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The mustangs are one of the oldest communities in Equestria, but hardly anything is known about them. All records and information are vague at best, but what is available is concerning. They live outside, use primitive stone tools, and eat grass from the ground like livestock.

Scientific curiosity piqued, Twilight ventures to the plains of Mustangia to see the mustang ponies for herself and introduce the modern world to a community trapped in the past.

But history points to a dark secret hidden just underneath the idyllic surface of the rolling hills. If Twilight digs too deep she may find something that was better off buried....

Chapters (2)
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great start so far. interrested to see where it goes. Take your time and have a nice day

Mustangia...sounds curious. It's a good excuse for a story. I think you're the first to use that term for a story?

Basically, this first chapter is about preparations for the trip. I think it's pretty good. I like the descriptive type.

Cheer up with your story.

Use what term for a story? Mustangia?

I love this so far! the concept and entire premise is very interesting and I can’t wait to see where you go with this! Twi and AJ are a lovely mesh of characters who you don’t see in canon with one on one interactions despite being the two characters who usually step up to the plate in high stake situations so I love seeing them working together in fics!

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