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10.000 years ago the evil fire alicorn, Opaline Arcana, was defeated, now the entirety of Equus is governed by THE COUNCIL OF CREATURES. The civilization of this planet is about to take the next step and explore the stars, but how will this magical creatures react to the grimdarkness of the 41st Millenium?
This fic is a Warhammer 40k/Mlp crossover, I don't own any of this two incredible franchises. Everybody's welcome to create fics ubicated in this universe if they want to. Just mention this fic.
The chapters and history will be mostly presented as an explanation or summary YouTube Video to tell the story faster, but right. Anyway there will be dialogue and more developed scenes.

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Warhammer 40K and Rated E can't be together. Due to very obvious reasons. :twilightoops:

There is only one thing I doesn't understand and that is, why isn't he labeled as mature?
Do you know how wild 40k can be? :trixieshiftright:

Pd: I like how it's going so far :pinkiehappy:

Will they run into the farsight Enclaves? (I mean, the Enclaves got a new planet now. they have 5 planets in total now)

You know...you're right! How did I miss that?! I already changed it to rate t, so I think that is fine now. But I won't be very descriptive at some points, however.

I wanted to develope a bit more the story before, but eventually yes, I have plans.


Welp, they're fucked

Do you want an editor? I see many misspellings.

Hello imperial bronies and/or pegasisters (I will suppose you are), I will be the narrator, imagine me as a...as a...as a Narrator, yeah a narrator, because it's what I am.

tzeencth is that you?!


Well shit, yeah there fucked especially if they go ahold of some DNA from the equestrians and got save the galaxy especially gulliman and yavrinne


From its hiding place, the personification of harmony looked the mind, all the information that could get collected would be extremely important. Only the powerful ultramarine psycher Varro Tigurius realized the feat of connecting with the Hive mind without going crazy. Of course, Harmony, how some called the spirit, couldn't go crazy, that wouldn't make sense, the concept of harmony itself going crazy? Plus, the spirit was closer to being a god, if a human as Tigurius didn't go crazy, Harmony wouldn't either.

Harmony's beliefs are going to take a big hit when the warp sets its sights on her

By the way, how strong are Harmony and Discord? Emperor level seems exaggerated to me, maybe Malcador and Emperor before the warp when he was only the most powerful psyker seems reasonable to me

Or not?

However, Void Escape still found itself in front of uncountable tyranid bio-ships. The main strategy was dodging them very fast and escape, this could seem easy, since the equusian ships were the fastest in the galaxy thanks to technomagical techniques, they could go faster than light. In comparison, for one of these ships could go from the earth to Alpha Centauri A (Rigil Kentaurus) in a bit more than an hour (Alpha Centauri A is approximately 4.37 light years far from the earth, that could give us between 3-4 ly/h). But the truth is, that if they used their top speed, a collision with tyranid ships would be inevitable, and their latest experience with that wasn't good.

so... no inmaterium? It seems somewhat exaggerated to me when not even the Tau had anything like that in the beginning, in fact it took them a long time to develop and perfect it.

Well, they're considerably powerful, Harmony is more powerful than Discord, I don't know exactly how much and Discord can easily destroy a system (He can just move the sun and that's it, it's shown in the show). However, I'm not planning to do a "the gods work meanwhile we do nothing"

Maybe it's a bit exaggerated, but I think they could do it. Plus, I have no intention of making them fight the warp...so soon.

I just like how your story is going and I'm worried that it will turn into "and they lived happily ever after" I already read another very good 40k story, but it faded away since a PCE was found, the dead characters miraculously revived and a lot of help from the script in a totally unreasonable way

I think something that limits their power or magic would be a nice touch, you know, to show that not everything will always work out for them and that magic isn't omnipotent and can have weaknesses.

But it's your story and I don't want to seem intrusive, I'm sorry if it seems that way, I just wanted to give some advice

No, don't worry for giving your opinion, I appreciate it. Plus, I won't make an always happy story, I want to "mix" the grimdark and my little pony style, having moments of hope and moments of darkness. I'm giving them advanced technology and all that stuff to not be erradicated extremely quickly. The thing with Warhammer 40k is that everything is very OP.

However, this would mean the use of a lot of power of the spirit of harmony and it being distracted from the rest of the world, being mostly focused on keeping the portal opened. Although, it could stop if the situation requires it, closing the path between the two planets.

That's what I'm talking about, for every good news there must be one or two bad news that follows it, I like this.

Hello, long time no see. It's me, the narrator. No, not Tzeentch, nor any other story character. Maybe you learned the types of narrators in school, maybe not, what it's sure is that no one here came for using school knowledge (at least I think), so let's begin with the interesting things!

Whatever you say Tzeentch or Daemon of Tzeentch

The orks found themselves exhausted from punching the air, and when they saw the equusians, they noticed the weird suits they used. These were space suits and gave the orks an idea. Next time they landed on the planet, the suffocation was no more, the fungi mans had created an amazing and super-advanced technology to survive in the toxic atmosphere. They putted fish tanks on their heads, aesthetically decorated with scotch tape (I just love these guys).

Who doesn’t or well at least admire them

I really hope they meet at least one of the level headed space marines and not the religious ones first

I understand that their shields are strong, it is their specialty, but we are talking about Moracanauts and Garcanauts, those things are used to conquer planets!!!
I think they were the ork equivalent to the imperator titans

Piety! I've been laughing for a whole minute :rainbowlaugh:

I think the same, I would like them to get along well with Guilliman, although with setbacks, obvious.

I find the direction he's taking interesting, these difficulties that they have to face, and he asked me chronologically what year we're in Warhammer, before the fall of Cadia or after

I like the story, but you have to take into account certain biological differences, ponies and anything with fur or similar are not as good at distributing heat as humans, they simply cannot win in a fight of attrition that lasts days.
Or at least that is how I see it.

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