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Misc: #1

((Note: The following is a page from the Ponyville Times, the local newspaper.))

Missing Colt Found Safe and Sound!

Triple Axel, adopted son of Bulk Biceps and Pity Party, was reported missing on the 10th of September after the Apple Cider Festival at Sweet Apple Acres.

According to Pity Party, she sent her son home after he got sick from eating too many apple sweets. "He had an upset tummy," she told reporters, "I didn't even think twice about sending him home by himself. It's Ponyville! Nothing bad ever happens here!"

However, Triple Axel never arrived at home and no one recalled seeing him after he left the festival. Pity Party reported him missing that same night and search parties were formed immediately. Princess Twilight Sparkle herself personally organized the search and the entire town was thoroughly scoured from top to bottom with no sign of the missing colt.

It was finally suggested that the search be extended to the Everfree Forest. Sweet Apple Acres sits close to the forest and the princess surmised that the colt could have wandered into the forest and gotten lost. The princess organized a small squad of her own personal guard and sent them into the forest to search.

This reporter is certainly happy she didn't have to go into the Everfree Forest! Just another example of how fortunate Ponyville is to have a princess living among us! But I digress.

After a nerve-wracking search that lasted three full days, Triple Axel was finally found late September 13th and reunited with his parents.

A member of Princess Twilight's guard was kind enough to agree to an interview.

"We started at the edge of the forest nearest the farm and worked our way inward, keeping in mind the distance a ten-year-old colt would be able to travel in a day, and keeping an eye out for any signs that some form of hostile wildlife may have attacked him.

"Thankfully, our trackers were able to find hoofprints and we followed them until we found the colt. He had found the hut of an old zebra who lives in the forest. She claimed that she had just found the colt herself and was about to bring him back to Ponyville."

Triple Axel was brought to Ponyville Hospital where he was treated for dehydration and malnourishment, but other than a few scrapes and bruises he was unharmed. After a few days of mandatory observation, the colt returned home.

I was lucky enough to be snooping by the door-- walking by his hospital room while working on a different story, and had the unique opportunity to interview Triple Axel about his harrowing experience.

"I got sick on apple fritters at the festival and Ma told me to go home," he told me, "I was trying to get though all of the ponies crowding around the cider stand when I saw something."

"What did you see?" I asked.

Triple Axel scrunched his face up, "I dunno..." he said, "it kinda looked like a pony, but like, not at the same time. Like, I could see the shape of a pony, but there wasn't a pony there."

"You mean a pony teleported?"

"No!" he shook his head fiercely, "I dunno how to explain it! Like, I could see the grass and the trees and stuff, but I could see a pony too! Like all the trees and grass were bent around a pony or something!" He started to look scared, "I-I thought it was a ghost or a spook or something and I got really scared and I guess I ran into the woods...the next thing I knew I was surrounded by big, dark trees and I couldn't see which way I came from. I drank some water from puddles and the striped pony found me and said she would take me home. Then the guard ponies came and brought me to the hospital."

He refused to say anymore. Princess Twilight listened to his report as well and had this to say: "Obviously, the recollections of a frightened young colt need to be taken with a generous grain of salt. More than likely he snuck some cider, got disoriented, and wandered into the forest."

And that is that. No further investigation is planned. Bulk Biceps and Pity Party refused another interview, stating only that they were "beyond delighted to have their precious son back".

Hot Scoop--Ponyville Times

((Note: The following is written at the bottom of the news page in red ink. The writing matches that of Princess Twilight Sparkle.

Notes to self:

1. Make adjustments to the cloaking spell. Keen-eyed ponies (particularly pegasi) are able to see the light refracting around the cloaked figure.

2. After making adjustments, check in on Pairs A and C.

3. Pay Applejack a visit.

4. Check Apple Brandy's diary.

5. Check for diaries written by other members of Group Alpha. It's a much easier way to track their progress and recent events may finally prompt Pair B to keep diaries of their own.