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My is DarkMagicEn-Forcer1 I am not a brony but I did like the show. I like Yu-Gi-Oh, Pokemon, Team Fortress 2, Fairy Tail, Sonic and Power Rangers. When I heard about theses displace fics I count me i

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I wonder who would get along with who. Perhaps...

Bubba Bubbaphant-Twilight
Hoppy Hopscotch-Rainbow Dash
Picky Piggy-Applejack
Bobby BearHug-Pinkie Pie

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I love it, I hope to see more of it

Excellent work keep it up

What does this have to do with porn?

Well it is anthro version of Equestria. So there will be mentions of big boobs and ass in the future. Plus if summoned or summoning another displace. Pervy things might happen. You will never know but it's better to be prepared.

i would change the age rating from E to either T or M then

Excellent work those nightmare cult didn’t stand a chance I can’t wait to see what happens in the next chapter

I have already started writing chapter 2.

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