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Redemption, Damnation and FIM - ShadowWalking18

A HIE fic. More info? Look inside. First Fic here so please comment. Title sucks will edit it later.

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Chapter 30

As you can see Tez is....well being an epic mega A-hole :P. That is reasonable I think given his circumstances, but don't worry he will get better...eventually :P. Till then feel free to rage at him when he does something stupid.

Now onto the chapter.


Tez felt someone grab his arm, something with small hooves. The scent was unmistakable and in an instant he stopped his attack, his claws inches away from Scootaloos fathers neck.

Tez looked and saw Scootaloo, her hooves wrapped around his arm. She was crying, tears running down her eyes, and onto his arm.

"Please...just stop." She begged, her voice was small and scared.

Tez blinked, "Are you crazy? Isn't this the bastard that hit you? That abused you!?"

Scootaloo sniffed and nodded as she looked up at him, "Yes...but that's something I gotta' to deal with....but....killing him won't make it any better. Please just stop, I don't like seeing you act like this! Please!"

Scootaloo hugged his arm more as new tears came forth. Tez looked at the crying filly, then to the beaten husk before him. He sighed and retracted his claws back.

"Understood. I won't make you cry, he's too worthless for that." He said softly as he wrapped his arms around Scootaloo and picked her up. he held her close, as she cried.

All around ponies watched, unsure of what to think of this.

Finally Tez set Scootaloo down.

"Scootaloo....I don't feel I have a right to ask this....considering how I acted...but if you want...I can take you away from the pain...but the choice is yours." He said as he placed a hand over her eye. A white light appeared for a moment, and when Tez took his hand away Scootaloos eye was healed.

Scootaloo placed a hoof over her eye in shock, then looked up at Tez with wide eyes...."I....I want it to stop....but..please don't hurt anypony."

Tez nodded with a soft smile, making it hard to think that he had been ruthless and savage moments before.

Tez stands straight, magic flaring softly about him in a show of power, "I am Tezcatlipoca! Lord and master of magic and the current ruler of Equestria!" His voice boomed loud echoing for miles in similar fashion to the canterlot royal voice.

Every pony jumped in surprise, some cowered slightly. Tez smirked and continued.

"I Tezcatlipoca, have seen the misdeeds of this individual," he points to Scootaloos father, who was just barely coming back into consciousnesses, "the deeds which I will share with you now, so that you may pass your own judgements on him."

Black smoke swirled up from his mirror and flowed past every pony in the area, their eyes widened as sudden images entered their brain. Mostly of the pain and abuse that Scootaloo had suffered at the hands of her father. With a wave of his hand the smoke vanished, and every pony looked at Scootaloos father with disgust.

"I make this proclamation now, that Scootaloo will remain under my care. And any who have a say against this speak up now." Tez finished as he looked around with a glare.

Scootaloo looked up at Tez with wide eyes, and everypony around them didn't say a thing.

'Not like anyone could stop him. When Tez wants something he gets it.' Twilight thought.

Tez looked down at Scootaloo, his little show of power ending and he knelt down next to her, "Is that alright with you?"

Scootaloo nodded, and hugged Tez. Tez smiled and returned the hug for a moment. He let her go soon after and said, "Alright now I want you to gather anything that is important to you. I'll deal with all of this...fuss. Alright."

Scootaloo nodded and ran into her house, Applebloom and Sweetie Belle ran after her much to the surprise of their sisters.
Tez turned to face the girls, "Well I guess I have some explaining to do don't I."

Tez made quick work of the crowd by shooing all of the staring ponies away, and they were quick to obey. He also quickly took Scootaloos father to the hospital, where his injuries could be taken care of before Tez had him hauled off to jail for the rest of his life. Tez felt very powerful....for about two seconds before he realized that he was now standing before three mares who he had to no doubt answer questions to. Something Tez always hated doing.

Tez sighed, "Alright. Lay it on me, you no doubt have lots of questions and or yelling to get done so lets do this."

The three blinked and looked at each other, then back to Tez. Neither was sure who should ask first, until Rarity stepped forward.

"Well Tez I for one was going to ask why you were attacking Scootaloos father....but I guess after...whatever you did to show us all those...horrible things he did I can guess it was granted knowing you. Still you should have better controlled yourself, its completely barbaric to just attack a pony like that." Rarity said.

Tez sighed, "Yeah I probably should have done that...." he was silent for a moment before saying with a shrug, "but oh well, its better this way."

"I guess...but still, you absolutly terrified Sweetie Belle....and me." Rarity said frowning.

"Yeah, ya darn scared us as well," Applejack said, Twilight nodding, "I don't think Appleblooms gonna forget what she saw as well."

Tez blinked and sighed, "So is that all...just make me feel guilty about what I did?"

"Now we arn't trying to do that sugarcube...but you have been acting different since the incident at...the place." Applejack said.

"Applejack, its alright to say it. I can't change the fact of what happened by ignoring it." Rarity said biting her lip slightly.
Tez went to comfort Rarity, but felt stabbing pain in his chest causing him to fall to his knees.

"AGHHH!" Tez screamed, as his back arched with pain. The world seemed to spin, colors blurring as he coughed.

"Tez!" The girls shouted and ran to him. Tez spasmed in pain for a moment, before his breathing finally calmed. He was left laying on the ground, gasping for air as he clutched a hand over his heart.

"Tez! What's wrong?" Twilight asked, "don't say there isn't cause I know there is."

Applejack nodded, "I agree sugarcube. The last time I saw you like that was when you almost died."

Tez growled and got up, "I....I...am...."

"Tez," Twilight said, "you said something about a curse...I don't believe in curses...but since meeting you I have been shown ways of magic I didn't think were possible. If something is wrong please tell us...."

Tez bit his lip, his mind telling him to ignore them....but his heart just couldn't do it.

'Will it change anything if I tell them? Probably....but frankly....they have a right to know....to know everything.' He thought with a sigh.

"Alright....but not here....when we're in Canterlot...with the rest of the girls and the princesses." Tez said.

"Alright. But you better spill the beans." Applejack said with a serious tone.

Tez nodded and waited for Scootaloo and her friends to get out of the house. Once the tree fillies were back, with Scootaloo holding a small bag of what Tez guessed where her personal and closely held to her heart.

"Are you ready?" Tez asked.

Scootaloo nodded and hugged Tez's leg. Tez smiled and kneeled down to hug her back.

"I have a few things I need to do, and we need to get Futtershy. So take the time to sort out any final affairs here and meet back here in an hour. Tez said, looking back to the girls.

Twilight, Applejack and Rarity nodded, and went to finish up some business. As she walked, Rarity was a bit miffed that her day with her sister had ended so abruptly and in such a way.

"Hey Tez..."

Tez looked down at Applebloom and Sweetie Belle. The two fillies seemed a bit scared of him.

"Are...are you okay now?" Sweetie Belle asked.

Tez blinked and smiled as he hugged the three fillies, "I am now. I'm sorry if I scared you three."

The crusaders smiled and hugged Tez back. After that Tez stood up and said, "I have to take care of something and get Futtershy. Is that okay Scootaloo?"

Scootaloo blinked, "Yeah its cool. Me and the girls can play while you do...whatever you have to do."

Tez nodded, "Right. I will be back in a bit, don't get into any trouble now okay."

"When do we ever get in trouble?" Applebloom asked.

Tez gave her a look that said, "you sure you want me to answer that."

The three fillies saw the look and chuckled uneasily as they rubbed the back of their heads. Tez rolled his eyes with a smile and began the walk to Fluttershy's, and the Everfree Forest.

'I have some feeding to do.' Tez thought as he walked...though right now the thought made his stomach turn and his heart brim with fear.

Tez licked the blood off of his fingers, and the very action made him shiver. He shouldn't be doing this...not now. What was happening to him that would force him to feed sooner then he should have?

'Now I have to also add telling the girls this as well....damn life is just peachy ain't it.' He thought. Once he was decently cleaned of any blood he made his way to Fluttershys house. As he walked he tried to think of a way to tell the rest of the girls about his....special condition. Let alone explain how and why he has it.

'Personally I don't like remembering it myself.' Tez thought with bitter resentment.

When he reached the cottage he could hear the low tune of a soft melody being hummed. Tez slowly opened the door and peeked inside to see Fluttershy at work feeding all the little animals inside her cottage, he could not help but smile at the sight; and at the same time feel regret and self loathing that such an innocent being as Fluttershy had to be exposed to the dark and depraved darkness of himself and his brothers.

'We should never have come here...but we are...and I have to do what I can to keep the damage to a minium.' Tez thought as he opened the door wide and walked in.

"Hello Fluttershy." Tez said.

"Eep!" Fluttershy jumped, if that was possible as she was in a hover, and hovered now high near the ceiling. She looked down with wide fearful eyes, which only got worse when she saw Tez.

"Oh no! Tez...oh I'm so sorry that we didn't tell you we were coming here...but..you had been gone so long and we all had to take care of things at home. I couldn't just let my animal friends starve while you were gone, please don't be mad at us." Futtershy said swiftly as she hid in her hair.

Tez sighed, "I'm not mad Fluttershy. Now please come down here."

Fluttershy slowly descended, but when she was at eye level with Tez, he swiftly grabbed her front hooves and pulled her to him. His lips claiming hers in an instant as he wrapped his arms about her and held her. This sudden action took the timid pegasus by surprise, but she soon found herself returning the kiss; if a bit uncertain in her abilities as she had never ever kissed anypony as she was with Tez at that moment.

After a few seconds the two parted lips, and Tez simply held Fluttershy close, who blushed with a small smile. Sadly the peace had to end, and so Tez let Fluttershy go and looked at her with serious eyes.

"Fluttershy....I'm going to tell the girls about my feedings." Tez said.

Futtershy gasped, "What? Now? but why...I mean not that I'm not mad...I really hated keeping it a secret...but why now?"

Tez sighed, "I...will explain back in Canterlot. For now finish anything you have to do....then we will go meet the others."

Fluttershy opened her mouth to ask something, but saw the worried look in Tez's eyes and went silent. All she did was nod and set out to do just what Tez told her to do. She also set food out for the animals to last them a month, for she felt that....it might be necessary just in case something happened. Though she hoped nothing to that degree would...she hoped.

Once Fluttershy had finished, she and Tez rejoined with the others, along with Scootaloo and her friends. Spike had also come along as well.

"I hope that you took care of everything." Tez said.

"Yes." The girls said.

Tez nodded and looked to Scootaloo, "Are you ready Scootaloo?"

Scootaloo nodded, but looked to Applebloom and Sweetie Belle, "I...I'll be able to still hang out with Applebloom and Sweetie Belle right?"

Tez bit his lip, he wasn't sure that would be a possibility for sometime...at least until his brothers were defeated. Still, he did not want to separate the three friends, but what could he.....well he could always bring them along.

'Thing is....will that be acceptable?' Tez wondered.

"Tez?" Scootaloo said, confused about his silence.

"Hmm, hey Rarity...Applejack...would it be alright....if say your sisters came with us to Canterlot as well? Twilight, same question but involving Spike."

"Huh?" The three girls said confused.

"Why ya asking that?" Applejack asked.

"Well," Tez said, "It would be easier for Scootaloo to see her friends, and Spike won't have to be left on his own so much, since I will probably find it difficult to bring her and you guys here in the coming months."

"Why is that, Twilight can simply do it." Rarity said.

"Yeah I can-" twilight began, but was cut off by Tez saying, "Sorry she will be busy. In fact she and I will both be busy for a time."

Now the girls were confused, especially Twilight, "What do you mean Tez?" she asked.

"I'll explain later." Tez said, earning a glare from the girls, or at least from Fluttershy a slightly irritated look that did not last long.

Rarity, Twilight, Applejack thought for a moment on the question, each trying to decide if to say yes or no.

'It would be a good idea. I'll be able to spend more time with Sweetie...but I don't want to expose her to anymore of Tez's...rash actions...' Rarity thought.

'I can't just leave Spike alone...but who will watch the library?' Twilight thought.

'Hmm....Granny Smith would have to be told...and Big Macintosh. we got all the serious harvesting done, and all that really remains is the small pickings and Big Mac usually does that on his own....' Applejack thought as she tried to come to a decision.

"Well?" Tez said, waiting for his answer. Not that he would probably listen if it was not in his liking.

"Well.." the three said at the same time, "Alright." "I guess." "Okay."

Tez smiled, "Splendid."

The CMC and Spike cheered and hugged each other, and their sisters/caretakers and Tez respectively.

"Do you three need anything before we go?" Tez asked the fillies and baby dragon.

"Nah we should be fine." Applebloom said.

"Yeah, what she said." Sweetie Belle said.

"I'll be fine. Be nice to see Canterlot again. I was getting kinda bored by myself anyway. Re-shelving all those books gets tiresome after the first time." Spike said.

"Spike!" Twilight gasped in shock, "Re-shelving is a very important part of library maintenance."

Tez chuckled, "Well then if we are all ready, then let us be off. Remember to keep your hands and feet inside the ride at all times." With a final smirk he cast the spell and in a flash of light they were gone.

Bit of a slight filler here, just to end this part of the Scootaloo stuff for this fic. I've also got some plans in later to show some more SweetieSpike, but that pairing and other things involving the CMC will show up in the sequal.*Yes there is plans for that and more*

Hope you all enjoyed this little piece...for the next shall appease to your darkest desires....well maybe not but it will certainly be brutal.