My Little Pony: Sparkling Harmony: The Bond In Our Genes

by Captain_Cosmos

First published

Sparkler goes out to learn the truth after a revelation in 2022

A revelation from the future has thrown Sparkler for a loop. Fleur De Lis, An Alicorn like her that had hidden her wings until Sparky's and Misty's trial, is allegedly her biological sister. This has raised questions in her mind.

WHY did Fleur never say anything?

Was Fleur adopted?

Was Sparkler herself Adopted?

What do her parents know?

One way or another, She's going to get answers.

At least this time she doesn't have to feel bad about springing surprises when a letter would've been too slow.

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Episode 1: Fleur

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On a beautiful day in Equestria, Sparkler, Twilight, Light, and Dark were on a train, headed to the City of Canterlot. Light and Dark were excited. “Brothers, sisters, parents.”

“Grandparents, an uncle, Aunts, a cousin. We’re really living the high life now!” Light and Dark said as they high hooved each other.

Sparkler and Twilight chuckled and nodded. “Yes you are.” Twilight said as she and Sparkler went back to their discussion. “Ok, so we’ll head to my parents’ first to tell them the good news, and then explain what’s going on with Light and Dark.” She said. “After that I’m gonna go see somepony about the new librarian job at the new Golden Oaks Library.”

“And while you’re doing that, I need to head to Fleur’s house to talk about something important.” Sparkler responded.

Twilight glanced at Sparkler. “You do?” She asked. This was the first she was hearing of this.

“Yeah.” Sparkler responded. “When I was in the future I learned something about her. Something shocking.”

“What did you learn?” Asked Twilight.

Sparkler sighed. “I learned that she is my biological sister.” She revealed.

Twilight blinked, taking a second to process what Sparkler just said. “Uh…you don’t have a biological sister?” She said, confused.

“Apparently I do. And it’s Fleur.” Sparkler responded.

Twilight’s jaw dropped as her brain caught up with the conversation. If what Sparkler said was true…that would explain why Fleur and Fancypants never hated Sparkler in the first place. “Wait, if she is your sister, why did she never say anything? Does that mean you’re adopted? Or her?” She asked a thousand questions on her mind.

“I don’t know.” Sparkler responded. “I-I don’t know the why, how, or anything. But there’s one thing I do know. Both Fleur De Lis and my parents have some serious explaining to do.” She said.

Twilight nodded. “How are you feeling right now about it?” She asked as she came to the realization the impact this information must be having on her fiancée.

Sparkler sighed. “I don’t know. This revelation has thrown me for a loop. A million questions in my head. Now I just want to know the truth.” She said.

Twilight transferred over to the seat next to Sparkler and hugged her. “Well, I’m here if you want to talk, or vent.” She said.

Sparkler nodded and nuzzled Twilight’s cheek. “Thanks Twi.” She said, grateful that Twilight was with her, and now no longer in danger of going insane.

“So. You did ask my parents for permission to propose?” Twilight asked.

“Didn’t need to. The last time we saw each other they brought it up when you were out of earshot.” Sparkler responded, chuckling. Indeed. When Velvet and Nightlight came by for a visit just before the Detrot event, they took the first opportunity out of earshot of Twilight to tell her that she had their permission. “Something about being able to see that we’re…if not there already, than EXTREMELY close.”

Twilight chuckled. “I mean. We did kinda speed along the progression with moving in and adopting 11 kids.” She said.

Some time later, in the Sparkle Household, Velvet pulled a cake out of the fridge. She beamed excitedly. “Can you believe it Nightlight? Our little girl is getting married!” She squealed in excitement.

“And with two additional kids to boot.” Nightlight responded as he was looking at a picture of their two new grandkids. “Uh, honey, which one’s Light-Wing again?” He asked.

“Dark furred Bat pony is Light-Wing, light furred is Dark-Wing.” Velvet responded.

Nightlight nodded. Princess Luna had come by the previous day to let them know that they had two new grandchildren with unique looks. They were surprised at first, but they very quickly came around. During the visit, Luna had let it slip that Sparkler and Twilight were engaged. So that’s why Velvet baked a cake to celebrate the occasion.

“Alicorn, Earth pony, Pegasus, Unicorn, and now bat pony, are they missing any pony species?” Nightlight asked.

“Not sure.” Velvet responded. “I think all are represented.”

“Figures that our daughter would be the one with the most diverse family. She is the Princess of Friendship.” Nightlight commented.

“True.” Velvet responded with a chuckle.

At that moment, they heard the front door open and Twilight call into the house. “Hey mom! Hey dad!”

“Guess who!” They heard Sparkler say.

Velvet and Nightlight beamed and trotted into the foyer to see Twilight, Sparkler, and their two new kids enter. “There they are!” Velvet said as she immediately pulled Twilight into a hug.

“The happy new brides-to-be.” Nightlight said.

“You know already?” Sparkler asked as Velvet pulled her into a hug.

“Luna spilled the beans.” Nightlight explained as he hugged Twilight and Sparkler. “She also let us know about a pair of new additions to your family.” He added as he and Velvet turned their attention to the foals.

Light and Dark gulped a bit before holding out their hooves. “Uh, nice to meet you.” Light said.

Velvet chuckled. She could see they were nervous. “Oh no need to be nervous dears.” She said with a smile.

“Mom, dad.” Twilight said. “This is Light Wing and Dark Wing. Mine and Sparkler’s twin batpony foals as of two days ago.” She said.

Light Wing and Dark Wing shook hooves with Velvet and Nightlight, before the two older ponies pulled the twins into a hug. “Pleasure to meet you two. Ooh you two are so cute!” Velvet squealed.

Light and Dark smiled and returned the hug. Everyday. Everyday they were continually reminded that meeting Sparkler was the best thing to ever happen to them.

After a few moments, the hug split and Velvet clapped her hooves. “Alright, I got a celebratory cake in the kitchen. You can tell us everything. Who popped the question, where did Light and Dark come from, everything!” She said.

Sparkler and Twilight chuckled as they and Light and Dark followed Velvet and Nightlight into the kitchen. They were gonna be here for a while. Good thing their friends agreed to help with the other kids for as long as needed.

A few hours later, Light and Dark were left with Velvet and Nightlight while Sparkler and Twilight went to do their other business. Twilight has suggested they go to Fleur together, but Sparkler insisted she needed to do it alone. “Don’t take this the wrong way, but your status as a princess might affect the conversation.” Sparkler had reasoned, to which Twilight admitted was entirely possible.

So instead Twilight went directly to see an old friend. I hope she accepts. We really don’t get to spend time together as much as we used to. Twilight arrived at her destination and knocked on the door.

The door eventually opened and the vanilla cream unicorn mare inside smiled when she saw who was at her door. “Well, if it isn’t Twilight Sparkle. Fancy seeing you here.” She said.

Twilight beamed as they hugged. “Hello Moondancer! How’ve you been?” She asked as Moondancer led her inside.

“I’ve been good. How about you? I hear Ponyville’s finally getting a new dedicated Library building. It’s about time.” Moondancer said.

“Yeah.” Twilight responded. “The New Golden Oaks Library.”

“Nice.” Moondancer responded. “Want anything to drink?”’ She asked.

“I’m good thanks. There’s something I’d like to talk to you about Moondancer, on the topic of the new Library.” Twilight said.

Moondancer raised an eyebrow. “Oh?” She asked. “What might that be?”

Meanwhile, Sparkler and Flash Sentry, who was still assigned as Sparkler’s guard, stood outside what Flash claimed was Fleur’s and Fancy’s house. “So…this is where my alleged Biological sister lives.” Sparkler commented.

Flash shivered. Sparkler had filled him in on the way, and he could only imagine the shouting match to come. “Yep.” He said. “Should we maybe send a warning out to Canterlot? In case a pair of ponies start using the RCV in a shouting match?” He asked.

“So long as Fleur gives a reasonable explanation for why she never told me, there shouldn’t be any shouting…intentionally.” Sparkler responded. “There might be an accidental use or two.”

Flash nodded. “Right. Well, shall we?” He asked.

“I want you to stay out here Flash.” Sparkler responded. “I want this conversation to be as free of outside influence as possible. No princess fiancée, no guard that might scare her into telling me what I want to hear, I want her answers to be her own, honest answers.” She explained.

“I’m only gonna say yes to that because you have magic and can defend yourself.” Flash responded. “But you holler if you need me. You hear?” He asked.

“Sure thing Cap.” Sparkler responded. With Flash waiting at the gates, she walked up to the front door and knocked.

It took a few moments but eventually the door opened to reveal a mare. “Oh, hello there.” She said.

“Hi.” Sparkler responded. “I’m here to see Fleur De Lis.” She said.

“Oh, is she expecting you?” Asked the mare.

“No. But if she’s not busy, I have something important to discuss with her.” Sparkler responded.

“Nancy? Who’s at the door?” Called in a stallion’s voice.

“It looks like Sparkling Medley sir Fancypants.” The mare apparently named Nancy responded. Sparkler figured she knew her from reading the papers when she made the rounds.

“Sparkler? Wonderful. Let her in.” Fancypants responded.

Nancy nodded and let Sparkler in. Inside she saw Fancypants smiling. “Sparkler. This is quite a surprise.” He said as he shook hooves with her. “To what do we owe the pleasure of a visit from Princess Twilight Sparkle’s Consort?” He asked.

…Right, I’m a Princess consort. Outside influence can still affect the conversation. Hopefully I can get Fancy out of the room. “Is Fleur De Lis around? I need to speak with her about something important.” She said.

“She is in the living room. I’ll bring you to her.” Fancypants responded as he began to Lead her through the house. “Might I inquire the something you need to discuss with my wife?” He asked.

“It’s…rather personal.” Sparkler responded. “I’d rather it be kept between Fleur and me. At least until we have our talk.”

“Alright. I understand.” Fancypants responded.

They made it to the living room and Fancy cleared his throat. “Honey! You have a visitor!” He called out.

Fleur De Lis was sitting on the couch reading when her husband called. She glanced up from her book and saw that Fancypants wasn’t alone. Sparkler was with him. “Sparkler.” She smiled as she put the book down and got up off the couch. “This is a surprise. What brings you here?” She asked.

“Something I learned during my latest adventure. Something you apparently have neglected to tell me for half a year.” Sparkler responded.

Fleur’s smile turned into a look of confusion. “Neglected?” She asked.

Fancypants raised an eyebrow. “What has Fleur neglected to tell you?” He asked.

“The rather personal thing I mentioned.” Sparkler responded. “If you would please give us some privacy?” She asked.

Fancypants nodded and left the room. Fleur was super confused now. “Sparkler? Is there something wrong?” She asked. Starting to see that Sparkler wasn’t in the most happy mood.

“Apparently I have a BIOLOGICAL sister who never thought to tell me in the 6 months I’ve been out as an Alicorn.” Sparkler said. “We’ve talked a few times. But she never thought to tell me.” She explained, giving Fleur De Lis a look that told her exactly who she was talking about.

Fleur’s eyes widened in shock. SHE KNOWS?! She was speechless. How did Sparkler find out about that?!

Sparkler saw the eyes widen, and it told her all she needed to know. “So it’s true.” She said. “This whole time, you’ve been my biological sister, you KNEW that you were.” Her expression descended into anger with each sentence as she approached Fleur. “And you never once thought to tell me. You never once took a second to think that I might WANT to know that I had a biological sister?” She asked.

Fleur took a step back as her voice came back. “How did you find out?” She asked.

“My latest adventure was an accidental skip into the future. And while there, somepony let slip that you were my biological sister.” Sparkler explained.

Fleur gasped. She knew Sparkler wouldn’t make anything up. Seeing that she was busted, she sighed. “Fine. You got me. Yes. I’m your biological, twin sister.” She said, lowering her head in shame and bracing herself for the outburst.

Sparkler blinked. “Twin?” She asked. She shook her head. “No, that’s trivial in comparison. WHY!” She growled. “Why did you never TELL me?!” She asked. “I spent most of my life surrounded by ponies who hated my guts. I nearly gave up on friendship and almost died due to a prank, my only friend was a parrot! And this entire time, you’ve been presumably living the dream in Canterlot. I can excuse most of my life because you probably didn’t know where I was, but when I came out as an Alicorn, that’s where the excuse ends. So why did you never tell me!” She demanded.

“I…I can’t explain it right now!” Fleur responded, trying to not break down in tears. “You weren’t even supposed to know I was your sister yet.” She said.

“I wasn’t supposed to know yet? I wasn’t supposed to know yet!” Sparkler growled. “You’re seriously ok with NOT telling me you're my sister? Do you not want to be my sister?!” She asked.

“No. That’s not it at all!” Fleur responded shakily. “I DO want to be your sister. Honest.” She said.

“Then why did you never say anything?!” Sparkler asked. “All you had to do was pull me aside and tell me.”

“I wanted to, but the first opportunity, you were on guard during the Yule Ball debacle, and then I was told you couldn’t know yet.” Fleur explained.

“Told by who?” Sparkler asked. “Who told you to hide your relation to me FROM me?” She asked.

“I…I can’t tell you.” Fleur responded. She sighed. “They don’t want you to know. At least not yet.” She said.

Sparkler facehooved. “Ok fine, don’t tell me. You’re good at not telling me anything so don’t let me mess that up.” She said as she turned to leave.

“I’m sorry Sparkler!” Fleur blurted out. Tears finally dropping. “You’re right, I shoulda told you long ago.” She said.

Sparkler stopped in her tracks as Fleur continued. “I wanted to tell you. By the heavens I wanted to tell you so bad. But beyond being told not to, I also didn’t want to mess up the life you have in Ponyville.” She said.

That took Sparkler by surprise. “What?” She asked.

“Celestia told me about your hurtful past, how your time in Ponyville is helping you heal. I was afraid that if I came in and told you I was your sister…that it would undo the progress you made.” Fleur explained. “I was afraid that if I told you, you’d be so emotionally compromised that you’d…” Fleur trailed off. Not wanting to finish the sentence.

Sparkler got what Fleur was saying. “You know about my magical breakdown. And was worried the same thing would happen, and wouldn’t be able to be stopped.” She said.

Fleur nodded. “I’m sorry Sparkler. I’m so sorry. You had every right to know I’m your sister.” She said.

For the moment, there was silence. After a few moments, Fleur broke it. “It’s ok if you don’t forgive me. Faust knows I don’t deserve your forgiveness…nor do I deserve the right to be your sister.” She said. It was all out now.

Silence returned. Sparkler’s head was reeling. On one hoof, she was furious at Fleur. But on another hoof, she found Fleur’s explanation, her second reason at least, reasonable. And that’s what she wanted, that’s all she wanted. A reasonable explanation. After a few moments, she sighed.

“Are you doing anything for the next few days?” She asked.

Fleur glanced up and saw Sparkler turn around. “What?” She asked.

“Are you doing anything for the next few days? Because I think we both should go to Saddle Arabia and figure this mess out on the adoption front.” Sparkler explained. “And to confront my parents and see what THEY know.”

Fleur blinked her tears away. “D-does that mean…” She asked, a glimmer of hope forming in her.

Sparkler nodded. “I wanted you to be honest with me and I believe you have been.” She said. “You shoulda done it six months ago. But better late than never I suppose.” She said.

Fleur couldn’t believe it. “Really?” She asked, a smile forming on her muzzle.

“Yeah.” Sparkler responded. “And hey. If Twilight’s going to have all her siblings at the wedding. I should be able to have mine there too.” She added.

Fleur blinked. “W-wedding?” She asked.

“Twilight and I are engaged.” Sparkler responded. “Oh, and also, there’s gonna be 11 kids calling you aunt now.” She said. “And they’ll be calling you uncle Sir Fancypants!” She called out.

There was a definitely drop of something before Sir Fancypants revealed himself from around a corner. “Ahem. My sincerest apologies. The shouting started before I was out of earshot…not that any attempt to be quiet was made.” He said.

“Yeah yeah.” Sparkler responded. “Ok. So here’s what’s gonna happen. Fleur and I are gonna head to Saddle Arabia to sort it out with my parents, and then, when we get back. The both of you are going to visit Ponyville and have dinner with us at the castle.” She said. “Does that sound like a plan?”

“Yeah.” Fleur responded.

“W-we’d be honored, Princess Consort Sparkler.” Fancypants said as he bowed.

“No.” Sparkler responded. “No, you are not to address me like that.” She said.

Fancypants gulped and nodded. “A-Alright.”

Sparkler nodded. “Ok then.” She said. One down, one to go.

To be continued…

Episode 2: Truths

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The train came to a stop at a station near KiliHima Village. The doors opened, and out stepped Sparkler, Fleur, and Fancypants, who had insisted on coming.

“I’m surprised you’re willing to be seen in a rundown quiet town.” Sparkler commented to Fancypants.

Fancypants cleared his throat. “Yes well, you are my sister-in-law it would seem. So I figured you would want both your siblings there for support.” He said. “Plus…I kinda am getting that urge to act like the big intimidating brother to deter ponies from messing with you.” He admitted.

Sparkler chuckled. “You sure came around quick to this.” She said.

“I trust that my wife would not lie about something like this.” Fancypants responded. “If she says you are her twin sister. That is good enough for me to consider you family.” He responded.

Sparkler smiled. She was glad that Fancypants was accepting. “So Fleur never hated me back when I first refused the crown because she was my sister. What’s your reason since you didn’t know?” Sparkler asked.

Fancypants chuckled. “I have an actual brain and understand that laws do not require Alicorns to be royalty. You are free to live your life your way.” He said. “Although…I do have my hopes that you understand what you’re getting into being engaged to a princess.” He added.

Sparkler rolled her eyes and smiled. “Yeah. I have come to terms with the fact that I’ll be a princess Consort, but that does not mean I will have ponies bowing to me. Least of all family.” He said.

“Understood Sparkler.” Fancypants responded.

They continued their walk to KiliHima Village in silence, aside from the occasional complaint from Fancypants about unkept roads, to which Sparkler had replied. “The most remote place in the universe does not get that reputation with kept roads.”

At least, that was what Sparkler had said, until the three of them came up to the top of a dune and Sparkler saw something she hadn’t been expecting. KiliHima village was under construction. Sparkler blinked. “The heck?” She asked.

“Something wrong?” Fleur asked.

“KiliHima Village has major construction going on…that never happens.” She responded. “Did the village get a major budget increase all of a sudden?”

They saw a paving pony approaching, probably making a better path to the next town. Sparkler just stared at the construction. “Ok, something’s DEFINITELY up.” She thought. She pondered what it could be.

“I’m sure your parents know what’s going on.” Fleur offered. “We could add it to the list of topics to talk about.”

Sparkler blinked, then nodded. “Yeah. Yeah let’s do that.” She said. It’s just full of surprises lately. She thought.

And so they resumed their journey to their destination. All around Sparkler could see construction crews going to town. Bringing in materials that had never been used in town before. For real, it’s like Somepony’s took over the town and is renovating it.

Soon, Sparkler led them to her parents’ house. After taking a second to compose herself, she knocked on the door.

Inside, Aurora heard the door knock and opened it to reveal her daughter. She smiled widely. “Sparkler! Hello!” She exclaimed. She hugged Sparkler. “What a wonderful surprise. We weren’t expecting you to show up. What brings you here?” She asked.

“Is dad home? I need to talk to you two about something important.” She said. Now I don’t feel so bad that I’m about to drop two surprises on you. She thought.

“Oh, Dad’s in the kitchen.” Aurora responded happily. That’s when she noticed the two ponies kinda standing away from them. “Oh. You brought company.” She said.

Sparkler nodded. “Yeah. This is Sir Fancypants, and his wife, and MY sister, Fleur De Lis.” Sparkler responded. Putting an emphasis on my to send a clear message to Aurora.

Aurora’s smile faded as Fancy and Fleur walked up and held out their hooves. “A pleasure to meet you Mrs. Aurora.” Fancypants said.

Aurora shook hooves with them, but stared at Sparkler. “F-Fleur is your sister?” She asked.

“Twin, biological sister.” Sparkler responded. “And that raises some questions that I have for you and dad.” Sparkler said.

Aurora gulped, and nodded. “Uh, sure…sweetie.” She said. Oh boy this is going to be a mess. She thought.

Aurora let the three in and led them to the kitchen. Where Thundercracker was sipping some soda. He saw the four ponies enter and he smiled. “Ah, Sparkler. This is a pleasant surprise.” He said. “How are you?” He asked.

“Been better. I’ve been on a quest for answers.” Sparkler responded. She gestured to Fleur and Fancypants. “This is Sir Fancypants, and his wife and my twin biological sister Fleur De Lis.” She said.

Thundercracker’s smile faded, while Fancypants nodded his way. “A pleasure to meet you Mr. Thundercracker.” He said

Thundercracker nodded, but stared at his wife, who nodded. Aw crud. She knows.

“Mom, dad.” Sparkler said, getting to the chase. “Am I adopted?” She asked.

Aurora and Thundercracker looked at each other, before Aurora sighed. “Yeah.” She said. “You are sweetie.” She said.

Sparkler sighed. Least they didn’t try to lie again. “Ok. So then would you two mind explaining to me why you NEVER THOUGHT TO TELL ME?!” She demanded. “You two had a long time to tell me, and you never did!” She growled.

“Sparkler, breathe.” Fleur interjected. “Yelling won’t do anything.” She said.

Sparkler took a deep breath. She and Fleur had talked on the train that this would be a no shouting conversation. “Why.” She asked. “Why did you hide it from me?”

“We uh…never got around to it?” Thundercracker responded.

Sparkler deadpanned while Fancypants and Fleur facehooved. The three of them could tell that was a really lame excuse. “Really dad? That’s the answer you’re going to give?” She asked.

“…It’s the short of it.” Thundercracker admitted. “Want the long version?” He asked. Sparkler nodded in response.

“We wanted to tell you.” Aurora responded. “We really did. But we were afraid.”

“We had decided to tell you when you were ten when we knew for sure you were smart enough to understand.” Thundercracker said. “But then the bullying started.”

“We were afraid of adding to the emotional pain you were going through. Thinking your own birth parents didn’t want you.” Aurora said. “And the first date debacle only scared us even more.”

“You guys are seriously using my school years as the reason you didn’t tell me?” Sparkler asked.

“Yeah…we know it’s probably not a good reason.” Thundercracker responded. “But it’s the best one we have.”

“We’re sorry for not telling you sweetie. We just didn’t want you to feel more unwanted than you already were.” Aurora said.

Sparkler stared at her parents, not saying a word, before she sighed. “Under any other circumstances I would call horsecrap on that. But I can’t argue against logic. Had I known at any point during my school years. I might have just ran away trying to find my birth family.” Sparkler said.

Aurora and Thundercracker chuckled a little. Sparkler nodded. “Alright fine, I forgive you. If only because I’m about to get some petty revenge. You have two more grandkids and Twilight and I are engaged.” She said, smiling at them.

Thundercracker’s and Aurora’s eyes widened and their jaws dropped. “Two more grandkids?”

“And you and Twilight are engaged?!” They said.

Sparkler nodded. “Yep.” She said. “Surprise.” She said.

Thundercracker and Aurora stared at Sparkler for a second, before they just burst out laughing. “Alright. Guess that makes us even.” Thundercracker said.

That got everypony chuckling. Sparkler sighed in content. Well at least I know the truth now. She thought as Aurora began grilling Sparkler for details about the engagement and the adoption of her own kids. While Thundercracker and Fancypants got into an Apple Cider bottle. Overall, it was a good outcome.

To be continued…

Episode 3: What Is Yet To Come

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It was late at night, long after Sparkler, Fleur, and Fancypants left. Aurora and Thundercracker were in the living room, adding the picture of Light and Dark they had gotten from Sparkler to the spot on the wall dedicated to their grandchildren. “11 kids. And these latest two are from the future.” Thundercracker commented.

“Our daughter certainly has the craziest adventures.” Aurora responded.

“That shouldn’t surprise you. Or did you forget who it is you’ve raised for the last 20 years?” Asked a new voice.

Thundercracker and Aurora jumped and spun around to see a cloaked figure standing there. “Whoa. Who the heck are you?” Thundercracker asked as he lit his horn. “You have five seconds before I make you leave.” He said.

“Relax Cracker.” The cloaked figure responded before he lowered his hood to show his face. “I assure you I mean no harm.”

Thundercracker and Aurora gasped and Thundercracker immediately dimmed his horn. “Clear-Cut!” They both exclaimed.

“It’s been a while.” Clear Cut responded. “She knows doesn’t she. That Fleur is her sister, and that she is adopted.” He said, getting right to the point.

Aurora and Thundercracker glanced at each other before Aurora spoke up. “Sparkler found out about Fleur when she got stuck in the future. Neither us nor Fleur initially told her.” Aurora said.

Clear-Cut grimaced. “Curse that time debacle. I was legitimately worried that the world was doomed.” He said.

“Is it really that bad for Sparkler and Fleur to openly be sisters?” Thundercracker asked. “I mean. Her knowing prematurely shouldn’t affect the master plan.”

“I suppose you’re right.” Clear Cut responded. “But with the fate of the entire world at stake. We cannot afford to take unnecessary risks.”

Aurora nodded. “Yeah. Don’t worry. She’s still in the dark about her true origins.” She said.

Clear-Cut nodded. “Good.” He said. “The time for that is drawing near, but it is not now.”

“Yeah. But Clear Cut, she’s not an idiot. With this new information, she’s bound to start digging into her real family.” Thundercracker responded.

“I already took steps to ensure she doesn’t find anything until she is ready.” Clear-Cut responded. “But you two need to watch your tongues extra carefully now.”

“We won’t say anything. Promise.” Aurora responded.

Clear Cut nodded. “I’ll hold you to that.” With that, he raised his hoof and disappeared. Leaving Thundercracker and Aurora alone.

Two days later, in Ponyville, Fleur and Fancy were walking down the streets together after disembarking from The Friendship Express, headed to the castle. Fancypants was carrying in his magic a bottle of Peanut Punch. A fine Prench beverage. Fancy was trying to keep cool. “We’re really about to have dinner with a princess and her family.” He said.

Fleur smiled and nudged him playfully. “Yep.” She said. “Nervous?”

“Well we are about to have dinner with royalty, who you are apparently connected to because your sister is marrying a princess. And it was your sister who invited us so…casually. Do you think this peanut punch is good enough? I feel like we need to bring something fancier.” Fancy was internally panicking.

Fleur smiled warmly and pecked him on the cheek. “Oh you’ll be fine. Besides, Peanut Punch is kinda the best we can do when there’re kids present.” She said.

“Right.” Fancypants responded. They continued walking for a moment until they saw the castle. And Fancypants’ jaw dropped when he saw the trunk of the tree castle. “They…they…” His mind was reeling he saw that there was a normal house, jammed into the trunk of the tree. “That…that’s new.” He finally said.

“Honey, Sparkler told us about this remember?” She asked.

“I thought she was kidding!” Fancy responded.

Fleur just rolled her eyes and smiled. “We better knock to let them—“

“Hi there!” Came a new voice. Fleur and Fancy turned to see a Pegasus Filly land in front of them. “Are you Aunt Fleur and Uncle Fancypants?” She asked.

Fleur realized this was one of Sparkler’s kids and smiled. “Yes. Yes we are. And who might you be?”

“Sprinkle Medley! Nice to meet you guys!” She said.

“Nice to meet you two Sprinkle.” Fleur said as she ruffled Sprinkle’s mane playfully.

Sprinkle giggled. “You guys don’t need to go through the house. We’re eating dinner on the balcony so just fly straight up there, come on!” She said as she flapped her wings and flew up to the balcony. “Oh!” Sprinkle realized before she got too far. “Is that drink made from Peanuts?” She asked, she saw the bottle in Fancypants’ magic.

“It’s Peanut Punch. Finest kid friendly drink in Equestria. It is made from peanuts, yes.” Fancy responded proudly.

“Ooh. Yeah you better get rid of it. Mom and Mommy Twi do not allow any peanuts or anything made from it in the house. Melody, my sister, is deadly allergic.” Sprinkle explained as she flew off.

Fancypants’ smile held for just a few seconds before it disappeared in a flash. “Allergic?!” He exclaimed. “And did she just say fly up to the balcony? Like wild animals?”

Fleur meanwhile smiled. “Aww. Such a good sister looking out for her sister’s health.” She commented. “And remember what Sparkler said? About them being laid back?”

Fancypants glanced at the bottle, then at Fleur, before vaporizing the bottle to get rid of it. “How do they expect me to get up there? I don’t have wings.” He said.

“You have me.” Fleur responded. “Come on, we’ve done it before.”

“And I don’t remember enjoying it.” Fancy responded.

“I caught you didn’t I?” Fleur asked.

“It was still terrifying. Just…make it quick ok?” Fancy asked his wife as she clapped her wings and grabbed him in her hooves.

“Just a few seconds.” Fleur promised as she flapped hard and they flew up to the balcony.

From afar, on a rooftop of the School of friendship, a pair of unicorns watched. One of them was commander Fletcher, the other was a back coated stallion.

The new stallion glanced over at Fletcher. “So that’s Sparkling Medley.” He said.

“Correct lieutenant Midnight Arrow.” Fletcher responded. “Non-Royal Alicorn, she’s the primary target of Fugitive Silver-Mane. Our mission is to watch over her and her family. Just in case ol’featherbrain decides to try anything.”

“Understood.” Midnight responded.

On a different rooftop, Clear-Cut sat, watching Sparkler and her family, including Fancypants and Fleur, have dinner together. He sighed. “I suppose there was no harm in letting her know about Fleur being her sister.” He looked up into the sky and watched the stars. “Maybe I should find Aqua. Get all three of them back together…”

To be continued…