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My is DarkMagicEn-Forcer1 I am not a brony but I did like the show. I like Yu-Gi-Oh, Pokemon, Team Fortress 2, Fairy Tail, Sonic and Power Rangers. When I heard about theses displace fics I count me i

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Could use a look over with an editor but I like it non the less. Coincidentally i released the conclusion to a similar story recently, just with a more more somber and serious tone to it.

good idea a few hiccups aside and looking forward to more.

where is Brutwivine Sparcake from?

7396224 /\-- What this person said.

7378530 Really? What's your displaced about?

7396224 7396270
I can tell you without a doubt that he created that one himself as it says in the story It's a combination of two others for information just check out those two and then try to combined them in your mind

This needs some editing, and I can do said editing if you would like Power.:twilightsmile:

7396634 Sure you can edit it. Just send me a pm of the edited version.

nice story not to bad but confusing at points otherwise all good and since your a fan of yugioh and I hope you knew brutalght can summon swords and knives made of magic, I'm hoping for her to do a version of the thousand knives card

7397997 She doesn't have that card but she can summon al kind of blades from Team Fortress 2 along with plumber vines.

7398058 that's wht I mean she doesn't have the card but does what the name says thousands of knives being thrown from all directions at a opponent/s

7424686 I am working on a chapter for my Eggman story right now. But I will make the next chapter to this fic as soon as I can.

So what do you think of this story?

7424737 :pinkiehappy: i'm really liking it :eeyup: and i greatly enjoy batman and i like yugioh

7553767 no problem. Can't wait for more. :twilightsmile: Have fun writing!

7553773 Yeah. It will take me time to do it.

7553786 eeyup. Trust me, I know. My stuff takes a bit too.

Not bad and hey i am th maker of The evolved speedster.:pinkiehappy:
Thanks for favoriting my story.:pinkiehappy:

dude :moustache: when's the next chapter :pinkiecrazy:

7810590 I am working on it the fast I can but I am also working on a crossover chapter of my Eggman and my Rainbine.

Have a another down-vote. You earned it.

7935168 Oh......It's you again.

Come to shit on another one of my fanfic's like you do to other people's fanfic's?

7935258 If by "shit on" you mean I point out everything bad and why they're bad in a way that ensures people coming here see the errors and the quality of the author, then no.

I just read this (really wish I didn't) and am making sure you know I left a down-vote on another one of your "works".

P.S. This comment has been screen-capped in case of author deletion/blocking and the involvement of admins.

7938368 He who lives in a glass house shouldn't throw stones.

So go back inside your glass house. Besides I got more likes then dislikes.

P.s: I am not going to delete the comment. So your scene-capped is pointless just like you.

7938395 Glass house? I don't write mediocre self-inserts or power fantasy circlejerk fics. I don't think you understand the phrase.
Considering the mistakes in your comments and writing, this is understandable.

7939752 Of course you don't write mediocre self-inserts or power fantasy circle jerk fics because you got no talent at writing a fic.

You clearly didn't try to look up the meaning of the phrase.

Your comments and dislikes are the stones you throw at people fanfic's. Your glass house is you not writing a fic because you fear if you did write one people would start to throw hurtful comments and dislikes at it regardless of it's quality.

7939838 Did it ever occur to you, just once, that I (brace yourself) don't write for this franchise? It's crazy, I know, but every now and then it happens.

That being said, the fics I have written were received well. They weren't about some loser arbitrarily getting awesome powers and showing how awesome they are to the author's waifu (before romancing and fucking them, lol). Except for the inherent nihilism, the writing professor graded them rather highly.

Edit: The nihilism wasn't mine. 40k is a bleak universe.

7940068 That's bullshit. If you don't write for this franchise then why you even on this website to begin with? I hit a soft spot there.

I call bullshit on your written fic being "well received" because I don't see any of on this site.

7940200 Take a look at the Terms of Use, dunce.
If it's not MLP, it's a no go on this site. Hence that site name in that address bar on your computer screen/phone.
Not to mention my response clearly indicated that these were turned in to a person in RL. Not the Internet.

Are you mentally handicapped?

7940355 My question still stands. Why are you on this site if you don't write MLP fanfic's?

Someone is getting a little bit angry.

7940381 Don't what? Write, read, edit, proofread, flame, kebab?
If you're going to ask a question, you need an action you're questioning about.

7940450 Fix it but you haven't answered my question.

7940465 Where is it stated that membership here is predicated on publishing MLP stories? Is there a new site rule I'm unaware of?

7940471 Nope no new rules but you still haven't answered my question.

7940476 Even a quick creep onto my profile will show that there's stories I have on my reading list. There's groups that focus on shitfics (displaced, trollfics, badly written clop, etc), and "social" groups like American Bronies/Military Bronies. From that, the typical user would've inferred my reasons for coming to this site.

But I also noted you're friends with Joker the Hedgehog. So your confusion is understandable.

7940635 Me being friends with that guy has nothing to do with my work. So don't bring him into this.

Beside I got more friends on this site then you.

7940691 But it does reflect on your character and view on writing standards. When LightningSword and the Displaced groups turn their back on you for egomania and bad writing, well, not good.
Considering your...writing, is on par with his, and your fics all revolve around unlikable losers becoming more than they have any right to be, it could be said if either of us has less reason to be here, it'd be you.
Perhaps Deviantart. The lack of quality and disregard for most writing conventions would make you stand out less.

7940863 That's bullshit. I still got fic's with in that group and in the other group. My writing skills isn't the same as the other guy you are just running out of things to bitch about.

As for egomania ha. That's suits you better considering only reason I can think of you being on here is for you to trying to act like you are superior by talking shit at other writers.

7941978 To. To other writers is what you should've written.

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