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For all emergencies, call 911. An operator will be with you shortly to assist you.

Other Spoiler Character Tags: Sour Sweet, Big Mac, Octavia, Trixie, Shining Armour

CW: Implied murder, arson

Entry into the Dialogue Only Contest.

Preread by GreyTheGriffon, and The Sleepless Beholder

Chapters (5)
Comments ( 5 )

The couple who slays together stays together. By any means necessary. Though I have to wonder why these two went on a murderous rampage, especially given such disparate victims. The character motivation really has me scratching my head here. Still, best of luck in the judging.

I didn't pay attention to the character tags, so the reveal of the killer was a fun surprise. In any case, excellent use of formatting for this Scream meets Ponies with Hats tale.

"911 what is your emergency?"
:moustache: Sorry wrong number
:derpytongue2: 811 Public Works where do you need to dig?
:moustache: Rarity needs a magic conduit from the Crystal Castle to her Boutique under the new 405 carriage way, Any issues?
:duck: Precious Scales , Here's the two suits you ordered
:moustache: The last suits they'll ever need
:trixieshiftright: So this is why you're called a hero of Crystal Empire , King maker of the Changelings and Raritys muse...
:moustache: you're welcome
:ajsmug: Big Mac can rest in peace now
:pinkiegasp: The new carriage way has lumps
:flutterrage: Discord stop laughing
:rainbowlaugh: escaped prisoner last seen in a neat suit
:moustache: Kiss the ring

This was a fun (and morbid) story. The victims were written well, and the killers were an entertaining couple. The 911 framing was a clever way to include setting information.

bonnie and clyra

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