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Redemption, Damnation and FIM - ShadowWalking18

A HIE fic. More info? Look inside. First Fic here so please comment. Title sucks will edit it later.

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Chapter 22

Another chapter :) and this is where the fun starts to take a turn.

Mextli grumbled. He hated caves, in fact, if he had to stay one more second in this tunnel he was going to go mad! He looked behind him to the column of Diamond Dog warriors, each one armed with a spear or sword of obsidian. Decorative feathered headdresses adorned their heads and their faces were covered in various tribal signs and symbols. Five hundred good warriors, only a portion of his total army, but he did not require the full force for this job. Besides, if word somehow reaches the rulers of this land he did not want to expose his full strength to them.

The key to victory in war, was always to have the advantage. Giving a last quick scan of his warrors Mextli felt certain that they were ready for this, even if they had their doubts of their intentions. So long as they did what they were ordered, and did not mess this raid up....he would be happy.

'Though I would feel better....if we were OUT OF THIS CAVE SYSTEM!' Mextli thought as he looked forward once more to the scout and guide. If the diamond dog failed to lead them to the right cave exit....he was going to have hot dogs for lunch.

Soon he saw a light ahead, and he smiled in glee as he ran ahead, causing all of his warriors to pick up the pace to catch up. Mextli did not care, he wanted to see the sun. To feel the warm light of day against his skin, or the cool nightly breeze and the illumination of the moon. Either one would do.

"At last." He said as he entered into the open world. The wind blew against his skin and it felt glorious. The sun shone down upon them as they entered into its light, Mextli would have prefered night for an ambush...but frankly after three days in a cavern tunnel he did not care anymore. Besides...this operation would not require much skill.

Mextli looked around and saw that they emerged on a large hill, near the roots of the mountain. Below he saw lights, hundreds of lights of a city. Fillydelphia. He smiled and slowly dragged his tongue across his lips.

"Finally. After three days of marching....finally I can do what I'm good at." he said to himself. He turned to face his warriors, all lined up perfectly; oh how long had it taken to pound proper military condition into their thick heads.

"Alright worms, that city is our target. I want three hundred of you to spread out around the perimeter of the city and the area beyond that, cut off any escape routes, the rest move in on the city with me. Capture all that you can, men women and children. Don't kill unless it's to preserve your own life. If anyone kills a pony without a damned good reason, I'll sacrifice you on the alter myself." Mextli growled glaring at his soldiers.

The dogs nodded gulping, their tails between their legs. They swiftly moved out to do their masters will.

Mextli smirked as he gazed down onto the town. He reached for the obsidian blade at his side and drew it. He pointed at the city and smiled.

"At last.....divinty awaits." He said and began the slow march towards the city.

Twilight fell to the ground exhausted. After four hours of warm ups, she needed a break. Still, she was happy despite the exhaustion. She had managed to complete Tez's warm up exercises without falling back into old habits or without failure.

"Not bad, now get up and we will start the real lessons." Tez said.

Twilight groaned, but obeyed standing up taking deep breathes.

"Your already tired from just a warm up. We will have to fix that." Tez smirked, his eyes glittering with a promise of something horrible.

Twilight gulped when she saw that glint, 'Oh boy....I don't like that look.'

"So...what now?" She asked.

"We will start with something necessary for all magi to learn. A simple shield, barrier, force field...whatever you want to call it spell. They are all the same in the end, just differnt name variations." Tez said.

"I know how to do that." Twilight said proudly.

Tez smirked, "Well then...lets test it. Make a shield around your body."

Twilight nodded and created a small barrier around herself.

Tez nodded, "Good. Now then, this will test to see how well you weave the magical energies through the shield to spread out the damage that strikes it."

Twilight blinked, "Huh?"

Tez lifted a hand, palm open wide as energy collected around it, with a neutral expression on his face he said, "Careful, this could kill you."

"WHAT!?!" Twilight shouted.

Tez fired his spell blast, striking against Twilight's shield. Twilight's shield took the blast, cracked in several places before shattering, the force of the blast flinging her backwards, landing on her back against the ground. Her mane and tail were ruffled up and she had bruises all over her.

She laid there, eyes wide and mouth hanging open. Tez walked over to her and said, "We don't stop, till you don't budge an inch!"

Twilight began to sweat. This was not going to be fun.

Spike ran as fast as he could. His heart beating through his chest, he looked around with wide fearful eyes and all he saw was darkness. But...it was still there, the snarling growling monster that chased him...it was getting closer.

"Twilight!" Spike yelled in fear.

The growling and heavy breathing grew closer, Spike looked behind as he ran and saw a pair of gold eyes closing in from the shadows of the darkness that surrounded him. He quickly looked straight ahead and felt tears run down his eyes.

"Somepony! Anypony!" Spike yelled.

Spike ran more before bumping into something. Spike rubbed his head and when his focus returned he choked when he saw a pair of spotted paws before him. Slowly Spike's head moved up till he looked into the glaring gold eyes of a tall bipedal spotted cat. Looking into Tez's eyes.

Tez smirked and bared his claws. All sharp and deadly.

"T-Tez...its me Spike...remember." Spike got to his feet and began to back away.

Tez laughed as he walked towards the little dragon. His tongue licked across his cainines drawing blood. He raised his arm into the air.

"Tez....this ain't funny.....somepony...help..." Spike started to cry as he called for help. But none came.

Tez's claw came down and Spike screamed. He bolted from his bed and looked around. He was in the library, Twilight's room, in his bed napping. He was safe.

'Just a nightmare. Come on Spike....Tez would never hurt you....you're just thinking crazy.' He thought as he got out of bed, afraid to fall back to sleep and return to the nightmare that plagued his mind.

'It was....just a nightmare.' He told himself again as he headed downstairs to get something to eat.

Dash and Scootaloo sighed, another day in the hospital. Another day without movement of any kind.....boring....

Dash sighed and reached over for her Daring Doo book and returned to where she left off the other day. Scootaloo did the same with her book, a Daring Doo book as well only three books behind Rainbow Dashs. The two read silently to pass the time, though while they read their minds ventured into thoughts. Particuarlly to thoughts of a certain gold eyed pony.....something.....whatever.

'He is pretty cool. About as cool as me maybe,' Dash thought.

'He saved me, and he beat a dragon. That is really cool,' thought Scootaloo.

Dash sighed, why was she thinking so much about Tez. Sure he was strong, fast, cool, in amazing shape. She growled and held her head, 'Why is he always on my mind?'

Scootaloo could not help but smile slightly. Sure Dash had been there, but it had been Tez that had saved and protected all of them from that dragon. She liked that feeling, of being protected, of somepony keeping her safe from harm. It was comforting, it made her feel loved. It felt nice.

The two continued to read, till the nurse came in with breakfast. The two looked at the tray of hospital food and sighed. More wierd stuff with jello...oh goody.

Pinkie Pie hopped down the streets, eyes closed and with a smile on her face. As always not a care in the world, for little seemed to bring the pink mare down.

"La la la la la la." she sang as hopped.

"Howdy Pinkie," Applejack called to her friend from her applestand, "How are ya doing?"

Pinkie Pie hopped over smiling, "Oh i'm fine AJ. Have you seen Tez, I want to know if he wanted some cupcakes I made.

Applejack scratched her head as she thought for a moment, "Hmm no I haven't seen Tez since two days ago after he fought that dragon."

Pinkie Pie gasped, "Tez fought a dragon!?!" everypony within earshot heard this and all turned to look at Pinkie Pie.

"What!?!" They all shouted, beginning to crowd around AJ and Pinkie Pie, everypony asking questions.

"Now hold it there ya'll! Just be quiet a moment and I'll explain." Applejack shouted. Everypony went silent, even Pinkie Pie amazingly.

Applejack sighed, "Well you see it all started when my sister and her friends were trying again to get their cutie marks..."

Rarity hummed as she went about making her latest fashion line. Though from time to time she would stop to check on Sweetie Belle to make sure she was doing alright, and that she was staying out of any trouble. If there was one thing that Sweetie Belle was good at was causing a large mess from a minor action such as hitting a ball of yarn.

Sweetie Belle was busy drawing in her room thankfully. She did not do much since Scootaloo was still in the hospital and Applebloom was stuck in her bed at home. Out of the three her wounds were not as bad, though she still had to wear the bandages and wrappings on her injuries, she wished that her friends were all better because it was so dull without them.

"Hmmm what to draw?" Sweetie Belle asked herself, finally she got an idea, "Oh I know."

Picking up crayons and pencils she began to get to work. While she worked, Rarity walked in to check up on her, ever since the dragon incident Rarity had not let Sweetie Belle out of her sights.

"Are you doing okay Sweetie Belle?" Rarity asked.

Sweetie Belle stopped drawing for a moment and nodded, "Yeah I'm fine sis. Oh come see what I drew."

Rarity walked over and glanced down at the picture.She blinked at what she saw. It was Tez, if a slightly badly drawn version of him, but it was Tez all the same, only Sweetie Belle had given him cat ears and a tail. She could not help but giggle at that.

"Its Tez, though I don't think he has cat ears." Rarity said with another giggle, the thought of Tez with cat ears on his forhead was humorous.

Sweetie Belle giggled, "Yeah it is pretty funny, but I couldn't really get what he looked like as a cat so I settled for this. Do you like it?"

Rarity smiled, patting her sisters head, "it's lovely Sweetie Belle. I'll be getting back to work now, once I'm done we will go out for lunch, okay."

Sweetie Belle smiled, "Okay."

Rarity returned to her room and set to finishing her fashion line. As she worked her mind wandered, the picture had brought thoughts of the gold eyed man. That inevitablly brought back memories of the kiss, which caused her to blush once more.

'Oh that was completly unlady like. I just forced myself on him like a brute...yet...he said he didn't mind. Oh and it had felt so good.' Rarity thought giggling as she worked.

The feeling of his lips against hers...it had been delightful and exciting. Oh and the way he could use those fingers of his, Rarity could just feel them moving across her body as they relaxed every muscle in her body.

"No, now is not the time for fantasies, I must create." Rarity said to herself as she shook her head to regain her focus. Despite her words though, she found herself fantasizing more as she finished her work.

Something was going to happen. Something terrible that would change the face of Equestria. But....what was it?

Celestia got off her throne and walked to the balcony, overlooking the courtyard. Just as Tez had promised he no longer messed with the sun, though after reading a letter from Twilight detailing her training with Tez as she put it, "stressful and pushing. Filled with great difficulties and painful lessons," had her worried over her faithful student.

"I hope it's nothing too serious. Twilight does have a tendancy to make something worse than it is." the sun princess said to herself.

Celestia looked down at the courtyard, into the bushes of red and white roses. Her mind withdrew all that had occured over the last few months. From the reanimated, now dead guard and its strange threat from another being. To meeting Tez and all the things he did and accomplished. She was not sure how Tez was connected with the two, in fact she could barely see a connection at all, but...she had a feeling that he was. No real proof, but a gut insticnt that she could feel in her bones.

'Something is going to happen, and...I can't bring myself to accept the fact that...I might not be able to do anything to prevent....whatever it maybe.' She thought with fear.

She sighed and rubbed her head, feeling a headache come on. The past few days had been rather stressful, first she worried of what Tez was doing to Twilight when he trained her, the feeling of dread she had felt today, and now it seemed that Luna was falling for Tez. The last thought was the most worrying.

'It had to be Tez's doing. Luna rarely ever showed desires of a relationship with anypony in all the years that I have known her, but now she is starting to feel affection for something that isn't EVEN a pony.' Celestia sighed.

"I shouldn't be judgemental. Luna has been happier and has even been more social. But....still I worry about what she might be getting into. Tez....he doesn't seem to be all that he shows, he is hiding something." Celestia shivered as she remembered those gold eyes roaming over her body. They unsettled her, and the way he could be one way or another depending on a situation, and now add in his immense magical power....Tez was dangerous, she could tell. But....just how dangerous was he to her....and to all of Equestria?

Celestia looked up to the sky, "Oh mother...what should I do?"

"Balance on the spike using only the barest bit of magical energy." Tez said as he balanced on a sharp spike with only the tip of his right pointer finger. A tiny ball of magical energy glowed between where the finger and point of the spike met.

Twilight however...was not having as easy of a time. She was using more magic energy to keep her hoof from being pierced by the sharp spike, not to mention the soreness and aches she felt all over her bruised body from the defensive training was not helping; and she was sure that Tez inteded to test her on that again.

"Now, hold this posistion for twelve hours." Tez said as he fell to his feet away from the spike.

"What!?!" Twilight shouted in shock.

Tez smirked, "You heard me."

Twilight felt herself sweating again as she ground her teeth, "And what will you be doing?"

Tez chuckled, "Visiting Dashie and Scootaloo first, then run a few errands. I'll be back in twelve hours."

Tez prepared a teleportation spell but stopped and looked back to Twilight, "Oh yes just to make sure you are not tempted to slack off while I'm gone," Tez waved his hand and balls of energy appeared all around Twilight, "If you move from that posistion...those orbs will...well....don't move from that posistion till I get back if you value your health. Bye."

With that Tez teleported away, leaving a very nervous and very angry Twilight. Still, she had no choice, so she kept her focus on the task at hand. She looked at the orbs surrounding her and gulped.

Tez stepped into the hospital, he spotted Nurse Redheart at the clearance desk.

"Hello Nurse Redheart, how are you this fine day?" He said as he made his way over.

The nurse pony blinked and looked up from something she was reading, "Oh Tez, I should have expected it would be you. Here to visit Rainbow Dash and Scootaloo again?"

"Would there be any other reason I would be here?" Tez said.

Redheart chuckled, "No, I guess not. You can go in if you want now."

Tez nodded and made his way down the hall. He peeked into the room and saw that both the pegasi were busy reading, he could not help but chuckle at the scene. The two acted so alike,he wondered if Dashie acted like Scootaloo when she was younger.

"Hey, how are you two doing? Enjoying yourselves?" He said as he walked in.

The two pegasi looked up from their books, surprised by the sudden visit.

"Oh hey Tez, I'm doing fine....think you can get me out of here?" Dash said looking at Tez with begging eyes.

Tez smirked, "Sorry no can do Dashie. You'll have to wait a few days."

Dash's ears flattened and she frowned grumbling. Tez rolled his eyes and walked over to Scootaloo.

"And how are you doing?" Tez smiled as he ruffled Scootaloos mane.

Scootaloo swatted at his hand, "Hey cut it out."

Tez chuckled, "Sorry."

Scootaloo looked at her hooves fidgiting, "I'm fine."

Tez frowned, "You sure kid? You sound as if something is bothering you?"

"It's nothing. Just bored." Scootaloo said.

"She probably still blames herself for what happened." Dash said simply.

Scootaloo frowned, Tez looked at Dash with a slight glare.

"What?" Dash asked.

Tez sighed, "Look Scootaloo, you didn't know that a dragon lived in the Everfree. Don't let it eat away at you, everypony is fine, and a possible threat taken care of. Everything worked out in the end."

"But it is still my fault!" Scootaloo said as she looked up at Tez, "I keep trying to do things to get my cutie mark and they always end in disasters, and now I almost got my friends killed!" She looked ready to cry as she finished the sentence. She wiped at her eyes sniffling.

Dash frowned, she could understand why Scootaloo was upset. After all, what friend would not feel bad accidentally putting their friends in danger.

"Hey now, I told you already, don't let this eat away at you. You made a mistake, thats part of growing up," Tez said as he lightly wrapped an arm around the little filly, "Scoots it's a process that never ends. Isn't that right Dash?"

Dash blinked, "Yeah, I mean I haven't..." Dash stopped when she saw the look that Tez gave her and chuckled uneasily, "I mean...even I've made some mistakes."

Scootaloo sniffed and rubbed her eyes, "But..."

"No buts." Tez said, "I don't want to hear anymore about it. It's in the past, learn from it and don't wallow in pity over something you can't change."

Scootaloo looked up at Tez, she sniffed and buried her face against his chest as she hugged him. Tez smiled and gently wrapped his arms around the little filly returning the hug.

Dash watched the two, and she could not help but strangly feel a bit jealous of the attention that Scootaloo was getting from Tez. And that confusion only irritated her more.

'Gah, what is going on with me?' She thought. She returned to her book, giving the two a moment.

"And thats what happened." Applejack finished.

Everypony that had crowded around her and Pinkie Pie only looked at her with wide eyes, as their minds processed all that had been said.

"If ya'll think I'm lying ask Dashie, Twilight or Fluttershy or even some of the doctors at the hospital. They all saw it as well."Applejack said.

Pinkie Pie just sat there eyes wide. She was not really sure what to make of what she had heard.

Everypony soon began to talk, their words convaying both awe and fear. Others shock and disgust.

"He killed a dragon!"

"He must be very powerful to do something like that. Can the princesses even defeat a dragon?"

"Isn't taking another life against the law of Equestria? Should we report it to the guards."

"Why, dragons are dangerous creatures. The fact that one was living in the Everfree so close to town is terrifying. I'm glad Tez got rid of it."

"Didn't the dragon hurt four ponies? It was self defense."

"I still think we should tell the guards, killing something isn't right."

Everypony argued and talked, eventually leaving in groups or alone as they digested and discussed the news. No doubt that the news of what Tez had done would be known all over ponyville.

"I hope that none of this causes Tez any problems," Applejack said to herself before looking at Pinkie Pie, "Hey Pinkie Pie...you okay."

Pinkie Pie blinked, "Huh? Oh sorry AJ I guess I was lost in thought for a moment. Did Tez....really kill a dragon?"

Applejack nodded, "Yeah he did. I can't say I agree with what he did, but...my sisters safe, as are Rainbow Dash, Sweetie Belle and Scootaloo and that's what's important."

"Yeah that is good, super dooper looper good," Pinkie Pie began to hop around AJ as she said this but stopped and frowned.

Applejeack blinked, not use to seeing a frown on Pinkie's face, "Something wrong sugarcube?"

Pinkie Pie rubbed one of her legs, "Well...It's just...I was thinking we should throw a party for Tez. A Super hero thanks party but....I don't know....it doesn't seem right to celebrate a party when he had to kill something...."

Applejack's eyes widened and her mouth dropped open. Pinkie Pie not sure if she should throw a party!?! It was as if the entire world was ending. But...she did have a point, it did not seem right to celebrate a death, even if it was a dragon.

"Don't you worry about it Pinkie Pie. I don't think Tez would want a party for that anyway, he doesn't seem the type ta want all that recognition." Applejack said as she put a hoof on Pinkie's shoulder.

Pinkie Pie looked to AJ with a smile, "You're right AJ, oh I know we should throw you and Applejack is right party. Ooh, I'll go start the planning." With that Pinkie Pie ran, leaving a bright pink trail.

"Uhhh.." Applejack said as she blinked. Eventually she just rolled her eyes with a chuckle, that was Pinkie Pie for you. Random, but a good pony. Applejack got back to selling apples, though she would at times think of gold eyes and the man that looked through them.

Mextli looked around with a smile on his face. He dragged his tongue across his cainines drawing a thin line of blood. Everywhere he looked he saw dogs dragging ponies of various types into the ground or away from the city in nets and bindings, some even dragging them by their tails. Many of the ponies were unconcious, but those that were not were unable to put up any resistence due to broken legs or wings.

'It's beautiful.' He thought. He made his way down, spotting a group of armored ponies and pegasi giving some of his soldiers trouble. By the bodies the ponies had already killed four of his men, well that would not do.

"I hate doing this...but that is insulting to me." Mextli said as he lifted a finger aiming it at the ponies.

Red energy began to crackle about his finger before several rays of energy blasted from the tip of his finger and struck into the hearts and heads of the resisting ponies, killing them instantly.

Mextli walked over to a wounded Diamond dog, after dispatching the ponies. He looked down at the mutt with disappointment, months of training and he had been bested by some horses.

"Insulting." Mextli said as he slashed his sword across the dogs neck, severing the head from the rest of the body.

Mextli smirked and lifted the sword up to his eyes, the sun shining on the blood stained obsidian. Slowly Mex dragged his tongue against the bloodied blade, enjoying the sensation as the blade cut into the muscle. The taste of blood was almost better then sex.

'This...is so beautiful.' He thought as he looked for more to kill or capture.

Fluttershy smiled as she fed all the animals around her cottage. She was glad they had all come back after the fiasco with the dragon. She blushed as she remembered what had occured afterwards, Tez had kissed her, and she had...liked it.

She blushed even more, she had never really given much thought into romance. Mostly because she was so shy, she was not sure anypony would really like her. Yet, she could not, and did not want to deny that she liked Tez, she liked him a great deal.

'Oh...but does he like me?' Fluttershy thought, 'He must right? He wouldn't kiss me if he didn't...but...what if he just likes how I taste.'

Fluttershy frowned as she tried to figure out the confusing emotions and circumstances. It was all so confusing, she wish she had more experience with these things. But, she did not, and that meant she had to figure it out.

Feeling something thumping her leg Fluttershy looked down to see Angel, who was tapping his foot on the ground arms crossed.

"Oh, I'm sorry Angel I guess I was just lost in thought. What was it you wanted again?" She asked.

Angel face-palmed and sighed.

Tez waved good bye to Scootaloo and Dash, saying he would visit again tomorrow. He would have stayed longer, but the nurses say that they should rest so Tez could never stay long. Still if it helped them get better Tez did not mind, he would give up his right foot if it got Dashie and Scoots fully recovered.

As he walked out the hospital and into town Tez noticed that everyponies attention was very accurate today. Since it was on him after all. Ponies here and there would stop to look at him, or watch him from the cornors of their eyes, some would even whisper to their neighbors.

Tez looked around, a bit unsure of what was up with his sudden....populairty? Suspicion? Was he just that good looking?

'Considering that this town, and if I am correct most towns in Equestria have a higher female ratio to male ratio, I'm probably a well talked about subject among the mares. Though....I don't remember ever being stared at like this...ever.' He thought.

Tez felt a bit insecure with the staring, so he made fast time through town.

"Hey! Tez!"

Tez stopped and looked to where he heard the voice. At a cafe he saw Rarity and Sweetie Belle, who had been the one to call him. Tez waved and walked over.

"Hello Sweetie Belle. Rarity. How are you two doing this day?" Tez asked.

Rarity smiled, she wore one of her specially designed hats, "Why hello Tez. I'm quite fine, me and Sweetie Belle were just having lunch, would you care to join?"

"Oh oh oh, please Tez, please." Sweetie Belle begged, having lunch with her sister was fun, but to have it with Tez as well would be so much fun.

"If I won't be intruding, I suppose so, sure." Tez said as he sat down. The table was a small circular one with four stools around it, so he sat with Rarity to his left and Sweetie Belle to his right.

"So, Tez, what have you been up to today. It is good to see you up once more, we were all really worried about you after you passed out after moving the sun." Rarity said as she looked over the menu.

"I've been well. I meant to tell you girls I was up, but I had important matters to discuss with the princesses." Tez said as he picked up his menu and scanned over what was available to eat. Not surprisingly very little of it was edible to him.

"Oh Tez, did you go and visit Scootaloo today?" Sweetie Belle asked.

Tez turned to the little filly and nodded, "Yes. She is doing better, though I doubt she and Dashie are enjoying the lack of movement," Tez chuckled, "I swear those two are so alike you would think they were sisters."

Rarity giggled, "Yes, those two are quite alike."

Tez laughed, then turned to Sweetie Belle, "And how are you Sweetie Belle?"

"Oh, I'm fine. Just bored, I wish Scootaloo and Applebloom would get better now." Sweetie Belle leaned against the table frowning.

Tez smiled and patted Sweetie Belle's head a moment, "Don't worry. They should be up and about in a few more days, then you three can return to your crusading."

'And probably cause more injury to yourselves.' Tez thought.

The waiter soon arrived and took their orders. Rarity ordered a salad, Sweetie Belle hay fries, and Tez...well Tez just asked for some water. The waiter nodded and left to give the orders to the cooks, saying their meals would be here in a few minutes.

"How come you're not getting anything to eat Tez?" Sweetie Belle asked.

"Now Sweetie Belle, if he isn't hungry then he doesn't have to get anything to eat." Rarity said.

Tez chuckled, "Well, that is true. But also even if I was hungry, I couldn't eat much of what is on the menu."

"Why is that darling?" Rarity asked, "The food is quite good here I can assure you."

"It's not that Rarity, it's just...well...I can't eat alot of the stuff ponies can."

Rarity blinked then realization came to mind, "Oh...yes I guess I can't really see you eating hay."

"But Spike eats hay." Sweetie Belle said.

Tez nodded, "Yes he does. He also eats gemstones and I doubt any of us can do that. Dragons seem to have stronger stomachs."

"Oh," Sweetie Belle said.

Their orders soon arrived, Tez sipped his water, while Sweetie Belle and Rarity enjoyed their meals.

"So tell me Tez, why did you keep your cat form a secret? Surely you could have told us, we are your friends are we not?"

Tez rubbed the back of his head, "Sorry. When I remembered that I could do it, I guess it just didn't seem all that important."

"It was so cool. When you said you were part cat you meant it." Sweetie Belle said.

Tez chuckled, sipping his water more.

"Well I guess it is alright, you weren't hiding anything malicious at least. Though how you use that form is a bit barbaric." Rarity said.

Tez smirked, "I suppose so. I hope I did not traumatize you all too much."

"Oh don't worry darling, while I can't say I agree with what you did you certainly didn't seem to have much of a choice. Having a dragon so close to Ponyville is a terryfying thought."

"I'm sure." Tez said.

Tez spotted some ponies who stared at him. He cast them a quick glare and the ponies quickly looked away and ran. He smirked with satisfaction, having the kind of eyes he had did have advantages.

With that Tez continued in ideal conversation with Rarity and Sweetie Belle. Though even as he conversed he could not help but shake the feeling that something was wrong.

Sunny Seeds ran fast, cradling her daughter close to her. She was not sure what was happening, but she had to get her little Lilly away from here. Away from the Diamond dogs and that terrible gold eyed monster.

"Mommy I'm scared." Lillyseeds whimpered as she covered her eyes from the carnage around them.

"Shhh, just stay quiet dear. Mommy will get us someplace safe." Sunny Seeds comforted her daughter before running to another alley way.

Running down alleyways and other covered routes she swiftly made her way to the gates. She gasped at what she saw, dozens of royal guards laid dead on the ground, their bodies sliced and torn by the diamond dogs weapons. She did her best to cover her daughters eyes more, not wanting her to see this.

'Oh dear Celestia. Why is this happening? Diamond dogs never do this...why now?' She thought as she ran.

Luckilly the gate was open, though it was probably that very same thing that had made it easy for the Diamond Dogs to enter the city so quickly. A bitter irony.

Sunny Seeds ran as fast as she could into the woods. Soon they would be well away from here, then...she would have to go to Canterlot and tell the princess about this, unless one of the royal guards had managed to get away...the princess had to know about this.

A snap of a twig caught Sunny Seeds attention. Her eyes widened as she saw a group of four Diamond Dogs rush at her, nets and weapons in claw.

She ran. She ran as fast as her hooves could take her, Lillyseeds began to cry against her chest.

"Mommy!" Lilly cried.

Sunny looked back, she had left the Dogs behind, but she could hear more getting close. She looked for a path to take, but could find none that would not lead to the sounds of panting Diamond Dogs.

Sunny looked down at her daughter in her hooves and felt tears well up in her eyes. She spotted a hollow in a tree, and knew what she had to do.

"Lilly. No matter what happens remember that mommy loves you." She said as she ran to the tree.

"Mommy. What are you doing mommy?" Lilly said, sensing something wrong.

Sunny sniffed and kissed her daughter before putting her in the hollow, doing all she could to hide her.

"Lilly, no matter what happens you stay right here till night okay. I'll find you then." Sunny kissed her daughter one more time.

"Mommy..." Lilly cried, but was hushed by her mother. She sniffed and nodded, doing as her mother asked.

"I love you Lilly." Sunny said before running, hoping to lead the dogs away from her daughters hiding place.

Lilly watched her mother go, tears running down her eyes. A group of dogs passed by and she ducked down and kept silent. She heard sniffing, and felt as if a dog was getting closer.

Her heart rate increased and she placed her hooves over her mouth to keep silent. More sniffing for a time, then the dogs began to bark and the sound of many bodies running past was heard. Then...everything was silent.

Lilly did not move, afraid to make any noise. She just sat there, her eyes closed...and prayed that her mother was okay.

'Mommy. Please be safe.'

After lunch, Tez accompanied Rarity and Sweetie Belle back to the boutique. He couldn't stay, but he felt that he could at least escort them back.

"Well you are just a gentlecolt arn't you." Rarity said.

Tez shrugged, "I try," he opened the door to the boutique, "ladies first."

"Why thank you Tez." Rarity said as she walked in, Sweetie Belle following.

"No problem, I'd love to stay and chat but I have some things I need to take care of." Tez said.

"Aww, do you have to go?" Sweetie Belle asked as she frowned. She looked at Tez with puppy eyes.

"Sorry Sweetie." Tez said.

"Aww." Sweetie frowned and walked away. Tez frowned, he didn't like to see the little filly upset.

"Don't mind her. She is just bored without Scootaloo and Applebloom. She'll be back to her normal happy self in a bit." Rarity said.

Tez smiled lightly, "Yeah. Well I should get going, it was a pleasure to spend time with you Rarity."

Rarity smiled, "It was a pleasure as well Tez."

Tez smirked and leaned forward a bit to kiss Rarity's cheek. The seamstress pony blushed and fidgeted a bit.

"Tez, that is rather forward....not that I'm complaining. But..." Rarity stopped midsentence when Tez placed a finger under her chin and lifted her head to look into her eyes.

"Why fret if it's not a bother. Simply....enjoy it." He said before kissing her once more, this time on the lips.

Rarity blushed more as Tez pulled away and turned to leave, giving a wink as he walked away. Rarity watched him go, a hoof over her heart. Regaining her composure she smiled lightly and closed the door, she giggled a bit and returned to her work, while her thoughts lingered on Tez.

'It doesn't matter if he is a pony or not, he is just...so perfect.' She thought as she worked on some new designs. She hummed to herself as she worked, her mind focused on the gold eyed man.

"Gr-Great one. We capture all ponies we could find." The diamond dog said as it approached the terrifying gold eyed creature that was the pack leader of all the tribes in the mountains. The dog hoped that it did not offend its new alpha, it did not want to end up like former members of tribe. He wanted to keep his heart.

Mextli looked to the dog that addressed him and smirked, the dog quivered with fear and bowed his head low. Mex looked down at the city, some fires had started from his magic and the struggle they had recieved from the royal guards. Even though these ponies had not faced a real military threat, the guards had proven to have some minor combat skill, they had managed to kill at least twenty dogs before they were overwhemled.

'Not much, but I'll give them some credit given the circumstances of things here.' Mex thought as he turned back to the dog.

"Good. Drag them back through the tunnels and to the temple. I expect all the prisoners to be sacrficed on the alter in the temple when I return in three days."

"You...you won't go back with us mighty one?" The dog asked.

"No," Mex said, "if I go back into that tunnel for another three days I'll kill someone. You wouldn't want that now would you?" Mextli leaned forward smiling, showing his sharp teeth to his soldier.

The diamond dog gulped and shook his head.

Mex smirked, "Good. Now get out of my sight." Mex turned and watched the city burn slowly as the fires spread.

The dog said nothing and quickly ran away to give the orders to the rest of the soldiers.

'A whole city of prisoners. Sure we had to kill some, and some of the guards had to be killed. But still a city that had to have housed at least ten thousand citizens.' Mex thought with joy.

While such a small force as he had might not have been successful in capturing all the citizens, at least the ones not killed, on their own...but with him leading the forces...well it was a giant leap forward for his plans.

'Now....if Tez is really alive...lets see if he comes here. If not...well, I'll find him eventually.' He thought. He smirked as he thought of the dogs. He wondered how long it would take for them to realize that with all the prisoners it would take them longer to get through the tunnels and even more so to sacrifice them all.

'I wasn't even being serious on the time schedule. But, maybe it will make them work faster.' Mex thought with a laugh.

Tez walked down road to Sweet Apple Acres. He wanted to check in on Applebloom and make sure the little filly was doing okay.

Spotting the farm, Tez picked up speed and began a jog quickly closing the distance between himself and his destination in a few moments. He stopped and looked around, he saw Big Mac pulling a plow across a field.

"Hello Big Mac, working I see." Tez said as he walked over.

"Eeeyup." Big Mac said, not stopping as he plowed the field.

Tez smirked, he loved Big Macs way of answering, "Is Applejack out in the orchard?"

"Nope. Market." Big Mac answered.

"Is Applebloom awake? Mind if I go inside and say hello?"

"Sure. She might like a visit from you." Big Mac said, seeing that his usually way of answering wouldn't suffice.

"Thanks." Tez said as he walked to the house. He stopped though, and kneeled down and placed his hand on the field.

'The soil is good. Very fertile.' Tez thought as he lifted a finger to his mouth and licked it. 'Good soil. Good earth here.'

Tez stood up and continued to the house. Big Mac, having seen what Tez did had stopped and blinked in confusion. Though he shrugged it off and got back to work.

Tez walked in and saw Granny Smith asleep on her rocking chair. He couldn't help but smile a bit, he walked quietly up the stairs so as to not disturb her. Reaching Applebloom's room door he knocked.

"Who's there?"

Tez opened the door and said, "Surprise."

"Tez!" Applebloom said with a smile. She was laying on her bed, leg wrapped in a cast. She did her best to raise herself a bit, leaning against her pillow.

"Hey there Applebloom. How are ya doing?" Tez said as he walked over.

"I'm fine, though it's boring sittin in bed all day." Applebloom sighed.

"I know, it's rough when you got a broken limb. But hey it's not all bad, you can still do all the homework sent to you from school." Tez said with a smirk.

Applebloom rolled her eyes, though she smiled a bit, "Heh, yeah. Still, I'd rather be out crusading."

"Well if your recovery is the same as Scoots you two should be back and causing trouble in a few more days." Tez said as he ruffed Appleblooms mane.

Applebloom giggled and pushed Tez's hand away, "Cut it out. So what are ya doing here Tez?"

Tez smiled, "Visiting you, seeing how you're doing," Tez scatched his chin and he looked up, "Hmm....though...I can't help but feel I'm forgetting something now.....eh it's probably not that important."

"Well I'm fine. How are Scootaloo and Sweetie Belle?" Applebloom asked.

Tez chuckled, "They're fine. Scoots seems to be ready to climb the walls if she doesn't get moving. Same with Dashie. Sweetie Belle is just bored out of her mind as well. She really misses you two."

"Well...I think after this we won't be doing anything dangerous again," Applebloom said with a slight frown, "sorry Tez."

"Hey now, no frowning," Tez said, "you three made a mistake, learn from it but don't let it eat away at you. I don't like seeing you girls sad. it doesn't suit you."

Applebloom looked up with a slight smile, "Yeah, Ya'll are right. I know fer sure I'll be remembering this fer the rest of my life."

Tez smiled, "Good. Lets focus on better things. Like...why do you have several dead trees in your orchard?"

Applebloom blinked, then giggled, "Oh you silly, those arn't dead trees, they're zapapple trees."

"Zap what?" Tez said as he tilted his head confused.

Applebloom giggled and proceeded to tell Tez what zapapples were.

Tez left Applebloom to rest, after she had explained everything about zapapples. After saying his goodbyes and giving her a farewell hug he exited the house pondering on what he had learned.

'So...polka dots before the water singing....or was it the water bunny hop before the dots or...gah...that has to be the wierdest and strangest magical ritual I have EVER heard. How do they remember it all?' He thought as he felt a headache come on just from trying to even figure out what step came first.

As Tez walked down the road back to Ponyville, he decided that zapapple magic was just beyond him. As he walked he could not help but feel as if something was wrong.

'Hmm...why do I have the strangest feeling....that something terrible has just happened.' He thought.

Tez sighed and looked up at the sky. The sun was beginning its final descent over the horizon.

"Guess it's time to head home." Tez said to himself as he walked into town.

"Howdy Tez."

Tez stopped and saw Applejack near her stand. She was busy packing things up as she waved to him.

"Hey AJ," Tez said as he walked over, "How are you."

"Just fine. How have you been?"

Tez shrugged, "Fine. Though I've been getting looks from everypony in ponyville."

AJ blinked then looked at the ground, blushing a bit, "Oh...really....sorry about that."

Tez raised an eyebrown, "What do you mean by that?"

Applejack laughed nervously, "Well...I guess I kinda ended up telling a bunch of ponies what you did the other day...and I guess they started spreading the word around."

Tez sighed and facepalmed, "That explains it."

"Sorry." Applejack said, ears flattening.

Tez waved a hand, "Don't worry about it. Just as long as they just stare and not try to run me out of town."

"I don't think they'd do somethin like that." Applejack said.

Tez looked around, noticing some staring ponies. He gave them a quick glare and sent them running, "I'll take your word for it," he looked back to AJ, "so what have you been up to?"

"Been selling apples." AJ gestured to her cart with a smirk.

Tez chuckled, "Oh yeah. I guess I should have figured that out."

The two laughed for a moment, then Applejack asked, "So Tez what have you been up ta?"

"Well, I visited Scoots and Dashie. Then I had lunch with Rarity and Sweetie Belle, then I visited Applebloom." Tez said.

"Well that's might nice of ya ta visit my sister. Shes been kinda down lately, though I'm sure once she is all better she'll be happy again." Applejack said.

Tez nodded, "Yeah, I figure it's the same for all three of the girls."

"Well it was good seein ya Tez. If ya want ta work tomorrow, I'll see you on the farm bright and early." Applejack said as she hitched herself to her cart.

Tez smirked, "It's a date then."

Applejack stopped and looked back in surprise, "Wha- What?"

Tez chuckled, "You're cute when surprised."

AJ blushed, "Quit kidding around."

Tez placed a finger under Applejacks chin and lifted her head, "Who's kidding?"

AJ blushed more and stepped back, "I..I'll see you on the farm tomorrow....bye." With that she walked off, mumbling to herslef.

Tez watched her go, mostly watching AJ's flank. He licked his lips, and turned to head back to the library.

Applejack looked back and watched Tez leave, she thought to herself, That sweet talkin...he was just joking around.....right?'

Whatever Tez's reasons, a part of her hoped that he actually meant what he said.

Tez walked on to the library. As he walked he felt as if he was being watched, which was odd since there was nopony on the street.

"Hey Tez."

Tez jumped and turned around, seeing Pinkie Pie standing there with a smile.

'How does she do that?' He thought as he regained his composure.

"Hey Pinkie, you caught me by surprise." He said with a chuckle.

Pinkie giggled, "Yeah I do that with everypony. I haven't seen you all day, what have you been doing? Well other then beating a dragon?"

Tez twitched, "So you heard about that...."

"Well of course silly," Pinkie Pie said as she zipped here and there around Tez, "I mean who wouldn't hear about it. Well...no pony would have if AJ hadn't told anyone, but come on you can't keep something like that a secret. I mean it's big, really really big. Bigger then a giant party cannon for giants. It's even bigger then cider season, and thats a big thing in Ponyville."

Tez blinked, "Uh....You seem to be taking in....well....most ponies have been staring at me."

"Oh I don't really think what you did was right, I mean you could have talked with the dragon. Talking sorts everything out, that and lots of laughs and hugs," Pinkie gave Tez a hug, "see. Don't you feel all better inside."

Tez blinked, he could smell Pinkie Pie's scent. It smelled like candy, he couldn't help but remember her sweet taste and he licked his lips, "Yeah...."

Pinkie Pie smiled and let go of Tez, "Still, you did what you had to do, and we can't really judge you for that. Besides you beat a dragon! Who can say that, well maybe Fluttershy, but she mostly just gave it The Stare to make it go away."

"The what?" Tez asked.

"The Stare," Pinkie Pie said in a way that made it sound mystical, "It's when Fluttershy gives this really intense stare. She can make anything do what she tells them with it."

Tez blinked, "That's interesting."

"So what have you been doing?" Pinkie Pie asked.

"Visited Dashie and Scoots. Then had lunch with Rarity and Sweetie Belle, then visited Applebloom and just talked to AJ awhile ago." Tez said.

"Well you're a busy wissy beaver today arn't you." Pinkie said with a smile.

Tez chuckled, "That's one way of putting it. So what are you doing Pinkie Pie?"

"Talking with you silly." Pinkie said with a giggle.

Tez rolled his eyse with a smirk, "Well, is there anything you want to talk about? It is getting late."

Pinkie looked up, "Hmm yeah it is, umm I guess I should go. Bye Tez, I'll see you tomorrow." Pinkie Pie giggled with a smile

Tez smiled, "Sleep well then Pinkie." He leaned in and kissed her cheek.

Pinkie blinked and blushed. She went still and felt her heart beat faster.

Tez chuckled as he waved bye and walked off. Pinkie Pie watched him go before smiling and giggling. She turned and hopped back to Sugarcube Corner.

Tez entered the library and saw Spike sorting some books.

"Hey Spike." Tez said.

Spike jumped and looked around, "Whaa, oh Tez...its you...hehehe." Spike looked around and edged a bit from Tez.

Tez frowned, "Spike, I'm not gonna hurt you."

Spike blinked, "Uh...right...sorry. How ya doing bro?"

Tez shurgged, "Doing fine."

"Same, say you and Twilight done training now?"

Tez blinked, as realization came to him, "Oh crap!!" He vanished in a flash of magic, returning a few seconds later carrying an exhausted and shakey Twilight in his arms.

"Twilight! What happened?" Spike said as she rushed over.

Tez chuckled uneasily, "I uh....forgot she was doing something. So I left her doing it longer then I had assigned her. Still I'm impressed she lasted that long."

"Is she gonna be alright?" Spike asked.

"I'm....fine Spike." Twilight moaned.

"Sorry Twi." Tez said as he carried her upstairs.

Twilight mumbled as Tez put her into her bed and tucked her in.

"I....did it...." Twilight said looking up at Tez with exhausted eyes.

Tez smiled gently, "Yeah. Now just rest Twilight....you need it." He kissed her forhead once and watched Twilight slowly fall asleep.

It did not take her long, because after everything that happened she could sleep for a hundred years. Tez watched Twilight sleep for awhile before walking back downstairs.

"Is she gonna be okay?" Spike asked.

"Yeah. She just worked her magical muscles to the breaking point. A little rest and she will be all better." Tez said.

"I hope so. Well, if you're hungry Tez I can make something up fast." Spike said.

Tez shook his head, "Nah, I'll be heading to sleep now. Sleep well Spike." With that Tez retired to his room and fell onto his bed.

He looked up at the ceiling as sleep came to him. Sadly his dreams brought him no peace, for all through the night his dreams were filled with blood and screams of the dying, and the dead.

Lilly sniffed and looked outside the hole in the tree she hid in. It was night and yet her mommy was no where to be seen.

"Momy?" She said as she got out slowly.

Lilly looked around, tears in her eyes, "Mommy. Where are you?" She got no answer, just the silence of the night.

'Mommy...where are you....you promised you'd find me.' She thought as she felt ready to cry.

Lillyseeds shook her head, "No...I have to be brave. Mommy said she'd find me and she will. She promised."

Lilly looked around and gulped, "But....I don't want to be here anymore....it's scary.....but where should I go....?"

Lilly tried to figure out where she should go so her mother could find her, till something grabbed her.

She went to scream, but something covered her mouth muffling the noise. Something said, "Stay quiet if you want to live.'

Lilly shivered with fear as she looked behind her to see who her captor was, afraid that it was a diamond dog.

It was a guard, a pegasus guard, one of her mothers friends, Stormchaser was his name.

"St-Stormchaser?" Lilly asked.

The pegasus was beaten badly, his body covered in bruises and he had a bandaged wrapped around one of his eyes. He smiled and nodded, "Hey kid. Glad to see you're safe. Is your mother around here?"

Lilly shook her head, "Mommy hid me and ran off. She promised she'd find me when night came. Have you seen her?"

Stormchaser frowned and gulped, "Sorry kid...no."

Lilly sniffed and looked ready to cry, Stormchaser paniced and tried to find a way to prevent it.

"Hey, don't cry now. I'm sure she got away." He said, hoping to comfort the filly.

"You sure?" Lilly asked rubbing her eyes.

"I'm sure," He looked around, "We should get away from here. If I know your mother she would go someplace safe, don't worry you'll see her again."

"Okay. Can we go find her?" Lilly asked.

Stormchaser sighed, "Sorry kid, we can't right now, we have to get to Canterlot."

"But why," Lilly asked, "We have to find mommy."

Stormchaser shushed the little flilly, "Shhh, I know kid. But we have to tell the princess about what happened here. Besides it will be safer if you were in Canterlot. But I promise you after we tell the princess what happened here I'll find your mother for you."

Lilly sniffed but nodded, "Okay."

Stormchaser smiled, "That'a girl. Hang on now." With that he picked her up and took flight, glad that his wings had managed to escape injury.

'The princess has to know what happened here....and especially about that gold eyed monster,' Stormchaser thought as he flew as fast as he could, 'SunnySeeds....please be okay.'

AND DONE! Dang that was a big chapter. Still things are heating up now. Hope you enjoyed it :)