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...and we all know what curiosity did to the cat

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Interesting. I am intrigued.

My current guess is that Twilight made Big Max's partner infertile, or somehow used magic to affect the race of their child. Or both? I will track this.

I’m eager to read more, this is an interesting fic, can’t wait to read what happens next, like ‘what’s Twilight doing’, or ‘how did Apple Brandy loose her horn’.

I like it, it intrigues me

Hmm...with all the talk of immorality, breaking up families, but NOT harming innocents, it makes me think this could also be related to Twilight's position — maybe breaking up or preventing friendships and/or other relationships.

Also weird that Twilight somehow has Apple Brandy's diary. Clearly she didn't remember learning to not look through things like that :rainbowwild:.

EDIT: The red ink around mentions of cutie marks and the ominous "our current understanding"...Twilight, are you planning on giving ponies "wrong" cutie marks?

From this chapter:

"Just remember, Apple Brandy: there are some things that ain't meant to be separated." She rubbed her forehead with a hoof

((Note: At the bottom of the page is a note in red ink, which reads: 'I didn't consider how resilient earth pony memories are'.))

From Chapter 2:

I miss my horn….

What? What does that mean? I-I don't have a horn. I've never had a horn…have I?

Rubbing her forehead..."not meant to be separated"...possibly having a horn and then not?...can't tell if these are connected things, or coincidence.

It's an interesting tale you tell. I find the low view count unfortunate given the quality.

Well thank you very much! I'm glad you think it's good quality! I've tried promoting in a few groups. I think people are wary of new stories since so many go unfinished. They may wait to make sure it keeps getting updated

What is that thing in the cover art?

It's a much easier way to track their progress and recent events may finally prompt Pair B to keep diaries of their own.

Sounds like Triple Axel may be a part of Pair B? Surely seeing a "ghost" may trigger the urge to keep one.

This story is intoxicatingly despairing.

A genuine looming sense of disquiet that I don't see very often in other stories that makes me feel viscerally uncomfortable reading. The apathetic research is compelling and this entire work is almost an infohazard.

This is um, awesome, please keep writing - you are really good at it, in subtle soft ways a lot of writers miss. :twilightsmile:

Oh gosh! I've read this comment so many times! Thank you so much! I'm so glad you're enjoying the story!!

Nice chapter. You missed a few closing parentheses, though.

Ah...Blueblood reproduced. But no known mother?

"Smile for the camera, my dear your mane looks shoddy."

Missing comma?

It certainly sounds that way, doesn't it?

Fixed! Thank you!

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