• Published 22nd Nov 2023
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A new faction - Rub3r0n

10.000 years ago the evil Opaline Arcana was defeated, now the entirety of Equus is unified and giverned by THE COUNCIL OF CREATURES. How will it be when this magic creatures want to explore space?

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To take a decision

Spacestar had always like space.

Since he was a little unicorn foal he asked himself how things were out there, beyond Equus, his planet. It's not as if he didn't like his planet, Equus was practically perfect, but he just couldn't stop imagining himself or other ponies in space with a complex spaceship.

This was reflected in his cutie mark, a silver rocket with a yellow five-pointed star, which contrasted with his black pelage and his purple hair. He obtained his mark when he was playing with her best friend, Nova, an always enthusiastic pegasi filly with white pelage and grey hair, her cutie mark would be the mathematical symbol of add, then she was very good at this subject.

They were playing to build a rocket, using boxes, paints and some internet tutorials, the two friends would have to create their own spaceship and the one who makes the coolest wins. Spacestar putted a lot of effort in making his ship, he finished the first and Nova and he decided to play to explore the space with the ship, it was then, when his cutie mark appeared.

Now he was in front of the big doors. The ones which guide to the Counseling, where all the members of the Council of Creatures reunite to discuss several themes.

The air was cold and the guards...oh, the guards. They were just standing there, with their black and blue armors and their spears, a fit requirement to be a guardian of the council, but they were so intimidating.

"Hey, don't get nervous. I'm sure you're going to do it fine."

Of course she was there too, supporting him. Nova, his best friend of all life, who ended becoming something more. She noticed his nerves and tried to calm him down.

"You have worked for this too hard, the council will be pleased in hearing your ideas. Don't collapse now because of some nerves. You have earned this."

She comforted him, putting her right wing on his loin and looked at him with a sweet positive smile. He then changed his fearful expression to a confident face and smiled at his partner.

"You are right. The way to come here was difficult, but a bit of anxiety won't stop me now," Spacestar spoke.

"Please, open the doors," asked to the guards and they obeyed. The great gate opened, revealing the space, where the council takes the most important decisions.

Spacestar entered.

Spacestar stood on a symbol placed at the centre of the room, a six-pointed star, this had a circle on its centre, which represented Equus. Around the circle the sun and the moon were leaving a trail, as if the two celestial bodies were comets. This was the symbol of all the Equusians.

"It is an honour to be in your presence, great council," said the unicorn, bowing to the creatures in front of him. They were sat at high seatings, seeing Spacestar from above and their positions formed a semicircle.

"Please, this formality is not required, Mr.Spacestar," exclaimed a member of the council, who accompanied her statement with a light laugh. This was the alicorn, Sunny Starscout, the second most ancient and founder member of the council and responsable of the second golden age of Harmony in Equus. It was known by everyone, that she is always positive and doesn't like that much formalities.

"Now we will be glad to hear what you have to say, if I'm right some sort of... solution to our... actual problems," explained the alicorn.

"Oh, yes, of course," Spacestar sweated a bit saying that, his nerves were controlled, but not disappeared. "As you would yet know, a lot of creatures are worried about the predictions for the future years, overpopulation is becoming a very popular theme for conversations. Luckily, the lack of sources is no problem for us. Well, in any case, I think it is the time for our civilization to take the next step."

"What do you mean by that?" Asked Brouf, actual representative of the diamond dogs.

This took Spacestar a bit by surprise, but he quickly recomposed himself.

"Well, I've been working on an specific theory for some time and I think it would help us."

Spacestar made a short pause before saying the next words, he knew this could upset some members of the Council.

"I think Equus should expand into space and with your permission, I could design proper ships to realize this task," Spacestar explained.

The murmurs began to expand across the room, Spacestar knew that his affirmation would cause debates, but he still was nervous about the entire situation.

Finally, the murmurs stopped when another pony raised her right hoove and asked for silence. She was tall, white, but with a little rose tone, her wings and horn were bigger than any other unicorn or pegasi and her blue eyes looked severely to him.

It was her. Flurry Hearth.

Spacestar expected her to give the biggest opposition to his idea, she of course had her reasons. Flurry Heart was the most antique member of the Council, with more than 10.000 years of living, she had experienced a lot and everybody knew about her temper and rough personality. Besides, after the war against Opaline she personally reinforced the shield with her magic, with a talent inherited from her father. Flurry Heart was not someone who would put anyone in a possible danger, no matter the situation.

She didn't stop looking to Spacestar with her impassive eyes and asked:

"Spacestar, you're undoubtebly one of the greatest Equus minds in the actual times and I must ask you. Do you realize what you're asking for?"

"I do."

"And do you have any idea of what is there? Out of the shield?" She asked, a little more aggressiv, at least by Spacestars perception. Honestly, she was reacting more calmer than he expected.

"As everyone here, I don't. I don't know if there's something, or, if there's something, it is good or bad. But I know that if in the outer space we meet 'the aliens', diplomacy will not be a problem." He explained.

"I'm just trying to offer a solution to future problems," He added.

"Spacestar, engineer, one of our greatest minds. Be sure that your idea will be seriously considered and we will discuss this situation properly, when a decision is taken, you will be notified. Thank you for your contributions," Egea, representative of the Hippogriffs spoke.

The unicorn nodded. "Thank you too," He answered.

"Now you can withdraw" Ended the Hippogriff.

"So... what do we do with this?" The big minotaur asked, looking at the rest of the council.

"I don't like the idea," Flurry Hearth answered.

"I think everyone here knows that," Added Flamellus, actual queen of changelings. These two never got along with each other.

"The danger we could face out there is too big, it isn't worth it." Flurry Hearth wouldn't change her mind easily.

"But we don't know what's out there," said Sunny, looking at Flurry. "Look, of course, it could be dangerous, but danger is everywhere. What if the ancient alicorns of Skyros cleaned it from threats?"

"Then why would they create the shield?" Argued Vorlon, the mayor representative of the centaurs.

Joybreeze from the breezies intervened: "Before letting this discussion escalate to bigger things I will ask. Do we have another option?"

"Massive space distortion is proofed to not work," Answered Lio, the second representative from Zebras. "Thanks to several experiments we know that space cannot be stretched to infinity without distressing time too and even if we allow that, worst consequences would come. Similar to the problem with mirrors."

"Well, I say that we have to build more and bigger cities!" Exclaimed Steelwill, the same minotaur, who began this conversation.

"We shouldn't forget our compromise with nature. This council decided to preserve natural landscapes, flora and fauna," Aris said, the second representativd of Hippogriffs, who sat next to her companion. "Or would you desiderate to confront Everfree forest?"

"Oh no. Harmony save me from that cursed place, it has just turned even more savaged in the last years. But I say that we still have a lot of space to build more things, you know?" He responded.

"I have to agree with Steelwill here, we still have resources enough to build more and bigger cities. We could expand for millennia without problems," Gorval, the gargoyle representative said.

"I worry about you overestimating our resources Gorval, even if they're a lot, they're not endless," Joybreeze contradicted him. "Plus, that wouldn't be a solution to the problem, even if we edify every square meter inside the shield, at some moment, we would stay without space."

"Like in... thousands of years!" Shouted Steelwill.

"That sounds just as an excuse for me," ML-145 AKA"Mil" shared this opinion with her typical AI monotone voice.

"Excuse me!?!?" Steelwill complained.

"I think it would be better to expand now before something bad happens, we have control, let's not forget that the future is unknown for us."

The discussion continued, several arguments were presented and some refused. Some arguments to refuse others were refused too. It looked like if this debate was never going to 3rd.

"I am still worried about all the dangers there could be, if thet've waiting until we come out...Well, they had 10.000 years to prepare. I don't want another war," Flurry shared.

"I understand it, but maybe they just got tired and flew or maybe they now want to be friends! I don't trust a lot the idea either, but the thing is, do we have another option?" Sunny answered. "Because I don't see here any form to solve the incoming crisis," She said, pointing to the current discussion between their colleagues.

Litin, sub-representative of the kirins spoke. "Okay yeah, the idea of going to space and all that stuff is great or the worst idea ever, I get it. But now, please look," Everyone turned their gaze to him. "But I have one question: if we go to space, how would we come back? Isn't the shield like... invincible or something?"

The counselors stayed quiet, they were discussing about if they should do this, not how.

"I may have an idea".

Spacestar and Nova were celebrating. Their dream since childhood was finally accomplished.

After the longest discussion period of the council in decades (two days they took to reach a conclusion, so you can see they aren't usually slow), the decision was taken. Equus was going to space.

Everyone started quickly to work on the project. As said, Spacestar was the head of científicas research and development, while Nova made with her team a lot of calculations. Engineers, physicist... A lot of creatures were working so hard to make this happen.

Plus, they would have the help of the spirit of harmony itself, a god (not literally, equusians just call the spirit or Discord "gods" because of their incredibly super powerful god-like powers). You see, after the battle with Opaline, some powerful creatures reinforced the shield with their magic, creating a special relation between the shield and them. The spirit of harmony was the only one with enough power to open a temporal rift in the shield, so the ships could come back.

After a whole year of work, the first fleet was ready, in the future, equusians would know this fleet as "the ripships" (uhmmm...yeah, you will see why later). This was one of history's greatest events, the creatures all around the world were paying attention.

The fleet consisted of 3 ships, the main one "Equus dream" was the biggest of them all, able to carry approximately 300 creatures. Not everyone was on this mission, only the most prepared creatures were part of the fleet, after tons of training and preparation, they were selected for this mission.

The other two ships were support ships, the regards of protection, exploration, recognition, mapping and establishing first contact, if that were the case.

Spacestar was one of this brave creatures, he had dreamed to do this since folly and now it was happening. He said goodbye to Nova, who would stay on Equus and help in the remote guidance until they reached the shield. The unicorn was euphoric for the event, but he would miss Nova, they didn't know how much the mission would take, but he was sure everything was going to be good.

They left, finally, they passed through the shield. It seemed like going out wasn't hard, so the seed of harmony would remain calm for now. This seed has been just a form of making easier for the spirit to create the rift, so everyone could come home. The seed was of course, connected with the spirit, so technically it could speak with the members of the fleet.

The first contact came a lot earlier than they thought. The equusians from the fleet didn't expect to find an alien species so fast, th-they leaved just some minutes ago! Of course, with the speed of their fleets that could go faster than the speed of light, but still!

The support ships tried to establish communication, but it seemed like out there, nothing was capacitated to find the signal, soon things got bad.

The aliens were hostile.

They soon attacked the three ships with no mercy. The fleet tried to defend itself, but the attack was too surprising and quick. The three ships were lost.

Equusians would know this dangerous creatures as "murderships", calling them "gluttons" too, in a derogatory way. They didn't know if this was the species the ancient alicorns faced, but they surely would face them. What this friendly creatures didn't know about the aliens was how these were called by the rest of the galaxy, what name was feared and hated so much, that enemies had to build temporal alliances to fight against them and hope to survive.


Author's Note:

So, I just corrected some misspellings of this two first chapters to have them nicer. The next two chapters are yet finished and I will only see if they have these errors too, but you would see them soon.