• Published 22nd Nov 2023
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A new faction - Rub3r0n

10.000 years ago the evil Opaline Arcana was defeated, now the entirety of Equus is unified and giverned by THE COUNCIL OF CREATURES. How will it be when this magic creatures want to explore space?

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The dark age: the Void battle

Hello, long time no see. It's me, the narrator. No, not Tzeentch, nor any other story character. Maybe you learned the types of narrators in school, maybe not, what it's sure is that no one here came for using school knowledge (at least I think), so let's begin with the interesting things!

This is one, if not the most, of the most important warlike conflicts equusians had ever faced, because this is THE VOID BATTLE, the first big space battle in equusian history and the one, which showed all the potential of thesd creatures.

Here the void escape fleet confronted the tyranid hive fleet called Ungulo. This conflict occurred entirely in the space, ships shooting and dodging, astronomical size tackles and a lot more. But I think it will be better if you see it by yourself.

"Okey team, listen well, this is important," Volkano, the big dragon with red scales and Green wings spoke. His range of captain gave him a lot of power in his ship "Murderships nightmare", specially designed for fighting those villainesque aliens and make them feel Tartarus. Even between the four principal ships of the fleet, each one prepared to fight, his stood out in this aspect. Being captain came too with great responsibilities, the leadership wasn't easy and now he had to explain the plan to go out there without dying. Giving speeches never was his strength, but he would try his best to make it clear and understandable.

"We're heading to the exterior of the shield, where those gluttons wait for us, but our principal objective is not fighting them directly, I mean, the drones are for something... well, what we will do is a coordinated movement with the rest of the fleet to dodge the enemies, leaving them behind and going to search some new planet in space to colonize. If we have to fight, we will, the first setback won't make us surrender, okay? But what if ,for some reason, we have to retreat? Then we would go back to the shield and open a rift with the DMS activated, understood? WITH THE DMS ACTIVATED AND ALL WEAPONS SHOOTING EVERYTHING, WE CAN'T LET ANY OF THOSE THINGS ENTER! On the other side, if we had to evacuate the ship, we would use the special mirror portals connected to the rest of the fleet to go there. Luckily, no ship is at full capacity, just in case this could happen.

This was a bit vague explanation, Volkano knew that. There were more details and things in the plan than just that!

"I know I haven't told all the details, but it's just the main idea. I'm sure you all know your positions and what to do there. We'll still gonna fight against that genetic monstrosities and we're gonna make that so good that the name of this ship will fall short!" Volkano said, trying to inspire his companions and staying impressively.

He was more someone to joke in a pub with friends, but no one could ever deny that the dragon knew how and when to get serious and this was the moment to do that.

"Now everyone to work!" He shouted, stomping with his left claws. "We're almost out there! Be prepared to receive my orders! Dismissed!"

Shields raised, weapons ready, drones prepared and DMS activated. Void Escape escaped from the protection of the magical shield and stayed face to face with tens, if not hundreds of tyranid bio-naves, with millions of tyranids inside them.

The fleet went out, fortunately, the narvhals couldn't approach to the system because of the high gravitational levels, those things could mess up a lot of things if they could create a compressed space hallway between them and the ships.

However, Void Escape still found itself in front of uncountable tyranid bio-ships. The main strategy was dodging them very fast and escape, this could seem easy, since the equusian ships were the fastest in the galaxy thanks to technomagical techniques, they could go faster than light. In comparison, for one of these ships could go from the earth to Alpha Centauri A (Rigil Kentaurus) in a bit more than an hour (Alpha Centauri A is approximately 4.37 light years far from the earth, that could give us between 3-4 ly/h). But the truth is, that if they used their top speed, a collision with tyranid ships would be inevitable, and their latest experience with that wasn't good.

"Captain! We can't stay avoiding the murderships! They're too many!!!" Shouted a pony crew member of Void Master, the main ship of the fleet to his captain, Garlid Gobu, a griffon with years of preparation, the best pilot a ship could have.

He stared at the pony and exclaimed: "Then we do Plan B," Claimed he, to just after that begin giving the proper orders to this situation. "Prepare the drones, after that, activate the DMS. Do not let our shields fall and be ready to shoot all the cannons we have!" Quickly, he turned to those in charge of communications. "Tell the rest of the fleet our actions and maintain the connection with all our support ships." He said calmly, his coldness against problems and fast thinking still surprised some of the present creatures.

Soon the other ships would have to mimic Void Master, they were totally overwhelmed by their enemies and all DMS had to be activated.

"How is everything going?" Asked Volkano his sub-captain, a tall cat, blue fur and dressed with green clothes.

"We're doing it fine, Sir. The drones have successfully reduced 3 murderships ships to a manageable size. Our size-reduction devices worked correctly, even if it's slow to anchor them, our shooters avoided the destruction of the drones attacking strongly the yet confused alien organisms," He answered.

"Ha! I just LOVE that things! They make putting the gluttons into the dissolution pools much easier!" The dragon answerered excitedly. "How many ships are now disintegrated?"

"2 actually, the third is giving more problems. Not only that, a lot more of alien ships are heading towards us, I'm not sure if we are going to be able to handle them. Besides, even if we're not losing as drones as expected, the lost ones are still notable and the support ships are beginning to have problems stopping and redirecting the spores and acid projectiles," Said the sub-captain, worried about the situation.

"Hmm..." Volkano murmured, scratching his chin with his fore claw. "Tell the support fleets into divide themselves in 2 groups. One will just shoot those projectiles from a safe distance and blow them up. The other must help the drones with the ships of the gluttons, okay?"

"Of course. I'll make them know your command," Answered the sub-captain.

"Sir, I have bad news!" Shouted the sub-captain.

"Then tell! Do not wait, what happens?!" Asked Volkano in response.

"Another murdership ship is coming, and not a normal one, a HUGE one! One of those with mouth! It can destroy all our forces very easily! Its size is too much to deal with!"

Volkano gasped and stayed without words for some seconds. If he doesn't do this well, all his ship could be condemned. Fast as he could, he considered different options. For this moment, the four ships had considerably moved away from each other, because of the murderships distribution.

"Alright," He said. "Make sure that every bio-ship in the range of the DMS gets destroyed. No remains. And that no one more enter. Communicate this with the other ships."

Volkano saw how his sub-captain ran to the communication room and turned to some creatures in charge of the main room, where the captain of the ship had to stay to give the orders and where a lot of computers and mechanisms were controlled.

"Hey you there!" The creature he wanted to turn to him did so, this hippogriff was in charge of one of the most importants things in the ship. "Prepare the ship for a teleportation," He commanded.

Volkano knew the importance of the teleportation system, it was supposed to be used only in moments of absolute necessity. It was calculated that because of the big size of the ships, this magic could be used only 3 times before the ship couldn't handle it anymore, so they had just 3 chances, no one should be wasted.

The teleportation was succesful, and Murderships Nightmare continued doing what they knew best... PUNCHING THE TYRANIDS IN THE FACE! They were brave! And their strategies worked amazingly! Large-range attacks and trying to lose as little as possible. Even so, they lost 2 support fleets (crew evacuated) and several drones, after 2 hours, they could leave Ungulo away and reunite with the rest of the fleet, because the four different main ships had to separate due to the tyranids organization.

However, they were not the first to achieve this, the ship "Sneaky One" was the first to leave the space dominated by the tyranids, with its support ships and drones. This ship was the only one that didn't need to turn the DMS on and battle, it dodged all the bio-ships incredibly fast and reached its objective without problems. Although, it's worth mentioning, that Sneaky One was too the only one to use all its teleportation chances.

It was now, when the favourite war stile of the equusians began to become visible, the space wars, ship against ship, fleet against fleet. In the future, they would improve in this combat style, maintaining out of the planets as many battles as possible.

Despite the victories, two ships had... other one really suffered during the mission, this was Sky Explorer, a ship mostly concentrated in the recognition of space, you know... maps and that kind of things. But this didn’t mean they lack of firepower and many weapons. Unfortunately, this ship found itself against not one... nor two or three... FIVE GODDAMNED TYRANID CRUISES AT THE SAME TIME!!! The powerful weapons of this bio-ships were a truly inconvenience for Sky Explorer, which even with the DMS activated couldn't handle the enemies. Teleportation stopped being an option, and the great ship Void Master had to go to aid. The ships were evacuated, although sadly, not everyone could be saved. Sky Explorer fell and was lost forever.

Spacestar's diary,9 ° Entry

It's been a week since we left Equus-s. Our ships are travelling at high speed through the interstellar space, searching for another system.

This days were the chance to discover more about the universe out of our natal planet, and I can't say that I'm not surprised with what we saw.

Me and a team of other astronomers have been researching all the wonderful things the galaxy has to offer and how they work, which lead us to amazing discoveries.

It seems that the systems out of the shield are very different as Equus-s. The stars seem to be the centre of the systems, with the planets orbiting around it. We still haven't discovered how many moons work out here, our telescopes aren't that good. However, the working of this systems makes me think in how much different is Equus-s in comparison with the rest of the universe and more important, why is it so different. The lack of ambiental magic here makes me think that magic could be the main reason.

This wasn't the only things we saw, there were incredible nebulae and extremely interesting formations. Just in this week the team has catalogued hundreds of celestial bodies, which weren't appreciable from our little planet.

As for the travel per se, it was "normal", some asteroids are the only things we found worthy for a mention, they were just floating through space.

Except, of course, for the first hours. The military members had to battle fiercely against the aliens, even so, the fleet couldn't stay without losses.
By the elements... I sometimes ask myself if I did the right choice convincing the council of going to space. It was always my dream, but this and what happened 10 years ago made me question if it was worth it... I never wanted people to die...

End of entry.

Spacestar's diary, 11° Entry

FINALLY!!!! Ohhh, this is so amazing! We've finally found a new system! I can't believe it! Even when I saw it with my own eyes...it's so incredible!

The system is formed by a star similar to Celestia's sun, but a bit bigger. Around it there are 5 planets orbiting and an asteroid belt. The first four planets are rocky planets and the fifth is mostly made of gases. No planet seems to be inhabited.

The scanners are still calculating how would be the life in this planets and how much terraforming will cost. For now, the captain of Void Master has decided to stay on the second planet of the system, because it is the best option we have to land safely and build the temporal base.

No planet is named right now, but in honour of the fallen ship, the crew decided to call this system Sky Treasure-s. I have no reasons to opposite.

End of entry.