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im not very likable but i hope my stories are lol


Everyone knows Pinkie Pie is the opposite of depressed. After all, she's been trying to make it crystal clear to everyone, especially her friends.

❤️‍🩹 for anyone who needs a pick-me-up story 💗

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me fr but ignore me

What do you mean by that?

I love reading and writing feelgood stories, maybe because i can relate to them

This was really sweet, and real in all the right ways. Great stuff, hon 🙏❤️

The cover art is just perfect btw

Gotta love that I'm greeted with algebra. Fun.

What a nice sweet and relatable story

Thanks so much!

ikr algebra slays so hard :D


ikr algebra slays so hard :D

L (No regrets)

Honestly this was a good story but I feel that nearly at the end it might have been a little rushed but overall it was good.

PS hope to see you right more stories :pinkiesad2:.

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