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10.000 years ago the evil fire alicorn, Opaline Arcana, was defeated, now the entirety of Equus is governed by THE COUNCIL OF CREATURES. The civilization of this planet is about to take the next step and explore the stars, but how will this magical creatures react to the grimdarkness of the 41st Millenium?
This fic is a Warhammer 40k/Mlp crossover, I don't own any of this two incredible franchises. Everybody's welcome to create fics ubicated in this universe if they want to. Just mention this fic.
The chapters and history will be mostly presented as an explanation or summary YouTube Video to tell the story faster, but right. Anyway there will be dialogue and more developed scenes.

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Izzy Moonbow is a little filly who dreams with making friends and like every little filly in Bridlewood, the full moon nights she goes to hear the stories of Bridlewood's storyteller, Elderflower. What incredible stories will she hear this night?

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After a talk with the young 6 about the recent events with the Knights of Harmony, the spirit of harmony discovers that there are more trees of harmony, researching a bit more about them, the tree decides it's time to travel to the other Kingdoms to meet them. If there's anyone to meet...

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