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A german guy doing his best to tell the tale of the Trail of a Shooting Star. If you like it, why not join the Ranger HQ group for possible sidestories? Or hunt for references?

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Lots of brand new pony action waiting. You're game? :rainbowdetermined2:

I will start reading this after 5 chapters are on this

What hell is doing captain America shield in that cover?

"who gave a glance at the Cutie Mark Crusaders spreading petals all over the floor as the" this sentance just sort of ends here. Not quite sure where it was going.

Corrected. Yes, without a proofreader, that can happen, even though I color the text I deem finished in cyan in my text program. A minor oversight of a couple of words. Thank you for your notice on this. :twilightsmile:

The star is not meant to be the Captain's shield, but a Ranger Star medaillon. Like a sheriff's star, you know? It is there to symbolize Ranger protection.

6497678 no prob even with a missing line the story is still entertaining.

This deserves a moo:pinkiehappy:

6516132 Sweet! (and sweet holy Swiss Cheese,that was fast! :pinkiegasp:)

You would be surprised how often I take a look at the comment section. Each new comment fuels me. :rainbowwild:

And there you have it. Sage has knowledge of what lies ahead, yet it is not time yet to reveal these dark secrets. When will they be revealed? Soon, very, very soon. Until then: Ponies! :twilightsmile:

Lemme know readers if you all saw things I may have missed. I'm not perfect and lord knows I'll never claim to be either lol. Enjoy the chapter cause it's a good thing, let's play a game, it's called spot the references :trollestia:

Did I miss something? I don't recall remembering the Elements being used on Tyler in Manhattan. Care to jog my memory here, please?

Mimesis was a freaking huge drider and the Draconequii (Not Discord this time) were on a rampage. And since the magic dissipated too quickly to do their usual thing (because you know... Earth), they just decided to concentrate all this magic in Tyler and let it go with a boom.

Taking a safety distance from the edge of the roof, the friends grouped together and Twilight took a look at everyone.
“The Elements of Harmony are not at their full capacity due to the lack of magic in this world. The magic dissipates too quickly, even with these dimensional rips in the air. But I have a radical idea. That Changeling drider is something the Elements of Harmony could battle, if the attack was only stronger. So we need to focus the attack into one searing burst to not only battle the drider, but also reverse the chaos caused by the Draconequii that are on the loose.”

Shrugging, Tyler pointed into the skies.
“And how do you suppose we do something about that? We can't get a clear aim to hit any one of them. And their distance differs from that of Mimesis, who comes directly at us. How do we get that much power into one attack?”

Giving Tyler a serious stare, Twilight nodded at him.
“We overcharge you with harmony magic!”


Ah yes, I remember. That was when he unleashed a wave of magic which turned the Draconequii to stone and killed Mimesis. Thanks.

Love the Jekyll and Hyde references :pinkiecrazy:.
I played the songs while I was reading just for added atmosphere. :pinkiesmile:

Seems the humans made an entrance. Expect a sidestory soon. :rainbowwild:

6900711 because this an perfect time for the sisters of darkness to weaken Tyler and company by working in the shadows and causing an war between Equestria and Earth

Believe me: They are working on two different approaches as we speak. I could hint at that, but that might spoil the fun ahead. More on that later. Remember several talks from them in Book 2 and you might get an idea.

6900863 looks like we need to reread book 2 for the clues

Wow this chapter is kind of interesting but a lot of things don't add up like where are the changelings coming from are they posed to be dead and what happened to the changeling queen that got turned into a little alicorn what happened to her. And will Trixie be joining the herd.

Remember what was said in Book 2: Changelings without her queen or any control would go into a feeding frenzy, only the closest one to her were given individuality for a brief time, before they ultimately died in the detonation of the Machina Infernum; Only Tyler and the alicorn Princess Shiria survived... As far as Equestria knows. But there was a floating boat of Changelings delivering the scientists away over the ocean. It seems thisboat has crossed over and due to the Changelings going on a rampage, Antarctica was attacked. The hints where this crossing might be were laid out, now put the pieces together.

Also: Trixie might join a herd at some point. An existing herd? Not likely.

6904245 Will Tyler gets a new girl for the heard .:rainbowwild:

Now any answer to this question might spoil it. No comment on that. :trollestia:

A maximum of 853 seating capacity +20 crew members, Flynn's not THAT kind of expert. :rainbowwild:

6934992 I sure am! I came out on top (out of my entire wing!) when I was in the Air Cadets for Aircraft Recognition!

This is gonna be good! Onward, to the next chapter!

Interesting... But I have a feeling that this is only the tip of the iceberg...

Horizon Valley... Has a nice ring to it if you ask me. I was never a big fan of names like Humanville or Humancity or whatever. Others may find a liking in this, I deem it a bit too simple. So there you have it. 130 new inhabitants in Equestria, for good or evil. References are aplenty, have fun finding them.

Expect the sidestory "Just a Test" to follow in the near future. :twilightsmile:

Throne... That was unexpected... Amazing work as always, keep it up!

Hovering there, the Draconequis was a bit puzzled while Tyler went away.

My thoughts exactly about their discussion on time travel and the unknown ramifications Tyler may have inadvertently caused.

Oh my God you're not dead I'm so happy how about Cadence and Shining Armor what and when is twilight going to have that baby of hers oh you can make the next chapter juicy thanks

Calm down, calm down! Slow, steady breaths... I'm not dead, who claimed so? :rainbowhuh: Stupid Changeling propaganda...:rainbowwild:

That's some pretty lax questioning for Rick having his name with and meeting the president.

No names, associations, locations, potential plans? They could have gotten some of that info from other people but nothing as intimate as from him.

Unless they plan on a more interogation without the team involved.

I'm pretty sure they don't tell you that you had your background checked by them. Then again: I'm not someone with insight to the Secret Service, so what do I know? :rainbowwild:

I feel like there are a bunch of unanswered questions here.

Like what their intentions were flying into a potential war-zone? Especially if they saw what was happening in Manhattan for which they seemed concerned for their safety after the fact.
Who funded a commission to use an Airbus? Was it stolen?
What made them think it was safe to try to civilly cross into another world that may go to a place where they can stop a nuke from blowing up?
A legion of draconiquii attack another realm and it just now crosses his mind to bring this up? I get he was struggling with the persona's but that seems like a pretty significant bit of dangerous for discussion.

Other than that, I've made it this far in the story. I like the reading of it. It flows well and I can imagine this stories world building. Theirs just a few things that happen here and there that seem to be inserts for the intention of pushing the plot along.

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