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Nurture/Nature - TwoTrenchcoats

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Diary Entries: September (Diary 2)

September 16th

Uh...hey there, Im Triple Axel. Ma thinks that writing will help me understand my feelings, or whatever, so I'm supposed to write in this book whenever I need to "get something off my chest". Whatever that means. Diaries are for silly fillies! Pa doesn't need to write his feelings in a diary, he just goes out and lifts heavy stuff like a real stallion!

What am I supposed to write about?

What am I supposed to be feeling?

This is all because I got lost in the Everfree Forest! It wasn't even that scary! There was lots of water puddles to drink and berries and grass to eat. I could totally live there if I wanted to! I could live off the land like one of those old pioneer ponies and only eat plants that I foraged or grew myself.

I know how to plant stuff too! Posey showed me.

Too bad Posey wasn't there with me, she would have seen how brave I was and then I wouldn't have to write in some dumb diary. I bet if I asked she would go into the forest with me. The forest isn't scary, it's just a bunch of trees and plants and stuff. Posey likes those.

Do you think a pony could grow a flower from the Everfree Forest in Ponyville? Ma says that the plants in the forest are different from the plants at home. She says they grow all on their own, but don't all plants do that? You plant a seed in the ground and it grows by itself...right? I should ask Posey.

September 18th

Ma finally let me leave the house today. I mean, she let me go to school and stuff, but I had to come home right after and I couldn't go see anyone and she wouldn't let anyone in to see me either.

I'm still not allowed to go to Sweet Apple Acres, though and Ma doesn't like Posey (she says looking at her gives her a headache, whatever that means. So I just kinda wandered around Ponyville for a while.

I like Ponyville. It's small and quiet and there are a lot more plants and flowers here than in the city. In Fillydelphia everything is all grey and boring. There aren't a lot of ponies here either. Apple Brandy thinks there's a lot, but she's never been anywhere else. It's weird living in a place where everyone knows everyone else.

It's autumn now so all the plants are dying, so I was walking around looking for heavy stuff to practice my lifting. Apple Brandy thinks her pa is the strongest pony in town. Maybe he was before we moved here, but my pa is definitely the strongest in town now! He has huge muscles and can lift anything he wants! Ma says that I'm not built to be as strong as Pa, but I'll show her! I'll show everyone! No one thinks I can be strong because I have a pink mane like a filly. I'll be even stronger than Pa when I grow up! I can already pick up Posey!

September 19th

I went back into the Everfree Forest today.

I didn't go far, I didn't want to get lost again, just far enough that I could get a good look.

The forest is really pretty during the day. The sun shines through the leaves just enough to make bright spots on the ground, like a path inviting you in. There're so many plants too. All kinds of grass and moss and flowers. I didn't touch any in case they were poisonous, but I kinda wanted to. Has anyone, like, studied the plants in the Everfree Forest? I know the princess got infected with poison joke, but is that the only plant ponies know about?

The old zebra in the forest knows all about the plants in there, I bet. She had huge bundles of them tied up all over her hut. She could teach me about them. I wonder if she ever comes to Ponyville?

I mean...I could always...try to find her hut again...?

((Note: The following was written in the margin of the page in red ink. The writing matches that of Princess Twilight Sparkle.))

An interesting turn of events. It seems I was right that at least one half of Pair B would be urged to keep a diary, though I will allow myself a small amount of credit for suggesting the idea to his adoptive mother. I was concerned that his meeting Posey Parade at such a young age might cause a change in his development, and it seems I was right, but not in the way I expected. Posey Parade is progressing as expected. Continued exposure may irreparably alter Triple Axel's course, or would this be his course regardless? It's impossible to know for sure. I need more data. Hopefully, the other pairs will provide enough information to reach a satisfactory result. So far, the pairs show no signs of overlapping again.

Pair B will remain set aside as an anomaly group under careful attention.

September 22nd

I had a weird dream last night. I was planting a seed in a pot, just like Posey showed me. I poured water on it and watched it grow into a giant flower in just a couple seconds. I recognized the flower too; I think it's called a daffodil. The white ones with the little yellow trumpet in the middle. It was huge, bigger than two Pa's standing on top of each other! I wasn't afraid though (why would I be afraid of a flower?), I felt really happy that I had made such a big flower grow all by myself.

The flower was closed, though, and I didn't know how to make it open. So, I just kept staring at it, waiting for something to happen, but nothing ever did. The flower bud stayed a bud no matter how long I sat and watched it, and I knew that I couldn't do anything to make it open up to me, because the flower didn't know it needed to open. It was happy to just sit there and be a bud.


I woke up after that and I've been thinking about it ever since. Do you think it means anything? Ma says that dreams come from Princess Luna so maybe she's trying to tell me something? It was about a flower so maybe I should ask Posey about it; she knows all about flowers and stuff.

Nah, I'd have to do it at school and then other ponies might hear me. I don't want all my friends to know I dream about flowers and silly filly things like that.

((Note: The following was a separate sheet of parchment rolled up with the diary pages.))

My Dear Friend, Twilight Sparkle,

It has come to my attention that there has been an increase in unusual dreams in a small group of foals spread throughout Equestria. Normally, this would not be anything especially unusual, but the subject of the dreams has given me reason to pause and consider the possibility that something is amiss. It may be nothing, but as the princess of dreams I cannot stand idly by while some of my little ponies may be in some form of distress.

I write this letter to inform you that three of the troubled foals appear to be located in Ponyville; Apple Brandy, Triple Axel, and Posey Parade, to be exact. I implore you to look into the matter and see if you can ascertain the cause of these dreams. I will be doing my own investigations on the remaining foals.

May the moon smile upon you,

((Note: the following appears to be a copy of a reply to the previous letter. The writing matches that of Twilight Sparkle.))

Dear Princess Luna,

Thank you for reaching out to me with such an important message. I have nothing but respect for you and the work that you perform in the dream realm and would be more than happy to assist you in any way that I can.

I am aware of the three Ponyville foals that you mentioned. I do not know if you keep track of Ponyville news but there was recently an incident that involved (directly and indirectly) all three of them, which could be resulting in the troubled dreams that you have seen. As for the other foals that you mentioned, I'm afraid I don't know what the cause of their unrest could be, and I sincerely hope that you are able to bring them some relief.

Of course I will do anything in my power to help you, and I hope you will keep me updated on your progress.

Your friend always,
Twilight Sparkle

Author's Note:

Another update will be coming soon, the creative juices are flowing!