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Under Oscar's command to stall Oprah so he and the others can get things ready for her surprise party, O'Malley tries his best. But there's only one solution that seems the most reasonable when all else fails: weaponizing enemies from alternate dimensions. Surely the ones from this one, cutesy-wootsy as it is, are rough, tough, and have kill counts amassing double-digits, right?

Oprah can't possibly take them down the same way she took down half the population of Precinct 13579's Creature Room, right?

Oh, for Pete's sake, she's probably maybe decades old. They should beat her easily. Just what is the issue?

"Other" tag encapsulates the full amount of characters, which goes beyond the tag limit. AU tag has been added due to veering away from the events of "O is Not For Old" as well as contradicting FiM canon.

Cover is an Odd Squad show screencap, from the episode "O is Not For Old".

Yes, this a crackfic. No, don't take it seriously. That's how aneurysms are born.

Rated SV for Senseless Violence. (You can make an exception for crackfics, I'm sure.)

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