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Like all college freshmares, Derpy is enjoying the free life. In her case, sitting around and playing games all day. But she is still a pony, so she has to eat sometimes...

Based on a short story I wrote for a friend, edited to have Derpy Hooves as the protagonist. The original can be found here http://fav.me/d5m4pp2

Cover image by Bishuyoshi on Deviantart.

Chapters (1)
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Comments ( 19 )

Hehe, kind of a funny idea. I think you could have executed it a little better and used more flavor text, but meh. It's fair.

For a normally unrelated story that's been ponified, this is actually pretty good. I can't quite imagine Derpy in college, but still, this is pretty good. Have an upvote and a heart exploding Derpy pic.


Never a good idea to eat anything when it comes piping hot out of the microwave...:rainbowlaugh:

Sweet Brown, what does the scouter say about waiting for microwave pizza to cool?

My dad's staring at me for laughing so loud. Good job on this, you included Gangnam Style flawlessly. I know Derpy would do that kind of stuff. Do more. I'm still laughing. :rainbowlaugh:

Not good to stand right in front of the microwave while it's working. Radation and stuff; messes with your eyeballs. :derpyderp1::derpyderp2:

Pinkamina would be so proud... all those food stuffs with MEAT!

I thought that Derpy would be more clueless about how to use a microwave xD

I can't think of an adequate response, so LAWL!

Most Comedy Fanfics don't humor me much, and usaually lack in common sense, actually quality puns, and other such things. I find them usually quite feeble stories, but this one I found fun, cute, and silly.

I hope that meat's tofu...:pinkiecrazy:

i know how you feel derpy

1564445 Thank you, I will treasure it always. :pinkiehappy:

1564921 You know that little mesh screen on the glass of the microwave? That is there to prevent the microwave radiation from escaping. The amplitude of the waves is higher than the holes in the screen, so they can't get though. The more you know :twistnerd:

humans in equstria?

1564921 hehehehe you forget :derpyderp2:

1979395 it's radio waves, perfectly healthy to stand in front of it, there's a reason there's a door. eh who am I kidding, you're probably right, but there is no radiation.

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