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Redemption, Damnation and FIM - ShadowWalking18

A HIE fic. More info? Look inside. First Fic here so please comment. Title sucks will edit it later.

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Chapter 4

Okay another chapter. Im thinking of editing the genres of the story*this being my first one here I might be doing that*mostly cause i don't know if Dark just includes mass murder of things or if it deals with other things like dark humor and such. Anyway thats about all i got to say. Enjoy.

The next day, following the completion of the usual checklist of things to do, Twilight, with Spike in tow, went to visit the strange creature she was unable to find any information on. She had spent nearly the entire night looking for something before falling asleep at the desk.

'I just don't get it. There can't be no information on him, that would be impossible. Maybe I should check in the libraries at Canterlot there might be something in there that I don't have. I'll write to Princess Celestia about it.' Twilight thought as she made her way to the clinic, only to stop suddenly in fear. Princess Celestia!

"Oh no," She said, "With everything that has happened I forgot to report it to Princess Celestia."

Twilight turned to run back to her house and write a report only to be stopped by a loud burp. A burp coming from Spike.

"Hey, we got a message from the Princess." Spike said, holding a scroll and reading it.

"What does it say!" Twilight almost shouted as she took the scroll from Spike and read it.

To my most faithful student Twilight Sparkle. I hope this message finds you in good health.

Two days ago a strange light was seen in the morning sky, swiftly followed by the descent of three objects that crashed in various places in Equestria. One such object landed near Ponyville.

I have sent two other teams to find and examine the other two fallen objects, but I ask that since you are closer to find whatever has fallen and determine what it is.

I await your report on what you discover.

Your teacher, Princess Celestia.

Twilight Sparkle read the message before turning back to head to the clinic, 'Okay. Now I have to find out what he is so I can report it to the Princess.'

"So what it say?" Spike asked.

"We have been ordered by the Princess to discover what that object that fell from the sky is, and who or what came with it."

"But he can't remember anything so how are we going to find out." Spike said scratching his head.

Twilight sighed, "I don't know yet. But, I'll figure something out. The Princess is counting on me."

The two soon arrived at the clinic, and were greeted by screams coming from within.

"What was that!?!" Spike said with worry.

"I don't know. Let's find out." Twilight rushed in and soon found the source of the screams.

"GET THIS THING OFF ME! IT'S DRIVING ME INSANE!" He screamed as he began bashing away at the cast on his leg with his fist, resorting to kicking it against the posts of the bed and biting it. Several nurses tried to keep him still, fearing he would cause himself more harm but he threw them off him with surprising strength.

Finally after several long moments He finally managed to tear off pieces till finally the cast was removed and his leg was free to feel the air. He immediatly began to scratch the leg, a look of content coming over his face.

"Ahh...yesssss." He scratched for a good moment before relaxing against the bed and lifted the leg. It did not hurt any more, but there was a fresh pink scar. All the nurses stared at the scar, mouths hanging open their eyes filled with shock.

"Hmm well it doesn't hurt any more," He said as he moved himself off the bed and stood on the floor. He put some weight on the leg and then jumped up and down several times, "I feel great."

"But...but but but...thats impossible." One of the nurses said.

"It is?" He asked her and was meet with nods from everyone. Hmm he thought this was normal, guess he was wrong.

He looked at the other cast on his arm and began the process of getting that off. He looked at the arm and spun it around and twisted it about and other exercises to test its condition, all seemed well.

"Well... I'm better thats a good thing right?" He asked as he began to unwrap the bandages on his other arm and leg. All the nurses nodded, still shocked at the unnatural recovery rate.

"Then everythings okay." He said with a smile as he scratched his arm and leg. Those bandagse were itchy. The last one to go was the chest bandage. Upon removing it he saw that he had now a very large scar on his chest but it did not seem to be able to reopen and bleed again.

"Hey your okay." A familar voice said from the door.

He turned to see Twilight, who was also staring at him with her mouth hanging open. Spike was with her and hopped down from her back and walked over to him.

"Yes. Still I don't understand why everyones so surprised by it. I was suppose to get better... right?" He asked unsure if him being okay was... okay.

"Well it is surprising you got better so fast." Spike said as he scratched his head confused a bit himself.

"Hmm. Well do you know where Applejack lives?" He asked.

"Why do you want to know that?" Spike asked.

"Well since i am all better I figured I would go and fix the damage I did. Better to get a job done now then wait for later."

Spiked nodded seeing the logic in that, "Well she is probably at Sweet Apple Acres, but..."

"What?" He asked.

"Well you might want to get something to wear..." Spike said.

He blinked and remembered all he was wearing were these shorts, "Hmm you might be right. Um....where do i get clothes?"

Spike smiled, "Oh Rarity makes them. Im sure she can make something for you. She is the greatest." Spikes sighed and his eyes seem to be lost in though.

He scratched his head and again flipped the long strands of hair out of his eyes, "Alright. Do you know the way?"

"Sure. Let's go." Spike said as he walked out the door past Twilight.

He followed stopping only to look at the stunned unicorn, who looked at him with continued shock. He placed a finger under her chin and lifted her hanging mouth up to close it, "Keep it open and a bird will make a nest there." He chuckled and followed Spike again.

Twilight turned and watched him go, her mind was buzzing with questions and confusion, 'Who...or what is he?' She thought but swiftly focused on the now and followed them out the clinic, questions would have to wait for later.

Twilight, Spike lead him through ponyville to Carousel Boutique, along the way ponies everywhere seemed to either stare or hide from the strange creature. It was making him a bit sad, why was he so scarey?

"Don't take it the wrong way," Twilight said, "Everyone is usually very friendly, it's just that well they are a bit afraid of unknown things. Zecora had the same reception before everyone got to know her."

"Zecora?" He asked.

"She is a zebra and a herablist from a far away land." Twilight said and then a thought hit her, maybe Zecora knew what he was. She would have to ask when she had time.

"Hmm. She sounds nice, I'd like to meet her." He said.

"Well right now lets focus on getting you something to wear, You don't seem to be the kind of craeture to walk around without any." Twilight said.

"I'm not." He said, which caused Twilight to stop.

"You arn't?" She asked.

"Yes. I don't remember alot, but I do know that I wear clothes. Have to infact." He said simply as he continued on.

Twilight blinked and quickly took down that as a note, 'It's not much but its something at least.'

The three continued to walk till the reached the Boutique. Twilight knocked on the door and was greeted by Rarity.

"Twilight, Spike and..." She paused and looked at the creature they had found with surprise, "How is it that you are out of the clinic. You have only been there for two days? That's just impossible."

"I know. I seem to be surprising everyone this mourning," He said, "Um... do you think you might be able to... make me some clothes. What I have right now just doesn't cover enough."

Rarity blinked then nodded and opened the door for them to all come in, "Yes of course darling. You certainly can't go walking around like that."

"Thank you. But... I can't pay." He said a bit embarressed.

"Oh don't worry dear. This first time will be on me. If you need anymore though you will have to pay."

He smiled, "Thank you. You are very generous."

Raritiy smiled, "Just let me take your measurements and I'll see what I can do."

He stood still while the measuring tape, again levitating as the mirror did, measured him. Rarity wrote down each measurement and then put the tape away and walked into another room for a moment.

"Say. I was thinking, you need a name." Spike said.

He blinked and nodded to the little dragon, "Yes. I think I do, do you know where I can get a name?"

Twilight and Spike looked at each other before giggling. He frowned, did he say something wrong?

"There isn't a place to get a name silly. Your usually given one when your born." Twilight said.

"Would you give me one?" He asked curious.

Twilight was surprised at the request, considering she had never meet someone that had asked to be given a name it was a rather new experience, "Well... um...sure. Let me just think of one."

He looked at her. Waiting. Twilight was beginning to feel a bit uncomfortable under the gaze of those golden eyes. Thankfully Rarity returned and he diverted his attention to her.

"Well darling it was not an easy task, but I believe I have made something suitable for you." Rarity motioned for him to follow. When he entered the room he saw the product of Rarity's work. He was impressed. The pants were blue and a sash of black acted as a belt. The top was white and was a sleeveless.

"It was rather difficult to make, if I had more time I am sure I could make something truely magnificant." Rarity said.

"This will do. Its simple and comfortable. Thank you Rarity." He said.

"Well if you say so. It was no trouble."

He walked over to the clothes and felt the fabric. Soft, very smooth. He placed the shirt on first to cover his chest and his scar and then moved to the pants, he considered removing the shorts that he was wearing but after consideration figured that wearing both would not bother him. Once he was fully dressed he turned to Rarity, "Well. What do you think?"

Rarity looked him over, "Well, it is certainly better then that dreadful coat you were wearing before. But your hair needs to be cut."

"Yes," He said as he moved his hair out of his eyes again, "It does cause a bit of an annoyance."

"Well nothing we can do about it now. Come lets go show the others." Rarity said as she turned and left the room. He followed her and heard Spike and Twilight talking.

"What about... Rex" Spike said.

"That sounds more like a pet name." Twilight said.

"Oh then how about....umm" Spike tapped his chin as he thought of another name.

"What are you two talking about?" Rarity asked.

"We are trying to figure out a name for him," Spike said pointing at Him, "And hey. Looking good." Spike gave him a thumbs up.

He smiled, "Thanks. So... do you have a name for me?"

"Well we are trying, but so far... no. Sorry." Twilight said, a bit sad.

He frowned, "Oh. It's alright."

"Oh don't be sad. Maybe you will remember your name eventually." Twilight said, hoping to raise his spirits.

He smiled and said, "Yeah. Perhaps. Thank you."

"So what are you going to do now?" Rarity asked.

"I'm going to find Applejack and fix the damage I did. Do you know the way to Sweet Apple Acres" He asked.

"I'll take you. I was going to go see if I could help out at all as well." Twilight said.

"I would come but I have to get back to work on a project for a client. Do come by and visit." She said to him before returning to her work.

"Of course. Thank you again Rarity."

Rarity smiled, "It was my pleasure. You offer a truely intresting new way of creation. Well taa taa." With that she went back to her work room.

"Well... shall we go then." He said to Twilight.

"Yes. Let's go."

They left the Boutique and made their way to Sweet Apple Acres.

Meanwhile at Applejack was busy, along with Big Mac and Applebloom, fixing what damage they could. Replanting an uprooted tree was all about speed. They had already saved the ones that they could over the past two days, as for the more destroyed trees they had to clear those away and then plant saplings. hard work but neccessary.

Applebloom did what she could, mostly in moving the smaller pieces of broken bark but she noticed that object that had done the damage. Now her sister had told her to stay away from it, but the little fillies curiosity got the better of her and she slowly inched her way towards it. She had to watch where she stepped cause their were still pieces of metal that could cut you if you were not aware of them.

"Its really wierd." She said as she looked at it from all sides. Most of the upturned earth it had created had been placed back where it should, though it would take time for it to settle and grass to grow again. She was just about to get back to work when she noticed something, she dusted away some dirt and saw a word, in big black bold letters, on the side of the object. Tezcatlipoca

"Te...Tez..cat..catli.." Applebloom said slowly struggling with the strange word when she heard her sister call.

"Applebloom! Where are ya'?"

Fearing she would get in trouble if she was caught near here, the little filly turned and ran away from the object and got back to work. But her mind wondered what the word meant.

'Could it be the name of whatever came out of it?' She thought. If it was, what does it mean.

Okay another chapter done. I am not good at describing clothes so sorry if what rarity made was not the best, but considerng she never made anything for what he is it can be understood. I guess.
Anyway the name is the name of an Aztec God. :) it sounded cool so I used it and it will play an important part later on in what he is. No he aint a god, found out when i get it typed :P Hope you enjoyed this. If it needs any changse let me know.