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One year after her return to Equestria, Princess Luna prepares to take her place in the world.

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AU, eh? Will read at work tomorrow.

1767641 Yeah. I did this for last year's Happy Luna contest over on EqD.


Ah. I remember that contest. Didn't read many entries. Never been a big fan of Luna overall.

This is beautiful and I don't care if it's canon or not I still adore it. And glad to hear you're going back to do more Via *squee*

Definetly good to see some movement from you here. Thought you went like Titanrising.

Did you ever manage to contact him?

Oh yeah and I read this during a thunderstorm. Atmosphere fit the piece perfectly :twilightsmile:


P… please



your formatting.


This doesn't really make sense/is pretty dang awkward:

You've loved performing the better whenever you had an audience.

You can "love something all the more" but "all the better" is just weird.

Still, one thousand years of solitude would not shake off so easily.

Even one hundred years of solitude is hard to bear. :rainbowwild:

5302260 Oh snap, was I just Marquez'ed on my own story page?

This is very good, really.
The meteorological explanations for the 'stunners' at the beginning seem a bit farfetched and slightly offputting... but the story soon evolves into a thing of beauty.
There are a few strange wordings and strange fragments that would have disappeared with a beta-reader, but it's nothing jarring and doesn't distract from the content.
You get the characters down proper as the most important point and your pacing is very smooth. The ideas of hte rain as a catalyst for sisterly soul-searching and the singing stars are touching, as is your quite novel take on Nightmare Moon as a being with some unexpected qualities in her persona.
All in all, a great read. This has indeed much too few likes and views. For the ideas alone I'll give it a place in my library.

I reviewed your story tonight find it here

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