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A german guy doing his best to tell the tale of the Trail of a Shooting Star. If you like it, why not join the Ranger HQ group for possible sidestories? Or hunt for references?


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No... This was never meant to become foalcon. :twilightsmile: I'm quite aware of these stories, but a filly won't have sex with an adult in my stories. At least not for the better. :pinkiesick: But we won't exclude that possibility for some dark pasts, will we? The thing with Babs was merely my impression of how difficult pony puberty could become and how ponies help each other out with that.It's not just about cutie marks, you know...

And Thus a new story unfolds with this one waits with baited breath and an eye for more.

And here i was wondering why it took so long for the next chapter to come out.

But i guess posting two chapters of over 10k words and one chapter of 2.5k + making art for the next book does take some time for you to make.
Anywaaay, can't wait to see where you will take this.

Btw it is funny how people already downvote this story but probably haven't even read the first book yet.

A little sad he give away his favorite jacket, oh well, at least it was a very nice gesture, and I bet Barbs will treat right, who know maybe she even will return it to him at some point.

Je and Ratchel and Pinkie are getting an interesting, this will be funny to watch, the only ones left are Rarity and Fluttershy. Well Rarity already said that she is in love with Tyler, and all his herd mates said that he has the right to one more.

And I think Fluttershy will go with Sam, just a hunch

Woohoo, a new one! Great thing to get home to.
And the Star Trek reference with the beard! That moment was one of my favorites in all movies... Nice, nice.

And Dr Who as well... This is definitely the best fanfiction series I've seen on this site.

I was laughing and rolling around...i wonder about Grinko if the poison joke affect him. ALSO I SCREAMED WHEN YOU WROTE ANOTHER STORY. "YES YES ANOTHER ONE YES! I really can't wait for the next one XD.

Take care and ....


Grinko can't be affected by the poison joke, because he was never in contact with that flower.
How it would affect him?
My guess would be that it would go from this:
to this:

2653514 That would BE SOMETHING! XD But too bad.

You have a keen eye seeing that reference. :coolphoto:
Maybe you can find the other references as well? Not only Star Trek, but...

i'm a doctor not a story teller
i do believe i found a fellow trekkie:eeyup:

The start of a new book to this series and it is already off to a fantastic start. Loving all of the references.

Tyler's reaction to Babs Seed's first heat


Babs Seed, Babs Seed, what I'm gonna do?
Got a filly on my tail
She's the bait, my ticket into jail...

Someone should change the lyrics into a proper manner! :rainbowlaugh:

2666499 nice idea but you should have him running from Babs seed occasionally but don't over do it

also you know whats sad, I cans see Tyler also with the new changeling queen if that happens it will be a royal flush for Tyler LOL :twilightsmile:

Well, it's early in the book, there can be a lot of stuf that can happen... And no one knows until now what the final stages of Project Chrysiala will be... yet. Except for me of course. But I like to plan ahead for the long run...

Well I guess it’s good to see that this relationship…
( •_•)>⌐■-■
Is not fucked up.

OK, I think that was the most detailed intimate scene between two characters I wrote so far, Hope you like it. I was listening to this while writing it:
WARNING - contains explicit lyrics

Then again, if you're not old enough for "Mature"-stuff, what are you doing here anyway? :raritywink:
I guess one could say there are one or two sentences that made it out from the lyrics into the story... :scootangel:
As for the phrase "Darkness is coming"... It has nothing to do with the Dalek darkness the tenth Doctor had to face.

When Tyler said "for now" those that mean that its possible that in the future…well, why not? The princess already fell weird, and I bet Luna will still have the each of holding boy Jones as her child. (But it will be 11 flavors of weird) Perhaps Teenager Luna and Jones can click better.

And also, its looks like love is in the air and you know what that means…Something horrible is about to happen.

P.S: The heat make mares lactated? Alicorns included


And also, its looks like love is in the air and you know what that means…Something horrible is about to happen.

Someone learned from Book One...:rainbowdetermined2:

Thanks by the way did you take request? Because if you do can you make all the rangers and Grinko become childrens, I want to see how they would work as child to escape from a dungeon or something while being in that state…like "The Harmony Rangers Juniors"

So I can read and said, yeaph those guys are so badass that even as child they still kick ass.

P.S: I don't quiet get what is Sam super power, did he is super strong, or something?

Sam's power(s) are as follows:
First: A powerful punch, you got that right.
Second, his body is now capable to produce certain voltage and can endure such a thing.
Third, but that was only meant for Mimesis, the awakening of the Changeling's inherited memories which drived his "son" crazy since he couldn't cope with them.
We will see more about this talents as we reach Chapter Five when he starts... to build "it".

Now have fun with discussing what "it" could be! :rainbowwild:

You are going to bring that clown to Equestria? No, Flutteshy will be his first target…poor Fluttershy she hasn't had almost any lines so far, can any of the ranger get a pet or something?

With him building "it" I meant Sam, sorry for being unprecise... :ajsleepy:
Mimesis coming back... They blew him to pieces, remember? By that logic, Sombra might come back as well. :facehoof:
But hey...:pinkiecrazy: I like that idea... Mimesis bringing misery once more...

Say thanks to Lightingace for bringing back a nemesis... :rainbowwild:

I was refering to the clown from the movie "IT" remember? The one alien, monster thing that feed from blood and make his victim got ver afraid so their blood taste much better according to him… the being that can shape shift into your worst nightmare…That IT, how the idea of mimesis coming back cross your mind…and for the record…no, that psico do his job, and revived him will make a magin bu, and that was just plain right annoying…so please don't bring him back…

……Perhaps, Mimesis can return as nightmares to Sam, Nightmares provoke by certain dark sisters

Oh, you meant Pennywise...

I just thought you meant "clown" as some sort of insult... Nah... No Pennywise in this story. Pinkie would eat him up. :pinkiecrazy: :rainbowwild:
Well, seems to me you guys will still have to speculate what Sam will build.:twilightsmile:

Yeaph its look that way, uy I hope "it" will be the ability to read minds, or perhaps grow to the side of skyscrapers. Or transform into a gundam.
Oh and I hope Fling also built up his powers too, maybe gain the ability to fly by running into the sky.

As a matter of fact, I hope everyone built up new powers, I loved when characters evolve.

Character development is more than just new superpowers, Or else you soon have superheroes. :facehoof: There are other ways to develop characters, as shown in the series. :twilightsmile:

Good point, but I still want to see the Harmony Rangers Junior, it will be a great character development

Whoopsie... Seems to me the good Doctor landed somewhere between Book Three and another... :twilightoops: How odd!
Alright, Discord has offspring now... Time for panic!
And yes, I won't jump onto the "Orphan Scootaloo" train.
Child abuse is worse than being all alone and undernourishment and mental scars could be an explanation why this young pony can't fly yet. I felt that each one of the Rangers should have something to fight for, so I decided to implement this.

And as before, Rose tries her luck hitting on a human. Too bad she's not meant for Flynn. :twilightsmile:


Too bad she's not meant for Flynn.

So, she's meant for some other guy? Are we gonna get to meet him? :pinkiecrazy:

Since she already tried to get laid with a human twice, chances are that she might succeed on the third strike. Maybe I'll get to that later...

Good sir, what ever you do, do NOT stop writing these masterpieces:moustache:

I wholeheartedly agree with this statement!

Ugh. You make things hard for me to understand.
Tyler was dubbed the 'Eternal warrior'. Which probably means that he is somewhat like an immortal gaurdian of Equestria(and more?).
Yet you just showed us that the one called Tyler Jones was no more.
Still... The last part was told in an alternate timeline/dimension. Meaning that that reality might not come true.
this chapter contradicts the other chapter! Fie! Well back to being curious i guess.

I got you there, huh?
That was totally intended. i could explain it to you, but even the slightest attempt I could think of right now would spoil it for you. For this book and the following ones.

Oh now that you mention that book I was wondering, if all the ponys are going to swap, those that mean that Pinkie will believe that she is the mother of Appleseed and she belong to Tyler herd?

More about that in chapter 6. :raritywink:
Right now i have to make another ship chapter. As you recall Fluttershy wasn't supposed to...
I mean she wasn't to be left out in this story and it is absolutely mandatory to have somepony or someone of her own as well...:yay:

*lowers voice* Call the police!

Anyway... At first chapter 4 was meant to be chapter 3, but I thought that 2 ship chapters back-to-back would be a bit odd. Thus I decided to give a look on how Discord lives, how he manages to make his way through Equestria, not giving up on chaos completely, but channeling it in a way he doesn't disturb others.

It took a bit longer than I thought, but that's the problem I have with chapters I make up from scratch without having enough material. Chapter 4 already has material, as does chapter 6 and 7. Chapter 5 however will be another from scratch chapter as of yet.

To say something about the Magical Mystery Cure... We will see where this is going. Probably hilarious screaming and cursing.

Oh no I with Fluttershy there, she is sweeter than honey and she and Rarity deserve some love, like the rest of their friends.

Glad, to see she will finally will find some love, I hope its one of the humans. Same as Rarity, and good thing you have something plan for the miss spell…

Now that we talk about that, Tyler technically got engage with Luna, when are you going to show the plans for the wedding? Further more, will you show the wedding itself? and since he is courting the Princesses, he will have to show to the crowing with his own crown, a cape and that metal stick kings wear? Because I would like to see that.

Well that and if you are going to return to the idea of a 5th mare, all of his mares said he can have one more, but he refuse, I just wonder if that will remain that way

Here you go. A Fluttershy / Milky Way chapter. :yay:
I bet not many of you expected that outcome to happen.
I always deemed Fluttershy to be calm like the ocean, but pray to the heavens if she ever gets angry. Then the storm gets lethal.
I also found a nice animation depicting Fluttershy in that manner. More about that in Chapter 10 - Blood Circus.

Also, I'm not sure if I used the OC of Milky Way properly... Well... Time will tell.

The thing with the music played in Sam's herd was inspired by this:

... Who'd a thunk... Flutters and Grinko... How 'bout that:yay::unsuresweetie:

Yeah, Fluttershy fond happiness, and nice twist for a moment I though she will go with Flinn, will you really got me there, and Sam could get a new herd mate. You know I with Sam, I don't see all that problem with breast milk, if they offer it, then there is nothing wrong with it, a little heads up, maybe could have nice, but come on, cow milk come from their breast, I think Flin was just going way overboard.

Anyway, way, Shy got a special somepony the only one left, to work with is Rarity, Oh I can't wait to see with who she will be, perhaps with Tyler

Well at lest there was was no durpy toaster in her shed.

And while Lyra played her lyre, Sam played an ocarina for a short while before looking at the blue instrument. “This is a good ocarina, Pinkie. Where did you get that?”
“I bought it from a pony with a green jelly bag cap.” Pinkie answered with a smile. “That poor feller…. He didn't even accepted my bits, said something about roo-peas. But I thought he meant rubies. Wasn't exactly what he had in mind, but he was absolutely crazy for emeralds. Good thing I had some stored just in case of an emerald emergency.”

Ha-ha! Nice reference there :rainbowlaugh:

In the doorway Fluttershy halted and turned around once more, beaming while she did it. “Oh and hey… stay out of my shed, OK?” With that the yellow Pegasus left the library and Spike looked to her unicorn friend and arched a brow. “Why should we stay out of her shed all of a sudden? We didn’t go in there in the first place.”
Twilight simply shrugged. “Maybe she’s working on a new project with light sensitive animals? You know Fluttershy… She’s probably using that shed to get those animals the best caring she could muster… Let’s just stay out of her shed until she says it’s OK…”

And another good reference :pinkiecrazy:

Oh god, I think I split a rib at the mention of her shed :rainbowlaugh: great update:twilightsmile:

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