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Zecora is a wise individual, with much knowledge of plants, animals, and herbal remedies. But much about her is unknown, especially her early life and how she ended up living in the Everfree Forest. Of course, nopony ever asked.

This story is entirely told in rhyme, since Zecora is the one speaking and I wanted to keep it sounding authentic. And in case you were wondering what a "personal glyph" is, it's a term I made up that means a zebra's cutie mark.

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Now that's dedication!

1789379 No, Epicdonus is copy-pasting in that same thing over on every new story just to be before me. I was actually relevant to the fic.

I know. And I actually agree with you. I can't rhyme worth shit for two sentences, much less 1200+ words

You see rhyming as just a game played
Yet for me, 'tis my stock in trade
Syllables and words and rhymes and verse
Your skill a blessing or a curse?
Can you continue? Persevere?
Or will going on cost you dear?
Take heart, author. Sit back, have fun
For I think you'll find that you're not done...

Comment posted by The Princess Rarity deleted Dec 14th, 2012

Why, this story, I see
Has amazing quality

You, dear author unknown
My mind, it has blown

Never have I ever
For I found a story this clever

About the past of Zecora
And I don't know any words that rhyme with Zecora, so FUCK THIS SHIT! *flips a table*

(Good story, though. :twilightsmile:)

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