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Big Macintosh tells his friend about his problems and how he feels. He tells about his life and how he grew up the gentle, caring stallion he is, and how others don't see it.

Chapters (1)
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I am not quite sure what to think. :rainbowhuh:

2043462 I just wanted to give my favorite supporting character more personality than he had in the show. I thought a sweet, gentle, vulnerable personality might be interesting, considering his size.

I saw it was titled Chapter 1 and thought there might be more, but I guess not.
Ah well, it's an interesting idea and well written enough.

Screw those dislikes. This has earned the admiration and respects of ThePopeMobile100, the junior league author

poor Big Mac. i had a friend like that, seemed all big and stronhg, was big and strong, but was so gentle and frail. :fluttershysad::fluttershysad:

You know a story is good when, after five hours, you still can't stop thinking about it. I don't know what it is about this story that grabbed my attention like this. On a side note, I have been considering changing my favorite earth pony from AJ to Big Mac, because he is that awesome.

2045853 That's a weird way to spell Pinkie Pie! :pinkiecrazy:

(side note: Big Mac is best stallion)

Comment posted by Twi-Guy deleted Jan 31st, 2013

Oh, that’s great, you really got me. I’ve seen this joke countless times, but man… that pinkie face actually made me jump a bit :twilightblush:.

Side note. Thank you for giving me a new category for favorite ponies. I never thought about adding a STALLION section.

Super side note, only for those who care to read this far. Alicorn: Luna. Unicorn: Twilight, (how’d you know?) Earth: Apple Jack. Pegasus: Fluttershy. Stallion: Big Mac. Huh, that’s two Apple family members, better not add a filly category otherwise Babs or Apple Bloom might end up there.

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