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Ever Watchful was a typical young bull, eager to see more of the world outside his isolated home. At least, more of it besides the bleak wastelands that surrounded him every day. However, when actions beyond his control sends him in the direction of the city of Tauronto, the other last great city, he must question everything he has assumed about the world and himself as he carves out a new life.

Also, what the hell is this "Crystal Empire" place, anyway?

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Comment posted by Mr Pones deleted May 18th, 2013

Come on Discord, you owe us!

Got a laugh out of that one.

Apparently, they can launch doom-missiles to obliterate civilisation, but cannot climb stairs without tripping.

I can almost hear rover laughing saying something like "Fingers is better pony"
Honestly, good job so far. Got me laughing a few times.

And wow, a Fo:e Fic with something other than a pony as a main character? What madness is this?!
Looking forward to see what this turns into ^_^

Noticed some minor errors:

but the buildings were clay and stacked on top of one another like box’s.

That box's should be boxes right?

dreaming away the hour's of the night

Same thing with hour's.(hours)

Till the next chapter,

Minotaurs! Oh yes! I like it :pinkiehappy: And I like how it written :twilightsmile: Keep it up.

Appreciated, and fixed. :twilightsmile:

Ehh, it's a attempt at originality. Yes, I know how funny that sounds.

Hoo boy. This actually has me more excited than the rest.

1946191 Hmm? The rest of the story, or the rest of the sidestories?

1946207 This chapter has me more enthused than either of the previous two chapters.

1946236 Ah.


To be fair, the last two chapters were set-up's, in more than one way. Besides, I do enjoy writing things like exposition, so it might show.:twilightblush:

Well, I like this chapter. It's nice to just sit down and get some more development.

Now, if only we can find out why she's such a jerk the rest of the time...

Good for him, it's always important to sit down and talk to your psychopaths

Damn, He needs to get better friends. I just hope he gets to show some badassness in the near future.

2049496 Friends? Oh, he's going to have friends. The sort of friends on which metaphors are made of.

He's going the be the least weirdest member on the team by the end, don't you worry.

2049573 What about showing off his awesome minotaur awesomeness? And I get the feeling the phrase, "who needs enemies when I have friends like you", is going to apply to his "friends".

Not going to spoil anything, but his "SPECIAL" states really do apply well to the story. Let's just say it will take more than physical might to get out of the situations he is going to end up in. Luckally, he has a decent brain in his head.

This is what? Minotaur without eggs? If he let his mate torture somepony, and can't do any difference, it's not realy help to symphathy with him.
And... NCA! I guess, It's the end of story?:rainbowlaugh: Also. I like this story. Keep it up. :twilightsmile:

So I'm guessing Blueberry shot that radiated pony.

Great story though.

Now, that's a terrible accusation against a mare who clearly has issues.


Not saying that it's not true, but it's still a terrible accusation.

Boy, this just keeps getting better, doesn't it, Watchful? I love seeing you progress as a writer. And you are, too.

A minotaur as the main character?! :pinkiegasp: This will truly be awesome! :twilightsmile:

I seriously hope Watchful catches a break; he has had nothing but bad luck in dealing with ponies, and even his own kind!

It's so amusing to see these names in a different context. I can totally see Charnel as a raider-ish character.

Your grammar has improved, but I note that the distinction between "there" and "their" continues to come up. "There" indicates a place, while "Their" indicates the possessive. Thus, it would be the slaves working for the Pure would be their slaves, as opposed to there slaves.

Also, screw you, Blueberry. You let him die? Or worse, killed him yourself? Low blow.

2071745 Grr, english, how I hate thee.

Also, yeah, most of those OC's are going to end up somewhere in this fic, in some form or manner..:rainbowwild:

2074070 Any chance we'll be seeing a slightly borderline grenadier pegasus? :scootangel:

Well I can't wait til we meet Silent Night. I'm guessing Ghoul Unicorn experimenting with Taint.

2075379 Any and all, my friend. Any and all.

Might even be a form of request.

Minotaurs. Making fun of ponies. Starts with trading and down-to-earth characters... FINALLY. Faved!

I sure hope Blueberry dies.

This... explains a lot, actually.

Also, that bit where you built up my hatred for a character over several chapters, and then turned her into a woobie in a single chapter? Not cool. Now I can't hate her anymore.:facehoof:

Ummm, she needs a cure for that. Please add Watchful smashing some raiders at some point please.

2108859 Oh, there will be plenty of fighting. Plenty. :coolphoto:

Oh crud! Wonder if some alicorn has a bit of Trixie's memory of that cursed thing?

2109230 I hope he can make a pony's insides explode with a single punch. That would forever put him in the badass zone.

Awesome! Keep up good work, comrade!

Hmm. Still dislke Blueberry and still want her to suffer. Real suffer, not convinient "I forget things I do so I can't be hold responcible for all that evil because I'm suffering". The fuck you are. Pain and suffering, you need to get them, preferably from cyberponies.

And Watchful still didn't grow balls.

A fun chapter, though without much development.

Also, I noted no fewer than three instances of there instead of their. Just a little thing but one that continues to bug me.

I get the feeling that one day a cyberpony will join Watchful, but will keep the cyber part a a secret.
Please let Watchful smash stuff into "piles of gore", and use that phrase to make me a completely loyal follower.

Hmmm... I always have wanted to see stories that explain what may have happened to the other cities and creatures after the bombs fell so... This looks like it'll be a good read.

Seaponies are cute. :twilightsheepish:

"there were no open doors, or at least any I could open in sight."
solution: Watchful SMASH!!:flutterrage:

What shall this seapony do? Is she part shark? Will Watchful get to smash a giant mutated creature?
Tune in next time to find out!

Soooo... Lyra survived, then.

Still having issues with There/their, but otherwise a good chapter.

Awesome Watchful you are the only friend of a psycho. This should be one of those reevaulate your life moments.

Comment posted by Cloverman The Purple deleted Feb 25th, 2013

Yup, pretty much what he said. I'm trying to imagine a sea-pony walrus-walking on a catwalk, and somehow the image is funny, instead of scary.

Also, I'd like to note that a collage is a collection of images, while a college is a school.

2176853 When you put it that way, it does sound pretty funky looking. But it is a taint mutant sin against nature.No one ever said Discord was scary looking.

I was trying for a amphibian-eel look, anyway, but I guess it sort of sounds like some horrible walrus of death. :P

The collage thing has been fixed. Woo.

Well, you had a chance Watchful, and you failed. But now you have a chance to play peacekeeper with Blueberry. Don't mess THIS up.

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