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I loved it. It was a good, self-contained story without world-ending threats, or magical rainbow lasers. Just a good, character driven story.

Little horse ripped da fattest bong ya see ya ehehhehrhrhrhr

Wonderful! Riveting from start to finish. Depthy characterizations and an intriguing plot. Good show, I say! 👏

To be fair Anon can be an asshole as well - this letter seems justified.

She looks into your eyes, now very close to your face, and the tiniest smile spreads on her lips. You clench your eyes shut. You drop the spear. As it hits the ground, you collapse against her and bury your face into her mane.

This scene got me to shed a few tears :pinkiesad2:

I'm so enthralled in this story, it has such incredible writing.
Anon's story of his relationship with Lyra was a rollercoaster of emotions.
Also the Izzy snuggles at the end were just :rainbowkiss:

I hope this love thing progresses slower than the pase its going at now

New level of angst about immortality - brooding about your friends immortality, lol.

I've read enough of this fic for one day, but damn, you're definitely playing up this mystery of his past. I'm hooked :twilightsmile:

Can't wait for the rest to show up to see those two so high that even macklemore is impressed

“Watch, I can make it talk!” She says.

And there goes another happy memory, to the "i can't fucking believe i did this when high/drunk" folder

You throw your hands to the sides. “Well? Are you not entertained?” You say playfully.


Some people just always have to have the last word.

I thought i outsmarted you by thinking it was a dream sequence
But then you outsmarted my outsmarting!

Also. If I am still alive when you wake up, do not try to find me.
This is your only warning.
Your Princess, Twilight Sparkle

*crosses arms and pouts*
Well now i wanna

The first gen5 story I read and it's already a banger!

She slides into a large box and springs off it, moving out of the way. A basket tumbles and hits the floor. You hear something break. She reaches into a big chest in the corner of the alcove and roots around inside.

She slides into a box you say?

“You wanted her... all to yourself, didn’t you?” Sunny says. “You couldn’t stand seeing her... grow up.”

How in Jesus almighty name did she come to this conclusion?

How thick does idol worship have to be that any emotion other than adoration simply must be obsession.

Can't be worried for a friend nooooo, you're selfish for worrying.

I mean she knows full well while writing the letter that he's waking up in a whole new time period where she'd (possibly) be the only living thing left that could catch him up on the current state of the world. In the letter she all but admits she tried forcing herself and her advice on someone that didn't want it and her response to this is to tell them to pound sand and stay away or else she'll do god knows what to them? Pretty fucked up. She tries to take the high ground at the beginning of the letter but the ending of it shows that she's a petty cunt that could never get over being rejected by some rando.

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Wonderful story, and a great one for g5 too! Also fuck you, Twiggles! You allowed Equestria to go to utter shit and think you can take the high road? Some princess of friendship you are.

She didn't even tackle the problem properly

I find it just a little bit ironic that Twilight decided to cut Anon out of her life completely with this letter, given that being unable to properly deal with being gradually cut out of Twilight's life in the first place was one of the things that prompted Anon's downward spiral.

I understand nothing of what occurred in this and the last sequence.

How? These two had minimum interactions, I cannot fathom how this occurred.

This is an incredible story. I didn't watch anything with the new generation, as I'm still very much stuck in the previous one, but Anon captured all of my feelings and fears as if I had suddenly gone to the future. A future where everyone I knew and loved was dead and gone, and the idea that all the efforts were, seemingly, wasted.

I don't know what happened to reduce Equestria from a thriving Kingdom to THREE cities, but I dread the answer one way or another. This makes me want a sequel, but with how little information we have it would be difficult and completely at the authors imagination, but I would still be interested in seeing it. Keep up the good work.

(PS. I read this all in a day! Curse my speed reading tendencies.)

I agree with Orrm here.

At this point Sunny has no reason to care about anon, and vice versa. They have had maybe 3-4 conversations counting this chapter and the last.

The sunny/anon ship is fine, I have no problem with it as a concept. But just to have 4 interactions- half of which ended poorly might I add- and then get together? This relationship is either going to end in disaster, or just continue to not make sense.

I know you know how to build a relationship, we've seen you do it in this story between with Izzy and Anon, so I'm completely confused to how this ended up like it did.

And the way you put it, you make it sound like Anon has been in love with her for a while but like. When?

The first week he pretty much hated her, and everyone else tbh, for bringing him back. Then anon stayed with Izzy for like another week or so. Then they came up with a plan to fix the airship, then he got kidnapped.

There has been no time for them to really speak and form something "on camera" for lack of a better term, much less off it.

Please dont take this as flame or anything, I am just really confused about the way its gone.

That letter is both 100% twilight and very Celestial-like. The apologies, the introspection, it all reminds me heavily of Sunbutt, then we get to the anger and the actual problem as she saw it and it’s all Twiggles. A problem can only have one dimension and be perpetrated by a single person. Because even after however long she’s been the blasted god of friendship, she still doesn’t understand people, lol

I’m with you on this. What kind of mental gymnastics do you need to do to arrive at that specific conclusion?

Wouldn't Izzy have been the better pony for this chapter's big moment?

Well fuck you too Twilight. If you’re still alive, Equestria is this way because of you, you ain’t got the high ground.

I'm not sure who is more at fault here.

An interesting story very interesting. I look forward to seeing if there will be a sequel I the future...

I honestly felt the same, it was just so outta left field. he was rarely around or hung out with sunny except when they were in a whole group. Izzy was the one who practically never left his side during the whole ordeal, not to mention bonded the closest with him. Just felt odd with him not ending up with her, i would have to assume it was because of his past with lyra that the author didn't set him up with izzy having now know his past with unicorns. but beggars cant be choosers as they say, Still ended up being a fantastic story non the less.
I'm still confused about the whole encounter with discord. I'm pretty sure it was just a lot of the context that just flew over my head at the time.

That shit was fuckin' gold.

Reading this while high made it even fucking better somehow.

Glory doesn’t make you happy in the end.

Nor does happiness bring you glory, nor does happiness last.

Honestly this feels like a setup for the lyra thing" hes gonna cheat again but with izzy" just to make drama

This is pretty fun. I hope more of these type of stories will come c:

This doesn't sound like the Twilight I know lol

I kind of see where you're coming from, but in my personal opinion what happened near the end was more of a spur of the moment thing and Sunny not knowing what her feelings mean, or possibly acting on them out of desperation to get through to Anon. I mean anon didn't really kiss her back, and he never said he loves /her/, just that he's afraid of hurting someone he loves.

I suspect the author didn't know how they wanted the story to progress midway through.

Simply decided to end it the way they either wished it to end in a spur-of-the-moment decision, or they intended for the story to end this way when they first started making it but didn't/couldn't take the appropriate pathway to get there.

The end of this story does not fit the middle, being totally rushed.

I don't see much value in commenting on whether or not the story was good, given that the author themself likely stopped giving a shit halfway through.

Dang this is a hell of a hook for a first chapter. Compared to other stories with humans I love how Anon feels human with his reaction to his current reality. I can't wait to read the rest.

What the fuck? Izzy is where it’s at!

God damn, I was hooked on this story until he ditched Izzy. Completely outta pocket.

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