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I've read many types of stories, might post my own someday.

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Just a couple isles, a pair of bathrooms at the back of the store, and a corner for making drinks.

Those belong in a body of water. ;) Aisles is the word you're looking for. Not a bad start so far.

Anyway, the pony pokes their head out a bit, enough to pear over the counter, allowing me to see their purple eyes and long eyelashes. 'Guess it's a girl.'


Promising start, I'm looking forward to seeing how this turns out :moustache:

If EqG is canon to this story, Twilight will at least know what Anon is. If not, research opportunity for Twi!

Thanks for letting me know, must've slipped through when I edited it. Have a good one, and hope you enjoy the story.

Noticed a typo.

...between getting shot(which I'm...

Need a space between these words: 'shot (which'.

Noted and fixed, thanks.

So far im interested, however the only thing i could think to ask for is perhaps longer chapters? :twilightsheepish:

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