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After a talk with the young 6 about the recent events with the Knights of Harmony, the spirit of harmony discovers that there are more trees of harmony, researching a bit more about them, the tree decides it's time to travel to the other Kingdoms to meet them. If there's anyone to meet...

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“What? I just asked the princess after the atack,” Ocellus answered noticing the looks over her.


“Do you mean that the teachers still don’t know about you?! The living spirit of the tree o harmony itself?! That we are the only creatures who know about you having conscience and your own mind?!” The shout of the Hippogriff was heard all around the castle of the two sisters.

Yeah I'm actually kind of surprised the tree of Harmony didn't show herself to Twilight or any of her friends

Thank you, I would really appreciate all kind of grammatical corrections.

Okay this is actually a pretty interesting start of a story and liking to see the young six again and the tree of Harmony so it looks like the kids were gathering up to talk with each other after the event of the the knight of Harmony even telling the tree of Harmony about the other tree of harmonies which she is surprised and it looks like he's going to talk with Discord about this situation I wonder what it is I guess we'll find out next time

More good

At this moment the amorphous mass of mixed creatures all together got surprised. "Wait...you laughed, you actually laughed! Ha, that's new! Ok, I'm satisfied with that.

Either that or she develop emotions

More good

"Wha...who ar-," Twilight couldn't end the phrase, she saw in frontera of her what seemed to be... herself, a shiny version of herself.

Hey she finally meet the tree of Harmony

Ok very interesting so for Discord just having some conversation with Harmony charging by her she was so used to him and she was asking about the other trees so she ask Twilight about that she only told her a little bit of the other four countries during the season Ten comic I'm surprised Twilight did not freak out so far which I think she is I wonder what else could happen guess we'll find out next time

Good premise, but PLEASE get an editor. :twilightoops:

Hello everyone! Sorry, but I'm not totally satisfied with this chapter and I think I was too hurry to finish it, so I will probably edit some things, I'm not saying that the entire chapter is going to be changed, just that I'm going to work harder in some details. I'm really interested in bringing a content with quality, so the most probable thing is that I will take some time in releasing more chapters. Thank you everyone! And good luck!

No worries just take your time

I love this fanfic so much. I hope that Young Six meet other bearer groups of Elements of Harmony like Zecora and her friends, Royal Diamond Dog sisters and more

I really hope this story does continue on because it is a very interesting concept to see The Elements of Harmony meeting with the other ones especially the kids helping out as well

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