abandoning it, I'm just dealing with alot of things on my plate.

Chapter 27

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Another chapter :) Tez will be many things, blood thirsty and angry one of them :P

The throne room was silent as what had transpired sunk in. To the nobles it was shocking, that this Tez, who many had met at the Gala, would talk to princess Celestia in such a way. Even Luna was shocked, as were Twilight and her friends.

Celestia looked at Tez with fear and anger. Yet that piercing golden gaze made it impossible to think clearly.

'Such rage. It is impossible to think that it can come from a single creature.' Celestia thought.

"I do say," A noble said, which Rarity recognized as one of Fancy Pants' companions, "you should know better then to speak to the princess in such a manner. Simply barbaric."

"If I want your opinion, I'll ask for it. Now shut up before I tear out your tongue." Tez said

"Now see here you have no right..." The noble began, but was cut off by Tez screaming.

"SHUT UP!" Tez said and slashed his hand down creating a powerful gust of wind which sent the noble flying into the air.

The rest of the nobles gasped and the one that was thrown was now currently screaming as he fell from a dangerous height.

"Ahhh!" The noble pony screamed as he fell, only to be caught in the golden aura of Celestia's magic and gently placed on the ground.

"Tez!" Celestia growled and approached the smirking man. This had gone long enough.

"You hurt my nephew severly. And now you almost kill one of my ponies, I will not stand for this!" Celestia said as she stood infront of Tez.

Tez smirked, "Do something about it."

Celestia blinked, and Tez just smirked.

"Come on Celestia. Show me a warriors spirit in ya. Show me you have the power to strike out at others who threaten those you rule over."

Celestia backed away a bit as Tez began to advance on her, the look in his eyes manic and psychotic.

Tez licked his lips, "Show have the kill!"

Celestia felt herself begin to sweat. Tez just stood there, waiting.

After a few momenets Tez frowned then smirked again, "Well, now that we have that cleared up. It's time to get things started. So I hope you're all listening 'cause I'm only saying this once." Tez walked past Celestia and made his way to the throne.

Everypony was silent as they turned and watched Tez. Some in disgust, others in fear, and only a rare few with curiosity.

"Well, let's see Fillydelphia is a graveyard. Or maybe ground zero works better, either way its wiped off the map and for the most part the entire populace has been captured and no doubt sacrificed in a magical ritual." Tez said, as if it was everyday news.

This caused a stir among the gathering of nobles, guard captains, and council members. How was an entire city, with a population of almost a million ponies just wiped out?

"You're bluffing. That isn't possible." One pony said, earning a glare from Tez.

"I never lie. Ask the princesses or Twilight and her friends. They all saw it."

Celestia and Luna nodded, agreeing with what Tez had revealed. This caused many nobles to go wide eyed.

"Who would attack us? No nation would dare, it goes against all the treaties made with Canterlot." A council member said.

"What would be the purpose of capturing ponies and....sacrificing them." Another pony said, this one a mare and wearing a very fancy dress. One of Rarities designs if Tez was correct.

"Simple. Because you're a lot of bloody weaklings and thus, easy fodder for the knife." Tez said with a laugh.

This caused an insulted stir among the nobles, and even the princesses and the girls felt a slight stab of pain. Tez simply inspected the main glass windows and what they depicted as he continued on to the throne.

"Um...Mr. Tez," Fancy Pants began, "You seem to know who is behind the attack. Would you mind informing us."

Tez turned and smiled, "Of course. Since you asked so nicely. Let's see....I beleive it is two of my brothers who are the culprits. The first is Mextli and the other Acol."

"Wait, your brothers. Then how do we know you're not working for them?" One pony said, looking accusingly at Tez.

Tez turned, holding a look that could kill, "Because the thing that caused Fillydelphia to be wiped off the map, was from the fight between me and my brother Mextli. Besides if I had joined them we wouldn't be conversing here right now, nor would Celestia and Luna be breathing right now."

This caused an uproar of voices. Ponies acccusing Tez of Fillydelphia's destruction. Trust issues and the sheer stupidity of him claiming to be able to beat the princesses. Of course both Luna and Celestia had to agree, that if Tez had joined his brothers....there would have been no way that they could have beaten him on their own.

'Would the Elements even work against him?' Celestia thought.

Tez stood silent as he continued hearing protests before slamming his foot on the ground, causing the whole castle to shake and shutting everypony up and causing them all to look at him with wide eyes.

"Well, now that I have your undivided attention we can focus on more important matters. What happened at Fillydelphia was tragic, yes, but we have to put it behind us and move on. My brothers are still alive, and untill I have their heads served to me on a silver platter with a plate of beans on the side we are at war and need to mobilize an army before Mex and Acol have time to strike at another city." Tez said as he continued up to the throne.

'What is he doing?' Twilight thought, wondering why Tez was going to the throne.

The nobles began talking amongst themselves, the thought of war to them. Fancy Pants took the lead and asked, "Tez....what do you propose we do then?"

"I'm glad you asked Fancy Pants. To beat my brothers we need an army to match theirs. They are already ahead of us so we will have alot of work. Turning the guard into a military force capable of taking life will be easy, or I hope it will." Tez said as he inspected the throne.

Celestia and Luna felt something twist in their stomachs, and Fluttershy looked ready to faint. Again. Twilight and the rest of the girls also looked unsettled, the thought of ponies fighting, dying and....killing....everything that they knew of how Equestria ran was falling apart and they were not sure how to deal with it, or what would come from it.

"To do this we need a leader. A strong leader, who knows the way of war. Who is willing to do what needs to be done in order to achieve victory. That leader is not Celestia so she will not be in charge of anything untill this war is done, nor is it Luna or any of you." Tez said as he turned to face the gathering of ponies.

"Then who?" A mare asked.

Tez smirked and sat on the throne, "Me. As of this day and untill my brothers are dead I declare myself emperor of Canterlot!"

"What!?" Everypony shouted.

Celestia and Luna looked at Tez with shock, mouths hanging open.

Tez just smirked, "Sorry ladies, consider this a hostile takeover. Well...without much of a hostile part."

Everypony just stared at Tez with wide eyes and open mouths. Tez just tested the cushion of the throne.

"Damn this is soft. I can see why you would enjoy resting your rump on this Celestia. Talk about comfy." Tez said as he tried sitting in all sorts of angles and posistions, find each one to be enjoyable in the soft pillow of the throne. He just wanted to curl up and take a little cat nap. He might do that later.

Tez looked back to the ponies.

'' He thought. And that was when the outraged comments began.

Tez yawned as he heard the gathering of nobles and other important ponies. His eyes were locked with Celestia and Luna's. The two princesses only stared at him, unsure of what to say or do. As for Twilight and the rest of the girls, they only looked at Tez with shock.

Tez sighed and smashed his foot down against the ground again, causing another tremor to shake the entire castle. Not to mention cause a good crack on the floor where he had stomped.

"I know this might seem a bit shocking...." Tez began.

"Shocking, this is completly out of line. Do you really think we will just listen to you simply because you claim to be in charge now!" A noble said glaring at Tez.

Tez smirked and lifted a hand. Violent magical surges began to collect in his palm. Before any of the girls could say or do something, the magic blasted from Tez's palm heading straight for the pony that interrupted him.

All the ponies gathered watched in horror as the blast of magic got closer and closer to the pony and struck sending up a cloud of dust and smoke.

"Tez!" Twilight shouted in horror.

Ponies were screaming, Fluttershy had fainted, along with Rarity and Pinkie Pie. Dash simply hovered mouth hanging open and Applejack looked sick. Luna had tears in her eyes and Celestia was glaring at Tez, who merely smirked and pointed to the clearing smoke.

All looked and when the smoke and dust cleared, there stood the pony, shaking with wide eyes. A large hole had been blasted into the wall, servents and guards stood outside wide eyed as they looked at the hole.

"Next time someone interrupts me, I won't make myself miss." Tez said with a growl, before suddenly breaking out in a fit of insane laughter.

Celestia paced back and forth in her room. Luna sat on her bed and watched her sister. Twilight stood near by as well, all eyes on the sun princess.

"This is escalating into disaster. I feel as if Tez will send us all into destruction if he continues to behave this way." Celestia said.

"We must agree," Luna said, her voice holding sadness, "Tez is....being erratic. Manic even."

"That isn't Tez..." Pinkie Pie said looking at the ground. This entire time since returning from Fillydelphia her mane was still straight.

"Pinkie Pie, you can't be telling yourself that," Twilight said, "I don't like seeing Tez act like this, can't just say it isn't him."

Pinkie shook her head, "I refuse to beleive that....meanie mean pants is Tez."

"I agree." Luna said, looking down at her hooves with a slight blush when everypony was looking at her now.

"Luna, you haven't even known Tez that long. How could you know what he is like. For all we know this is how he has always acted." Celestia said in exasperation.

"No he didn't!" Pinkie pie shouted, causing Celestia to blink in surprise.

"Tez was the nicest human kitty thing I knew. He was always helping ponies," Pinkie Pie said, a fire in her eyes, "Yes he might have had his moments of scariness, but he did it to protect others. He isn't a monster!"

Everypony was shocked, looking at Pinkie Pie with wide eyes and jaws hanging open. Luna regained her composure and nodded slightly in agreement.

"I agree. We might not have known him for long, but....we are sure that Tez is not like this. He was different before." Luna said.

"Umm...well," Fluttershy said, "He was nice. Sometimes scary, but....he cared about ponies. But...I don't know..."

"I can't say I agree with ya'll. But...I don't know." Applejack said with a sigh.

Celestia looked around, seeing uncertain looks in the elemets of harmonys eyes.

Dash nodded, "Yeah. I mean...he saved me, and he was alot different before he met his brother again."

Twilight sighed, "Tez can be alot of things. But...I don't know. Something seems off about him now."

Celestia looked over to her student, "What do you mean?" Every pony looked at Twilight.

Twilight bit her lip, "Well...I don't know but...I think....something about his past...might be behind why he is acting this way."

Tez sat on the throne. Alone. The room was cleared of all ponies, even the guards. The hole he fixed himself with a simple spell. Now he sat alone.

Tez hissed and growled as he helds his head.

"Aghh.....gahh.......nnagggh!" He growled and snarled as he dug his claws into his head, drawing blood.

He began to hyperventilate as he growled, his head in searing pain as memories replayed themselves over and over again.

"Nagh... shut up! Shut up!" Tez snarled.

Blood flowed down over his eyes, which he ignore. Finally the headache passed, as did the memories and once more he sat silent, his body healing the holes he dug into his own skin. Once more he sat in the darkness. Alone, and yet never alone.

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Chapter 28

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Anyway do enjoy.

Tez looked down at Twilight, who looked over to him with slightly closed eyes. The dim light of burning candles that were arranged strategically around the bed, was all that illuminated the dark room. Tez llicked his lips as he hungrily looked over Twilight.

She was wearing, what he figured was the pony version of lingerie. She had on a saddle, only this was made of silk fabric. She also had furry leg bands, worn right under her cutie mark, with two smaller ones on her front legs. At the base of her horn as another fuzzy ring. All in all it was making him excited, and his mind was already contemplating several thousand acts of debauchery he and she could commit.

"To what do I owe this....pleasure?" Tez asked as he walked over, his eyes slowly starting at Twilights legs and making their way up.

Twilight giggled, "Do you like it? I found it in such an interesting book."

Tez wondered what book ponies could possibly have that described this, but then realized....he didn't care.

"Oh I like very much." Tez said licking his lips lightly.

Twilight gave a smile and moved back to lay on the bed, legs spread slightly. Her front hoof giving a 'come hither' motion. Tez followed willingly, slowly crawling onto the bed and towards his student like a jungle cat stalking it's prey.

Tez was soon on top of Twilight, gazing at her slender form. Twilight looked up at him with a slight, and lustful smile.

Tez smirked and slowly traced a finger down her neck and over her stomach, winning a ticklish giggle from Twilight. Tez chuckled slightly as his hand went lower before sliding down her leg towards her cutie mark.

Twilight was panting, her face flush as she looked up at Tez. Tez could feel his heart racing and feel his own growing arousal.

"Screw the foreplay. Let's get right to the main course." Tez growled with desire. Twilight panted and nodded.

Tez gripped Twilights rump, his nails digging in slightly and...


Tez's eyes snapped open, red and bloodshot. He growled and got up quickly and looked at the alarm clock that was seated on a small night desk next to him.

" the best PART!!" Tez yelled and thrust out his arm and blasting the clock with a violent blast of magic, reducing it and the desk into charred pieces of cinder and ash.

Growling Tez got up and shook the sleep from his mind. He was going to be in sour mood today. He got off the throne, which he took to sleeping on due to its comfy pillow. He stretched and made his way towards the door. As usual he was alone in the throne room, since he did not want any guards wasting time protecting or guarding it.

'They are better spent training and recruiting. Let's hope the numbers have grown somewhat since last week.' He thought as he pushed open the door, scaring several maids and couriers as he walked past them.

It had been almost seven weeks since he had, without a small bit of resistence, taken and assumed full control of Canterlot and all of Celestia's kingdom. Some nobles and council members had been against it. But after a few words, a show of power, and no small amount of bodily harm and tortures of unimaginable pain to those they loved and charished and he had managed to put those ponies under his heel.

'These ponies wouldn't even know court intrigue of higher scales if they tried. Eons of peace have made them ignorant of the Game of Houses.' Tez thought as he looked out the windows as he made his way towards his first destination of the day. The sun was out and shone brightly, and outside at the castle grounds he saw guards training new recruits, running drills, and working formation.

'Still not fast enought. Still not enough recruits. Mex has a giant head start on us still.' Tez thought. Hundreds of different tasks he still had to complete or finish running through his mind that it was causing him a headache.

Passing servants, that immediately got out of his way in fear, or guards that shook when he passed, Tez soon found himself at the door of the dinning room. From the posistion of the sun he was a bit late, but what could he do.

Pushing open the door he walked in, gaining a surprise glance from those gathered. Celestia, Luna and all the girls were there. Some just finishing up breakfast. Pinkie Pie herself was just finishing a whole cake.

'How she does that I don't know...but I do want to know what else she can do with that tongue of hers.' Tez thought with a smirk.

"Good morning ladies." Tez said as he sat down.

"Good morning Tez." Celestia said, Tez could tell she was holding back a question. The same one as yesterday no doubt.

"Hello Tez. " Luna said with a smile, though Tez could see sadness in her eyes.

"Howdy Tez." Applejack said, though she couldn't meet his eyes. It irritated Tez.

" morning." Fluttershy whispered.

"Mfffmmff mgfmfmff." Pinkie Pie said with her mouth full of cake. Tez took it as good morning. He was also glad to see her hair was all puffy again.

'Though how long will that last today?' He thought with a frown.

"Good morning darling. I do hope you plan to change into some new clothes. Wearing the same thing twice is simply uncouth." Rarity said as she finished her eggs.

Tez smirked, he could always count on Rarity to focus on fashion before anything else. It was one of the things he loved about her.

"Oh...good morning Tez." Twilight said frowning slightly.

"Why do we have to stay here? I've got things to do." Dash said crossing her hooves.

Tez sighed and walked over to the table and sat down at the head.

"I've told you before Dashie. You were there when I confronted and fought against my brother. He will assume some sort of connection between us and will try to use that to gain an advantage over me. I can't let that happen."

"But-" Dash began but was cut off by Tez lifting a hand.

"No arguments. I send you all to Ponyville to take care of business and work that you have there. But untill I have my brothers head served to me, on a silver platter you will all remain in the castle when all of your other duties are taken care of. It is safer for both you and your families." Tez said, his voice saying that was the end of any argument.

Dash sighed and flicked a piece of cereal. She couldn't do all her tricks that she normaly could do in Canterlot.

Tez sighed and watched the girls finish their breakfast.

Celestia looked over to Tez, and as Tez had predicted, asked her question.

" you really have to do this? Surely there is another way." Celestia said, hoping to change Tez's mind for today's decision.

Tez sighed, "Celestia. We are at war and we need soldiers. I've already gotten most of those who would volunteer and accept the payment I offered."

"But surely that was enough." Luna said, it was a very wealthy sum Tez had offered.

"I need more. My brother has an army of thousands and all well trained. We only have a good fifteen hundred soldiers. It is not enough." Tez said with a growl.

"But your brother ain't attacked at all." Applejack said.

Tez nodded, "That's only because we evacuated the cities that were closer to where he could strike easily and swiftly."

"But...a conscription. Are you just going to drag ponies from their homes against their will?" Celestia asked, her voice betraying her anger at the concept.

Tez was silent, then said, "If necessary. Yes."

"But..." Twilight began, but was cut off by Tez as he slammed his fist down on the table, causing it to crack.

"No buts. I already told you, if you want to keep your entire kingdom from becoming knife fodder we need soldiers." Tez said.

"Why do you need the guards to fight? You and your brother are like, wickedly powerful why not just fight each other?" Dash asked.

Tez sighed, "While it is true I can match one of my brothers one on one, I can't fight two on one."

"Why not? you're like the strongest I know. Your brother ran away the last time you fought didn't he?" Dash asked.

Tez nodded, "Yes he did flee," Tez took a slow drink of water, then continued, "but that was only because he was not willing to risk his ambitions on the flip of a coin."

"What do you mean?" Luna asked.

"I mean," Tez said, "is that if I were to fight one of my brothers it is a fifty-fifty percent chance I'll either kill him or he will kill me. We are that equal in strength and even if I managed to kill one, my remaining sibling would be able to easily destroy me, I wouldn't even be able to put up a fight."

"So ya'll are gonna be using us your armies to be fighting each other?" Applejack asked.

Tez nodded, "It would be the safer option....until either Mex or I find a way to gain a strength advantage over the other."

"And Mex already has one." Twilight said with a frown, remebering the conversaton concerning this topic.

Tez sat on the throne, repositioning himself at a constant rate. The princesses and the girls watched him with....slightly raised eyebrows.

It had only been a day since he had assumed control, and after dealing with more outbursts against him, thankfully none of them ending with somepony eviserated. Luckily, he seemed calmer now, though Twilight was sure that it would not last for long.

He had now called Twilight and her friends, along with Celestia and Luna to see him in private. Though right now all he had done was....this.

"Uh...Tez?" Twilight spoke up.

"Yes." Tez said as he tried lounging on his head in perfect balance.

"Uh...." Twilight tried to think of a way to phrase the question."

"Why are you moving around like an idiot?" Dash asked in her usual blunt manner.

"Oh silly Dashie, can't you see he is trying to get comfy. He is a kitty cat after all, they require a special way to sit to be comfortable." Pinkie said with a smile.

"Hmm, she does have a point. I know my Opalesence does a similar thing...only...with less...poses." Rarity said looking at Tez who was now trying yoga posistions.

" asked us here for something?" Twilight asked.

"Yes. It concerns my brothers. I didn't tell you this yesterday, but..."

"But what?" Every pony asked.

"I'm afriad that they already have a far greater advantage over me." Tez said as he finally found a posistion he liked and sat contently on the cushiony throne.

"What do ya mean?" Applejack asked.

"Yes Tez," Celestia said, "do explain."

"Simply he has access to a leyline. It would be the only reason why he would be gathering sacrifices." Tez said.

"A what?" Everypony asked. Tez sighed, seeing that this was gonna take a bit of explaining.

"Well...a leyline is-" So Tez explained the workings of leylines. How they were conduits of magical energy. How they amplified ones magical ability and acted as a buffer against magical backlash allowing one to wield more magic then their body could handle on its own.

"So...your brothers are more powerful then you?" Fluttershy said, very afraid.

Tez smirked, "They would certainly be so yes. Luckily I have a few aces up my sleeve."

"What kind of aces? Are they shiney aces? Oh maybe their blackcherry flavored ones." Pinkie said with a smile.

Tez smirked...

" do we do?" Fluttershy asked.

Tez stood up with a stretch, then turning and heading to the door.

"The same thing I always do my dears. Make it up as I go along." Tez said with a laugh.

The girls watched him go with a collective facehoof. Once they were sure however that Tez was out of earshot, they began to talk again.

"He seemed happy today." Fluttershy said.

"Yeah, but how long you wanna bet that will last." Dash said.

"Rainbow Dash is right. I think we all know how short these good moods of Tez's have be recently." Twilight said with a frown.

"Ummmm...he didn't eat again." Fluttershy said with a worried tone.

"Yeah...Tezzy has been doing that alot lately. And I know for a fact he hasn't even had any snacks at all." Pinkie Pie said, her mane flat.

"And he hasn't bothered to change his clothes at all. And I had brought him his clothes from Ponyville, but he has only bothered to change once in two weeks. Simply gross." Rarity said, though despite her demanor her eyes showed that she truely worried for Tez's well being.

"So...what do we do?" Luna asked.

Celestia bit her lip, unsure of what exactly they could do. While Tez had done some good, seeing that all the refugees that had arrived be given a place to stay and supplies of food, he had pretty much established himself as a tyrant in Canterlot.

'At least he hasn't taken to executing ponies for simply disagreeing with him or speaking out against him....though it might eventually come to that. I hardly think he will continue to just show off his power in order to produce fear.' Celestia thought.

"I don't know....we don't even know why Tez is acting this way now. Frankly he seems to be completly erratic in his behavior as we have seen," Celestia sighed, "one moment he seems to be his old self...then the next he is almost killing a pony for speaking out against him."

"Well...if something is bothering him, maybe we can find out what." Pinkie Pie said.

Everypony looked at Pinkie with surprise. For once she had an idea that, amazingly, did not make any sense at all, or lacking any of her usual pinkieness added to it.

"Uh sugarcube, are ya feeling okay?" Applejack asked as she placed a hoof to Pinkie's forehead.

"Of course AJ, why wouldn't I be okay?" Pinkie Pie asked, tilting her head slightly confused, "I want Tez to be his old self again."

Twilight opened her mouth, but shook her head and said, "Nevermind. Still, it is an idea. And I think that something has to be bothering Tez. I know for a fact that he has some memories that he probably wouldn't want to remember."

Twilight remembered the Cortez incident, and was sure it was probably connected with Tez's behavior. When he had remembered that he had been vicious and angry.

"Who knows what else he has probably remembered now. Sudden recollection of bad memories can really hurt somepony mentally." Twilight said.

" is something." Celestia said, not sure if this plan was the right path to take.

"We really have no other plans," Luna said, "it's better then doing nothing."

Celestia had to agree with her sister, "Alright. We can all try to find out what, if it is the reason, of Tez's past would cause his sudden change in behavior. But I don't want anypony taking risks. We don't know if Tez is completely stable, and any forcing of the issue might cause him to lash out at somepony or even you."

The girls were silent, the ears flat. The thought that Tez would try to hurt any of them did not seem possible. And yet....mental images of an engraged Tez filled their minds none the less. It made them shiver.

Still...what choice did they have. If they did not find a way to change Tez's behavior....there probably wouldn't be much of an Equestria to save.

Tez walked down the hall. Passing freightened guards and servants. No one dared even look at him, keeping their eyes instead on the floor when he passed. It was fine; he preferred it that way.

'Have to gather the recruitment teams. But where to begin the recruitment?' Tez thought.

As he thought on the subject Tez, he picked up the sweet scent of apples.

'Huh?' He thought and looked around, spotting Applejack walking next to him. She was looking up at him with a slight smile.

"Howdy sugarcube." Applejack said.

Tez blinked, "Uh...hi..."

"Something wrong?" Applejack asked with a tilt of her head.

" yes." Tez said.

"Oh what is it?" Applejack asked.

"'s just that you, girls don't usually follow me. If you're here to ask me to send you home to do work, I'll get to it later." Tez said.

"Oh there's no need to rush sugarcube. All the major harvesting was taken care of last week, and Big Mac said he would be able to handle a day by himself. So I thought I'd spend some time with ya'll." Applejack said with a slight smile.

Tez blinked, and a part of him, the part that was both paranoid and suspicious of anything outside of direct combat, was telling him that Applejack was being honest, but at the same time she was probably hiding something. He knew for a fact that she could not tell the full truth, as she had done that time with the rodeo fiasco at Dodge Junction.

But another part, the one that he prefered to listen to when he was in the company of the girls, was wondering if she not only smelled like apples but tasted like them. His eyes would wonder over to Applejack's cutie mark and he began to have sudden, and very perverted thoughts.

'Hmm....maybe I can make that dream a reality.' Tez thought as he licked his lips.

Applejack took notice of this silent staring and began to feel a bit uncomfortable.

"Uh...something wrong Tez?" She asked, slightly afraid that she might have done something to set something off.

Tez blinked, "Huh...oh no. Everything is alright. I guess I just got lost in your pretty eyes."

Applejack blushed, "Eh...there you go with that fancy sweet talking business."

Tez smirked, "Of course you know I'm being truthful."

AJ blushed more, ""

Tez smirked, "You're cute when you're flustered."

"Hey now....look," Applejack said, trying to move the conversation to something that would make her blush less, "You stop that sweet talkin and..."

Tez leaned forward a bit and kissed Applejack a bit lightly on the lips. This caught her completely off guard and she backed away a bit in surprise, her face red as the apples of her cutie mark.

Tez chuckled darkly and followed her, eventually cornering her next to the wall. Applejack had backed up till she now stood on straight, back against the wall. Tez pressed his hands against the wall, and he looked at Applejack with a lustful look in his eyes.

'How long has it been since I've been with a woman...' Tez thought, 'Three thousand I think four thousand...gah whatever the time it's been too long!'

"" Applejack gasped she felt Tez trail a finger down her neck softly. The finger trailing over a sensative spot and sending shivers down her spine. Tez smirked when he saw this reaction, and slowly circled his finger on the area, earning another gasp from Applejack.

"T-Tez....stop..Ah..." Applejack said breathlessly. Despite asking him to stop, a part of her was enjoying it.

"Why?" Tez said as his other hand slid down her side, stopping at her flank, giving it a squeeze. This earned him a gasp from Applejack. AJ's face was flushed, as she looked up at Tez and shivered when she met his eyes. Eyes that glowed with unrestrained desire.

"Tez....stop," Applejack pleaded as Tez slid his other hand down to her flank and lifted her up, pressing himself against her slightly as he trailed his lips against her neck.

Applejack's shivered with the contact, her breathing becoming faster, sometimes catching in her throat when Tez nibbled her neck.

"Tez....other ponies are...ahhhh," Applejack gasped, "watching."

Tez stopped and looked around, spotting a few servants passing by. Each with a blush on their face and looking away, not wanting to draw attention. Though one or two might have peeked every so often. Tez just smirked.

"Let them watch. Makes it more kinky." Tez breathed softly.

"But.." Applejack tried to say, but was cut off by Tez as he placed his lips to her. Her eyes widened as she felt him press against her, the kiss becoming more passionate.

Despite her mind telling her to resist, or at least go somewhere more private, Applejack felt her self melting into the kiss. Her heart beat quickened as she closed her eyes, and felt Tez's tongue part her lips and meeting hers. She could not help but moan slightly, which only made Tez even more excited, and causing ponies nearby to blush as they witnessed this.

Applejack soon felt her tongue entering Tez's mouth, his own caressing her own. Eventually the kiss ended and both were breathing heavily. Applejack's vision was a bit cloudy, but it slowly began to refocus, now if only her mind would.

'This...this is going off in the wrong direction. was so good.' Applejack thought with a blush.

"Damn that was good." Tez said with a smile, one of his fangs showing slightly.

"I...yeah..." Applejack said, unable to think of something to say.

Tez chuckled, "I think....we should go somewhere else now."

The way he had said it, made Applejack shiver. And the look in his eyes made it clear what he had planned. Tez frankly did not care. His mind now giving full control to his more primal urges, was not to last.

"Um.....excuse me..." A voice said.

Tez blinke and growled, lifting a hand away from Applejack and sinking his claws into the stone wall and dragging his hand down. The loud screech and tearing of stone as his claws left a deep cut in the stone caused every pony to jump and look at Tez in fear, especially Applejack who was being held so close to him, if he wanted to hurt her she wouldn't be able to do anything to stop him.

The servant that had approached Tez during his...activity, flinched and ducked low with fear as she looked up at Tez. Tez turned his head, his eyes glowing violent and hissed, "What!?!"

The servant gulped and lifted a note up, shaking immensly in fear, even after Tez took it. With a wave of his hand, the servant quickly took off, crying slightly from fear.

Tez looked at the message and growled, crumpling it in his hand. He looked to Applejack and sighed as he set her down. Applejack looked up at him confused, her face still flushed a bit.

"Wha-what's wrong?" Applejack asked, feeling slight disappointment that they weren't continuing.

"Nothing, but I have some business to take care of sadly." Tez said as he turned and began to walk off.

Though he stopped for a moment, turned and said, "Though we should really continue this at a later date....I really enjoyed it." He gave a smirk, his eyes glittering with untold desire.

Applejack blushed and looked down, digging slightly at the ground. Tez smirked and continued on, grumbling about something.

Applejack looked around a bit, noticing at least one remaining servant. She blushed even more and she quickly ran to her room.

'Okay....maybe I need to think of a plan next time.' She thought. Despite how easy Pinkie's plan had seemed, it was no doubt going to be very difficult.

'DAMN IT!' Tez screamed mentally as he stomped down the hall, murder in his eyes.

'Damn that Shining Armor. Worse then a freaking contraceptive! I was so close!'

Tez made a mental note to kick Shining Armor where it hurt the most as hard as he could. Hopefully he didn't accidentally kill him.

' I feel worse then I did this morning.' Tez thought, as he still felt his heart racing and his desires and arousal still afflicting his body. This was not going to be a happy day.

Pushing open the doors leading out into the training grounds, Tez passed earth ponies training in spear and blade usage. Which was amazing considering they lacked fingers. Unicorns were busy practicing spells of destructive use, ones that he had personally instructed them in using.

'They might be able to do this for practice, but when the real battle comes we will see who has the ability to be a killer.' Tez thought with a smirk.

Finally he spotted Shining Armor, who seemed busy conversing with a number of guards. The recruitment group no doubt.

'Okay, maybe I won't kill him....yet.' Tez thought as he approached.

"So, I take it you're ready to get this over with. Cause you interrupted me at an inconvient time." Tez said with a slight snarl.

Shining Armor turned quickly and saluted, gulping slightly as Tez stood before him. The guards did the same, and all could tell that Tez...was not happy.

"Uh...sir..uh...I'm sorry if my message interrupted anything important. But we're ready to begin the...conscription." Shining Armor said. The last part making his stomach turn.

Tez looked over the guards. Frankly he was not impressed, but then again he never really was with those who lived in peace and had the nerve to wear the garments of warriors.

'Don't even deserve to call themselves guards. Not until they've tasted the blood lust of battle.' Tez thought.

"Fine. We will begin with Cloudsdale. Don't worry, I'll make sure you don't fall to your deaths." Tez said

The guards gulped and nodded. Shining Armor just bit his lip.

'This doesn't seem right,' he thought, 'I became a guard to keep ponies safe...but if I drag ponies from their homes like I still protecting them?'

"Alright if we are ready lets..." Tez said before beign cut off.


Tez turned to see a rainbow streak coming towards them. Tez blinked as Rainbow Dash landed infront of him.

"Dashie?" Tez said surprised.

"Yeah. Are you just getting ready to leave?" Dash asked.

Tez blinked, "Uh...yeah. Why?"

"Well I was just passing by and I heard that you were going to Cloudsdale, soooo I thought I'd come along. I haven't been there in awhile and I'd love to visit again and see my folks. That okay?" Dash asked,tilting her head slightly.

"Uh...sure...thats okay." Tez said.

"Cool. Well let's go!" Dash said as she did a loop in the air once.

Tez blinked, "Right well. Let's go."

Tez turned to face his guards and cast a cloud walking spell on the ones that required it. Once that was all set he waved a hand and in a flash of light the entire group teleported to their destination.

Twilight walked with Celestia through the castle halls. The two were taking time to catch up with each other, as well as discuss current happenings and plans.

"It has been wonderful talking with you Twilight. It has been awhile since we had time to ourselves." Celestia said with a smile.

Twilight smiled, "It has been awhile. I'm glad we took some time to talk today, what with everything that's been happening..."

Celestia frowned, "Yes...I know. The weeks have been traumatic, and I fear that unless we do something there will be more to come. And while I can't agree with what Tez has been doing, I fear that if he isn't stopped he might risk causing open rebellion."

Twilight gasped, "That...that wouldn't really happen...right princess?"

Celestia bit her lip, "I don't know...I hope not but....right now...I don't know what is possible anymore."

Twilight's ears flattened, she hoped that they could find a way to bring the old Tez back. If they didn't....she didn't want to think about it.

"I hope that....if something in his past is truly behind his sudden behavior change...that we can try to way to fix it." Celestia said, though she had serious doubts.

Twilight bit her lip, "I hope so too....I have to hope..."

Celestia looked at her student, the look in her eye as she said that...made Celestia remember a similar look in Luna's eyes when they had talked about Tez so long ago. Affection.

"Twilight," Celestia said, "do you care about Tez?"

Twilight looked up to her teacher, "Of course. He is my friend, and I hate to see him acting this way.'s not how he is. I know it."

Celestia giggled at her students naivety, "I meant do you really care about him. Do you love him?"

Twilight blinked and blushed at the question, "I...why would you ask that princess?"

Celestia smiled softly, "Well, when you talk about Tez I see something similar in my sister's eyes when she talks about him."

Twilight blushed, "Oh...well...I..." Twilight tried to think of a response, but words would escape her, so jumbled now was her mind.

'Do I? Oh...I don't know....I...' Twilight tried to figure out if she did or not. At times she felt something for Tez, but...had it been affection?

"I....I don't know..." Twilight said with a slight frown. It was a question she wished she had an answer to.

Celestia smiled softly, "Well, perhaps we should move onto a different topic."

Twilight nodded, still blushing slightly, "Um...yes...that would be nice. is Blueblood?"

Celestia frowned, "He will recover. Though he is certainly making a big fuss over times I find it hard to be mad at Tez for what he did. And I doubt I could do anything if he decided to do it again."

"Well....I don't think Tez will do that again....right?" Twilight asked.

"As long as he stays away from Tez I think." Celestia said.

The two were silent after that as they continued to walk. Their minds plagued with confusion and worries. Though for Twilight, it was also plagued with conflicted feelings. Feelings she had to sort out.

Tez strolled down the cloud streets of Cloudsdale. All about him he saw guards approaching houses and leaving with one or two mares, or a stallion. He wasn't good at judging a ponies age, but if he guessed right, and the guards remembered his instructions, they were taking ponies between young adult and middle age, maybe a bit older if the pony was still in good physical condition.

'So far so good. No one has tried to resist conscription...yet anyway.' Tez thought.

Spotting Captain Shining Armor, Tez walked over earning him a salute from the unicorn. Though Tez could see in his eyes that Shining Armor did not agree with what was being done. Or what he was ordered to do if needed.

"Shining Armor. I trust the conscription is going well." Tez said as he crossed his arms.

"Yes sir," Shining Armor said with a nod, "we....we should have the desired amount of conscriptions from Cloudsdale soon."

Tez nodded, "Good. Then I leave it in your capable hands....hooves....just do it and you will get a promotion or something. As for me I have something to do."

Shining Armor blinked, " you order your....highness."

Tez smirked and walked off, leaving a torn Shining Armor behind.

Tez walked down the streets once more, keeping an eye out for Rainbow Dash.

'Now where did she go?' Tez thought.

When they arrived here she had hung out with him a bit, mostly talking about how cool he had been when he had been fighting Mex, but as soon as the conscription teams got to work taking ponies, at times even dragging them with Tez making sure that there was no interference, she had flown off saying something about her parents.

'Hmm....hey maybe I can meet her parents. Be interesting to see where she gets her personality from.' Tez thought as he kept searching.

Sniffing about he finally caught her scent, and breathed it in deep sending a shiver down his spine. Tez took off after the scent, trying his hardest to keep himself in control.

'Ancients she smells good. But...keep it together Tez....don't want to end up doing her in public.....of course that does sound really kinky.' He thought with a lecherous grin.

Finally he found where the scent was leading, and he found himself in front of a decent sized house. Outside, playing tag were two young fillies, probably no more then toddlers. but what was interesting about them was their coats and manes. Light blue and rainbow in color.

Tez blinked, "What the..."

As Tez walked over, trying to figure out if what he was seeing was real, one of the rainbow maned fillies spotted him and pointed his pressence to her sister. Soon both of the fillies were looking at him with wide eyes.

"Uh...hello...little ones. Is a Miss Rainbow Dash here?" Tez asked.

"Awe you one of big sistew's fwiends?" One of the rainbow maned fillies asked.

Tez smiled, "Yes I am. Is she here, I would like to talk to her."

"She's inside with mommy, getting pweety." The other rainbow maned filly said with a giggle.

Tez blinked, "Getting pretty?"

The two fillies giggled and motioned for Tez to follow. Tez did so, smiling softly that he didn't scare everyone.

'Hmm...these must be Dashie's little sisters. Pretty cute and probably won't last long if I have to recruit from their family.' Tez thought with a frown.

"So what are your names?" Tez asked the two fillies.

"I'm Doxy." One said with a smile.

"And I'm Sun Burst." The other said.

Tez smiled, these two were just so adorable it could give a heart attack.

As the three drew closer to the house the fillies began to tip-hoof and staying as low to the ground as they could. Tez did the same, getting down on all fours and stalking silently staying low. The fillies looked at him and put their hooves to their lips in a gesture of "quiet now" and they slowly opened the door and walked in. Tez followed.

The inside was quiet nice, reminding Tez of a victorian style house. His keen hearing started picking up talking from a room down a hall, which Doxy and Sun Burst were tip-hoofing down. Tez followed till they reached a door.

"Look." Doxy whispered with a giggle.

Tez blinked and peeked inside. What he saw made his jaw drop. It was Rainbow dash, along with another older mare with a cyan coat and a orange and yellow mane and a rainbow colored tail, her cutie mark was three ribbons. But what was shocking was...that Dashie was in a dress, and not like a dress similar to her Gala dress, no. This dress was pink, with white frills. She had on pink shoes on both legs, and bows. A big white bow on her mane, with a smaller one on her tail. What was also amazing was that Rainbow Dashs mane and tail had been brushed straight, which made it appear longer and almost silk like.

"Mom," Rainbow Dash whined as she tried to move, only to be forced to stay still be a holding wing of her mother, "this is sooo embaressing."

"Nonsense dear, you look absolutely darling." Dash's mother said in a french sort of accent.

'So that's what the kids meant by pretty.' Tez thought as he bit his lip. The sight was just too hilarious. And yet at the same time, seeing Dashie all dolled up like this was giving Tez some serious thoughts.

'Hmm....oh I wonder if she is into role play. I've always wanted to do an evil overlord and innocent maiden one.' He thought as he licked his lips at the raunchy images he was picturing.

Tez looked back to the fillies, who had the biggest grins on their faces.

"See. Ain't she pweety." Sun Burst said with a giggle.

Tez smirked, "Oh very much."

The fillies giggled then ran into the room.

"Mommy!" The fillies called as they ran to their mother and nuzzled up against her legs.

Dash's mother looked down at the little fillies and smiled and lowered her head to nuzzle her children.

"Hello dearies. I thought you were playing outside." Dash's mom said as she got back to fixing Dash's dress up.

"We wewe. But somepony is hewe to see Dashie." Doxy said.

Dash blinked and looked to her sisters, "Uh...who is here to see me?"

Tez cleared his throat as he stood there leaning against the door frame. He had a big grin on his face as he looked over at Dash, who was now red in the face.

"Oh geez! Don't look at me!" Dash yelled as she dived behind her mother, trying to hide herself from Tez.

Dash's mother stared at Tez with wide eyes, slight fear reflecting in her cerise eyes.

"'re..." The mare stuttered as she held her children closer to her, which confused the little fillies some.

"Tezcaltipoca. Current overlord of Equestria. There is no need to worry, I won't hurt you. Nor am I here to conscript any of your house hold." Tez said as he walked over, leaning slightly so he can see Dash again, who was looking at the ground with an embaressed blush.

Dash's mother relaxed slightly, but she now looked at Tez with a raised eyebrow.

"Then...why are you here?" She asked.

Doxy managed to wiggle free of her mothers grasp and ran over to Tez and pointed hoof up at him as she looked to her mother, "This is dashie's fwend mommy. He came to talk to her."

Dash's mother blinked, and her eyes widened as she looked to her daughter with a slightly irritated look.

"And just when were you going to tell me this?" She asked, which caused Dash to smile uneasily.

Tez chuckled, 'Oh this is gonna be interesting.'

"And that was my little Dashie after she won the Cloudsdale third Litte Filly Beauty Pageant. I was so proud!" Ribbon Tie, Rainbow Dash's mother, said with a sniff and wiping away a tear.

Dash, still in the dress her mother had put her in, placed her hooves over her face in embaressment, "Mom....."

Ribbon Tie, after a little talking with both Dash and Tez, and getting her younger daughters lunch, was now showing Tez Dash's baby pictures, as well as albums of what she called, "Dashie's Pageant Days," frankly Tez was having a hard time not laughing, and Rainbow Dash seemed ready to die of embaressment.

"Oh I have to show you the album that has Dashie when she was modeling for some of my earlier designs, oh she was just cute as a button." Ribbon Tie said as she grabbed another album and opened, revealing pictures of a filly Dash in various forms of cute little dresses. In some, when she must have been younger she had a smile, and in others no doubt when older and her personality starting to kick in she was grumbling. Though of course in all of them Ribbon Tie would say and comment on how cute and adorable her daughter was. Not to mention what beauty contests she won, or participated in.

'And boy are there alot of them. No wonder Dashie dislikes dressing up, she got enough of it for two lifetimes.' Tez thought as he looked at a picture of Dash winning another pageant award. Though Ribbon was in the background and was clapping with a big smile, Dash just looked embaressed.

"Oh I knew we would beat that darn Prism Beauty! I am Ribbon Tie, the best dress designer in all of Cloudsdale!" Ribbon Tie said, a fire sparking in her eyes.

Tez blinked, 'Well...I guess I know where Dash got her competativeness.'

"Mom..." Dash groaned.

"Oh come now Dashie, you look adorable. All the stallions would simply trip over themselves if they saw you and I would love some grand kids." Ribbon Tie said with a smile.

"Mom!" Dash said, red in the face as she looked at her mother in shook.

Ribbon Tie giggled and looked over to Tez, "Well Mr. Tez. How exactly do you know my daughter?"

Tez blinked and noticed the look in Ribbon Tie's eyes. A look that promised a painful end if the answer was improper in anyway.

'Ho to play my cards right here.' Tez thought. Nothing scared him more then an angry mother. That was just a natural for anything that enjoyed life.

"Well, your daughter saved my life." Tez said, and began to explain the story, Dash every so often adding her two cents, mostly to make herself look cooler, though mostly she just looked away from Tez embarrassed. She really wanted to get out of the dress...but her mother pretty much begged her to wear it untill she left.

'It's just for a little bit can do this...' She thought, though she was ready to just fly out of it.

When Tez was finished, Ribbon Tie wrapped him in a hug, which took him by surprise.

"You are a very brave one. You saved my daughter from a dragon. Thank you." Ribbon said as she hugged Tez a bit more before turning and glaring at Dash.

"And you young lady, did it ever cross your mind to tell me and your father about this? Huh?" Ribbon asked as she looked at Dash with an angry look.

"" Dash said, ears flattening.

"I thought so. You just don't care about us enough to even send us a card about how you're doing. And now I hear you almost get killed by a dragon and I wasn't even told." Ribbon was near tearing up and sniffling.

"'t cry. I'm okay." Dash said getting up.

Ribbon sniffed, "And what about next time! Am I going to be left in the dark all the time about my own daughters health?"

Dash bit her lip, tears welling up in her eyes, "" Dash closed her eyes as she hugged her mother, tears silently flowing from her eyes.

Ribbon embraced her daughter tight and just cried slightly as the two stood there hugging. Tez felt a bit uncomfortable being around. This seemed like a private moment really.

After awhile the two mares let go of each other and sat down. Ribbon held up a mirror and gasped as she saw some of her make up running.

"Oh dear. Do give me a moment while I fix this. It was a good thing I didn't put any on you Dashie." Ribbon said as she headed over to the bathroom to fix her make up, leaving Tez and Dash alone now. The only sound being from Dash's sisters playing outside.

Tez took this moment to look Dash over, and frankly he was liking the new look. He wondered if he could get her to do it every so often...just for him.

"Umm...sorry about my mom...she can be a bit of a drama queen. if we didn't have the same mane color I'd probably think I was adopted." Dash said, a bit uncomfortable with Tez looking at her right now.

"Heh, reminds me a bit of Rarity. Very surprising, I was expecting somepony...well more like you." Tez said as he looked Dash over some. The dress matched her body perfectly melding with each curve and joint.

Dash chuckled, "Yeah...I got her competative spirit, but mine was for sports...not beauty pageants."

"And yet you stared in some and looked as cute as a button in each I might add." Tez said with a slight smirk, causing Dash to blush and hide her face.

"'s really embaressing and this dress is as well. I don't know why my mom tries, it doesn't really look that great on me." Dash said with a slight frown.

"I disagree. It looks pretty good on you." Tez said.

Dash looked at Tez, "Are you kidding? It's all frilly to girly. It just doesn't look good on me."

Tez shook his head, "I still disagree. Dash that dess was designed to fit perfectly to your shape, while the colors might not work with you, it still looks good on you."

Dash bit her lip and looked away, blushing slightly, "I....I just don't do this kind of stuff...I...this is for pretty mares..."

Tez blinked, " are pretty."

"No I'm not." Dash said with a slight mutter.

"And why is that?" Tez said as he got up and walked over to sit next to Dash. Dash moved a bit and just looked at the ground.

"Dashie?" Tez asked as he bent forward a bit to look at her.

"Because I'm just not pretty okay!" Dash said, looking at Tez with an angry glare, "Why else would he..." Dash closed her mouth and looked away.

Tez looked at Dash and reached out placing a hand on her shoulder, "'re very pretty. Who said you weren't?"

Dash was silent. Tez frowned and said, "Dashie..."

Dash bit her lip, "Lightning Dasher...he was....a colt I had a crush on when I was younger."

Tez blinked, and had to fight a sudden urge to find this Lightning Dasher and break his legs.

"I...I went up to confess my crush on him....I had gotten all prettied up for it and....he just flat out rejected me." Dash said closing her eyes, remembering the old pain again.

"Dash..." Tez said softly with a frown.

Dash sniffed, "Said I was...just not pretty and that the dress wasn't worth a pony like me to wear. Said I didn't have the flank for it, not like...other fillies. Then he just left to hang with fillies he said were pretty."

Tez really had to muster all his will power to keep himself from going on a warpath of mindless bloodshed until he found this colt that would say such a thing to Rainbow and ripping off his genitals.

"After that...I guess I just didn't bother with all the dresses and stuff anymore. I mean...I tried to get other stallions to notice me...but...they never did, and some even said I just wasn't pretty enough." Dash said sniffling again, "so there...are ya happy now?" Dash looked at Tez with tears in her eyes.

Tez looked back, "Dash....I still say you're pretty, even down right beautiful."

"You're just..." Dash began, but was cut off by Tez placing a finger to her lips.

"Don't say it cause I'm not, and I'm gonna prove it to you." Tez said.

"Your body...your build, it is lithe and athletic. Not overweight or underweight at all, and your muscles are evenly worked and none of them in gross over workings, their well toned and firm." Tez said as he gently slid a finger across Dash's leg, causing her to blush slightly.

"Your mane, as it is right now looks majestic and without any form of effort was really needed. It would look good free flowing or designed. Most mare's can't do that." Tez said again as he ran his fingers slowly through her mane.

Dash bit her lip, her face a bright red.

"And lastly is your eyes. Their color is captivating, and the fire that one can see burning when you commit to something is inspiring. And...more then anything they are eyes which show the soul of a wonderful and loyal mare who will stick by those she cares about no matter what." Tez said as he leaned in a bit.

"I don't know what those stallions were smoking, but if they were stupid enough to not see how great you are. They weren't worthy of you." Tez said.

Dash looked at Tez with wide eyes, and she was suddenly very aware of how close he was to her. She was also aware of her own pulsing heart as it beat faster.

' he really being serious....' She thought as she looked him in the eyes, feeling the same feeling she felt when she was in the hospital

The two looked at each other for a moment, before Tez leaned forward some and slowly kissed Dash. The sudden act caught her off guard, but she soon found herself returning it. Pretty soon the two were making out there on the couch, Tez running a hand through Dash's mane, while his other hand wrapped around her and pulled her closer to him.

Dash felt her wings extend, and gasped when she felt Tez's tongue part her lips.

'Ohmygoshohmygoshohmygoshohmygoshohmygosh.' Dash thought, feeling her pulse quickening. She had never gotten this close to a male before, ever. Now here she was, if not exactly with a stallion but it still felt good.

Tez rubbed Dash's back, his hand trailing up towards and brushing against her wings. Dash gasped and tensed up slightly. Tez noticed this and smirked mentally.

'Ah, so their sensative there...or at least when their wings are sticking out like that. I wonder...' Tez thought as he began to softly slide his hand up and down a wing.

Dash gasped and stopped the kiss as she bit her lip, her body shivering each movement of Tez's hand up and down her wing.

"Ahh Tez ahh..." Dash gasped, her face red.

Tez smirked, "I had no idea that your wings were sensative."

Dash groaned slightly as Tez continued to stroke her wings, "Only...only when they get stiff...ahh...knock it off ah I...we..."

Tez frowned, "What...don't like it when I do this?"

"No...I mean yes...I mean..." Dash tried to think of the right words, but with the continued strokes and the shivers of pleasure she was having difficulty, "I...ahh not here....ahhh"

Tez licked his lips, enjoying the sounds of Dash's moans and gasps, "Why..." He slowly began to kiss down her neck, nipping here and there. Of didn't last.

The sound of someone clearing their throat brought Tez back to reality and he looked up, his eyes immediatlly widening in horror.

There, with a very miffed look in her eyes, was Ribbon Tie. Eye brow raised she looked down at the two, causing Dash to blush slightly and say, "That's why...."

"Oh....yeah......crap." Tez said as he saw Ribbon's hoof come for his face.

Doxy and Sun Burst laughed as they played. The two fillies ran about with almost limitedless energy.


The two fillies stopped playing and looked around, looking for the source of the loud noise.

"Did you heaw something?" Doxy asked her sister.

Sun Burst shook her head. The two fillies just shrugged and returned to playing, completely ignorant of what occured inside their house.

"Well. I can see that you two have a very....close relationship." Ribbon said as she rubbed her hoof slowly, looking down at Tez.

Tez layed on the floor, with a big red hoof mark on his face, and a black eye and bump starting to form. He seemed to be unconcious.

"I tried to tell you." Dash said looking at Tez.

Ribbon Tie looked at her daughter, "And you young lady. When were you going to tell me about this huh? Have you two already rutted each other? How many times? Did you at least use protection?"

Dash blushed, "What? No! I mean yes...No wait Ahhh we haven't done anything, I swear!"

"I find that hard to beleive, from what I saw." Ribbon said with a raised eye brow.

"Ugh....can I say something?" Tez asked, only to have a hoof planted in his mouth.

Ribbon looked down at Tez, with an evil glare, "Don't open your mouth mister. I see you put those lips on MY daughter and touching her wings in MY house. You're lucky I don't cut them off right here and now. So untill I get whats going on between you two you will be quiet or else."

Tez gulped and nodded, keeping his mouth shut as Ribbon pulled her hoof away. She then looked back to her daughter, who had a mixture of embaressment and fear in her eyes. Tez had to agree, her mother was scarey.

"Now, what is the relationship between you two. I don't want you getting into an unhealthy relationship Dashie." Ribbon said as she squished her daughters cheeks together and hugged her close.

"Mom..." Dash whined as she pushed her mom away from her slightly.

Ribbon just smiled, "So if you two haven't done it yet...were you?"

Dash blinked and her face went red again, "What!?"

Ribbon giggled, "Because if you were I could take the girls out for ice cream for a bit. Give you two some privacy. Just do it in your old room only."

"Mom!" Dash shouted in embaressment.

Tez chuckled, 'Oh I like her.'

"Well if you haven't gone that far that is okay. I don't want you rushing into things, that is a quick way to get hurt." Ribbon said as she hugged her daughter. Dash just grumbled a bit.

"I wouldn't do anything to hurt Dashie Mrs. Ribbon." Tez said as he slowly got up.

Ribbon turned looking at Tez, "I certainly hope so," she let go of her daughter and approached Tez, "Royalty or not if you break my little Dashie's heart in anyway I will send you into a nightmare world in which there is no return." She finished with a glare that could kill a man's soul.

Tez gulped, 'Oh yeah...she scarey.'

Ribbon smiled, "Well now that we have all that cleared, it is nice to see that somepony is interested in my daughter. I was worried that she would never have a special somepony. And I had tried so hard to make her look stunning to draw some potential stallions. I swear the colts here have no eye for beauty, they all just want a quick and easy flank these days. My daughter is a real mare."

"Mom." Dash grumbled, then blinked, "wait I never said he and I were together!"

Riboon looked to her daughter, "Oh? I could have sworn that you were given how you were moaning when he touched your wings. And I certainly didn't raise you to be like that awful Prism Beauty's daughter. So you must be in a relationship; he is quiet a nice guy. Don't you like him?"

Dash blinked, "I...I guess I do...but...we're just friends!"

Ribbon blinked and giggled and whispered to Tez, "Don't worry she'll figure it out eventually. She was always a bit dense when it came to love. Takes after her father like that."

Tez chuckled slightly, "So...where is her father?"

Dash blinked, "Yeah...I haven't seen dad since I got here."

"Oh your father had to head down to the weather factory. Appearently the machines have been acting up recently." Ribbon said, "I don't know when he will be back, but I know he would have loved to see you dear."

Dash smiled softly, "Eh its okay."

Suddenly the door burst open, and Doxy and Sun Burst came running in laughing and cheering.

"Dady's home! Daddy's home!" The two little fillies said.

Dash and Ribbon looked to the door in surpise, their eyes widening when they saw who was there. Tez looked over as well and blinked.

'That's Rainbow Dash's father?' He thought.

The pegasi before him....was not what he expected to be the birth father of a mare like Rainbow Dash. One he was....well skinny. Not very muscular and....well...had glasses.

The stallion had a smile as his two youngest daughters came running to him again and hugged him again. He looked over to his wife and eldest daughter and smiled.

"Hey there." He said.

"Dear. You're back already?" Ribbon said surprised.

The stallion frowned, "You make that sound like it's a bad thing." He smirked slightly.

Ribbon smirked and walked over, giving her husband a kiss, "Now you know I don't mean that. But I thought you said you were going to be out all day?"

Dash's father nodded, "Yeah so did I. But we managed to get the kicks in the machine fixed. Seems whatever was going on just disappeared suddenly. Strange but not unappreciated, cause I get to see all of you sooner, not to mention see my little dashie after so long."

"Hey dad." Dash said as she flew over and gave her father a hug, which he gladly returned. Soon the whole family was engaged in a group hug, which Tez had to admit was kinda cute.

Once the hug ended, Dash's father noticed Tez and his eyes widened.

"Oh yeah, Thunder Roar. remember Tez right?" Ribbon said.

Thunder Roar gulped, "Yeah....I remember him. Most of the workers at the factory were still talking about him. And now he is taking ponies from their homes." Thunder Roar gave Tez a look that showed he did not agree with this.

Tez just shrugged, Doxy and Sun Burst looked at the parents.

"What does daddy mean by that?" Doxy asked.

"Yeah. Tez is nice. Wight?" Sun Burst asked.

"Of course he is pipsqueaks," Dash said, despite the nickname Tez could tell it was not one of malice but of affection.

"Hey we awn't pipsqueaks!" Doxy said with indignation.

"Yeah. I gwewed thwee inches wecently." Sun Burst said with pride.

"Of course you two arn't pipsqueaks," Ribbon said picking her daughters up, "But it is time for you two to go to bed."

"Awww." The two fillies said.

"No awws. Bed time," Ribbon said as she looked to everyone, "I'll get them settled. Why don't you three talk. Oh dear you really have to talk to your daughter about her little hospital stay."

Dash looked at her mom in shock, and Thunder's eyes widened and he gave Dash a look.

"Hospital stay eh? What does she mean by that Rainbow Dash?" Thunder asked.

Dash's ears went flat, and she glared up at her mother as she walked upstairs giggling. As were Doxy and Sun Burst.

It took a bit of time for Dash to explain the mishap with the dragon, not to mention dealing with a rightly miffed father, but the two shared a hug and all was well again. The same couldn't be said for Tez as he explained how he knew Dash, and his relationship with her.

'It doesn't help that she had to bring up the whole couch incident again.' Tez thought as he tried to save himself from being hit by an angry father. Though frankly he was not as scary as Ribbon was, mothers were just naturally more terrifying when mad.

"Well....," Lightning Roar said as he cleaned his glasses, "This is....most interesting...."

"'s..not that big a deal." Dash said rubbing the back of her head. She was hoping that this would all end soon. She had certainly suffered enough embaressment and awkward situations for one day.

" daughter is old enough to make her own decisions, even if I might disagree with some of them," Lightning said, obviously still peeved a bit about not being told his daughter had been in the hospital, "but....if she is happy I can't really see any problem with it."

"Well...glad we got all that settled then." Tez said, kinda wishing to get going as well. This visit had taken much more time then he had wanted and he had conscriptions to get to.

"However..." Lightning said as he lifted a hoof, "if I learn that you have hurt my daughter in anyway, you can be sure my wife and I will not be forgiving."

"Geez..." Dash said face hoofing.

"Uh...right..." Tez said, gulping slightly when he saw the evil look in Ribbon's eyes.

"Well, I'd stay more but I have to make sure my soliders did their job." Tez said.

Dash blinked, "Huh...we're going?"

"Afraid so Dashie. Sorry." Tez said.

Dash frowned, "Dang."

"Now hold up. I can understand if you have to go, but why can't my daughter stay with her family for a night?" Ribbon asked.

"Because she will be safer, as will you, if she stays close to me." Tez said.

"What do you mean by that?" Lightning asked with a raised eyebrow.

Tez sighed, "My brother knows about your daughter and her connection with me. If he could he would attempt to take her and use her against me. Of course he won't try to abduct her as long as she is near me or in Canterlot where I have set very powerful protective wards."

Ribbon opened her mouth to say something, but was cut off by Tez.

"Look. I know you want to spend more time with Dashie. But untill I have my brothers heads as lawn ornaments, she and her friends are not safe. Nor would you if Dashie remained with you. My brother is a ruthless killer and has no qualms in killing women...or children." Tez said as he looked up the stairs.

Ribbon gasped and seemed pale a bit. Lightning Roar frowned. Dash's eyes were wide.

'Would Tez's brother....actually kill my family to get me...' She thought in horror.

"I...see..." Lightning said, "I can tell you're not lying."

Ribbon bit her lip, but nodded in agreement.

"Now we should get going. Alot to do." Tez said as he walked to the door.

Dash watched Tez go then flew over to her parents and embraced them in a final hug.

"You take care of yourself okay. And don't be afraid to visit often when....when this is all over." Ribbon said, hugging her daughter tight.

Dash smiled and nodded, "Alright. I..I'm sorry I don't keep in contact as much....I'll try harder."

Lightning smiled, "All we want to know is that you're okay. We love you Dashie."

Dash smiled, "I love you guys too."

'D'awwww.' Tez thought.

After a few moments the three pegasi released each other and Dash followed Tez out the door. Both waved goodbye to Ribbon and Lightning Roar, who waved farewell.

After a few minutes of walking Dash finally spoke up.

"Uh...hey...about what happened in there...with the couch...and my parents...and well.." Dash said, blushing.

"Not to mention you're still wearing the dress your mom made you." Tez said with a playful smirk.

"Huh?" Dash said and looked at herself, seeing that Tez was right, "Horseapples. This is embaressing."

Tez stopped and looked at Dash, "Actually, I still say it looks good on you. Especially with the moon light shining on you."

Dash blushed slightly, "Yeah well...dresses still arn't my thing. But...I guess I could keep it. But don't think I'm gonna wear it all the time."

Tez smiled, "No doubt. Special occasions maybe."

"Um...yeah sure." Dash said.

Tez looked Dash up and down, wanting nothing more then to push her against the clouds and comment with her every form of debauchery that society frowns on. Sadly he had to see to his soldiers. An irritating distraction at the time.

'Later.' He thought as he turned and continued to walk. Dash following at his side.

"Say...what were your parents like?" Dash asked.

Tez blinked, and was silent.

"Tez?" Dash asked.

"I...don't have...parents. I just have creators." Tez said with a frown.

Dash blinked, "Creators?"

"Let's drop it. Not important." Tez said, picking up speed as he neared where he told Shining Armor to gathering the troops and ponies they gathered for conscription.

Dash stayed behind, processing what she had heard.

'Creators....what does he mean by that? Still, I should probably tell Twilight....without going into detail of course.' She thought, blushing slightly. Best to leave how things proceeded up to the point of learning this bit of info to herself.

"Hey Dashie. You coming?" Tez called.

Dash blinked and flew to catch up with Tez saying, "Oh yeah."

When Tez met up with Shining Armor again. He found that the guards had managed to gather a good number of pegasi. Total of three hundred and twenty at least. Most mares, but with some stallions in as well.

'Not surprised given the gender ration.' Tez thought.

"'re back. We were wondering where you had gone." Shining Armor said saluting.

"Just visiting someponies. Now is this all you managed to gather?" Tez asked as he looked at the gathered ponies, surrounded by guards to keep any runaways from happening.

Shining Armor nodded, "Y-yes sir."

Tez nodded, "Good. Now we'll drop these sods off in canterlot and move on to the next city."

Shining Armor blinked, "Uh...but sir it is already night. Don't you think we should let the guards rest?"

Tez shook his head, "No. We've got more towns to get and every minute we don't gain another hundred soldiers means my brother will only be better prepared for...whatever he has planned."

Shining Armor opened his mouth to speak, but was cut off as Tez cast his teleport spell sending them all back to Canterlot.

When they reappeared in Canterlot, Tez instructed some guards to take the new soliders to get settled, while the rest were to gather around him.

"Don't worry Shining. I'll keep you guys awake. In fact, "Tez said as he gathered magic, aiming it at the guards, "you won't have much of a choice."

And with that the spell surged forth striking the guards. When the spell subsided, no damage was done, but the guards, including Shining Armor, felt suddenly very active and awake.

Tez smirked, "There." He then turned to Dash, "Well Dash. It was fun spending some time with you, and meeting your parents. But I have more ponies to conscript, and I don't think you'll want to see that."

"'s cool. I kinda need to hit the sack anyway." Dash said.

Tez nodded, "Then sleep well." With that he kissed her once more briefly before stepping back and teleporting himself and the guards away again. Leaving Dash standing there blushing slightly.

'Dang it. Why do I have to get like this when he does that.' Dash thought as she flew off to her room, before anypony saw her in this dress.

All through the night and through most of the next day, Tez worked his guards to the bone, taking ponies from their homes for the conscription. At times some would resist, but a few words from Tez explaining what his brother would do to their loved ones, along with a few graphic illusions of the process, many came willingly. And those that still did not...well force is a rather universal language.

After returning to Canterlot with another group of ponies, Tez saw that his spell was beginning to wear off as many of the guards that had accompanied him were begining to fall asleep while standing, giving soft neighs every so often.

Tez watched the new recruits being escorted to their barracks and to be ready for training. While other leaders might feel upset that they were sending innocents off to die, Tez couldn't feel anything.

'Guilty won't keep them alive.' He thought as he turned and walked back to the castle.

As he made his way to the castle, and through the halls, he suddenly felt an odd sensation....that he was being watched.

"Hey Tez."

Tez jumped high and clung to a column, when he looked down he saw Pinkie Pie, looking up at him with a curious look.

"Pinkie Pie! Don't do that!" Tez said as he slid down.

"Sorry Tez. Say what ya doing?" Pinkie Pie asked as she started to hop up and down.

"Well...I was gonna check on you girls before I finished up the conscription. Last stop is Ponyville." Tez said as he stretched.

Pinkie Pie blinked, "But...but why do you have to recruit from Ponyville? That was your home!"

Tez sighed, "Yes. And I need all the troops I can get, and denying myself possible troops due to emotional or sentimental attatchments won't win this war Pinkie."

Pinkie frowned, her mane going flat again, "But..."

"No buts," Tez said with a sigh, "Now where are the rest of the girls. I figured they will want to see their family and friends today."

Pinkie blinked, "Oh they're already in Ponyville. Well except for Rainbow Dash, she's taking a nap. Did you know she came back wearing a dress?"

Tez blinked, "What?"

Pinkie giggled, "Oh yeah Dashie was wearing a dress. I mean it's not that shocking she wore the gala dress once, but this one was pink. I love pink." Pinkie giggled again.

"No Pinkie...what did you say about..." Tez began but was cut off.

"I wonder why she was wearing it anyway? She seemed to be trying real hard for nopony to see her last night; which is odd cause she looked pretty in it."

"Pinkie!" Tez shouted slightly, "Who...went to Ponyville?"

Pinkie blinked, "Oh Twilight took Rarity, Fluttershy and Applejack back to Ponyville. They spent the night there as well, why?"

Tez blinked then facepalmed, "Those damned fools." And with a flash of light he vanished, leaving Pinkie Pie alone.

"Oh dear...I hope he isn't mad." She said with a frown.

Rarity was busy sewing a dress. She had no orders to fill, this was a dress to take her mind off of her worries. As well as her sadness. was not working.

'Darn it! I feel so utterly powerless.' Rarity thought as she clenched her eyes shut, tears forming again.

The reason for this pain was in connection with Fillydelphia. While Rarity still cried for the loss of her parents, things had only gotten worse....when she had to tell Sweetie Belle of what had happened to their parents.

Rarity felt her legs ready to give out. She had run through this scenario hundreds of times since Tez had brought her back to Ponyville. all her plans were falling to pieces.

"I...I.." Rarity bit her lip and closed her eyes tight, tears threatening to rise again.

"I know it will be hard. But it's better to get it over with now then later." Tez said as he placed a hand gently on Rarity's shoulder.

"That's easy for you to say!" Rarity hissed slightly, "have you ever lost those you cared about?"

Tez blinked, ". . .yes."

Rarity looked at Tez with shock, and then regret, "I...I'm sorry Tez...I.."

"Save it. Let's just get this over with." Tez said as he walked towards the boutique.

Rarity felt her heart ache in pain. The way Tez had spoken those words, she could feel the coldness in his words.

'Oh Rarity, you should have watched your words.' She lectured to herself. What she had done was uncalled for and unlady like.

Following Tez to the door, Rarity kept her eyes on the ground, unable to look at Tez at the moment. Slowly she opened the door and walked inside, Tez following.

"Sweetie Belle....are you here?" Rarity called as she looked for her sister.

"Rarity." Sweetie Belle called as she ran down the stairs and hugged her sister's leg, "I was wondering where you were."

"I'm sorry if I scared you sweetie. But I'm back now." Rarity said as she hugged her sister. Looking down at the innocent smiling face broke her heart.

"And Tez is here. I haven't seen you all day." Sweetie Belle said as she let go of her sister and ran to Tez, who kneeled down to give the filly a hug.

"It is good to see you Sweetie Belle." Tez said with a smile as he let the filly go and stood up again.

Rarity bit her lip, she couldn't do this. But....she had to.

'At least Tez is here....I don't think I could do this alone.' Rarity thought.

"Sweetie...we....we need to talk...." Rarity said.

Sweetie Belle blinked, and seemed a bit fearful, "Oh no did you find out about the window incident? We told Roseluck we were sorry, and me and the girls are gonna do chores around her house to pay off the damages. I'm sorry sis, but we thought that baseball was our special talent."

Rarity and Tez blinked and looked at each other for a moment before back to the fearful little filly, whose's ears were flat. No doubt fearing a possible punishment.

" Sweetie, though we will have to talk about...that later," Rarity said, earning a frown and a nod from Sweetie Belle.

"Then...what is it?" Sweetie Belle asked.

Rarity took a deep breath, but felt ready to collapse into tears again. How did one go about telling this to a child.

"Sweetie Belle....mother and father...." Rarity began, but covered her eyes and turned away sniffling slightly.

Sweetie Belle frowned, "Sis...what's wrong?"

Sweetie Belle walked over to her sister, only to then be pulled into a tight hug. Rarity held her sister tight to her chest as she sniffed and shed silent tears.

"Sweetie Belle. My dear darling sister....mother....mother and father.....they...."

Sweetie Belle was afraid, sensing that something was wrong. Something big if it had Rarity like this; she did not like it.

"Rarity....what's wrong with mom and dad?" Sweetie Belle asked.

Rarity rubbed her eyes and hugged her sister tighter, though not enough to hurt or cause breathig trouble. Taking a deep breath, Rarity said the final part, and felt her heart shattered as she did.

"Mother....and father longer with us....they're....they....gone." Rarity said before finally crying aloud.

Tez closed his eyes, though he shed no tears, he couldn't. Even if he so long to. Tears could not bring back the dead, nor would it offer any comfort to those that suffered. Tears were for maidens and children, and he was a warrior. The only thing that he could and would shed....was blood. And so he brought his hand up to his eyes, and slowly sank his claws into the skin under his eyes, enough to draw a thin line of blood that slowly slid down his face.

'If I cannot cry tears, then I will cry blood. For it was my blood that brought this pain, and it will be mine that causes more to others.' He thought, with a bitter taste in his mouth.

Rarity sniffed, and rubbed her eyes again. Sweetie Belle had cried, had cried for hours before finally falling asleep, though even in sleep Rarity could see that her sister was suffering. And what made it all worse was that she could not spend more time with her little sister when she needed her. Even with the little visits she was allowed to Ponyville, it was not enough to do what she wanted.

'Damn it. I know Tez is just trying to protect us...but my sister needs me.' Rarity thought as she tossed her work glasses aside and proceeded to the door, intent on heading to Sweet Apple Acres.

Since Rarity had been unable to remain in Ponyville, and because she was afraid of what she would be exposed to at the castle with Tez running things, Rarity had to settle in leaving her sister in the care of Applejacks family. She hoped that Applebloom, being Sweetie's friend, as well as Scootaloo would be able to comfort Sweetie Belle where she could not at the time, so far nothing seemed to do so, as the poor filly stilled went about her days in a state of depression and sadness.

Well no more, nothing would stop her from this course now. Nothing! Opening the door, a determined look on her face Rarity, opened the door and saw a very angry, and very frantic looking Tez standing outside.

'Okay....maybe there might be...something.' Rarity thought, looking up at Tez.

Okay I know I promised Scoots, and she will come...but I realized that this chapter as a whole would be VERY long and I have to be gentle to my proof reader and editor so I'm splitting it into two seperate chapters. I hope you all enjoyed this. I enjoy writing this fic, though inside I cry as I hate to make ponies suffer this way T_T Please forgive me ponies!!!!*cries* FORGIVE ME SWEETIE BELLE!

*Cries and sniffs* I need a moment......okay I'm good.*Sniffs*

I hope no one hates how I depicted Dash's mother. I kinda got the idea while looking for some Fan Art :P I thought it would be very humorous. I hope this chapter is well recieved.

Oh and anyone wondering just what Twilight's wearing in Tez's dream...well here you go. I kinda got the idea off of this.

Chapter 29*or 28 continued*

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Another chapter :)

Rarity ducked as Tez pounced forward and rolled. Turning she saw him look around wildly, running to every corner. Once he was sure nothing was anywhere, he turned to Rarity with an angry glare.

"What the hell! I thought I told you girls that you can't be outside Canterlot when I'm not around!" Tez growled as he walked over to Rarity, towering over her with his height.

Rarity felt herself shake, the feel of those eyes now only bringing terror.

"Tez...I don't see what the problem and the girls are fine. Don't you think you're worrying a bit too much?" Rarity said, trying to calm him down.

"No I worry exactly the right amount," Tez said as he leaned down and stepped closer to Rarity till she was pressed against the door, "you can never worry too much."

"Tez...there is no need to start acting like a brute." Rarity said, pushing him out of her personal space.

Tez blinked then growled, "I will act as I damn well please!"

Rarity winced at the anger in his voice.

Tez continued, "Rarity. I gave you and the girls an order. Never leave Canterlot unless I am in the vacinity of the castle. Even if I am there while you are here I can sense if my brothers are in the area and can react sooner to keep you safe."

"But..." Rarity began.

"No buts! You girls disobeyed me. Who knows what could have happened if Mex or Acol came here while I was away conscripting! I gave an order and when I give an order I EXPECT obedience!" Tez growled.

Rarity bit her lip, and suddenly felt something inside her snap. She glared right back at Tez and began to walk towards him, causing the surprised sorcerer to start walking backwards.

"Now look here mister! My sister is in an emotional torment, and I have been unable to do a thing to help her or comfort her due to your paranoid worry!" Rarity said as she began to poke Tez in the chest as she pushed him back.

Tez's eyes widened and he opened his mouth to retort, but feel silent as Rarity gave another angry glare.

"I won't be shouted at or treated like a foal! I am my own mare and I will do what is best for my sister! She needs me right now and there is not a damned thing you are going to do about it!" Rarity shouted with a final poke on Tez's chest, which causes him to fall down on his rear, looking at Rarity with wide eyes and mouth hanging open.

Rarity's glare softened and she placed a hoof on Tez's cheek, "Tez. It is sweet that you want to protect us have to understand that we can't always listen to what you say. We have our own lives, and families that need us as well. Now I'm going to spend the rest of the day with my sister."

With that she leaned in and gave him a kiss on the cheek before turning and walking out the door, leaving Tez silent and still in shock.

After awhile of just sitting there, mouth hanging open Tez finally said, "What just happened?"

Tez walked down the streets, no destination in mind. He was just trying to figure out what had just happened. All other things were now pushed aside.

'Was I just stood up to?' Tez thought, unsure of how to take such an event.

As he walked down the streets, ponies waved hello to him. Some even greeting him with smiles, though a few others looked at him with uncertainty. It was a different reception he was use to getting, but then again this town knew him more then the others. Though Tez could still catch the slight smell of fear in the residents.

Tez snarled and shook his head, 'Bah I'll figure it out later. Now to find Twilight. How dare she disobey my orders!'

As he made his way to the library, he suddenly felt a stabbing pain in his heart. The pain soon spread to all over his body, overpowering his ability to ignore it and sending him to his knees.

"Agrh." Tez snarled, as he gripped his chest. His body twisting in agony.

After awhile the pain subsided and Tez gasped for air, sweating. He slowly got back to his feet, thankful that nopony had been around to see that.

'What.....what just happened?' Tez thought.

Tez felt his pulse for a few moments, before pulling off his mirror and gazing at his relfection. His eyes widened in horror. His hair had a white streak once more.

'' Tez thought in horror, quickly putting his mirror away, 'it hasn't been a month yet!'

Tez began to feel himself panic as he ran, forgetting his anger and only concentrating on his fear. He ran till he reached the library, opening and slamming the door shut. He leaned against the door breathing heavily as he slid to the ground.

"Tez? What are you doing here? What's wrong, you look pale."

Tez looked up and saw Twilight, who looked at him with worried eyes. He immediatly covered his head, hoping to hide his white streak, he didn't want anyone bringing it up.

"Nothing. I'm fine." Tez said.

Twilight blinked, "No you're not. Why are you hiding your head like that?"

Tez growled, "I'm not hiding anything."

Twilight could tell from the tone of Tez's voice that he was getting angry, and would not talk about what was bugging him. Normally she would have just left him alone till he cooled off, but whatever was irritating him must be something big. Very little got Tez mad unless it was important.

"Tez...please, if something is wrong you can tell me. I'm your friend." Twilight said, gently placing a hoof on Tez's shoulder.

"I said...there's nothing wrong!" Tez shouted as he stood up suddenly, magic surging everywhere. Twilight found herself blown back from the force of the energy. She watched with awe and fear as raw magic surge about Tez, the wind blowing books and objects here and there.

"There is nothing wrong with me," Tez shouted, "I'm the perfect warrior! Cold and ruthless! I live by my strength alone, unhibited by foolish emotions such as fear! Nothing can best my will not even a damned curse!"

Outside ponies ran away from the library, unsure of what the shouting or lights coming from within were, but sensing it would probably be best to vacate the area. Fast.

Tez took deep breathes of air as he calmed down. The energy surrounding him fading away. When he looked around, he found books all over the places, blown by the gust the torrent of energy created moments ago. He then looked to Twilight, he sat huddled on the ground looking up at him with fear.

Tez bit his lip before rubbing his temples. Why now? Why did things have to get nutty again.

"Just....whatever. I have to go check on the others." Tez said as turned and opened the door.

"Tez wait..." Twilight said.

Tez stopped and looked back.

"Tez...what do you mean curse?" Twilight asked, curious. Worried.

Tez was silent, then said, "It's what it sounds like." And with that he walked out, and closed the door. Leaving a confused and sad Twilight behind.

Twilight's ears hung low as she tried to figure out what Tez meant, 'Why can't he just tell me what's wrong...doesn't he trust me?'

Looking around, seeing the mess of books, Twilight sighed and proceeded to put them away. All the while thinking, 'He said curse...but curses aren't real....right?'

Tez ran as swiftly as he could. He had no destination, he just had to run. To ponies he would have been a passing blur as he ran and jumped here and there around Ponyville, hoping to clear his head of the anger and fear that he felt. Fear for the possibility that his hunger was growing stronger again. Anger for allowing himself to feel fear, and letting his anger show itself infront of Twilight.

'Come on Tez. You're the perfect warrior. A ruthless killing machine. The blood of hundreds of planets are on your hands and you never once batted an eyelash. You should have better control on yourself by now!' Tez mentally lectured himself.

As he made his way down the street, always his mind would worry, always on the look out for another attack from his curse.

'If my hair is white again...does that mean that it's getting stronger?' He thought with worry. As if things were not bad enough.

Tez kept walking, taking the path to Sweet Apple Acres, towards the CMC's clubhouse. Seeing those three might brighten his mood.

Tez soon arrived at the treehouse where the CMC always spent their free time, when they were not causing havoc trying to get their cutie marks.

"It's nothing." Tez could hear Scoots from inside.

"But Scoots-" Applebloom began.

"Hey, how are my three favorite fillies?" Tez said as he hopped up and peeked inside.

There inside was Applebloom and Scootaloo, both fully recovered.

"Tez!" Applebloom said in surprise and ran over.

Tez lowered himself and hugged the filly, who rubbed her head against his cheek.

"Hey there Applebloom. I see your all better." Tez said with a smile.

"I sure am. Where have ya been, the last time I saw ya' was when ya' came down to say that Applejack had to stay in Canterlot for awhile, but would be around to help with harvest."

"Oh here and there. By the way where is Applejack?"

"She's helpin' Big Mac with the southwest field." Applebloom said, as the two seperated.

Tez nodded then looked to Scoots, who was strangly silent.

"Hey Scoots. Don't I get a hug?" Tez asked.

Scootaloo fidgeted a bit, as did Applebloom.

Tez blinked, and noticed that Scootaloot was wearing her mane differently. It was covering half her face, which was odd.

"Scoots?" Tez said.

"Oh um sorry. Um yeah." She said as she slowly walked over to Tez and nuzzled his hand for a moment.

Now Tez was really confused. Sure he knew that Scootaloo wasn't one for hugs. But this was different, she was hiding something.

"Um...Scoots. Why is your mane down over half your face like that?" Tez asked.

Scoots bit her lip and moved away from Tez, " reason. Just...felt like having it that way."

Tez frowned, 'That just screamed hiding.' Slowly he reached out and lifted Scoots mane. Scootaloo remained still, looking down trembling.

"Well it looks nice Scoots, but I prefer your" Tez stopped as he saw what exactly the mane was hiding.

A black eye, and it was a real shiner.

Tez had to fight to keep his composure, still he could not help but gasp.

"Scootaloo!" Tez gasped as he moved closer to the filly.

"It's nothing." Scoots said.

"Scootaloo, that has ta' be the blackest black eye I've ever seen! You need to put some ice on it." Applebloom said, worried about her friend.

"She is right." Tez said and immediatly cast a spell to gather some of the moisture in the air into a decent amount of water and freezing it. He then removed his headband and wrapped the ice in it and placed it gently against Scoots eye, "now just hold that there."

Scoots nodded once and held the ice to her eye.

"Scootaloo, how did that happen?" Tez asked.

Scootaloo bit her lip, "I...I just..fell of my scooter. That's all."

"Now Scootaloo that there's a right lie. I've seen ya on that scooter and never seen ya crash. At least not in anyway that would do that ta ya." Applebloom said.

"Scootaloo. Don't lie now, how did it happen?" Tez asked, with a slight stern tone in his voice.

Scootaloo's good eye began to water, "I...somepony hit me."

'KILL!' Tez thought, already contemplating all sorts of horrible, painful, agonizing, and deathly slow tortures he would inflict on the culprit. Perhaps start with a good old rock smashed against extended limbs kneecap, followed by a savage dunking of the face into scalding hot water. The choices were endless and Tez intended to use every single one in every single combination he could think of.

"Who did it Scootaloo?" Tez asked.

Scootaloo was silent.

"Scoots. Who did it?" Tez asked again.

Scootaloo mumbled something.

"What was that?" Tez asked.

"My dad...." Scootaloo whispered.

Tez felt something in his mind snap, and he was soon seeing red all over. Or he would once he finished painting Ponyville with Scootaloo's fathers blood.

Tez growled and sniffed Scootaloo, which confused the filly, once he had her scent it would be easy to follow a trail back to her house, and hopefully to his victim. If not he could go with plan B, tear everything apart till he found the target.

Tez got up and headed out, following Scoot's scent back to Ponyville.

"Tez wait! Where are ya' going?" Applebloom called.

"Tez wait!" Scootaloo called. The two fillies looked at each other worried and took off after him.

"Well Sweetie Belle, how do you feel?" Rarity asked.

"Umm...I feel okay..." Sweetie Belle mumbled.

Rarity bit her lip, saddened that her sister was still feeling down.

Rarity had arrived at Sweet Apple Acres and immediatly adbucted her sister from there, and had immediatly set the entire day for them. They had just gotten done with a relaxing time at the spa, though Rarity felt that it did not do as much as she had hoped.

'Perhaps tea will help. I hope it does.' She thought.

"Umm...where are we going now?" Sweetie Belle asked.

"Oh well it is time for lunch, so let's head over to the resturant and get something to eat. You can have whatever you want." Rarity said with a smile.

That brought a slight smile to Sweetie Belles face, "Anything?"

Rarity was probably going to regret this, "Yes. Anything."

Sweetie Belle practically ran now, eager to take advantage of this once in a life time oppertunity. If she could have anything she wanted she intended to get as many sweets as she could, especially a giant ice crea sundae.

Rarity felt a wave of dread blow past her, but she smiled slightly and followed after her sister. Whatever the price, it would be worth it to see her sister happy and lively again.

When the two arrived Sweetie Belle immediately began looking at the desert menu after they had been seated. They had a lovely table outside to enjoy the sunny day.

"Oh I want this....and that....and.......Tez?" Sweetie Belle said.

Rarity blinked, "Tez? Now Sweetie where on earth do you see Tez on that menu?"

"No. Over there. It's Tez." Sweetie Belle said, pointing past her sister.

Rarity turned, and sure enough there was Tez.....sniffing the ground and walking in a circle on all fours.

'What on earth?' Rarity thought.

"Oh can he eat with us?" Sweetie asked.

Rarity watched Tez, something seemed off. Not that sniffing around like a dog wasn't odd enough, but still.

"Ummm....hold on a moment Sweetie Belle." Rarity said, as she got out of her seat.

"But why?" Sweetie asked.

"Just stay here Sweetie." Rarity said as she walked over to Tez.

Sweetie Belle huffed and crossed her hooves, but did as her sister said.

" to see you...umm...I hope that I did not leave you upset at all previously." Rarity said.

Tez stopped his sniffing and looked up at the unicorn, "No problem. Busy now can't talk."

Rarity blinked, "Busy? Busy doing what? Sniffing the ground?"

"Hunting." Tez said simply as he got back on two legs, his eyes focusing on a house.

"Hunting?" Rarity said confused.

Tez nodded and leaped forward. His mucles propelled him far, sending him right towards his destination. He landed right by the door of a small house, not far from the resturaunt Rarity and Sweetie Belle were at. Rarity watched with curiosity, and slight worry.

'When he said hunting....He didn't mean...' Rarity thought, hoping that she was just assuming.

Of course this was all dashed when she saw Tez punch the door to the house, blasting it into a million splinters.

"Knock knock!" Tez shouted as he walked in.

Tez stepped into the house, looking around as a predator did as it looked for its pray. He managed to catch a scent, a male scent. Along with a slight heavy smell of alcohol.

He followed the scent to the living room, where he found a very irate looking pegasi.

"Who the hell are you!?!" The pegasi said, his breath had the strong lingering smell of alcohol. The type that only came from prolonged drinking over the course of years. A regular alcoholic.

"Your judge!" Tez said as he grabbed the pegasi around the neck with swift speed and lifted him off his hooves.

"Jury!" Tez shouted again as turned and threw the pony out the door and to the ground hard. The pegasi hit the dirt and skidded a few feet, the wind blown out of him.

Tez jumped and landed next to Scoots father, ponies everywhere watching in shock and confusion. Tez growled and lifted back a fist, "And most pleasantly, your executioner!"

"Tez stop!" Tez could hear Rarity shout, but he didn't care. All he could see was red.

His fist came down and striked the now afraid pegasi across the cheek. Hard. His face went flying to the ground, but Tez brought his other fist up against the other side sending it upward. And so it went, that Tez sent down a barrage of fists against the unfortunate, but totally guilty of the most evil, sinful, unforgivable crimes of hurting Scootaloo, and Tez intended to make him feel every bit of pain that he could.

All around ponies watched in horror as Tez continued to savagly beat the pegasi. But what scared them the most, was the look in his eyes as he did, it was one of enjoyment and thrill.

Rarity could only watch in horror as Tez continued to assult the pegasi he had accosted from the house he had broken into.

"Tez stop!" She shouted, hoping against all odds that he would listen.

Sadly, it seemed that Tez was too lost in whatever bloodlust had overtaken him.

"Rarity! Why is Tez doing that!?!"

Rarity turned and quickly wrapped her sister into her hooves and covered her eyes.

"I...don't look Sweetie...just don't look." She said, crying silently.

Rarity turned slightly and now saw Tez standing over the twitching body of his victim. His eyes glowed with an intensity that would destroy a ponys soul if such a thing were possible.

"I won't let you die...not untill I know the truth of things....and then after won't die till I've decided you've suffered enough." Tez said as he removed his mirror and aimed the black gleaming glass at the no doubt unconcious pegasi.

Slowly the mirror began to glow a dark purple light for a moment before Tez turned it back to him. He stared into the purple hue for a time, anger growing more and more on his face.

"You just made your tomb." Tez said as he put his mirror back on his headband and lifted a hand up into the air. Lightning crackled between his fingers.

"What the hay is going on?"

Rarity turned and saw Twilight and Spike looking over at Tez with wide eyes.

"Twilight! You have to stop Tez, he's...I don't know what he's going to do but it can't be good." Rarity said to her friend.

Twilight looked to Rarity then back to Tez, her heart beating with fear.

'Stop him? Stop him doing what? And how?' She thought, this wasn't like Discord or Nightmare Moon. Tez was worse, when he was mad...he was a natural disaster. An unstopable force of destruction.

"Twilight! What in tarntion is going on? My sister came running with her friend Scootaloo, who had one heck of a black eye, and was going on about that Tez was gonna hurt somepony."

Twilight looked over and saw Applejack, along with Applebloom and Scootaloo. The two fillies were looking at Tez with horror, and Scoots eye was indeed black. The orange pegasi filly looked between Tez and the pegasus on the ground, tears welling up in her eyes.

"Now die...but lets make it slow!" Tez shouted as he brought his hand down and lightning zapped at the pegasus before him, causing the body to spasm in pain, his screams piercing the air.

"Tez stop!" Twilight shouted, covering Spikes eyes. She didn't want him to see Tez like this. She didn't even want to.

Tez looked over at Twilight and stopped his attack. he growled low and approached the spasming body. He wove weaves of magic, making sure to keep the vital systems going, even after all the abuse he had put on the body. He was not as good at healing as Acol was...but he knew enough to keep something alive when he wanted it to experience unending pain.

He extended his claws as he stood over the pegasus, "You're all just afraid of justice!" He lifted his claw back and down, aimed for the pegasus' throat.

"STOP!" Somepony shouted, and the sound of somepony moving was heard for a moment, before everything went silent.

Sorry for the long wait. Work and all, and I had some writers block :( oh and my family picked up a new kitten we found abandoned at a store. 4 weeks old, though she probably older now by a few weeks, she is cute but she keeps me up till 4 am at times and that sort of makes it hard for me to focus on writing due to being tired.

Chapter 30

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As you can see Tez is....well being an epic mega A-hole :P. That is reasonable I think given his circumstances, but don't worry he will get better...eventually :P. Till then feel free to rage at him when he does something stupid.

Now onto the chapter.


Tez felt someone grab his arm, something with small hooves. The scent was unmistakable and in an instant he stopped his attack, his claws inches away from Scootaloos fathers neck.

Tez looked and saw Scootaloo, her hooves wrapped around his arm. She was crying, tears running down her eyes, and onto his arm.

"Please...just stop." She begged, her voice was small and scared.

Tez blinked, "Are you crazy? Isn't this the bastard that hit you? That abused you!?"

Scootaloo sniffed and nodded as she looked up at him, "Yes...but that's something I gotta' to deal with....but....killing him won't make it any better. Please just stop, I don't like seeing you act like this! Please!"

Scootaloo hugged his arm more as new tears came forth. Tez looked at the crying filly, then to the beaten husk before him. He sighed and retracted his claws back.

"Understood. I won't make you cry, he's too worthless for that." He said softly as he wrapped his arms around Scootaloo and picked her up. he held her close, as she cried.

All around ponies watched, unsure of what to think of this.

Finally Tez set Scootaloo down.

"Scootaloo....I don't feel I have a right to ask this....considering how I acted...but if you want...I can take you away from the pain...but the choice is yours." He said as he placed a hand over her eye. A white light appeared for a moment, and when Tez took his hand away Scootaloos eye was healed.

Scootaloo placed a hoof over her eye in shock, then looked up at Tez with wide eyes...."I....I want it to stop....but..please don't hurt anypony."

Tez nodded with a soft smile, making it hard to think that he had been ruthless and savage moments before.

Tez stands straight, magic flaring softly about him in a show of power, "I am Tezcatlipoca! Lord and master of magic and the current ruler of Equestria!" His voice boomed loud echoing for miles in similar fashion to the canterlot royal voice.

Every pony jumped in surprise, some cowered slightly. Tez smirked and continued.

"I Tezcatlipoca, have seen the misdeeds of this individual," he points to Scootaloos father, who was just barely coming back into consciousnesses, "the deeds which I will share with you now, so that you may pass your own judgements on him."

Black smoke swirled up from his mirror and flowed past every pony in the area, their eyes widened as sudden images entered their brain. Mostly of the pain and abuse that Scootaloo had suffered at the hands of her father. With a wave of his hand the smoke vanished, and every pony looked at Scootaloos father with disgust.

"I make this proclamation now, that Scootaloo will remain under my care. And any who have a say against this speak up now." Tez finished as he looked around with a glare.

Scootaloo looked up at Tez with wide eyes, and everypony around them didn't say a thing.

'Not like anyone could stop him. When Tez wants something he gets it.' Twilight thought.

Tez looked down at Scootaloo, his little show of power ending and he knelt down next to her, "Is that alright with you?"

Scootaloo nodded, and hugged Tez. Tez smiled and returned the hug for a moment. He let her go soon after and said, "Alright now I want you to gather anything that is important to you. I'll deal with all of this...fuss. Alright."

Scootaloo nodded and ran into her house, Applebloom and Sweetie Belle ran after her much to the surprise of their sisters.
Tez turned to face the girls, "Well I guess I have some explaining to do don't I."

Tez made quick work of the crowd by shooing all of the staring ponies away, and they were quick to obey. He also quickly took Scootaloos father to the hospital, where his injuries could be taken care of before Tez had him hauled off to jail for the rest of his life. Tez felt very powerful....for about two seconds before he realized that he was now standing before three mares who he had to no doubt answer questions to. Something Tez always hated doing.

Tez sighed, "Alright. Lay it on me, you no doubt have lots of questions and or yelling to get done so lets do this."

The three blinked and looked at each other, then back to Tez. Neither was sure who should ask first, until Rarity stepped forward.

"Well Tez I for one was going to ask why you were attacking Scootaloos father....but I guess after...whatever you did to show us all those...horrible things he did I can guess it was granted knowing you. Still you should have better controlled yourself, its completely barbaric to just attack a pony like that." Rarity said.

Tez sighed, "Yeah I probably should have done that...." he was silent for a moment before saying with a shrug, "but oh well, its better this way."

"I guess...but still, you absolutly terrified Sweetie Belle....and me." Rarity said frowning.

"Yeah, ya darn scared us as well," Applejack said, Twilight nodding, "I don't think Appleblooms gonna forget what she saw as well."

Tez blinked and sighed, "So is that all...just make me feel guilty about what I did?"

"Now we arn't trying to do that sugarcube...but you have been acting different since the incident at...the place." Applejack said.

"Applejack, its alright to say it. I can't change the fact of what happened by ignoring it." Rarity said biting her lip slightly.
Tez went to comfort Rarity, but felt stabbing pain in his chest causing him to fall to his knees.

"AGHHH!" Tez screamed, as his back arched with pain. The world seemed to spin, colors blurring as he coughed.

"Tez!" The girls shouted and ran to him. Tez spasmed in pain for a moment, before his breathing finally calmed. He was left laying on the ground, gasping for air as he clutched a hand over his heart.

"Tez! What's wrong?" Twilight asked, "don't say there isn't cause I know there is."

Applejack nodded, "I agree sugarcube. The last time I saw you like that was when you almost died."

Tez growled and got up, ""

"Tez," Twilight said, "you said something about a curse...I don't believe in curses...but since meeting you I have been shown ways of magic I didn't think were possible. If something is wrong please tell us...."

Tez bit his lip, his mind telling him to ignore them....but his heart just couldn't do it.

'Will it change anything if I tell them? Probably....but frankly....they have a right to know everything.' He thought with a sigh.

"Alright....but not here....when we're in Canterlot...with the rest of the girls and the princesses." Tez said.

"Alright. But you better spill the beans." Applejack said with a serious tone.

Tez nodded and waited for Scootaloo and her friends to get out of the house. Once the tree fillies were back, with Scootaloo holding a small bag of what Tez guessed where her personal and closely held to her heart.

"Are you ready?" Tez asked.

Scootaloo nodded and hugged Tez's leg. Tez smiled and kneeled down to hug her back.

"I have a few things I need to do, and we need to get Futtershy. So take the time to sort out any final affairs here and meet back here in an hour. Tez said, looking back to the girls.

Twilight, Applejack and Rarity nodded, and went to finish up some business. As she walked, Rarity was a bit miffed that her day with her sister had ended so abruptly and in such a way.

"Hey Tez..."

Tez looked down at Applebloom and Sweetie Belle. The two fillies seemed a bit scared of him.

"Are...are you okay now?" Sweetie Belle asked.

Tez blinked and smiled as he hugged the three fillies, "I am now. I'm sorry if I scared you three."

The crusaders smiled and hugged Tez back. After that Tez stood up and said, "I have to take care of something and get Futtershy. Is that okay Scootaloo?"

Scootaloo blinked, "Yeah its cool. Me and the girls can play while you do...whatever you have to do."

Tez nodded, "Right. I will be back in a bit, don't get into any trouble now okay."

"When do we ever get in trouble?" Applebloom asked.

Tez gave her a look that said, "you sure you want me to answer that."

The three fillies saw the look and chuckled uneasily as they rubbed the back of their heads. Tez rolled his eyes with a smile and began the walk to Fluttershy's, and the Everfree Forest.

'I have some feeding to do.' Tez thought as he walked...though right now the thought made his stomach turn and his heart brim with fear.

Tez licked the blood off of his fingers, and the very action made him shiver. He shouldn't be doing this...not now. What was happening to him that would force him to feed sooner then he should have?

'Now I have to also add telling the girls this as well....damn life is just peachy ain't it.' He thought. Once he was decently cleaned of any blood he made his way to Fluttershys house. As he walked he tried to think of a way to tell the rest of the girls about his....special condition. Let alone explain how and why he has it.

'Personally I don't like remembering it myself.' Tez thought with bitter resentment.

When he reached the cottage he could hear the low tune of a soft melody being hummed. Tez slowly opened the door and peeked inside to see Fluttershy at work feeding all the little animals inside her cottage, he could not help but smile at the sight; and at the same time feel regret and self loathing that such an innocent being as Fluttershy had to be exposed to the dark and depraved darkness of himself and his brothers.

'We should never have come here...but we are...and I have to do what I can to keep the damage to a minium.' Tez thought as he opened the door wide and walked in.

"Hello Fluttershy." Tez said.

"Eep!" Fluttershy jumped, if that was possible as she was in a hover, and hovered now high near the ceiling. She looked down with wide fearful eyes, which only got worse when she saw Tez.

"Oh no! Tez...oh I'm so sorry that we didn't tell you we were coming had been gone so long and we all had to take care of things at home. I couldn't just let my animal friends starve while you were gone, please don't be mad at us." Futtershy said swiftly as she hid in her hair.

Tez sighed, "I'm not mad Fluttershy. Now please come down here."

Fluttershy slowly descended, but when she was at eye level with Tez, he swiftly grabbed her front hooves and pulled her to him. His lips claiming hers in an instant as he wrapped his arms about her and held her. This sudden action took the timid pegasus by surprise, but she soon found herself returning the kiss; if a bit uncertain in her abilities as she had never ever kissed anypony as she was with Tez at that moment.

After a few seconds the two parted lips, and Tez simply held Fluttershy close, who blushed with a small smile. Sadly the peace had to end, and so Tez let Fluttershy go and looked at her with serious eyes.

"Fluttershy....I'm going to tell the girls about my feedings." Tez said.

Futtershy gasped, "What? Now? but why...I mean not that I'm not mad...I really hated keeping it a secret...but why now?"

Tez sighed, "I...will explain back in Canterlot. For now finish anything you have to do....then we will go meet the others."

Fluttershy opened her mouth to ask something, but saw the worried look in Tez's eyes and went silent. All she did was nod and set out to do just what Tez told her to do. She also set food out for the animals to last them a month, for she felt might be necessary just in case something happened. Though she hoped nothing to that degree would...she hoped.

Once Fluttershy had finished, she and Tez rejoined with the others, along with Scootaloo and her friends. Spike had also come along as well.

"I hope that you took care of everything." Tez said.

"Yes." The girls said.

Tez nodded and looked to Scootaloo, "Are you ready Scootaloo?"

Scootaloo nodded, but looked to Applebloom and Sweetie Belle, "I...I'll be able to still hang out with Applebloom and Sweetie Belle right?"

Tez bit his lip, he wasn't sure that would be a possibility for least until his brothers were defeated. Still, he did not want to separate the three friends, but what could he.....well he could always bring them along.

'Thing is....will that be acceptable?' Tez wondered.

"Tez?" Scootaloo said, confused about his silence.

"Hmm, hey Rarity...Applejack...would it be alright....if say your sisters came with us to Canterlot as well? Twilight, same question but involving Spike."

"Huh?" The three girls said confused.

"Why ya asking that?" Applejack asked.

"Well," Tez said, "It would be easier for Scootaloo to see her friends, and Spike won't have to be left on his own so much, since I will probably find it difficult to bring her and you guys here in the coming months."

"Why is that, Twilight can simply do it." Rarity said.

"Yeah I can-" twilight began, but was cut off by Tez saying, "Sorry she will be busy. In fact she and I will both be busy for a time."

Now the girls were confused, especially Twilight, "What do you mean Tez?" she asked.

"I'll explain later." Tez said, earning a glare from the girls, or at least from Fluttershy a slightly irritated look that did not last long.

Rarity, Twilight, Applejack thought for a moment on the question, each trying to decide if to say yes or no.

'It would be a good idea. I'll be able to spend more time with Sweetie...but I don't want to expose her to anymore of Tez's...rash actions...' Rarity thought.

'I can't just leave Spike alone...but who will watch the library?' Twilight thought.

'Hmm....Granny Smith would have to be told...and Big Macintosh. we got all the serious harvesting done, and all that really remains is the small pickings and Big Mac usually does that on his own....' Applejack thought as she tried to come to a decision.

"Well?" Tez said, waiting for his answer. Not that he would probably listen if it was not in his liking.

"Well.." the three said at the same time, "Alright." "I guess." "Okay."

Tez smiled, "Splendid."

The CMC and Spike cheered and hugged each other, and their sisters/caretakers and Tez respectively.

"Do you three need anything before we go?" Tez asked the fillies and baby dragon.

"Nah we should be fine." Applebloom said.

"Yeah, what she said." Sweetie Belle said.

"I'll be fine. Be nice to see Canterlot again. I was getting kinda bored by myself anyway. Re-shelving all those books gets tiresome after the first time." Spike said.

"Spike!" Twilight gasped in shock, "Re-shelving is a very important part of library maintenance."

Tez chuckled, "Well then if we are all ready, then let us be off. Remember to keep your hands and feet inside the ride at all times." With a final smirk he cast the spell and in a flash of light they were gone.

Bit of a slight filler here, just to end this part of the Scootaloo stuff for this fic. I've also got some plans in later to show some more SweetieSpike, but that pairing and other things involving the CMC will show up in the sequal.*Yes there is plans for that and more*

Hope you all enjoyed this little piece...for the next shall appease to your darkest desires....well maybe not but it will certainly be brutal.

Chapter 31

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Another chapter. :) You might find it interesting. Do enjoy.

Mex coughed and coughed. He clutched a hand over his heart and looked over to Acol, who was faring no better. Even though they had fed, they were still suffering minor discomforts and pains every so often. What once was a signal that they had to feed soon was now a constant pain; which caused the two no small amount of fear.

"Acol...what is happening to us?" Mex asked.

Acol coughed and stood up, "I..I don't know."

"What do you mean you don't know!" Mex shouted as he stood up, blasting the watching servants with a violent and lethal blast of magic. There was no reason to let the tribes know about this.

"I don't know alright!" Acol shouted back, "whatever is going on must be part of the death curse inflicted on us long ago."

Mex growled and slammed the ground, how could this be happening? Why now?

'Damn the Narruga! They and the Charan both!' He thought with rage.

"Bah! To hell with it. Our armies are ready. I've let Tez have his peace to prepare, but now I'm going to send the full might of our forces on the lands he controls. This ends now!" Mex said as he stomped to join the commanders of the army he hand picked himself.

Acol watched him go, then to the pile of six diamond dogs they had killed in their need to feed. Something was wrong....the curse was getting stronger....and Acol had a feeling that soon it would consume them.
'We're gonna die....' He thought in fear.

When the light faded the group now stood in the throne room in Canterlot Castle. The guards, and servants were taken by surprise by the sudden appearance but quickly moved onto their duties. They did not want to risk upsetting Tez with laziness.

"WOW!" The three fillies exclaimed.

"Yes impressive." Tez said, "Now girls, I need to talk with Twilight and the others. Why don't you take Spike and go play."

"Okay." The CMC said.

"Wait what?" Spike said before he was dragged away by the fillies, who were eager to explore the castle.

Tez watched them go before turning to the girls, "Alright. Wait here while I get the others."

The girls nodded and Tez vanished in a flash of light once more. In a another moment he returned, with Dash, Pinkie and the princesses in tow.

"I trust that you are calling us all together for a reason Tez." Celestia said.

"Yeah I was having a good nap before you appeared out of nowhere." Dash said.

"Trust me. This is important." Tez said as he walked over to the throne and sat down. The girls stood before him, waiting for him to speak.

Tez sighed, "This isn't easy, because its pretty much me telling you all that I have lied to most of you."

"What do you mean?" Luna asked.

"Yeah, what she said." Dash said.

Tez rubbed his head, " girls asked why I was in agony back in Ponyville...well it is connected to the white streak in my hair that shows up every so often. It is connected with a very...special condition of mine that requires me to feed on a very special diet every so often."

"What kind of diet?" Twilight asked.

"Blood. Blood and the beating heart of a living creature." Tez said simply.

Everyone was silent, staring up at Tez. The look on his face showed no sign of anything but blunt truth.

"Hey thats a good one Tez. Creepy though, but what is the real secret." Dash said.

Tez looked at Dash with a neutral expression, an expression that showed that he was not joking.

"Ya'll...ya'll are serious..." Applejack said in horror.

Tez nodded, "You need not fear me, I have not harmed anypony. I have hunted in the Everfree and used the creatures it holds to satisfy my hunger, and it was only needed once a month."

The girls were not sure what to do, Luna did not want to believe it and Celestia only felt horror. Twilight and her friends, save for Fluttershy only looked up at him with uncertainty.

Tez waited, " gonna say anything?"

"What can we say....that....why didn't you tell us?" Twilight said, feeling angry that Tez hid something like that from them all.
Tez shrugged, "Would it have made it a difference? So long as it did not end up harming somepony I was content to let it stay between just me and Fluttershy."

Everypony looked at Fluttershy now, who hid crouching low to the ground.

"You knew? And didn't tell us?" Dash said with shock, and perhaps some anger.

"I...I yes...but..." Fluttershy stammered.

"Don't be mad at her, I told her to and she complied. Frankly she only found out by sheer accident." Tez said.

Luna spoke up, "If you haven't hurt anypony...why are you telling us this?"

"Yeah, why tell us if you wanted to keep it a secret, not that you should!" Applejack finished, giving Tez an annoyed glare.

"Yeah, what's the deal?" Dash asked.

Tez sighed, "Because....because I'm dying."

The sudden silence could have made hearing a pin drop possible. Everypony looked at Tez with wide eyes, who simply looked back at them with a look that destroyed any thoughts of him just joking around.

"You're...dying." Pinkie said the last part softly, almost as if the word caused her great pain as her hair deflated.

Tez nodded, "Yes."

"You can't! You're just lying!" Luna shouted at him.

"I don't lie Luna. Perhaps misdirect or hide the full truth, but I never lie." Tez said simply.

"Why is this happening?" Celestia asked.

"Yeah, maybe we can find a way to stop it." Twilight said hopefully.

"Yeah, just tell us what to do." Dash said.

Everypony else gave their agreements, but Tez sighed and shook his head, " is not that simple."

"Then tell us why!" Twilight shouted, "stop beating around the bush! Stop not giving us the full story. Tell us!"

Tez was silent, but the looks from the girls, even Celestia surprisingly, tore at his core and finally he sighed. There was nothing else to be done now; no going back.

"You want to know," Tez said, "fine. I will tell you how this all started. I will tell you things you will not want to hear."

Tez looked at the princesses, "I will say things that you two will find impossible, but know that what I will say will be the truth. I will tell you the origins of your parents, and what I will say will be the truth."

"How do you know-" Celestia began, but was cut off by Tez raising a hand.

"Listen. Do not talk, only listen. When I finish, only then may you speak. Understand." Tez said simply.

The girls nodded, though Luna and Celestia seemed to want to ask more. What did Tez know of their parents? How did he even know of them?

Tez sighed and looked up at the ceiling, "Listen then....for this is the tale....."

It begins....a long time a galaxy far...far away. Before the time of life....when the universe was just coming into the thresholds of existence there existed a race of beings with tremendous power. They were known as the ancients, and they were the progenitors of all life that exists. With their amazing power of magic, on a level nonexistent anywhere or anyone, they sowed the seeds of life among the hundreds of thousands of ever increasing planets that appeared and continue to appear in the universe.

Before you say anything Twilight, yes the universe is a vast and ever expanding body and no I won't tell you how it got started because the truth is not even the ancients truly knew.

Now, despite their amazing and god like power, the Ancients suffered from a fatal flaw in their design, they were fading away. No one knows why, though some guess that the Ancients themselves destroyed themselves. Why, no one knows but it is believed that it was to avoid falling to the corruptions of godlike power. However before the passed into the void, the Ancients created six different species across the universe, their task to continue the work of aiding the spread of life once they were gone.

These races, known as the Narruga, Okenru, Otoka, Charan, Zel'nach and Yahwha were powerfully gifted in intellect and in the use of magic. They built separate and unique civilizations each following a different philosophy on the spreading of life.
The Narruga, believed in the natural flow of evolution and that life should be left to its own devices to come about on its own. They did however believe in terraforming planets and solar systems to create perfect environments for life to thrive and sprout from.

The Okenru, believed that life required careful manipulation, crossbreeding DNA between various different forms of life to create the perfect beings to house the planets they form. They sought perfection in the animal life, and only dealt with planets that had formed environments naturally believing that helped create the most pure DNA to be used before outside forces worked with it.

The Otoka were the most dangerous, believing that only they and their sibling races should be the only intelligent forms of life to exist. They created vast armies and spells that eradicated many forms of primitive intelligent life in the universe. Inevitably this alienated them from the others and the other five races swiftly culled them from existence.

The Charan believed in a similar philosophy of life like the Okenru, only, they only bothered in crafting sentient life forms. They would only use DNA from intelligent life that had formed naturally on its own as well, however they made sure that those races could not grasp the power of magic. They believed only they should use it.

The Zel'nach, had devoted their times to magical study and left the universe to its own devices, only wanting to work on their civilization. They created many wonders of magic and science, and shared their knowledge with other forms of intelligent life. Unfortunately they were wiped out from an unknown cause; no one knows how or why, only that they simply vanished one day.

And last were the Yahwha. Their philosophy greatly troubled the other races, as they believed in interbreeding with certain species of intelligent life. Though if it extended beyond only a certain race it is unknown, but what is known is that they spent a great deal of time on a planet called earth. Though they vanished some eons ago, but their descendants remain among the humans of earth.

I'm getting to the point Rainbow Dash, have some patience, this is all important. Anyway, one would think that they were made by the same creators the six, or four at that time, races could get along. Sadly this was not the case as each side believed their philosophy was the only way to spread life. These disagreements inevitably, over the course of years spark the fires of war.

This war, known as the War of Creation, extended for many many generations. In fact it only ended a few years ago. During this war, between periods of peace, the races strived to create better weapons to defeat the other sides. It was during one of these periods that my siblings and I were created.

Our creators, the Charan sought to create the ultimate warrior race, capable of superior physical and magical ability. They gathered various samples of DNA from all aspects of life, animals and sentient creatures from across the universe and mixed and matched the DNA through trial and error processes until they finally crafted the perfect genomes for their creations.
Of course they needed more than genetic structure, for all living things require energy to exist. Most naturally born creatures only have so much energy to use, and while some might have more then others, none had the capacity that the Charan desired; so they sought another source. That source was stars.

Stars, hold immense amounts of energy and so the Charan drained many stars and implanted the energy within the bodies of their creations. So in a sense my body houses the core of a young star, and it is by this energy that allows me and my siblings to live for for a long time. In the end, the Charan succeeded in creating a small number of beings that were the single greatest living weapons in existence. Me and my siblings.

For years we fought and served our creators loyally. We slaughtered, burned, pillaged and destroyed countless worlds for them as we moved forward in a unrestrained rampage against their enemies. I can still remember the screaming. The pounding sensation of my heart, the smell of burning planet and blood. Each memory as vivid as if it happened yesterday.

.....I'm fine..I'm fine now.....let me continue. Now....we near the end of the war, and how my siblings and I were cursed.

As we neared the last stronghold of the Narruga, their last great mages worked together on a death curse. A curse that takes effect upon the casters death. This curse inflicted me and my siblings with an unending hunger that feed off our life force, and not even my amazing skill in magic could counter the effects. Great was the agony we felt as we tried to end this hunger, and many of our siblings died from it until I managed to find a way to counter its effects. By devouring the life essence of other creatures in a dark ritual. Of course this happened later when we fled to earth. Before then we knew nothing of it as it took time for the curse to take root.

How we went to earth is a short and tragic story. The Charan, after the war was finally over realized that we were too strong and dangerous a creation to leave alone. We were a threat to their own dominance, and frankly still largely unpredictable. So they sent out their strongest warriors and mages to slaughter us. This betrayal of our creators was maddening, and our minds had long begun to decay from the unending violence we partook in, being attacked by our creators....people we saw as parents......well it broke our minds and in retaliation we attacked them in kind. We had hoped to wipe them out, but the curse began to affect us, weakening is and so we fled. When we arrived to earth we established ourselves as gods of a small tribe of humans and began the long process of preparing a powerful ritual that would not only remove our curse....but give us power on par with the make us gods.

We had hoped to use this to make our revenge absolute and swift, but before we could we found ourselves attacked once more by our creators. However this time they caught us by surprise, as we were busy dealing with another invader that threatened our empire. Without our help, our empire crumbled beneath the feet of the invaders, and without our empire we found ourselves without a source to feed our hunger. And so...out numbered...and weakened by hunger we were slaughtered. Save for me and two of my siblings. We were captured and the Charan banished us for our crimes into the depths of space.

And the rest....well you know the rest.

"That's the short version of the tale. This curse kills us slowly, and now the ritual that we used before is beginning to not satisfy us. I say us, because if it is affecting me this way then it must be affecting Mex and Acol as well. I have no doubt in my minds that Mex will push whatever plans he has forward, perhaps even outright attack at any moment at anywhere." Tez said, rubbing the area over his heart.

"Well that's it." Tez said finally.

"That is....a very grim past you hold Tez." Celestia said.

Tez shrugged, "Its where I came from, and why I must feed."

"So all of this is happening because of that curse? And your brothers are trying to remake the ritual you were preparing before you came here?" Twilight said.

Tez nodded, "Yes. And if you are going to ask why I'm not....well...because I can't bring myself to do it."

"But why not? Why the change?" Dash asked.

"Because I met you girls." Tez said simply.

The girls, along with Luna blushed. Even Celestia blushed just slightly as she noticed the lingering look Tez gave her for a moment.

"So...what will happen?" Luna asked.

Tez sighed, "Mex and Acol will probably move their plans now. I'll have to prepare to fight them when they strike. I'm guessing they will take all their forces to one of the inner cities and try to grab as many ponies as they can and head back to the temple they have no doubt constructed. Luckily I prepared for that and have wards and soldiers at the towns ready to keep them busy till I arrive."

"And what will you do after that?" Luna asked.

Tez bit his lip, "I....I'll figure that out if I'm still alive."

That silenced them all. For this war had an unknown outcome, even to Tez who seemed to always have an answer.

"Tez....I'm a bit confused. How does your past connect with me and Luna?" Celestia asked.

"A simple answer to a simple question Celestia. It is related to you because your parents were one of the first prototype creations by my own creators. In fact your parents genetic code was partially used to create my own, so in a strange way you could say that well....we're related."

Luna and Celestia looked up at Tez with shock, but before they could ask to clarify a sudden boom from outside captured their attentions.

Tez got up from his throne, "What was that!?!"

A guard burst through the door, it was Shining Armor and he was breathing heavily, "Princesses..oh and my king."
"What is it Shining Armor?" Tez asked, ignoring the off handed why he was addressed.

"We're under attack. An entire army of Diamond Dogs appeared outside the gates suddenly and before we could respond a giant blast of magic tore through the defenses. THe spells you emplaced destroyed some of the attackers, but they just keep coming. They're already inside the city!" Shining Armor reported, horror in his eyes.

Tez ran to the balcony as another explosion from outside shook the earth. He looked down and saw masses of warriors pouring into the city, his wards tearing fire and lightning upon the warriors, but it would not be enough as counter spells were being used. Spells he guessed were from his brothers.

"Tez?" Twilight said, worried of what was happening.

"Damn it," Tez growled, "Damn it all."

Without another word Tez leaped off of the balcony and with a surge of magic blasted forward towards the army of Diamond Dogs. There in that mass of carnage were his brothers. And it would be there that the entire fate of this planet would be decided, one way...or the other.

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Chapter 32

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We get closer to the end. Do enjoy.

Tez felt his descent to the ground grow closer and closer. Sure he might have looked like he was flying forward, but in truth he was really falling with style. Finally he landed on the roof of a house and gazed down at the horde of Diamond Dogs pouring into the streets. The main force was behind this body of warriors, and Tez was sure that they would soon swarm the city. Ponies were running in fear, either fleeing or being captured. Mostly they were captured.

Tez saw two fillies running from a pack of dogs, and with a wave of his hand arrows of burning fire pierced the hearts of these dogs, but there were still so many more.

'Damn it. Damn it!' Tez thought as he jumped from roof to roof, blasting dogs when they got to close to capturing ponies.

'I should have seen this coming, I left the capital defenseless with just a token defense force. I should have realized that the sudden desperate situation would force Mex's hand. I should have seen this coming! Damn it all!'

Tez mentally slapped himself, but left no time to wallow in rage and what he should have done. Frankly he should have done a lot of things, and should have not done others. Never the less this was the now and it was better to focus on it then anything else.

Despite his willingness to help, Tez would have to leave the problem of the Diamond Dogs to Shining Armor and the soldiers he kept in Canterlot. It would be a hopeless cause given the numbers, but Tez was sure that Shining could figure something out. He had bigger fish to fry, his brothers. If he could kill them here it would put an end to this war.

'That or I could end up dead and one of my brothers still being alive.' Tez thought.

Stopping once more Tez looked around, trying to see where his brothers were. He was sure both of them were here, he could smell them.

"Like my work?"

Tez turned and saw Mex standing proudly, arms crossed and with a smug grin on his face.

"A fine move. Guess I should have seen it coming, my mind must be slipping with age." Tez said, mentally deciding what spell he should use on his soon to be deceased relative. Perhaps rearranging his insides and outsides.

"You know it's not too late to join us Tez. Why do you fight against us?" Mex asked. The two starting to walk in a circle, staring each other down.

"Sorry, I don't work with lunatics. I have an image to keep." Tez said.

"If anyone is mad here it's you!" Mex shouted suddenly taking Tez by surprise.

'Odd. He is usually more calm and controlled. Is his mind starting to decay from the curse?' Tez thought curiously.

"Perhaps. But if this is madness, then I don't want to be sane." Tez said.

"THEN PERISH!" Mex shouted and launched himself as his brother.

Tez smirked and launched himself into the battle. This would end one way or another.

It was chaos. When Tez left, Celestia and Luna left with Shining Armor to over see the defense of the city. Even if she was not the direct leader at the moment, Celestia had no intention of letting anything harm her little ponies.

But as for Twilight and the others, they could do nothing. They had quickly gone to find the CMC and Spike and had found them outside on one of the towers, looking down at the carnage below. Twilight shivered and felt sick at the sight.

' did this all happen? Why did it happen?' She thought, seeing her home being burnt and filled with fear. She wanted to go down there, to help, to find her parents. Oh sweet Celestia were her parents okay!?

"Girls, come inside now." Rarity said, opening the door to the tower room. It was the one she had stayed in during a stay in Canterlot when she met Fancy Pants.
The fillies didn't say anything, only listened. Sweetie Belle seemed ready to cry. Applebloom was trying her best to be a big pony, but even she was shivering with fear. And Scootaloo, did her best to lighten the mood.

"What do we do?" Applejack asked, looking down at the battle below.

"We go down and help. We can't let those dogs just do what they want." Dash said, ready to go down and fight.

"And do what Rainbow Dash? You see all those Diamond Dogs? You remember how easily they beat us when we first went to save Rarity, now they are trained to capture ponies by Tez's own brothers so who knows what they could do." Fluttershy said in a sudden moment of bravery.

All the girls looked at Fluttershy in surprise, and this made the meek pony shy away a bit, "Um I mean...I just don't want to see anyone get hurt. I'm sorry."

"No you're right Fluttershy," Twilight said, "I doubt we could do anything to even the odds. In fact we would probably be captured, and Tez doesn't need that distraction."

Dash opened her mouth to say something, but sighed and landed in a sign of resignation.

"So what do we do then?" Pinkie asked.

Twilight went to answer, but a sudden flash of light brought the girls attention to the city once more. Jumping from roof to roof into the air battled to figures, which the girls guessed to be Tez and one of his brothers. Each time the figures connected sparks of magic flared, and destruction would rain down on anything near the combatants. Already several houses were leveled or areas of Canterlot blown to rubble. Areas of the invading army had wide gaps where blasts of magic tore through their ranks.

'Does Tez even know what he is doing?' Twilight thought, worried that there might not be a city left to save.

Block. Strike. Block, counter into grab and twist. Strike, strike, strike. Counter block strike, into another block. Tez went through each movement with the practiced skill only one of his kind could have. Block, strike, strike, dodge.

"Glad to see you haven't lost your edge." Mex said as he kept up his attack on Tez.

Tez kept blocking and striking, "Please, I'm not even warmed up yet."

"Well then, allow me to turn it up a notch." Mex said and with a flick of his hand a sword of obsidian appeared in his grip and arcing down towards Tez's neck.

Tez ducked and jumped away. His eyes widened as he saw three strands of hair falling in the air.
" cut my hair? NO ONE TOUCHES THE HAIR!" Tez shouted and charged Mex as he created a blade of his own.

Mex found himself under a ruthless attack, blocking slashes towards his face and neck. Through it all however he smirked, and as he dodged another strike he jumped back and blasted Tez with a wave of magic sending him back and into a nearby building.

Tez groaned and pushed a large piece of marble off of him. He dusted himself off and jumped back into the air to meet Mex once more in combat.

"Damn it all Tez, you know we're dying! Why do you persist in this?" Mex screamed as he dodged a strike to his neck.

"Because unlike you I can give my life away. That's the difference between you and me!" Tez said and tackled Mex dropping his sword and wrapping his hands around his brothers neck.

Mex grabbed Tez's hands and tried to force them off of him. He snarled and began to kick Tez in the stomach and groin with all the force he could muster, and the crack of ribs and pelvis were signs that it was a great deal.

Tez winced with each strike but did not let go, he dug his claws into his brothers flesh drawing thin lines of blood as the two of them plummeted to the ground.

"Enough of this!" Mex shouted and brought his hand up and across Tez's eyes.

"RAGGGHHH!" Tez shouted and let go of Mex's neck as he covered his eyes, "my eyes!"

Mex took the advantage and grabbed Tez and tossed him to the ground so he would land first. The force and strength of the attack took the blinded Tez by surprise and he landed with a loud crack.

"My eyes! My eyes!" Tez shouted, "curse you Mex!"

Mex smirked as he watched his brother spasm with pain and temporary blindness, "Now to finish this."

Mex sent a blast of magic to propel him faster and he brought a leg out as he slammed into Tez's stomach. Tez spat out a deal of blood from the blow, before being savaged kicked into the air by Mex.

"Say goodbye!" Mex said as he charged a blast of magic and sent it at Tez as he fell back to the ground, blood flying from his mouth.

Tez could only cough up more blood and watch with his one good eye in horror as the blast of magic came at him. As the blast connected a large explosion filled the area.

Twilight gasped as she saw the explosion in the distance. When the smoke subsided an entire sector of Canterlot was now rubble, but what was worse was that was where she saw the forms of Tez and one of his brothers fall.

"Tez....please be okay."

"Darn it, why are we just sitting here?!" Dash screamed in frustration.

"And what would you have us do against all of that Rainbow Dash?" Rarity asked as she pointed down to the fight below. The Diamond Dogs were now being driven back from some areas of the city, due to a combination of Tez's defensive wards and the efforts of Shining Armor and the defending forces in the city. But still the fighting continued.

Dash sighed, "I don't know, but I hate feeling useless."

"You would be more of a hinderance to him. Tez does better when he can focus on the killing instead of everything else."

The girls turned to see a tall figure standing on the roof of the tower, gazing down at them. He looked almost like Tez, save for different characteristics such as hair and skin color and tone and his eyes were a deep purple instead of yellow. His muscle structure was not as defined as Tez's, and despite the same terrifying aura that emitted from him there was also an air of calm from this being. They gasped when they realized this must be Tez's other brother. Acol.

"Trying to catch us off guard, well, don't think we're going down without a fight." Dash said as she got ready to charge Acol.

Acol chuckled, "Peace little pony, I'm not here to capture you or do you harm in anyway."

"Then why are you here?" Twilight said, her horn glowing.

Acol sighed, "This place seemed to offer the best view of the horizon and the land. I wanted to see it....just one more time."

Twilight and the rest of the girls, save Fluttershy who hid behind Rainbow Dash, blinked and looked at Acol confused, but they did not let their guard down.

"Why? Arn't you suppose to be fighting Tez?" Twilight asked.

Acol shook his head, "No. I'm done just want to die."

The girls blinked and looked at Acol with unease. The calm radiance that came from him seemed to dim and was being replaced by a almost sour and depressing mood. His voice carried the feeling of a man who had given up on life.

Another explosion brought their attention back to the battle, and Twilight gasped when she saw that it was where she saw Tez fall previously.

"Don't worry," Acol said to them as he looked away from the fighting and to the horizon, "Tez won't die easily, even with our dwindling time clock of life."

Though the words might have meant to be reassuring, they only made the situation all the more cold.

Tez groaned as he laid on the ground. A sudden feeling of pain came to his chest and he coughed up more blood, his entire body wracked with agony. Mex was doing no better.

Mex was on his knees coughing and hacking up spit and blood. When the coughing stopped he lifted a hand that was red with his own life juices.

"Damn it Tez. We're running out of time!" Mex said as he stood straight on shakey legs.
Tez got up and hissed as he felt his arm pop back into place, "Then I'll use what I got to make sure you never threaten anyone again."

"Why are you doing this? Are you actually willing to sacrifice your life for these creatures!?! What do you have to gain for it, they will see you as a monster should you win and they will be quick to forget the pain we have all caused when we have passed. What is the point of this then when you know that is your fate." Mex growled as he got ready to attack.

Tez smirked, "Why not....I'm gonna die anyway, so I might as well try to make my trip to hell with as few regrets as I can."

Mex snarled and attacked, "Foolish bastard!"

Tez smirked and attacked as well. With savage intent the two fought, each no longer caring for safety or beauty in the deadly art, only to cause as much pain as they could. The result was a bloody swath of rage that tore across the streets engulfing any foolish to get in its path.

Fighting to the heart of the city, Tez and Mex paused for a moment each glaring at the other.

"Enough of this! I've wasted enough time!" Mex shouted and began gathering power. Lots of power.

Tez was shocked by the amount of energy that Mex was pulling in, and he realized with horror that his brother was tapping into the reserves of the leyline. The sheer amount of available energy was enough to terrify him.

His terror grew more when he realized the spell that Mex was planning and he rushed to stop the completion of the spell before it was finished.

"No you don't!" Tez said as he moved to slash his brothers neck with his claws.

Mex growled, "See you in hell!"

With a yell Mex finished the spell, as Tez's claws reached his neck before the entire world with bright with light and the roaring of magic.

Twilight gasped as she saw the blast of magic appear in the center of Canterlot and begin to expand, as it did buildings were torn apart by the force of the blast and it was expanding more and more.

"By the Ancients. Mex must be desperate! SHIELD YOURSELF!" Acol shouted at Twilight.

Twilight reacted immediatly as she raised a shield that protected the tower. As the explosion of magic reached them it passed over the shield, placing immense strain on Twilight as she fought to keep the shield up.

"Ahhhh!" The girls shouted, their eyes turning away from the bright light.

'I...I can't...I can't hold it...' Twilight thought as she strained more and more. Her legs felt weak and her breathing was labored.

Just before she felt she could not hold it anymore the light subsided and with a gasp Twilight let the shield drop. She hit the ground with a groan and took deep breathes.

"I guess....all that training paid off." Twilight said proudly, smiling lightly as she stood up.

"Oh my...." Rarity said.

"Oh no!" Fluttershy gasped.

"Its....its...." AJ tried to say something more but she fell silent.

Twilight looked out to the city and gasped. It was gone. Canterlot was gone, rubble, destroyed. A ruin.

Buildings lay in scattered heaps, or piles of rock. Where once green trees and grass grew were nothing but black earth and the pounds were shallow or nonexistent. The entire city was destroyed and nothing moved in the streets below.

"No......NO!" Twilight shouted and fell to the knees.

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