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My Little Pony: Sparkling Harmony: The Bond In Our Genes - Captain_Cosmos

Sparkler goes out to learn the truth after a revelation in 2022

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Episode 3: What Is Yet To Come

It was late at night, long after Sparkler, Fleur, and Fancypants left. Aurora and Thundercracker were in the living room, adding the picture of Light and Dark they had gotten from Sparkler to the spot on the wall dedicated to their grandchildren. “11 kids. And these latest two are from the future.” Thundercracker commented.

“Our daughter certainly has the craziest adventures.” Aurora responded.

“That shouldn’t surprise you. Or did you forget who it is you’ve raised for the last 20 years?” Asked a new voice.

Thundercracker and Aurora jumped and spun around to see a cloaked figure standing there. “Whoa. Who the heck are you?” Thundercracker asked as he lit his horn. “You have five seconds before I make you leave.” He said.

“Relax Cracker.” The cloaked figure responded before he lowered his hood to show his face. “I assure you I mean no harm.”

Thundercracker and Aurora gasped and Thundercracker immediately dimmed his horn. “Clear-Cut!” They both exclaimed.

“It’s been a while.” Clear Cut responded. “She knows doesn’t she. That Fleur is her sister, and that she is adopted.” He said, getting right to the point.

Aurora and Thundercracker glanced at each other before Aurora spoke up. “Sparkler found out about Fleur when she got stuck in the future. Neither us nor Fleur initially told her.” Aurora said.

Clear-Cut grimaced. “Curse that time debacle. I was legitimately worried that the world was doomed.” He said.

“Is it really that bad for Sparkler and Fleur to openly be sisters?” Thundercracker asked. “I mean. Her knowing prematurely shouldn’t affect the master plan.”

“I suppose you’re right.” Clear Cut responded. “But with the fate of the entire world at stake. We cannot afford to take unnecessary risks.”

Aurora nodded. “Yeah. Don’t worry. She’s still in the dark about her true origins.” She said.

Clear-Cut nodded. “Good.” He said. “The time for that is drawing near, but it is not now.”

“Yeah. But Clear Cut, she’s not an idiot. With this new information, she’s bound to start digging into her real family.” Thundercracker responded.

“I already took steps to ensure she doesn’t find anything until she is ready.” Clear-Cut responded. “But you two need to watch your tongues extra carefully now.”

“We won’t say anything. Promise.” Aurora responded.

Clear Cut nodded. “I’ll hold you to that.” With that, he raised his hoof and disappeared. Leaving Thundercracker and Aurora alone.

Two days later, in Ponyville, Fleur and Fancy were walking down the streets together after disembarking from The Friendship Express, headed to the castle. Fancypants was carrying in his magic a bottle of Peanut Punch. A fine Prench beverage. Fancy was trying to keep cool. “We’re really about to have dinner with a princess and her family.” He said.

Fleur smiled and nudged him playfully. “Yep.” She said. “Nervous?”

“Well we are about to have dinner with royalty, who you are apparently connected to because your sister is marrying a princess. And it was your sister who invited us so…casually. Do you think this peanut punch is good enough? I feel like we need to bring something fancier.” Fancy was internally panicking.

Fleur smiled warmly and pecked him on the cheek. “Oh you’ll be fine. Besides, Peanut Punch is kinda the best we can do when there’re kids present.” She said.

“Right.” Fancypants responded. They continued walking for a moment until they saw the castle. And Fancypants’ jaw dropped when he saw the trunk of the tree castle. “They…they…” His mind was reeling he saw that there was a normal house, jammed into the trunk of the tree. “That…that’s new.” He finally said.

“Honey, Sparkler told us about this remember?” She asked.

“I thought she was kidding!” Fancy responded.

Fleur just rolled her eyes and smiled. “We better knock to let them—“

“Hi there!” Came a new voice. Fleur and Fancy turned to see a Pegasus Filly land in front of them. “Are you Aunt Fleur and Uncle Fancypants?” She asked.

Fleur realized this was one of Sparkler’s kids and smiled. “Yes. Yes we are. And who might you be?”

“Sprinkle Medley! Nice to meet you guys!” She said.

“Nice to meet you two Sprinkle.” Fleur said as she ruffled Sprinkle’s mane playfully.

Sprinkle giggled. “You guys don’t need to go through the house. We’re eating dinner on the balcony so just fly straight up there, come on!” She said as she flapped her wings and flew up to the balcony. “Oh!” Sprinkle realized before she got too far. “Is that drink made from Peanuts?” She asked, she saw the bottle in Fancypants’ magic.

“It’s Peanut Punch. Finest kid friendly drink in Equestria. It is made from peanuts, yes.” Fancy responded proudly.

“Ooh. Yeah you better get rid of it. Mom and Mommy Twi do not allow any peanuts or anything made from it in the house. Melody, my sister, is deadly allergic.” Sprinkle explained as she flew off.

Fancypants’ smile held for just a few seconds before it disappeared in a flash. “Allergic?!” He exclaimed. “And did she just say fly up to the balcony? Like wild animals?”

Fleur meanwhile smiled. “Aww. Such a good sister looking out for her sister’s health.” She commented. “And remember what Sparkler said? About them being laid back?”

Fancypants glanced at the bottle, then at Fleur, before vaporizing the bottle to get rid of it. “How do they expect me to get up there? I don’t have wings.” He said.

“You have me.” Fleur responded. “Come on, we’ve done it before.”

“And I don’t remember enjoying it.” Fancy responded.

“I caught you didn’t I?” Fleur asked.

“It was still terrifying. Just…make it quick ok?” Fancy asked his wife as she clapped her wings and grabbed him in her hooves.

“Just a few seconds.” Fleur promised as she flapped hard and they flew up to the balcony.

From afar, on a rooftop of the School of friendship, a pair of unicorns watched. One of them was commander Fletcher, the other was a back coated stallion.

The new stallion glanced over at Fletcher. “So that’s Sparkling Medley.” He said.

“Correct lieutenant Midnight Arrow.” Fletcher responded. “Non-Royal Alicorn, she’s the primary target of Fugitive Silver-Mane. Our mission is to watch over her and her family. Just in case ol’featherbrain decides to try anything.”

“Understood.” Midnight responded.

On a different rooftop, Clear-Cut sat, watching Sparkler and her family, including Fancypants and Fleur, have dinner together. He sighed. “I suppose there was no harm in letting her know about Fleur being her sister.” He looked up into the sky and watched the stars. “Maybe I should find Aqua. Get all three of them back together…”

To be continued…

Author's Note:

Ooh. More Clear-Cut. And Sparkler's adoptive parents KNOW more than they're telling her.

And what's that Clear-Cut? Who's Aqua?

Will we find out soon? Stay Tuned!


PS. This might be there the daily uploads cease again. I'm shifting my focus to OC creation and Book Cover creation.

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its fine, quality is importnant. I mean, loo at my uiploads

It’s less about quality and more about me not having a cover for SH Season 3 yet. Ehehe

Damn, you leave me wanting more EVERY SINGLE DAMN TIME! The waits are worth it though! :twilightblush:

Don’t worry. Already writing the first Chapter of Season 3 so as soon as that’s done and a Cover to go with it It’ll be up. :)

In the meantime, have fun theorizing what bay Sparkler actually is based on everything you have from Clear Cut so far. Ehehe. Because whatever Sparkler is, she’s clearly not a normal pony

good and Sparkler... now i get the feeling like she's Equestria's only hope against her will.

Ir destinated to be ruler aginst her will

Sparkler: But i don't wanna run a government!
Fleur: This has been your destiny all along, no buts!

Great chapter wonder what is going to happen next time on sparkler ball z

We could very well be heading towards Sparkler finding the truth of her origins soon

hmm Aqua could very well be their mother or even another sister (if it is in relation to her) if Aqua is not then could be part of a team keeping an eye on Sparkler and Co,

There’s already kinda a team keeping an eye on things.

Clear-Cut, and Fletcher and his crew.

this is getting really intense i love love love it AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So much going on and so many questions, it's hard to keep up lol, mysterious chapter, love it XD

This chapter was essentially a big clue to Sparkler’s true origins.

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